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Books & Websites - Updated 5/15/17

Here is my ever expanding list of recommended books and websites, grouped by topic. I’ll be adding to the list as I read more or remember things I accidentally left out. ;) As always, I don’t endorse everything here 100%, it just means that these particular sites or books have enough of something useful, meaningful, informative and/or inspiring to be worth mentioning.



Aliens/UFOs, Abductions, MILABS and Paranormal Phenomenon


Discerning Alien Disinformation Fantastic multi-part series that dissects all aspects of the alien situation, including discerning disinformation.

Other Montalk write ups pertaining to the subject of aliens:

Overlooked Aspects of the Alien Presence (scroll down til you get to the January 10th entry)

Synopsis of the Alien Master Plan

John Keel – Operation Trojan Horse.pdf – Link to PDF copy of the extremely hard to come by and highly recommended “Operation Trojan Horse” by the late John Keel. I put this book on a very short list of impressive UFO research, not only for the thousands of historical records Mr. Keel sifted through in his research (most of which would probably have been lost and forgotten had it not been for his work in digging them up) along with his firsthand experience and investigative research, and the hundreds of interviews he’s conducted with people over the years, but also for the patterns that he spotted in the chaos………and the conclusions he draws from them, of which not very many other people were saying at that time, let alone now. It’s in my opinion that UFO researchers are indebted to Mr. Keel’s efforts.


Visitors from Time – The Secret of the UFOs- by Marc Davenport. Interesting, well thought out and presented book where the author tries to tie together all the seemingly separate phenomenon often noted during UFO sightings and close encounters. Davenport postulates that they can all be explained if one takes into account the idea that these things are not flying here from other planets, but rather, are maneuvering through time, and have some sort of time warping field surrounding their craft. The time warping field can account for everything from the way they cycle through a rainbow of colors, to the way they can pull high speed and right angle maneuvers that are impossible with our own technology and which no human could endure. Among the many other idiosyncracies of UFOs. As somebody on Amazon noted, it’s a must-have book for all serious UFO enthusiasts. I’ve learned a lot by reading it, things I hadn’t previously known about UFO encounters.

Missing 411 – The CanAm Missing Project   Prior to reading the “Missing: 411” series of non-fiction books I truly believed that the wilderness was the last safe place for people. Little did I know you’re probably safer in the urban jungle of any major city. O.o It’s a bit disheartening to realize that. The “Missing: 411” books are a compilation of missing person’s cases throughout North America that fit a particular criteria, involving people who have disappeared without a trace under mysterious, unexplainable circumstances in the wilderness. Most either turn up dead or are never found at all, and the ones that are found often times can not provide any real details about what exactly happened to them…or the bits and pieces they do convey are stranger than fiction. The books are compilations of all the known facts surrounding each person’s disappearance, and is a testament to the thousands of hours of dedicated research put in by author David Paulides and his team who have combed through countless archives, personally interviewed surviving family members of some of the missing/deceased, FOIA’d everybody they could possibly FOIA and visited many of the sites where people have disappeared in order to get a better understanding of the lay of the land. The case histories are broken up into several books since there were too many cases to fit into one.

Over and over you see the same repeating – and astounding – details in the case histories presented. People, but often small children, who turn up either dead or alive many miles from where they originated over extremely rough terrain, mountains and bodies of water that there is simply no way they could have traversed in the short time span between when they disappeared and when their bodies were found, and often times with extreme inclement weather on top of it which should have impeded or outright halted any sort of foot travel making it that much more unbelievable; Inclement weather which suddenly hits the second the person goes missing, disrupting any search efforts (as in sudden flood-level rains or huge snowstorms that kick in out of nowhere); trained bloodhounds abruptly losing a trail, as if indicating the person just vanished into thin air at that point, or being unable to pick up any scent/trail at all; Dead and alive victims turning up very close to where they disappeared and in an area that had already been repeatedly searched by hundreds of volunteers on the ground and often by planes and helicopters from the air, as if their bodies were deliberately put there to be found after the fact; Children turning up alive in the craziest of locations like on a rock in the middle of a raging creek or thousands of feet up a mountain situated on a ledge; bodies, both dead or alive found 20 feet up in trees and missing most clothing; the way in which so many of the dead and alive children are found with one shoe missing; dead bodies all over North America repeatedly found on the ground in the same face in the dirt/splayed limbs position; the inordinate number of people who go missing while out berry picking or dead bodies that are found within berry bushes; the way in which so many of the people who have gone missing/abducted were people with cognitive impairment issues/autistic, deaf, mute, physically disabled, elderly or too young to speak, as if they were targeted for that reason for being easy prey (and in the case of mutes, toddlers and the cognitively impaired, being unable convey what happened to them if found); And being that in many cases the cognitive or physical disability wasn’t obvious and visible makes it that much more astounding about how “stuff” could have known it when selecting them specifically out of everybody around them that could have been taken; Both alive children and adult victims found in an incoherent and scared/shocked state, unable to speak; alive victims found after many days who had no idea what happened or where they were, some even reporting that they “suddenly didn’t recognize their surroundings”; children who were in their yards playing (usually with their pets) one second and gone literally the next, or disappearing from their homes in the middle of the night with no trace; people repeatedly disappearing while in the back of the line of a hiking group or while walking ahead on a trail where family/friends/group members were nearby but nobody heard or saw a thing; the phenomenon where people seem compelled to break from a group that they’re in and either “go back home” or “go back to the car” or “go ahead on the trail” (which indicates mind influencing) and are never seen again, which ties into the way in which so many kids who go missing were in yards that bordered the woods and seemed to have been lured away into the woods by some force. Their dogs are almost always left alive and return home on their own while the kids either turn up dead or are never seen again. In many instances the dogs seem traumatized or reluctant to return into the woods. Then there’s the way that an inordinate number of disappearances take place in locals that have the word “devil” and other such telling words in their name. Obviously people from long ago had their reasons when giving names to certain areas.

It just goes on and on, and these repeating scenarios aren’t even the half of it. There’s so much more mind boggling things to be found in these books, including the way in which the National Park System has so often stymied any attempts for the author to procure (via FOIA requests) the cases files, or even the most basic of information on the missing who have disappeared on National Park Service land. It’s to the point where it becomes quite clear when you read his account of his various exchanges with Park Service employees that they definitely know something, but are refusing to divulge the information despite being legally obligated to do so. In one particular case a Park Service employee literally taunted David Paulides about the fact he would never receive a shred of information about the missing person in question.

The CanAm Missing Project website would lead one to conclude that the author and his team have determined that Big Foot/Sasquatch is the culprit, but it’s only one of their subjects of research. In the books themselves no theories are provided as to who or what is behind the anomalous disappearances, it’s just straight up facts about each case so that the reader can determine their own ideas. My conclusion at this point as I finish up the third book is that there are multiple sources for these disappearances, and they clearly have very different agendas. Some malevolent, others trickster, others neutral/benign and maybe outright curious. It’s undisputable once you read enough case histories that no one single source could be responsible for the variety of circumstances presented. Some actually do seem to be “Bigfoot” related, especially any case where children (or even adults) have reported “large bears” that were carrying a child off. Small children don’t yet understand that bears can’t “carry them” or “feed them berries” or lay them down in a bed made of woven grass and leaves, and for the adults witnessing the “large bear” running off with their child, or with a child slung over its shoulder in the distance it’s all happening so fast that their minds can’t logically compute what they’re actually looking at. The brain fills in details with the only thing it understands. Large black/brown hairy thing in the woods = bear?? Right?? Other cases however involve people quite literally disappearing into thin air, in areas that are known for heavy UFO activity/mysterious lights/vortexes and portals/high strangeness, so there seems to be other forces at work in those instances. And there are accounts, mostly coming from the few children who have managed to make it back/survive, involving descriptions of either “bad men” or just “people,” the latter of whom always seem to bring them to “houses” where they were fed and kept safe and warm….in rural, rugged areas where there isn’t a house for miles around; others involving “big bears” or “large dogs” as mentioned, while still others involve “little people.” And that’s not even factoring in the couple of cases that fit the criteria but take place in/on the water.

These are seriously the most interesting books I’ve read in probably several decades, nothing else has come close to provoking so much mystery, intrigue, questions, ponderings and conversation. But beware as well if you read them, because they are extremely depressing as most cases don’t have a happy ending or resolution, and most seem to involve small children. To buy the books click on the above provided link that goes straight to the author’s website and from there click on the books listed in the menu. (Eastern United States, Western United States, The Devil’s in the Details, etc.) Unscrupulous people are trying to sell these books on Amazon, eBay, etc. jacked up to $200+ each in some cases, which is ludicrous, so just stick with the author’s website. Not only is it cheaper, but you’re directly supporting the author.

Silent Invasion – Ellen Crystall, Ph.D. The UFO invasion of the Pine Bush/Hudson Valley area of New York back in the 1980s. I was left a bit dumbfounded after reading this book, wondering how this went relatively unnoticed and unreported within the mainstream??? UFOs were out there practically every night, skimming over treetops and people’s houses….landing in fields…..and the world in general just looked the other way?? (with the exception of one featured spot on “PM Magazine” where the whole thing was treated like a joke.) Not Ellen Crystall though, she was out giving these things chase on the roads and in the fields, taking pictures, rounding up whoever she could get to go out chasing with her, and even reported that these beings were involved in some sort of digging underground in the middle of the night. Possibly mining for certain elements, as that area contains rare elements not found anywhere else, or else just general underground base/tunnel activity. This is a must-read for anybody who’s interested in UFO-ology. My favorite chapter was “The Human Factor,” chapter 14.

Extra-Terrestrial Friends and Foes – George C. Andrews. The gist of the book is revealing that we’re being lied to by the government about the true nature of the alien presence in the world, while covering a wide assortment of subjects relating to alien lore: The hybrid breeding program, the increase in missing children in certain countries, underground bases, the secret treaty-gone-awry between the U.S. government and the “Grays” and whoever their masters are, the various assortment of aliens that have been visiting Earth and the different agendas, the demonic/interdimensional possibly alien influence on Adolf Hitler, the supposed Virgin Mary sightings and the evidence that they are holographically projected images originating from UFOs, disinformation authors and government-sponsored disinformation, including the hoaky CIA-produced 1988 document “UFO Coverup? – LIVE!”, crop circles, indications of ET manipulation in human affairs contained within history and mythology, the extent of the alien cover up and people who are “suicided” when they get too close to things, and lots more, including excerpts from other works and guest contributions from various researchers and authors.

The Love Bite – Alien Interference in Human Love Relationships – Eve Lorgen Until reading Eve Lorgen’s work in 2001 I had never considered the possibility that love relationships could be manipulated to serve something else’s purpose. After reading through her website I came away realizing that a couple of my past relationships have the “checklist” of love-bite traits – instant and intense “burning the candle at both ends” type of love affair connection, full of psychic woo-woo mind reading, and then abruptly shutting off overnight, either on my end, or with the guy in question – and they definitely seemed to be artificially set up in the ways in which we would come together. Pandora’s Box warning though ;) : Once you start to question the nature of your personal relationships in terms of being artificially manipulated then the rest of your life has to be analyzed. A must-read for all abductees, whether “alien” or MILAB.

The Threat – The Secret Agenda. David Jacobs, Ph.D. Good counterbalance to the new age love ‘n light pro-alien propaganda, looking at the insidious side to the hybrid breeding program and what the aliens may really be here for. See also this piece by David Jacobs in Issue #1 of JAR Magazine called “A Picture We May Not Wish to Gaze Upon.”

MILABS OperationsJames Bartley. Excellent article that covers many aspects of MILABS not being discussed anywhere else. Mr. Bartley aptly covers everything from “Beam me up” transport technology to the fact that the secret factions have the ability to manipulate time and space. He also gets into off-planetary operations, frequency control of targets, both the physical and “astral ops,” physical abductions versus virtual reality/dream time programming, end-times apocalyptic programming, the phenomenon of both preferential and abusive treatment of targets, the differences between MILABS and Monarchs, and much more. A must-read that I’m very enthusiastic about! Click here for the rest of James Bartley’s writings.

MILABS – Military Mind Control and Alien AbductionsDr. Helmut Lammer and Marion Lammer. Having never heard of the idea of the military/government taking and messing with people, I was stuck in “unanswered question limbo” back during 2002…..until reading this book. I knew I’d been taken, I had my proof for that, but I didn’t fit the stereotypical alien abduction scenario at all. Something else was clearly going on here….but what?? This book provided my big “Eureka!” breakthrough moment, which is why I still have to recommend it despite its flaws. There are many useful insights and corroborations to be found in the Lammers’ “MILABS,” but do read with discernment as there seems to be a subtle agenda going on with this book to dismiss certain aspects of abductions, as well as using silly comic book-style illustrations that undermine this important subject. But, still a must-read for any MILABS/mind control researcher.

Close Encounters of the Possession Kind- Dr. William Baldwin. Dr. Baldwin is a hypnotist specializing in the phenomenon of entity/alien attachments on people and how to rid their presence. The book also delves into the aliens’ etheric implants and techno gadgets that they attach to their abduction targets. A good book for those who believe themselves to be an abductee, but hadn’t realized this component of it all.

Barbara: The Story of a UFO Investigator – as told to Peggy Fielding. The life and times of UFO abductee and researcher Barbara Bartholic who worked with Jacque Vallee for seven years and eventually became a MILABs target as well. Written by Peggy Fielding, and based on interviews that Barbara gave to her. It’s an interesting read that gets into aspects of the abduction phenomenon I’ve never seen mentioned elsewhere, painting a darker, more realistic picture of alien abductions, counterbalancing the typical “New Age love ‘n light” disinformation propaganda viewpoint.

The Mothman Prophesies – John Keel. In the thirteen months leading up to the collapse of the Silver Bridge on December 15, 1967, Point Pleasant West Virginia was inundated with weirdness. UFOs, Men In Black, and most notorious of all…the Mothman, a red eyed winged flying apparition about 7-8 feet tall. Author John Keel was there in the middle of it all while it was happening, becoming intertwined in the lives of many Point Pleasant residents and experiencing the paranormal weirdness firsthand. He chronicled his investigations in this book, which is a great read. There are very few books like this, where the author was actually there while events happened. (“Silent Invasion,” mentioned earlier, would be another example of this type of book.) It’s also an interesting study in group synchronicity and hyperdimensional manipulation from behind the scenes. John Keel had his extended network of people that he was communicating with around the country via phone and mail, (the days before the internet, after all) and some of the synchs that began happening and the way things were “lining up” among his network were truly amazing. I came away from this book concluding that not only are there hyperdimensional elements, of course, but that they also have a tendency to toy with humans just for the fun of it.

Conspiracy – Exposing agendas, Mind control, chemtrails, HAARP, NWO, 9/11, the dumbing down of society, etc.


The Illuminati Formula For Creating a Totally Undetectable Mind Control Slave- Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler. Hands down the single most detailed and comprehensive source on Illuminati/occult based mind control and the source for where I learned what I write about in my “Mind Control Symbolisms and Programming Triggers in Movies” section. But…..not a book to be read straight through as a regular book, because it’s not well written and is all over the place. On the one hand there are so many uncannily accurate details mentioned which match what is going on within modern media, but on the other hand it’s muddled up with rambling confusion. So you have to do a lot of picking and sifting. But this book outlines the techniques that are supposedly employed to compartmentalize the mind, how the systems are set up within the mind, what the symbolisms, trigger words and number codes are, (sometimes supposedly minus a few words or numbers so as to not trigger programmed people who may be reading) as well as information regarding electronic mind control, implants, ritual cult programming and assigning demons to targets, among many other things including Disney, and the Wizard of Oz. It’s like a handbook in a way getting into some heavy duty dark material. Not for the faint of heart. Recommend easing your way into the subject with lighter fare first if you are new to the topic. Whatever the real deal may be with Fritz and the personal controversy surrounding him (he’s a crazy sounding zealous bible thumper, and there are accounts on the internet claiming that he’s not who he seems to be, and that he may actually be bad news….) there’s still no question that many of the symbolisms and specific mind control details noted in “Illuminati Formula” are running rampant within media, matching spot-on in uncanny ways. Since I see evidence for what he’s talking about both in the world around me and in my own personal situation, I continue to recommend it, despite whatever weird and questionable things may be going on with him personally.

Mind Control, World Control and Mass ControlJim Keith. Two books that give a solid overview of all things relating to government mind control on both individual targets and the masses at large, by the late Jim Keith.

Mind Control in Amerika – Five Easy Steps to Create a Manchurian CandidateGunther Rassbacher. Excellent article that outlines the government’s selection and training of youths from America’s juvenile incarceration system to become programmed “Manchurian Candidates.” I recommend this piece in my mind control writings because I recognized what Gunther was talking about as being the situation of my younger brother Joe, who’d been locked up between the ages of 14-17 and then continually followed, monitored and taken after being released. Much of what Gunther writes about was spot on for what I witnessed of Joe, and there were things that Joe said to me that were word for word verbatim what’s in this article. So he seems to definitely know what he’s talking about.

Secret, Don’t Tell – The Encyclopedia of Hypnotism Carla Emery. Comprehensive historical overview of hypnosis that delves into the use of unethical hypnosis, as well as government mind control projects. Well researched, extremely detailed, and a very valuable resource that also contains many additional book, article and website links and references. The late Ms. Emery, who was a victim of mind control herself, put a lot of time and effort into compiling this work and even went into hiding while writing it. If it wasn’t for the intervention of “something higher” one night, then this book wouldn’t exist at all, as explained in the very first opening introduction. !

Angels Don’t Play This HAARPDr. Nick Begich, Jeannie Manning. Historical overview on the HAARP array in Alaska and the Tesla technology it’s derived from; what it is, what it’s supposed to do, and the impact it will have on the planet and life forms.

Montalk High quality website with articles by the author Montalk regarding metaphysics, conspiracy, aliens/abduction, the Matrix Control System, and alternative science. Click here for his new book, ‘Fringe Knowledge for Beginners.’ See also his excellent nine part ‘Gnosis’ series that he just completed in October, 2011 that dissects what this reality really is, and how and why it’s gone so awry.

Red Ice Creations. “Red Ice is a news website and radio program, hosted by founder, filmmaker and researcher Henrik Palmgren. Additionally, we produce Red Ice TV, webcasts, music, videos and films. Red Ice Creations is headquartered on the west coast of Sweden, Scandinavia and is operated by Henrik Palmgren, Fredrik Palmgren, Lana Lokteff and Elizabeth Leafloor. […] We provide all our listeners, viewers and readers with a variety topics such as: Geopolitics, Conspiracy, Ancient Civilizations, Secret Societies, Fraternal Orders, Esoteric and Occult Subjects, Numerology, Meterology, Archeology, Science and Technology, Psychology, Space, Spirituality, Health, History, Antropology, Echatology, The Future, Transhumanism, GMO, Archeology, The New World Order, Zionism, Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddism, Socialism, Communism, Collectivism, Multiculturalism and much more…”

Center for an Informed America The various writings of Dave McGowen. Various topics from Columbine to 9/11, media conspiracies and mind control and more.

Dave McGowen’s latest multi-part series, Wagging the Moondoggie concerns the Apollo space program. Definitely worth a read for anybody who’s found themselves undecided in the “Did we go to the moon or not?” debate. It’s the best write up I’ve come across so far that tackles the debate from the “We didn’t go…and here’s why” perspective. (And it made me laugh out loud in many parts with the sarcastic humor.) If someone can poke even one irrefutable hole in the official story of the Apollo program’s supposed ventures to the moon, then it means there’s a problem. Well, Dave McGowen manages to poke more than just one hole, and so that means there’s a big problem with the official story. The main reason I like this article is for the reason he notes: “While suffering through the numbing uniformity of the various websites on both sides of the aisle, it became perfectly clear that the hoax side of the debate was in serious need of a fresh approach and some new insights. So I began writing again. Feverishly.” For most of my life I believed the official Apollo stories because I never looked closely at the subject, and then the few hoaxer sources I did come across were never able to prove to me beyond a shadow of a doubt why there was a definitive issue. They were so busy arguing shadows and light in the NASA photographs that they missed entirely the bigger, more troubling issues covered by Dave McGowen (like the fact that photographic film never would have survived the intense radiation present in space and on the moon in the first place), which is why his write up is absolutely essential. Though the photograph evidence turns out to be the least of Apollo’s issues when it comes to plot holes and impossibilities, as readers will discover.

And for fun, for anybody who’s interested in further research into the moon hoax idea, check out this write up by Jay Weidner concerning Stanley Kubrick’s ‘The Shining,’ If it weren’t for the sole fact that Danny is wearing an Apollo rocket sweater in the movie then I’d be liable to dismiss this theory as someone just seeing what they want to see. But there’s no denying, the kid is wearing an Apollo sweater, which means all the other points Jay Weidner makes have to be taken into consideration. He also has a companion piece that fills in the blanks, called How Stanley Kubrick Faked the Moon Landings – or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Lies)

The Universal Seduction – Many contributing authors

Strange Days, Strange Skies Concerning chemtrails…

Chemtrail Central More chemtrail info…

The Underground History of American Education; and Dumbing Us Down – The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Education – John Taylor Gatto. Former New York State Teacher of the Year, John Gatto quit teaching via a letter to the Wall Street Journal OpEd page in 1991, declaring that he was no longer willing to hurt children. He has since moved on to campaigning for public education reform, and these books outline where our educational system has gone wrong. Gatto has written many other books that you can find on Amazon as well.

Global Warming. Global warming, in my opinion, is not what they’re telling us it is. We’re given only one option – it’s man made, period – when that very well may not be the full story. While pollution certainly plays a part in steering the direction that Earth is heading, there seems to be other factors at work, including both weather manipulation and the sun heating up and behaving strangely. Global warming as pummeled into our heads in the mainstream media – which by the way, was a literal overnight 180 about-face – is quite the money maker, with the Live 8 concert and “Inconvenient Truth” book and movie, and all the other promotional tie-ins. :/ Following are some links that delve into these aspects of things:

The Great Global Warming Swindle
Video that outlines how environmentalism is a political movement and the belief in global warming as presented to us by The Powers That Be has become like a religion, and if you don’t back it then you’re considered a heretic. Delves into other possibilities for what might be going on here.

And here, at the Channel 4 website.

And a good piece by David Icke about it all.

David Icke’s Guide to the Global Conspiracy – And How to End it – David Icke. If I could only recommend one David Icke book out of the bunch, this one would be it. While it contains well-tread information from his previous outings, this one is by far the most refined and comprehensive. Readers will recognize sections taken from everything from “The Biggest Secret” to “I Am Me, I Am Free,” “Tales From the Time Loop,” “Infinite Love is the Only Truth, Everything Else is Illusion,” and “Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster,” etc., as well as recent current event happenings and commentary that were still fresh just before the book went to press. Even though it’s covering many familiar areas, there is new information and insights to be found as well, and it’s all very streamlined, with a presentation that really pulls everything together in a way that he hasn’t before. So this would definitely be the one Icke book of his to have, if none other. It’s taken some time (15+ years in the making) but he’s got everything streamlined by this point.

Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center DisasterDavid Icke. Expose that questions all the plot holes and discrepancies of the official story of September 11th. The official story doesn’t add up, worse yet, it’s an outright lie. This is a must-read for anybody who’s questioning. After presenting a brief re-cap on the “Illuminati” and world situation, David Icke walks the reader step by step through the events of that day and all the questions it spawns, thoroughly covering every possible plot hole and discrepancy you can think of, and then some. I myself haven’t believed the official story since about a week or two after 9/11 when the Orange County Register (in SoCal) ran a big story complete with colored illustrations to prove to the reading audience how the planes were able to take down both towers. Never mind that they went down looking identical to a controlled demolition. The effort to convince the public with large, full page colored diagrams was so over the top that I knew right then – this is bullshit. I frowned and even said that out loud while tossing the paper aside in disgust. They were trying WAY too hard to the point where they overshot it. Shortly thereafter I was getting ready for work one morning and felt compelled to switch the radio dial to 106.7 KROQ out of nowhere, a station I no longer listened to. And that’s when I heard this fast talking British guy explaining to morning hosts Kevin and Bean about how the events of 9/11 were orchestrated by something known as the “Illuminati.” His name was David Icke. His charisma and rapid fire delivery of some of the discrepancies and plot holes in the story had me riveted, and I sat down on the floor to listen, glued to the radio even though my ride was due to pick me up in only five minutes. I didn’t care though. All I knew was that the official story was total bunk, and here was the first person I’d heard in the media voicing this perspective. Hallelujah! Kevin and Bean laughed and ridiculed him, but I made mental note of his website address when it was mentioned, with plans to look it up later at work. I hadn’t done any formal conspiracy research, and this infamous David Icke interview is what started it all and sent me on my path. The rest is history. (btw David Icke references this particular interview on page 205 of the book, the last paragraph of the chapter.)

Kill Your Television

Trash Your TV.   Website devoted to spreading the word about a TV-free lifestyle. I particularly like the success stories section detailing people’s observations about the nature of TV and media nowadays and why they decided to give it the heave ho…

White Dot – The International Campaign Against Television.   Message board forum that’s a sister site to Trash Your TV, with in-depth discussion about all aspects of TV/media and getting rid of it in one’s life.

Also be sure to check out my section called Media Conspiracy Links where I’ve grouped together links that specifically pertain to conspiracies within the entertainment industry and media.

Spiritual Evolution / Human Consciousness / Self Improvement / Getting out of “the matrix”

Infinite Self;   Whispering Winds of Change;  The Quickening;   Sixth Sense;   God’s GladiatorsStuart Wilde. Much of Stuart’s material has been very useful for me, although I don’t agree with everything. But for anybody who’s new to Stuart, I’d recommend starting with The Quickening. Great book that covers all the basic concepts Stuart often writes about in his trademark humorous, down-to-earth style with personal anecdotes, and it’s a quick read to boot. Now, a quick note on Stuart’s writings – as with all things I don’t endorse the material 100%. Specifically I enjoy any part of his writings where he describes that optimal higher vibed mindset and way of being, because he can really write well, so the positive seems to flow right off the page. It’s contagious. And that’s enough of something good to make the material worth noting. But I do have issues with about the other 50% of the material, although maybe others won’t. So as always just take what works for you and put the rest aside…..

A Year to Live – Stephen Levine. From the back book cover: “In his new book, Stephen Levine, author of the perennial bestseller Who Dies?, teaches us how to live each moment, each hour, each day mindfully – as if it were all that was left. On his deathbed, Socrates exhorted his followers to practice dying as the highest form of wisdom. Levine decided to live this way himself for a whole year, and now he shares with us how such immediacy radically changes our view of the world and forces us to examine our priorities. Most of us go to extraordinary lengths to ignore, laugh off, or deny the fact that we are going to die, but preparing for death is one of the most rational and rewarding acts of a lifetime. It is an exercise that gives us the opportunity to deal with unfinished business and enter into a new and vibrant relationship with life…”   I really think this book is great, and my copy is completely highlighted up. Lots of good quotes on a very important subject as the author takes you through his year long experimental journey into pretending he truly only had a year to live, and everything that involves. Thoroughly reviewing your life, facing unresolved issues and getting closure, learning to completely live in the moment, total mindfulness, realizing you are not your body, etc., all elements of other spiritual/life paths mentioned in my other book recommendations, including the Toltecs and Buddhism. Some random highlighted quotes as I’m flipping through the book:

“Few I met have actually had a ‘last year.’ Most had only a “last” month or two, a few weeks or days, or a few seconds. To have a whole year to examine one’s life consciously in the context of approaching death is almost unique in the human experience. […] No one can afford to put this work off any longer, because almost no one knows the day on which the last year begins.”       “But what if death is sudden? What if we don’t see it coming? Can we still die in peace? Have we healed our disappointments? Have we met our pain with kindness and awareness instead of continuing to ostracize it and send aversion and even hatred into it?”       “It can be hard to die when we have forgotten so often that we are alive.”       “We break the dreamlike quality of a half-attended life.”     “…we will realize how much of our life is a compulsive attempt to escape discomfort. We are motivated more by an aversion to the unpleasant than by a will toward truth, freedom, or healing. We are constantly attempting to escape our life, to avoid rather than enter our pain, and we wonder why it is so difficult to be fully alive.”       “Perhaps that is why so many speak of never having felt so alive as when they experienced death. Or so dead as when they were in the midst of life.”       “…a life review is not so much a contemplation of events gone by as it is an inventory of residual feelings – a recognition of work completed and healings yet to be accomplished.”

Radiant Mind: Essential Buddhist Teachings and Text The reader’s reviews on Amazon do a great job of summarizing this book. A great primer, as the Amazon reviews note, with a sampling of authors and texts from over the ages covering the basic history of Buddhism, The Four Noble Truths, the Eightfold Path and all the basic tenets and philosophy, as well as meditation. This book has a respectable feel to it, not the cartoonish watered down feel that a lot of spiritual books do nowadays. Just a simple cover, and the text does all the talking.

The Fire From Within – Carlos Castaneda. Toltec path material, part of a series of about twelve books total. I particularly enjoyed “The Fire From Within,” which is a continuation of Carlos’ chronicles of his tutelage under the Yagua Indian sorcerer/Toltec warrior don Juan de Matos. It covers all the basics such as petty tyrants, inorganic beings/the predator/foreign installation, the position and shifting of the assemblage point, stalking, impeccability, intent, the dreaming body, and more. There’s controversy as to whether don Juan was real, or if Carlos just made his experiences all up. Whether real or imagined (or a mix of both, which is my personal opinion) there is no doubt that the concepts presented in his books are vital tools for anybody trying to pull themselves out of the muck of “the matrix” and free themselves, becoming a warrior.

Return of the Warriors (book 1); and Cry of the Eagle (book 2)Theun Mares. Books concerning the Toltec path, same as the Carlos Castaneda material. Whereas Carlos’ books used his supposed real life experience and foibles with don Juan to teach and illustrate various principles, Theun’s books are a straightforward, no-nonsense manual of sorts. All the basics are covered in “Return of the Warriors” – hunting for power, the gap to freedom, stalking, intent, not-doing, recapitulation, etc. “Cry of the Eagle” is the more advanced continuation of the Toltec principles, divided into three sections: Transmutation, Transformation and Transfiguration, covering such topics as the four attributes of a warrior, stopping the internal dialogue and stopping the world, erasing personal history, dancing with death, dreaming guide and techniques, and so on. If you complete these two books there are two others in the series that get progressively more advanced, “The Mists of Dragon Lore” and “Shadows of Wolf Fire.”

Travels in a Stone Canoe – the Return to the WisdomkeepersSteve Wall and Harvey Alden.   From the book jacket: “In this luminous story, two journalists from National Geographic on assignment in Indian Country cross an invisible boundary between two worlds, two different visions of reality – and find their lives transformed. In a stunning and probing narrative – part adventure tale, part reflection and epiphany – the authors of Wisdomkeepers embark on a “spirit journey” into the living wisdom of Native American spiritual elders. When, nearly twenty years ago, a darkly enigmatic Cherokee herbalist approached Harvey Arden and Steve Wall with the proposition that they join him in a study of the lives, wisdom, and spiritual practices of Native America’s fast-disappearing “Old Ones,” the veteran writer and photographer found themselves thrust, despite their own hard-nosed skepticism, onto a mystic “path of the Wisdomkeepers.”

Crow Dog – Four Generations of Sioux Medicine Men – Leonard Crow Dog and Richard Erdoes. WOW, is all I have to say. For anybody out there interested in authentic Native American shamanism, this is the book for you. It’s a treasure trove of detailed information concerning various Native American ceremonies, coming from a shaman himself. Sweat lodges, vision quests, gathering peyote and peyote rituals, hoop dancing, the Ghost Dance, soul keeping, relation-making ceremony, becoming a woman, the Sun Dance, and the description of the shamanic way of life and mindset in general. The book is narrated to writer Richard Erdoes since Crow Dog doesn’t read or write. I don’t know if any other Native American books out there literally explain the rituals and mindset from start to finish the way this book does. Totally a must-read for anybody interested in Native culture.

To Become a Human Being – The Message of Tododaho Chief Leon Shenandoah – Steve Wall. A compilation of the best of thirteen years worth of tape recorded insights from Chief Shenandoah, concerning the plight of mankind and our place in the world. Includes pics from photographer/compiler Steve Wall. My favorite chapters were “Return,” which concerned how lost modern people are, the Natives included, as they try to find their way back to the old ways, and then “Becoming Human Beings.” Click here and scroll down to read a review of the book. Features reviews of other Native American books, including ones by Steve Wall and Harvey Arden.

The Way OutAnonymous. A book full of very high level wisdom and inspiring insight into the nature of getting free from our limited reality, changing attitudes about money, and how thoughts and beliefs affect the sort of life we have. Another book saying what “The Secret” says, but it said it over 30 years ago.

Jonathan Livingston Seagull; and Illusions – The Adventures of a Reluctant MessiahRichard Bach

The Hidden Messages in WaterMasaru Emoto

Psychic Happenings

Animal Talk – Penelope Smith. I’d come across several books at our local metaphysical bookshop pertaining to communicating with critters, but the ones that really got my interest and jumped out at me were Penelope Smith’s, because they were sensible – not all new age hokey like some of them were, where it seemed the so-called “psychics” were really projecting their far out new age channeling philosophy onto the animals around them. I kept going back to her book every time we’d go to the shop, so finally I decided to just buy it. :) “Animal Talk” is a practical guide to how anybody can learn to tune out all our internal mental noise and be able to tune into what critters are thinking and communicating to us. It has her personal background story for how she got involved with it all and many fascinating anecdotes illustrating various animal communications she’s experienced. Being able to telepathically communicate, with humans or critters, is a particular interest of mine. It seems humankind is at a crisis point in terms of becoming increasingly more cut off from not only our own selves, but people around us, all animal and life forms, and the environment in general.

Practical Psychic Self Defense – Understanding and Surviving Unseen Influences – Robert Bruce. I had the chance to see Robert Bruce speak in person for free at our local metaphysical bookshop in 2005 and I jumped at the chance since I’d read this book and found it to be the real deal. Mr. Bruce knows what he’s talking about and his book is filled with personal anecdotes from his hands on experience dealing with neg entities and possession, written in a personable, accessible and level headed way. People don’t realize how much neg entities run rampant exerting their influence on people, and for that reason I consider this book an absolute must-read. After reading it you may realize in retrospect that certain things that have happened to you in life or particular behaviors/feelings/moods that you or somebody you know have exhibited were really the influence of a neg entity. So much of what he talks about in this book I experienced first hand when I spent a year living in a paranormally polluted apartment, which I called The Vortex and I only wish I could have had this book available to me at the time to help me with what I was going through! Unfortunately it wasn’t published until 2002, and my “Vortex” stuff happened in 2000-01. And many other things he talks about I later encountered from 2002 – 2007. Click on the above link to his website, Astral Dynamics, and check out the book’s table of contents and summary to give you an idea of everything the book gets into. Hearing Mr. Bruce in person relaying some of his stories that he talks about in the book was really neat, and he was a likeable and down to earth guy.


Oracles, tarot, astrology, numerology, divination, etc.

There are bezillions of books out there concerning astrology, numbers, tarot, divination and so on, but these are the ones I’ve come across over the years that really stood out above others…..


Skywatch Lance Ferguson’s daily astrology analysis using real astrology, involving what planetary bodies will be doing what, at what time (down to the minute!) and their effects. It’s a universal analysis concerning energies that affect everybody, versus what I consider to be that fake daily horoscope personality astrology that you find in your local newspaper. Includes the moon’s Void of Course. So far I find it to be a really accurate site in terms of what the vibes of any given day are going to be, and the way things will (or won’t….) flow. And it’s not a case of trying to make a reading fit….I’ve gone back and looked up past days only to discover that the astrological analysis for that day was spot-on. (Especially concerning days that are exceptionally “Kiss” [positive] or “Quack” [negative.] On “Quack” days the energy always feels very aggro and discombobulated, and I witness people around me fighting, or having accidents, while on “Kiss” days everything feels really calm, positive, and things run smoothly. So he’s very much right about all that.) I now have this site bookmarked on my work computer, and check it every morning to see what the energy of a day will be like since I work in a very public office, and have to cross paths with many people. It gives me insight into the madness I may be witnessing around me. ;D

Montalk Moon Chart. Closely tying in with the above daily astrological forecast would be the useful moon chart put together by Montalk, so you can keep track of the phases of the moon. The phases of the moon – Full, New, First Quarter, Last Quarter – affect our personalities and the energies of the world around us. And as Montalk has discovered, the effects of the phases actually extend for a period of about two and half days before and after each phase, not just on the day of the particular phase itself, so his chart has a color coded shading system to mark these periods. (Example – the New Moon for February ’09 will fall on 2/26, but the effects of which will extend roughly from 2/24 through 2/28.)

The Secret Language of Birthdays One of those freaky deaky spot on personality insight books worth recommending. It’s personality analyses based on the day you were born, mixing both astrology and numerology, sometimes with insights that are so specific that it REALLY makes you wonder……

The New Astrology – Suzanne White. A combination of your western sun sign with your Chinese zodiac animal. A book that mixes dry and personable humor with detailed personality descriptions that are so uncannily accurate they might make you fall off your chair…

360 Degrees of Wisdom – Charting Your Destiny with the Sabian Oracle – Lynda Hill. These are oracle symbols channeled back in 1925 that use astrology. There are 360 symbols to go with the 360 degrees of the sky, altogether incorporating archetypes that fit any particular situation or issue.

Link to the book:
The online oracle:
The Home Page:

Lynda Hill’s book with her insights into each Sabian symbol has gotten the best reviews so far that I’ve seen on Amazon out of the various Sabian books out there….and for good reason. It’s just uncannily accurate. Whether you use the physical book or the online oracle, either way the results are kind of freaky in how accurately they will match up to the question or issue you’re having, sometimes using words and phrases that verbatim talk about the issue, so you know it’s not a situation of trying to make something fit. It just does fit, period. !! I posted a link to Lynda Hill’s website and online version of the oracle on a message board that I participate in and the response was amazing – so many people had stories of the ways in which the oracle matched up exactly to what they were asking about, so it wasn’t just me having amazing luck with it all. Highly recommended for those who enjoy trusting “higher stuff” to work through a divination method for input and advise. The online oracle is a shortened version of each symbol, but it’s still good for testing it out to see if it works. Once you determine that it does, then the book is highly recommended as each symbol has a full page of insight, much more thorough and expansive. Also the book has a birthday chart in the back, telling you which three symbols correlate to your birthday. One of the three is bound to fit, it did for me anyway and my boyfriend, if not all three. And actually what we discovered is that the three symbols seem to correlate to the phases that a person will pass through in life if you were to divide your life into thirds. Also, you can use the book in conjunction with your astrological chart, if you know where everything is on your chart. If you don’t, I recommend this free site, Click on “Personal Portrait” and plug in your birthday info. to see where all the planets and houses were at the time of your birth. For instance, if your chart says that your sun was in Scorpio at 17 degrees (as was mine,) then your main sun sign Sabian symbol would be Scorpio 17. My moon was in Virgo at 26 degrees, and my ascendant was Leo at 2 degrees, so Virgo 26 and Leo 2 are other symbols I would look at in the Sabian Symbols book, just to give you an example. Look at the whole list of planets and houses and their degrees to correlate to the Sabian symbols to get insight into your personality and life path. It’s amazingly uncanny!

Messiah’s HandbookRichard Bach. From the inside cover of the book – “In Illusions – The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah, Richard Bach met Donald Shimoda, a fellow pilot with the keys to the universe who barnstormed the Midwest in a Travel Air biplane. Part of Shimoda’s secret was a small book, bound in what looked like suede – Messiahs’s Handbook: Reminders for the Advanced Soul. “Open it,” he said, “and whatever you need to know is there.” Lost for decades and rediscovered, here it is in print at last – reminders for those who have outgrown cynicism and doubt.” And from the author’s foreward: “Hold a question in mind, please. Now close your eyes, open the handbook at random and pick left page or right.”

This book is great for exactly that – getting synchronistic advise and messages to pressing questions and issues you might have. It really does work. On more than one occasion I’ve opened the pages to reveal a bit of advise that so perfectly matched up to the issue I was thinking about that all I could do was laugh.

Anti-Consumerism/living off the grid/Environment

Ran Prieur. Some of my favorite Ran articles include How to Drop Out, and How to Survive the Crash and Save the Earth. But here in his essays section you can find the rest of his writings. – Anti-consumerism website. “Consumerism is a pattern of behavior that helps to destroy our environment, personal financial health, the common good of individuals and human institutions. This site details ways that you can help defeat consumerism, save money, work less and lead a more satisfying and environmentally benign life while helping to restore the economic self-sufficiency of your community. We present resources that can help the reader become a better-educated citizen and grassroots activist starting from any level of commitment and knowledge. Updated Constantly.”

Manual of Practical Homesteading – John Vivian. It’s 30+ years old (most of these “get back to the land”/homesteading books are, since the movement peaked in the late 60’s – early 70’s) but it’s still a very thorough and informative how-to manual covering all aspects of what it is to have your own homestead, from where and how to find and purchase the land, to raising animals for milk, eggs and meat, beekeeping, geminating seeds in an indoor “green house,” growing a vegetable garden, tanning hides, and keeping yourself organized in general when running a farm. And coming from the author’s personal experience, as someone who left the suburban corporate world to go start a new life with his family, from scratch, on a nearly completely self-sustaining farm. I was exhausted just reading it. It’s very thorough as mentioned, giving you a real idea of what it is to have your own homestead, with all the hard work, and all the details that need to be tended to, day in and day out. It never ends, especially if you’re doing what he did. It also includes pics of slaughtering and skinning animals, so vegetarians and vegans be warned. But for anybody who’s thinking of getting back to the land, and getting onto a farm of their own, this book is recommended for getting the idea of what it’s actually like.

The Encyclopedia of Country Living – Carla Emery. “Practical advise, invaluable information, and collected wisdom for folks and farmers in the country, city and anywhere in between. Includes how to cultivate a garden, buy land, bake bread, raise farm animals, make sausage, can peaches, milk a goat, grow herbs, churn butter, build a chicken coop, catch a pig, cook on a wood stove, and much, much more.”

The Power of Community – How Cuba Survived Peak Oil Personally I’m not a believer in “peak oil” and believe it’s a manufactured agenda. But that aside, whatever one believes about the concept of peak oil, this video is still inspiring and worth watching. It shows how communist Cuba survived the collapse of the Soviet Union when 80% of their import/exports were cut off and oil supplies were cut in half. People were starving…until they learned how to become self-sufficient, cultivating urban gardens that utilized every spare inch of space in cities, riding bicycles, switching off of pesticide farming in lieu of organic, and other such tactics that are useful to learn for any possible upcoming situation, not just peak oil.   “….And American dollar reached 150 pesos. And every salary is like two pesos, so in other words people are making two bucks a month. So money was not useful to get stuff. So we end up being like an experiment, with controlled conditions. Nothing or very little things can get from the outside, so everything has to happen from the inside…”

The Legacy of Luna – The Story of a Tree, A Woman, and the Struggle to Save the RedwoodsJulia Butterfly Hill. Two years of living in a 1000+ year old redwood named “Luna,” exposed to the northern California coastal elements and harassed by a logging company, all to keep the tree from getting cut down and to bring the issue of forest clear-cutting to the public’s attention. I followed this story while it was happening back in 1998, so I was definitely interested to read the book. Not too many people could have done what she did. Because when I say “exposed to the northern California coastal elements” I mean exactly that….sleeping on a tiny little platform strung up over a hundred feet in a tree with a tarp hanging over the top and the sides wide open, allowing all manner of wind, rain, snow and whatever else to be blowing in 24/7…….for two years straight. And not even counting the harassment that the logging company subjected her to, with hovering helicopters, air horns, spotlights and verbal abuse.

Alternative History/The Situation on Planet Earth

Lloyd Pye. When you click on the link, be sure to check out Pye’s essays (which appeared in Nexus Magazine) entitled “Human Origins Part I & II” and “The Literal Creation of Mankind.” Down to earth and personable, Lloyd Pye presents the theory that Man did not naturally evolve on planet Earth and that human history is not what they’re telling us. Whether he’s right or wrong remains to be seen, but it’s interesting food for thought. (For myself I was motivated to purchase a college textbook on physical anthropology to cross compare his version of things with what mainstream academia is claiming, which is advised for anything alternative.)

Also be sure to check out Mr. Pye’s Starchild Skull Project website For the longest time I didn’t pay attention to his Starchild research, because a quick glance from afar made it seem too Weekly World News. Yeah, sure, the guy just happens to have come into the possession of a real skull from an alien or an alien human hybrid. Riiiiiiiiiiight. (eye roll.) Then I came across an interesting update on the subject in an issue of Nexus magazine and realized…..this guy apparently really does have the skull of an alien/hybrid. O.o The stubborn and persistent lengths that he was going to in order to get this thing genetically tested at laboratories over however many years, despite lack of financial backing and opposition at every turn – and the conclusions that were coming back from each lab and expert who’d handled the skull – were enough to make me buy the book to learn the entire story. Originally the labs were able to determine that the skull possessed mitochondria from the apparent mother, with the father being….clearly not human. As of this point in 2012 they’ve been able to determine that most likely neither the mother nor father were human, and possibly the alien DNA was implanted into the egg casing of a human female (hence where the mitochondria came from) and carried by a human female, but while being completely alien in nature. I went from waving off the story and not even bothering to read it, to rooting for Lloyd Pye to prove his case.

The Scars of Evolution – What our bodies tell us about Human evolution – Elaine Morgan. I came across mention of this book in the work of Lloyd Pye. It’s worth the read for anybody who’s interested in researching human origins and physical anthropology. Ms. Morgan presents the case that at some point in Man’s early evolution we spent a prolonged period of time in the water, and delves into a long list of anomalous features in the human body that could very well prove this, and which defy the traditional “African savannah” evolutionary model that science holds so dear. Many comparisons are made between Man and other aquatic mammals, and what we share in common, and just how different we are from our other land dwelling primate cousins. Lloyd Pye was interested in this work as it amply illustrates all the ways in which the human physical structure is a complete and total anomaly in relation to our supposed primate cousins, possibly indicating that we’ve been genetically manipulated and tinkered with by some outside force that he calls “you know who.” Whether we’ve been tinkered with by the You Know Who’s, or whether earlier Man had to rapidly adopt/evolve to an environment that was inundated with water (or both!) that’s up to the reader to decide. But either way you’ll still learn a lot after reading this book and are guaranteed to never see the human body in the same way again. It’s a very engaging and easy read.

Who Built the Moon?Christopher Knight & Alan Butler. This book isn’t perfect – it was written by two people, so the writing doesn’t always flow and wasn’t well edited, it seems to have been slapped together on the fly, and the “photos” section is really just a collection of generic stock pics, and one of the pics is incorrectly labeled to boot (!!) BUT….BUT!….hang in there! :D Because the message of this book and the discoveries that the authors made is well worth the read. The authors discovered that the mathematical properties of the earth-moon-sun system defy statistical chance, and the implications of it all are pretty astounding. It’s one thing for a person to say that they believe the moon is a construct – it’s another thing entirely when they have the mathematical statistics to back it up. But math-phobes need not worry – this isn’t a “math and physics” book, so anybody can follow along. Also see this interview with Christopher Knight from New Dawn Magazine for more background on where these guys are coming from.

The Time RiversGoro Adachi. The premise of this book is that the Nile River (and possibly the Mississippi and Amazon) were artificially created and not natural in their placement and evolution. I really enjoyed this book once it got going towards the end where it digs into the mathematical properties of the Nile’s geographic placement. Math phobes need not worry though, anybody can follow along. I also enjoyed the bits about the esoteric/Masonic ritual encoded within NASA’s launches and landings.

Survivors of Atlantis – Their Impact on World Culture- Frank Joseph. There are a lot of alternative history books out there, but this one was well done in my opinion. So many interesting points and connections are made in this book, and what I enjoyed in particular were the details of the four (Atlantean) cataclysms that Frank Joseph was able to put together using history, anthropology, geology, astronomy, and climatology, as well as the cross comparison to the various Native American legends that all say the same basic thing, describing survivors from a catastrophe that came from the east and integrated with their tribes. There’s also the fascinating opening introduction regarding the massive copper mining operation in the upper Michigan peninsula that coincided with Europe’s Bronze Age, “Menomonie Indian tradition speaks of fair-skinned mariners who had come in the past to ‘dig out the shiny bones’ of the Earth Mother….” and the little known area of Poverty Point, Louisiana, a city that existed 3,000 years before Columbus and whose concentric rings of alternating land and water canals matched the description of Plato’s Atlantis. Possibly the Gulf of Mexico entrance up the Mississippi and into Michigan where the copper mines were.

The Gods of Eden – William Bramley. When Mr. Bramley started out trying to research the origins of human warfare, “UFOs” and “aliens” were the last thing on his mind. But his historical research began revealing that non-human intelligences seem to be directing affairs on planet Earth from behind the scenes. Down to earth, informative and thought provoking, “The Gods of Eden” (released in 1990, before David Icke and Jim Marrs) winds its way back through human history and shows the thread that links politics, war, religion, and even great plagues. I find this book to be superior to Jim Marrs’ “Rule by Secrecy” from 2000 because it thankfully avoids Marrs’ mistake of tying everything together at the end into the work of Zechariah Sitchin and “the Annunaki.”

The Convoluted Universe, Books I, II & IIIDolores Cannon Three of my favorite books. :) Dolores Cannon is a hypnotist investigating past lives. Ms. Cannon has been regressing people for years and while most sessions are pretty mundane, every once in a while something really interesting comes out..such as future lives, parallel realities and incarnations as non-human entities on other planets. These books are a compilation of those spectacular and revelatory sessions she’s experienced with people, with information that will expand your view of reality if it wasn’t already.

Conversations with NostradamusDolores Cannon Another one of those unusual hypnosis sessions that turned into something much more. It started out with a client’s past life regression as a Greek physician working in France alongside who we now know as Nostradamus. Once Dolores realized who this Greek physician was working with, she had him ask Nostradamus questions for her, and soon that developed into the hypnotically regressed client being used as a vessel to meet up with Nostradamus in another realm via his scrying mirror, where Dolores could speak with him directly. Even more interesting, Dolores was later able to use two other clients as vessels to meet up and talk with Nostradamus in this other realm as well. (All with full permission of the regressed client.) In these conversations with Nostradamus he really comes across as a multi-dimensional real person with a complete personality, a very fiery, passionate and intelligent man who was alive and well in his “present” while speaking with this mysterious woman from the supposed “future.” Not so hard to believe once you realize that there is no time, and everything that has every happened and ever will happen is happening at once. Dolores used her opportunity with Nostradamus to get correct and accurate translations of his ambiguous enigmatic prophesies, straight from the horse’s mouth, and this is where it gets good. And funny too, all at the same time. She can’t speak French, and French, like English, has changed and evolved in the 500 years since Nostradamus first wrote his prophesies. So she’d bumble her way through reading the modern French translations of his quatrains, meanwhile as he was trying to not only understand her way of speaking a modernized French but getting frustrated and angry once he heard just how botched his quatrains had become over the centuries of various interpretations. !! It was times like this that it becomes very evident that she was really speaking to him. Even more so when he described life in the Inquisition-era 1500s, a world of poor hygiene, plagues and short life spans where the Church ruled everything and kept everybody in line via fear. In fact it was Nostradamus’ fear of the Church and the Inquisition that made him leery and distrustful of saying more than he does to Dolores a lot of the time. And about halfway through the book Dolores begins to have one of those spine tingling goose bump moments when it becomes apparent that she’s actually influencing what Nostradamus was seeing and helping to shape the prophesies.

“Conversations” is a three part series, but the first one is the must-read, as it outlines how the whole process got started, as well as the translation of many quatrains. The second and third books are just Dolores working with Nostradamus to translate more quatrains.

The Legend of StarcrashDolores Cannon What first seemed like a typical ho-hum past life regression of one of her female clients, living as a male hunter named Tuin in a Native American tribe somewhere in northern Canada thousands of years ago, turns into a story about the tribe’s ancestor’s who came from across “the void” in a “ship” many years before. Relayed innocently in passing by Tuin, Dolores realizes what she’s just accidentally stumbled onto and begins pressing for more information about the tribe’s ancestral legends. Tuin doesn’t even understand the legend himself and takes the words at face value, not understanding how a “ship” that large could possibly have stayed afloat in water. But Dolores soon recognizes that what he’s describing is a downed space ship of some sort, the physical relics of which were apparently passed down through the tribe’s shamans, the beings themselves intermingling with his tribe’s ancestors, and the rest of the book is history. It’s a fascinating read not only because of the legend of starcrash, but to hear about what life was like for Tuin in his culture. It’s once again a “time travel” situation, where Dolores’ subject is a somnambulist hypnosis subject who goes under so deep as to literally become Tuin in real time, with no memory of it upon waking.

The Stargate Conspiracy – Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince. Book that challenges the Egypt-Mars link that has worked its way into the alternative history research circles over the past twenty years or so, as well as delving into insidious government tinkering within the new age/channeling movement….something that many, if not most, new agers seem to be completely unaware of.

Dreams, Astral Travel/Out of Body, Remote Viewing, etc.

Astral DynamicsRobert Bruce

Far Journeys – Robert Monroe

Dream Moods Great comprehensive online dream symbolism interpretation site. Includes their handy alphabetized dream dictionary Which is also now available in book form, for anybody who wants a hard copy. (I ordered mine, it’s great! Love it.)

In Your Dreams – The Ultimate Dream DictionaryMary Summer Rain. Over 20,000 dream symbolisms covered. I use this in conjunction with Dream Moods for deciphering dreams.

Useful Resources

Dutchsinse Dutchsinse’s YouTube channel. If you’re interested in keeping up on the various seismic, geologic and climate related strangeness that seems to comprise our current world then Dutchsinse is the site for you. From the Wisconsin booms, to the mysterious burst of radiation that appeared in Indiana/Michigan – then was blacked out by the powers that be – to earthquakes, volcanoes and crazy weather, he covers everything. What I like about this site is he’s often times the first to break a story when there’s weirdness involved, such as the way the USGS seems to be censoring data relating to earthquake activity. He’s also got a blog you can check out as well

Global Disaster Watch “Monitoring natural disasters: climate change, cyclones, drought, earthquakes, flooding, freak waves, hurricanes, landslides, meteor strikes, mystery booms/skyquakes, pandemics, record-breaking disasters, solar flares, space weather, tropical storms, tsunamis, volcanoes, unusual animal behavior, weather extremes, wildfires; disaster archives from 1998-present.” Website that keeps up with everything astronomical. Sunspot and sun activity, near Earth asteroids, comets, aurora alerts, and the latest interesting sky happenings with sky charts. Also features astronomy photos from around the world from the community. And there’s a handy archives section if you need to go back and research anything. A comprehensive weather site featuring the blog of meteorologist Dr. Jeff Masters (among other blogs). Type in a country or zip code and pull up the weather, complete with radar and satellite maps, for any place in the world. Large geographic maps show fronts, jet streams, windchill, heat index, snow depth, etc., even air quality levels and a flu tracking map. There are sections for hurricane/cyclones, tornadoes, marine, astronomy, archives and historical records, among tons of other stuff, and thousands of nature/weather/scenic photos uploaded by the community.

Paycheck City – Payroll Calculator   Really useful link for double checking that you’re being taxed correctly by your employer. People just assume that the Payroll Department at their work knows what they’re doing, but human error happens as I once discovered from first hand experience, of which prompted me to seek out this site in the first place. Thanks to this site I was able to verify that me, and three other new employees, were all being taxed double the amount we were supposed to, which the accounting department was able to verify, leading to all of us getting money refunded to us by our employer. (Note: Make sure to select your particular state from the drop down box underneath where it says “Salary Paycheck Calculator,” since each state does things differently. From there it’s pretty self explanatory, just input your information in the various fields, and/or select from the drop down boxes……) Since finding this resource in 2004 I’ve used it at any new job I’ve had.

Health & Medical, Body & Mind

The Doctor Within Website that gets into all aspects of how we’re doing everything wrong nowadays with health, food and nutrition, and what we can do to get ourselves back on track. Dr. Tim O’Shea has a particular emphasis on vaccinations and autism, relevant topics in light of the autism epidemic nowadays.

World’s Healthiest Foods Resource to look up all the properties of various vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, meats, seafood, legumes, etc.

The Biology of BeliefBruce Lipton, PhD. Dr. Lipton was a cellular biologist for 20 years before he had to face the facts of what his research was showing him – that the mind and beliefs play a heavy role in the body’s health and well being…not necessarily genetics. I first discovered Dr. Lipton by watching one of his videos on the same subject as the book. He was such an energetic, personable speaker making such great points that I bought the book. Both are worth checking out, as his message is positive and inspiring. You’ll learn a lot, and hopefully come away with a new outlook on things if you weren’t already aware of the ideas he discusses.

Inventing the AIDS Virus Peter Duesberg, PhD. AIDS apparently isn’t a virus, and HIV isn’t what causes it. Until this book I never gave the subject of AIDS much thought. But afterwards there was no denying the many excellent and thought provoking points that Dr. Duesberg makes – If HIV truly caused AIDS, then it needs to be present in every single person who has “AIDS“….which it isn’t; What constitutes “AIDS” is actually an ever-growing umbrella list of diseases and ailments indicative of immune failure…often times brought on by heavy drug usage…but not one single “virus” that can be viewed under a microscope; AIDS is not communicable…if it was, it would have spread like wildfire, instead of being contained within target key groups. A true virus does not discriminate. It affects all humans equally, to ensure its survival. So if this is all news to you, then this book is a must-read. It also gets into the rich, Mercedes Benz driving doctors in Africa who run the clinics that diagnose everybody, no matter what the problem, as having “AIDS,” thus funding the pharmaceutical corporations and personally benefiting from it all.

The Holographic Universe – Michael Talbot.

Prescription for Nutritional Healing- Phyllis A. Balch, CNC, James F. Balch, MD. One woman I used to work with considered this book her “bible” and I can understand why. :D It’s a comprehensive encyclopedia of sorts that gets into how to treat all the major health problems and ailments via food, nutrition and natural supplements, with sections devoted to all the major supplements and herbal remedies – what they are, what they’re useful for, what they interact with, etc. – as well as explaining about enzymes, amino acids, and all the components of health and nutrition. An all around informative must-read and must-own. Whole Foods Market’s nutritional supplement sections always have a copy of this book on hand for shoppers to use, as well as the one mentioned below by Dr. Murray.

Encyclopedia of Nutritional Supplements – Michael T. Murray, MD. I found this book quite useful. There is a chapter for every vitamin and mineral as well as many supplements, with a list of which foods contain the most of each, the signs and symptoms of deficiencies, how they interact with other vitamins and minerals and what to watch out for, and most important of all….the best forms of each supplement to take. There are bezillions of supplements on the market, but how do you know which one is the most absorbable or efficient? Well, this book will tell you. An intelligently written book that also delves into the chemistry of certain supplements, I’ve learned a lot by reading it and definitely have to recommend it.

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