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An introduction to the movies section

NOTE: As of January 1, 2012 I’ve removed the write ups pertaining to movies. They were all written mainly back in 2006 into 2007, and dealt with various subjects such as “Illuminati” symbolisms, mind control triggers, and the various agendas that can be found when closely analyzing many mainstream movies. Despite the large volume of traffic these write ups have brought to my site over the past six years I’ve decided to remove them because they don’t necessarily reflect where my interests lie at this point in my life. I’ve gone back and forth about removing them for awhile now, but since this is the first day of the new year I figured it was as good a time as any. And who knows, maybe I’ll change my mind later on. We’ll see. In the meantime I’ll leave the other media-related write ups online.

The “Media and Entertainment” section has several write ups that provide some insight into the movies that stand out among others for their not-so-hidden gems of truth, as well as movies that contain mind control symbolism and programming techniques (as originally outlined by author Fritz Springmeier, most notably). It’s my goal with those write ups to inform the reader if they weren’t already aware of such things so that they may view movies with the mind engaged and alert, instead of in an alpha state autopilot trance. Movies are so much better when you’ve learned how to decode the hidden multiple layers. (The links to the various movie section write ups are at the bottom of this page.)

A warning to the reader though — Spoiler alerts!! In order to discuss the truths and symbolisms contained within these movies, it means I have to discuss the plot, and thus, give away any possible twist endings and spoilers. I don’t do it with all of them, but be warned, most have them. So if you haven’t seen a particular movie and are sensitive to that sort of thing, then be forewarned of the possibility.

Contrary to popular belief, movies aren’t just one dimensional entertainment. There are multiple layers going on here, which I’ll explain. In fact, the topic of hidden symbolisms and mind control and occult agendas within movies has come up several times over the past year or so on a message board forum I participate in, with some people wanting to know “How??” and “Why??” After reviewing mine and others’ exposes on the hidden symbolisms found in many movies there can be no doubt that “something” is going on here, we’re not imagining things. But they wanted to know, how in the frickity frack does it all work?? The most common questions being, Are the directors/screenplay writers mind controlled themselves? Do they know what they’re doing? Are they shaping the entire movie around these hidden symbolisms and agendas? And if so…doesn’t that seem, well, far-fetched?

Maybe……until you consider who many of these movie makers are. Seems that many of them have ties to occult doings, be it Satanism, Freemasons, and so on.

If a screenwriter or director (sometimes the roles overlap) are pretty high up there with ties to secret groups, and with access to esoteric knowledge, then I can totally see how it’s feasible that an entire movie would be purposely laced with symbolisms and built around mind control themes or esoteric/occult stuff….while passing itself off as “harmless entertainment,” “bread and circuses” for the unsuspecting, naive masses.

And it all serves a multi-layered purpose:

1. Generate $$ money $$ for the studios, first and foremost. Of course. ;)

2. Provide distraction and diversion – keep people’s focus away from that which matters the most, so they are rendered ineffective to make changes in the world;

3. Social engineering – program the people with “their” various agendas to shape the direction society is going. (Desensitization, sociopathy, feminism gone awry, pedophilia, apathy/feeling helpless, NWO/alien propaganda and disinfo., etc.)

4. Trigger those who already have latent programming courtesy of mind control. (Agent provocateur mayhem, compartmentalized dissociation, etc.)

5. Generate “loosh” (a term that means energy, coined by Robert Monroe) for the non-physical realms who have a need to feed on the negative, and/or sexual energy generated by humans. Movies and TV provide ENDLESS amounts of loosh for stuff to feed on;

6. Provide warnings about the schemes and plots that TPTB have up their sleeves. I was just talking with somebody recently who said something that I agree with, that the way this reality seems to work is that the negs who run things from behind the scenes have to “let us know in advance” what they plan to do with us – possibly it’s the occult workings of their realm, that you have to let the victim know in advance what you plan to do to them to give them the (freewill….) chance and opportunity to do something about it. However, them being, well, who they are ;) do it in the most subtle way possible that they can get away with. They don’t announce it from the rooftops, (well, usually they don’t…) But one method they do seem to use is to embed things in our entertainment. Problem is, everybody’s so damn asleep and unaware (also courtesy of “them”) that it doesn’t register with most people. Or if it does, then it does so too late, after the fact. But hey…they technically fulfilled their end of the bargain, they technically let us know ;) is how they look at it.

7. Serve as an elaborate occult ritual. Combining together several of the above points – if a movie is about a particular meaningful (maybe occult/esoteric) topic, and is released on a particular date, (numerical/ritual significance) with millions of people parked in front of movie screens watching it at the same time, generating mass amounts of energy…..and unconsciously absorbing the various mind control/occult symbolisms embedded throughout the movie….then the entire thing as a whole is like an occult ritual in a way, serving these movie makers’ Gods. Whoever they are.

8. And as noted in one of my recent ‘Thoughts’ write ups, it also hijacks our reality creating minds, getting us to focus our thoughts on material that serves somebody else’s nefarious agenda, instead of that which is in our best interest.

…..All of which is getting into the hyperdimensional aspect of our reality. Many of the things happening in this world, the incredible synchs and coincidences, the way in which things come together and “line up” initially don’t make any sense….until you consider the hyperdimensional aspect of things. Hyperdimensional means outside this dimension, and outside the constraints of space time. For example with 9/11…people have gone back and now noted all the weird little “indicators” and ominous symbolisms that foreshadowed 9/11…years in advance, in movies dating back through the 90s and even into the 80s. (Three in particular – in “The Matrix,” released in 1999, the personal ID for Thomas Anderson (Neo/Keanu Reeves) shows his birthday as being 9/11/71…….with his ID set to expire on 9/11/01 exactly. In “Independence Day,” at 45:33 into the movie in the Special Edition version, 41:22 in the theatrical version, Jeff Goldblum’s character sets up a laptop to watch the alien’s countdown to expiration, and on one of the ticks the countdown says 9:11:01 exactly. On a lesser note, but still very interesting, is the 1999 movie “Fight Club,” when Jack/Tyler Durden is at “Ground Zero” where he has “front row seats for this theater of mass destruction” where the “controlled demolition” will take place….when all the buildings that Project Mayhem planted bombs in blow up. As we all know, the area where the demolished WTC’s once stood was known as “Ground Zero,” and many people have (rightfully) speculated that the buildings had a little help going down with some controlled demolition and/or directed energy weapons.)

So what are the odds on these synchs? And how is this possible? Are we going to theorize that the movie makers were knowingly in on it and knew years in advance of 9/11 that it was going to happen, and put clues in their movies? Well, possibly, although in these instances another explanation could be the hyperdimensional aspect of our reality. Because linear time as we experience it is an illusion and everything actually exists all at once, it seems that the ripple effect of an event as big as 9/11 can move backwards and forwards in the timeline. Things can align/line up in movies years before it all goes down. Although we can never rule out the knowing clues aspect of things either.

Also, I think some of these movie makers may be mind controlled themselves, or else being fed their ideas by “stuff” from other realms, not even aware of where they get their material from. I wonder about Jim Henson for instance. To have created “Labyrinth” and “Dark Crystal” I wonder, was he consciously “in the know” about stuff? Or was something feeding him ideas, unknown to him? We’ll never know.

“Those with eyes to see and ears to hear…” seems to be the name of the game with many movies. Over the past few years more movies have emerged that contain gems of truth, which has both pros and cons: On the plus side, they are catalysts for awakening; but on the flip side they serve to discredit the people who believe in these subjects and who are aware of these truths. “Oh, you watch too many movies!” or “Yeah, I saw that…in a movie. Come on! It’s just a movie, it’s not real.”

hmm. It’s just a movie……or is it? ;)

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