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Dissecting the agendas behind the news headlines


Updated September 16, 2013. Added to the “Fort Hood Shooting” section (which also delves into some of the other famous U.S. mass shootings) about today’s Navy Yard shooting rampage, which is yet one more mass shooting that claimed exactly 13 lives, including the gunman. Columbine, Aurora, the D.C. Navy Yard….how many times do exactly 13 people have to die for the public to wake up to the fact that certain mass shooting incidents aren’t random?

Updated July 9, 2012. “Spate of people tearing off all their clothes and going nuts in public (any connection to people randomly losing their marbles on airplanes and trying to rush the cockpit to take the plane down, and newscasters talking gibberish nonsense?)”



This is the place where I analyze the ever-growing list of news stories that I come across which strike me as being very obvious in their agendas, and/or attempts to push certain attitudes, beliefs and responses on us, with personal opinion summaries for readers’ consideration. It’s intended to be a sampling, not a comprehensive coverage of every obnoxious news story out there. If that were the case, then I’d have to tend to this write up 24/7 due to the sheer number in existence. :D (The headline dissections themselves start after this introduction.)

Anybody who’s studied up on things realizes what a powerful tool the media is for shaping society’s collective opinions about any subject, as well as helping to steer the direction society is going through its various social engineering agendas. I’ve discussed this in the introduction to my movies section, called “The Media.” as well as in my write up called The Media. Obivously the media is of interest to me.

News headlines serve multiple purposes besides merely retelling events. (And some of this will be a recap from my “Introduction to the Movies” section):

  • Mass reality consensus. In the grand scheme of things, the media, of which involves the news, serves to reinforce to humanity a version of reality as a whole that they want us to believe and engage in. For skeptics and scoffers who have never experienced anything out of the ordinary, they have no reason to doubt the version of reality as portrayed to them by the world around them. So a claim about the news being a tool to shape mass reality consensus would probably seem laughable to them. So be it. But for anybody out there who has experienced things that showed them that there is a “curtain” to look behind, then this will make sense.
  • Manipulate public consensus/brainwashing/propaganda. (Closely relates to the first point but affects things in a more focused way.) Tell people something enough times and they’ll start to believe it. Promote and report particular details, while purposely leaving out other details, and you shape public agreement either for or against any subject you want. You can get a nation to go along with supporting a war/invasion, get the public to adore and support sociopathic politicians thinking they’re swell people, convince people of the need to rely on Big Pharma, vaccinations, etc. instead of natural health and healing, convince people who “the enemies” and “allies” are, convince people of their own helpless disempowerment, etc. etc. And with the right word usage and convincing, hypnotic delivery you can get people to disbelieve and doubt something that’s right in front of their face. It’s all in the way things are – or aren’t – reported, along with constant reinforcement of certain ideas, people and images. Brainwashing 101. There are endless ways in which this is applied every day, in thousands of news stories around the world, going back to when the media was invented.
  • Social engineering. Program the people with “their” various agendas to shape the direction society is going. (Desensitization, sociopathy, feminism gone awry, pedophilia, apathy/feeling helpless, NWO/alien propaganda and disinfo., etc.) If the news and media – ie, authority – tells people that something is okay, or laughs something off, or portrays something in a fun, nonchalant light, and does it enough times, then eventually the majority will go along with the game plan.
  • Provide distraction and diversion. Keep people’s focus away from that which matters the most, so they are rendered ineffective to make changes in the world. Many news stories are nothing but fluffy puff pieces that fill up airtime or fill in the extra space in newspapers, and they do nothing to enlighten or inform. “There’s nothing to see here folks, move it along! Nothing to see!”

When it comes to the news, the more sordid and ghastly, the better to ensure you’ll click on the link, or sit through the commercial break waiting for the news program to resume. Throw in SEX and you’re guaranteed a winner of a story! As Don Henley’s song “Dirty Laundry” says, “People love it when you lose, they love dirty laundry.” This is very true. The public has been conditioned to cheer for people to fall on their face and screw up. Sex, drug and money scandals rule, along with celebs playing the role of the jokers and the clowns with their (often times probably staged and scripted) mishaps and foibles. Tragic accidents, murders, and people just going all around bonkers fill the airwaves and internet. It makes the average viewer with the mundane life feel better about themselves.

Then you have the so-called alternative media, which many newbie truthseekers tend to put all their faith in because it’s supposedly telling the real truth of things that the mainstream media isn’t. (I’ve been down this path, so I don’t say this in a holier-than-thou way.) A big mistake that many newbie or naive truthseekers make is to believe that because some website or news source is “alternative” and saying something different then it automatically means it’s more believable and trustworthy than the real media. X! This definitely isn’t the case. There’s often times just as much nonsense and mis/disinformation to be found in alternative media as there is with mainstream, unfortunately. Neither one is safe and reliable. Don’t make the mistake of the false two-choice dichotomy. The truth is somewhere in the middle, and always use discernment.

Now……Important note: A big part of my commentary/mindset stems from things I’ve talked about all around my site, in articles and in my book, and so the mentality that I describe may be a bit foreign to newbies who’ve never read my previous stuff. Timelines and probable futures, where we put our thoughts and mindset, empowerment, no fear – all things I’ve talked about, and things that will come into play in the following commentaries. So if you’re familiar with my other writings then you’ll understand where I’m coming from, you’ll probably have read some of my various anecdotal experiences that show that this particular mindset has validity. And it’s all just my opinion, as others may feel differently. Just food for thought in case people haven’t considered these points of view.

Stories in order from most recent to oldest….

Spate of people tearing off all their clothes and going nuts in public (any connection to people randomly losing their marbles on airplanes and trying to rush the cockpit to take the plane down, and newscasters talking gibberish nonsense?)

I just emailed somebody last night where I mentioned what seems to be a spate of stories in the media over the past couple of months detailing people stripping down naked in public and often time either going completely nuts, or acting very strangely, to put it mildly. Only to see yet another headline in today’s news about yet another person going nuts in public and stripping down. So I decided maybe it was worth talking about here.

But basically it’s pretty self explanatory, as the title of this entry illustrates. What seems to be a spate of people losing their marbles. The question is though, in these times of 24/7 internet and media coverage are we just hearing more about what was always going on? Or is there actually something unusual going on? The world has always been a nutso place, which is why I tend to disagree with people who think that nutso behavior is some new phenomenon. Just because things have gotten more civilized in terms of exterior appearances doesn’t change the inherent craziness that is and has been human nature around the world since forever. :D

In the spate of stories that I’ve been referring to, a few instances have been blamed on drugs called “bath salts,” which cause people to have beserk reactions and for their temperatures to rise, leading to them to strip down naked as they run through the streets growling, trying to chew off people’s faces and biting random body parts of anybody who gets in their way. These particular stories have been jokingly nicknamed “zombie apocalypse” in nature, for obvious reasons.

Most of the stories though don’t seem to have anything to do with bath salts. In fact, in the recent notorious “Miami Cannibal” story that was initially attributed to bath salts the autopsy revealed that he did not in fact have bath salts in his system.

A few links to supposed “bath salts“and/or unknown substances nekkid craziness:

‘I’m a eat you’ – Crazed naked man high on bath salts threatens to eat police officers as they try to arrest him on golf course

‘Latest naked ‘zombie’ on bath salts threatens to eat arresting police officers’

‘Nude carjacker hurts 7 in brutal rampage – ‘Drug-addled’ man shuts down town as he flips Porsche and breaks both legs of pregnant woman’

‘Mom who choked and punched son, 3, while ‘high on bath salts pictured running naked through street – moments before she was Tasered to death’

‘Florida man strips naked, bites off chunk of another man’s arm’

‘Another man on bath salts strips naked and exposes himself to girl, 3, in playground’

And for consideration here are links to as many of the recent stories as I could come up with and/or remembered off the top of my head involving bizarrely acting nekkid people and that were not related to “bath salts”:

From Hefei City, China, July 18, 2012: ‘Naked Chinese Man Attacks Cars in Road Rampage’

From Tracy, California, July 10, 2012: ‘Police: Tracy motel owner, 62, killed by naked man’

From Flagler Beach, Florida, July 9, 2012: ‘Naked man, 22, ‘leaps from roof, dents truck and urinates on floor before biting chunk out of another man’s stomach’ “….he continued fighting despite being Tasered five times….”

From San Diego, California, July 5, 2012: ‘Naked Woman Slows Traffic On I-805’ “….The African-American woman got out of her car and took her clothes off for no apparent reason, witnesses told 10News…”

From Iowa City, Iowa, July 4, 2012: ‘Police – Man Arrested After Stripping Naked in Old Capitol Mall’ “Police arrested a man in the Old Capitol Town Center yesterday after he reportedly started “acting strange,” taking his clothes off, singing loudly and speaking in gibberish….”

From China, July 1, 2012: (doesn’t seem like the guy was naked, but it was another one of these “crazed cannibal” things…) ‘Chinese ‘cannibal’ attack caught on camera as drunk bus driver leaps on woman and chews on her face’

From Indianapolis, Indiana, July 1, 2012: ‘Incredible video shows rampaging naked man escape three police officers with ninja moves while he is continuously tasered’

Miami, Florida, June 27, 2012: ‘Coroner says Miami cannibal was NOT high on bath salts when he ate homeless man’s face…he only had marijuana in his system’

From Fort Lauderdale, Florida, June 22, 2012: ’400 pound woman arrested for stripping completely naked at bus stop’

From Houston, Texas, June 20, 2012” ‘Mom Crashes Car w. Kids in It, Walks Away, Then Strips Naked in Drug Store to Eat Ice Cream’

From Port St. Lucie, Florida, June 12, 2012: ‘Port St. Lucie man accused in nude lewd interlude’

From Pompano Beach, Florida, June 7, 2012: ‘Police arrest woman, 35, who stripped naked at busy intersection’ (seriously……!)

From Ocala, Florida, June 1, 2012: ‘Woman caught performing sex act on herself by side of highway is arrested wearing only a shirt and exposing herself to passing motorists’

From Saratoga Springs, New York, May 17, 2012: ‘Woman, 49, arrested after strolling through lumber store…in the nude’

From Kennewick, Washington, April 11, 2012” ‘Woman accused of shoplifting strips naked at store’

From San Diego, California, March 16, 2012: ‘Kony 2012 director confined to a mental ward – Director who had nude ‘meltdown’ on streets is kept in care as wife blames shock popularity of video for behaviour’

From Exton, Pennsylvania, February 2, 2012: ‘Naked Man Steals Socks From Walmart In Pennsylvania; Verdon Taylor Arrested’


Then there was my 30-something neighbor chick from upstairs who, two Fridays ago, suddenly had an unexpected “bi-polar meltdown.” She had taken off in the middle of the night, and her parents who happened to be visiting her from out of state that week had to file a missing persons report. Then she turned up later that day in the emergency room, which of course made me wonder what the hell she did that made the cops bypass arrest and bring her straight to the hospital, but we’ll get back to that in a second. So then her parents had her back home again and were keeping an eye on her, getting her to take pills and stay relatively sedated until she could “come down,” but apparently it didn’t work, so she was put back in a hospital, where she spent about a week and a half for an extended stay until she could get it together. She’s finally out now, and seems totally back to normal as far as I can tell when I ran into her this morning. But interestingly enough, my boyfriend Tom happened to overhear her telling her brother (who’s visiting this week as she gets settled back into life) with a laugh about how part of her bipolar escapades involved her driving to Montpelier (virginia, not vermont)…………..and stripping down butt naked, among other things. Hence, why when the cops found her they bypassed arrest and brought her straight to a hospital. So, you can add her to the list of people recently going nuts and pulling off all their clothes and running around in public. O.o From what I was told, she hadn’t had a bipolar issue in years, until suddenly out of nowhere two Fridays ago where she completely lost it. And if it happened to my neighbor, but wasn’t enough of something to manage to make it into the local media, then it means it may be happening to a lot more people then we know, but, those stories just never got documented. Like with my neighbor. She didn’t go into any stores apparently, didn’t get caught on camera, and didn’t commit any actual criminal acts. She just went nuts and wound up naked in public, nothing else, and the cops quietly took care of the situation by bringing her to a hospital. The above links are just 17 that did happen to make it into the media due to the extreme and/or unusual nature of what the people did.

I don’t know. Like I told the person I was emailing last night, on a planet with supposedly 7 billion people, someone somewhere is bound to get nekkid and run around going crazy at some point. This sort of thing probably just happens, and maybe again, because of the 24/7 internet and media world we live in nowadays it means we have better access to seeing what was always going on. However…..The Jason Russell/Kony story involves somebody semi-famous. I didn’t pay attention to that story when it was first out, but it was just brought to my attention again as I was compiling this write up and I realize….wow, I mean, come on. He’s not just some schmoe in small town America goin’ crazy at the Walmart. He’s some high profile guy.

Then there’s the possibly related subject of people on airplanes losing marbles and suddenly being overcome with the urge to try to storm the cockpit. Instead of typing up all the links, since so many seemed to come up, I’ll just provide a link to the Google search results page of what came up when I did a search on Passenger storms cockpit You can also type in “passenger storms cockpit” while adding in the name of a particular news outlet, to zero in on even more results.

A former coworker at my most recent job was describing months back his own situation with one of these passengers who suddenly had a meltdown and tried to storm the cockpit. He was traveling with his wife and baby son on what turned out to be the trip from hell (baby got sick, and the medicine was in the luggage that the airline lost, causing them to have to bring the baby to the emergency room at 2 am….) then to top off the trip, my coworker found himself sitting right next to what appeared to be a totally normal looking, seemingly nice and attractive 30-something blonde woman from southern California. I don’t remember all the details by this point but as time wore on it became apparent something was off about her. She started having paranoid ideations that the pilot was flying the plane in the wrong direction. My coworker tried to keep her distracted by asking her questions about her family and life, but she kept going back to her paranoid ideations. Since he had a wife and baby sitting on the other side of him he said he was a little nervous about where the conversation was headed and felt like he was literally putting himself between her and them. He kept trying to distract her and keep her talking about normal stuff, but eventually it didn’t work anymore and the end result was her jumping up and rushing up the aisle, talking about how she needs to get to the pilot, she has to stop him, he’s flying in the wrong direction. The flight attendants managed to get to her before that happened, luckily, so they didn’t have to emergency land the plane or anything (at that point it would have made national news), however the authorities were waiting on the ground when the plane landed to arrest her. My coworker said he saw the woman’s reaction as she was being approached and detained in the terminal – she had no clue what the problem was, and was still talking in that weird far away nonsensical way. The authorities asked him if they could question him since he was her seatmate and a direct witness to what had transpired, but he said no, they had to catch their connecting flight. He said he just wanted to get the hell out of there ASAP.

Is this something that always happened and we just didn’t realize until our modern 24/7 media coverage? Did people always flip out and try to storm the cockpits but now that we live in a post-9/11 world the authorities are vigilant in their reactions? The thing about these “crazed airline passengers bum rushing the cockpit” stories is that The Powers That Be try to insist it’s just people experiencing some sort of “altitude sickness.” But if that were the case then why is this something that only seems to have started recently? And why aren’t there more people experiencing this “altitude sickness” phenomenon? From what I’ve seen it always seems to be literally just one person on an entire flight of 100-300 people who suddenly loses it and goes haywire. And of course, with specific ideas to “storm the cockpit.” Just seems a little weird to me.

Then there’s the issue of random newscasters suddenly speaking gibberish while on air. Something I’d completely forgotten about but which was just brought to my attention.

CBS 2’s Serene Branson has a stroke on air? (unable to transcribe the gibberish because it started out as nonsensical words and then just disintegrated into rapidly spoken gibberish sounds.)

Global Toronto reporter Mark McAllister Makes Nonsensical Comments Live On Air Awkward TV Moment (Kind of crazy the way the other TV reporter just continues like nothing weird happened, not even missing a beat.) “Now, defense minister McCain…McCloud…..did confirm today that more than sifty four 18 fighter jets are spending about as much as 20 and ready to assist the 600….a hundred deployed over the anount needed. Now, it did depend that how the no land remerges are and while the university or the U.N mission has whole received support from all padderies in the hues of the garbons of today. Excuse me, I’ll hand it back to you.”

‘TV sports announcer’s [Dave Barnett] bizarre on-air ramblings about ‘botched robbery’ leaves baffled viewers fearing for his health’ “Go-ahead run is at fifth, on what Adams is insisting on calling it a botched robbery. What actually happened was his henchman, took a piece literally out of my…”

Mind Control? Sarah Carlson Live On News Broadcast! “Well Wisconsin has officially joined 25 other states in a lawsuit against President Obama’s healthcare reform law. Attorney General JB Van Hollens says Wisconsin is the latest state including Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Ohio and Wyoming to join Florida’s suit, that states claiming the exorchisk, saw unchas racho and palay bring rits by health ureset.”

Judge Judy Talks Gibberish On Air (There are no actual vids of the Judge Judy gibberish incident, only insiders from the set reporting what happened and how taping of the show was halted as Judge Judy was brought to the hospital.)

The excuse that the public keeps getting about these gibberish newscasters is that they had a “stroke.” If that were the case then why, in all the years of news reporters and sports casting, has this never happened before? When was the last time the average person can recall watching the news, or a court show, or a sports broadcast, and witnessing a speaker suddenly disintegrating into garbled gibberish and weird nonsense? For me it’s never. So why are these people suddenly experiencing “strokes” now? Maybe because it’s not a stroke.

If these stories are in fact unusual, and not just 24/7 media coverage showing us what’s always been the norm, then there are a lot of different theories and possibilities for what’s happening here. The new agers have their theories. The conspiracy theorists and aware fringers have theirs. (that’s my group. :D ) And the mainstream people have their “nothing to see here, move it along” normal sounding explanations. Something my boyfriend pointed out is that with all these stories there are always reasons given for why each individual behaved as they did….but the thing to keep in mind is that each group of people all responded the same way, no matter what the excuse was. I tend to think that all of these incidents are connected in some way. A general bout of people somehow becoming “disconnected” and in some instances, completely going nuts.

And to be fair I’ll leave off with something minor I’ve noticed that’s been happening to me on this end. I’ve always been a fast typer (about 80 wpm average when I’m on a roll cranking stuff out, but probably even higher) but I’ve never had to worry that the words I was typing didn’t match what I was trying to say. !! Until maybe six months ago. I began to realize as I’d go back and re-read what I’d typed that there were wrong words inserted here and there. But the thing about the words is that they were always words that either started with the same two or three letters, and/or had the same general phonetic sound. So it was “related,” versus being totally gibberish, but definitely still the total wrong word. (examples include “work” instead of worse, “later” instead of letter, and even weirder, typing “cott” instead of caught. O.o And there were other instances I didn’t record where as already mentioned the wrong word began with the same three letters.) The issue peaked back during the winter to early spring, though I just had one right now as I was working on this update, which is what reminded me about it. The issue became so bad that I had to closely re-read all personal and work emails before hitting “send” in a way that I’ve never had to do before to make sure I didn’t have wrong words inserted in randomly. And then typing in general started to become kind of a chore, whereas previously it had been a mindless autopilot function. I could feel that something wasn’t flowing correctly when I was typing the way it had always been for me for years. It got so bad I mentioned it to my boyfriend Tom……..who noted that he too had recently begun experiencing the same exact problem, which he’d never had before. (He too is a fast typer who can crank through stuff.) In fact not too long after that we were sitting around talking about random things and he interrupted what we were talking about to point out Look, see, he did it again….and nodded towards this email he’d been compiling that had a totally wrong, but phonetically related word mixed up in a sentence. And then one of his ‘net friends who lives in Maryland that we know from Tom’s old message board forum noted that he too was experiencing this same exact issue back during that time as well. So that was eye opening to hear. I was glad it wasn’t just me becoming brain damaged or something. O.o

What we were able to pinpoint is that the problem lies with the brain’s autopilot function. Typing is autopilot for us, requiring no thought, and something was hindering that. Tom’s done a lot of research into the etheric, and said that occult theorists claim that a lot of our autopilot functions are stored in our etheric body, so if something is happening that interferes with our etheric, then maybe that explains it. Another possibility is that it’s a right brain thing. The right side of the brain is involved with word play, puns, homonyms and the like, and like I noted the words I was typing either sounded phonetically very similar or at least began with the same letters…..but then the brain would just veer off into left field and autopilot fill in a different word instead. (nothing beats typing “cott” for caught….I mean, what in the….?!?!! seriously……) So, could be something happening with the right brain.

Meanwhile, if anybody out there has any insight into any of the weirdness discussed here feel free to email, as always. I’m always curious to hear what people think about the things going on in this realty…..

“Occupy Everything.”

I wasn’t sure whether I should put this in my “Thoughts” section, or the headline dissection area. Since it has to do with current events I tentatively decided to put it here. [ NOTE: Updated on 11/17/11, with comment regarding the bias that the Occupy Movement “mass day of protest” has received in the mainstream media, vs. the near blackout that the war protests received, and the reason why. Comes at the end of this entry.]

A couple of weeks ago the Occupy movement officially came to Charlottesville, Virginia, where I live, and I must say, it’s a bit laughable. Two weeks ago on my lunch I swung by Lee Park where they’ve set up camp, to see what it looked like. At that point there was 11 tents total, and people walking into the park carrying things under their arms, either arriving on the scene or moving their things into an already existing tent. (at this point on 10/31 they’re up to maybe about 25 tents total, including a “Family Art Tent.” O.o ) There were also signs laying on the ground and propped up here and there with pie charts talking about “The 99%.” As I walked the perimeter of the small park I noticed a pair of raggedy pants-ed legs flopping out of one of the tents, attached to the body of a guy who was laying down zonked out inside, probably three sheets to the wind. What kind of revolution is this?? I laughed to myself. Where’s the flaming tires?!!!! :D And coincidentally many of the often drunk/high homeless population that are often heckling people on the downtown mall are now nowhere to be found on the mall. I think we can take a guess where they went. ;)

I can’t speak for other cities, but in this particular case it seems that “occupy Charlottesville” is a good excuse for many of our homeless population to hitch their train to a movement that will allow them to legally set up a camp in the park. [Note: This is exactly what’s been happening, as it was confirmed to me. All the regular homeless fixtures from the Mall have now moved over to the park.] Charlottesville has been developing a large homeless population in recent years, with people coming here from around the country because they hear that this is a good area for panhandling, homeless shelters and services. But there’s also a lot of problems because now there’s so many homeless and not enough shelter beds, with stiff competition for the limited first-come, first-serve resources. So now, with the Occupy movement, everybody’s free to camp out in the park legally without worry of being shoo-ed away or arrested. Which is fine, I never went to Lee Park anyway, and I don’t get involved in the back and forth fighting about local issues the way natives of this town do (and man alive has this created a polarizing uproar…….) since it has no relevance to my situation. These are just observations from the person walking around on the sidelines.

Admittedly I didn’t pay much attention to the original Occupy Wall Street movement when it began back in July, limited to New York City. It was only after it spread nationwide…….then worldwide…….that I began to notice with interest. As much as I love the idea of the people finally standing up and fighting back, at the same time I can’t help but notice that there is some MAJOR “sheep” bandwagon attitude going on here, and the overall message (steering towards Communism? Full on Socialism? I’m not sure, but we’ll get back to that point in a moment….) seems to be missing the mark entirely. First…some clarification: I definitely agree that our world, and the way it functions, is completely screwed up from top to bottom. And things have gotten really bad for a lot of people over the last three years. And it’s actually only going to get worse. There will never be a recovery where things get back to the way they were before. That world is gone. So I agree, people have a right to be pissed and to be protesting. They should have been protesting DECADES ago, actually, about all sorts of things. But my peeve/question/issue is, where were all these “Occupy” people before the movement started in July? Until then, did they even know they were part of “the 99%”? Rhetorical question. This is where things get back to the “bandwagon” idea. On YouTube I watched vids of very middle class, privileged looking people here in Charlottesville on the downtown mall declaring to the world that they were going to take their money out of Bank of America, and Wells Fargo, and whatever other banks they had accounts with here on the Mall, because they “refuse to support predatory lending!” Really? Woooooooooo. That’ll show ‘em. Did these people care about the predatory lending tactics of their banks prior to July? My guess is no. Not until somebody came along and told them they should, then they jumped on a bandwagon and suddenly yanked their money out of their account. Even better, the people in the video were sometimes smiling, or looking like they thought it was fun and amusing, and there was no real conviction in their voices. No anger, no passion, no true “revolution.” It was like a big joke to them, something for them to do to spice up their mundane lives on that sunny weekday afternoon, getting on camera. Or I’ve gone on YouTube to look at other occupy movements around the country and, same as Charlottesville, there’s often times privileged, amused looking college kids in the crowds, joining in on the movement…..just because. Marching and chanting (again, without much real conviction) about “We are the 99%! You are the 99%!” Really? Where were they three months ago before any Occupy movement got underway? Oblivious, and just drifting along. Suddenly somebody starts something, telling them “Hey! Did you know you’re part of the 99%??” and they jump on it overnight, because it’s fun and it’s something to do. I’m going to close out my account at Bank of America, because somebody told me I should! I’m going to march around in front of the University of Virginia, because I don’t have anything else better to do right now! I just learned that I’m part of the 99%!

Then again, there are also people with some real serious issues mixed in with these crowds, people who’ve been out of work for ages and who lost everything in the crash. They’re in there along with the homeless train hitchers and bored college kids and privileged middle class types randomly closing out their bank accounts. So it’s a mixed bag. There’s also most likely “infiltrators” in the movement. Plants, moles, controlled opposition, if you will. People who are “paid” to be there to steer the direction that things are going and implement some control over things while pretending to be one of the victims in the crowd. I don’t know. But you have to think along those lines since the government has had its hand in so many other revolutions and movements. All of which means, nothing is what it seems to be and you can’t take anything at face value. So again I think it’s a mixed bag.

There’s also my question about whether half these people even know exactly what it is they’re looking for with their protest. What exactly is it that they want? They keep going on about “the 99%” and “Marx was right” and various anti-capitalism slogans, but are they asking for Communism instead? I mean, what exactly is it that they want here? And the majority don’t seem to have a clue about the upper levels of the conspiracy, and just how high and crazy it goes and who’s really running the show. They’re blaming the front stage puppet players and falling into false two choice dichotomies and throwing babies out with the bathwater. There’s also the big question about what exactly turning random public parks into passive tent cities, complete with art exhibits, is supposed to accomplish. It just comes across like fun and games. Occupy Wall Street made sense I suppose, it’s Wall Street, one of the supposed scenes of the crime. But Occupy (insert podunk small town, USA) ? That’s going to do……what, exactly?

What is interesting though, despite my head shaking observations, is that hey, people ARE getting familiar with the idea of protesting. Picking up a sign, and marching around, yelling to the air about something. It’s something everybody should have been doing decades ago for all sorts of reasons. But right now this Occupy movement is still populated by harmless fuzzy bunnies. Privileged people closing a bank account, amused and privileged college kids chanting in the park because it gives them something to do. There’s no real anger or passion behind many of the people involved, at least from what I’ve seen. They just sit there passively, and lay around in a tent, and wave a sign with a pie chart, or play their guitar, annnnnnnnnnd…..that’s about it. Nothing changes. Eventually they may be kicked out of the park, or arrested, or their permits expire and they’re forced to go, and then the harmless fuzzy bunnies have to go back to whence they came.

But it’s planting a seed, I think.

Even if this Occupy movement doesn’t accomplish anything in the immediate now, it plants the seeds for future, greater dissent. It gets people used to the idea. More comfortable with it. “Oh yeah, I’ve seen people downtown yelling and chanting and marching and waving signs……I can do that…..” And if and when the world continues to spiral out of control, and more people lose their lifestyle and find themselves in desperate situations with nothing to lose, people are going to now be more apt to do something about it. Whatever it may be by that point. I suspect their biggest concern will no longer be about “the 99%!” It could evolve and grow into something else, depending on how bad things get. Food? Water? Basic necessities? And instead of withdrawing their money from a bank account, maybe they’ll be withdrawing all their support and participation in The Big Lie until they get what they want. This sort of thing can’t be taken back. It’s done, it’s out there, the seed has been planted. And next time around, they may not be such harmless fuzzy bunnies when they go about it.

As it is, the Occupy movement in Phoenix, Arizona is fully armed. Some of the protestors are donned in gear similar to the military, facing off with uniformed, armed enforcers, and when asked if they’re “prepared to do anything today” in terms of actually using their weapons, they respond to the camera with “that’s what we’re trained for.” Verrrrrrry interesting. I think I find it intriguing only because from what I’ve seen and experienced, Americans as a whole have had it so good for so long that they’re passive and don’t know how to fight for anything because they’ve never had to, plus, they’ve been massively brainwashed to obey higher authority. Especially for anything at the federal level, where anything less than absolute obedience and agreement to official stories is kneejerked labeled as “unpatriotic.” And Americans as a whole are very much about conforming to group think in general, to be accepted, fit in, be liked, be popular, “cool” and to not make waves. Anybody who does stick their neck out and say something different or who tries to be an oddball in anyway is policed back in line through various means. Snide/sarcastic commentary and attacks, trying to make the person feel like a freak, and on up to social shunning, physical bullying and even “reporting” people to various higher authority. America is all about this sort of behavior unfortunately, and seems obsessed with “popularity” and “fitting in” and conforming to the status quo, and one only needs to look at the movies and TV shows this country has produced over the last 40 or so years that feature this behavior, reinforcing this mindset to all who watch. There isn’t a week that goes where where I haven’t seen some form of this around me with somebody somewhere. So this is why I’m so intrigued by any sort of nationwide uprising, no matter how passive and fuzzy bunny it may be at the moment, and why I’m like :O when I see armed protestors in Phoenix. Part of me can’t believe people in this country, with the kind of culture we have, and the brainwashing we’ve all been subjected to about “Patriotism,” and “not standing out and being a weirdo and rocking boats” are willing to even start to go there. With the exception of all the war protestors (which went completely nowhere…….) there really hasn’t been anything like this.

Now, speaking of the war protests – Today, 11/17/11, I see that all over the mainstream internet media there are stories pertaining to the Occupy Movement’s ‘Mass Day of Protests.’ After many cities, including NYC, have forcibly evicted occupiers from parks, occupiers chose to come back en masse, staging all manner of protests from clogging up subway stations and blocking people from getting to work on Wall Street, to ignoring police barracades and outright physically clashing with the police. I read that in Portland, Oregon there was talk of plans to interfere with the banks and to get them shut down, among other stunts that are in the works. And the media is just eating this up. Conversely, when people have protested the U.S.‘s involvement in undeclared wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, marching on Washington and in cities all around the U.S., you pretty much didn’t hear a peep out of the media. It was a near media blackout. And we’re talking marches that gathered people in the tens of thousands. People REALLY need to question this major discrepancy, and it’s something I’m going to point out should the Occupy movement come up in conversation around me. To me it proves it’s all a farce. By farce, I mean what’s being “allowed” and what isn’t. The mainstream media Powers That be determine what Mr. and Mrs. Average American does and doesn’t get to hear on their evening news, based on whatever particular agenda they want promoted. And it is absolutely clear by this point that the Occupy movement fits quite nicely into their agenda, which is why you’re hearing so much about it. They want everybody to know about the protests, to be getting hourly coverage and to know every blow by blow detail about every clash between police and protestor, as this article from the New York Daily News aptly illustrates. “Stay tuned for live coverage from our reporters on the scene.” Really? Where was the live coverage and reporters on the scene for the anti-war marches and protests? The anti-war protests didn’t fit into an agenda, so you didn’t get the sensationalized coverage. This however does. (the main page of the NY Daily News shows a bloodied occupier guy surrounded by cops with his mouth open in a cry, blood dripping down his face and all over his teeth and his foreheard looking like he got a good cracking. Oh, the drama.)

Since the dissolution of the U.S. needs to happen in order for things to progress to the next stage then this is not only being allowed, but it will be encouraged and manipulated, and things are going to start piling on to make absolute sure that the protests take things to the next level. Or, maybe everybody will eventually give it up and go home and it will all fizzle out, just like it did with the war protestors. Guess we’ll find out soon enough………

Update: Tom over at the site just wrote about the Occupy ‘Revo-looshin’ Movement as well, be sure to check it out….

Meet the World’s 7 Billionth Person (are you effin’ kidding me?!!)

:D That’s exactly what went through my head when I’ve been seeing these titles all around the mainstream internet media the last couple of days. Another one reads: 7 Billion and Counting – Should the World Adopt a ‘One-Child’ Policy? Again, are you effin’ kidding me??

Somebody somewhere is obviously falling for this propaganda, either that or the media’s really hoping people are, otherwise this wouldn’t be out there.

But does it really need to be pointed out that there’s no way in hell that anybody knows for sure that we’re reached “7…… BIIIIIILLLLLLION PEOPLE! MMWWWAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Seriously. The United States can’t even keep an accurate census tally of its own population, and yet, that first article I linked to is authoritatively declaring that the world’s 7 billionth person was officially born in the Philipines, and it’s a girl? Yeah, I believe that. (eye roll.) For all we know, all the world’s natural disasters over the past 10 years have reduced the population by a billion or more. Or for all we know we reached the 7 billion mark five years and three months ago. Who’s to say? Again, the U.S. can’t even keep an accurate tally of its own population, why would anybody have a clue about the exact count of the entire world? Hey, make sure to count every last person in those tribes hiding in the rainforests of the Amazon and Papua New Guinea! Make sure to poke your head into every hut in India! Get every last person in the mass of stacked apartments in the urban nightmare of Hong Kong! And don’t forget to comb through the remote villages of Siberia! And Africa! And South America! And Mexico! And don’t forget about the wandering nomads of the Sahara desert! And be sure to chase down all the illegal, undocumented immigrants in America who purposely evade the census! And obnoxious conspiracy theorists like myself who’ve also been known to evade the census just because!

I think I need to rename this section “Sarcasm Zone.” ha

It all ties into the “Think Green!” and “Carbon footprints!” memes. Thing is, I don’t take any hard stands when it comes to any of the big stuff. Like I say all around my site – avoid false two choice dichotemies, always look for the shades of gray and the third (or more) options that they’re not presenting to you. Thye’re always trying to herd the population into limited two choice options. And it’s no different when it comes to the subject of “Humans are Parasites on the Planet that Need to be Culled in order to Get a Better Handle on Our Carbon Footprint!” Are humans a parasite on the planet? We can be, no doubt. Absolutely. When we’re living out of synch with things. But humans’ energy, properly channeled, living in synch, can also be beneficial to the planet. Humans living in synch with things IS possible. It’s just not a lifestyle that’s endorsed or propagated by most of the westernized planet. In fact, it’s not even “allowed.”

Free energy that would replace petroleum exists. It’s just not “allowed” out there.

Plenty of people would love to live in harmony on the land, completely off the grid, but it’s not “allowed.” Though there are those who do manage to slip through the cracks. But in general it’s a difficult thing to accomplish.

So really, how serious am I supposed to take this not-so-subtle message that the earth’s population is out of control and needs to be culled back? When the powers that be who run this world have created the very problems that plague it? They shaped this world into their image, then they sit back and pin the blame on the peasants.

This is such a huge topic really, it could be its own article. A detailed list of every aspect of our society from top to bottom that’s being run wrong, and the alternate ways to go about things. And then all the examples of proof that show the way in which the powers that be won’t allow for these improvements and restructuring of how things are done because they want things to fall apart and to be the way they are, because it ensures they can remain at the tippy top of things. In fact it could be a book.

The Final Space Shuttle Launch.

So as most in the U.S. probably know by now, the final space shuttle launch took place this morning, July 8th.

The article that I link to above is from CNN, and as you can see when you click on it, it’s basically a whole bunch of superficial-ness. Sound bite quotes from random teary eyed spectators, with some quick data about when the program was commissioned, and how many launches and astronauts have gone up. Annnd…that’s it.

However, there’s a huge elephant in the room that many of the mainstream news outlets aren’t discussing. (in my opinion.) Which is…………….the United States space program just ended. It’s not like there’s a whole new program in the works, something better and more advanced that will take Mankind to the next level. No. It just ended.

Now, NASA denies this, as this other article shows. So this is at least one particular article I’ve come across that finally addresses this issue. Some relevent excerpts, bolded words my own emphasis:

“The White House and NASA’s leaders have insisted, however, that America still has a bright future in space.

NASA is just retooling, officials have said, while adding that the U.S. space agency now plans to use some of the shuttle’s budget to develop spaceships that can travel beyond the space station’s 220-mile-high orbit, where the shuttles cannot go. [ NOTE: This, after already going to the moon and back multiple times back in the late 60s and early 70’s? And even driving dune buggies on the moon and whacking golf balls around?? See my earlier entry after this one about Space X, and “Wagging the Moondoggie.”]

“When I hear people say or listen to media reports that the final shuttle flight marks the end of U.S. human space flight, I have to say … these folks must be living on another planet,” NASA administrator Charlie Bolden said last week at a National Press Club luncheon.”

[…] “But what is most troubling to space enthusiasts is the gap between the shuttle’s end and the start of a new program, with the roll-out of a new generation of spacecraft.

[…] “I’m embarrassed that we don’t have better guidance. Throughout the history of the manned spaceflight program we’ve always had another program to transition into,” he said.

We all grew up watching Hollyweird’s sci fi action movies and television shows depicting humans exploring the solar system, galaxy and even the rest of the universe, in high tech space craft capable of exceeding the speed of light and using wormholes to zip around the universe. Discovering new planets, befriending new alien life forms, maybe even fighting for our lives against them depending on the movie. ;) Lingo and catch phrases from these hundreds of movies and shows are now regular parts of the mainstream vocabulary and a part of our culture in general. It was common decades ago for little boys to dream about becoming an astronaut when they grow up, the ultimate in daring adventure and excitement. They were going to grow up and explore the universe! And for everybody in general the universe was our oyster, the possibilities were limitless. Even if we ourselves didn’t get to personally go up into space or colonize Mars, we “knew” that one of our fellow humans would, while we watched.

And now…..

The space program just ended. NASA claims it’s only temporary, and that there are plans for another phase of the space program….but they admit there’s nothing ready yet. Which says to me, it’s a lot of hot air. Public relations, have to say something for the media, come up with some optimistic sound bites to fuel hope for the future and reassure everybody that the U.S. is still #1 and we’re still on top. (we’re not. Because if we were, there would already be something else in place, with the money to back it. It would be happening.) Anything could happen between now and the time they finally get it together, if they ever do. And with the way the world is going now, it doesn’t look too good. So I’m not really holding my breath.

This whole thing kind of confirms a lot of things for me, being a fringe-y woo-woo conspiracy theorist. I’ve written about the whole space thing before in this section, with the Space-X launch, and tying that into the moon landing debacle with a recommendation for readers to check out Dave McGowan’s multi-part article series “Wagging the Moondoggie,” but this time I want to add something else. Namely about how in the fringe conspiracy circles, there’s been talk for years that Earth is under a “quarantine” of sorts. That certain non-human beings have decided that humans are a danger to ourselves and everything else in this universe, and have therefore put us on lockdown, for everything other than low earth orbit. “Prison planet” indeed. Only most people don’t know this. (why would they.) The general population goes about their business obliviously – the bottom rung portion (which unfortunately comprises billions of people, ie, most of the planet), just trying to survive day to day in hard scrabble 3rd density, while the upper tier believes that any minute now we’ll be landing on Mars and then conquering the rest of the universe on Warp Drive, because that’s what the programming taught them. Failing to notice, as with pretty much everything else, that the reality around them isn’t matching the programming.

The reality is the space program had stagnated, and then slowly ground to a halt over many, many years. It wasn’t an overnight thing. And actually, it was never really getting off the ground in the first place. The only thing we’ve managed to accomplish, other than supposedly landing on the moon, are space probes. Which is actually a step backwards. And space probes in the 70’s seemed to have more success than the ones in the 90s, which kept getting “lost” or “malfunctioned.” (more on that in a bit.) But this went over many of the upper tier people’s heads. They weren’t seeing it. Hollyweird kept telling us “We’re going to get to Mars, we’re going to colonize the galaxy, we can terraform planets and make new homes, we can travel at warp speeds in super high tech space craft that have artificial gravity and can go through worm holes…” etc. etc., yet, all NASA did for years was spin its wheels with space shuttles and space probes. When they weren’t malfunctioning. They couldn’t even get back to the moon.

So now back to the whole quarantine thing. Is it true? I don’t know. I first heard about “the quarantine” back in 2005, at a private gathering of people who were into fringe, conspiracy and metaphysics. The woman’s house we were all gathered at mentioned in passing the quarantine idea, which was news to me. I have no way to prove something like this myself, so as with everything like that I just filed it away with interest. Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not. Though nothing would surprise me considering what little bits I’ve managed to be privvy to in my own weird happenings, so I definitely didn’t scoff at the concept. Then slowly but surely I kept coming across this idea more and more on the ‘net and in fringe/UFO/alien writings. So as mentioned the quarantine means that humanity is on lockdown. We’ve been told not to go back to the moon (if we ever actually went at all……after reading “Wagging the Moondoggie” it’s seriously open for debate. ;) ) And everything beyond is absolutely out of the question. “You’re not stepping on the soil of any other planetary object so long as we have a say in anything. You can take your little airplanes and fly around in the atmosphere, and orbit your space junk and satellites, and up until today, launch your antiquated little space shuttles from 1980 that circle around the earth and…………….that’s it. Everything else is off limits. And if you try to send your cute little probes and robots to land on Mars, they’re going to get ‘disappeared.’ Capiche?”

O.o If this is true, then it could singlehandedly explain pretty much everything about humanity’s supposed lack of progress on the space front over the last 30 years. It’s not for lack of desire or drive or intelligence. Or even money. Think about it – India, Russia and China, three world superpowers, haven’t been “able” to send a person to the moon, or anywhere beyond either. Nor the U.K., Japan, Canada or Australia. All of these countries house some of the smartest people on the planet, with enough manpower, resources, money and competitive drive to make it happen. And some of these countries are gasp! actually friendly with each other, meaning, a collaberative effort would be guaranteed to produce results should they join forces. And still, none of them, or any other country in the world for that matter, could achieve anything, by 2011?? Why not? (I mean, between Germany and Japan alone they should have had this banged out years ago. They both make the best cars in the world, and are at the top of their game when it comes to engineering and technology, so you know……just extrapolate from there, and keep going to the moon. How hard can it be??? :D :D The U.S. did it 50 years ago with some tin cans and mylar sheeting………right??? O.o Right. Well, unless there never were trips to the moon, or, they did go but they didn’t use the technology that was shown to the public.)

And now, sending space shuttles up into orbit isn’t even happening anymore. With no other space program lined up. Is it really because of the economy and lack of coherant management in the government? If so, then why couldn’t anybody in any other country send somebody to the moon or beyond, even before the big manufactured economic depression? Is everybody’s government a three ring circus of mayhem and confusion like the U.S.‘s supposedly is, according to the above excerpts?

Or is it maybe because even this last bit of leeway has been taken away from humanity?

So, now we’re back to just planes. And we don’t even have the high altitude Concorde jet anymore. That was stripped away as well. Gotta wonder about that.) We’re moving backwards. This isn’t being addressed in these mainstream articles. Nobody’s wording things like this that I’ve seen. So what next……no more planes?

Even if the “qurantine by aliens” theory isn’t valid, there’s something fishy going on here, especially when you consider all the points mentioned above. Just some food for thought….

The Arizona Shooter

My first inclination with this story was to run the other way, only because it’s screaming “orchestrated distraction and diversion for manipulative agendas.” Everybody’s going to be talking and obsessing over this story which makes me want to go in the opposite direction.

Never take anything at face value when it comes to the news, and that would include this. There’s speculation in conspiracy circles about whether or not the shooter, Jared Loughner, was yet another one of the classic “lone gunman mind controlled loners,” which could very well be the case, nothing surprises me anymore, but I’m looking at what the end result of it all will be. Whether he was a programmed pawn, or just a disturbed person acting on his own accord (or the third option of non-physical forces working through somebody, also to serve something else’s agenda…) there can be no doubt that it will all serve several useful purposes. As more details emerge and more articles are generated, it’s starting to crystalize a little more. In particular are some highlights from the above linked Yahoo article. Bolded sentences are my own emphasis:

“The Loughner they met when he was a freshman at Mountain View High School may have been socially awkward, but he was generally happy and fun to be around. The crew smoked marijuana everyday, and when they weren’t going to concerts or watching movies they talked about the meaning of life and dabbled in conspiracy theories.

Mistrust of government was his defining conviction, the friends said. He believed the government was behind 9/11, and worried that governments were maneuvering to create a unified monetary system (“a New World Order currency” one friend said) so that social elites and bureaucrats could control the rest of the world.

On his YouTube page, he listed among his favorite books “Animal Farm” and “Brave New World” — two novels about how authorities control the masses. Other books he listed in the wide-ranging list included “Mein Kampf,” “The Communist Manifesto,” “Peter Pan” and Aesop’s Fables.

Over time, Loughner became increasingly engrossed in his own thoughts — what one of the friends described as a “nihilistic rut.”

Loughner, an ardent atheist, began to characterize people as sheep whose free will was being sapped by the monotony of modern life.

“He didn’t want people to wake up and do the same thing every day. He wanted more chaos, he wanted less regularity,” one friend said.

The friend added that Loughner believed government was trying to get people to accept their meaningless lives so that they would stop dreaming — literally.

He told anyone who would listen that the world we see does not exist, that words have no meaning — and that the only way to derive meaning was during sleep.

Loughner began obsessing about a practice called lucid dreaming, in which people try to actively control their dreams. He kept a detailed journal about what he saw while asleep, and tried to get the friends involved….”

Basically you have a kid whose ideas about what’s really happening in this world are a spot on match for thousands of other so-called “conspiracy theorists” and truth seekers around the world. So maybe it’s becoming a little more obvious where this is going now? A pretext for lumping all “conspiracy theorists” or those who dare question authority/the government and/or the mainstream version of events, into the same category. ie, labeling them as “terrorists.” Because this one guy had these beliefs and then went crazy and shot people up, including a nine year old child, guess how that makes everybody else look who also share many of the same beliefs? Even the sane ones who would never shoot people up?

I have no idea what happened with Jared Loughner, whether he was somebody being experimented on with mind control and programmed the way all the other “lone gunman nutters” have been (his YouTube vids and such talk about mind control) or if he was just somebody who let conspiracies and awareness drive him crazy, and disintegrated into disconnected gibberish. (his friends report a drastic downturn with him within only a year, claiming that prior to that he seemed fine.) There are those who can handle these subjects, and there are those who clearly cannot and sink into a downward spiral with it all. And he may very well be a case of the latter. Though again it could be some serious MK at work. We’ll never really know.

On a minor level you also have the polarized political rhetoric, as people mistakenly fall for the “false two choice dichotemy” of liberals vs. conservatives, and all the mud slinging against the Tea Party ideology, which some people are blaming for this attack. And closely related to that you have the link with Sarah Palin. What’s interesting is that Palin was apparently calling for the targeting of Congresswoman Giffords back in June of 2010. So there’s a little bit of heat being directed in Palin’s direction for the role she may have played in fanning some flames and helping to instigate this debacle. That would actually tie into part of what seems to be going on with WikiLeaks. Where the front stage players supposedly start getting exposed or falling out of favor with the public, which leads to the fall of the front stage government in general. A few sources out there in Internet Land have been predicting this very thing for several years now, in fact. But the question is, what is this paving the way for? Many people, New Agers in particular, think that the “dark” is being exposed and taken down in our reality right now and that it’s making way for the light, and the dawn of a new and wonderful reality. Which would be nice if it were the case, no doubt. But I think people may need to start considering the more realistic, and less fluffy possibility that it’s setting the stage for “false saviors” to step in and take over. I may do an entry about WikiLeaks, discussing what I’ve brainstormed with several people recently, dissecting the various agendas and issues with it all. In particular the idea of the orchestrated and planned, timed dismantling of the front stage government in order to make way for “something else.” Whatever that “something else” may be. (another story that would tie into that agenda is the recent revelation in the mainstream media of all things that over 5,000 Pentagon employees supposedly downloaded or purchased kiddie porn. Something you never would have seen in the mainstream news even a couple of years ago. Previously everything was kept hidden. But the agenda is progressing rapidly now, things are moving along, so I think we’re going to be seeing many more stories like that. In fact, I probably don’t even have to do an entry on it now since I pretty much just summed things up. :D )

You could also be looking at a problem-reaction-solution scenario regarding guns/gun control and/or a way to implement more rules and laws in general, or a massive diversionary tactic to steer people’s attention away from something else, etc. But as mentioned earlier, never take anything at face value, remember. Which means I question Palin’s words and motives as well. Who knows what in the frickity frack is going on. Basically I don’t believe in any of this as it’s being presented. To me it’s all games and lies and distractions, which is why my instinct was to turn away from this story when it first emerged.

SpaceX commercial craft heads into space

“SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket launched from Florida Wednesday morning, marking what could be a significant step toward commercial space travel.

“The craft lifted off from Kennedy Space Center at 10:43 a.m. ET.

“The launch and a successful re-entry would be steps toward commercial space ventures that could eventually ferry astronauts and cargo to the International Space Station. It also coincides with the scaling back of some publicly-funded space programs….”

So basically, NASA supposedly went to the moon and back more than 40 years ago, on multiple occasions, driving dune buggies on the surface and even whacking golf balls around, and yet in 2010, the big headline in the media is that Earth has seen the launch of a rocket into space that – could, might, hopefully – pave the way for future commercial flights to like, the space station.     ie…it’s a mere stepping stone. Not even the final product.

The first thing I thought of when I read this story was Dave McGowen’s must-read series, Wagging the Moon Doggie. This quote in particular:

“Astronaut Steve Lindsey, after being chosen to command the final planned mission of the space shuttle, had this to say: “Everybody at NASA feels the same way. We’re in favor of taking the next step and getting out of low-Earth orbit.” So while technology in every other realm of human existence continues to take giant strides forward, everyone at NASA appears to want to take a big step backwards. To 1969.”

And then this part here:

“When President George W. Jetson announced on January 14, 2004 that America was going to be returning to the Moon, we were quickly advised by NASA types and various television talking heads that such a goal would require about fifteen years to achieve. No one in the media thought to ask why it would take fifteen years to do with twenty-first century technology what it took only eight years to accomplish with 1960s technology. Not one voice was raised to ask how with the twin advantages of improved technology and prior experience it would still take twice as long this time around.

“It’s not, after all, as if we have to reinvent the wheel here. Not only have we done this before, but we have done it safely and reliably. How could NASA possibly improve upon the record of the Apollo missions? What could they come up with that could outperform those vintage Saturn V rockets that made it to the Moon damn near every time, and made it home safe every time? And how do you improve upon a lunar module that not only performed flawlessly every time, but that was also the very model of lightweight, compact efficiency?

“When you have a system that performs flawlessly on six incredibly technologically complex missions, and that delivers your astronauts home safely even on the one occasion that the system runs amok, why in the world would you toss it in the trash and start from scratch the next time around?

“According to a Fox News report published the day after Bush’s announcement, “The effort to return to the Moon will require building new spacecraft and sending out robotic craft to provide materials to be used later by human explorers, say experts.” I wonder why they would need to do that? We didn’t have to do shit like that last time. Why does NASA keep insisting on reinventing the wheel here? Why do they seem to have forgotten that we are old hands at this sort of thing?

“Other people have forgotten as well. Following Bush’s attempt to wag the Moondoggie, Republican Senator Sam Brownback sternly warned, “You’ve got the Chinese saying they’re interested – we don’t want them to beat us to the moon!”

“ […]Anyway, doesn’t it seem just a little strange that experts would now suggest that if we get to work right away, we might be able to land men on the Moon by the year 2020? Isn’t that like saying that with a lot of hard work and a little luck, we might be able to develop a video game as technologically advanced as Pong by the year 2025? Or that by 2030, the scientific community might produce a battery-operated calculator small enough to fit into your pocket?

And just think, now, in 2010, with the SpaceX rocket, we may actually someday, achieve commercial flights up to the international space station!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wooHOOOOOOO!!!!!

For those who don’t know better and who don’t look too closely at things and don’t question anything, this SpaceX article serves as a useful tool to reinforce the idea that progress is being made….even though we supposedly surpassed this more than 40 years ago. Some reading this may think, “Okay, there’s a difference between commercial space travel (to the space station) and then traveling to the moon. You’re comparing two different things.” Yes, I can see how it would seem like I’m making a fallacy of logic, but my point is to highlight the idea that in over 40 years, our biggest current space travel headline is that The Powers That Be have developed a rocket that maybe, hopefully, could someday achieve commercial trips… the space station? After supposedly going all the way to the moon and back multiple times?? That’s as far as we’ve gotten in 40 years???

Just some food for thought. And for anybody who wants to delve deeper into what I call the “surface world’s” space program farce, do check out Dave McGowen’s “Wagging the Moondoggie.” It’s the ultimate “headline dissection” you could say, since he makes the correlation between the highly controversial and unpopular Vietnam War and the Apollo space program. Specifically the way in which all the various Apollo launchings “coincidentally” coincided with various unsavory skirmishes and episodes in Vietnam that the public needed to be distracted from. And how as soon as the Vietnam war was over, boom! so wasn’t the Apollo program….even though NASA still had upcoming scheduled trips in the works. The Powers That Be apparently didn’t need them anymore though…….you know, with the war being over and all. There’s so much more that’s covered in the write up, so it’s definitely a must-read.

‘Why Obama is not first ‘imposter’ president and won’t be the last’ – Translation, ‘Nothing to see here folks, move it along!’

Concerns the Obama “Birthers” movement, who have been challenging Obama to produce a legitimate birth certificate that proves he was born on U.S. soil. This was a headlining article prominently placed at the top of CNN’s homepage, and included pictures of JFK, Bush, Abe Lincoln, Andrew Jackson and George Washington. I myself am not a “Birther”…..I tend to stay out of political bickering and group joining and am just trying to give things the slip out the side door……but I was was curious to see how CNN would handle this topic. Would they actually do the job of non-biased journalists and give both sides of the story equal voice, with no manipulation thrown in? I kinda already knew what the answer would be just based on the title alone, and the accompanying ex prez pictures ;) but clicked just to see.

I seriously don’t even know where to begin with this one. It’s riddled with manipulation from top to bottom and is probably the worst “journalism” piece I’ve ever read, hands down. Since I’m on a logic and debate kick thanks to my new “On Skeptics” write up, let’s summarize all the ways in which this article fails on every level in terms of being an actual piece of “journalism”:

- Makes light of the subject right from the get-go, letting you know (if you couldn’t already tell from the title and president pictures alone) exactly where this article is coming from. See, one former prez was questioned for wearing women’s underwear! Another was drunk at the inaugeral ball! ahahahaha! ahahahaha! No worries, it’s all good! “Nothing to see here folks, move it along!”

- Revealing sentence? Next I question this sentence: “Many are “birthers” who believe he is an illegitimate president because he wasn’t born in this country.” When I read that I’m wondering if they really meant to say “Many are “birthers” who believe he is an illegitimate president, which means he wasn’t born in this country.” In using the word “because” instead of “which means” or something else along those lines they’re actually confirming that Obama wasn’t born in this country. Which therefore means the Birthers have a legit concern. So, either it’s bad writing and an unintentional gaffe, or, that’s exactly what they meant.

- Playing things down. The article goes on to try to convince the reader that the Birthers are just spoil sports who can’t accept that Obama is president. “No one wants to admit that they got spanked in an election contest. It’s always nicer to think the opponent somehow cheated the system…..” By that rationale you should never question anything then. Because questioning things = Spoil Sport who doesn’t want to admit they got spanked. See? There could never be a legit reason why somebody would be questioning something…….especially when it comes to our leaders. “Nothing to see here folks, move it along!”

- Then we have this gem: “On the extreme side, it encourages nut cases to take the law in their own hand.” o_O Yikes. Question Obama’s legitimacy and you’re now a nut case taking the law into your own hands. Know your place, dammit! “Nothing to see here folks, move it along!”

- Apples and oranges. Then it goes on to show past examples of presidents who were also questioned. But see, something the brilliant minds at CNN don’t seem to realize is that none of the presidents listed in their article were questioned based on the possibliity of so flagrantlly breaking a fundamental law of the Constitution concerning the requisites for being president. People who questioned presidents for their personalities or policies, or Teddy Roosevelt calling Taft a “fathead” isn’t quite to the same level as questioning a president because he may not have been born on U.S. soil. None of the historical anecdotes given about why other presidents were questioned is to the level of the Birthers’ concern about Obama. It’s like comparing apples and oranges. So, nice try, but no cigar as they say. “Nothing to see here folks, move it along!”

- Then the article goes on to explain that the birth certificate was in fact produced in Hawaii but that the birthers can’t accept it because imposter claims “soothe the soul.” And not only that, but, “Obama’s exotic background — his migratory childhood, having Muslim relatives, coming seemingly out of nowhere to win the presidency — is difficult to accept for some people who don’t “have a high tolerance for diversity,” Hanft says.” I remember reading with interest about the supposed birth certificate that had finally been unearthed, and how it seemed faked. Forget the reasons why offhand (again, because I’m not actually a Birther, so I don’t know it off the top of my head the way they would) but I’m sure there are reasons one could find online about why the Birthers would feel this way.

I suppose that maybe it really could be a case of Spoil Sport Birthers who can’t admit they were spanked and can’t handle Obama’s multi-ethnic globe trotting background who need the conspiracy for various soul soothing reasons, in the same way that the terrorists really hate our freedoms. But, maybe not.

The end of the article concludes with these other two gems:

“It’s in our political DNA to want to believe in conspiracy theories,” he says. “That contributes to the mind-set that people in power are illegitimate.” and “As life becomes more complicated and you feel alienated, you look for things to make sense out of a world that’s a swirl,” Miller says. “You can comprehend these simpler explanations.”

Okey dokey. “Nothing to see here folks, move it along!”

Obama may very well be 100% legitimate. But they’re going to have to do better than this article if they want to challenge the birthers. CNN going so far out of its way to put this as a “screaming from the rooftops” headline and resorting to such flagrantly biased and over-the-top “Nothing to see here folks, move it along!” tactics leaves me to conclude that there must be more to the story here. If the other side truly was wrong then they would have no fear in presenting their case and giving them equal space in a non-biased way. So, just says to me that the birthers must be on to something, otherwise there would be no need for an article like this.

This article’s entire unabashed goal is to convince people to not even research the matter for themselves, to just squelch it all down, which for me, makes it clear that there’s an agenda going on here. You know it works on somebody though, probably a lot of people in fact, which is scary. “Oh, okay, I won’t look into it, because I don’t want to be looked at as a nut case conspiracy theorist taking the law into my own hands. I’m sure the people at CNN know what they’re talking about, I’ll just listen to what they tell me.” It’s as if this article was written by people on the level of high school. Is this the best that CNN can do? Where are they digging up these writers/“journalists” anyway?

I really need to stop looking at news media. I really do. But it’s become such a train wreck, it’s difficult to look away from. You want to tear yourself away, but that other part of you is curious to see how obnoxious it’s going to be.

“Need to look away…..! need to look away……!”

Pakistan, and the Oil Spill

From Montalk’s ‘Email Q&A’ write up*”:

Q: How important do you think Obama is to the alien agenda (that is, the various agendas of different factions)?

And a relevant excerpt from his answer:

“[…]The first is an expansion of the mid-east war into Afghanistan, and later by proxy Pakistan and everything that comes from that.”

That answer was in response to a March 20, 2009 email question. 14 months ago. And lo and behold, this past week in May 2010 we have this headline –

Washington (CNN) — The suspect in the failed Times Square bombing was likely working with the Taliban movement in Pakistan, President Obama’s top terrorism adviser said Sunday…..

Right on time!

I don’t know about anybody else but I don’t buy any story we’re presented with in the mainstream media. When they try to pummel it over your head that so-and-so was the one behind some big plot, either as the lone nutter or an extension of some terrorism cell I don’t buy it anymore only because I know better now. And this past week every single day, all day long on every mainstream news internet outlet we saw the photo of Faisal Shahzad plastered on the main page with loud headlines desperately trying to convince everybody that this dude was it, it was all him.

To that I say, Really? Then why have certain people out in the world, including the Montalk site, been able to “foresee” Pakistan as next up on the agenda? If this is all just so random, the desperate spur-of-the-moment acts of so-called terrorism groups, then why were people able to roll their eyes and call it…..over a year ago?

Because it’s staged, that’s why. Things are unraveling according to plan, apparently.

While we’re on the subject of staged managed side shows with agendas, the other big news worthy event is the Gulf oil spill. On a secondary note there have also been the surge of coal mining disasters and blasts. It’s getting to the point where it’s “Another day, another coal mining disaster” every time you look at the news. 2010 seems to be out of control with the coal mining disasters. In the U.S. there were two back to back, in West Virginia and Kentucky, Another one in China at the end of March, followed by another one in Russia. And then yet another one apparently in China. Then the coal mine blast in Turkey trapping 32 workers underground. (The story didn’t end well for them, and this is apparently the third coal mining disaster in Turkey within only six months, according to that link.) Then August 2010, the Chile mine disaster trapping 33 workers underground. And then the two most recent ones in November 2010, involving a mining blast in New Zealand trapping 27 miners. and another one in China trapping 28 miners.

The bulk of this drama was happening while the BP oil spill simmers in the background, which has turned out to be the biggest oil spill, and largest ecological disaster, in known history. And at the root of it lies…….energy. Coal and oil. I don’t think I need to spell this one out for readers. So am I saying then that somebody(s) or something would deliberately cause explosions that would take human life and destroy the environment all in an effort to secure some agenda? Originally I said yes. Then I said I don’t know. Now I’m back to saying yes. I don’t profess to know what the full agenda is, but I think it’s more than one thing. So for any conspiracy theorists out there the only thing I can suggest is, don’t limit yourself when it comes to trying to figure this one out. Also think in terms of domino effects, and unforeseen inter-linked consequences.

A write up featured on Henry Makow’s site concerning a supposed prediction of the Gulf oil spill catastrophe back in 1903.

A blog entry from a John Doty, Jr. called “End of Life as We Know it?”

What’s funny is that a few months ago I suddenly got into the REM song, “It’s the End of the World as We Know It” for no discernible reason, deciding to download it one night and then proceeding to listen to it all the time. An interesting omen, no doubt. But as my boyfriend pointed out, maybe the reason for this slight obsession with the song was because of the line that comes after….“It’s the end of the world as we know it………and I feel fine.” A little message possibly.

Keep your wits about you everybody, no matter what happens…..

Fort Hood Shooting

The worst shooting on a military base in U.S. history, and the gunman, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, was born and raised in Virginia and went to Virginia Tech. He was of Middle Eastern descent, and a Muslim, with ongoing psychiatric problems. He shot 13 people. The media is claiming that he supposedly yelled “Allahu Akbar!” before opening fire.

The worst shooting on a school campus in U.S. history, took place at Virginia Tech and the gunman, Seung-Hui Cho, was raised primarily in Virginia, and went to Virginia Tech. He was of Korean descent, with ongoing psychiatric problems. 33 people were killed in that attack, including the gunman.

And on a minor level, another murder at Virginia Tech, on January 21, 2009 when Chinese national Haiyang Zhu decapitated his victim. [which ties into the July 2008 incident in Canada, when Chinese immigrant Vince Li stabbed and decapitated a fellow Greyhound bus passenger for no apparent reason.]

Noticing a pattern?

Expanding outwards we flash back to the Beltway Snipers.     From Wikipedia: “The Beltway sniper attacks took place during three weeks in October 2002 in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. Ten people were killed and three others critically injured [13 total victims shot] in various locations throughout the Washington Metropolitan Area and along Interstate 95 in Virginia.”     The suspects? John Allen Muhammed, a converted Muslim, and John Lee Malvo, an immigrant from Jamaica. Their territory in Virginia included Spotsylvania County, Fredericksburg, Prince William County near Manassas, Falls Church, and Ashland.

“A series of trial exhibits indicated that Malvo and Muhammad were motivated by an affinity for Islamic Jihad.27

“Exhibit 65-006: A self-portrait of Malvo in the cross hairs of a gun scope shouting, ‘ALLAH AKBAR!’

And on a minor level, there was the I-64 shootings, here where I live near Charlottesville, Virginia back in March of 2008. Nobody was seriously hurt or killed.

I’m wondering (rhetorically…) if something funny is being done to people in this state….??? !!! It’s just so amazing and coincidental that the Virginia Tech massacre saw exactly 33 people killed, (key Masonic number) and that the Beltway snipers managed to shoot exactly 13 people (key occult number) while the Fort Hood massacre also killed exactly 13, along with all these links to Virginia, and Virginia Tech in particular, and immigrants, AND Muslims! Wow! Just amazing. (on a side note, speaking of the number 13, it looks like the April 2009 shooting in Binghampton, New York also saw a total of 13 people killed, and the December 2007 Omaha Nebraska mass shooting saw a total of 13 people shot, with eight actually dying. The recent Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting has now officially claimed 13 lives. And the most notorious mass shooting of all in recent times, Columbine, saw a total of 13 people killed. And now the Navy Yard shooting rampage of September 16, 2013………..13 people dead total. From CNN: “In addition to the gunman, authorities said at least 12 people were killed….” and the main headline on the front page read “Mayor: Suspect, 12 others dead in D.C.” Over and over it’s 13. Coincidence?)

The point of all this is to always look closer at any of these news headlines. Yes, we live in a crazy world, and there are crazy people who will always be doing crazy things, including shooting, stabbing, beating, even decapitating other people. But there’s what I would consider to be “normal” crime, like robberies, muggings, car jackings, rapes, etc., the sort of opportunistic crime where somebody takes advantage of another for either their own personal gain or gratification and which occurs in any urban area around the world. And then there are those incidents that are “something else.” Incidents deserve a closer look when there’s unusual aspects to the incident(s), and when patterns appear in the chaos. When the number of victims just so happens to equal some occult or Masonic number, when a series of specific types of crimes happen in the same general region (example – the Columbine school massacre, and the 2012 Aurora, Colorado cinema shooting, about 16 miles away), when the perpetrators have things in common with their locations, backgrounds, and/or methods of operations, maybe even saying the same things as they “go off,” etc. In those cases you may not be looking at some random kook going crazy for no good reason, as the media would have everybody believe. “Oh, he was mentally ill.” “He was a religious nut.” etc. Yes, obviously they were mentally off to be doing what they did, and if they did it in the name of their religion then they would be considered a religious nut. However……you might be looking at a mind control target being triggered/set off, responding to programming.

Now, back in 2008 while we were still living in Virginia, there were the “I-64 shootings,” mentioned earlier. I have internet news story print outs in one of my binders showing three other unusual shooting situations happening in other parts of the country on the same day:

March 27, 2008, Virginia: “Manhunt launched for Va. Highway Shooter” – Gunfire struck several vehicles along an 11-mile stretch of Interstate 64 early Thursday, injuring two people and forcing police to shut down a portion of the road for nearly six hours….”

March 27, 2008, New Jersey: “Walt Whitman Bridge Closed” – “A man with a gun has forced police to close the Walt Whitman Bridge in both directions….”

March 27, 2008, Georgia: “Four shot at Doctors Hospital; Three Dead” – “….Police tell us the shooting began on the fifth floor of the hospital where Johnston opened fire. His shooting rampage ended in the parking deck located on the hospital’s campus just off Hamilton Road. […] The parking lot of Doctor’s Hospital is under lockdown…”

March 27, 2008, Kentucky: “Police Investigating Fatal Double Shooting” – “Two children were found shot to death Thursday in a home in Okolona. Police said the slayings are tied to an incident Thursday morning in which a woman with a gun was stopped on University of Louisville campus. Around 9:15 a.m. Thursday, officials from the University of Louisville issued a safety alert when a woman held a counselor at gunpoint in a health services building…”

And these were just the ones that I happened to notice in the headlines. There could have been more that day, I don’t know. But the first two have parallels in that it “forced police to close” something, be it a bridge or a stretch of highway. The third and fourth have parallels in that in each instance somebody inside a building mentally lost it and started whipping the gun around, and people died, either there in the building or off site. Each incident taken individually can be dismissed as being yet another example of the crazy world we live in (do a search on “March 27, 2008 shooting” and other random, but much smaller stories pop up in the news archives for that day around the country, and I’m sure that collectively there are dozens of petty crime shooting stories 365 days a year) but there is that unusual element to each of these stories going above and beyond those small petty crime random shooting incidents that one would expect in an urban area, and again, they all happened on the same day. So, I took notice and printed them all out and filed it away, just in case. In this case there’s multiple possibilities going on, including good old coincidence, or maybe something wonky with the energy of the world that was causing people to flip out in the same way, I don’t know.

It ties into the whole “lone gunman” thing, and the mind controlled patsies who do the bidding of their programmers. In my opinion any of the big time incidents, be it bombs or shootings or whatnot are all mind controlled pawns, fulfilling somebody else’s purpose or agenda. Whatever that may be. With the Aurora, Colorado shooting on July 20, 2012 there was an immediate push by the media to portray the suspect James Holmes as being the “lone gunman who was an anti-social loner,” despite some theater go-ers’ testimony that he didn’t seem to be acting alone.

Now, am I saying that the Powers That Be plan things to ensure that their patsy “lone gunman” mind control targets kill a specific number of people, and not a single person more? Not necessarily. But it’s also not a coincidence either. It either is completely by planned design, or the other idea is that the event is manipulated by other multi-dimensional forces to make things come together and “line up” in such a way, which might otherwise be impossible considering how chaotic and unpredictable such situations can be. But whichever one it is, it most likely ties into the way in which the event is serving partly as a ritual sacrifice. If they’re going to stage a mass shooting with a programmed patsy then they may as well give a nod to their masters, and have it serve multiple purposes, is how they’re probably looking at it. :/

For anybody who’s interested in the idea of patterns in the chaos when it comes to news headlines, check out this blog entry from Celtic Rebel, entitled 3,000 Bells Are Ringing. After reading it you may wonder as I did why you never noticed all those instances of the number 3,000 appearing in headlines. I’ll let the reader draw their own conclusion about what’s going on there. But as I wrote in the comment section, maybe it really is like a computer program that just picks a number by default, and 3,000 was it. o_O

The world’s gone mad

“You mean… only just noticed now?” ;D Well, it’s been obvious for awhile. But something about recent headlines has me shaking my head. Marge Simpson, the cartoon mom of The Simpsons is posing for Playboy? Uhhhh…okay. When I saw the Marge Simpson thing being discussed A) like actual newsworthy news, and B) like it’s actually real, my first deadpan humor thought was “We really are in the end times.” ;D

“Marge Simpson has done something that Homer might not like but will make Bart the proudest kid in his school: She’s posed for Playboy magazine.

“After more than a half century featuring women like Marilyn Monroe, Cindy Crawford and the Girls of Hooters on its cover, Playboy has for the first time given the spot to a cartoon character.

“And the magazine is giving the star of “The Simpsons” the star treatment, complete with a data sheet, an interview and a 2-page centerfold.”

o_O Whatever. Talk about “dream logic.” Dream logic is the logic one encounters in a dream, where things seem to make perfect sense…until you wake up. Then you realize it really makes no sense at all. (“Drug logic” would be another good way to put it. Where things make sense so long as one is tripping on hallucinogenics and other mind altering substances, or some mischievous or daredevil act seems like a good idea at the time but only because the person in question was totally drunk. Etc.) Our world has devolved into dream logic madness. Hence, you have Marge Simpson, a very unattractive cartoon character…“posing for Playboy.” ?! And it’s all over the news to boot, with people weighing in on her attractiveness. There is no longer a clear line between respectable news, and tabloid journalism and entertainment. The celeb/tabloid culture IS now the mainstream news, served with a hefty side of dream logic.

Then you have NASA spending $79 million dollars to bomb the moon. In order to……………..find water?

“NASA had encouraged everyone around the country to host “impact parties,” saying the plume of dust generated by the lunar impact would be visible through “mid-sized backyard” telescopes 10 inches or larger. It said the chances of seeing the plume were greater for people living in areas that were still dark.

“The space agency even posted an interactive map on its Web site so people could find “a public event near you.”

I know I’m not the only person out there scratching my head about this one. Nothing about it makes any sense. What’s interesting is the fact that NASA – an American agency mind you – was “allowed” to do this without any sort of protest or policing from any other countries in the world. As if the moon belongs to the U.S., and isn’t a satellite of you know, the entire planet. o_O Read between the lines on that one. Interesting too that the big plume and the impact that was supposed to be so visible to everybody with 10 inch scopes and dark, clear skies didn’t manifest.

The alien-oriented fringe conspiracy theorists who believe that there are alien bases on the moon are saying that this was a cover fascade for bombing one of those bases. I’m not knocking conspiracy theorists, as I’m one of them ;) but I can’t say that I buy that idea. I don’t know what the deal is, but I just know that I’m not taking this story at face value. The problem with stories like this is when you can find discrepancies and plot holes in other major related stories over the years, it makes it so that one finds it impossible to just automatically believe anything anymore. Everything becomes a suspicious “yeah, right,” to the annoyance and chagrin of the sensible types who follow along with mainstream version of events. When it comes to the situation of the space program, whether or not there are aliens, and Man’s place in the cosmos, research (and personal firsthand experience) has shown me that nothing is what it seems to be. So why would I believe this story, you know? I can’t. I want to. Because it makes life easier and simpler. But I can’t.


I only just came across this story over the past couple of days. Finally caved in and clicked on one of the stories featured on because I was bored at work and desperate. I scanned the various stories featuring “ACORN” in the list of headline titles and finally chose the most sensationalistic one I could find, because I wanted the maximum amount of entertainment for my mouse click. CA ACORN Worker Confesses to Murder on Video. You don’t get any more sensationalistic than that. !! From the article (bolded words are my own emphasis):

“On Glenn Beck’s radio program this morning, Beck played new audio clips from a fourth incident that had also been taped under-cover. This tape comes from San Bernadino, California. Once again James and Hannah pose as a prostitute “Eden” and a pimp and are speaking with an employee named Theresa.

“Upon their arrival, Theresa asks them if they are familiar with ACORN, the actors state they are, and Theresa goes on to tell them that “We say we are non-partisan.” Which implies that they are in fact, not. Like we didn’t know that already.

“When James and Hannah reveal their “professions,” Theresa divulges that she herself used to run an escort service and seemingly thinks that Hannah’s job as a prostitute is great. Even better, Theresa says “Heidi Fleiss is my hero.”

“James and Hannah additionally reveal they are planning on smuggling El Salvadorian underage girls into the United States to fund future political campaigns, to which the ACORN worker voices no objection what-so-ever.

“10:54am: As the audio continues, James divulges his aspirations to run for an elected office someday. In enthusiastic response, Theresa says she speaks with Congressman and Senators every day. She names Senator Barbara Boxer and Senator McCleod, and 62nd district Assemblywoman Wilmer Amina Carter. Theresa says that “Eden’s” prostitution money would be an asset to him in his quest to become a Senator or Representative.

[….] “11:15am: Theresa discloses that her ex-husband abused her and “beat the hell out of” her. She then continues to confess, “I killed him . . . . I shot him.” She notes that she had laid some “groundwork” beforehand. When James and Hannah question her as to whether he was abusing her when she killed him, she says that he was not at that moment, but she knew he was going to, she said, “I knew it was coming.”

The only thing I can say after reading this is…………Do people really believe this?

Call me paranoid fringe conspiracy theorist, but my first reaction to reading this was, It’s a farce. And “Theresa”? Can you say, plant? That was my impression, and others may disagree. But nobody’s going to just casually divulge that they killed somebody, or give the thumb’s up to smuggling in underage girls from Central America, or proclaim that Heidi Fleiss is their “hero.” It’s so over the top to the point of total ridiculousness. I haven’t read the transcript of the previous four interviews yet but I imagine that if they also contain over-the-top conveniently sensationalistic material then they’re probably plants too.

So if Theresa is a farce/plant then how do we explain James and Hannah who just so happened to conveniently land in her office of all offices, getting her to say all this craziness? It means they’d have to be a farce as well. Actors. Not just in their attempt to pretend they’re a prostitute and pimp to supposedly unsuspecting ACORN offices, but pretending to be undercover reporters in the first place. In my opinion. The whole thing would be a set up from top to bottom.

For what purpose then, people may be wondering. Could be a number of reasons. And I’m not a supporter of Obama (as anybody who’s read the rest of my stuff can tell, I’m definitely the “conspiracy theorist” who’s on the sidelines, purposely not even registered to vote) but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that there are many people who don’t like the idea of Obama being the president, and since ACORN is linked to him then possibly it’s an attempt to disgrace him. (and again, not that I care, because I’m not a supporter. This entry is strictly to point out the farcical nature of the story itself that lures people into distraction drama.) But there are many ways one can go after their perceived enemy, and causing somebody’s downfall through scandals and disgrace is definitely one of them. Playing dirty, basically. If that’s the case then I’m sure there will be more of these stories surfacing in the future. I have to roll my eyes when they expect us to take the nonsense at face value. Although…..looking at comment #20 that appears underneath the article:

“James and Hannah deserve the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for 1: Public Service; 2: Breaking News Reporting: 3: Investigative Reporting by an individual or team; 4: National Reporting; 5: Breaking News Photography… This is the “BIGGEST” – “BEST” NEWS story I have seen in years! This is bigger than the Nixon- Watergate invesagation! What a story!”

….many do believe this apparently, getting all into the big fake soap opera. o_O Scary.

“Obama Killed a Fly” overkill (no pun intended)

So last week I kept seeing the headlines all over the internet going on and on about how Obama killed a fly in the middle of an interview. Like most things in the media, it was like complete overkill saturation. After work I was on the computer and saw the vid featured on the main page of YouTube, and so reluctantly caved in to the psy-ops experiment. So yes, I admit, I succumbed to the programming. o_0 eek (That’s something important to note, the mass bombardment of certain news headlines – most times which are petty, pointless, stupid stories – on all the news outlets, all day long, sometimes for several days straight. Seems to be a particular tactic that’s employed.) So after caving in and then viewing the footage I found myself clicking play again, to repeat it…..then again after that. Why? Because something about it wasn’t right. Though I wasn’t consciously realizing it at first, I just found myself frowning and clicking play, again and again. Finally I realized what the problem was. The fly on the floor was huge, just big and black and lying there all perfectly dead, way bigger than whatever was supposedly buzzing around Obama’s head. That thing could not have possibly been on his sleeve, nor in the air around his face, because you would have seen it. And in the video you can’t actually see anything in the air, around his face, on his sleeve. And you don’t see anything when he supposedly flicks the fly onto the floor. Not only that, but had he slapped the thing we saw lying on the ground with as much force as he’s shown in the vid, then it would have been a little messy I’d imagine. !! I wouldn’t even slap a small fly for that reason. Instead, the fly is just lying there all big and black and unsquished. It wasn’t right, and so I found myself repeating the vid several times in a row. It totally looked to me like a big fake fly that had been put on the floor, staged.

But yet, I didn’t ponder on it after that, didn’t think “conspiracy” or anything, or take the idea of “fake fly” seriously because really……………..why would anybody stage a dead fly, right? Just seems really ludicrous. Even for me. :D Who goes out of their way for something that petty, right? Yet…there was no denying the complete overkill coverage of the subject in the media, for something not worth talking about at all, which in itself indicates something suspicious about this story. So then today I was visiting the David Icke forum (of chaos and mayhem ;) as I call it,) and saw people discussing it over there, questioning the legitimacy of the vid, so I realized I wasn’t the only one out there thinking something was off about it all. Nobody had yet mentioned what I said here, instead it was other observations that they thought didn’t add up, but pool it together and it’s saying that the vid just plain old doesn’t add up. One poster (post #17) went as far as to think about various phrases having to do with the word fly, and their possible secondary symbolism in this situation, which I thought was interesting. “He wouldn’t hurt a fly”…..oh, but he did. “No fly zone” (and the bruhaha several months ago concerning the Air Force One illegal fly-by in the No Fly Zone when Obama was visiting NYC….) “like flies on shit,” and best of all, the one about “dropping like flies,” in light of the possible upcoming swine flu mutation pandemic. The one about “no fly zone” is the best though. What are the odds. Bruhaha over Air Force One in a No Fly Zone. Obama giving an interview on camera and not tolerating the fly in his zone.

Anyway, it’s another case of media overkill on random pettiness, as usual. Only this time there might be possible secondary symbolism intended, who knows. But that leads to the greater “hmmm” realization, that if they faked a petty, silly fly kill situation, then…..why? Why go to such great lengths to do that, and then saturate the media with it? Again, it just seems so ludicrious (to the point where I worry about sounding schizophrenic for even talking about it) which is why I didn’t immediately think “conspiracy” when seeing it…..even though something about the vid wasn’t right, and caused me to replay it several times in a row. Then that leads to the realization of, what else are they faking if they’re going to fake something as small as that? ;)

Spate of “Natural Remedies and Supplements Debunking” in the Media

I was already contemplating whether to mention what I perceived to be a possible assault on natural cures/remedies going on in the media recently, and then my (mainstream, non-woo woo) coworker brought yet another aspect of it to my attention, which convinced me to add it here. But this morning my coworker mentioned that she had seen on TV these “tickers” running on the bottom of the screen that were advertising a program or something debunking natural supplements. She wanted to see what I thought about that since she knows I’m interested in natural healing stuff. I don’t actually normally talk much about my alternative beliefs with her, but I have mentioned just enough in passing (because I can see she has the potential, and does respond to “seed planting”) that she rememebered, and thought to run this by me.

My take on it was this: “Coincidentally” this past week in our local paper (The Daily Progress, Charlottesville, Virginia) they ran a three part series by the Associated Press covering the subject of natural supplements. From what I skimmed of part 2, (the only part I saw) the focus was on people who had turned towards natural supplements for cancer in lieu of traditional Big Pharma…..and died, paying the price. It irked me so much (the reason why coming up in a short bit) that I couldn’t even read the whole article in full, so admittedly I’m not sure if they played fair and showed the other side of the story. But just before that we had the Newsweek cover story making fun of Oprah, and criticizing all the supposed wackos she has on her show who advocate various supplements and treatments and New Age beliefs such as “The Secret,” also in lieu of traditional medicine. I don’t even read the newspaper and don’t pay attention to Newsweek, so interestingly enough the only reason I became aware of either of these stories was because of my job, where they put the daily newspaper in the main lobby/waiting area of our office as well as a subscription to Newsweek. Same deal with TV, I don’t even own one so my coworker had to bring it to my attention.

The AP article and Newsweek cover were already enough of something being that they happened so close together, but factor in TV tickers on top of it and in my opinion, we’re looking at an attempt at discouraging the public from thinking along the lines of natural healing, supplements and “new age” therapies.


Good question. You always have to ask why. What’s going on, right now, that would warrant a sudden burst of “anti natural healing” campaigns? Oprah is old news. She’s been doing her thing for years, so why has she only now just gotten on Newsweek’s radar for giving people a platform to talk about alternative medicine? Why the sudden need to try to steer as many people as possible towards Big Pharma, right now?

Swine Flu.

Again, just my opinion, but as I said to my coworker it’s such an amazing “coincidence” that swine flu has been officially declared a pandemic, the first one in 40 years, at the same time this anti-natural healing campaign is in full swing, on TV tickers and in the print media. It’s not a coincidence, in my opinion. It’s by design, and I explained that to her. (And as I’m typing this I just remembered another fairly recent mainstream media mention that I came across in my travels trying, once again, to debunk colloidal silver. We’ll get back to colloidal silver in a moment.) What I also went on to mention was that these stories will take the one person who died while taking natural supplements…..while ignoring the thousands who have cured themselves. It’s biased, one sided reporting. They turn everything into a black/white, polarized, false two choice dictotemy/‘throwing babies out with the bathwater’ extravaganza that it’s a little irksome. Either all supplements are hokey hooey snake oil, promoted by charlatans who are out to rip you off and prey on your desperation and naivete, or, it’s all completely legit. When in fact the truth lies somewhere in the middle. I told my coworker that yes indeed, many supplements are “snake oil,” and do rip off a lot of people………but this doesn’t mean they all are. It doesn’t mean you reject the entire shebang because a few are not legitimate. My coworker interjected the wee bit of knowledge she had learned about the subject, which was that it turns out many of these natural supplements are actually produced by big name companies. I said Yup, that’s definitely true….but many aren’t. They’re manufactured by small Mom ‘n Pop independent companies, and many of them are things you can grow and produce yourself.

My coworker knows the story of the woman I met back in 1994 who had been given a cancer death sentence in the late 1960’s. Her cancer had apparently spread so far that the doctors wouldn’t even waste their time or energy administering chemo. They said it was pointless, told her she had six months to live, maximum, and sent her home to die. Buh bye. And 25 years later she was sitting in the passenger seat of the hotel shuttle van that I was driving, telling me this story. (In fact one of the places she had me shuttle her to was the local health food supplement store.) So what happened?

Natural healing is what happened, that’s what. Being told to “go home and die” was so alarming that it triggered something in her, as she described to me. Her reaction was a mental push back, an “I don’t want to die!” And overnight she completely changed her lifestyle. Eliminated all wheat, dairy, processed sugar, caffeine, alcohol and junky non-whole food from her diet, began eating only all natural, whole foods as well as doing vegetable juicing, and 25 years later, there she was. Cancer free. Still alive. And very healthy. Healthier than me, who was then 20. To say her story made an impact on me is putting it mildly. She was living proof that you don’t need chemo to recover from cancer, even if it’s progressed so far that the docs refuse to even “waste” chemo on you. So, “go home and die”? I don’t think so. Where is her story in these mainstream debunking agendas? She, and the many more like her, are conveniently overlooked and stepped over. That AP article from what I do remember went as far as to claim that nobody has ever been cured by any of these natural healing remedies. That is a lie. I know more than one who has, the most extraordinary one being the woman just mentioned. But they don’t want you to know about them. They want you to be convinced that there is only one route to go with your body, and that’s to “entrust” it to the mainstream medical establishment. And most importantly, to always be giving your money to Big Pharma, and not these other natural healing companies.

And so with the swine flu picking up steam, here we are. Tickers on the TV scrolling along convincing you that natural supplements are crazy, “Newsweek” headlines talking about Oprah’s wackadoodle natural healing and New Age guests, anonymously written multi-part AP articles “investigating” natural healing’s failure in curing cancer, anti-Colloidal Silver write ups. Etc. Etc. Etc. From what I’ve read of who has been on Oprah, I don’t agree with some of what she’s apparently been promoting. But again, always keep in mind the “babies with the bathwater” concept. And for all we know, those wackadoodle guests may actually be a part of the conspiracy to make natural healing look bad. Feature the flakey types, but avoid the ones who really do know what they are talking about. You kind of have to think in those ways when it comes to dissecting agendas in the media. It’s usually a little more convoluted than meets the eye.

Earlier I mentioned the colloidal silver issue in passing. What you typically hear with colloidal silver debunking is the couple of sensationalistic times when somebody turned blue from using the silver. But what they fail to tell people is that there’s a right way and a wrong way to make colloidal silver. Colloidal silver, made the correct way, does not turn you blue. The mainstream media of course only shows you the couple of people who did it wrong. But where are the thousands who use correctly made colloidal silver, get healed, and don’t turn blue? They don’t exist as far as the mainstream media is concerned. They don’t want you to know.

The swine flu is going to make Big Pharma a lot of money, both in hospital costs and vaccination expenses. They don’t want you to consider anything other than what they tell you. They don’t want you to know just how much wheat, dairy and processed sugar compromises your immune system, or what anti-microbial herbs or colloidal silver you can take to combat little invasive body beasties. Or that a thing like “mind over body” actually does have validity. Because the woman I mentioned earlier who was told to just go home and die was saved just as much by her determined mental state as she was by anything physical she did, in my opinion.

If this entry interests you then check out Montalk’s write up Flu Pandemic 2009-2010 – Boost Your Immune System. Montalk noticed that in fall 2009 as well as 2010, there will be astrological alignments taking place that match up to the 1918-1919 and 1968 flu pandemics, and discusses what we can do to make our bodies stronger, both physically and mentally for what may lie ahead. There’s also my health piece, Sickness – It’s All in the Head.

Fake stories, ghost writers, scripts, paid trolls, actors and actresses – Shocking stories that most likely aren’t even true to begin with.

Over at Henry Makow’s site there’s an entry regarding a Times UK article concerning some woman’s supposed long term incestuous relationship with her brother. The column involves a story supposedly relayed to the writer from a woman who is never named, mind you, and has people all in a tizzy. You have people who are grossed out and morally up in arms over it, the conspiracy researchers who are convinced it’s the next step in the “Illuminati’s” agenda to normalize deviant sexual behavior, and then the defenders, nonchalantly laughing at the hysterics and saying, Hey, it’s all good!

To all of them I put out the theory that stories like this aren’t even real to begin with. In the same way the “Jerry Springer Show” and all of its clones were scripted and fake, so we must keep in mind that the same goes for much of what is being presented in the mainstream media. Just because it’s “mainstream” and being labeled as “news” doesn’t mean it’s actually real. The incestuous woman in question is never named by word or photograph. It means anybody could be saying anything, spinning wild yarns, and who could prove otherwise? You can’t. You’re expected to just take the author of the article’s word for it that somebody really actually relayed this to her. Uh, sure they did. I guess that’s why the language of the write up reads like a third rate sex/romance novel. You know, ‘cause it’s just so real and legit like that. :D

These attention grabbing sensationalistic stories are there to: 1. Divert your attention off of things that actually matter; 2) Generate advertising $$$ revenue and 3) Serve various conspiratorial agendas. In this case as mentioned, it involves normalizing behaviors that previously were considered taboo and using whatever faked means they can pull out of thin air in order to accomplish that.

And people fall for it, guaranteed. That whole “Oh no she didn’t!” shocked response, followed by the gossip tsk tsk’ing as people discuss the story with their friends, family or coworkers, all worked up about it, choosing a polarized side, being distracted and diverted by the crazy and extreme entertainment aspect of it. It’s all entertainment. Bread and circuses.

Who is the author of the article? Is she even real? Maybe not. Who is the woman she interviewed? I don’t believe she actually exists. Especially considering how the whole sordid tale reads like a cheap sex novel. Who are the nonchalant defenders, making sure to post supportive comments about it all? Probably paid trolls, serving the agenda. Not real either, at least, in the way that people think they are. (The ability for the average everyday ‘net reader to post their personal commentary has sprung up all over the ‘net, from personal blogs and social networking sites, on up to major news websites, but the mistake that many people make is thinking that these commentators are regular people, like themselves, who should A) Be acknowledged in the first place and B) can be reasoned with in some way. When in fact they may be assigned to be there, posting what they post. Which means, they can’t be reasoned with, so, don’t even get involved in an exchange with them. Just something to keep in mind when you keep coming across obnoxious and bizarro comments on the ‘net.)

Most awakening people and “conspiracy” researchers are at least aware of the way in which the media spins stories and reports from a place of bias, maybe even fudging a few details from time to time, but I’m just at a place where I believe that most of what we’re seeing in the media isn’t real. At least, not in the way that we may naively believe it is. You have “reporters” and writers who are probably ghost writers using aliases and who maybe don’t even exist at all, people grinning in photographs of some sensationalistic distraction entertainment diversion who are just paid actors playing a role. It’s not real.

There are the stories about the latest plane crash or train derailment or school shooting or weather catastrophe which are in fact real, since real people actually died or were hurt who can be traced, but it’s mixed up with a whole lot of stuff that…………isn’t. Filler. Nonsense. Distraction. Agendas. Revenue generators. Always keep that in mind before getting sucked into the craziness and choosing a polarized side. And when you hear others around you getting sucked into various dramas presented to us in the news, maybe remind them too, “Things aren’t what they seem to be…….”

The Jon Stewart misdirected blame game.

By now, most people have heard of the Jon Stewart vs. Jim Cramer showdown on ‘The Daily Show,’ I only even just recently learned who Jim Cramer is, since I don’t watch TV, but he’s apparently the host of some financial show. But Jon Stewart had Jim Cramer on his show and put the spotlight on him, trying to back him into a corner and hold him responsible for not warning the public ahead of time about the financial crisis happening in the world right now. Even better, he’s claiming that Jim Cramer and his buddies at CNBC knew what was going on well in advance, and chose not to let the public know. Maybe so, but the only thing I can think of as I watched an excerpt of the interview on YouTube was that the rabbit hole goes a lot deeper than just Jim Cramer and CNBC. But they sure make a convenient scapegoat, don’t they? ;) Right now the mentality seems to be one of heads need to roll! and somebody has to be held accountable for what’s gone on! Problem is, the true people (or rather, “people,” whoever and whatever they really are) who run this planet will never be held accountable for the things that go on. Be it false, manipulated and senseless wars in the name of lies, manipulated financial meltdowns, environmental destruction, you name it. They will always remain behind the scenes, while fall guys get sacrificed or blamed on the front stage show. That’s just what it is. But much of the public doesn’t know or understand this yet, and believes the mainstream version of the world as it’s been presented to us. And so a drama like Jon Stewart vs. Jim Cramer really makes them feel like “something is being done!” and “somebody’s being held accountable!” You know…..a head is rolling! Woohoo!!!! Roll head, roll!!!! It’s a great distraction tactic for the powers that be. The media LOVES a feud, and anybody fighting in the media winds up all over the headlines, with the drama exaggerated and amped up in this desperate attempt to lure you in to watch, hoping you’ll pick a polarized side and get all riled up. It’s gotten so transparent.

Jon Stewart is laying into Jim Cramer about supposed prior knowledge of the financial meltdown, when maybe he really needs to be addressing the fact that the meltdown was manipulated to begin with. And if it was manipulated to begin with, then……..who is behind it? Funny you should ask! Maybe he could address that too! And while he’s at it, maybe he could tackle some real financial issues, such as the IRS. The Federal Reserve. The fact that our money is backed by nothing. Who’s really running the show in this country. And so on.

He won’t, of course. Because despite appearing as if he’s this hero voice of the people, the fact is, he has a show and is in the position of power that he’s in precisely because he’s not exposing anything real and not pointing the finger at the real culprits behind the curtain. :) If he wasn’t in line with things on some level, playing the game and knowing what lines not to cross, then nobody would even know who he is.

Only missing/dead white women and children matter

Totally forgot about this one, and I know I’m not the only one who’s noticed it, but the mainstream news media goes bonkers anytime there’s a story regarding a missing pretty white woman or child, or when a white woman or child turns up dead. (right after posting this I decided to try an internet search on “missing white girls” and came up with a Wikipedia entry all about Missing White Woman Syndrome.) Nicole Simpson, Lacy Peterson, Natalee Holloway, JonBenet Ramsey, Chandra Levy, Polly Klaas, Elizabeth Smart, Madeleine McCann, Caylee Anthony, Jaycee Dugard, and the many other white female women and children that have been kidnapped and/or murdered in recent times and who received ample national media coverage, including covers of People Magazine in some cases. (originally I had a longer list of names here, but I decided to shorten it.) And it’s not enough to just be white when it comes to the older victims, but, you have to be white and pretty. That is essential. Not so good looking white women/teens who go missing are shrugged over.

A good example to illustrate the stark contrast of the world would be this excerpt from a CNN headline concerning the African American serial rapist/killer in Ohio:

“The first six bodies found last week were all African-American women and five of them had been strangled, McGrath said.

“I can imagine how families feel who have reported a missing person, and the anxiety that they are going through,” Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson said. “And we want to assure them as soon as we know something they will be the first to know.”

But the problem is, none of the missing African American women who turned up dead in the house and yard were ever reported missing in the mainstream news, or received any of the sort of coverage that missing white women and children did. It’s like they didn’t exist. Conversely, anybody who reads or watches the news knows the names and stories of the missing/murdered white women and children mentioned above, whether they want to or not, only because it’s complete media saturation. Yet, how many non-white children turn up dead every day, all over the country, victims of either child abuse, neglect or senseless murder? We never hear about them, period. They don’t exist to the world.

Another great example would be the latest media frenzy involving Morgan Harrington, the – white, blonde, blue eyed, pretty – female who disappeared at the Metallica concert here in Charlottesville, Virginia in October of 2009. It has received huge, nationwide attention, including the cover of People Magazine, and CNN’s Nancy Grace getting in on it. Conversely, another woman named Cassandra Morton went missing in the region during the same week of October and nobody here heard about it, until her body was discovered in Harrisonberg this week. (December 2009) I heard about it secondhand from a woman at work who came in this morning (12/2/09) infuriated over the way the story was handled on one of the local news stations. Supposedly, according to her, it was announced as “Good news….the body found (insert specific location) was not Morgan Harrington.” !!! “Good news”? O.o Talk about holy shit. The woman relaying the story to me never mentioned the issue of race or bias, but in listening to the treatment of the story I just knew….she must be black. That’s why it’s “good news” that it wasn’t Morgan. That it was “just” Cassandra Morton. Did an internet search on her name afterwards and sure enough…she was black. No surprise. But that’s the world we live in. As eyebrow raising as this might sound to some, I don’t really think the people announcing the news are human half the time. And not too long after the Morgan Harrington situation, another young white female went missing in the region. But because she wasn’t as good looking, and came from a poor rural family, nobody cared. People Magazine didn’t come knocking on her family’s door and the story didn’t make it onto Nancy Grace’s desk. So it’s definitely a certain demograph that grabs the media’s attention. White, pretty and from a higher class background. Those are the stories that become your books and movies.

And since the original posting of this entry Charlottesville then experienced the murder of Yeardley Love, a young, pretty, white, blue eyed Lacrosse player at UVa from an upscale family who was killed at the hands of her rich, spoiled, white ex-boyfriend. More People Magazine covers, more Nancy Grace coverage, and when the trial took place over a two week span back in February 2012 it was total media frenzy, with media personalities coming in from multiple states and multiple media outlets. Coworkers at my then job were now more willing to speak up by that point about the obviously biased media coverage going on and how the only reason they care is because the story involves rich, good looking white kids from upscale families. Again, during the same time the Love murder was going on another woman in Cville was also killed at the hands of a psycho ex. But see, they were black. So nobody cared and nobody heard about it until it was already going to trial. The local indie newspaper “The Hook” even did a story about it, specifically focusing on the way in which the story was ignored.

Also, it’s not just that the white women and children receive coverage while others are overlooked, it’s the completely overboard media saturation of it all. Every magazine and tabloid cover for months on end, non-stop TV coverage for months on end, non-stop internet headline updates for months on end. And in some of these cases……..years on end. The public is bombarded with these white women and children’s faces and stories, like a sordid soap opera of distraction and drama that TPTB just love. It’s like they’re rubbing their hands together in giddy glee over it all, can’t get enough, anything to get you to buy that magazine or tune into that entertainment tabloid TV show to hear the latest updates. What suspects if any were named, what arrest warrants have been issued and what suspects are now missing or on the lam, what forensics evidence turned up, whatever new twists and turns in the soap opera have emerged, and what sordid details can be revealed to “GASP! SHOCK!” the audience, the more grisly and shocking, the better. It all plays out like a movie, the plot with the mystery that needs to be solved, the colorful cast of characters, sometimes an exotic location, or money and high class intrigue, and of course you can’t forget the plot twist. Have to have some sort of twist, where stuff isn’t what it seems to be. And all of which keeps the audience riveted. And conveniently distracted. (Nothing better describes the current Casey/Caylee Anthony murder trial better than this. I’ve seen in the CNN comments section where people are hoping for certain things to happen during the trial because it will make the inevitable made-for-TV movie that much more juicy. O.o ) Something I noted is that on the New York Daily News website, there probably isn’t a week that goes by where you won’t see a horrific story concerning a mother who’s killed their baby or toddler in some crazy abusive way. But because they’re always non-white, and come from poor areas (the Bronx, Brooklyn, Harlem, Queens, etc.) you’ll never hear another peep about the case again after that initial story. But then you have the Casey Anthony trial – a white, good looking, middle class female from a supposedly good home in middle America. And America can’t get enough of it. The Casey Anthony trial is truly a circus, rivaling OJ Simpson in terms of its round-the-clock coverage in the Florida area and national obsession in general.

Even worse are the books that are spawned by it all. A glance over the True Crime section of your local major bookstore is pretty eye opening. And that’s not even counting the made-for-TV movies they also spawn, as mentioned. These stories have become an actual industry. It singlehandedly keeps many tabloid mag writers, true crime novel writers, teleplay writers, screenplay writers, actors, actresses, producers, directors and entire film crews employed.

The subtle negative message about homeschooling.

This is kind of an older one, from the end of last year but I only just remembered about it today (October 27th). It’ll be a verbatim re-post from something I posted to a message board forum last year, to save me the time. But the post in question had to do with the Colorado school shootings that occurred around December 9, 2007, and how I noticed that it was mentioned not once, but twice in the article that the shooter was homeschooled, as if trying to convey a not-so-subtle message about homeschooled kids:

“An interesting tidbit with the Colorado shooting………in the Yahoo news story I just found, where they reveal the supposed identity of the shooter of at least one of the churches, they emphasize not once, but two times in the article that he was home schooled in a strict Christian family. It’s interesting because they’re obviously trying to establish a link between home schooled kids being unstable loonies that just might flip out and go shoot things up.

“Now, here’s the connection…..maybe about two weeks ago or so I was reading an article on I believe, talking about how many conservative Christian parents in California are pulling their kids out of public schools and home schooling them in light of new legislation to push gay/lesbian studies, stuff that would make it mandatory to teach kids to accept homosexuality, something that many parents believe has no business being on the curriculum in a public school, and all that jazz. The article went on to say that these Christian churches are handing out how-to instructions to teach parents how to go about home schooling their kids in protest of the homosexuality curriculum. The article made it seem like kids were being pulled out of school en masse, enough so that it’s going to hurt the schools financially and put up flags.

“I read that and had the distinct thought, “I wonder how long the powers that be are going to allow home schooling to be legal.” ‘Cause you know that’s the next thing to go – parents having options in terms of how their children are being raised and taught. If their aim is to turn this world into something akin to “1984,” then home schooling where parents are in charge of what’s going into their kids’ minds……..and bodies………(ie, vaccinations, etc.) is going to have to go, I mean, you can see this one coming…..”

The link to the original article no longer works, although I copied and pasted the article text into the above post, so I’ll excerpt the relevent parts of the story here:

“COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – The gunman believed to have killed four people at a megachurch and a missionary training school had been thrown out of the school a few years ago and had been sending it hate mail, police said in court papers Monday.

“The gunman was identified as Matthew Murray, 24, who was home-schooled in what a friend said was a deeply religious Christian household. Murray’s father is a neurologist and a leading multiple-sclerosis researcher.

[…..] “Authorities searched the Murray house on a quiet street in Englewood on Monday for guns, ammunition and computers. No one was home when a reporter visited the split-level brick home early Monday. Murray’s father, Ronald S. Murray, is chief executive of the Rocky Mountain Multiple Sclerosis Center in Englewood. Matthew Murray lived there along with a brother, Christopher, 21, a student at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Okla. A neighbor, Cody Askeland, 19, said the brothers were home-schooled, describing the whole family as “very, very religious.”

So, you can see the link to the homeschooling thing. If it was mentioned just once, okay, that’s fine. But twice made me raise my eyebrows, especially in light of my other thoughts at the time about homeschooling becoming a target down the line. Something to keep an eye on in news stories, see if it keeps coming up.

AMPED UP DRAMA! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! And “gut punch” words

This pertains to the way in which the U.S. media in general typically amps everything up into HIGH DRAMA!!!! using “gut punch” words designed to provoke emotional reactions within the reader. (you know, instead of reporting on events in a neutral, professional, journalistic way, the way things used to be done.) A good example would be this Yahoo article regarding hurricane Ike which tries to squeeze in as many “!!!” high action gut punch verbs and adjectives as possible within the title and first paragraph:

Deadly Ike rakes Cuba, could hit Havana head-on

CAMAGUEY, Cuba – Hurricane Ike roared across Cuba on Monday, tearing off roofs and sending waves crashing into buildings. Ike made landfall as a fearsome Category-3 hurricane late Sunday night after raking the Bahamas and worsening floods in Haiti that have already killed 319 people. It has since been downgraded to a category 2 storm with 105 mile-per-hour winds.

It is expected to tear across almost the entire length of Cuba, then enter the Gulf of Mexico with Texas and Louisiana among the likely targets.”

Deadly, rakes, hit, head-on, roared, tearing, crashing, fearsome, tear, targets………come on now. And this follow up Yahoo headline:

Deadly Ike smashes Cuba; Is US Gulf Coast next?

CAMAGUEY, Cuba – Deadly Hurricane Ike roared across Cuba on Monday, blowing homes to rubble and sending waves crashing over apartment buildings. Some 900,000 Cubans evacuated, and forecasters said it could hit Louisiana or Texas later this week.”

Deadly, smashes, roared, blowing, rubble, crashing.

Even me who knows better felt my stomach clench up when I read this, succumbing to alarm. It would be one thing if they’re describing a category 5 hurricane like those in the past that have truly wreaked some havoc, but we’re talking about a category 2 storm at the time. It’s an average hurricane, basically, during the peak of hurricane season, in the Caribbean, which is exactly the normal spot where hurricanes hit. [The thing these stories are not mentioning is that the reason the last few storms have been so devastating to Haiti in particular is because Haiti clear cut away 99% of its trees. !!! So they don’t have enough trees left to hold their soil in place, which has resulted in mudslides and flooding that would otherwise not have happened.] But for the uninformed reader, they’re going to come away from these articles thinking that the reason for all this high drama devastation is due to the storms themselves. When you chop down literally almost all of your tree cover, destroying what was once an island paradise, then yeah, when even a tropical storm comes along (never mind a hurricane) you’re going to be in some serious trouble.

I’m seeing these gut-punch words in all the various news stories on Yahoo lately (who I take it get their stories from Reuters and the Associated Press), and pertaining to a variety of subjects, not just weather. Other popular gut-punch words that I’ve seen are “slam,” “pound” and “blast”, which seem quite popular in relation to describing various people’s responses to other people or happenings. “So-and-so BLASTS such-and-such!” or “So-and-so SLAMS what’s his name!”….when a mere “responds to” would have sufficed. Or “Winter storm POUNDS the northeast!” when it’s just totally average, regular winter weather, nothing abnormal. (And speaking of weather headlines, another really annoying oft-used word that I’m seeing lately is “march.” Some storm “marches southeast” or something. I didn’t know storms “marched,” like soldiers in formation. That’s news to me. Totally annoying word choice.)

In Michael Moore’s documentary “Bowling for Columbine,” there’s a segment concerning his visit to Windsor, Ontario Canada. Windsor is across the lake from Detroit, so both cities face each other, and yet apparently they may as well be on different planets. The city of Windsor was clean and neat, crime was low, there were practically no shootings, unlike Detroit, and life was calm and relaxed. People left their front doors unlocked, everybody was mellow and friendly (they appeared to be in the movie, anyway, you never know though with Michael Moore and his selective reporting! ;D) and most importantly, while visiting a pub, Michael Moore noted the stark contrast between the Canadian news playing on the TV there versus the U.S.‘s televised news. If I’m remembering the movie correctly, he even featured a montage of U.S. news clips to illustrate the “AMPED UP!” negativity that tries to get everybody in this country in a fearful, tense state. His conclusion was that because Canada’s news media doesn’t behave in the same way, people there are calmer, and crime is therefore lower. I don’t know if that correlation is the reason for their reduced-crime cities (I suspect it’s just one of several contributing factors), but, there’s no doubt that the U.S. media is just ridiculous. I’ve relayed stories around my site though of my experiences with dealing with the TV/news here, and how I can’t even stand to hear it going in the background, let alone actually own a TV and actively watch that stuff, so, I won’t retread over all that here. Just wanted to bring up this point to keep in mind for all those who still watch the U.S. news.

From Fox News – Bigfoot may have been found.

Update: Turns out it was indeed a hoax/ploy. Not surprising. At the time we were watching the Fox News vid, I told my boyfriend that the guy speaking to the camera was talking in a very strange way. Speaking too slowly, with too many pauses between words, and WAY too much eye blinking going on, like he’s lying. (People who are confident in what they’re relaying tend to speak with conviction. Slow, paused speech can typically indicate somebody who’s trying to concoct their next statement……stalling, and buying time basically. The frequent eye blinking ties into the way that people who are lying often times don’t want to make direct, sustained eye contact.) My boyfriend agreed, and was suspicious as well, but pointed out that sometimes people are nervous when speaking on camera. Which is very true, I mean, I wouldn’t exactly be an ace speaker on camera in front of millions. So, it was a case of “wait and see.” Well, turns out body language never lies. ;D

Tsk tsk! moralizing

Nothing beats some sordid soap opera-y level drama that people can cluck cluck and gossip about, right? ;) Latest case in point: John Edwards having to admit publicly this week (august 2008) that he had an affair. After he had already supposedly confessed to his family….two years ago. There are several things going on with this story. On a minor surface level it’s open season for moralizing and tsk’ing and clucking and gossiping about it all, typical soap opera drama distraction that the public seems to relish. Anything to take their minds off real things that matter to the welfare of the planet. (You see this “tsk tsk!” moralizing finger pointing going on with celebs too. Our media is out of control with tailing celebrities’ every move and being right there in their faces every time they screw up in some way, putting it on all the magazine covers, internet blogs and news sites so everybody can sit back and go “tsk tsk!” and criticize. A way to feel superior. An average person with a boring life and low self esteem needs a punching bag to make themselves feel better about their own life.) But then there’s the conspiracy angle to this John Edwards story, which I’ll get to in a moment.

On the one hand I’m sitting here thinking, Who cares?? This should never have been made public, especially if his family already knows and they’ve all resolved it and moved on. Why is this now our business?? But on the other hand I realize that a lot of people feel that this should be our business because these guys are running for public office, presenting themselves a certain way, so, it should be exposed if they’re liars and cheats.

Um, call me weird, but, I naturally assume that ANY mainstream politician is anything but what the public believes they are. “Liar” isn’t even the half of it. How about, this reality and the mainstream people in charge of it may not be real, at least, not in the way people believe it is? It’s all a farce, in more ways than people can begin to imagine. Anybody who’s read the rest of my site knows my views on the political system and voting. (to say I’m a conspiracy theorist is an understatement! ;D I’m the fringe of the fringe.) But, I guess this is all a different story for a different write up.

It’s very interesting though that the woman in question waited until two years later, when John Edwards was maneuvering himself politically, to come forward and blow the lid on their past affair. After she’d already moved on to another dude whom she had a baby with. Says to me that the whole thing was intended as a future insurance black mail set up from the get-go, a card up the sleeve….just in case. Which leads to the other aspect of this headline, and those like them….secondary read-between-the-lines intrigue indicating that certain “stuff” is in charge, and dictates who gets to move where on the big chessboard.

[ Update – More info. has since emerged since the original posting of this entry. John Edwards’ mistress, Rielle Hunter, has really made quite the name for herself, giving all sorts of printed and televised interviews, and even posing for magazine shoots with her love child. From the moment I saw these photos in particular from the ‘racy GQ photo shoot’ something rubbed me the wrong way. Anybody who’s done any bit of research into the subject of mind kontrol, or MK as it’s called for short, and especially if you’ve read Cathy O’Brien’s material, may find yourself going “hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….” when seeing those photos. Let’s see – hot blonde lying with her young daughter on a bed of all things wearing a shorty shirt revealing her abdomen, and the sweat pants drawstring untied. And the young daughter is lying across her as Rielle lays there half undressed with an inviting look on her face. okey dokey. The first thing that came to my mind when I saw that was Cathy and her daughter Kelly, but, that’s just because I’ve done the research so I may be more liable to recognize something that goes over the average person’s head. Then the other shot where she looks slightly tranced out, which is the dead giveaway right there, wearing nothing but a shirt, legs slightly apart so you can see the panties/crotch shot, surrounded by……children’s stuffed animals. okey dokey. o_O The “sex kitten/child alter” mix is a biggie within MK. The crazy part is they now openly publish this shit in mainstream magazines because they know the average person is too stupid to understand what they’re actually seeing or even question it.]

Breaking news! emergencies that really aren’t (just trying to desperately yank your attention all around onto random stuff)

Osama bin Laden’s former driver found guilty of terror!

Kind of ties into two upcoming items on this list: pointless brain clutter, and international randomness. But this headline was given an actual red white and black breaking news “banner” across the entire top of CNN’s website, the equivalent of screaming from the rooftops you could say. A military jury in Guatanamo Bay finds bin Laden’s former driver guilty of terrorism conspiracy? Call me ignorant, but to this story I say………………….who cares?!! This impacts my life….how exactly?? This doesn’t deserve a huge breaking news, screaming from the rooftops banner. Come on now. But you the reader will see the big bold headline and feel the “urgency!” behind the large letters and words trying to yank your attention around onto stuff that they’re telling you is sooooo important….and meanwhile, lose a little bit o’ loosh energy in the process.

International randomness.

Okay, maybe some people are going to take issue with this, but I’m just not getting the point of stories which chronicle random catastrophes and happenings around the world that don’t directly affect anybody elsewhere. Something like the tsunami, for instance? That was a big deal. That’s international happenings worth reporting, because it killed about a half million people in nine countries, with a wave that went around the globe twice caused by an earthquake so powerful it may have knocked the planet slightly off kilter. But villagers in India stampeding each other because somebody thought there was a mudslide? No. A rock slide killing people in a shantytown in Cairo? No. But, that’s just my opinion.

And the irony is, the mainstream media loves to bombard the public with all these brain cluttering “minutia” stories of pointless randomness, yet fails to report on the real stuff that’s going on in this reality. ;)

In the days before the connected news media, everybody lived their day-to-day lives just fine without knowing about every random detail happening on the other side of the planet. Yes, it’s great that our world is so connected nowadays, and I’ve talked about how I think the internet is probably the greatest modern invention in terms of its impact on the planet, but no, it doesn’t mean we actually need to know every little thing happening all around the world. And the reason I focus on the India stampede story in particular is because you have the million dollar shots of piles of dead bodies, screaming and wailing people mourning the loss of their loved ones, and I’m just left going, um…..why? Again, this doesn’t affect most anybody anywhere else, but they really want us to see these pics of dead bodies piled up and crying and screaming people anyway. And it’s all over the media too. More of that bombardment thing mentioned earlier in this write up, where headlines are featured on every news outlet, for an entire day, or even several days straight. But pretty much everybody who looks at that story is going to go, “uh, okay, wow, uh, that really sucks for them.” And that’s it. They’ll move on. There’s really no point, other than to add one more bit of negative clutter to your brain. (And another story I found today receiving prominent headline treatment, concerning a relative of a coach in China who was killed. Just more international randomness that they really want us to focus on, but which has no relevance to anything. “Somebody died on the other side of the planet! Oh my god!”)

This all ties back into an earlier point, about all the random pointless bits and blurbs that comprise most news stories, all under the guise of “being aware.” I know, it’s politically incorrect, and some reading this may think that I’m advocating having no empathy. That’s not the case at all….but I am of the opinion at this point in my life that our news media acts as an extension of the hyperdimensional stuff that runs the world, and uses these countless local/national/international tragedies to feed on the energy/loosh that is generated by all the people who read it and watch it. We benefit from a planet that’s connected up like never before, and so do “they,” in a different way……

CNN: “Featuring disturbing videos, headlines, and the worst that humanity has to offer!”

I first noticed this during the Katrina disaster in August of 2005, since that’s when I first started looking at CNN was running continual updates on their website of what was going on in New Orleans. And sandwiched in the middle of all the articles would be these descriptions of some horrible something or other……….then “Click here to see video!” o_0 What reminded me about it was another CNN video link this morning, “Bear attacks moose calf near helpless mom” – with a link to click on the vid. Uhhh…no, I think I’ll pass on clicking on that vid. o_0 Really. Or this gem from today, 8/7/08: “Owners cuddle, dress pets….then fry them.” !! Why would I want to watch something like that? Even if it turns out to not be what they’re making it sound like, I’m not going to take that chance. But that’s CNN for you. [And another from today, 7/8/09: “Old lady finds fawn, beats it with a shovel.” Again…..why would anybody want to click on that vid?? That particular headline was so over the top I admit, I let out a small “air through the nose chuckle” when I first read it only because it’s just so ludicrous. Like they’re slipping in the most ridiculous sounding headline they could find. Anything that includes “old lady” and “beats with a shovel” in the same sentence just sounds comical, like it’s made up. Although the reality of beating a baby animal isn’t funny at all to me, to be clear.] CNN just has the most ridiculous headlines in general, stuff concerning the most horrendous atrocities being done to people and animals by various crazy people……stuff you can do nothing about, because it’s already happened…….and all these yucky vids that you the viewer are supposed to watch. For no apparent reason. Just because. It’s all very unbalanced because there are some amazing people out there in the world doing great things, every day, but you never hear about it. For sites like CNN it’s almost a mission of sorts to constantly report on the worst that humanity has to offer. Stories involving cannibalistic killings, dead bodies found stuffed in various places, severe child abuse/molestation/murder, animal torture, people locked away in dungeons and home prison cells, etc etc. The long list goes on and on of what I’ve seen the past few years. I think this is an agenda, to get us thinking shitty about ourselves as a species and only focused on depravity. To what ends? I don’t know, but I could certainly speculate. (this is why, despite its flaws, I’ll at least give “People” magazine kudos for regularly featuring stories of everyday people doing amazing things to help other people, animals or the world, balancing their banal celeb coverage and murder-mystery-of-the-week stories with feel-good inspiring stories that try to restore some faith in humanity.)

Hot dog eating contest results….and other bizarre distraction nonsense that makes it to the front page of all the major news media outlets.

Last year (2007) for several days straight the mainstream internet media kept featuring headlines chronicling what of all things but…..some hot dog eating contest results, and how the winner puked.


The first time I saw the headline I frowned to myself, like Okay, whatever. Who cares. Gross. Moving on. Then I saw it again. And again and again and again and again. !! For some really odd reason, the media thought it imperative that we the public keep hearing about this “news” for days on end. It’s important stuff I guess, covering the exploits of people who cram as many hot dogs into themselves as possible before throwing up. :S You know, especially when half the world is starving. So, why were they pushing this story on the news then? Distraction is one guess. Take our minds off news that does actually impact many people directly, such as the never ending illegal Iraq war, various NWO/police state laws being passed by Congress, etc. and so on. “Look over here at the hot dogs! Not over there at that other stuff!” Sometimes I do wonder though about these ludicrous stories that receive prominent attention on the front page headlines. It’s made me wonder if something is just testing to see who out there is even paying attention anymore. You know, a case of “um……is this really real?? just wondering……!”

(or this one in today’s internet news about moving KFC’s “secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices” from their corporate office to a new location, and the security measures and stress/tension that’s involved. I could only think after reading the opening paragraph….“You’re kidding, right?” I thought that whole “Colonel Saunder’s Secret Recipe” thing was just gimmicky nonsense to make the public believe something about a product that’s not true so they’ll develop brand loyalty, and other marketing schemes they teach in Advertising 101. I mean, I’ve had KFC chicken. It tasted like greasy fast food to me. Seriously, what “11 herbs and spices”?)

And the big edge of your seat update on the status of the secret recipe.   I’m reading this just shaking my head, like, Hanh?? In the meantime you have various states apparently declaring their sovereignty from the Federal Government but, this is what’s being reported instead. Okey dokey.

Something I’ve talked about in various places is called “dream logic.” You know how things can sometimes make perfect sense in a dream, until you awaken and realize it makes no sense at all. Two different realms, each with its own logic and assemblage point. Well, there’s sublevels within the land of the waking world as well. And the more aware and awake one becomes to this matrix reality, the more nonsensical one realizes everything is, until even the land of the waking world seems like a nonsensical dream. And so to that end we have front page news headlines excitedly pummeling us with blow by blow accounts of hot dog eating contests and their gross aftermath, and the “edge of your seat” stories concerning KFC’s secret recipe bein’ on the move. :/ Asleep in the waking world, indeed……….

Economic slump stories

(^^^^ above link is just one of a bezillion out there….) On the one hand I’m interested in these stories as it seems we’re witnessing the beginning stages of what may turn into a massive domino effect, leading to the downfall of the U.S. The mortgage/home foreclosure crisis, huge rise in homelessness and tent cities, gasoline at over $4 a gallon, oil at highest per barrell cost ever, supposed food/grain shortage crisis, companies shutting down and unemployment rising, etc. etc. etc. Lots of – manufactured and planned – elements converging and conspiring to take down the way of life that everybody’s accustomed to. But on the other hand I realize……………….what happens to others isn’t what has to happen to me. I’ve already proven that for myself in a previous article when it comes to jobs and the job market, but the same goes for everything we’re surrounded by in life. Yes, these things are happening, and it’s “real”……..for others. But what happens to others is not what has to happen to us. It really can’t be emphasized enough! You’ll notice that manifestation, personal frequency and all the rest are never discussed in these news headlines. Of course not. That’s fringe spirituality and metaphysics, which doesn’t mix with the mainstream Powers That Be and the media they control. They have a version of reality they want you to believe and adhere to…..and it does not involve waking up and becoming aware and empowered. Manifestation, being in the flow, being flexible, personal frequency and all the rest means that things will continually work out for you as you consistently draw to yourself exactly what you need, you’ll be in the right places at the right time, and always a step ahead of things, so that your set of personal experiences will be vastly different from others’. In my opinion the events we see converging at this time to throw society into a downward spiral has all been manfuctured, and it’s running on a planned schedule. And the more they try to push their manufactured agenda on us, the more awake we need to become.

Add-on: May 13, 2009. And I realize this is going to rub some people the wrong way, but so be it. But continuing with the idea that “what happens to other people doesn’t have to happen to us” is something that’s been on my mind for awhile. But sometimes I’ve been wondering…………who are these people that we see in all the mainstream news stories supposedly losing their homes, standing in unemployment and job fair lines, food bank lines, and camping out in tent cities? What made me really think about this was when I was looking at a photo essay in the news showing the worldwide trickledown effects of the global financial meltdown. There was one photo that featured people in a job fair or unemployment line, and the woman in the foreground was standing there with her big sunglasses on, her fashion scarf cinched around her neck, black skirt, black tights and high heeled power boots, and a haughty look on her face. She didn’t look very nice, that’s all I can say, and I showed the photo to my boyfriend who agreed. So I realized…….you know, who are these people, really? And I thought back to the nasty bully people I knew growing up as a kid in Connecticut, which I reference in my “Gangstalking…” write up, the ones who acted like they were possessed half the time. Just some of the nastiest, shocking “people” I’ve ever met, to this day. And so I realized….we can’t know who these people really are, where they’ve been, and what they may have done in their time. How do we know that many of these adults we now see in the news who have everything hitting the fan weren’t the same types of nasty people that many of us have encountered at some point in our life? And I’m not talking about karmic justice either, to be clear. I’m just talking about how I’ve come to see that the spiritually aware, higher up people don’t typically seem to find themselves in these boats the way others in society do. Things seem to work out for them, they seem to have protection.

Sure, many of the people we see in these news story photo ops may be legitimately nice people…….but many may not. They may very well be those nasties who tormented people growing up, with no empathy, no remourse, no sense of right or wrong. They may also be currently involved with unsavory activities in their personal lives, something you the reader wouldn’t have any way of knowing. Looking all nice and normal and polished on the outside, but anything but on the inside. And that’s something to always keep in mind anytime you come across these photos. We don’t know who these people really are to be finding themselves in these sorts of situations that others amazingly don’t.

And you know how we keep hearing about the surge in pet abandonment as a result of the financial meltdown? And I’m not talking about the pets that were at least “lucky” enough to be dumped off at the local animal shelter, I’m talking the horror stories of pets who were left behind in their owners’ foreclosed homes, to die long, painful, drawn out starvation/dehydration/exposure-to-the-elements deaths, because their owners didn’t have the decency/common sense to make sure their pets had someplace else to go. Well, what kind of person would do something like that to their own pet? Seeming to have no empathy, no conscience? Well, apparently the same type of person who would also find themselves having their home foreclosed, losing all their money and in dire straits in the first place. Hmmmmm. Now there’s something to ponder on.

Like I said, I know this will probably rub some people the wrong way, but so be it. Some may think I have no empathy and am being mean. I don’t mean it that way. I just tend to have observations that kind of cut through b.s. and social programming. And I do realize that what I’ve observed isn’t going to apply to everybody across the board. But I think it applies to enough that it needs to be said, however “politically incorrect” it may be.

From Yahoo News, August 3, 2008: Is another Bruce Ivins lurking in a biolab?

“WASHINGTON – There could be another Bruce Ivins lurking in a biodefense laboratory anywhere in America….”

I’m rolling my eyes and shaking my head from just the headline alone. Total fear mongering “What if” scenario. “What if” scenarios are the worst, especially when they concern something that’s completely out of your control, because they’re the most pointless. Deal with life as it comes…..don’t fret about a bunch of potential things that you actually have no control over. And you know what? There probably is another Bruce Ivins. In fact, there’s probably hundreds of them, a whole army of programmed sleeper agents just waiting to be triggered. mwwwaaahahahahahahaha! But you know what? I don’t care! There’s nothing I can do about it. I don’t have control over what others do. I can only control what I do and where my life is headed. And so what I can do is intend that in the event that something like this happens in the future, it won’t affect me. And do so with the full 100% confident knowing that my intent and lack of fear works, as it always has in the past. And if I’m meant to go down in a biowarfare attack, then so be it. I’ll be where I’m supposed to be when I finally do actually die. Stories like this though play on the general population’s fear/denial of death, and the pervasive victim mentality that has most convinced that they’re at the mercy of scary forces with no control over their own existence.

More to come….

“Dirty Laundry” – Don Henley
c. 1982, from “I Can’t Stand Still”

“I make my living off the evening news
Just give me something, something I can use
People love it when you lose
They love dirty laundry

Well, I coulda been an actor, but I wound up here
I just have to look good, I don’t have to be clear
Come and whisper in my ear
Give us dirty laundry

Kick ‘em when they’re up
Kick ‘em when they’re down
Kick ‘em when they’re up
Kick ‘em when they’re down
Kick ‘em when they’re up
Kick ‘em when they’re down
Kick ‘em when they’re up
Kick ‘em all around

We got the bubble-headed bleach blonde
who comes on at five
She can tell you bout the plane crash
With a gleam in her eye
It’s interesting when people die
Give us dirty laundry

Can we film the operation?
Is the head dead yet?
You know the boys in the newsroom
Got a running bet
Get the widow on the set
We need dirty laundry

You don’t really need to find out whats going on
You don’t really want to know just how far its gone
Just leave well enough alone
Eat your dirty laundry

Kick ‘em when they’re up
Kick ‘em when they’re down
Kick ‘em when they’re up
Kick ‘em when they’re down

Kick ‘em when they’re up
Kick ‘em when they’re down
Kick ‘em when they’re stiff
Kick ‘em all around

Dirty little secrets
Dirty little lies
We got our dirty little fingers in everybody’s pie
We love to cut you down to size
We love dirty laundry

We can do the innuendo
We can dance and sing
When its said and done we haven’t told you a thing
We all know that crap is king
Give us dirty laundry”