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Dreamtime and Waking Life....
Two Sides of the Same Coin


Completely rewritten/updated – 2/16/13


I’ve been meaning to completely revamp my “Dreamtime vs. Waking Life – Two Sides of the Same Coin” article since at least last year (2012) when a reader emailed me about his anomalous dream experiences and some theories he had on it all (coming up later in the article). But then last year happened. O.o So I never got around to it. But now it’s early 2013, life has finally calmed down, and recently another reader emailed me discussing some anomalous dream time experiences she’s had, all of which resurrected my interest in finally re-doing this write up. The intent is to combine together all the dream related information scattered around my website and in my various books/PDFs (namely Chasing Phantoms, and Miscellaneous Stories of the Weird and Unusual), as well as putting forth a few new ideas and theories, inspired by people who’ve emailed me over the past year or two so it can finally all be in one place. The previous version of this article, which has been up on my site for years, doesn’t do the topic justice. There is just so much more happening to people when they sleep, a lot of which I get into in various other write ups, of which includes the insidious side to the sleep and dream state, and it needs to be combined together into a “One Stop Shop.” But as every write up on my site goes, it will always remain a work in progress, updated as I learn new things.

The “dream” world

I used to be somebody who felt that dream time was distinctly different from our waking time — one was real, the other was clearly not. I wasn’t into analyzing my dreams, because I felt they were just nonsense that our brains invented to keep it entertained while the body rested. Now I have a completely different perspective on the matter, but it didn’t happen overnight. I eventually came to realize that there is definitely more to dreaming than just nonsense brain firing. One of the things I’ve come to learn is that one can actually interpret the events of their waking life in the same way they interpret their dreams, using a dream dictionary, because both are operating in a similar manner. Something I’ll be touching back on in a moment.

The following are the generalized categories of dreams that I’ve noticed in my own case. And just to note that each category can, and often does, blend into the others, so a night’s worth of dreaming may involve several of the following types of dreams:

1. Barely decipherable, right brain mode who knows what. That’s what I call the dreams which, when awake, I have a really difficult time trying to understand or explain to somebody, let alone log in a dream dictionary. :D It made sense in the dream when the brain was in “right brain mode,” but not necessarily while awake and switching over to the predominantly left brain state. For me, these types of dreams also tend to be the ones I have the most difficulty trying to remember. The energy behind them isn’t as strong, on top of the fact that they don’t really make a whole lot of coherent sense once awake. So while I may remember some part of it when I first wake up I can’t hold on to it, at all. It just slips away the second I fall back to sleep or get up and go about my day. Even if I do manage to remember these types of dreams I usually never log them because to me it comes across as nonsense, and I have a really hard time trying to make sense of it anyway. (though who knows…maybe it’s worthwhile to invest in trying to remember and log them….it could be a useful exercise for the brain.)

2. Brain gunk. Bits and pieces of things we saw, heard or did throughout the previous couple of days can manifest in our dreams in strange, fractured sequences. It’s the mind’s way of processing all the miscellaneous tidbits that our brains captured, but didn’t do anything with. (On a related note…our brains do this while awake as well, which I’ll get into later on.) Even though they may be brain gunky in nature, for me they’re still easy to understand and follow along with. I’ll also include here those dreams where you believe you’re at work and are racing against some deadline or impossible work load, and the “looping” dreams where you or a dream fragment keep repeating itself over and over, until you finally wake up like, AHHHH! Also, one’s physical condition while lying in bed, say if you’re cold, hungry, sick, need to use the bathroom, etc. can manifest in weird brain gunk-y ways in one’s dreams as well.

3. Basic symbolic dreams. For me, my “miscellaneous brain gunk from the past few days” type of dreams can also be mixed up with meaningful symbolisms that can be found in a dream dictionary, and get cobbled together to form a decently vivid dream sequence. Enough to be able to easily remember upon waking, even throughout the rest of the day, and enough to be able to describe in a coherent way in my log book. So these dreams are a hybrid between residual brain gunk being processed by the subconscious and then the next category of dreams, which comes up next. You can usually trace where exactly in your waking life over the past few days the various “brain gunk” scenes, as well as the symbolisms, came from. Like, Oh yeah that was something I saw on TV, or on YouTube, or something me and so-and-so were talking about at work, something I saw at the store two days ago, something I saw when I went for my run yesterday afternoon…

If you find that certain dream symbolisms/scenes/themes (even people….) repeat for you again and again then it’s for a reason, and probably worth looking into. And in those cases don’t rely solely on a dream dictionary to tell you what it all means. That won’t be the full story. Look not only at what dream sources say the symbolism means, but also deeper at what that theme/scene/situation/symbolism means for you, in your personal life and history, then you’ll hopefully understand why your subconscious keeps using it. (I’ll get a little bit more into this in a short bit, in terms of emotional scars and life traumas that may cause repeating dream symbolisms/themes for years on end.) When trying to interpret dream symbolisms also keep in mind the idea of plays on words. This is something I hadn’t realized until hearing my boyfriend Tom point it out regarding some of his own dreams. But sometimes a person or particular symbolism may be in a dream because the name has a double meaning, and/or ties into other themes in the dream, and/or is a form of word play or a pun.

It’s kind of amazing the way in which many times, a group of objects or symbolisms or actions/happenings will appear in a dream and on the surface they don’t seem connected, yet, when I look up their meaning in a dream dictionary it turns out they all connect and relate together. !!! How it’s possible for the subconscious to know these symbolisms’ meanings when the conscious doesn’t is beyond me, but it’s amazing to witness.

I’ve noticed that for me these “brain-gunky-yet-symbolic” types of dreams often times quickly segue from one sequence to the next to the next, with no real resolution to any of the situations happening, which is what sets them apart from the next category….

4. Involved, in-depth, meaningful “plot-y” dreams. Then there are the dreams with a vivid and often times lengthy and involved plot, packed full of symbolic objects and vivid situations, details and meaningful symbolisms that are not only easy to remember even while you’re awake, but easy to document since they’re so coherent. (though it may take awhile to get these kinds logged, since they’re so involved. ha) They can also involve the full sensory experience, including visual, audio, tactile, and being able to eat and fully taste foods, as well as smell smells. You may actually find yourself alert and aware and on the ball in these types of dreams, in control of yourself better than you usually are in the previous categories of dreams. And if you’re lucky you get a resolution to the crazy adventure story being spun. :D There’s often a clear beginning, middle and end.

These dreams put to rest anybody’s absurd assertation that we dream in black and white. No, we don’t. (Seriously, where did anybody even come up with that??) I dream in color, and these dreams absolutely prove it since sometimes the color of something is an actual focal point in a particular dream sequence. For me, as time has gone on these types of dreams have led to an evolution of sorts where I’ve become able to see my own reflection in a mirror, been able to run fast instead of the usual tormenting slo-mo :D being able to manipulate objects in a conscious sort of way, like dialing the phone while referencing a phone number and having an actual fully coherent two-way phone conversation with another character that’s only heard but never seen (talk about trippy… O.o ) even looking around in the dream and questioning what’s going on plot-wise, if not even becoming fully lucid.

Sometimes for me these dreams are basically to the level of full on virtual reality, because of the level of vividness, physical and mental manipulation and sensory capabilities, and coherent in-depth plot. There sometimes is almost no difference between them and what I experience in the waking world, other than one is “real” and the other is not. (in fact, considering some of the things I’ve experienced or witnessed in this reality while awake, it’s safe to say that some of these dreams are more real then some of my “real” life events, since I’ve had moments of experiencing reality doing things it’s not supposed to be doing, and which we’ve been taught is not possible.) I have yet to really figure out what the pattern is to when and why these types of dreams happen (why don’t we have these types of dreams every single time we lay down to go to sleep? Why only sometimes?) but several theories include one’s personal energy/health/mental condition, how muddled and chaotic your mind is during the day, as well as general cycles from some as yet undetermined source, be it personal/biorhythm, planetary, astrological influences, etc.

In one of my dream log books I created a running list of common repeating dream themes and symbols in the front and back inner flaps and then thought about what they could mean to me and why I kept dreaming about these things. So far there are at least 18 of them, though I’m sure there are a few more I’ve forgotten about. For instance, the most notorious repeating dream theme/situation for me is the location of “my old house in Connecticut,” including the yard, surrounding woods, and the street we lived on in our neighborhood. It was the house where my family lived for nine years before my parents divorced and my mom moved my brother and I to SoCal. But I’ve had probably hundreds and hundreds of dreams over the years that have taken place there, in every room of the house, in every nook of the yard, the woods and even the entire street. I’m now 38, haven’t lived there since 1991, so it’s to the point of utter ridiculousness by this point. While we lived in that house (from ages 7-16) I simultaneously was experiencing the most negative experiences of my life, both in and out of the house, things that permanently altered who I am as a person, to the point of nearly derailing me and taking me out of the picture, and severely reducing what I was capable of achieving in this world. This is why I imagine my subconscious has used it as the “go-to default setting” for so many of my dreams over the years. Prior to Connecticut we lived in Massachusetts for seven years, which was full of lots of positive, vivid memories for me. But interestingly I’ve had very few dreams that ever take place there. And since living in Connecticut I’ve lived all over, rented rooms with other roommates, even lived in in hotels/motels, had my own apartments, you name it, in southern California, Oregon, Florida and Virginia, and created lots of positive memories and experiences for myself in those places….and very rarely are any of those places ever the scene of any of my dreams. And if they ever are I’m always like, “Wow! How novel…”

I even took a trip up to Connecticut back in 2007 and paid a visit to our old town, and neighborhood, and the house where we lived, in a last ditch effort to make peace with the place, as well as trying to put an end to these dreams. And they did stop for a few months after I returned home…but then started up again. (Though I will say this – by this point in 2020 the amount of these dreams has greatly trickled off. It’s not so much of a thing anymore. But I believe it’s due to additional work I’ve done on myself since I originally wrote this article to heal myself and the past.) But this shows the link between negative memories/associations, aka, “scars” in our subconscious and the impact it has on our dreams in terms of repeating themes and symbolisms.

Another good example worth citing relating to this would be the way that a girl I used to know in school back in Connecticut used to appear here and there in my dreams, years and years later as an adult, when I’d since lived in four other states! She was somebody I had known since 7th grade and became friends with by 8th grade. But as it goes in “Girl World” we weren’t friends anymore by the beginning of 10th grade. I had a falling out with another girl that she and I both hung out with, a bit inexplicable as well, and she just sort of sided with her and I lost both of them as friends. Then on the last day of school in 10th grade I saw that she had written a not so nice comment about me in another girl’s yearbook, even though I stayed away from her and we hadn’t talked all year. I knew we were moving to SoCal that summer and I would never see her again, so screw her and screw that town and everybody in it. So when school was over on that final day and I was out front about to leave I saw her standing there on the front steps, and I called over to her, telling her that I’d seen her comment in so-and-so’s yearbook. Then in typical hot headed immature Scorpio fashion, I proceeded to insult her in a not so nice way that really cut to the core. I saw the expression on her face change as my insult hit her. Then my ride was there, and I turned and got in the car and that was that. It was the last time I ever saw her in life, and those were the last words I ever spoke to her. And years later, there she was in my dreams from time to time, many times along with the other girl she’d sided with in real life. They were often just…there. Harmless and innocuous, but still, they were there and I didn’t know why.

I eventually got tired of having her appear in my dreams, I mean, I’m an adult, this is stupid. So one day I sat there pondering on it all and realized that obviously on a deep down level I always felt bad for the way things had gone between us. I never wanted to not be friends with her, I don’t know what happened, and us ending in that nasty way was just not how I ever wanted things to go. My mean and cutting insult was based on hurt and frustrated retaliation, not true maliciousness, since her mean comment about me in the yearbook kind of came from out of left field. And despite who started it or who was more in the wrong I still obviously felt bad about it all these years later. It was an unresolved negative situation. So I set about to do this meditation thing where I revisited her and the situation from my current adult perspective, putting out apologies and good vibes towards her wherever she is in the world, feeling that no matter what she did or said she still didn’t deserve what I said, she really was a good kid, and I should have been better than that, and I did truly feel sorry about the whole thing. So I did that for a good 10 minutes or so, and wouldn’t you know it………that put the entire thing to rest. Several years later to this day, as I write this in 2013, she’s never appeared in another dream again. So that also proves that emotional scars of unresolved issues are many times the root of repeating dream symbolisms, themes and people.

Several books that I’ve read which touch on this in an indirect way would be “Practical Psychic Self Defense by Robert Bruce, and “Regression – Past-Life Therapy for Here and Now Freedom,” by Samuel Sagan. Robert Bruce’s book is all about negative entities, and is something I reference and recommend throughout my website. But the parts that I think specifically tie into this subject are what he terms “core images,” sore emotional points buried in our subconscious, which negative entities use against us to manipulate our dreams for maximum energy feeding purposes. The concept doesn’t just apply to neg entities though. I think our minds can also be our own worst enemies when it comes to dreams. But instead of capitalizing on core images for feeding purposes, our subconscious uses these people/themes/symbolisms/scene settings because it’s stuck in this repeating loop of unresolved negativity that has created psychological scar tissue. Samuel Sagan’s book, which I only came across in January of 2013 thanks to Tom buying a copy, deals with the oft-discussed subject of past life traumas and the way they impact our current lives. But what makes the book different is that he also gets into the subject of “samskaras,” an Indian term that’s basically the equivalent of emotional scars on the astral body from both past lives and our present one. No other source (that I’ve read at least) has explained as well as Sagan does the actual mechanics of how past life traumas are carried forth from one body to another. Whether one believes in past lives is irrelevant – the idea of present life samskaras being imprinted onto our astral bodies is just as important, and his book really drives this point home and got me thinking. Especially in light of my own personal attention to dreams and what I’ve noticed about the role these samskaras play in them. Both the situation with the girl I had a falling out with back in Connecticut and our old house in Connecticut in general were samskaras/core images of varying power.

5. Premonition dreams and general psychic happenings. Pretty self explanatory, but sometimes you have a good old fashioned “predicting the future” sort of dream. There may be some slight differences in the details between the dream and what ends up happening in real life, but there can be no doubt that the dream foretold an upcoming event in one’s life, or the life/lives of somebody/people close to the dreamer. There’s also the idea of upcoming life events being foretold in a more symbolic/metaphorical way, which needs to be interpreted. I’ve had both sorts. An interesting and unusual one was when my younger brother Joe was living up in Portland, Oregon, while I was still down in SoCal. Here’s the account, taken from a personal document that hasn’t been published on my website:

“I had a dream during this time period where I was riding shotgun with Joe in the Nissan, down a street that had these big old houses, lawns, trees and so on, very much unlike the scenery anywhere in SoCal, and we got to a 4-way stop…and got T-boned. !!! It was so vivid, detailed and realistic…I felt like I was REALLY there, like it had really happened. I turned to Joe in the dream and yelled at him for his bad driving! :D Come to find out months later that he was involved in an accident at a 4-way stop, exactly as I dreamt. [in Portland, which as I would come to find out after I moved up there, looked exactly like what I saw in my dream back in SoCal.] I described the street to him though, much to his amazement. ;) “

This example blurs the line between “premonition” and something else, since I inserted myself into the scenery in a situation that apparently did end up happening for real, on a street that looked like what I saw, in a situation that was identical to how I saw it. Only, it happened to somebody else.

I used to work with a woman named Joyce back in 2002-2004 in Fort Lauderdale who liked to gamble, at the Seminole Casino in Hollywood. But one day Joyce’s friend called her up to tell her she’d had a dream showing her some numbers that Joyce should play on some particular game (don’t remember which game). But what I definitely do remember was that Joyce listened, and played those numbers…..and won $18,000. She was low key as she talked about it to us coworkers at work, but yet you could also see how a huge weight had been lifted off her shoulders and she was softer, since she’d been plagued with financial problems that had really dragged her down personality-wise. We were all really happy for her because if anybody needed that 18 grand it was her. A testament to the power of mere “dreams” being an avenue for something a whole lot more.

And then there’s also a situation that me and Tom have experienced several times where we’ll both independently have a dream sequence that’s either strikingly similar, or near identical to each other, as we later discover when comparing notes about our dreams. What’s going on there, I have no idea. But that to me is wild. Is the same dream being beamed at us or something? Is one of us reading the other’s mind?? I don’t know.

The most interesting example worth mentioning of a shared dream theme of sorts was “the guy with the dogs” who appeared to both Tom and I in our dreams. The one dream I had involving him that took place in October of 2011, I was walking down a street lined with houses. I came across one particular house and went up and peered through the front door. A guy was inside with some animals, and I smiled and joked that one of his pets looked like a Mogwai. :D Then I opened the door and went inside to hang out. The guy in question seemed nice enough, 30-something, white, with brunette hair, who had several pets with him. But he never actually spoke with me. One of the fluffy dogs was rubbing on people the same way a cat does, another dog was reaching up with its paws on my thighs. I sat down on the floor to be closer to the animals. Another dog was white, and had an unusually pointed face that made it look odd, which is why I really remembered him more than the others. I pet it, while commenting to the guy that all of his animals were so well behaved. And that was the end of that.

I wouldn’t have thought anything of it…..except Tom mentioned a dream with a strange looking white-ish colored animal that seemed to be a dog, but, it had a really pointed face. Just really odd looking, which is why it stood out for Tom. The dog was with this guy who seemed nice enough, but, he never said anything. O.o And that’s when we realized we’d dreamed about the same guy with the same animals. Later on 10/31 I see this dream log entry:

“Not my dream, but Tom’s. He had another dream with that guy with the 4 dogs. This time he had gray hair. The dogs were on red leashes, and Tom was in a house, like I was in during my previous dream, sitting on the floor, just like I was, just hanging out with the animals, same as me, and all the animals had a good vibe, just like my dream. All the core elements are the same. This is the 3rd time Tom’s dreamt about him now, me once. Oh yeah, and like in my dream the guy hung back, and there was no direct verbal communication, it was mostly focus on the “nice animals.” Though Tom got a flash telepathic communication/image in his mind of the idea that this guy was from an alternate timeline. So, that was interesting.”

6. ”Portals” to other realms? Moving up from standard dreams with plots and decipherable symbolisms are the following sorts of dreams that may actually be a little bit more than mere dreaming. It seems the act of relaxing the mind and body, which results in the astral body loosening and/or completely detaching from the body, as well as the natural “assemblage point shift” (as Carlos Castaneda referred to it) that occurs with sleep can result in being able to do, see and experience things beyond just dreaming. In that way the sleep state sometimes seems to act as a “portal” of sorts into other types of realities.

A. Dreams where you were visiting places you’ve never been, but yet it felt so real to you in the dream that it was like you were really there. And who knows…maybe you were. Even more interesting is when you keep repeatedly visiting the same very realistic scene in multiple dreams. I’ve definitely experienced this. These places look like they could be a totally real, every day place out there in the world…….but, I’ve never been to them in this life/timeline. But I’ve been to these places more than once now, and I really wonder whether or not I’m visiting or experiencing a real place, in another body or another timeline. Maybe we can connect to our parallel realities when we sleep, and get to see what we would be doing if we were “over there” instead of “over here.” I know that I have had experiences in the past when I’ve found myself in a real life place only to realize I’ve seen this place before…….in my dreams. It’s always a bizarre feeling and realization. O.o

In fact recently I realized that some dreams I’ve had several times over the past few months may be of the new job I just started this week. (February 14, 2013.) O.o !! So it blurs the line into the realm of premonition. But several times over the past few months I’ve had dreams that take place in what seems to be a hotel looking place, where old people live in the rooms. I say hotel based on the look of the place, and the lamp light and such, and the overall “homey” feeling. But again it’s always old people who live in the rooms, on a permanent basis. The rooms from what I saw each had their own bathrooms that were near the doorway entrance to the room. Meanwhile in the real world, as I was going through the interview and pre-hiring process during the first week of February for a job as a receptionist with an assisted living facility I never once made the connection about these dreams I’d had. I got hired, and then the night before my first shift was to start I had yet another one of these dreams, triggering my memory of previous ones (which I hadn’t logged) and when I woke up at around 5:30 a.m. from the dream I was like, “!!!! oh my god !!!!” I couldn’t wait to get to work and get a tour of the place to see if it matched up in any way to what I’d been seeing in my dreams. I have to say now that I’ve seen the place in person it does. The homey look, with the carpeting, furniture, lamps and overall interior design of the walls and such. In fact there’s one particular hallway that I’ve stood and stared at because it’s the closest match to the dream. In several of those dreams the key was the fact that I was going into their rooms sometimes, and in one case accidentally was in a wrong room that was supposed to be empty or something but there was apparently an elderly person in the bathroom behind closed doors so I turned around and quietly ducked back out; this matches up to the fact that part of the job involves delivering mail to many of the elderly residents personally, having to knock on doors, and pop my head into unlocked doors if they don’t hear or are out of the room and want the mail dropped off somewhere in the room. When I was doing this on my second day on the job, feeling leery as I’d open the doors I realized I felt like I was back in my dreams. !!! It’s an uncanny match. The thing about dreams, even those that may be of real places out there in the world, is that for me they always have this “magical” feel to them. So that’s the main discrepancy between reality and what I dreamed. The dream version had a different feel to it. But despite that I say, what are the odds, you know? I think it’s safe to say that for whatever strange reason I was dreaming about the place long before getting hired….and I don’t know why.

This wasn’t the only real-seeming place I currently found myself dreaming about, and so now of course I have to wonder whether sometime in the near future I’ll find myself in these other places I’ve dreamed about as well. Wherever or whenever they are. O.o Only this time I’m now paying closer attention, and I’ve been keeping a log. ;)


B. Time Travel? Then there’s a strange nocturnal experienced that I relayed in my book “Chasing Phantoms,” but for those who haven’t read the book I’ll re-post it here. But it involves me in bed asleep in Fort Lauderdale (would have been sometime between 2003-2004) and then spontaneously finding myself somewhere in south Florida…..500 years ago. Here’s the excerpt:

“I was living in Fort Lauderdale and I found myself having a “dream” one night where I was suddenly sitting on a rock alongside a stream/creek somewhere in south Florida…500 years ago. Sitting to my right on the rock was a (Native American?) woman. I sat there in a dazed awe, looking around like “Wow…!” and somehow knew that it was the early 1500’s. It was morning and the sun was out, the sky hazy and kind of thick, the sky had a yellow white hue to everything. There were no buildings around. Just the stream in front of me and tall grass and open land. It was quiet and peaceful. And the more interesting thing to note is that I didn’t communicate verbally with the Indian woman. We communicated telepathically. I hardly had any time to really even get into a discussion because things got cut short prematurely, and also I was still absorbing the fact that……..I’m in the 1500’s!! So the only thing I could think to ask her at first – mentally, not with verbal speech – was whether Miami existed yet! She telepathically responded that “Yes, Me-ah-me exists…” working in the correction on my pronunciation. :D Imagine that. I telepathically understood Me-ah-me, as she pronounced it, to be a settlement, not too far from where we were. That made me smile, like wow…Miami is already around! Cool.

And then wouldn’t you know it, but an annoyed UFO whizzed up to where we were. I glanced up at the black colored disc approaching, which slowed to a hover above us to the left, and telepathically felt its annoyance at me. It was conveying very loudly, with a robotic sort of voice, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING…STOP THAT RIGHT NOW…STOP THAT…STOP…” It wanted to put an immediate stop to this, and squelch me back into place. In my “dream” I sighed and felt limp, “knowing the drill” and immediately resigned myself, knowing there was nothing I could do to stop them from controlling the situation. That’s where it abruptly ends. Later I did a pendulum dowsing to ask whether I really inadvertently time traveled back in time, and I got a strong Yes. I asked whether that woman was real, and I got a Yes. I asked whether she went back and told the people she lived with about her encounter with me and also got a Yes. O.o Interesting.”


So was I really time traveling? I don’t know. Pendulum said yes, but, it is a pendulum after all and so you have to take it with a grain of salt. I actually tend to think I did spontaneously time travel, since all kinds of weirdness was in full swing in my life during that time period, and I was more prone to woo-woo abilities as a result, since my overall connection to this reality was lessened. I was having out of body experiences during that time as well, which indicates a loosy-goosy connection between the body and the astral. So who’s to say that just spontaneously popping out of my point in space time and into another wouldn’t have been yet one more thing that was possible with such a loosy-goosy connection? And the fact that the UFO was there as a “matrix guardian” of sort was very telling. In 2012 I checked a book out of the library in Charlottesville called “Visitors from Time – The Secret of the UFOs,” by Marc Davenport. It’s an interesting book that I recommend, as the author tries to tie together all the seemingly separate phenomenon often noted during UFO sightings and close encounters, postulating that they can all be explained if one takes into account the idea that these things are not flying here from other planets, but rather, are maneuvering through time, and have some sort of time warping field surrounding their craft. What’s relevant for what I’m discussing here though is the way in which he believes these UFOs are acting as a sort of “police force of time,” you could say, making sure everybody and everything stays in line. The book has been around since the early 1990s, but I didn’t read it until 2012, and had my time traveling “dream” with the UFO “police” who promptly showed up to get a handle on the situation fully 8-9 years before reading his theory. So, that’s very interesting indeed…………


C. Dreams where you meet up with people you know and maybe haven’t seen in a long time…or who may even be dead, but are paying you a visit. It’s the sort of thing I didn’t used to know about or believe in when I was younger, but have since had experiences which have shown me otherwise. Some do this via astral travel as well, leaving their bodies and flying around. When we sleep there’s that great potential to flit around, meeting up with people, having pow wows you could call it, going to other realms, learning things, even if we don’t consciously remember them when we wake. Many people also describe going to “class rooms” where they are taught things while they sleep. And they may very well be doing just that. I have a whole section in my free e-book Miscellaneous Stories of the Weird and Unusual where I detail several of my own experiences with what seemed to be meeting up with people in the dream state. It’s too much to reprint here, so I’ll just refer people to go there. (The sections starts on page 86.)


D. Communication with higher positive beings. Something Tom apparently has had experience with (and which he gave me permission to mention here) are dreams where higher positive human looking beings show up to communicate higher ideas and concepts to him during the dream state. They used to happen to him about twice a month, almost on a schedule, though it seems to have trickled off in recent times from what he noted. I’ve only had a couple of experiences at most dealing with what were apparently really high up beings. The most interesting example happened either early last year or sometime in late 2011 (again…didn’t log it unfortunately) where I was with a group of apparently very advanced human looking beings that were stern and serious. In the normal every day world I’m considered intelligent, quick and perceptive but in the presence of these guys I felt downright mentally challenged. O.o They were just really high up there, to the point where I felt kind of embarrassed at my lowly capabilities in their presence. I have no idea why I was palling around with them, or who they were to me (though there was something they relayed to me that I won’t mention here), but all I know is that I’ve never gotten over that dream. They weren’t trying to make me feel stupid, and they had no ill will, but in tuning into them and who they are their intellectual capabilities were just off the charts. Kidding around and being full of humor wasn’t their schtick you could say. :D So, this is another aspect of dreams that should be mentioned, in order to balance out the second half of this article where I discuss negative beings and the influence they try to wield. It seems some people, though I couldn’t even begin to guess how many, are being visited and influenced by positive higher beings while in the susceptible dream state and are told and shown important or useful concepts. My offhand theory is that it involves the tug-of-war going on in this reality. Neg stuff is going absolutely beserk here, using every avenue possible. But so are the positive forces.


E. Astral travel. This is a huge subject, and one I know very little about, only because I’ve consciously chosen to not pursue it. However it’s definitely an ability that my dad’s side of the family possesses. Apparently my paternal grandmother could do it as my dad told me, as well as my dad, and later on my brother. My dad and his mother referred to it as “flying.” For my dad it first happened to him sometime in the late 70s when we were living in Westfield, Massachusetts. He says he was lying in bed one night and the next thing he knows he had flown up out of his body and was above the house, outside, looking down. O.o From there it took off. However when I was 15 or so and me and my dad were talking about his nocturnal flying adventures he wistfully suggested that I should try it sometime, like it was this great idea. My immediate gut reaction was NO. No thanks. I instinctually knew this was dangerous territory, and that one can easily get in over their head if they don’t know what they’re doing. I was open to the weird and the woo woo, and it was already in my life by that point, but there were instinctual lines I wouldn’t cross. Astral travel was one of them. My dad seemed perplexed by my rejection of the idea, but I just knew….don’t do it. My brother Joe actively pursued it though once it started happening to him during puberty. For him, with the life he’d found himself unwillingly living in, it was an escapism method. It’s up to everybody though to make up their own minds about this subject and whether it’s right for them, but for me I’ve chosen not to. Robert Monroe is one very well known author who has written multiple books about his astral travel experiences, several of which I’ve read and would definitely recommend for anybody who’s interested in the subject. However I do have experience with feeling my astral body I guess it is detach from my physical body, and that’s something I’ve written about in “Chasing Phantoms.” In particular, the very active woo-woo time period in my life from 2002 – 2003, where I was being taken so often to such an extent that my astral body eventually became loosy-goosy. So I couldn’t even lay down for a nap without my astral body continually slipping up and out of my body, hovering about six or so inches above myself. O.o It’s very distracting and annoying. Finally I would have to turn onto my side and curl into a ball just to try to keep myself in my body, so that I could fall asleep in peace. Another experience I’ve never written about was one that occurred sometime in the middle of 2001, when I woke up in the middle of the night…..and felt the ceiling of my room against my back. O.o I was lying on my stomach in bed, my normal position for sleeping, but somehow I’d “drifted up to the ceiling.” Then “woke up” and became aware of it. I actually found it amusing and kind of grinned to myself at finding myself in that situation, but, that’s as far as it went. That’s about as good as it gets for me. :D But astral travel can apparently be a major doorway to all kinds of exciting adventures, as evidenced by the work of Robert Monroe, so it definitely needs to be included here.

The more insidious side to sleep and dreams

Then there is the more insidious side to the sleep and dream state, involving “stuff” that can take advantage of the vulnerable state when our mind is relaxed, our bodies are relaxed and/or asleep, and our astral bodies have become loosened or detached. Many people of the new age persuasion are adamantly against acknowledging anything negative, but my philosophy is to be realistic and face things head on with neutral awareness. That’s why I feel it’s vitally important to include this section. The world unfortunately does have a lot of unsavory elements going on in it, and burying ones head in the sand or misapplying the law of attraction doesn’t make it go away. All we can do is arm ourselves with awareness and then just tackle it straight on in the event we discover these things happening in our reality.

The following would be this aspect of things to be mindful of:


1. ”Dream jacking.” “Dream hijacking” is something I get into depth in my (free) book “Chasing Phantoms.” There’s a whole section devoted to it in Part III. Here are the most relevant excerpts:

“Dream hijacking” is exactly what it sounds like – a situation when one’s dreams are “hijacked” into by an external source for the purposes of feeding on the negative energy that’s generated by them and/or programming/rewiring the mind. They tend to center around deviant/perverse sexual situations where the dreamer is either directly involved, or watching from the sidelines, or fighting/aggressive situations where the dreamer is in an abnormally amped up state. Both sorts of situations provide a nice food source for astral/neg entity feeders, but in the case of the perverse/deviant sexual dreams it’s in my opinion that they can also serve the purpose of programming a target via shock and trauma to the psyche. See Part II, and my experience with the “Programming Script” where I woke up with a hypnotic male voice trying to tell me, as if he was reading from a script, that certain (sexual) things had happened to me in life.

“There’s also the related “virtual reality dreamtime programming,” discussed earlier in Part I, along with MILABS end times programming dreams, which is coming up in the next section. Both of those situations have a more human/military angle going on it seems, whereas the source for what I’m talking about here is a little more ambiguous. Could be MILABS in origin, could be so-called ”alien” (be it Reptilians, Mantids, Grays, Nordics, etc.) could be opportunistic astral/neg entities who are just roaming about looking for a quick food source.

“The way that I’ve been able to differentiate in my own situation between a normal dream where it may be your own subconscious generating the subject matter, versus external manipulation, is that in many situations a hijacked dream will start out normal and boring….but then it seems to take a sudden turn out in left field. And there may also be warning indicators, symbolisms and situations that start appearing in the dream to alert that something or someone has the cross hairs out, much in the same way dark clouds roll in before a storm. This is where lucid dream capability comes in handy, to become fully conscious in the dream and recognize what’s going on around you, instead of just being swept up in it the way we normally tend to do. Another indicator I’ve experienced is that in one dream, I suddenly “felt” that I was being watched, and even voiced this out loud in the dream, looking around, confused, interrupting the flow of things. I kept questioning that I felt like I was being watched and that “I have an intuition for this sort of thing…” looking around, puzzled. Then suddenly in the dream there appeared a large camera “eye” sort of thing in my field of view, zooming in, verifying what I kept feeling. The dream ended after that. In my opinion I really was being watched, something was either plugging in to the dream or outright manipulating the creation of the dream in the first place. And I knew, I could feel it and it caused me to become lucid. “

I get into more detailed examples of dream jacking in the book, so if the reader is curious I’ll just direct people to check the book out. Again, it’s free, so there you go.

And again, the works of Robert Bruce, in particular “Practical Psychic Self Defense” is a good corresponding book for this subject as he gets into astral feeders hijacking people’s sleep states for incubus/succubus sexual energy feeding dreams, and describes his experiences with these entities. Including what one of them looked like in its true form. (versus the human female form it took when trying to seduce him.)

The subject of entity manipulation during the sleep state is bigger than the constraints of this article (could probably be its own small book….) but I really want to stress how important it is. The biggest problem is that most people don’t believe in the idea of “invisible ghoulies that harass and feed on people.” Which I completely understand. Me years ago didn’t have awareness in that sort of thing either, despite a background full of other types of strangeness. Many people have no overt waking experiences with the paranormal, so therefore have no idea it really does exist, and I wouldn’t even begin to try to argue with them to try to convince them. The way I look at it is, for those people who have zero experiences with anything woo-woo, even something innocuous, it’s for a reason. It clues me in to the nature of what’s going on with them. I leave those people be. They can believe, or not believe, anything they want. It’s not my concern. I’m only interested in the people who do have those experiences, even if it’s only small stuff here and there, because it also tells me something important about who they are.

Something important I stressed in my book is the following:

“The only suggestion I can give anybody on the subject of hijacked dreams is to practice being as aware and awake as possible during your waking state, because this does translate over into your sleep state as I’ve learned firsthand. And it probably also translates over into situations where one is hypnotized and/or drugged. A strong awareness and sense of self will push back at attempts at squelching one’s consciousness. During the winter of 2008-2008 I began practicing a daily spiritual/mental/emotional discipline routine, and of the many new things implemented into my life, mindfulness and being aware and awake and totally “in the moment” was one of them. (This was aided by the almost total removal of whatever little media I have left in my life. Although I wish I could say I kept up with that.) Quiet the mind, get focused, be “here” and aware and awake and clearheaded and focused. And an unexpected side effect of all this intention was that it spilled over into my dreams. I suddenly had a much stronger mind in my dreams, with the ability to question what was going on around me (to the point of questioning the bad dream logic plot holes that pepper most dreams, like, “heeeeey, wait a minute, that doesn’t makes sense….” so that’s amusing when you think about it….) and even managed to put the brakes on things and become lucid, if/when something thought it was going to plug in and hijack things. So I know for a fact from personal experience that this works. Become more alert when you’re awake, and you will become more alert when you sleep.”


Readers may begin to notice by this point that unlike a lot of other write ups on dreams, I’m not spending time getting into “nifty lucid dreaming techniques! weeee!” That’s because in my opinion the foundation for lucid dreaming should be built on mindful awareness in the waking life. Bottom line. Without that then all the little techniques for “look for a light switch in your dream and flip it on and off and ask yourself if you’re dreaming!” etc. etc. is a moot point. How do you even start questioning the light switch without strong awareness to begin with? Cultivate awareness while awake, of what one is doing, saying and thinking at all times, including engaging in active thinking and questioning, versus passive acceptance, and exercising the brain in general in any way you know how, and then the rest should naturally follow. So that’s the only thing I’m going to stress to people, over and over. A strong level of awareness will also probably spill over into the post-death state as well, but, that’s a whole subject in itself. (And just in case anybody reading this mistakenly believes that I’m saying I’m somehow perfect when it comes to this self awareness thing, trust me, I’m not. :D While I’ve made a lot of progress, and reaped some rewards from it with my dream, I still have a ways to go. It’s one thing to know what one needs to do because they’ve seen proof that it works, but it’s another thing to have the energy and determination to stick with it 24/7. So if anybody reading this is thinking “uggghhh…it’s just so haaaaarrrrrrd to do that!!” Trust me, I know. But you start small, one step at a time, don’t beat yourself up when you slip and fall, because everybody does, guaranteed, and just work your way up, bit by bit by bit, getting better and better. It’s the same as exercising muscles.)

In my own case, as my waking state awareness grew something interesting started happening – I seemed to become sensitive to intrusions that were trying to take place when I was in bed, asleep or mostly asleep. Not for every single occurrence, but definitely some…and enough to be able to do something about them. While puttering about in my dream I would just become aware on some deeper level that something was amiss, like I could feel it or something, I’m not exactly sure. But I become aware somehow, and I’ve even devised a little test of sorts to determine if something is indeed trying to invade me while I sleep. But it basically involves trying to form a mental cross in my mind (as in, Christian cross, the way Catholics cross themselves….) and saying the word “Jesus.” (for non-religious types who get offended by the mere mention of anything religious…try to hang in there, it’s not entirely what you think…) If it’s all I can do to even formulate the word “Jesus” and crossing myself is full of sluggish resistance, then bingo, we’ve got a problem. Not only that, but what usually happens is the second I do cross myself or say Jesus, then whatever the negative force is responds violently, which I’ll get back to in a moment. Now, just to note that I’m actually not religious, and I’m not trying to push anything on anybody. I’m not a practicing Christian. But nor am I a Christianity basher either. (though I do have a problem with sanctimonious hypocrites who claim to be Christian but who act anything but. Very annoying.) But for me, I’ve discovered that this little test works wonders in fishing out invaders. If I experience the resistance I’ll just keep at it and keep at it, over and over, until eventually something interesting always begins happening – I’ll feel a violent vibration of sorts, like a wind whooshing noise, and movement that grows faster and faster, until basically whatever it is can’t hold on anymore and just flies right off me. Sometimes screeching while it does so. O.o Then afterwards I can do the cross and say the word Jesus freely, no issues.

This all takes place in a state that’s half asleep, mind you, since that seems to be the state of mind needed for negative stuff to be able to latch on and invade. When we’re fully awake and coherent in this realm, locked into our bodies, it’s apparently not nearly as easy as when we’re zoned out, asleep or half asleep, weakened and with our astral bodies disconnected (or at least loosened.

Something I’ve noted before in my writings regarding the use of Christianity to ward off negative beasties is that it does help if one believes in the validity of it on some level. Me, I’m not even so sure there ever really was a being named “Jesus,” but like I said in my article “Polarization and the Removal of Options from Reality,” it doesn’t really matter in the end anyway. Because it seems after 2,000 years of human minds pumping energy into the idea it’s become real on some other level. It’s a force that can be tapped into, and which in my own personal experiences, will blow negative stuff right off you and back to whence it came. Even if you’re not so sure about the idea of Jesus, negative stuff definitely is, that much I’ve learned. They’re terrified of it. It’s interesting. My own initial positive experiences with this technique have created a positive feedback loop in my mind about it all, so for me it works, even without being a full blown, self labeled Christian. Deep down I recognize that the words and symbolism do have their own power, no matter what the reason. Something else I’d recommend for those who would try out this technique is to not only say the words or do the cross, but simultaneously tap into what the idea of Jesus represents – raising your vibes/personal frequency upwards to become like it. That whole frequency is completely incompatible with what negs represent and need to feed on, and also helps ensure they can’t continue to hold onto you. They need fear/terror, anger, hatred, death, division, fighting, despondency/hopelessness, sickness, addiction, low level lust and depravity. Not unconditional love, warmth, kindness, peace, happiness, health/wholeness, unity, and harmony.

What are these entities that try to latch on when humans are at their most vulnerable? Where do they come from, and what are they trying to accomplish? I don’t have definitive answers, I only know that the sleep state is one easy route in for them. And whatever they are they don’t seem to have our best interests in mind. They operate like opportunistic parasites. (that’s why drugs and alcohol are also another major avenue in for them, as mind altering substances lessen the barrier even while we’re awake, lowering us to a level that’s akin to being unconscious, and make attachment to our bodies very easy.) They could be free floating stuff from the astral, whether created and powered by the energy of people’s minds, or discarnate former living people, or beings that were never human in their evolution. But whatever they are, for whatever reason the Christianity imagery repulses them. I’m pretty sure that on those days when I’ve found myself in an inexplicably bad mood, edgy and quick to snap, and especially towards my boyfriend, feeling like a blanket of negativity was enveloping me and which was adversely coloring the way I see and experience the world, and which couldn’t be explained by any conventional sources, then those were days that one or more of these things got to me while I was sleeping. Slipped through the cracks, and I didn’t become aware of it to stop it like I sometimes can. But, that’s just me, and everybody is free to believe what they will. I don’t know if their goal then is to create negativity in a person, not only to derail the person but to feed on those negative emotions and actions, or if it’s just to hitchhike a ride on a living body that provides something it can’t have, and the negativity/energy drain is just a side effect. Or if it’s both. But for those who are interested in reading more material on this subject I again recommend Robert Bruce’s book “Practical Psychic Self Defense.”

I have a section in my free e-book “Miscellaneous Stories of the Weird and Unusual” devoted to entity encounters, some of which occurred while I was in bed, half asleep and vulnerable, so I’ll refer readers to check that out if they’re interested in hearing more about this subject. I also get into the subject a little bit in “Chasing Phantoms.” But I’ll leave off with an anecdote about a funny “dream” I had very recently (didn’t log it, but it was within the past couple of months, so maybe November or December 2012.) where I warded one of these beasties off. It was a little beastie though, not something huge and oogedy boogedy. After it flew off me in the “dream” I was aware of it running away as fast as it could……..and I felt empathy for it. I just totally felt sorry for this poor pathetic creature, whatever it was….and I began chasing after it, going “Wait! Wait! It doesn’t have to be like this!!!” I ran after it, trying to catch up with it and explain and show it that whatever it had been told and convinced of in terms of “being on the dark side” was a bunch of nonsense, and there was another way that was just so much better. If I could only catch up to it I’d show it, then it could see and know. But alas, it was much faster than me and got away. I was really disappointed though. I really wanted to help this thing. !!! And ultimately I think that’s probably the best mentality to have about these things if one becomes aware of these creatures’ presence in their reality. View them as opportunistic parasites, sometimes mislead and lost, try to just have empathy for them, and when getting them off of you do so with a neutral, if not outright empathetic mindset, versus anger. The mentality of “fighting fire with fire” doesn’t accomplish anything. Humans as a whole are often not any better than whatever these things are (though humans should be…and are certainly capable of more….) the only difference is, we’re physical here in this realm and they’re not. So we’re not really in a place to be self righteous and indignant because they’re treating us the way we treat our farm animals. So, aim for neutrality.


2. Body being used as a pawn for entities? This category of dreams was brought to my attention by a reader in 2012. He actually recorded audio of himself addressing me and explaining this whole thing and then emailed me the audio file, because it was easier to do then trying to type it all up. I’d never even considered or had awareness of what he was describing until he outlined it, but once I heard him describe it I realized it could very well in fact be happening, and I too may have experienced this. But it was the idea of entities using our sleep state as their own personal playground. That would be the best way to summarize it. They lack a physical body and the means to do and experience certain things, so they’re using us and our sleep states to accomplish that. The guy who emailed me explaining his own possible experiences with this described a situation where he found himself with people he didn’t even know or recognize in his dream, but who seemed to definitely know each other, and as the dream wore on it became apparent that they were just using him and his sleep state in order to be able to meet up with each other. O.o He himself was irrelevant. Just a means to an end. Really fascinating.

Related to this is something I’ve experienced on a very small handful of occasions, where I was able to see a scene/experience a situation that the me in this life would never be able to. So I know it wasn’t me, in any of my timelines. So I don’t know whose body I was looking through, and why/how it even happened. In one of them it was an everyday sort of moment in time with an extremely famous (and ridiculously good looking) lead singer of what would now be considered an iconic hard rock band, and which could only have taken place circa 1987-1993, based on how he looked, as well as the band’s peak of popularity/career trajectory. So it definitely wasn’t me, since I would have been 12-18 at the time. I seemed to be female from what I could sense, and was lying down on a bed, and he was sitting next to me on the edge, with no shirt on, just smiling as we chatted and hung out. So I can see him smiling and turning his head while laughing a little. Just a really nice moment in time, where he not only looked his best, but was acting his best, and in that moment was genuinely happy and relaxed. (Even though he’s basically a musical genius, not just the “pretty boy front man,” but somebody who actually wrote the lyrics, composed music and played piano he was still known for being very….troubled with women, very up and down and unstable, complete with restraining orders. The cliche “tortured artist/troubled genius.”)

In another one I found myself at some sort of shindig party that looked to be in one of those nice mansion houses, at night, in L.A./Hollywood. It was brightly lit, contrasting the night skyline going on outside through the windows. Probably somewhere in the Hollywood Hills. I seemed to be just another person in the crowd, moving through the people. (And I have to admit……I seemed to be male. It wasn’t “me,” and I didn’t feel female. So it was possibly looking through the eyes of some dude.) As I made my way through the room I spotted a very famous female A-list pop star who was formerly part of the Disney Machine. She was engaging in behavior that at that time wasn’t known to the general public – making out/hooking up with a chick/being bi or lesbian, and not in a “one time/‘cause I’m high and drunk” way, but in a “this is who I really am” way, because it was safe to do so at this private party, versus the public persona of being straight – but which eventually started coming out in those “blind gossip” Hollywood websites. But when I later read those things in the media I was like, Yeah, I saw that. :D I already knew, because as far as I was concerned, I’d been there.

These dreams were too strange to dismiss. I don’t think they were just dreams. But, I also don’t understand what they were or how it worked. Or why I even experienced them in the first place, since A) the subject matter was so mundane and unimportant; B) I’m not connected to the people I saw in any way, and C) since just prior to these dreams happening I wasn’t thinking about the people involved, though I was obviously familiar with who they were. In fact I did used to have a cassette tape in ’93 of one of the rock band’s most iconic albums from ’91 that I played to death throughout 12th grade. But the female Disney pop star from later years I was never a fan of, not my type of music. So it’s a mystery.


3. Abduction happenings. The sleep and dream state can act as an entry point for abductions, provide possible clues to abductions that have already taken place, and be an avenue for abduction-related mind control programming. By “abductions” I’m referring to the act of humans being taken by beings of various origins, be it human/military (known as MILABs) or “alien,” whatever the aliens actually are, for various purposes and agendas. The act of taking people isn’t limited to the physical body however.. As discussed in “Chasing Phantoms” there are sources out there discussing the idea of “etheric abductions,” where one’s etheric body is removed from the physical and taken to another realm where it’s messed with, then put back. I have personal evidence for that, as illustrated in CP. Let’s review all of these in more detail:


A. Entry points for abductions. Several years ago I had a dream where I found myself flying around at night, on what seemed to be a broom possibly, like a witch. (!) There were trees and landscape below me, lit by moonlight. Up ahead was a real witch of sorts, with the full on craggedy nose and chin and the pointy hat, whom I started giving chase to. I don’t even remember why exactly, I just know that I felt compelled to go after her, like I was hunting her down or something. She was racing ahead of me, too fast to catch, but I pressed on. She began rising up higher into the air….to which I automatically followed, very intensely into the chase. Up, up, up, up…….until something dawned on me in the dream. You know…..wait a minute here…what am I doing…. I think I became aware on some level of starting to pull out of my body and that started making me “come to” and become lucid. I felt very “brow furrow-y” and pulled back and lost speed, looking around, questioning this, and that’s where the dream ended.

A theory of mine that I’ve come to develop due to personal experiences like this is that dream subject matter can be used as a means for tricking or luring a person to loosen the connection/pull out of their body, and thus, make them easier to snag by “stuff.” The witch that I was chasing, along with the night time setting and moonlight, would be a telling symbolisms, indicating the negative source of who was behind the lure, as well as the dark, hidden, shadowy, etc. nature of the source. I wasn’t chasing after a magical flying unicorn trailing rainbows behind it on a bright and sunny day, after all. :D And the strong compulsion to give a fast and furious chase, with no logical reason for why, would also be suspect. The other related possibility to my theory is that “something” is trying to get a person to pull up and out of their body, to loosen that connection in order for some sort of astral-based shenanigans, where harm might come to the astral body, or, something could then be done to the vulnerable physical body left behind in the bed. That’s getting into the subject of occult magic, psychic attacks and such, versus abductions.

Funny enough, a guy who emailed me a couple of years ago did a rapid 180 in the email exchange, going from fake friendly, to dark and annoyed, after I (politely) disagreed with him on his idea of “going up” in dreams. He claimed going up is “always” good. I politely disagreed, citing this very dream as an example of negative luring/possible abduction intent, where clearly I was being lured upwards and started pulling out of my body. Didn’t seem to go over very well, as evidenced by his response filled with insults and even name calling. O.o ah well. His extremist, black/white stance, and out of proportion attacks against me only showed me that I’m most likely on the right track with this theory, and that we definitely can be lured “upwards” in a dream….right out of our bodies, while something negative waits in the wings. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve had “fake nice” guys reaching out to me, trying to aggressively convince me to change my stance on something that I’ve written on this site – and almost always with the common denominator involving negs, and their tactics and tricks – then immediately flipping and getting nasty when I hold a different opinion from the one they’re trying to push. It reveals who they really are at the core, and that they’re not truly interested in brainstorming and trading ideas, they’re just pushing an agenda that serves the neg elements that have taken root in this reality, and being a tool in general. In a few of these cases these guys have outright demanded I take down my material that they disagree with O.o showing a level of pathological narcissism and entitlement that is astounding. Never works though. ;) So this is something to keep in mind, and it’s another reason that exercising mindful awareness during the waking state is important, since I’ve proven to myself that it does spill over into the dream state, like with this dream.

(If anybody is interested in more information on the idea of being pulled out of one’s body while half asleep for what seems to be “etheric” sorts of abductions please see Chasing Phantoms. Readers are probably going to get sick of hearing me continually mentioning this book, but a lot of what I’m discussing in this piece is also covered there so, what can I say.)


B. Screen memories and residual abduction-related images. For those of you who are abductees, there are those “dreams” that are very real feeling, vivid and strange, involving “aliens,” UFOs, military personnel and military-like installations, and strange “doctor-like” humans/humanoids that may actually be screen memories of an abduction. If you believe yourself to be an abductee, whether alien or MILAB, then a good place to get clues about your abductions if you can’t consciously recall things would be in your dreams. They may often be real and semi-altered memories of events that took place, or at least a protective screen that has been put in place by you, or them. “Screen” means exactly that – a misleading image/front to protect a real memory that lies beneath. I also get into this subject in more detail in “Chasing Phantoms.” In Part II there is a sub-section entitled “Dreams,” where I recount a handful of my more intriguing stand out “dreams” involving UFOs, “doctor people” and such going back to early childhood, that may have been anything but a standard dream. Also in Part II in the section “Overt Indicators as an Adult” I talk about my first known overt abduction that took place in October 2001, and the possible screen memory flashes that took place a couple of days afterwards while lying in bed.


C. Mind Programming. Then there is the idea of plugging into an abductee’s mind while they sleep and programming them for different purposes. Various agendas as discussed in “Chasing Phantoms” include:


“1) MILABs end times survival programming,” where the target is run through very vivid/realistic scenarios in order to train them for/program them with an “Endtimes” survival mode mindset. “ […] after finding the James Bartley article, which outlines verbatim the fact that MILABS are being run through dream time and virtual reality training programs designed to prep them for some future locked down post-cataclysm society where they will be on the lam, traveling cross country [heading west], dodging the bad guys and having to forage for food and survive.” As mentioned in my book I’d experienced at least one very vivid and detailed “dream” in 2003 or so that matched this description to a T, but which remained a mystery to me for several years, only to later come across the works of MILABs research James Bartley describing this exact thing. It was a light bulb “aha!” moment. When I’d pendulum dowsed whether the dream was an actual real premonition of sorts showing what was in store for the future I got “No.” When I asked if it was just a nonsense dream I also got “No.” Finally after asking whether it was “programming” of some sort I got a loud YES. In my book I outline the possible agendas for this “go west survivalism” programming, and question whether it’s a huge manipulation tool, and if so towards what ends, so if readers are curious it’s in Part III.

There are also other types of MILABS programming dreams that I’ve come across in my research, and which are mentioned in my book, concerning dangerous black ops reconnaissance type missions. They’re usually blindly accepted by the target to have been genuine MILABs experiences that they actually experienced while they were abducted, and awake, but in some other location that they had been brought to. I disagree, and suspect they were dream, trance, and/or virtual reality programming. Only because the situations described start out vivid and detailed enough, but end up taking on a dream-like quality, and just something about them feels off and wrong to me in general. However, I don’t necessarily think that the targets/authors are lying. I think they truly believe that these MILABs adventures happened to them, but they’re not considering the idea that it was all virtual, for some sort of experimentation/testing, behavior modification or training purpose, and that they never actually took place.


2) Frequency Rewiring/Trauma Induction, where the target is being “plugged into” by either human elements or “alien,” and told very suggestive commanding things while they sleep, with the apparent goal of rewiring the brain and altering behavioral responses. As mentioned in “Chasing Phantoms,” during the time period of 2002-03 I experienced several occasions of waking up from a sleep and catching something in the act of programming me with repeating negative commands. In one case it was “YOU WILL NOT REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE NO MATTER WHAT ANYBODY SAYS TO YOU!! YOU WILL NOT REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE NO MATTER WHAT ANYBODY SAYS TO YOU!!” and in another it was “YOU WILL ONLY SEE WHAT’S WRONG AND UGLY IN THE WORLD!! YOU WILL ONLY SEE WHAT’S WRONG AND UGLY IN THE WORLD!!” Very alarming to say the least, and I’m thankful I woke up and busted “stuff” in the act so as to be aware that this sort of programming was trying to be instilled in me. Before that I had no idea. Even with this knowledge it was still difficult for me to pull myself out of the pessimistic and negative mindset I found myself in at that time. Can’t imagine what would have happened if I hadn’t been aware, and then inexplicably found myself in that state and just allowed myself to succumb. O.o Makes me wonder how many other programming commands may be instilled in my subconscious that I’m not aware of because I didn’t wake up in time to catch them……and how rampant this could be in the general population as a whole. Seems like an easy way to help keep large segments of the population squelched down and under negative control.

Then there was a “dream” where some unseen guy was narrating to me about how certain negative/gross things had happened to me in life, but sounding as if he was reading from a script. No emotion behind it. Just monotone, as if reading/dictating. Later on in reading the book “Secret, Don’t Tell” by the late author Carla Emery, regarding unethical mind control and the government’s illegal mind control targeting and experimentation on people, I saw where she described the use of “reading scripts” to a target who are in a trance state to convince them that certain things had happened to them in life, of which the subject matter of the script was very similar to the scenario being outlined to me in my dream. As noted in my book, one doesn’t need to be physically present in a waking trance state for this to work. An alpha sleep state done remotely would be just as a good I imagine, if not even better, so long as you have that means for connecting up to the target. In the end it probably can help accomplish the same thing that in-person trauma based mind control does (fracturing the mind which can then be programmed with alters), but while saving time and energy of having to do it physically in person.


3) Remote Viewing. Also described in my book, where the target is plugged into while sleeping by an abduction source, and used to remote view something/somebody on behalf of the abduction source. I seem to have one experience where this had taken place, also mentioned in my book. Before even knowing about the term “remote viewing” I had an experience where I did it while awake back in 2001, discussed in “Miscellaneous Stories of the Weird and Unusual.” I just had an intuitive knowing that I could do this (though with my current knowledge of my abductee status I think I can take a guess where this inexplicable intuitive “knowledge” came from…) in order to locate my brother, who at that time had gone missing. And it worked….spectacularly well, blowing away any account I would later read about concerning actual government sponsored remote viewers and what the process involves for them. It was actually a little bit above and beyond traditional remote viewing. Just a whole other level. But it shows me that I do have this ability, which would explain exactly why something would want to tap into it.


So apparently, a lot can happen when you sleep…..which is putting it mildly. O.o Much more than I ever realized when I was younger, where I once had a completely indifferent attitude towards the subject of dreams. A dream log is an essential tool. The more you log, the more dreams you seem to have, as I’ve noticed. With a log you not only keep track of your dreams for posterity’s sake (especially if they’re interesting, it can be fun to go back and re-read them at a future time), but it’s useful in the event that your dreams are forewarning you about something, or if your subconscious is trying to bring your attention to a situation that you’re not noticing or acknowledging, or revealing where you may have some residual unresolved emotional issues. Or showing you where some potentially insidious things may be taking place under the radar, so you can be in a position to have awareness, and thus do something about it. If one is getting pestered by negs here and there while trying to sleep then a dream log could be useful for seeing if there is a pattern for when/why they choose to strike when they do.

But in looking over this list of all the various types of dreams and things that can happen to us while we’re sleeping I just shake my head, realizing that if somebody from say, the 1700’s or 1800’s was reading this they would be baffled by the entire latter half of the list. Remotely plugging into somebody’s head while they sleep? Mind controlling them?? Using them to remote view?? MILABs black ops abductions?? Virtual dream time training and programming?!! What the heck?? But yes, welcome to our modern world and what the U.S. government has come to. :/ It’s a world that, despite how many things are still the same, would also be unrecognizable in a lot ways to somebody from even the turn of the 20th century. In only 100 years we’ve had the explosion of the re-realization of an “alien” presence among us in the world (it was known during ancient times) whatever it is, and some sort of either collaboration or war (or both…) between it and the U.S. government, with the technology and civilian abductions and experimentation that go with it. Hence, why the entire latter half of the list now exists, when it previously wouldn’t have. But, it’s a subject beyond this piece.


The “waking” world

So if dreams can contain meaningful symbolisms and clues to one’s subconscious frame of mind as well as otherworldly occurrences, what about one’s waking life? Is it really all that separate from the dreamtime?

If you’d asked me that question years ago, I would have laughed and thought that was ridiculous. Not anymore. I realized that it was worth paying attention to and recording the things that happen during waking life, especially if there are “coincidental” repeating patterns. So for a large period of time anything unusual that manifested in my reality, like objects, animals, numbers, names, etc. that appeared in a strange/synchronistic or repeating way, I looked them up and analyzed them exactly as I would any dream.

Some may ask why, but for me it’s because our waking life isn’t really that much different from our sleeping state. In your dreams, you don’t “really” get injured or die, nor do you “really” do the things that you do, but yet there is that potential for connecting to parallel realities, meeting up with others (whether alive or dead O.o) astral travel, or having premonitions about things that do end up happening when you’re awake. So in that sense, reality and fiction become blurred during dreamtime. Same as our waking state. Things are more solid and real when you’re awake versus in a dream, you can get hurt, bleed, die, and are actually interacting with people, but yet, there are so many “glitch in the matrix” moments, and surreal times when bizarre stuff is happening that shouldn’t be possible according to what we’re told by the authorities in charge of this reality that it leads one to question….exactly how real is this, anyway?

The idea of objects and such appearing to us in strange or repeating coincidental ways in our waking state also ties into the subject of synchronicity, including number sightings. A lot of the subjects I write about on this website overlap, or are other facets of the same overall “weird reality” phenomenon. Dreams included. Being that I’ve witnessed reality doing things it’s not supposed to be able to do means it’s easier for me to also believe that our minds are somehow interfaced with this place, and able to pull things to ourselves, allowing us to shape our every day realities in the same way our subconscious shapes our dreams – including utilizing symbolisms that we don’t even consciously know the meaning of, but which some other part of us does in fact know. If our subconscious can pull together all these symbolisms for our dreams that turn out to have relevant meanings to what’s happening in our waking life, unknown to even our regular conscious (or in other words, acting as an entire secondary independent mind within our mind), then who’s to say how much else it’s capable of, and how much else it knows and is actively tapped into. And if our astral bodies detach on their own and decide to just….flit about, visiting people, tapping into parallel realities, going to other realms, even time traveling, all of it beyond our conscious control, then what else is it capable of, and what does that mean for us in general? Or this place that we find ourselves in?

Just some food for thought. !!

Our dream state and waking state are really just two sides of the same coin in that sense. And this becomes very evident when you try to be as conscious and aware as possible while you’re awake. For a period of time back in 2008 I tried doing exactly this and it was eye opening, to say the least. Time and again I’d have the intent for things I want to do during my day as well as things I didn’t want to do, such as time wasting bad habits, and time and again I’d realize that I completely bungled it all up. I’d “fall asleep” even though I was awake. !!! It’s exactly the same way we lose ourselves when we fall asleep and enter into the dream state. When you slip off into dreamland you lose control over yourself and your mind, and forget most everything you are as a person when you’re awake. Your whole daytime life just goes……poof, gone. Unless you’ve mastered lucid dreaming, then you’ll just be like most people who get swept up in your dreamtime happenings with silly plots and strange adventures and random characters, being taken along for the ride instead of being in charge and directing how things go. And that’s exactly what can happen during the day as well, if one is not completely conscious and aware at all times, every second of every moment. With myself, there I’d be in front of the computer, intending to write something maybe, or print something out, or look something up as research, and then I’d get a whim to click on a different website instead, which leads to another and another and another, then I’d have the urge to open my music folder and start playing some tunes, and next thing I knew two hours had gone by and I still hadn’t done any of my original plans. Instead I’d wasted time. I “lost myself,” and “fell asleep” even though I was wide awake. It’s alarming, once you begin noticing it and are trying to not be that way.

Another time I embarked on an exercise in mental awareness where I paid attention to every single movement I made. It’s hard, that’s all I can say, as the brain relies on autopilot to accomplish most tasks that are second nature. You have to consciously slow yourself down in order to keep up with monitoring your every movement, as well as tracking your every thought that pops into your mind. And what I noticed with the whole thought tracking thing in particular is that while much of my internal dialogue chatter could be traced to its triggering origins, some of it however could not……and in fact was merely random neuron firing. Just nonsense flashes that popped into my head with no traceable origins for what triggered it, which is exactly what happens when we sleep many times. Very eye opening. So yes, it’s even more proof for me that sleeping/dreaming and our awake daily lives are just two sides of the same coin.

They say that reality is a shared dream of the masses. They also talk about reality being a grid, a program, a “matrix,” a game, zoo and experiment, some sort of something that we find ourselves trapped in. I think it’s a little of all of those. But it’s definitely not what mainstream science and school conditions us to believe it is, and our dream time activities are one major clue for that.

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Carissa Conti


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