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Weather Anomalies - Includes photos - Revamped 10/3/09

…be on this site…..)   In my opinion, weather isn’t always what it appears to be. It seems that … what we understand as nature are influencing the weather in our realm. The average person isn’t … usually versed in how weather works (I wasn’t myself, and am only … that if they don’t understand the basics of weather when things are functioning in a natural way, … can all be manipulated artificially…or how weather could possibly tie into spillover effects from … · 3 October 09

Ear Tones - Updated 4/16/16

…Scalar waves, which can be used to alter the weather and create earthquakes, affecting one’s … happenings, one for the weird, very artificial weather stuff, etc., instead having a log that was set up … · 18 February 11

Florida Synchronicities - November 18, 2012

…my job and get some fresh air, even despite the weather. While walking back towards my job I was thinking … so many little rituals that pertained to the cold weather, from the way she would excitedly wait next to … · 17 November 12

Reality Glitches

…during and after, who was involved, what the weather was like, any other related weirdness connected … · 29 January 06

INFJ - June 2020

…they interact with others, their “emotional weather,” how they decorate – or don’t decorate – … that are all equally off the charts in order to weather the traumatic events storm, and come out the … attuned to other people’s behavior and emotional weather as possible. Then you factor in being tossed out … · 9 June 20

Interference - Updated June 8, 2014

…first. Moon phases, astrological alignments, weather happenings, etc. are major contributing factors … color coded shading system to mark these periods. Weather happenings. Something Tom and I have noticed is … · 8 June 14

Thoughts - Updated 11/3/20 - "Prophetic Dreams Relating to 2020 Election?"

…if there are survivors, if there are people who weather this storm they will do it again.” Again, I had … of movies/media/TV, see my article, The Media ) Weather disasters This isn’t meant to be a “gloom … to J’s source, is an escalating series of weather/natural disasters that will ultimately wind up … They won’t be able to keep up with the weather/climate disasters that keep piling on with all … year there indeed have been more and more climate/weather disasters piling on in the U.S. So, I definitely … · 3 November 20

Synchronicities - Updated 12/4/16

…Flash forward to the next day, where this joke weather forecast video on YouTube has gone viral and … shows up on Yahoo News: Hot Weather in Richmond “Now we’ve got some big changes for … · 16 November 14

On Skeptics - updated 5/19/13

…see here folks, move it along!” As I noted in my weather anomalies write up, “We all know that jet liners … · 7 August 10

Headline Dissection - updated 9/16/13

…crash or train derailment or school shooting or weather catastrophe which are in fact real, since real … and pertaining to a variety of subjects, not just weather. Other popular gut-punch words that I’ve … it’s just totally average, regular winter weather, nothing abnormal. (And speaking of weather · 16 September 13