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Re-thinking what we’ve been taught about health and medicine

by Carissa Conti
© February 12, 2006

Readers of my occasional forays into article writing may have begun to notice a repeating theme woven throughout my work — the concept that we have more power over what happens to us then we’ve been taught. I didn’t consciously set about to do this, it sort of just wound up evolving that way, probably because it seems to be at the root of most issues. Our society tries so hard to not teach this concept to us, and in doing so, has affected pretty much every aspect of our daily lives. Work, money, the day-to-day experiences we attract to ourselves and the way our lives and destiny unfold, the people we’re surrounded by who make up our personal cast of characters, our health and mental well being, and even death. At the core of everything lies our own thoughts, beliefs, perceptions and ideas of limitation, based on what our parents, peers, religion and society have mandated.

I’ve tackled work and money, and life and death in my previous outings. Now it’s time to examine health and mental well being…and the medical establishment and “Powers That Be” who are determined to veil some simple, basic truths from us.


I don’t have any sort of degree or formal study in health or medicine and I’m not a “trained medical professional.” But while this may render me as totally unqualified in the eyes of some to be spouting opinions about health practices, I on the other hand, believe that I’m actually probably better off for it! It means I’m more open and flexible to considering new and “radical” ideas, rather than rigidly being fixated in mainstream academia’s version of life and reality. What ultimately matters most for me is what I’ve learned through personal experience, and the stories that I’ve read and heard from others. All of which just so happens to fly in the face of whatever the mainstream medical establishment is doing.

I have proven for myself that with most things it’s the power of the mind, otherwise known as will, and your personal belief system, which determines what happens to you. You don’t want to get sick? Well you don’t have to. Put your foot down and say you won’t, and mean it. And you won’t. Want to get over a persistent ailment? Have a pow-wow with the body part in question. Don’t have money to go to the doctor for something small that’s bothering you? You don’t need to. Often times natural herbal remedies that can be put together from common ingredients will do the trick…and for 1/100th the cost of a trip to the doc and the resulting prescription meds.

The Power of the Mind Over the Body

The most important concept that must be addressed before anything else is the human mind’s almost unlimited ability to control its own bodily workings. Hypnotists know about it and have demonstrated it, using it to control everything from body temperature to heart rate and blood flow and the like, and it’s amply discussed in the book “The Holographic Universe”, by Michael Talbot. This was the book that first educated me into the power of the human mind. It’s something I already realized deep down, and had even danced with it on a surface layer on a couple of occasions, namely for overriding nausea, and blocking out cold temperatures. But it was when I came across this book that I realized the potential for actually curing health ailments. This was when surface layer suspicions became knowledge put into practice.

There’s a funny scene in the book concerning the author’s ongoing problems with his spleen. He visited a woman with some psychic abilities who looked at him surprised and asked, “Have you been yelling at your spleen??” And it turned out…he had! In looking over his energy body and physical body, she “read” his spleen and felt how he’d been grumping and yelling at it in frustration. The implication of this was that our organs are not something separate from us, they’re connected to our minds, more than we realize, and seem to have their own sentience. We can talk to our bodies and help steer them along in various directions, both healthy and unhealthy. After reading that I was able to try this out when I experienced a bladder infection, and also ear/jaw issues. The bladder infection wasn’t going away with the cranberry juice I was drinking (it was staving it off, but not fully conquering it), and the ear/jaw issue had gotten so bad that it was getting to the point where I could barely talk. So in both instances I laid down and had a pow-wow with each particular body part, and was able to eliminate both problems. After I talked to my bladder and visualized it conquering the bacteria once and for all I woke up eight hours later, fully fine. And in the case of my ear/jaw problems which had been getting worse and worse with every passing day, I explained to it that I don’t have insurance, and I have no money, so I just can’t have this right now. It needs to go away. I need to not have this right now. My tone was firm, but matter-of-fact and kind. And…it worked. Within twelve hours it was gone.

And the same principle applies in regards to getting sick and “catching a cold” or “coming down with the flu.” WE decide whether we’re going to get sick or not. Sickness is not just about “germs”, it has to do with our mental/spiritual states as well. When there are holes in your defenses, or when your mental / emotional state are not up to par, this weakens your body and allows stuff in which would otherwise be kept at bay. I’ve been at work surrounded by people who were deathly ill, but I intended, I am NOT going to get sick and get what they have, NO way.

And I didn’t. Despite sharing space with them, and touching the things they touched, and being exposed to their “germs.” I was absolutely fine. Does it mean I have some superpower immune system? Well, it could play a part. But knowing that I didn’t have to catch germs and that I have the ability to override that certainly helped. I am in charge of whether I get sick. So the next time you’re at work and people around you are hacking and coughing and sneezing and sniffling, and complaining about their sickness and trying to drag you into their sick vibe, smile to yourself and know…..their reality isn’t your reality. Know that you won’t get sick, and you won’t.

The power of the mind is an incredible thing, but modern civilization is so out of touch with our own selves that we’ve literally become cut off from our bodies. It’s understandable that most people would not be aware of this, because we’re not taught it. But even when people are told, they’re often times not receptive to it, and don’t believe it which is unfortunate, because it really has validity.

Fraudulent medical practices — whether intentional or otherwise

The modern medical establishment is an amazing wonder to behold…and also the most frustrating thing I can think of. I avoid doctors like the plague, yet I can simultaneously admire how far we’ve come with surgery and technology. They can do some pretty amazing things, no doubt about it…yet they also don’t have a clue about the entire workings of the human body.

The main problem lies in the fact that they don’t understand the power of the mind over the body, and they’re not aware/don’t believe in the energy body. When something is breaking down, their first response is to chop it out of the body. Hack it out! Remove it! Cut it away! Amputate that organ from its home! Rather than looking at how the psychological and spiritual is affecting the physical, they just treat the physical, and primitively look to hack and chop things out.

There’s also alternative remedies and treatments available for many things, to which the modern medical establishment won’t acknowledge. You don’t always have to knee-jerk operate for everything. I once met a Cherokee woman/shaman healer with a white, mainstream husband whose gallbladder was completely conking out. They brought the husband to the hospital when he began experiencing the gall bladder attacks and of course, they scheduled him to immediately have surgery to hack it out. Well, the wife wasn’t having it. As a believer and practicioner of alternative healing, she knew the issue could be resolved without surgery. This was absolutely unheard of to the doctors and nurses at the hospital. But she fought them to release her husband, so she could take him home and heal him herself. Stunned, and angry, the doctor told her “You’re taking him home to die. He will die if we don’t operate, do you understand that??” They made her sign release forms, so that when he died, not if, they couldn’t be sued for it. Then they let her take him home. They’d never be seeing him again, they were sure of it.

Well, he’s alive and well as I type this, so what happened? Her alternative treatment is what happened. Something about olive oil and lemon, that’s all I remember from her story. Glass after glass of it. And eight hours later, he was fine.

Another great story is actually the first one that ever crossed my path, at age 20. I was working as a hotel front desk clerk in SoCal, a big part of which involved shuttling the guests around in the hotel’s van. One afternoon I was shuttling an older woman of about 65 around on some errands, including a run to the health food store. I’d never encountered a health food store or even heard of one really, so that was the first time the idea of one even crossed my consciousness. And as we drove through traffic, she relayed a story to me. 25 years ago she had been diagnosed with cancer. Apparently the cancer had spread so far around her body that the doctor’s wouldn’t even do chemo for her. Said it was a waste of their time. Instead, they told her to go home and die. She had a six month death sentence. Except, she didn’t want to die. Overnight she did an about face and completely changed her diet. Eliminated all wheat, dairy and processed sugar and junk food, and began eating loads of veggies and doing juicing and eating and living completely healthy. And 25 years later, here she was. Sitting to the right of me in the hotel’s shuttle van. Still alive. The cancer went in remission, then disappeared completely from her body without a trace, never to return. This was completely new to me, I’d never heard anything like this before. It was just revelatory, and I hung on her every word with big eyes, like, “wow……..!” It made a huge impact on me. And even though I didn’t do anything right then to change my diet (at 20 you’re young and believe you don’t need to worry about that sort of thing just yet…) it did stick with me in a big way. She was living, breathing proof that A) Cancer can be cured, and without chemo, B) a healthy diet, eliminating common food ingredients that we consume every day, can accomplish this, and C) Doctors apparently don’t know what they’re talking about. These realizations create a trickle down effect that you can’t foresee at the time, but years later in retrospect you can see the impact. Anytime you hear the usual mind control memes about cancer being a killer, how there’s no cure, how chemo is the only way to go, etc. etc……you now reject it. Because you’ve seen living proof for yourself that this isn’t true. Going to the doctor no longer seems like such a smart thing to do and instead, you find yourself wondering what you can do for yourself first. Because you saw somebody who did just that and is still alive, 25 years after they were given a death sentence. And when you finally do start pursuing research into natural health remedies you nod your head and believe it because now you know. You’ve seen that there’s something to it.

So with that in mind, the following is an overview of what, in my opinion, is being exploited for maximum $$$ dollar $$$ profit $$$ by the medical establishment and pharmaceutical corporations, either purposely, or out of ignorance:

Cancer- There’s a billion types of cancer, and we’re pummeled with suggestive commands on a daily basis for how we’re all most likely going to develop some form of it before we’re 50. Skin cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, stomach cancer, bowel cancer, brain tumors, you name it, according to them, we’re all going to get it. To that I say……BS. Other people’s realities are not our own. Mind over matter. It’s all in your belief system. Do you believe you’re going to “get” cancer? Do you believe that it’s all genetic and you have no control over it? Think again! Author and cellular biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton has done some excellent work in this line of research, speaking about the “Biology of Belief”, and writing a book about the same subject called “The Biology Of Belief: Unleashing The Power Of Consciousness, Matter And Miracles.” I watched the video lecture on this same subject and it was absolutely fascinating. The subject matter was worthy and the way he presents his material keeps your interest right to the end. As a cellular biologist, Dr. Lipton was involved in studying the genes’ roll in getting sick, and soon came to realize that all the evidence was showing that our beliefs and perception are what influence our reality. Our health is completely in our own hands. If you believe you’re going to get cancer, then the genes are triggered to do so. It’s surprising and refreshing that a logical and skeptical-minded scientist would be open to seeing where the evidence is actually going…versus what he’s taught/told to see, the way most scientists are. The mainstream medical establishment brainwashes us every day to believe that we’re powerless victims that will get cancer, and that when we do, we need to be radiated with chemo to fix it. And nothing could be further from the truth. But there’s no way to do this subject justice, you’ll just have to watch his video lectures or read the book to see what I mean.

The AIDS scam — AIDS apparently isn’t a virus, and HIV isn’t what causes it. Until this book I never gave the subject of AIDS much thought. But afterwards there was no denying the many excellent and thought provoking points that Dr. Duesberg makes – If HIV truly caused AIDS, then it needs to be present in every single person who has “AIDS”…which it isn’t; What constitutes “AIDS” is actually an ever-growing umbrella list of diseases and ailments indicative of immune failure…often times brought on by heavy drug usage…but not one single “virus” that can be viewed under a microscope; AIDS is not communicable….if it was, it would have spread like wildfire, instead of being contained within target key groups. A true virus does not discriminate. It affects all humans equally, to ensure its survival. So if this is all news to you, then this book is a must-read. It also gets into the rich, Mercedes Benz driving doctors in Africa who run the clinics that diagnose everybody, no matter what the problem, as having “AIDS,” thus funding the pharmaceutical corporations and personally benefiting from it all. On a side note, I think the subject of AIDS has been a victim of the stereotypical polarized, false two choice option deal – either AIDS is exactly as “The Powers That Be” tell us it is, or, it was manufactured in a lab and let loose on gay men and other “undesirables” that the government wants to get rid of. To that I say……….X! How about the third choice option – I’m always talking about this ;) – which is that AIDS is what was outlined above. Not a real “virus.” But a modern by-product of other problems, that funds the pharmaceutical corporations and keeps thousands of people perpetually employed.

Mammograms and “Pre-Natal Care” as an industry – What did our ancestors do before “pre-natal care” ?? Nothing. They got pregnant, then gave birth. And here we are. So, does anybody else then question the pre-natal care industry, with its sonograms and medical tests and doc visits which generate mucho $$$ money for the medical industry?? There’s no doubt that many babies are benefited every year due to doctor visits which catch things that in the past would have slipped through the cracks – but there’s also no doubt that pre-natal care is a huge money generator, and they’ve gone way overboard with it. They’ve got women pressured through fear tactics to believe that they absolutely MUST go to a doctor every week during the nine month course of your pregnancy, and to do otherwise is an abomination.

Then you have the “Industry of Breasts.” Yes, breasts should seriously be their own industry by this point. Mammograms, mammograms, and more mammograms. Check your breasts every month. Get them X-rayed every year. Fearfully await the tumors that they’ve brainwashed you into believing are inevitable. “Race For the Cure”, “Lee Jeans for Breast Cancer Research”, pink ribbons, everywhere you go. Breast cancer is an obsession, and according to TPTB, an epidemic. But how much of it is a monster of our own making?? How much is preventable? Let’s look at some of the things in our every day lives that could be contributing to the breasts being affected in ways they wouldn’t have in the past:

Diet – ie, hormone laden milk products. Girls today are developing breasts years earlier than previous generations — and milk products are the suspect. Cows are given growth hormones to produce more milk and those hormones are then in the milk that we drink. The hormones affect the cow’s mummeries, and then we ingest it and it goes right to our own breasts. Next thing you know, your breast cell growth is out of control, turning into cancer. Most of the milk products I buy are organic, hormone and anti-biotic free, which is the way to go if you choose to still consume dairy.

Bras — We need to break free from the “bra conditioning.” Specifically under wire bras digging into your breast tissue 18 hours a day. Girls with A, and even B size cup sizes don’t need bras. I wear tank tops with built in support, which holds things in place without irritating the breast tissue. Society is so conditioned though that all girls must wear bras!!!…even if they’re small chested and have nothing to put in one. It’s ridiculous.

Antiperspirant – Smearing aluminum and other chemicals into your armpits every single day to cut off your natural sweat gland process can’t possibly be healthy. What does this do to your sensitive breast tissue which borders your under arms? So just say no to antiperspirants. Use natural deodorants.


Excessive Caeserian sections — Women being told that they have to have a C-section is a rampant issue in Fort Lauderdale where I used to live. In fact, the local alternative indy newspaper, New Times, did an expose on Broward General Hospital, and how women who had normal pregnancies were told — while in labor, in the delivery room — that oops! You need a C-section! Caeserians generate more $$$ for the $$$ hospital, so hmm, go figure. The issue isn’t just limited to Fort Lauderdale, Florida however, it’s a growing problem nationwide. Some women are just vain — or scared of the idea of pushing the baby out the natural way — and so opt for the C-section instead. But many are being told they need one, even when they don’t, just so the hospital can make more money. And when a woman is in labor, the last thing she wants to hear is that her baby is in danger. She’ll do whatever she has to do, bottom line. And the medical establishment knows that and takes advantage of it.

Circumcision — Otherwise known as genital mutilation, practiced on infant males in most modern developed nations, including non-Jews. It’s not necessary — stay on top of hygiene and you’ll be fine. The foreskin serves a valid purpose. Removing it is literally, mutilation. What’s interesting is the idea of possible psychological side-effects to boys who have circumcision. They won’t consciously remember the circumcision…but their subconscious minds do. How does that affect their developing psyches to suddenly find themselves in such a painful predicament, surrounded by their parents who are letting this happen? When you circumcise your baby, you’re doing so because the medical world has fed you a lie that to do otherwise is a health concern. You’re taking it upon yourself to mutilate your baby, and they don’t have a choice or say in the matter.

Over medicating kids with psych drugs — A HUGE issues nowadays that’s gaining attention and opposition thankfully in the mainstream world. More and more parents are being faced with the command by the public school system to medicate their kids….or else. Or else what? Or else lose their kids and have them placed in foster care, for something the TPTB want to label as “abuse.” Kids are being labeled as “hyperactive” and “Attention Deficit Disorder” and “Oppositional Defiant Disorder” and a host of other made up ailments for what often times amounts to normal child behavior. But sometimes a child does have a problem — but has anybody considered the diet that the child is being fed? What about their home life, and how they’re being treated? Is the home life unstable and dysfunctional? Diet and home life are the two main things that should always be considered first and foremost…and yet, they’re usually never considered at all. Not to state the obvious, but the fact is, TPTB want a nation of drugged up children who can’t think for themselves. When you’re drugged up, you’re passive. You’re easily controlled, and you’re not a threat. You don’t question things, you don’t challenge the status quo. You won’t rock the boat and try to change the way things are in this world. You’re taken out of the picture. With each and every kid that’s put on meds, they’ve eliminated one more threat. And another….


Vaccinations – This is another huge one that ties into overmedicating kids. Parents are being told that if they don’t vaccinate their children, their children won’t be allowed to attend school, as well as the parents being threatened with court or jail. People really need to do the research into what actually goes into vaccinations. Poisons, toxins, and heavy metals, etc. At the end of this article there is a link for a great website called The Doctor Within, which has resources on this topic. There are many more articles and websites also offering up information. The link between vaccines and autism and other health and mental disorders is now gaining serious attention, so if you’re a parent, please consider researching this subject.

Over medicating the population in general — Pop a pill for everything and anything nowadays. When something ails you, no matter how trivial, run to the doctor or your corner drugstore. Forget alternative healing, herbs, a better diet, energy work, mind over matter — it’s medication, not meditation. ;) I don’t own or watch t.v., but I’m aware of the proliferation of pharmaceutical ads that are run every night for every imagined problem under the sun. Impotence, cholesterol, heart disease, depression, irritable bowel syndrome, whatever it is….pop a pill. And fund the pharmaceutical corporations when you do. Give them money, lots of money, all your money. And in the meantime, like the rushed warnings at the end of the commercials say, your liver and kidneys may give out on you, or you may have a heart attack from elevated blood pressure, and you’ll die anyway — not from the problem you were taking the pill for, but for the complications that arose from the meds themselves. Oh, the irony.

Sunscreen — Is it possible that sunscreen causes the very skin cancer that it’s supposed to prevent? Take a look at the chemical ingredients in your typical sunscreen. Now tell me that slathering that stuff all over your body on a regular basis is supposed to be good for you. Maybe people will start connecting the rise in skin cancer with the correlating rise in sunscreen usage. They’re blaming the sun, when it may very well be the “protector” itself causing the problem. It’s hidden right under our noses.

A psychic guy I once knew (who also happened to work in a hospital) suggested that I look into nursing as a possible career. I thought that was interesting, and asked him why he thought I should pursue that. “Because you’d be good at it,” he smiled. Maybe so, but I was immediately torn by the ethics of it all. I can’t willingly work for such a corrupt industry, for all the reasons listed above. I have so many stories from either my own personal experience or people I know who took health matters into their own hands, deliberately defying doctor’s orders, deliberately ignoring the advise to “go home and die”, and who turned themselves around. I like the idea of learning medical skills, that appeals to me, and as a kid I was fascinated with surgery. The idea of healing people, “fixing them” and making things right is also appealing, which is probably what this psychic guy was picking up on with me. But now as an adult I know better about the mainstream medical establishment, and I could never work for it, for ethical reasons.

When you’re surrounded by people who are programmed…

It can be difficult to walk to the beat of a different health and medical drummer from the rest of the people around you. At every turn somebody is trying to make you feel weird and strange for the way that you do things or view things. Family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, people at social gatherings — health and medical issues are a common topic that often comes up in conversation, and so it’s hard to avoid. The key is to know your own truth. Stand your ground. You’re not the weird one — they are. If you’ve proven some things for yourself, then there’s nothing to feel weird about. If asked, and if you feel comfortable, explain the way you see it — if they choose to reject it, so be it. That’s their choice. At least you tried. Maybe eventually they’ll catch up sometime down the line. In the meantime, you planted a seed. But definitely don’t feel weird for it.

I’ve run into this myself too many times to count, like with the scientist I was talking to one time at a conference I was working through my temp job. The subject of me being a temp without insurance came up (he brought it up, not me), and he asked me (putting on this serious, surprised look) “What do you do when you get sick??”

There was a second or two where I thought, hmmmm………….do I answer truthfully?

Sure, why not! And so I did. “Well for starters, I usually never even get sick, so it’s not something that’s an issue for me. But for those rare times that I do, I just treat myself through natural remedies.”

He looked at me like I was from another planet. I figured at best, he’d nod politely or something. But he went out of his way to (try) to make me feel like a freak for saying that.

Didn’t work though. :) Know your own truth, remember. And I know mine, because I’ve seen it work, over and over again. Doesn’t matter to me whether he agrees or not. Who is he to me, anyway?

Then there was the time I badly sprained my right wrist in a roller blading mishap. I wiped out in the middle of the road, getting road burn on my thigh and landing smack on my right wrist. I hobbled home, got in my car, limped around Walgreens, bought a wrist brace, and went about my business. People at my work incredulously asked, “You didn’t go to a doctor??” because for so many in the world, “going to the doctor” is what you just automatically do anytime there’s a problem. You don’t even try to think, or fix yourself, you just look for the adult who can take care of you and tell you what to do. My answer was, Hell no! I can take care of myself. (I think the apprehension concerning my wrist stemmed from what happened to my younger brother when he was 12, and broken his own arm/wrist area from a fall. The docs set the bones incorrectly, resulting in having to later operate on him to re-break it and re-set it. But things were still not right, and he was left with a damaged wrist for years after that never worked right. He’d have to keep it wrapped in a brace for support, and the circulation would periodically cut off, turning his hand reddish purple. So needless to say, people can probably understand my sense of alarm at the idea of going to the doctors for an injured wrist. !!!) On my third day of having the brace I instinctually knew to take it off and gently rub rub rub the hand and wrist and get the blood flowing — then apply Tiger Balm for relief. It worked like a dream, and to this day my wrist is fine, no trace of the injury. Who needed the doctor anyway? All that money I would have had to spend?

It can also be a challenge to stand your ground at jobs, where the whole “Breast Cancer Awareness” fund raisers often run rampant in offices. I don’t believe for a moment that my five dollar contribution will help find a cure for breast cancer. So I don’t do it. I can’t humor the illusion. Let my co-workers give me “the stares.” That’s fine. It’s their issue, not mine. They believe something I don’t. In fact, they believe a whole lot of stuff I don’t. !! I can’t play the game anymore.

At every job, I’m inevitably offered health insurance, with the too-high-for-my-liking costs deducted out of each paycheck. (after taxes and insurance deductions, what’s left?!) And each time, I now reject it. The last time I had insurance was in 2003, but I finally woke up and canceled it, realizing that I’m the one who controls whether or not “stuff” happens to me. When we throw money away every month on insurance we’re saying that we buy into the victim of random chance mentality….and I don’t. So why not save our money, research other methods of preventative health and medicine treatments, and walk a new path?

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