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Links to websites/blogs/books/articles, etc. pertaining specifically to conspiracies within the entertainment industry and media………

This is a good place to put a note to newbies who are only just stumbling onto these subjects as they awaken and begin their research. The ultimate bit of advise would be…………..don’t get all crazy. Remain objective and neutral, and always use discernment. It’s easy to get carried away when one is first starting out in their research, indundating oneself with piles of information from books, articles, blogs and websites, with no filters or regulation, swallowing everything whole and then running around going nuts with it all. Regulation is a good thing, as you don’t want to overwhelm yourself with all the conspiratorial information that admittedly can be very depressing and stress inducing. And discernment is also very important, as no one source is 100% accurate. That’s another important idea to keep in mind. Unfortunately you’ll encounter a lot of sources out there who speak in authoritarian absolutes, confidently declaring “how things are!” There’s also the problem of frauds, taking advantage of people’s naive gullibility. People making all kinds of claims about being supposed “insiders” or “former Illuminati” or “former intelligence agency worker” etc., but with few people bothering to actually check their background and just taking their claims at face value. :/ So if you’re a newbie, this is just my own personal two cents to keep in mind. Go easy, don’t inundate yourself, don’t go all crazy, and always read or listen with discernment…….


Pseudo Occult Media (Or, “POM” as I’ll refer to it as.) Blog that analyzes the mind control/esoteric/occult symbolism within movies, music videos, TV shows, video games, commercials, print ads, news stories, etc. from a “Synchromysticism” viewpoint. Takes whatever I did in my “Mind Control Symbolisms and Programming Triggers in Movies” write up to a whole new level. Whereas my write up is more of a starter piece, describing what mind control is, what the symbolisms supposedly are (using about a dozen movies as examples), how it all works and why it’s being done, Ben at POM picks up from there, a comprehensive and constantly updated look at all aspects of media, using scene-by-scene screen captures of movies or music vids to illustrate his various points. So once you’ve already got the basics down, then his blog is the next step. I must say……due to his constant updates, keeping on top of things, I’ve been really shocked to see just how out of control the symbolism has gotten by this point. I had no idea until reading his blog this year how pervasive and insidious it all has become. (Also worth noting is that I don’t always agree with the point of views expressed on POM, or the way certain subjects are handled. So I’m not endorsing it across the board. As with all things, you have to pick and sift. But, it’s still interesting and important enough to be worth mentioning.)

When Insiders Expose the Ugly Side of the Entertainment Industry

Compilation of vids put together by the Vigilant Citizen website Some of these vids I’d seen before, such as the Dave Chappelle interview with “Inside the Actor’s Studio,” Britney Spears seeming to switch alters in mid interview (she says “Strawberry!” and interestingly enough, “Strawberry” is the super sexual alternate personality that Janet Jackson once claimed to have ) and the Anna Nicole Smith vid where Howard K. Stern is videotaping her when she’s in a child alter state wearing clown makeup. But in particular I found the vid where Bob Dylan admits that he sold his soul to the devil to be interesting. Also found the Michael Jackson video to be interesting as well, since he didn’t normally go on record saying things like he did in that video. The more I’ve researched the MJ situation the more I’ve come to doubt the child abuse allegations. I know the guy had problems but research has revealed that he apparently was a serious thorn in the side of some high up players in the industry, including being the owner of the Beatles catalog, so it would make sense that something may have wanted to get rid of him.

Illuminati News. Interesting site that delves into mind control, (specifically within the entertainment industry) aliens/abductions, the NWO, etc. I’m a fan of the section about mind control within the entertainment industry in particular, called “Rock ‘n Roll and Mind Control.” Be sure to check it out, and the sub-sections within that section. Most all of us consume entertainment to some degree and the way music and movies and their performers are used to spread insidious agendas is something we all need to hear about. (On a sidenote, I don’t agree with some of the supposed “sources of inside information” being quoted by the author of that site. Some of them have already been proved to be fraudulant, as many circulating around on the ‘net most likely are. It’s an unfortunate problem that runs rampant on the ‘net, any old person comes forward claiming to be something, be it an “insider” or a “former” Illuminati member/military intelligence person, etc. and nobody even bothers to question it, they just swallow the story whole, being very trusting and gullible, and then go on to help promote them. Big pet peeve of mine! So, as with all things do read with discernment.)

Inside The LC: The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation (You’ll see the box that says “Inside the LC….” Click on Part I to start, and go from there.)

A reader forwarded me this write up, saying that I’d really like this, and which left me wondering why I should care about the birth of the hippy generation….?? ?? But from the second paragraph, detailing Jim Morrison’s father’s role in helping to clinch the U.S.‘s involvement in the Vietnam War, I was hooked. The father, an Admiral with the U.S. Navy, is the guy in command during the Gulf of Tonkin incident, which kicked off one of the craziest wars in modern times. And his son goes on to become one of the most famous, iconic singers of all time.   hmm.


“Inside the LC,” tackles several related subjects, including the puzzling emergence of drug and sex obsessed “flower child” hippies on the scene neutralizing the hardcore anti Vietnam war activists, and most interesting of all (to me anyway) – the repeated military industrial complex connections within the immediate families and spouses of all the major founders of the 60’s counterculture “hippy” movement and Laurel Canyon music scene. To appreciate or understand the implications of this requires that one have the basic background in government mind control experiments and the knowledge that the government is involved in social engineering.

“Let’s wrap up this installment with a quick review of what we have learned about the people populating Laurel Canyon in the mid-to-late 1960s. We know that one subset of residents was a large group of musicians who all decided, nearly simultaneously, to flood into the canyon. The most prominent members of this group were, to an overwhelming degree, the sons and daughters of the military/intelligence community. We also know that mingled in with them were the young stars of Hollywood, who also were, to an astonishing degree, the sons and daughters of the military/intelligence community. And, finally, we know that also in the mix were scores of military/intelligence personnel who operated out of the facility known as Lookout Mountain Laboratory.”

As noted in my book, something I began realizing when I was researching the subject of mind control/military abductions/MK Ultra etc. was how time and again, many targets have parents – mostly fathers – involved not just in the military, but specifically, military intelligence, most times Naval. And with the parents either selling/volunteering their kids into these military intelligence mind control programs, or the kids being taken and programmed “under the radar” via abductions. In particular, I liked this closing paragraph featuring a telling quote from Neil Young possibly alluding, without realizing it, to the idea of being programmed:

“It would, of course, make sense these days for an aspiring musician to venture out to Los Angeles. But in those days, the centers of the music universe were Nashville, Detroit and New York. It wasn’t the industry that drew the Laurel Canyon crowd, you see, but rather the Laurel Canyon crowd that transformed Los Angeles into the epicenter of the music industry. To what then do we attribute this unprecedented gathering of future musical superstars in the hills above Los Angeles? What was it that inspired them all to head out west? Perhaps Neil Young said it best when he told an interviewer that he couldn’t really say why he headed out to LA circa 1966; he and others “were just going like Lemmings.”

The write up later gets into related and sub-related Laural Canyon dramas and happenings, including the Manson family, and the John Holmes/(alice in) Wonderland Avenue murders, but Parts I & II were the most relevant for what I talk about here on this website. Despite some of the flaws, (lack of references that back up many of his claims, and in some cases, really reaching and making questionable insinuations to establish links where none probably exist) I still found it to be a fascinating read, and recommend it for anybody who’s interested to learn just how much of our world – even down to the supposed “spontaneous and creative” art and media – might be manipulated by higher powers that be for various agendas and social engineering.

The Polanski Culture: Hollywood’s Push to Normalize Sex with Children.

Blog write up that outlines the spate of movies in recent years whose themes involve pedophilia/child molesters, and/or adults having relations with teens. When I saw this write up the first one that came to mind was Nicole Kidman’s 2004 movie “Birth.” I never saw it, but I know of the movie, and it has always stuck with me whenever the subject of the media’s pedophilia agenda comes up. And sure enough, this blog write up cites that particular movie as being the “most unsettling.” So it’s not just me thinking that movie was really warped. !! (btw the original location of the article no longer exists, but I did manage to find a site that has the full text of the write up, versus just linking to the broken link….)

Rock’s Satanic Message. Self explanatory. Short overview by Henry Makow on the subject of music’s covert induction of the masses, particularly youth, into Satanic ideals. The subject of how music is used to program the masses is of big interest to me, just as much as movies. “The DVD [Satanic Roots of Rock and Roll] explains how music is the most effective means of brainwashing and mind control, especially if the audience thinks it’s listening to spontaneous creative expression.” That last point that I bolded can’t be emphasized enough, and it’s one of the ideas that the angry defenders will cling to when defending music that clearly has an agenda and is being produced to program. They’ll claim that it’s “artistic,” it’s “creative expression”….and they sincerely seem to believe that their favorite music artists are independent free thinking people who are fully in control of themselves when they’re writing this material. Unfortunately they’re usually not. Non-human, non-physical “stuff” from other realms is often times working through these “artists,” and/or, they’re knowing puppets of higher forces who dictate what they’ll be singing and performing to the masses.

I think this is an important subject, but I’m not satisfied with most of the material I’ve seen trying to tackle it. (Specifically, the “Satan’s Music” and “More on Marilyn” websites that Henry Makow links to at the bottom of his article.) This subject is typically approached from a simplistic black and white, “Hysterical Fundamental Christianity vs Satanism” point of view, using bible quotes and the like, which automatically puts off a big chunk of the potential reading audience. When a good majority of people out there are Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, etc. or ambivalent fence-sitting Agnostic, or outright Atheistic, then you’re preemptively alienating people who could benefit from learning about how music is used to program people and reshape society’s collective mind. It’s not just about “Satanism vs. Christianity!” and how “This music is trying to stamp out Christian ideals!!” (Fundamental Christians tend to be a bit narcissistic that way, thinking their religion is the only one that counts, and that all neg stuff is specifically targeting their religion in particular…forget everybody else. eyeroll….) It’s about ALL of us. No matter what your religious affiliation, or lack there of.


Google documentary discussing the way in which television is controlled by the Pentagon, the huge propaganda machine with the war in Iraq and the way the war is being portrayed to the masses like a fun and exciting movie from Hollywood. The propaganda war machine the American public is immersed in is HUGE. Just HUGE, overwhelming. Reminded me of Wag the Dog. “A Hollywood producer. A Washington spin-doctor. When they get together, they can make you believe anything.” Except our reality is much worse.

Lights, Camera, Covert Action…The Deep Politics of Hollywood

From the article: “Here we build a prima facae case supporting the idea that Hollywood continues to be a target for infiltration and subversion by a variety of state agencies, in particular the CIA. Academic debates on cinematic propaganda are almost entirely retrospective, and whilst a number of commentators have drawn attention to Hollywood’s longstanding and open relationship with the Pentagon, little of substance has been written about the more clandestine influences working through Hollywood in the post-9/11 world. As such, our work delves into the field of what Peter Dale Scott calls “deep politics”; namely, activities which cannot currently be fully understood due to the covert influence of shadowy power players.”

The article won’t be any surprise to longtime truthseekers who are already well aware of the fact that Hollywood is connected to the government…..among other entities. But still worth including in this section for any newbies to the subject.

9/11 in Movies

Seven part series depicting the various ways in which 9/11 was somehow, someway referenced in various movies going back over the years, as well as Hollywood references to martial law and the NWO for the purpose of conditioning. Doesn’t mean I agree 100% with every example featured in the series, but many certainly are….interesting, and a little coincidental, no doubt.

Kill Your Television! Self explanatory…..

White Dot – The International Campaign Against Television.   Message board forum that’s a sister site to Trash Your TV, with in-depth discussion about all aspects of TV/media and getting rid of it in one’s life.