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Polarized Thinking, and the Removal of Options from Reality

by Carissa Conti
© 2008

(updated December 15, 2008. Ending expanded, and new items added to list…)

Polarized thinking, or, the false two choice dichotomy…..since I’ve mentioned it throughout my various writings I want to gather up the loose ends into its own article, giving it some focus. The false two choice scenario is where we’re supposed to pick from only two polar opposite choices, neither of which are fully accurate or acceptable, then set up base camp and go to war with those who chose the other team. (Author and speaker David Icke has referred to it all as “opposames.” Where we’re given two seemingly opposite choices to choose between, but which are actually the same because they’re both wrong, and they both ultimately serve higher “stuff” that’s trying to keep us trapped.) We seem to be surrounded by this divisiveness everywhere we look within the mainstream world, options seeming to be deliberately removed from our field of view. My opinion is that it’s done by design, to keep us in a never ending state of discord and disempowerment.

This removal of options occurs in the world on both a large scale, with our reality as a whole, and on a smaller scale, with the concepts and situations that fill in the cracks of our every day lives. On the larger scale we see this with the way reality is set up and in place before we’re born, then we arrive on the scene and pick up where everybody else left off, helping to continue and perpetuate “the way things are done.” (Something I’ve mentioned before in previous writings.) Most people don’t question or challenge the system that’s in place and the way it operates, nor are they in a position to be able to do anything even if they did question it. And thanks to a lifetime of programming via parents, school, peers, the media and society in general, the desire and ability to create a new system that would flip the old one right over is nearly eliminated. And maybe some reading this are puzzled by what my problem would be with the way society is. “What’s wrong with the system around us? What’s the problem with how things are?” Well to me, that in itself illustrates just how successful a lifetime of programming from all angles has been, leaving a person unable to even envision another – better- way that reality could be. !!

Then of course there’s the aforementioned false two choice dichotomy, the ways in which we’re limited in the smaller, every day things we’re surrounded by. Following are some examples (or ramblings, depending on your point of view ;D ) to illustrate:

Liberals/Left Wing/Democrats vs. Conservatives/Right Wing/Republicans. I put this at the top of the list because it’s one of the biggest ones effecting everybody Whatever you prefer to call it, it’s still only two polarized extreme opposite choices, and everybody’s expected to fit neatly in one box or the other. I don’t own or watch TV, but I have watched various political pundit commentaries on You Tube……as much as I could stomach. I can’t ever seem to watch any in their entirety, due to getting extremely annoyed and frustrated at the obvious manipulated fakeness of it all. These pundits and political show hosts, whether male or female, most times speak in a completely cocky, know-it-all, aggressive manner. So much so that they seem like programmed robots, especially the Republican/conservative hosts and pundits in particular. They’re often times downright rabid in their insistence about how things are, going overboard in their desperate attempt to hook the listening audience into their particular cocky, self assured world view to the point where again, they don’t strike me as acting like real people. In my opinion, the sign of a sane, free thinking, true human is somebody who’s willing to listen to other viewpoints, where both sides learn something and brainstorm, and can arrive at some sort of understanding to make progress – not somebody who’s rabidly locked into their own view at all costs, angrily attacking “the other side” seeming to try to maintain and promote division and hatred. With regards to Ann Coulter in particular – my boyfriend and I listened to her interview on the Alex Jones show several years ago where Alex raked her over the coals. He not only busted her several times not knowing the material to her own books that she supposedly wrote, but he busted her not knowing other material that she supposedly defends, including the Patriot Act. She admitted that she hasn’t read it – but yet she’s out there defending it. And when Alex threw mainstream headline after headline at her concerning negative Bush regime happenings that anybody who reads the news would be aware of, she just sputtered and stammered her way through it all, incredulous and unaware. !!! That interview singlehandedly made me view these rabid political pundits that are placed before us in a whole new light. How many of them are actually programmed, serving an agenda? How many of them are even in control of themselves? Do they really write the books they supposedly write? Do they really believe the views they’re out there promoting, or are they knowingly in on a joke, pulling the public’s leg? How many are just programmed tools and puppets working for The Powers That Be to incite division and hate, and create massive distraction? Ann Coulter has this lengthy, impressive professional bio and is touted in the mainstream media as being one smart cookie, and tens of thousands of fans accept it as presented, yet that Alex Jones interview flipped the whole image right on its head. She didn’t even know her own book material quoted back to her. She was unaware of mainstream news headlines. How do we explain this? What’s really going on? It seems to me that something else controls the strings of these people, letting them loose on the front stage of the media and it explains everything about their often times rabid, inhumane personalities and desperate attempts at “Look at me! Me me me! Hate division and discord! Separation fighting and more hate! Mack mack mack mack mack! Look over here! Here here here! Don’t think for yourself! You need us to tell you what to think and how things are!!” :/

I just know that I have too many liberal viewpoints to ever fit in comfortably with true conservative Republicans…….and too many conservative viewpoints to fit in with hardcore liberals. I don’t fit into either group. Where’s my third option? And “Libertarian” doesn’t count, though when I’ve taken those “What political party are you?” quizzes I come up as Libertarian. They have this supposed third choice party but it never has, and never will be “elected” into office. It’s always marginalized. It’s there to create an illusion. When it comes to politics it always boils down to society expecting us to pick between extreme liberalism or conservativism, one or the other.

Creationism vs. Evolution. “And in this corner we have die hard bible devotees! They believe that the Lord God created the world 6,000 years ago in seven days, then formed the Garden of Eden, populated by one male human named Adam. Then a rib from Adam was used to create a female named Eve. Adam and Eve then had two sons, Cain and Abel, and somehow among these three men and one woman the entire rest of the human race was spawned! God the omnipresent being created everything we see around us, all at once, as is! And this story, along with others in the Old Testament, is to be taken at literal face value! It is not symbolic or a metaphor in any way! Or distorted! Or a misinterpretation! Or flat out wrong!”

“And in that corner we have die hard Darwinists! They believe that the Big Bang created the universe, from there matter coalesced into suns, planets and galaxies, and once Earth was formed, life eventually evolved in a step-by-step process from the primordial soup! Simple bacteria and one celled organisms eventually morphed into the incomprehensively complex, modern marvels of genetics that we see around us today! Through the process of Natural Selection, favorable genetic mutations are passed along to offspring, subtly changing and evolving a species until it may eventually turn into another whole species entirely! Fish turn into amphibians! Amphibians turn into reptiles! Reptiles turn into birds! Chimpanzees turned into Neanderthals who turned into Homo Sapiens!”

But hiding behind the curtain, over there, are other theories. But on the front stage of life it tends to be this never ending battle between Creationists and Darwinists, as if those are the only two options we have to work with for how all of life on Earth came to be. One of those alternate theories is known as Interventionism. It proposes the idea of “cosmic seeding” and genetic manipulation……from outside intelligences. (Which is closely related to Intelligent Design, which postulates that when you look at life on an genetic level it becomes very clear that none of this was accidental. It was clearly created, by some sort of force, though proponents of this theory may not subscribe to the idea as presented in the bible. All they’re saying is, it’s not by random chaos and chance.) Interventionism accepts evolution on a micro level, where favorable genetic mutations are passed along to offspring, because that’s been proven and is quite obvious; but on a macro level, with species turning into other species, or evolving from simplistic forms into complicated forms in time spans that are too short for that to be possible…

As a little kid, around age nine or so, I started joking that “Humans are one giant experiment by the aliens gone wrong.” Maybe it came from abduction programming, who knows. :D O.o And as I mentioned in the Appendix of my book, at the dinner table my parents would often talk about the weird and woo-woo subjects, which helped push my interest in it all, but in particular I remember my dad talking about the unnatural speed in which Man has suddenly developed/evolved in the last 100 or so years. So much so that it seems we had a little “help” from “something else.” So even as a kid I was aware of the idea of non-human intelligences possibly directing affairs here on Earth. Then years later I came across the work of Lloyd Pye, and his articles in Nexus Magazine back in 2002. His articles kicked ass and had me hooked. Click here for his website and from there click on “Essays.” (From there be sure to check out “The Literal Creation of Mankind,” and “Human Origins, Parts I & II.”) I later bought his book, “Everything You Know is Wrong – Book One: Human Origins,” which convincingly outlines why evolution as we’re taught is full of holes. Pye’s book also goes on to note all the genetic problems within our DNA and how our bodies are anything but the well evolved machines they should be – if evolution is fully correct, where only favorable genetic mutations are passed along, creating an optimal, well functioning body that lives in harmony with its surroundings. Some points he makes:

- There’s no fossil evidence showing those in-between states of any species evolving on a macro level into a completely new species. There’s only fossils (and living evidence) of micro evolution.

– The Cambrian Explosion, when life as we currently know it suddenly erupted 500+ million years ago – nothing about it makes sense. To quote from the book: “It is now approximately 4.0 billion years since Earth coalesced, and 3.5 billion years trillions of microscopic creatures have permeated the planet’s water, air and land with free forms of the element oxygen, making our world ripe for exploitation by any creatures that could utilize it in their metabolism. Sure enough, at around 530 million years ago, the start of the geological epoch known as the Cambrian, with free oxygen available throughout the biosphere, there was a literal explosion of animals forms in the oceans, rivers and seas. This event was so unlikely in its occurrence, so comprehensive in its scope, and so unbelievable in its consequences, most attempts to explain it fail to do it justice. Within 5 to 10 million years , all major groups of complex animal life – the phyla (body design) sub-groupings within the animal kingdom – appeared in large numbers. Imagine it: All twenty-six animal phyla, including the entire spectrum of invertebrate life […] all of it came in that nuclear-level explosion of life forms. […] Its comprehensive suddenness has been verified by modern genetic analysis of living phyla, which strongly indicates they all did, in fact, come into existence at about the same time. [….] After nearly 140 years of diligent searching by every Darwinist worthy of the name, none has yet discovered a legitimate precursor to even one creature that appeared in the Cambrian Explosion. [translation insert = there are no fossils indicating the step by step evolution of the Cambrian creatures from the primordial soup that existed before them. They just seemed to appear out of nowhere, 530 million years ago, once conditions were right.]

– No new phyla have emerged in 500 million years since the the original twenty six of the Cambrian Explosion. If macro evolution is valid, then in 500 million years something new should have emerged.

Mr. Pye also notes: “So to explain it solely within the parameters of what the facts indicate, the most likely scenario requires a stretch of the imagination few Darwinists are willing or able to make. They would have to supposed something like “cosmic dumptrucks” teeming with life forms are cruising the universe looking for planets to “accept” their loads. One or more finds Earth a likely “landfill” capable of supporting their cargo, so they lift the and dump it out.”     Or as I wrote in my “Thoughts” section not too long ago: “….to scratch the surface I’ll just point out how far Man has come in being able to manipulate the planet to its every whim: Weather manipulation. Genetically modified/hybrid “food.” Cloned animals and all manner of genetic experimentation and research for science and medical reasons. They’re now even talking about using laboratory manufactured sperm to impregnate women using their own genetic material. And if that last bit doesn’t generate a “holy shit!” then I don’t know what would. !! And these are the advances that the public is aware of. This isn’t even counting what goes on with the government black ops. So yes, if we at our current lowly level have been able to do these things, then imagine a species that’s several million years more advanced and what they might be able to achieve. Seeding a planet with various life forms it helped to genetically create and manipulate? No sweat.

And that’s not even getting into the so-called evolution of primates into humans, another topic that Mr. Pye devotes a good chunk of his book to. The sudden emergence – and just as sudden disappearance – of various groups of hominids over the ages suggests something more along the lines of “trial and error” and “experiments.” There’s so much to say about it all, so I’d recommend reading the works of Lloyd Pye as one source for further information.

[On a side note: I actually don’t think it’s even a case of a higher alien intelligence traveling around in their Intergalactic Ark, physically seeding planets, including Earth, with various life forms. Considering the circumstances of the Cambrian Explosion you’re probably talking about an intelligence so far beyond what we can comprehend at our present state (which is barely above caveman-level in so many ways for the majority of the world which still lives in poverty…) that they may not operate in a physical way as we understand it…..possibly they interface with reality on thought alone. Or, if reality really is like a computer program then the way things work is definitely not physical nuts and bolts as we understand it. I just know that I’ve seen enough woo-woo in my time to make me open to such possibilities. When you’ve seen reality doin’ things it ain’t supposed to be doin’, then “out there” concepts cease to surprise you anymore. ;) ]

So needless to say, I no longer fully buy into the theory of evolution as presented to everybody in science class. I used to be an evolution believer, although not with passion. I just accepted it because the Creationism alternative, complete with literal interpretation of the bible, was so obviously not what has gone on here. But that’s how divisive polarized choices work – give you only two theories to pick from, even though both have plot holes, then just choose what you consider to be the lesser of the two evils and hang onto that. :/ In my opinion, Interventionism isn’t fully correct either – I think there’s multiple things going on here when it comes to the origins of Man, not just one thing, or two, or three – and as mentioned I have my own personal add-on ideas to the theory. But for me it makes more sense in general than the other two theories we’re given to fight over, and as always it’s good to look for more options.

Jesus.   And then we get to….Jesus. Speaking of religion. But the big polarized debate here is that Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the whole lot existed in the exact literal way as we’ve all been taught, courtesy of the bible, church and Sunday school, or, it’s all a completely manufactured plot by the Illuminati to deceive us all. We all know what the literal story involves, but for those who aren’t familiar, the conspiracy (as popularized by David Icke and others) involves the way the story of Jesus is identical to other tales of religious saviors in multiple cultures over the eons. Over and over it’s the same repeating themes of the virgin birth of a messiah savior, with the same repeating dates of December 25 or thereabouts, ending with the messiah being killed, dying for people’s sins. This has led to some authors/researchers throwing out the Jesus baby, the bathwater, and any other babies and wash tubs within a 50 mile radius when it comes to this subject. !!! All or nothing. Either stomp on the whole thing, becoming this cynical sounding anti-spiritual religion hater, or accept the story literally no matter how much it may not make sense. No in between. (another classic dichotomy…’s either a choice between brainwashed, gullible, programmed sheep herd religion, or intelligent, cynical, anti-religion, anti-spiritual anything. versus the middle ground of positive, high frequency spirituality, outside the mainstream.)

So let’s look at a compromise middle ground here. Forget organized religion. Put that aside. I’m open to the idea that there was some enlightened being running around in the world back then, and I’m all for the idea of the Christ Consciousness. But I realize that the details as we’ve all been taught are a reworked, rewritten version of history as dictated by everybody from the Nicean Council on up to the so-called “Illuminati.” Whoever and whatever they actually are. Which is the way that most all of history has gone. Almost none of what we’re taught about any historical event is ever fully truthful or accurate, least of all anything having to do with the Bible. You know the old phrase – history is written by the victor. And even if it does turn out that none of it was real and the cynical religion haters are right, well by this point in time “Jesus” has certainly become “real” in the astral/etheric/whatever you call it other realms after having millions of people around the world over hundreds and hundreds of years pumping all their personal energy into the idea. Ever tangle with a neg entity? I have. They don’t like anything having to do with “Jesus,” that much I’ve learned. Blows them right off you, back to whence they came. ;) So even if Jesus was never real, the idea of him has certainly become real in the non-physical realms….enough so that it’s a formidable weapon against neg entities. Jesus, a thought form that Mankind has created through the power of their mind alone. And that’s a weird middle ground option that nobody really likes to discuss. It makes the die hard atheist conspiracy theorists squirm, and the religious types start crossing themselves. ;D

Global Warming. As I wrote elsewhere on my site: “Give the public only two choices – either humans solely caused global warming, or there’s no global warming happening at all. So the skeptics fight with the “Inconvenient Truth” believers, and meanwhile, the third choice may involve something far more complex, such as the sun behaving strangely coupled with HAARP and various man-made weather manipulation, alongside our own hand in pollution.” The issue here is that the only choice we’re given is to follow the likes of Al Gore, and to go along with “carbon tax” and all the tie-in agendas, so of course many people resist and reject. But then they make the mistake of throwing the entire idea out – babies with bathwater – when there actually might be something to it. Just because a group of people have hijacked the idea of climate change to use it towards their own manipulative ends doesn’t mean something funny isn’t happening with the climate. And even better – just because something funny is going on with the climate, doesn’t mean it isn’t artificially manipulated by Man. And I’m not talking about pollution-induced climate change, I’m talking about artificial weather manipulation, which I’ll get back to in a moment. Don’t take anything at face value, and don’t be suckered into limited binary thinking dichotemies. The situation is a lot more complicated than just “either climate change is happening due to pollution and we need to follow Al Gore and everything he’s proposing, or it’s not, the end.”

The global warming two choice theory is a biggie, as we’re now being hit with this in some form or another on a daily basis in the media. Back in the 80s when I was a kid the theory was termed “the Greenhouse Effect,” and there were environmentalists and scientists screaming about the dangers of pollution and what would eventually happen if we don’t change something, and fast………..but very few were listening. Nobody cared. Life plugged along. Then suddenly a switch was flipped after 2000, and almost overnight “Global Warming” was all over the media, literally every single day. There was not a day that went by in 2006 alone where I wasn’t seeing “global warming” in the headlines. Movies, books, concerts, and Al Gore on the “Inconvenient Truth” campaign trail pushing the term at us at every turn. All of which just left me shaking my head in disbelief. They let everybody continue to pollute and destroy the planet en masse for the last 30+ years, doing absolutely nothing to change anything about how life was being lived, and only NOW The Powers That Be suddenly care?!? When it’s too late? So always question everything. To me it seems like the powers that be only cared when the timing was right for implementing an agenda of sorts. But, this doesn’t mean I agree with rampant pollution and destruction of the environment, and it doesn’t mean I don’t think we’re not doing damage to the ecosystem. Shades of gray. Balance. Middle ground.

I’ve been researching the subject of global climate and weather for about eight years now, reading and printing out as many articles as I can (have an overstuffed binder full of the print outs in fact….) as well as reading books about it all, and witnessing crazy weather/climate happenings where I live. And my conclusion is that something indeed seems to be happening worldwide, but what the source of this change is, and whether it’s natural/cyclical, or pollution induced, or the result of artificial weather tinkering remains to be seen. Nobody anywhere can seem to agree on what’s going on or even what the statistics are. There may be several things converging, as mentioned at the beginning. It may not be not just pollution. You also have to factor in weather manipulation and HAARP, as well as the sun behaving strangely, heating up other planets in our solar system, as well as having unusual solar flare activity. However, many people, even so-called aware people, don’t seem to realize that weather manipulation is real and very much possible by even the average person, and so scoff at the idea, as I’ve learned during my time spent on message boards. As I say in my ‘Weather Anomalies’ write up, it’s called cloud busting, and the average person can do it with pieces parts purchased from their local hardware store. I’ve been witness to storms created by a homemade cloud buster, so, I know it’s real. And if the average schmoe can do it with hardware store parts on a small, localized level, then what can big government agencies with millions of dollars at their disposal pull off? Just a thought. And again, that’s not even counting the sun itself, and whatever it may be up to. The sun is something that’s out of our hands though, despite what Hollyweird would have us believe with movies like “Sunshine.” They can’t push guilt trips and make money on a problem with the sun, and that would only incite panic within many people since it means we’re powerless and at the mercy of natural forces. People don’t like that. Our society has worked hard to make people feel safe, tucked away in their suburban homes, placated and distracted. And so a man made, guilt trip, money making problem it is. :/

Don’t limit yourself into the two choice argument of ‘It’s either exactly what Al Gore and Live 8 say it is,’ or, “it’s not happening at all.” No, something is definitely happening……..but do consider other possibilities and options.


Peak Oil.   The great oil debate……..either oil really is running out and we’re all screwed, (never mind that there are plenty of other free/clean energy options available, but TPTB don’t want to use them because they’d lose their monopoly control on the money….) or, it’s not running out at all, and peak oil believers are deluded. The end.

People are debating back and forth about whether oil is really running out, but maybe they should really be asking, What Is Oil?

I know, I know….oil is a fossil fuel! It’s muck made from the bodies of all the dinosaurs from 65 million years ago! Exactly what they taught us in grammar school! Because we know that the powers that be never lie to us, are never wrong, and know absolutely everything about what everything is, how it works, where it comes from and where it’s going. Everything is exactly as they tell us it is. Always remember that. Don’t question anything.


I just know that even as a kid I didn’t believe this idea about what oil is. Some teacher at some point told us it was fossilized remains from dinosaurs, maybe when I was about nine or ten or so, and I just was thinking, What?! I don’t think so. :/ But Man’s advancement in the last 100 years or so has created a false sense of comfortable superiority that we know what the story is about everything around us, when in truth, we don’t. Previous beliefs are proven wrong every day, most times receiving very little fanfare in the media because TPTB are not fond of having to admit being wrong about things. But it happens, all the time. Which means…..TPTB are wrong, all the time. Yet society tends to have this childlike trust in “authority,” waiting until “authority” tells them it’s okay to no longer believe a previous fact anymore. And only when authority tells them it’s okay, will they follow along. Before that point though, programmed society will ridicule and tear down anybody who dares to say, Hey! This is wrong! or Hey! I don’t fully buy this theory here! or Hey! There might be more going on here then just the one option we’re given!

But what if oil is not in fact the mucky remains of dinosaurs? What if it is in fact something that is naturally produced by the earth in some way? What if that means it’s not going to run out? What if TPTB are lying to us about oil, faking a supposed “crisis” so they can jack up prices, destablize the economy, and set into motion a worldwide string of events that will result in an outcome that serves them and their agenda?

I was once chastised by the leader of a message board forum for daring to start a thread that declared that oil may not be what they’re telling us it is, posting a link to an article that proposed this idea. The forum owner, a big time proponent of “peak oil” who’s heavily invested in the idea because a good chunk of his work at the time revolved around it and needed the concept to prop itself up, lashed out in overblown self defense, publicly branding me as “mentally unstable”…..!!…..for merely questioning a mainstream “fact” such as that. It was quite surprising at the time in light of this guy’s own alternative viewpoints about many things, with a website, articles and even a book that would be (and are) shunned by mainstream academia due to “out there” beliefs that challenge the mainstream version of events. So you’d think that he of all people would be open to the idea of others’ “out there” views that challenge the status quo. Not so! But, it was his ego lashing out because a personal sacred cow that he was heavily invested in was being challenged. Other forum members however enjoyed the thread, and seemed to dig the idea of this alternate theory being put out there, something they hadn’t considered themselves.

Ultimately I think we need to get off the fossil fuel, petroleum-based economy deal and seek out free, clean energy since it means a more harmonious existence with our surrounding environment, versus having to always be digging and pumping things out of the earth and sending noxious fumes into the sky and generating mass amounts of waste that clog landfills and kill off entire sections of the ocean. BUT….that doesn’t mean it’s not okay to question whether oil is really what they tell us it is, and whether it really is running out or not. If we’re being lied to, and paying out the wazoo for $4-5 dollar a gallon gasoline under the false pretense that it’s running out, buying into the fear programming and playing into some agenda of TPTB, then I think that’s a good thing to know and be aware of, just for the sake of it. And then get our butts onto a clean and free energy system.

Feminism vs. Get back in the kitchen and make me a sammich! Feminism is a BIG dichotomy going on out there. So many people make the mistake of thinking it has to be some either/or choice between the “liberated,” militant feminist (a man with female genitalia, basically) or, the repressed female, completely enslaved to men. Centuries of patriarchal dominance where women were subjugated has resulted in the pendulum swinging so far in the opposite direction that western society is now just as badly off balance.

This is a tricky topic to address because it involves two closely intertwined concepts – women’s rights, and feminism – so closely intertwined in fact, that when things became tangled and usurped most couldn’t tell the difference. Women’s rights means women are sovereign individuals, not property that belongs to a male, and as such they can get an education, vote, own property, and be in charge of their own lives as they see fit. Feminism is a movement started by those infamous “powers that be” in the mid-20th century to usurp the concept of a women having rights. It usurped the emerging – and rightful – englightenment of women and steered them onto a path of not settling down into long term monogamous relationships, rejecting motherhood (by abandoning their already existing families to persue their own interests, and/or not having babies at all) minimizing or outright removing the importance of the father figure, degrading men in general, and convincing women that having equal rights with men means you can BE a man, that you in fact ARE a man….only, a man with female parts. Again….the pendulum swinging so far in the opposite direction that it created an equally unbalanced situation. (On a side note, this past year I was re-watching the original “Diehard” movie from 1988 on YouTube and noticed a flagrant case of feminism agenda promotion – John McClain’s (Bruce Willis) marital woes, where he’s estranged from his wife because she up and moved 3,000 miles away to California from New York in order to pursue a Power Career, ie, abandoning her kids and husband for selfish self gratification, and the way in which “he didn’t support her.” The end of the movie shows the Tough Guy Super Hero groveling to his wife over the phone that he’s sorry he didn’t support her career move/family abandonment. !!!! I never noticed that all the times I watched and re-watched the movie in my oblivious state as a teen, but I sure noticed it now, in my 30s, thanks to newfound awareness. So I saw that and was like, What the hell?! yikes. Won’t even get into the anti-German agenda angle of the movie, as that’s way off topic. ;D )

Now, some reading this may be thinking, “Who are you to judge what other people do! Everybody should do what’s right for them!” True. And I’m not judging. What I’m doing is noticing what the social engineering has accomplished. See, most people do what media/society programming tells them to do (myself included, I’ve been there in my own numerous ways). They take on personas and make choices based on how the media and society tells them they should be…….but mistakenly think their choices are their own. And that last point can’t be emphasized enough.

And that’s what I believe has gone on with the modern feminism-based lifestyle. I think if TPTB were removed from the picture and society was left to its own devises, allowed to run its course in a natural way, then we wouldn’t have the world and culture that we see around us, AT all. Not even close. What we’re currently immersed in was manufactured and pushed on us……..and most of us have accepted it. And it all ties back into other forces deciding our reality choices and options for us.

There has to be a balance here. Where the rights of women as sovereign individuals are respected, but where TPTB aren’t meddling and programming people to go against their natural biological differences. And where the pendulum isn’t swinging from one extreme polarized option to the other.

AIDS. With AIDS we’re typically given two choices – either believe the mainstream version of events, which is that AIDS is a virus precursored by HIV that can be viewed under a microscope and is a contagion, transmitted via blood transfusions, unsafe sex or sharing drug needles, or……….it’s all a giant conspiracy manufactured in a lab by the government in order to target undesirable groups, such as ghetto drug addicts and homosexual males!

Um, how about……neither.

As a kid in the 80s “AIDS!” was the big scare we were pummeled with, along with nuclear war and the Greenhouse Effect and other 80’s nightmares, but once I reached adulthood I never gave the subject much thought because in the back of my mind I recognized that nobody around me in life was getting “AIDS.” It was like it didn’t exist in my world….yet, it was supposedly out there, this true and real contagious virus that affects those who partake in either unprotected sex, or needle sharing. Funny, because most young people around me had at some point had sex without condoms, myself included, but nobody around me was getting “AIDS!” So it ceased to be a threat and was not on the forefront of my consciousness. Then around ’99 I later came across the book ‘Inventing the AIDS Virus’ by Dr. Peter Duesberg while at the bookstore and couldn’t put it down. He outlined his very convincing case against “AIDS” as we’ve all been taught. Various points in his book include: If HIV truly caused AIDS, then it needs to be present in every single person who has AIDS……which it isn’t; AIDS is not communicable….if it was, it would have spread like wildfire, instead of being contained within target key groups, such as gay males and drug users, because a true virus does not discriminate. It affects all humans equally, to ensure its survival. And what many people don’t realize is that what constitutes “AIDS” is actually an ever-growing umbrella list of diseases and ailments indicative of immune failure, not a single virus that can be viewed under a microscope…and it’s often times brought on by heavy drug usage. (That’s why they don’t test you for AIDS…..they test you for the HIV retrovirus. One is a real thing that can be determined with a test. The other is not. Although neither are actually connected.) From AIDS babies that had crack mothers, to the gay male culture heavily immersed in recreational drugs, to street people sharing needles, the one thing they all seemed to have in common was hardcore drugs that wrecked their immune system. And then there are those who have general immune problems….but it isn’t a virus called “AIDS” that can be looked at under a microscope and passed along as a contagion.

On a side note, several years after reading Dr. Duesberg’s book I came across an article in the Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel newspaper chronicling a gay male dying of AIDS. As I started reading the article I thought to myself, “I bet he used drugs when he was younger,” thinking of Dr. Duesberg’s theory. And sure enough, about half way down the article the guy mentions that in his younger days he was taking so many drugs he would have injected rat poison if you gave it to him….then went on to muse that he probably did. (such is the nature of unscrupulous street drug dealing, which my brother had confirmed to me. He talked about roach powder being passed off as various drugs to addicts who were so desperate and so far gone that they couldn’t tell the difference and didn’t care.) But this was yet another real world confirmation of Dr. Duesberg’s theory. AIDS is a money maker though. Especially now in Africa, where everybody is being diagnosed as having “AIDS,” no matter what their problem or ailment is, and doctors who are in line with the pharmaceutical corporations drive to their poor African village clinics in their Mercedes Benzes. This corruption is another thing that’s addressed in Dr. Duesberg’s book. So don’t just automatically believe what certain celeb spokespeople and frontmen are saying about “AIDS in Africa.” Things are not what they seem to be.

Also, don’t think that just because we’re offered the conspiracy theory that AIDS was manufactured in a government lab that this makes it a viable alternative to the mainstream theory. For starters…..using our brains here…….how do you manufacture a virus that only targets gay males and ghetto drug addicts?! Even with this conspiracy theory the average person is still, at best, only being given two options to choose from. I’ve encountered people in Internet Land though who had the mentality that because it’s a conspiracy means it has to automatically be closer to the truth than the mainstream story! Which is total bunk, and very bad logic. Use discernment. Apply thinking. Look for your personal proof. But maintain balance at the same time.


So those are some of the biggie issues we see around us in the “real” world. And on a minor note, here are some other binary thinking, polarized options and scenarios/ways of thinking we also typically encounter:


All or nothing, ie, “throwing the baby out with the bathwater.” Most reading this should be familiar with a term called “throwing the baby out with the bathwater.” It’s a common fallacy that a lot of people engage in. In truthseeking research, you see this commonly manifest with researchers who dismiss entire books, authors, or information in a clean sweep because they find one or several bits wrong with it. It’s another form of polarized thinking, involving either/or, “all or nothing.” This one is an understandable one though, and I’ve done it myself (interesting example – With Dr. Duesberg’s “AIDS” book mentioned earlier. The first time I attempted to read it I was annoyed to see him referring to chimpanzees as “monkeys” and thought, You know, if he got that wrong, then what the hell else is he wrong about??” I mean, come on, chimps are apes. Not monkeys. They don’t have tails. And so the book was tossed aside for about three to four years. Finally picked up again around 2001, choosing to overlook that mistake and just hear him out on everything else.) I’ve since learned that it’s best to pick and sift when reading any material, no matter what it is. From mainstream academic publications, to fringe conspiracy truthseeking material and matters of metaphysics and spirituality. Everything out there is going to be subject to the author’s biases and occasional error(s), it happens, because we’re all human. Nobody knows it all and has it all figured out, and to expect 100% perfection and lack of errors/misinformation is very unrealistic. The typical phrase you always hear goes, “Take what works for you and throw the rest away.” But I don’t entirely agree with that. My take on it all is, “Take what works for you….and put the rest on the backburner.” There’s been a lot of information I’ve come across that I can’t confirm or corroberate. But at this point in life I’ve learned not to just dismiss it outright and toss it in the trash. I just put it on the “only time will tell” back burner. Sometimes confirmation does come in, days, weeks, months, or even years later, and hey, that’s great. There you go. But yeah, admitteldy there’s times when I come across material that for me, is nearly 100% bunk as far as I can tell. (Some – supposed – trance channelers with vids on YouTube come to mind, won’t name names…) And so yes, I’ll toss it aside. BUT, even then, there still could be something of truth being said in it all. So, pick and sift. For me, I have this sort of unofficial way of determining whether a source is one I’ll continue to pay attention to. Basically, it’s a tally of how much incorrect/inverted stuff I find, versus correct stuff. That’s it. Pretty simple. If the flagrantly wrong/backwards/inverted material outnumbers the correct information, I’ll start looking somewhere else. If the correct information outweighs the incorrect, I’ll stick around, understanding that mistakes and biases happen, and that I’ll just have to engage in some picking and sifting while keeping an eye on things to see what direction things are going with that material. But in the meantime, I’ll file away in my mind the “wrong” source, in the event that the supposed disinfo. ever ties into anything I come across again in the future. Sometimes something you think is disinfo. can turn out to be useful in that it ties into something else in your research. But ultimately, the completely crazy part is that people will always be in disagreement about “what’s what.” There will never be an agreed upon source of information for anything, no matter what. This group over here follows so-and-so trance channeler, while this group thinks that particular channeling source is total bunk and prefers another. And this NWO, nuts-and-bolts conspiracy theorist doesn’t believe in channeling or any new age nonsense, while that mainstream group of people over there dislikes both new age stuff AND conspiracy theories, because it’s ALL crazy, anybody with half a brain knows that, pssh! So who’s right? Who’s wrong? Who knows. So, better not toss the baby out with the bathwater, and just pick and sift and sort stuff onto various backburners…..


Painting yourself into a corner. I have no idea what to even call this one, but I can describe it: It involves the idea that you have a particular situation or set up within society or within your personal life, whatever it may be, and something comes along to destroy it or tear it down and so now people are panicking and trying to fight to get things restored to the way things used to be…….but failing to see that the way things used to be was sucky to begin with. So, another form of “lesser of the two evils.” Right now we’re watching as the modern Western developed nations’ way of life that many enjoyed for the past few decades is taking a hard hit. Factors are converging worldwide, creating a fine old (manufactured, premeditated) mess, and it’s causing people to panic and fight to try to restore the way things used to be. But you don’t fight to restore something that never worked to begin with. How limited is that, you know? “You only have two options here! Either the old, faulty system, or, this fine old mess!” So when everything’s falling down it’s time to step back and just watch and analyze things. Maybe it’s falling for a reason. After all, even if you don’t see it directly, for someone somewhere, or for the planet’s health as a whole, there’s always a price to pay for the overindulgent, materialistic lifestyle of excess and waste that so many modern Westernized nations enjoy. Out with the old, in with the new. Roll with the changes, instead of fighting them. So people won’t be able to go to Best Buy and load up a shopping cart full of electronic toys they don’t really need. They won’t be able to go buy their 150th pair of shoes to stuff in their already overfilled clothes closet. They won’t be able to spend their free money on ornamental car and home accessories because they no longer have that free money. oh no. whatever shall we do. (roll eyes.) So this is a good one to keep in mind, not just with regards to what’s going on in society as a whole right now, but also within our personal realms. Something gets ruined, or taken down, or canceled, and somebody’s all upset about it not recognizing that whatever it was was never worth it to begin with. Not stepping back and rolling with things and looking for new – fresh – options and change is painting yourself into a corner.

Feelings vs. Intellect. This one runs rampant on a well known conspiracy/alternative news headlines and messageboard forum website out there in Internet Land which shall remain nameless. ;). The attitude over there (but which isn’t uniquely limited to them) is that it’s a choice between running on hard nosed, unfeeling intellect, or, being a gullible, illogical, emotions-oriented sap, governed by “the lower self.” As if those are the only two ways to be. But where’s the third option? I’d like to be the intelligent, aware, logical and discerning truth seeker who also follows a path with a heart. You can be tapped into emotions and feelings, yet still be smart and grounded and logical, contrary to what some people out there believe. And in my opinion it’s best to walk that middle ground, mixing both, versus choosing one extreme or the other. You don’t want to be one of those people who lets their emotions toss them about every which way, being ungrounded, with no logic whatsoever. (Ever try discussing or debating something with one of those types? Jeez Louise. Spinning off in a million directions, can’t stay focused and on topic, throwing out every logical fallacy and manipulation in the book, emotionally up and down and all around.) But being a hard assed, cold and unfeeling, unyielding robot isn’t the answer either. Balance. The middle ground.

College education, vs. blue collar livin’ in a trailer on welfare eatin’ pork and beans. I think the title of this part just about sums it up. ;D And this is something I delved into in my “Supplement to Working for the Puppet People,” about how we’re programmed at every turn that going to college = life of wealth and success, and not going to college = total poverty. Society has made the message quite clear – if you don’t go to college, then there’s no other way to make it in the world. Well that’s because TPTB desperately want you or your parents’ $100,000+, and your downward spiral into student loan/debt hell that comes about afterwards, which sometimes takes people up to ten years to pull themselves out of. ie – Where you become a slave to their system. That, and college is an excellent “mind control programming finishing school.” I’m not completely anti-college though – it has its good points, and some people really do benefit in life from it all, no doubt. But this polarized, either you go to college or you fail mindset runs rampant in our society and it’s such b.s., and I’m over it already. Our high school English teacher in SoCal used to lecture us that if we didn’t go to college we’d be driving the Hostess Ho Ho’s truck. As funny as that was, always making us laugh, it’s still absurd. But, she was programmed too. She really believed this. I didn’t go to college, and I’m not driving a Ho Ho’s truck. ! But I outline here and here and here and here what my own story is in that regards, don’t need to retread over old ground.

Health insurance, or, total suffering. In my article Sickness….It’s all in the Head I outline how I don’t have health insurance, why that is and how I made the transition, and some of the incredulous/skeptical/semi-ridiculing responses I’ve received by mainstream thinking people to this newfound mindset of mine. So I won’t go into it all again here, I’ll only just mention that this is yet another example of polarized either/or thinking that we’re surrounded by in this reality. Either you buy into the programming that we’re victims of random chance who have zero control over anything that happens to us, including our health, and make sure to always have (very expensive….) health insurance and run to the doctor every time something goes wrong and put your health and life completely in their hands, relying on pharmaceuticals and sometimes antiquated methods of treatment to “fix” and/or mask your problem, OR….you go without and completely suffer and probably die. The end. That’s it. Those are your options. :/ Um, no, I don’t think so, as I’ve outlined in my above mentioned article. That third option of natural remedies and mindset intentions/mind over body works quite well, as I’ve often discovered. ;)

“If you don’t support the War in Afghanistan and Iraq then that means you hate the troops!” And other such irrational conclusions and illogical nonsense, mixing extreme knee jerk emotionalism along with either/or thinking. You see this with all sorts of subjects out there though, not just concerning the war. On a messageboard forum years back I complained about something having to do with an aspect of Republicanism maybe, can’t really remember, but this one guy responded with a sarcastic jibe about me being a “Clinton lover.” ?? I never said anything about liking Clinton. I’m not only not a Democrat, but I’m not affiliated with any political party and refuse to take part in our system like that. But he was a binary thinking either/or type – “If you don’t agree with such-and-such Republican conservative viewpoints then it must automatically mean you’re a Clinton supporter.” As if those are your only two options in life. Um, how about “X!” none of the above. And when it comes to the “hate the troops” fallacy, I may be against all the illegal invasions that the U.S. has partaken in since 2001, under the guise of “defending freedom and spreading democracy because supposed terrorists flew planes into buildings on 9/11 so therefore we have to bomb innocent civilians in Afghanistan because Osama bin Laden might be hiding in a cave, and then go after Iraq because Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction which has nothing to with anything and it was the U.S. who funded him in the first place!” but, that doesn’t mean I hate the troops. My actual point of view is that I neither hate nor support our troops. They’ve chosen to enlist, they put themselves in that position, to do the things they’ve been ordered to do, and while I may not agree with it and don’t “support” it in the sense of waving flags and going “ra ra ra!” so they can feel better about themslves, I’m also not going to hurl expletives at them either. It’s their life, their choice. If anything I feel bad for them and what their families go through because I feel in most instances they’ve been duped into believing that they’re somehow protecting our freedoms, because that’s what we’re brainwashed to believe. There hasn’t been a truly “noble” war in the sense of actually protecting American soil since WWII….even though that was entirely manipulated as well. But any war since then had nothing to do with protecting American soil. We were never in danger of being taken over by Korea, Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan. Those were all either illegal invasions and/or corporate business ventures. And that’s a third option many can’t seem to process. Not supporting them, but not being against them either, and just seeing the entire war machine debacle for the manipulation that it really is. So much of society wants clearly defined sides and boundaries. You either wave the flag and blindly support the military troops and the wars they’re in, and if not then it absolutely must mean that you hate them. That’s it. One or the other. That’s all many people can handle.


We never went to the moon, vs. We did in the exact way that we’ve been told. I forgot about this one until recently, but this is a classic dichotomy within conspiracy circles. You have the mainstream public which believes in the Apollo space program as presented to us in books and the media, of which included the infamous July 20, 1969 first moon landing by the United States. Then you have a group of conspiracy theorists who believe we never went at all, and the entire thing was faked in a studio. Their proof is in NASA photos that they believe have discrepancies with light, shadows and angles, as well as the logistical difficulties considering where we were at technology-wise in 1969, etc.

However, last year I was reading an interview of Henry Deacon done by the people at Project Camelot, and despite whatever other issues I have with Henry Deacon’s stuff (and Project Camelot in general…) I do think that he made a great point about the moon landing that we’re not hearing. He proposed the third choice option: How about, we did go to the moon, buuuuut….we had a little help from some advanced (read, non-human) technology that the public isn’t supposed to know about. ;) And so some of the photos were faked to cover that up and are a little screwy….but it doesn’t mean we didn’t actually land on the moon. Whether it’s true or not, I don’t know, but I still think it’s great because again, nobody else that I’ve seen is even proposing this third option. All we ever hear are the two camps at war with each other, either we did go, and everything played out exactly as we were taught, or, we didn’t go at all, ever. Very limited and boring! Time to expand our options here.

While on the subject of conspiracy theories, there’s another related point worth mentioning. So many of the mainstream conspiracy websites and authors you see out there arrive at the same dead end, boxed in, limited 3rd density conclusions time and again. They might just be unaware of the higher, hyperdimensional aspects of reality, but you have to wonder if they’re not trying to deliberately steer readers away from thinking along those lines…..which ties back into removing options, presenting only limited choices to draw (inaccurate) conclusions from. Either way, when you’re missing most of the pieces of the puzzle you’re not going to be able to accurately see the emerging picture….so many conspiracy researchers/writers/speakers are just spinning their wheels as a result, going nowhere in their so-called truth seeking.


In the movie “The Matrix,” The Oracle gives Neo his fortune prophesy, telling him that soon, he will be in a situation where he’ll have to choose between either his life, or Morpheus’. Somebody is going to die….who will it be? Yet when Neo later finds himself in that exact situation, he spontaneously creates a third option – nobody’s going to die. He’s going to save Morpheus and live to talk about it. This two choice dilemma pops up again in “Matrix Reloaded.” This time from The Architect, the cold, “father figure” computer program that designed the Matrix: Neo can either save his love Trinity at the expense of all the people of Zion, or, he can save everybody in Zion at the expense of Trinity. Neither option is acceptable to Neo, but, those are his only two choices according to the Architect, who, as a computer program, can only think in a binary either/or way. Neo is “The One” though who’s lived life as a human, and as such has the ability for creative free thinking outside the program. And so once again he creates the third option. Save both Zion AND Trinity, sacrificing nobody. The Architect – ie, the binary thinking computer program – can’t comprehend this, referring to Neo as “an anomaly.”

I thought that scene was a good portrayal of an important concept that faces everybody here in this reality in some form or another. In fact, during a recent discussion with my boyfriend, we both concluded that one of the biggest problems that seems to be at the core of so much of what has gone wrong with humanity involves limited, either/or computer-like binary thinking. I was mildly ranting about several issues, but after discussing it all we both came to realize that this computer-like binary thinking and inability to comprehend multiple possibilities was at the core of what initially seems to be various unrelated issues. There are the types that typically only process the world in a limited, black/white, either/or binary robotic way, which can result in a plethora of problems affecting society as a whole, and then you have people who see more than two options, looking for a middle ground and balance. They analyze with logic and smarts, seeing multiple angles to things, picking and sifting, understanding shades of gray. The either/or limited thinking thing could very well be a trait that we’re all born with, because I myself have had my own various experiences with it. But it’s just a matter of whether one is able to recognize it and overcome it. Some do, many don’t. A good analogy would be the difference between perception as a two dimensional flat plane, versus three dimensional spatial.

I don’t know about anybody else, but I don’t want to be forced to choose between only a couple of limited options because everything else has been removed from our field of view, falling in line with binary either/or computer thinking. But that’s what’s being pushed on us in this reality everywhere we look. So in this write up I’ve given several examples of some well known “real world” concepts that we all know about to illustrate this false two choice dichotomy, but those are just the beginning. With this in mind, readers should be able to identify all the additional ways this dilemma crops up in our every day lives….so we no longer fall for it, and begin expanding our options.

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