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NOTE: Updated 7/18/20. Scroll to end of article…..


I haven’t posted any new actual writings for my site for awhile, though there are a few random things kicking around, half finished write ups, and ideas sitting on back burners. But due to the COVID-19 bruhaha sweeping the globe I feel it needs to be addressed.

In a nutshell, here’s what I think we’re dealing with:

  • A genuine contagion manufactured in a lab in China. Not a hoax. Something that is indeed real, and does indeed kill, and was engineered to be more deadly than the flu. But just because it’s real and not a hoax……doesn’t mean there isn’t a conspiracy going on. The satellite images showing the sudden and intense skyrocketing of air pollution over Wuhan and its surrounding region right when China was in the thick of the pandemic show that mass cremations were indeed happening, because people were dying en masse, and at a rate that was at least ten times higher than what was being reported in the media. That is a key piece of evidence. Without those satellite images I’d be prone to siding with the “black/white, all or nothing” conspiracy camp that believes none of this is real. Especially when you factor in various people posting vids on YouTube showing that the hospitals situation isn’t what’s being reported. We’ll be returning to that particular point in a second. Then you add in the fact that the Chinese government were full on welding people into their homes to keep people from being able to leave and spread this thing, and that in itself is also pretty telling.
  • COVID-19 was released on purpose, with multiple agendas in mind, but first and foremost, to be utilized as the ultimate tool/weapon to eventually usher in global economic collapse, as well as a pretext for forced vaccinations/“ID 2020” cards to prove you’ve had your vaccination, which thus leads to….population control. No other act could singlehandedly result in every outcome “the powers that be” were hoping for, from economic collapse/global financial reset, to martial law/lockdown, and possibly implementing some sort of forced vaccinations/tracking/monitoring system. Random terrorist acts, even things like 9/11, wouldn’t do it. Think about it – NYC and DC get hit on 9/11……..but how did that effect people living pretty much anywhere else in the country? Unless you knew people personally who worked in the Pentagon or the WTCs or were on those planes, then 9/11 had no personal, direct impact. It frazzled a lot of people, it instilled patriotism in a lot of people, but it didn’t directly affect them. People were able to continue working, shopping, surviving and living their life in a normal way, same as before. And now we have an entire generation of college aged kids who weren’t even alive when it happened and don’t/can’t understand what that was like to go through, because that’s how long ago it was and how ultimately inconsequential it was in the true “BIG SCHEME OF THINGS.” Whatever wars 9/11 spawned can’t compare to what COVID is doing, and will continue to do to the entire planet, versus to just a few countries. Even something like dirty nukes being set off in multiple cities around the country wouldn’t do it. If you want to get everybody full of fear in the entire country, or at bare minimum, willing to err on the side of caution and listening to the government’s advise, and if you want everybody, everywhere agreeing to be locked down, from big cities to smaller towns to rural villages then you need a massive, and all pervasive, source of fear. Something that is the great equalizer. And there’s only one thing that would do it. A highly contagious, global pandemic. < cough cough > < sneeze sneeze > “AHHHHHHHH!!! I’M GOING TO DIE!!!!! YOU’RE GOING TO SPREAD SOMETHING TO ME!!! GET AWAY FROM ME!!!!!!!!!! DON’T FLEE YOUR CITY TO COME INTO MY TOWN!!!!!” The classic “Problem-Reaction-Solution” as put forth by David Icke.
  • Then we have the issue of people posting vids on YouTube seeming to show that the hospital situation isn’t what’s being reported. In particular, questioning that one vid posted by Dr. Colleen Smith in NYC, purporting to show all the bodies hooked up to ventilators and such, but where you don’t actually see any faces, and where HIPAA laws wouldn’t allow for such filming in the first place. Meanwhile, mixed in amongst pics from other parts of the world showing very real looking situations of very real looking people curled up on hospital floors, full faces being shown, either dying or outright dead, unable to get help because the hospitals have run out of beds and resources. So there’s a lot of mixed messages being circulated, leaving people who can only think simplistically/black and white to just throw babies out with the bathwater in an “all or nothing” way. Either the entire thing is real, or the entire thing is a faked hoax. And since they can see signs of a hoax playing out, or at minimum, something fishy going on, they dismiss all of it. Except one needs to account for all the facts and information, especially the damning evidence that shows how this is indeed real. Can’t cherry pick. So in this case we need to consider the third choice, gray middle area, which is that both may be happening. Real people truly dying, and hospitals being overrun in other parts of the world where the pandemic has had longer to take root. However, here in the U.S. where things are only just ramping up, we’re not there yet. But the Powers That Be need a reason to kickstart the lockdowns and economic collapse NOW. Enter in……possibly exaggerated or outright faked vids and reports of overrun hospitals and lack of supplies and “war zone” situations that either may or may not be true. And with Dr. Colleen Smith, who specializes in medical simulations according to her bio, at the helm in one widely viewed vid. Doesn’t mean there isn’t a virus. Doesn’t mean people can’t catch it, get sick and die. Doesn’t mean we won’t eventually get to a point where hospitals really are overrun. Just means…..things could very well have been exaggerated here in the U.S. in March because they needed to “get this party started” sooner rather than later.


So I’ll admit, I’m of the camp that chooses to err on the side of caution as I watch this total circus debacle unfold around us. Right now due to Boca Raton city, Palm Beach County and now statewide orders for all of Florida by Governor DeSantis, I’m not allowed to go to work even if I wanted, and am just enjoying my paid time off at home. But it doesn’t mean I believe the story we’re being fed about the who’s, where’s, how’s and why’s. Yet, I am willing to play along with playing it safe, because I don’t believe it’s entirely a made up hoax. Yet, it’s also not natural or organic, and is absolutely being used to take everything down. A means to an end. A useful tool to piggyback on, that can accomplish what no manufactured false flag terrorist act could ever hope to accomplish.

As far as what the final verdict is of COVID, whether it really is a Boogy Man pathogen more contagious and more deadly than the Flu, and whether it truly is deserving of tanking the entire global economy over…….we’ll just have to wait and see, and for the U.S. that’s going to be about another four weeks. By that point we’ll have a better idea of the numbers, and will be more likely to actually know of somebody personally who has either come down with or actually died from COVID, or at least who directly knows somebody who has, better proving things and making it more real. But even then we’ll never have truly accurate numbers, nor know the real and full truth of this. So that’s another weird paradox of this situation – we have possible exaggerated or outright faked vids/scenarios being reported by the media, amping things up, yet, the true numbers of how many people have died or are being affected currently are/have been downplayed by so many sources….while other sources are pushing to classify deaths as being “COVID” even if the person died from something else, in order to up the numbers. Different agendas, working at cross purposes, and clearly not on the same page. Very confusing.

There’s another interesting point worth putting out there. But something I thought straight away back at the beginning of March, when first hearing about what was happening in Wuhan and how the Chinese government was responding in terms of extreme measures, then hearing and reading so many people here in America waving it all off as being “no different from the flu,” while citing annual flu death statistics (“more than 50,000 a year….”) in a diminishing way was…….how many people have I ever known personally, or even heard about out in the world around me, who actually died from the flu? Not one. Ever. In my entire life. So then that made me question, where are these flu statistics even coming from that possibly misinformed people are now using to try to diminish COVID??? Who/where are these 50,000+ people that are supposedly dying every single year from the flu?????

I can’t speak for others, but I’ve never seen anything like what’s being shown of what happens to people who contract “No worse than the flu” COVID-19. No different from the flu? I’ve had the flu. I didn’t require hospitalization. I wasn’t not able to breathe, with fluid filled lungs that were ravaged and looked like somebody who had smoked for 50 years and had lung cancer when viewed on Xrays. I didn’t need to be hooked up to a ventilator. And I didn’t even come close to dying. And it certainly didn’t permanently destroy my sense of taste and smell. Another side effect of COVID we’re now realizing. People in China also get the flu. Meanwhile, their government has never felt it needed to resort to forcibly welding people into their residences to keep them from spreading the contagion. So…COVID is just like the flu? Really? Think again, based on the Chinese government’s reactions to this thing once they realized it had gotten out. And meanwhile over 50,000 people a year are supposedly dying from the flu? Really?? :/ This situation is bringing to light all kinds of wrong assumptions about various things as well as questionable stats about the flu that until now, nobody even looked twice at or questioned. That’s just the tip of the iceberg though in terms of things we’re told/taught about the world in general that nobody really questions or investigates, and just takes authority’s word on things, as readers of my site are aware.

What concerns me the most though is where this is ultimately going, and there’s a very personal reason for that. Because over the years I’ve experienced a few waking visions/downloads/knowings, not sure how else to describe them, as well as at least one “dream” that was so hyper realistic that it basically qualifies as a virtual reality training program (mentioned in my – free – book “Chasing Phantoms”), but which all involved a future society that was on total lockdown. Here’s the summary of the few things I’ve seen:

1. In 2000, while living in SoCal (before I fully “woke up” and not only became educated about conspiracy and read anything on the matter, but also before learning/realizing me and my brother’s status as MILABs/abductees), I had a waking vision one random afternoon in my room of tanks rolling down the streets of L.A., where martial law was in effect and the military was using armed force to keep the population in line. As noted in part III of “Chasing Phantoms” there were also vivid visions/imaginings in my mind out of nowhere during this time of living on the outside of society, on the lam in the woods or in caves and such. So, this was not a normal or usual thing for the non-awake me of the time to have. I’m not prone to “visions” in general, which is why there are so few here, and there was no logical source for why this one would have suddenly been in my head. Though as noted in “CP,” I do believe these were MILABs in nature, but we’ll be getting back to that in a second.

2. Sometime around 2002 or so, after waking up and learning my status as an abductee/MILAB/whatever’s going on there, I had a hyper realistic “dream” where some sort of war situation had happened that had resulted in all state borders being locked down. No travel was possible anymore to other parts of the country, so wherever you happened to be was where you were stuck. I was with some other people who were resorting to hopping freight trains as a means to get past the closed borders. The scene was out west in the desert, with a clear blue and sunny sky. Very pleasant and innocuous. Meanwhile there were snipers set up intermittently along the tracks, to take out people like me who thought they were going to sneak past the border closings. Two sniper guys in black were positioned along the tracks with their rifles. The guy on the right had his rifle down, allowing the guy on the left to take his shots at us. Kind of like “These ones are mine….” or something, while they other one deferred. Bullets whizzed past my head as I rapidly shifted position to get around the corner of the box car I was hanging onto, and that was the end of the dream.

3. In Virginia some time ~2007-2009, when we were living in Charlottesville and visiting Short Pump just outside of Richmond where all the shopping was. While Tom and I were walking through a plaza that had a Kohl’s, Best Buy, etc., I suddenly had a “vision”/knowing sort of thing come over me: I was standing outside a retail establishment of some sort, but not being allowed in to shop, because I, and many others, had refused to go along with some sort of new system that had been implemented. I couldn’t tell what that system involved – like maybe microchipping? which is something people have talked about for years, or whether it was something else. I didn’t hear or feel the word “chipping” in my mind. But it was some sort of forced, across-the-board system that tied into everything, and people either agreed to it and got in line, or they refused, that much I could sense. It was a total knowing in my mind of what the situation was. Those who refused, like me, and whoever else was with me that I could sense around me, were now the marginalized members of society. So if we needed to get things from stores, we needed to hang around outside stores and count on the help of random strangers going in or out help us. Take our money and get stuff for us, or where some kind of post-transactional arrangement would be made to reimburse, because we weren’t allowed in to shop for ourselves anymore, anywhere. The world was no longer for us to be a part of.

The other strong feeling being conveyed was that many of those who had agreed to this system and fallen in line had sympathy and empathy for me and the others who didn’t. It wasn’t like being a beggar feeling entitled to ask others to fork over their hard earned money to them for no good reason and either get ignored, or receive mean or hostile responses. The ones who fell in line and who were thus “allowed” to continue participating in regular society would have liked to have made the same decision we did, but had caved in to fear and intimidation in order to maintain their status quo, which is understandable. We were the ones who didn’t, and made the choice. So there was no sense of animosity coming from other people in this vision. We were just like them, not some drug addled homeless person or something that people can feel easily separated from, with that whole, “Oh, you’re just lazy and made irresponsible life decisions, it’s not my fault or problem…” attitude. So there was empathy and a willingness to help us, a sense of solidarity due to an extremely bizarre and unfair situation that they didn’t agree with either.


So, could all be malarkey. Could be something valid. I don’t actually believe all three were shown to me for the same one purpose, and to predict the same one future. I’ve already stated in “Chasing Phantoms” that #2 was most likely a MILABs-related virtual reality training program to prepare for a general “What-If” type of scenario, something that other MILABs have also experienced and which James Bartley wrote about in his various MILABs articles. The reasoning behind the closed borders in that hyper realistic dream was also made clear, something about a war situation, not a pandemic. I think #1 qualifies as MILABs manipulation as well, even though I wasn’t yet consciously aware of being a MILAB. But #3 gets my attention the most, because it was different from the other two in terms of how I received it. It felt more like a real precognitive flash insight, versus a MILABs-related manipulation. (Though I could be wrong about that.) So it gets my attention the most for not only that reason, but also because of what we’re now hearing about the proposed “ID 2020” thing, where people will be forced to take a COVID-19 vaccine and receive their corresponding ID card as proof………otherwise, they won’t allowed into mass group settings/situations anymore, including work. Basically being excluded from society. Much like I foresaw ~10 years ago. So yeah, THAT’S troubling to hear about, to put it mildly.

So whether CO-VID is 1) completely real, natural and organic and exactly what they’re telling us, 2) completely faked/hoaxed and nothing like what they’re telling us, or 3) a mix of both truth and lies, and a convenient tool to implement agendas (which is my belief) all that ultimately matters is, Where is this all leading? as mentioned. With regards to some future dystopian world where things are locked down and people are being forced to make choices about whether to fall in line or pay the price I’ve always wondered, how would we ever go from here, when the world is chugging along innocuously, to there… lockdown and control. How??! Seriously, how do you make that happen for the entire nation, and even most of the world (like “conspiracy theorists” have been banging on about for years, and which I’ve even gotten a glimpse of for myself in “visions”) versus just localized pockets? Once again…..mass fear caused by a global pandemic. Martial law being imposed to force everybody to stay in place, for fear of “spreading the contagion.” Borders being shut down, travel now restricted for fear of “spreading the contagion.” An Us vs. Them, lines drawn in the sand exclusionary society based on fear of “spreading the contagion.” In theory, contagion pandemic is the only common denominator all three scenarios could have.

None of this may end up happening, but I feel that this is important enough to be worth putting out there, to give people that head’s up to keep an eye out. I’ve already had to think ahead to some worst case situation future where #3 actually does become reality – would I make the same choice I saw in my “vision”? Even if it’s just some nonsense that passed through my mind it’s still worth pondering on. Would I be willing to throw away the comfy and secure lifestyle I’ve grown accustomed to, eschewing forced vaccinations that could contain nanoparticles of God knows what that either does things on its own or is designed to work in conjunction with something else? Or would I cave in and take the other path? The only benefit of taking the other path, falling in line and being on the inside would be to help those on the outside who stood firm in their convictions and chose to be marginalized. But that comes with the price of being contaminated. Which is a giant irony when you think about it. Take the vaccine to prevent contamination! Yet….the vaccine is more of a contamination threat than the thing it’s trying to “vaccinate” you against. :/

All we can do right now, this early on, is wait and see, keeping a close eye on things and matter-of-factly preparing for potential worst case scenarios. It’s a bit of a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” conundrum though. If the virus threat is real, which I believe it is, I don’t believe every last person we’re hearing about in the media is lying and not genuinely sick, then you’re damned if you don’t take it seriously and implement preventative measures, otherwise risk not only your own health but your loved ones that you live with, in the event you wind up passing the infection onto them. But if things are being exaggerated and it’s not how they’re presenting it…..then we’re damned if we do, just sitting by and watching the entire global economy collapse, obeying orders to stay home, close your business, lay off your employees, for months and months, people losing money and living off savings, if they even had any to begin with, until they have no more savings left, accepting the government stimulus checks to the tunes of trillions of dollars created out of thin air and which doesn’t even exist, and all the while as we did nothing and just………let it happen. It’s truly a lose-lose conundrum.

I will say this – I’ve been inundated with ongoing synchronicities for about the past six weeks or so, once COVID-19 became an official “thing,” and after a long period of quiet. Some of the synchs are bigger than others, but when they’re smaller/mild they then happen two or three in one day. You know, just in case I was planning on dismissing or doubting them. ;) O.o There’s also been the numbers. But in this case, not the negative/ominous ones as one might imagine during these times, surprisingly. Over the past three weeks or so it’s been intermittent 1111’s………something that’s apparently common for others, but which I myself don’t normally get. But I’d say at least eight to ten times so far I’ve gotten 11:11’d on the clocks over the past several weeks, and several of those times it’s been twice in day. Just so strange. As well as also getting the 948s, which is a personalized number for myself that has a positive association, as noted in the linked Number Sightings article. And in the middle of writing this I got a massive right ear tone that just went on, and on, and on. Barely get ear tones anymore either, because nothing noteworthy has been happening in my reality for a long time, let alone get a tone that goes on for almost five minutes straight.

So, something is definitely up, for sure. This situation isn’t nothing. Reality is massively in flux. (That’s not even counting my strange bout of Shingles that suddenly appeared starting Monday, March 23rd, on my first day of “quarantine work vacation,” with a Shingles rash in the shape of a very neat and tidy…..upside down triangle. “Coincidentally” right after Tom finished up his own bout of Shingles. And when Shingles isn’t airborne contagious. It’s something you’ll most likely develop later on in life if you’ve had Chickenpox as a child. Despite getting over pox it never actually goes away, and instead lies dormant in the body, somehow attached to the nerves or something, for decades, before being reignited. The triangle shape is very telling though. Something else is going on with that whole thing. Reality in general has just gotten really weird, that’s all I can say. Just posted the pics in my Anomalous Markings section. ) For now I’m just enjoying my forced quarantine vacation, which I desperately needed anyway and was actually looking forward to once I could see the direction things were going, and which I’m getting paid for. But like I was joking today, “It’s all fun and games until they come at you with a needle!” :D O.o

I’ll leave off with a movie I was recently rewatching from 2005, called The Island, starring Ewan McGregor, Scarlett Johansson, Djimon Hounsou and Sean Bean. Some aspects of it really stood out now in 2020, considering our present circumstances. In a nutshell it’s about an underground facility in the desert that creates clones for the elite and the rich who can afford them, so they can have replacement organs and body parts, or a surrogate to carry their babies if needed. The elite are lied to about the nature of the clones to make them ethically comfortable with the situation, mistakenly believing that they’re just mental vegetables stewing in pods, having no idea that the clones are fully functioning humans living out their lives in the facility. The clones in turn are also being lied to, regarding the nature of their existence. The Big Lie that they’re fed is is that they’re all the survivors of a global contamination of sorts, somehow found alive out in the world, rescued and brought into the facility where they now reside, hiding from the toxic contamination outside. Meanwhile, having been given a hefty dose of mind control programming and some token fake childhood “memory implants” to make things seem believable.

The idea of “contamination,” and the fear it generates for the clones, is the single biggest mechanism of control to keep them all in line and mindlessly going along with the program. There was also the whole bit with “Proximity!” in terms of clones being constantly admonished by the facility’s overseers to not touch each other/get too close to each other. In this case it was due to not wanting clones to develop romantic/sexual feelings for each other, as they need them to remain in a permanent non-sexual, child-like state for the purposes of control. But still, in light of “social distancing” and everybody being programmed to be terrified of going near anybody else out in public it seemed very fitting.

I don’t believe “The Island” was purposely trying to predict our specific present situation, since it’s very different. (If anything it’s actually a giant metaphor for our reality in general, along with other personal fave recommendations such as The Matrix, Dark City, The Adjustment Bureau, The Thirteenth Floor, The Truman Show, The Cabin in the Woods, Aeon Flux, etc.) But rather, it’s a means to present one of the textbook “Playbook” options of manipulation and control that “The Powers That Be” like to utilize.


UPDATE – July 2020

So here we are, four months into this thing. As noted, we’re living in south Palm Beach County Florida, which, along with Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, forms what is known as south Florida for those who are not familiar. It’s not only the biggest hotspot in Florida in terms of supposed daily positive cases for COVID, due to the fact that these three counties are the top three most populated in the state, but it’s also one of the biggest hotspots in the entire country. (Populations: Miami-Dade: 2,751,796; Broward: 1,935,878, Palm Beach: 1,471,150……packed onto what amounts to just a sliver of land of only 5,072 square miles total, on the edge of a peninsula. O.o ) For that reason these three counties have been held back from entering the state-wide “Phase 2 reopening plan” that went into effect for the rest of Florida back on June 5th. “Reopening” has to do with how, starting at the beginning of April and extending to 5/18/20, pretty much everything in Florida was shut down, including all beaches, parks and nature trails. Only the bare minimum was allowed to be open, but with a list of rules and restrictions. To cross compare, this is a link to the infographic outlining what Phase 1 allows, while this is a link to the infographic outlining what Phase 2 allows.

Keeping in mind the estimated total population of Florida as of 2020 is now over 21 million people, these are the latest COVID stats, pulled from this link:

Total supposed positive COVID cases for all of Florida since 3/1/20: 350,446
Total supposed deaths attributed to COVID for all of Florida since 3/1/20: 5,002

Total supposed positive COVID cases for Palm Beach County since 3/1/20: 26,771
Total supposed deaths attributed to COVID for Palm Beach County since 3/1/20: 680

Total supposed positive COVID cases for (Miami) Dade County since 3/1/20: 84,370
Total supposed deaths attributed to COVID for (Miami) Dade County since 3/1/20: 1,289

Total supposed positive COVID cases for Broward County since 3/1/20: 39,593
Total supposed deaths attributed to COVID for Broward County since 3/1/20: 511

So as mentioned, we’re being held back in Phase 1 due to what the Powers That Be consider higher than acceptable COVID positive tests and deaths. However, the laws we’re expected to follow aren’t just on the state level. There are also individual county laws….and that’s where south Florida starts marching to its own drummer. Which means we’re not just restricted to what that infographic outlines for Phase 1.

Here’s a list of what life in south Florida now looks like in the midst of COVID, with the mix of both Phase 1 restrictions, on top of things that south Florida counties are taking it upon themselves to impose:

- As of July 3rd, per executive order 27-20, Miami-Dade County is under curfew, from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. daily until further notice. And as of July 17, Broward County is also under curfew, from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. daily. Curfew? Really? Why? How does that change or effect anything? Well, we see this: “Broward County Mayor Dale Holness said the curfew lasts through Aug. 1, giving the county time to gauge if it helps reduce the spread of the virus. If necessary, Holness said the curfew could be extended if the numbers don’t improve.” I don’t know….still not making much sense, being that most people are already at home, in bed during those hours…..not spreading anything. As most reading this probably already know or can guess, Miami and Broward (where Fort Lauderdale is located) have some really bad neighborhoods; Miami in particular has neighborhoods so bad you don’t even go near them during broad daylight. (Truly….“visiting Miami” means staying to the extreme far east side along the coast and the skyscraper downtown area – you don’t head anywhere west/inland. Though a former coworker of mine named Josh was joking about how he was once driving around the east side of Miami right near the beach with a friend from out of state, trying to freak him out about how bad Miami is, people are getting killed left and right, just dead bodies everywhere, blah blah blah, just trying to get his friend riled up…..then he rounded a corner, and right up ahead in the road was a dead body, surrounded by cops and yellow crime scene tape. O.o Josh was like “holy shit! I was just joking!!!” And now his friend was even more freaked out. :D O.o But yeah…that’s the potential of Miami, even in the better areas.) Being that a large chunk of unsavory activity happens in these neighborhoods in the middle of the night means….this is a great excuse to better get things on lockdown.

- Masks are now a mandatory requirement inside every public building for all of PBC. For Miami-Dade and Broward Counties they’re a mandatory requirement everywhere, inside AND out. Even if you’re eating at a restaurant. Need to keep the mask on except for when putting the food in your mouth. Um, yeah, good luck with that. :/ But once again we have…..nonsensical inconsistency/lack of common sense on loud display. You’re so concerned about spreading germs…….but people can sit on top of each other in these restaurants, taking masks off and breathing freely with mouths and noses exposed to shovel food in their face? So long as they put the mask back on between bites? And this makes sense……how exactly?? It’s just nonsense. All of it.

Luckily things in PBC haven’t been taken to the extreme of needing to wear masks when outdoors….yet. But I’m sure it’s coming. If it does I won’t be complying. The craziest thing we’ve seen though? More than once? More than twice? More than three times? People driving alone in their cars, windows rolled up…………..wearing a mask. How stupid can you be?? Almost as bad as people I see on the El Rio multi-use trail flying past on their bikes or on roller blades or just walking along….by themslves……..wearing a mask. O.o Another good one happened a few days ago, again on the El Rio Trail, when I biked past a college aged looking guy ambling super slowly by himself, nobody else even around, nose glued to his phone….with a mask on. Why bother being out in nature on an exercise trail if you’re going to barely even be walking, nose glued to a phone screen ignoring all the scenery and with a mask covering up the fresh air. Dude may as well have just stayed home. But it made me realize that some people must really believe that COVID is this all pervasive air/atmospheric pollutant or something, otherwise why else would they be wearing a mask when alone in a sealed vehicle, or by themselves out in wide open nature? O.o Again, just how stupid do you have to be. There are no words.

- Many retail establishments have workers situated either outside the front doors or just inside to make sure every customer entering has a mask. No mask, no admittance. Some, like Whole Foods, have funneled all incoming and outgoing traffic into one set of doors, with actual uniformed rent-a-cop security guards positioned outside to enforce this. When I first encountered this I thought, “And this makes sense……why exactly?” You supposedly care about “social distancing” and trying to prevent people from getting all up on each other and “spreading germs”…………. so you funnel all incoming and outgoing store traffic into one small bottleneck entranceway where everybody is on top of each other instead of spreading them out?? Yet another exaple of the total nonsensical inconsistency/lack of common sense on rampant display throughout this debacle.

- Part of Phase 1 dictates how many customers can be inside an establishment at any given point. So this means that besides mask enforcement there’s also employees situated outside the store overseeing lines of people. When a certain amount exit, then a certain amount gets let in. This one happens a lot at Trader Joe’s in particular I’ve noticed. If I drive by and see that there’s a line waiting to be allowed in to TJ’s I just keep going. And when going to Whole Foods, which I try never to do anymore, you usually hear the bored, apathetic looking rent-a-cop guards barking loudly at people to get in the line. “MA’AM…..GET IN THE LINE…….SIR………SIR!! GET IN THE LINE……MA’AM, YOU NEED TO GET IN THE LINE…..MA’AM! MA’AM!!!!! SIR….GET IN THE LINE……” [ Update: WF finally got rid of this shit, and no longer have everybody funneled through one bottlenecked entrance. But the last time I experienced it just before they finally got rid of it I was heading towards the front door and the bored, apathetic rent-a-cop started immediately kneejerk barking at me “MA’AM!!! THE ENTRANCE IS OVER HERE!….” just assuming I had no idea where I was going, and needed to be barked at like everybody else he mindlessly barked at all day long. I immediately snapped back “I KNOW!!!! THAT’S WHERE I’M GOING!!! I’M FUCKING TIRED OF BEING BARKED AT BY YOU GUYS EVERY TIME I COME HERE!!!!” O.o He just stared at me warily and didn’t respond.

- Meanwhile, there I was saying to Tom, Pssshh, they can’t go around enforcing the masks in every public building or private office, that’s bullshit……..and meanwhile later that very same day I saw this new update story: Casa De MonteCristo by Prime Cigar Closed for COVID-19 Violations. “The point [Palm Beach County mayor] Kerner made: the enforcement team is out and about. They are working all hours. They will shut down businesses that are not complying with executive orders. […] “Laws must be followed,” said Kerner. “If someone is breaking the rules, call 561-24-COVID. The laws must be followed from a health standpoint and economic standpoint. Don’t feel bad about it.’”   So, there’s now a full on task force, roaming around shutting down businesses. I’m sure lawsuits will be coming in response. Meanwhile, take note of that one particular line encouraging people to call a special tips hotline that has been set up. In other words: Snitch culture. Same thing here as well: Palm Beach County to Announce Violation Dashboard for Public Use. Or my favorite, Palm Beach County Mask Order in Effect – Here’s How to Report Violators. And then, the list of Palm Beach County complaints that have been filed.

One of the websites I’m linking to frequently for these stories is called “Boca News Now.” While this is a good source for keeping up on all the latest local happenings pertaining to the COVID situation, including any new city/county/state laws, it’s also a source that’s heavily immersed in Snitch Culture, including encouraging people to take photos of people they see out in public not wearing masks, or violating things in some way, so they can post them. O.o (If you click on that link you’ll notice the threatening comments and all around backlash they immediately received in response to the latest “send us your pics!” post. It’s interesting, because they pretty much never receive comments for any of the other stories they post. But when it came to trying to promote Snitch Culture, that was it…..Game On as far as the public was concerned. !! IMO….rightfully so. Need to push back against the failed hall monitors from grammer school trying to get their power back.) When they first started posting pics of people on the site to “publicly shame them” they were showing their full faces, making me wonder how they were legally getting away with that. Now I see that they’re adding in blue bars over eyes. So, obviously they got into some kind of trouble. But of course they tried to see if they could get away with it.

Back when this first started, the minority of people choosing to wear masks on their own in public were sometimes getting ridiculed or verbally attacked for doing that. Now? The herd has obeyed programming and gone the opposite direction. Attacking anybody who doesn’t. Just goes to show how easily people can be swayed toward any line of thinking.

- Publix grocery stores now have the aisles marked as one way only, with either green arrows or red Xs on the end of each aisle to let you know what direction you can go. (When they first rolled out this genius new policy [eye roll] they would periodically make announcements about it over the loudspeaker……except you couldn’t understand a word that was being said because the people making the announcement had masks over their faces. Not even enough sense to take the mask off to speak over the loudspeaker. It was basically like listening to adults speak in a “Peanuts” cartoon. I eventually figured out what was being said when I was up front when one of the announcements was being made, standing next to the girl on the loudspeaker. Then I could hear the muffled words through her mask. The messages all end with “…….and remember, we’re all in this together!” [more eye roll.] ) So what happens if you’re in an aisle, cruising along, but then you realize….wait, forgot to grab whatever whatever that’s back at the beginning of the aisle? Technically you need to just keep moving forward and use the next aisle over to circle back to the beginning of the aisle you’re currently in. Me? I go whatever way I want to go down an aisle. Backwards. Forwards. Side to side. O.o Holy shit!!!!!! ;D The way I look at it: I’m already wearing a mask. The rest is just complete lack of common sense. [ Update: Publix has since gotten rid of the “one direction” thing, but it’s funny how it ended abruptly from one day to the next…….as if anything had changed in that 24 hour time period. In reality absolutely nothing had changed. But it’s once again a prime example of nonsensical inconsistency/total lack of common sense. Something that has run rampant throughout this whole COVID debacle.)

I did have my first Karen experience though because of this. ;D In that instance I wasn’t paying attention to the direction thing and just turned my cart into some aisle. To the right, there was an older, probably late 60s to early 70s woman in a motorized cart with the full on L.A.P.D. riot gear looking face shield set up going on over her head/face. As soon as she saw me enter the “wrong way” down the aisle she started yelling out “SHE’S GOING THE WRONG WAY!!!!!! SHE’S GOING THE WRONG WAY!!!!!!” I heard the squawking going on behind me and realized……wait…… she talking about me?…..turning around to see that Yup, sure enough, Riot Gear Lady was looking back and forth between me and some 20-something shelf stocker guy, waiting excitedly for me to GET IN TROUBLE!!!! I caught the eye of the shelf stocker guy who just shook his head slightly, avoiding looking at the woman, meanwhile as I replied to her, “Whatever, Karen.” She got a slight look of confusion on her face when I said that, obviously had no idea what that meant, then yelled out again “SHE’S GOING THE WRONG WAY!!!!!!!” You know….just in case the guy didn’t hear her the first few times, since nothing was happening in terms of me GETTING IN TROUBLE!!!! The stock guy ducked out of there, never acknowledging her, and I just shook my head and called out again, louder, “WHATEVER, KAREN.” More looks of total confusion on her face, as she turned to watch the stocker guy leave…..nobody caring. And meanwhile, I just kept right on going the “wrong way” down the aisle. No common sense, combined with Snitch Culture.

Luckily I will say that this is the only instance of somebody making a scene that I’ve encountered yet here in Boca. [ Update as of August – not anymore, unfortunately. :/ There has since been an “incident,” to put it mildly, that was the worst that the Publix employees at that particular store have ever seen, according to them. Never seen anything like it, and it shocked them into paralysis mode, unable to act on what was happening at first. The cashiers, customer service desk reps and even the store manager on duty were all just standing there looking around like “WTF is happening?!?!?” trying to figure out what to do. Eventually I’ll get around to posting the details, but I don’t even want to deal at the moment. The whole thing was just above and beyond “Karen” because it involved a couple, both male and female, having a psychotic meltdown. But the guy in particular…..trying to physically go after me. And just as quickly as he snapped into psychotic, physically threatening meltdown mode he “shut off.” Back to calm, normal, like nothing had even happened. Showing that none of it was actually genuine, (welcome to the “matrix,” and its possessed/piloted puppet vessels, those “Agent Smiths” that can be taken over then dropped again in a second) which is part of what shocked the Publix employees, trying to figure out WTF was happpening here.

But the bottom line about that incident…..five solid months of this “new way of life” and people are starting to lose-their-fucking-minds. Can’t even imagine how people are going to get if society ever does full on collapse, for whatever reason. Because despite this situation we all still have food in our stomachs; electricity, running water and utilities are all still functioning; still driving around in cars full of gasoline; waste disposal isn’t an issue; still shopping at fully stocked grocery stores, luckily not experiencing any real supply chain shortages, because even toilet paper has made a comeback. ;) :/ And we’re all allowed to roam around outside freely, unlike say Australia, which has gone full blown “Welcome to the NWO.” So you can only imagine how it’s going to be if we don’t even have all that anymore.] There have also been stories about meltdowns/violence happening elsewhere in the country.

- Then of course there’s all the “taped lines on the floor” thing going on, which I’m sure is common everywhere else in the country and started up back in March. Mostly in the form of “6 feet demarcation lines” to dictate how far apart people can stand from each other while in line somewhere, usually at grocery stores and retail establishment. But in the case of Whole Foods they have full on “taped boxes” at the customer service desk, dictating for people to “STAND INSIDE THIS LITTLE BOX.” um hm. [ Update: WF finally got rid of this shit too. Like Publix, from one day to the next, as if something had suddenly massively changed. (eye roll.) If it’s okay to suddenly not have to “STAND IN A LITTLE TAPED BOX!”“ one day then it means……it was okay the day before as well. And the week before. And the month before. It was always okay. But it was just more nonsensical, contradictory idiocy being imposed on the masses.

- Schools started going “Distance Learning” by the end of March, and it was in full effect for every school and university by the end of the school year 2020, which seemed to be the case everywhere else in the country as well. For parents of younger children this created an entire sub-issue, because without the daytime babysitter known as “school,” who’s going to be overseeing their kids during the day? The parents. Who often have full time jobs of their own, and especially if they happen to be single mothers. So before many companies went the “Work from Home” route many parents were already having to switch to that mode, if their jobs allowed it, in order to now be home with their kids. Overseeing their schooling. While juggling full time work and conference call meetings. All at the same time. The whole working from home thing can be hard enough for people who don’t have kids, if they don’t have an ideal residential set up for it, which includes having to attend conference call meetings on camera. Let alone if you do have kids running around all over the place, and pets, and whatever else is going on in the background. The company I was at for two years switched to that mode by the beginning of April, and has been in it ever since. Can’t even imagine almost four straight months of that…………..and no end in sight. (My position was one that can’t be done from home, so I was one of the first “laid-off casualties.” Meanwhile I’m about to start a new gig that would have been work from home regardless of COVID, so, that’s good. And in the event I am able to finally return to my old job, which they said would be under the condition of a full in-person reopening, I could actually do both gigs at the same time.)

- Speaking of being laid off – the latest unemployment rate for Florida as of June 2020 is 10.4%. Florida Unemployment Applications to Top 3 Million. That figure is starting from March 15th However, this doesn’t mean all 3+ million people will actually be getting unemployment benefits. Florida’s unemployment system is so completely broken that there’s going to be a class action lawsuit over it. The website wasn’t working at all back in March and April for those trying to apply online, and many, if not most people haven’t been getting responses to their paper apps. There’s a number you can call, but it doesn’t matter what menu option you push….even though the recording initially makes it sound like you’re being transferred to somebody you’re actually not. The next message always says that there’s no customer service reps available at this time to help you, and there’s no call back option. And obviously no v/m system. Then it automatically disconnects. Many people have been reporting this, but nothing gets done about it. And emails are not responded to either, despite them supposedly having an email address. So, there’s nobody manning the ship. Hence, the class action lawsuit.

- Things like banks, doctor’s offices/anything pertaining to medical, and other non-retail and restaurant places that get high public traffic have now gone the “by appointment only” route. It seems most banks are now drive through tellers only, but sometimes not even that, where the interior is closed, no drive through tellers, just ATM only. Even our apartment complex leasing office is “call first/appointment preferred,” versus just popping in with questions or to get things like new air filters, quarters for laundry, etc. I’m sure most other apartment and condo buildings are now operating in the same way. When I have my next hair appointment at the end of July the requirement for me to be allowed in to the salon is that I need to have on a mask, gloves……and agree to have my temperature taken at the door. O.o The latter of which is a new development. They weren’t doing that when they were first allowed by the state of Florida to reopen back in May for Phase I. Meanwhile the front doors will be locked in order to control the amount of customers in the building. So if there are already two customers in there – the max that the salon is currently allowing, which means there’s only two stylists working at any given point, versus the normal four or five – then I will need to wait outside until one of those customers leaves. No aspect of anything is currently operating even close to what it was before. You get used to seeing a lot of signs taped up on business doors everywhere, either instructing about masks, or saying that they’re closed for in-person business or walk ins, etc.

- As many would imagine, many small businesses aren’t going to survive this, which we’re already starting to see. Empty storefronts popping up here and there, since they can no longer make enough money to pay their lease. Which means even more unemployment, and once thriving local economies slowly tanking. There was the whole PPP loans bailout program put into effect, but much like Florida’s broken unemployment system, it didn’t work out for everybody as intended. I get my hair done at the above mentioned salon here in downtown Boca, and where the owner woman herself also happens to be my colorist/stylist. When I asked her if she managed to get her PPP loan she shook her head no, and explained the whole fiasco with trying to apply online, and everything that went wrong, and how because of whatever hiccups that happened she missed the deadline by one day. So, no loan for her. She’s on her own during this nonsense, trying to stay afloat. Meanwhile, as that NY Times article link outlines, many huge corporations not only had no issues or hiccups, but gladly took money they didn’t even need from the bailout program. :/

- There’s also the School Wars that are about to erupt. Governor Ron DeSantis has mandated that Florida will reopen for in-person learning for all schools come fall. Meanwhile Palm Beach County is giving a hard NOPE to that, vowing to remain closed despite state orders. That should get interesting. Glad I don’t have kids, that’s all I can say.

- And of course all activities involving any sort of public gathering have been canceled, including July 4th fireworks for all of Palm Beach County, the annual Fort Lauderale Air & Sea Show back in May, etc. Even nature preserves like Wakodahatchee Wetlands and Green Cay Nature Center, where people walk outside on boardwalks, looking at birds, have been closed indefinitely. The latter of which is completely ridiculous.


So between the massive unemployment and the broken unemployment system, task forces roaming around trying to shut down businesses, kids unable to go to school in a proper way, parents having to juggle both their kids’ schooling and working full time, all at the same time, businesses having reduced hours and therefore, reduced profits (something I didn’t even get into in the above list) or so many new restrictions and/or lack of customers that they can no longer stay open, curfews spanning two whole counties and the push for Snitch Culture, things are not looking good for the economy, and society as a whole down here. It’s only been four months, but what happens when all of this has gone on for a year? Two years?

I will say this – the whole thing has been an uh……interesting forced psychological experiment/learning experience. What happens when you get laid off, and know that you can’t just go find another job because there are none? And nothing is operating in a normal way anyway? And knowing that if you were to somehow go out there and find another regular in-person job you’d be forced to wear a mask all day while doing it because it’s now the law, enforced by task forces? And you know you can’t/won’t do that, so basically…’re screwed? (As mentioned, luckily a new work-from-home gig basically just fell into my lap. But this was the situation on my mind for months, and still is for countless other people…..) What happens when you go from being able to interact with many dozens of people every single day, seven days a week, due to that full time job (at a prestigious marketing agency with some really high end clients from around the world that everybody’s heard of, making it so that it’s a pretty dynamic job), and all the personal and work related errands, and eating out at restaurants, to being almost completely isolated and only seeing one other person….day after day after day after week after week after month after month…. And whatever few other people you do encounter on those rare times you go out to get something are all wearing masks? So you almost never get to see people’s faces anymore? No smiles. No expressions. Just eyes. No clear voices. Just muffled nonsense. What happens when getting dressed up nicely every day and putting on makeup and doing your nails and hair no longer matters? For months and months on end? What happens when your large, expanded world has shrunk to almost nothing? What happens when you feel like you have no purpose? And what happens when you start to believe there’s no end in sight to any of it? :/

The ultimate question that needs to be asked though: is all this worth it? Do the death statistics justify this level of response?

5,002 deaths total out of 350,446 supposed total positive tests…..1.4%……out of more than 21 million people.

Now that we’re four months into this thing and have a better idea of the situation we see that it’s not playing out as originally predicted. This whole thing has been mishandled. You can’t shut down an entire thriving state for numbers that low. People need to take personal responsibility for their own safety and wellbeing, bottom line. And if somebody is just that concerned about things then by all means, they can choose to wear a mask or face shield, keep themselves spread apart, and disinfect their hands. Leave it up to them to make their own personal decisions and govern their own bodies. Don’t impose micromanaged Nanny State regulations that destroys the entire economy. It’s called personal responsibility….something that seems to be going the way of the dinosaur in this society. :/ While I don’t doubt the severity of COVID for some people, especially those where age and underlying health conditions are an issue, I also feel like derailing an entire state’s….country’s…’s…..economy over it……..indefinitely………isn’t the answer. There has to be another way.

This past week the COVID reporting guidelines were changed, and now hospitals must report their stats directly to the Department of Health and Human Services, versus to both the HHS and the CDC. Could potentially cut back on any funny business with regards to statistics, who knows. The ultimate test is to watch the ratio of “death vs. infected” statistics, and whether they continue to fall. Statistics can be manipulated in a number of ways to suit any ends, so people always need to keep that in mind when wading through the minefield of data. But if the number of actual deaths continue to fall despite the rise in total supposed infected, yet the Orwellian lunacy in certain areas like south Florida not only continues, but gets worse, then we’ll know what the real agenda is. And it’s not about public safety so much as using it as a means to an end to implement control, as well as social engineering machinations, reset the world economy, derail an election, etc. etc.