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Number Sightings

Are there certain numbers that you consider to be “your” numbers? Do you find that when you glance at the clock it always seems to be at a certain time? Take it a step further, and have you even gotten the same particular numbers that appear on various things that you come into contact with? If so, that would be what I call “number sightings”, for lack of a better term. It’s a very real phenomena, and one that goes above mere chance and statistical probability, as I will show.

Numbers, counting and math are universal amongst all cultures. And in our modern, technology-based society, numbers are everywhere. With the digital age we have an increase in the ways in which numbers can appear to us — digital numbers on your cell phone, alarm clock, computer, iPod, car dashboard clock, DVD player, television, stereo, video gaming system……numbers, numbers, everywhere. So I find it interesting that the New Age idea of “evolving to a higher realm” and “spiraling out of consciousness,” with numbers such as 11:11 supposedly acting as a signpost of this, happened to come about in this modern technology advanced society…where digital numbers make these supposed signposts possible. With so much digital numbering going on around us, probability would have it that the phenomena of frequently seeing repeating number patterns would naturally be on the increase. The more techno gadgets we own and come into contact with, the more opportunities there are for sightings. So are the increase in number sightings a natural result of the digital age, or is something higher – whether positive or nefarious – taking advantage of the digital age to communicate? Can our own consciousness also take advantage of the technology to synchronistically draw to itself various sorts of phenomenon, including numbers? I think it can be any one of those theories, depending on the situation.

A good place to start for anybody who’s researching this subject is to learn a little about numerology, the meaning of numbers. Without the foundation of what the commonly accepted archetypal meaning of a number means, it might be harder getting to the bottom of why a particular number/sequence keeps appearing.

Here’s a rundown of commonly accepted number meanings to get you started if you’re unfamiliar with this. ( And just to note that I didn’t come up with these meanings. At the end of this piece I cite several sources of research if the reader is interested. But I realized I should make note of that after seeing the following copied and pasted and passed around the ‘net on blogs and message boards, with people crediting me with this information.)

0 – Timelessness, super consciousness, God.
1 – Beginnings, origins, conception, individuality, the ego.
2 – Union, partnership, two halves of a whole, coming together, duality, polarity — male, female, yin and yang, good and evil, etc.
3 – Life, inner strength, creativity, planning, developing, constructing, striving, the divine Trinity, past present and future, as well as mother father and child, where two join together to create a third.
4 – Stability, work, labor, structure, foundation, earthly things, the cube, the square. Being satiated.
5 – Action, change of course, daring and bold nature, the five human senses, material excess, Man and primal urges. In occultism, think of the pentagram.
6 – Tranquility, harmony, balance, love, perfection, things are flowing and being in the flow. Then there’s the bible with its claim that God took six days to design creation. So even if one is not religiously inclined (I myself am not) that is another association that has to be taken into consideration.
7 – High spiritual achievement, mental perfection. Other sources define 7 as the waiting period, being stuck, unable to move forward, a time of evaluation, the unstable period before inevitable change. “On the seventh day God rested.”
8 – Power, authority, will, material gains, success, energy, karma, entering a new phase. The sign for “infinity” is a figure 8 tipped on its side.
9 – Endings, rebirth, reformation, recovery, things coming full circle. The circle is 360 degrees — 3 + 6 + 0 = 9.
10 – Closure of a cycle, transformation, beginning anew, possibly on a higher level. Also, computer binary code, indicative of “a program”, is the repeating 10101010.
11 – Mastery of a domain, the master builder, spirituality, enlightenment, potential to achieve. Many MANY people have reported consistently spotting a variation of this, which is 11:11, namely on clocks. Two interesting theories include 11:11 being a trigger code to wake us up and raise ourselves out of the illusion; or, being in the flow and on the right track, with things lining up, as evidenced by the parallel line structure of 1111. In trying to figure out how people came to decide that 11:11 is a “trigger code” of some sort, I came across a definition of the number 11 in Mary Summer Rain’s “Guide to Dream Symbols” book. She claims that 11 represents misplaced values. I thought that was interesting since she’s pretty much the only source saying this. If 11 represents misplaced values, then getting 11:11’d could be a reminder to rethink our values and strive for something better…..?
12 – Spiritual strength, divine protection. It’s a related form of 3, since when it’s broken down, 1 + 2 equals 3. 1212 calls to mind the idea of one foot in front of the other, 1-2-1-2….
13 – Obstacles to overcome, death, destruction, end and beginning. It’s also one of those numbers affiliated with occult ritual practices.
28 – The moon cycle, the feminine cycle. 28 is 2 + 8, which is 10. Think of the meaning of the number 10 and how it matches with the concept of the moon and feminine cycles.
33 – High potential, mastery of spiritual consciousness. (Conversely other sources cite 33 as being the initiate.) The 33rd rite of the Scottish rite of Freemasonry is the highest level one can achieve. The bible, which was supposedly re-written by Freemasons, has Jesus dying at 33.

Now, just because a number keeps appearing to a person doesn’t mean it’s always positive, or that it has your typical new age meaning behind it. Even though I mention keeping a log book to document the events happening to a person it’s also worth noting that it’s important to not obsess and go off the rails with the phenomenon. Later on in this piece I get into what seems to me to be the viral nature of number sightings, and how hyper awareness and obsession seems to lead to them spreading from person to person.

For me, the main numbers that have followed me around for the longest time have been 119, 948, and 141. 119, for my birthday, 11/9. 9:48, for the time I was born. And 141…well, it wasn’t originally my number, but it transferred over to me. But more on that in a moment. In 2003, as my awareness grew, the number sightings branched out to include repeating numbers such as 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 1111, etc., sequence numbers such as 123, 234 and 1234 and even more unusual yet meaningful numbers such as 1133, 1010 and 1212.

So, about the whole 141 transfer thing: 141 had been my brother Joe’s personal number, something that supposedly followed him around. With Joe it was always “141 this” and “141 that”, although I never saw any proof of this, I just took his word for it that it was happening. I myself didn’t have numbers that followed me around like that. However, once I moved up to Portland, Oregon in November 2001, that started to change. Not too long after arriving in Portland where I was roommates with my brother (who was a mind controlled “MILAB” pawn/abductee, see my book “Chasing Phantoms” for more on this) I began to notice that I was seeing 11:09 an awful lot on the clocks. I’d get the urge to glance at my digital alarm clock at home, or at the computer clock at work right when it was 11:09. My birthday is 11/9, so the number meant something to me. Coincidentally, before starting to see these numbers in Portland, I’d recently begun “assigning” the numbers 119 and 948 to myself, usually within passwords and stuff. So I’d consciously reached out to those numbers you could say, which I think plays a big part in how the phenomenon can happen. This is a point I’ll return to again at the end of this piece, when I discuss the important role that awareness seems to play in drawing number sightings to oneself.

It was during this time period in 2001 that I discovered that my dad’s phone extension at work back in Connecticut was now…*141.* My first thought when I heard the voice mail recording at his company announcing his name and “141” attached to it was to think, “oh great, now they got to you too.” :/ When I told my brother about it he just stared at me deadpan. For him this was so incredible he made me redial the number just so he could hear for himself.

Then the night Joe was arrested in Portland, caught breaking into a building with stolen items on him from a previous burglary, everything changed. (That just came from out in left field, huh? :D Oh, the drama….) It’s a long story, which I won’t get into here, but that was the night that 141 transferred over to me. Five minutes before the cops showed up with my brother in the back of their car I got another 11:09 on the clock. It literally made me stop in my tracks, frozen in place for a few seconds realizing “Okay….this isn’t right…something is happening…” Then five minutes later the doorbell rang. How right I was. Almost an hour an a half later when they were asking me to sign a warrant for them to search my belongings (since I roomed with him and was considered equally as guilty until proven innocent) I had to put the date and time on the paperwork. I glanced at the clock, which said 12:21. A mirror number, the same backwards and forward. Not only that, but my full given name adds up to 84 in numerology, and 8+4 = 12. Joe’s adds up to 21, without having to break it down.) Pretty clever.

“But wait…there’s more!” ;) 1221 also happens to break down to:

1 2+2 1
1 4 1

When the cops were finally leaving I glanced at the clock for only the third time that evening. And it was 1:41 a.m. exactly. The cops were leaving at 1:41, with my brother in tow, but the fun had only just begun.

141, and the other two numbers, came up repeatedly throughout the course of that insane weekend. Every time I had the urge to glance at the clock that weekend it was 10:41, 11:41, 1:41, 11:09, 9:48, or some combination, such as 4:11, 10:14, 11:14, 1:14, 11:19 or 9:11. Even when I had the urge to look at my mileage odometer. I was sitting in my car in the Rite Aid parking lot intensely contemplating whether to bail my brother out of jail — yet again — then I had the urge to glance at the odometer, something I rarely pay any attention to. And it just so happened to be at exactly 119,974. My birthday is 11/9/1974. Close enough for horseshoes. It was absolutely out of control, and at the time I had the feeling that there was a “tug of war” going on between 119 and 141. 119, my number, me, and 141, my brother’s number, him, who was dragging me down in life and who I was trying to make a break from.

141 became a regular part of my life ever since that weekend. I would also come to discover that 141 is embedded within my brother’s birthday. 1/31/1981. Breaking it down numerology style, which reduces numbers down to single digits, we get:

3 + 1 = 4
1 + 9 + 8 + 1 = 19 (= 10 = 1)

Hyperdimensional fingerprints?

So, with that in mind, let’s review some of the more intriguing highlights of my number sightings taken from one of my old personal log books so you can see what I’m talking about. And while some of these examples aren’t as interesting as others, I include them because they seem to illustrate examples of how intense awareness and focus on certain numbers seems to synchronistically draw more of them in. (And I will say this – by this point in 2013 it’s funny for me to go back and read some of these entries from over 10 years ago, being that my mindset was so different back then. :D Back then the numbers thing, and especially 141, kind of freaked me out, and that comes through loud in clear in some of these entries where I describe my reactions. It was new to me and I was getting caught up in this weird phenomenon, and thus probably helping to cause more of it. The me now in 2013 just waves it off.)

As I’ve written in another article, skeptics love to dismiss woo-woo subjects such as synchronicity, number sightings and the like as being “just a coincidence.” Many things probably are just a coincidence, but when something happens enough times, in enough unusual ways, then at what point is it no longer just a coincidence? That’s the benefit of keeping a log, it allows one to keep track of what’s happening, and to what degree, so one can make that personal judgment call about whether something has gone beyond that point of no longer being “just a coincidence.” I’d like to think I accomplished that with the examples coming up. (But once again, later on I also get into the importance of striking that balance between keeping a log, and descending into obsession.) My log books are filled with many an entry that simply states that I had the urge to glance at the clock right when it was a certain time, whether it be 11:09, 1:41, or some form of those numbers. While that’s definitely important and it’s the exact type of situation you could document if you were set about to log your own number sightings, I won’t bore you to tears by listing all of those entries. ;) It gets repetitive, and you get the point. Bonus photos for illustrative proof are mixed in throughout, and following the log excerpts is a summary conclusion section, and some possible answers for what it all means and how it all works.

November, 2001

I grabbed this shot while poking around in the the industrial ghetto area of Portland near the Willamette River and the 5 freeway. Since the shot came out so dark I was going to just toss this pic in the trash, but for whatever reason put off doing it, felt this nudge not to. And it wasn’t until months after the fact that I even realized that the numbers on the billboard in the background just happened to be… 119. Didn’t even notice it when I took the picture. Shows how alert I can be. ;)

May 30, 2002

I had been at my desk at work pondering the 141 phenomenon, and doodling it on some paper. Then I got up to go check my in box, and mixed in with my pile of work was a print out that wound up in my box by mistake, with a date stamp of 1:41 p.m. [This seems to be one of those examples that shows how awareness/focused thought draws more of something in.]

Approx. June — July 2002

Had that tug to look at the computer clock at work and saw that it was 10:40, about to be 10:41, and I was like, AHHHH! NO!! I won’t look!! So I refused to look at the clock. Instead, I reached for the mouse to maximize my Spinner Radio tool bar and see what songs were playing. When it maximized, I saw that the current song had exactly 1:41 minutes/seconds left to go. So I got 141’d anyway, even though I tried to avoid it.

Tuesday, September 3, 2002

Was running letters through the postage meter at work. Happened to glance at the letter count and saw that it was at letter # 141 at that exact moment I had the tug to look.

Glanced at Spinner Radio song info. later on and saw that the song playing had hit the exact 1:41 mark for time left to go.

September 28, 2002

We were at Hollywood Beach [FL] Tom went to check the parking meter to see how much time we had left on it after we had been at the beach for awhile roller blading. The meter was at the exact moment of 1:41. This is the start of the 141 phenomenon spreading to Tom now, with 141 happening with him around to see it.

Wednesday, October 9, 2002

Today I had the following:

  • 141 on a certified mail receipt — Specifically, it was one that I messed up on and had to re-assign a new certified receipt number to it. When the change was all said and done, the new number wound up ending with “141.”
  • Got up to go run the mail through the postage meter. Looked at the clock and saw it was exactly 11:09.
  • Ran this particular batch through the meter, (included that letter with the new re-assigned 141 number). The total of this batch came to $ *141*.72. These three incidents were all within one hour.

October 11, 2002

Tom’s been waking up in the a.m. at either 10:41 or 11:41 now. The other night he was in his apartment writing on his computer when someone outside in the street in front of his apartment building yelled out “HEY!!” He looked up and saw that it was 1:41 a.m. What are the odds.

October 25, 2002

Was inputting data into a spreadsheet, and screwed up on one of the entries. First screw up that I had done….turns out it was for unit # 1109. Later, had the urge to look at the time — It was 1:41 exactly. This all happened within 15 minutes.

December 4, 2002

Had to re-boot my computer because it was wigging out. While it rebooted I went to the restroom. I came back, settled down at my desk, grabbed my tea and glanced at the clock, thinking that it was 12 — 12:15 and getting close to lunch. Instead it was exactly 11:41. [Something I noticed back then is that the events surrounding the way in which 141 would happen for me kind of symbolically correlated with my personal negative meaning of the number. In this case it was the computer malfunctioning. In other cases it was screw ups and mistakes happening.]

December 14, 2002

Tom and I were at Best Buy and I glanced at a radio stereo thing that was on display. It had an LCD clock. And the time happened to be, right when I looked?……1:41 p.m.

Later this particular night Tom was placing an order online, and the grand total with all taxes and shipping came to $141.00. Exactly. Another 141 spreading to Tom moment.

December 22, 2002

Tom was driving back to Iowa, and a BMW swerved in front of him on the highway almost causing Tom to run off the road, even though there was plenty of room for this guy because the highway was empty. Tom looked at the plate and saw that it had 141 in it.

January 2, 2003

Received a fortune cookie that listed my Daily 3 lotto numbers as being 1 – 4 – 1.

You know, I was wondering how long it was going to take for me to get this one. I eat take out from this Chinese place down the street maybe once or twice a month and the fortune cookies always have that Daily 3 thing on the back, as well as the 6 lotto #’s. I actually wondered if something would rig reality to give me a cookie with 141 in it. I swear, every time I’d get take-out I’d excitedly tear into the cookie first, before everything else, hoping for a 141 on the back. So when I actually got it, part of me wasn’t surprised. I’ve been waiting for it.

The actual fortune itself that came with the 141 read: “Depart not from the path which fate has you assigned.” As I was driving to the Chinese restaurant I had been pondering my life purpose/fate and wondering who I am REALLY, why I’m here, and how the MILABS nonsense fits into the whole picture. Then I get that fortune? Talking about “fate” and giving me 141? What are the odds??

[NOTE: considering that later on after this section it’s explained that one meaning behind the 141 phenomenon is to indicate when I’m off track in life and on the wrong path I find this fortune to be extremely interesting indeed…]


Week of January 20 — 24, 2003
(don’t remember the exact date)

Was in the kitchen at work, feeling suddenly compelled to engage Jenny the receptionist in a mindless conversation about her entertainment fashion mags that she always totes around. It wasn’t retarded to her, since this is where her mindset is 24/7, but it was mindless to me, and I knew that I knew better. Anyway, so I’m talking to her about the different famous people on the covers, feeling slightly wired and hyper, NOT my usual self, when I suddenly thought, “What the hell am I doing?! Why am I having this retarded conversation?!” And right then, Jenny, who was microwaving her lunch, reaches over to the microwave and hits the stop button to pull her food out. The microwave had exactly 1:41 left to go when she hit the stop button.

I stopped what I was saying in mid-sentence and trailed off. Jenny gave me a funny look and asked, “What’s wrong?” I didn’t answer. I mean, what do I even say to that?

This alone is freaky, but there’s a little bit more to this, multiple elements happening:

  1. I wasn’t acting like myself. I felt like I was under the spell of something else;
  2. When I “stopped,” the microwave stopped…at 141, mirroring my action.
  3. This whole week, January 20 — 24 I’ve had a “fried brains” feeling, off and on, like my brain’s being cooked, which I mentioned to Tom. [hence…the microwave.] One afternoon in particular it was REALLY bad. I got home and had to lay down, and thought to myself for a split second that Oh, it’s just from talking on the cell phone for too long……before realizing that I hadn’t been on any cell phone. I didn’t even use one anymore by that point in life.

March 2, 2003

Received receipt that had 141, 119 AND Joseph C. (my brother’s first name and last initial) all rolled into one. The events surrounding the incident are completely far fetched as well. I was at a Marshall’s store, and had been thinking about a particular incident involving my brother Joe (who’s no longer in my life) while walking around. Then when I got to the check out lanes I started out in one particular line, but had the urge/tug/nudge to move to another. And because I moved to this other line I wound up with the cashier named “Joseph C,” as noted on the receipt.

Then I picked up my bags and began to leave the store without getting my receipt, and that’s when the cashier called out “MA’AM! Your receipt!!”

Huh, thanks, I said, and went back to get it, thinking that his urgent tone was a little unusual. Decided to look over the receipt, and lo and behold I saw the 141, the “Joseph C,” and the time, which was exactly 1:19 p.m. The odds of things coming together so that I was rung up at that exact minute were pretty amazing, especially considering everything else on the receipt. And then there was the message itself at the bottom of the receipt that said, “What Will You Find This Time?” The whole thing is so obviously impossible. That’s why I’ve concluded that time does seem to be flowing backwards, which I discuss at the end of this piece. It’s as if we are chess pieces that get ourselves in position in order to align with something that has already happened in the immediate future, and which is trickling backwards.

March 22, 2003

I’ve written about this particular incident in my book, “Chasing Phantoms,” but on this morning/afternoon I had telltale indicators of having been abducted the night before. Including the memory of sitting on a chair in a room that had yellow tinted light, in a (drugged? hypnotic trance?) daze, scratching at a spot on my lower left arm until a spotty rash appeared. I was at Einstein Brothers Bagels in Ft. Lauderdale when this memory spontaneously resurfaced in my mind. Without even thinking I grabbed at my left arm and turned it around, fully expecting to see the rash I remembered in my mind. And it was there. It was starting to fade, but it was there, and it was real. !! That’s the first part and most important aspect of this incident. On a minor note was the number sightings I received on the receipt from Einstein’s. The receipt has deteriorated over time, but you can still make things out. There’s a 12:21 for starters, a number I talked about in the intro. to this section, a mirror number tying into my brother, and which also breaks down to 1-4-1. And then there is the 141 itself, as the amount of change I received back.

August 20, 2003

I received a post on the _____ message board forum from this dude regarding the topic of military experimentation and mind control on its personnel, and it was posted to me at exactly 11:41 a.m. I’m the one who broached the subject, suggesting it as a possible explanation for the crazy things that have happened to him throughout his life, which smacks of “them” and how they operate. He’s a textbook experiment example, based on what he’s revealed so far. And surprisingly, he responded to it, at 11:41 of all times.

Monday, October 6, 2003

Was processing stop payment checks at work and came across one where I could not locate the account or homeowner’s name in the computer.

And the address? It just so happened to be……11974. My birthday is 11/9/74. So an account that didn’t actually exist, which also just so happened to be my birthday. Hmm. Any possible double meanings surrounding this, I wonder? ;) O.o

Wednesday October 15, 2003

I was at work, entering checks into the computer, when my phone rang. I glanced at where I was in my inputting…….I was at exactly “141 of 141”. I rarely get calls anymore since transferring to the Accounting department, and this was an outside call, which was even more weird. Nobody should be calling me, really. I didn’t recognize the number either. I kept looking back and forth from the ringing phone to my computer screen which said “141 of 141,” feeling confused. My split second immediate reaction was surreal, wondering if it was really happening, or was I imagining it?

Also had a “911” sighting shortly before this, while inputting. Had the urge to glance at the clock, right then.

Saturday October 18, 2003

At Miami Subs – Our order # assigned to us was 141. Interesting odds on this. I also highlighted the weird bit about how my total was 315, ordered at 513. The same number, in reverse. Thought that was…..odd, and the timing for that to occur has to be pretty amazing to say the least.

Thursday, October 30, 2003

I stayed late at work, and was getting ready to leave around 6 p.m. I went back to Production to drop off some stuff and started talking to the property manager Val on the way. Mentioned to him that it’s a good thing that he didn’t go to the ______ meeting on Monday, because it lasted for like 3 hours and 15 minutes, so I heard. He said, “That’s okay, my meeting last night at _______ didn’t let out until 10:41.”

I just stared at him, like, huh??

“10:41?” I said.

“Yea-up, 10:41.”

Before the conversation was over he’d end up saying one more time, just for good measure.

But it wasn’t 10:42. Or 10:39. Even just rounded up to 10:45 like most people would do.

Nope. It was 10:41.

(NOTE: had ear ringing a half hour before this).

Also saw 9:48 this morning on the clock at work.

Monday November 17, 2003

My computer wigged out on me and said “A Fatal Exception Has Occurred”……at 10:41 a.m. (according to my phone clock…..) I had to re-boot it. More possible double meanings? ;)

Friday December 12, 2003

I had a deja vu at work when my phone clock said 11:09 and my computer clock said 11:14.

December 18, 2003

Lorena came up to me in the morning telling me to be on the lookout for a check for ______ that would be for “1109…” and that if I saw it, to give it to her. I made her repeat this just so I could clarify that she just said what I thought she said. Yup, it would be for $11.09. A check that might come my way but which was not intended for me… (double meaning? ;) ) and it so happens to be for 1109.

February 6, 2004

I stayed about 15 minutes late at my temp job to finish up something so that it wouldn’t be leftover for the next day. Because I stayed late I wound up behind a car on my way home while sitting at a red light which had a plate that simply said:

I 4 I

Nothing else, just I 4 I. Not 141, but “I” as in an eye. Eye for an eye. This was the first time I thought to look at the 141 thing in this way. Interesting. And again, what are the odds that this would happen. If I hadn’t stayed a little late at work….


February 16, 2004

Tom and I had parked in a parking garage, on our way out to dinner in downtown Fort Lauderdale. When we got out of the car I noticed that the exact parking space we picked just happened to be numbered A1-74, D19. Which doesn’t seem like much at first, buuuut….looking closer, you can rearrange the letters and numbers to read 11 9 74 AD. My birthday. 11/9/74. ;)

February 16, 2004, the date that this happened, was the two year anniversary of the day I left Portland, with plans to continue to Florida. Goro Adachi talks about the whole “two year echo window” thing, a phenomenon of which I’d independently noticed myself, in a slightly different way. But as noted elsewhere in this piece, it’s good to look at the dates themselves to note whether there is any symbolic significance to when and why things are happening. Look for patterns in the chaos. Maybe the birthday numbers have to do with the idea of new beginnings, and that’s why it happened on this particular day? Who knows….

May 20, 2004

Was at work, and David told both Gail and I that he was waiting for a fax from a woman who said she had sent it hours ago, but it never showed up. He said, “I hung up the phone with her at 9:48, so she would’ve faxed it right after that…”

I just stood there, with that weird, “Did he just really say that? Is this really real??” feeling I sometimes get. I mean, 9:48 exactly? And emphasizing it in a conversation that I’m standing next to?? hmm.

Also got 9:48’d at night on the clock when I was at home.

In general I was getting 9:48’d here and there during this couple of day time period. Has to mean something. 9:48 is the time I was born…..birth, new beginnings? I think it coincides with some major new perspective and outlooks I have on things, and new spiritual growth, which I’ve documented in my journal book.

August 14, 2004

Woke up this morning at 9:48 a.m. on the nose, followed by a body twitch/jerk spasm sort of thing. Not normal for me at all. VERY weird. (Later today I had an ear ringing, left ear. Tom has had deja vus the past two days as well as an ear ringing, left ear). This also happens to be the one year anniversary time period of some major craziness/interference that transpired with Tom and I the year before. I like to look at the dates for when things happen, not just the happenings themselves. It’s the whole “stepping back and looking at the big picture thing,” inspired by Goro Adachi who has noted date patterns within the supposed chaos of reality.

September 2, 2004

Tom and I and the Kitty left Florida, for good, with hurricane Frances on our heels. My car mileage was at exactly 141,026 when we left. So, my car had only JUST flipped to *141*,000 miles when this all went down. Back when it was at 140,000 miles I had wondered so many times what was going to be happening in my life at the point where I reached 141,000. The odds of this are, like everything in this log book, incredible. (mileage photo coming soon, needs to be scanned.)

September 4, 2004

Checked in at a Super 8 Motel in Charlotte, North Carolina for Tom and I and was assigned room number 141. Astronomical odds on this one.

[On a sidenote: When I left Portland in February of 2002 and went back down to SoCal, I got a room in Santa Ana at the Key Inn on February 18th, before hitting the road to drive to Florida. The room number I was assigned? 119.]

September 10, 2004

[After leaving Florida due to the hurricane, and relocating to Virginia] We were in the progress of trying to get an apartment at ________, which felt all wrong to both of us. Something was nagging at us, but we felt that we were backed against the wall and had no options appearing to us at that moment. There was another place we were supposed to look at, referred by a friend named Cameron, but we couldn’t get a hold of Cameron, he wasn’t answering his cell phone. So in the meantime, as a precaution, we were filling out applications at ______ and leaving Tom’s credit card number for the deposit fees. While we were waiting for Ashley to run the credit check and all that, we left for lunch. As we exited the leasing office, we saw that parked right in front of the office, at the bottom of the stairs in front of us, was a maintenance cart with a big ol’ 141 on the side door, facing us. Tom ran for his camera and got a picture. (the update on this was we finally got a hold of Cameron, checked out the other place, which was the right one to be, and which we ended up getting…and which happened to have the apartment building number 111 of all numbers, so it all worked out. But we weren’t meant to be at the other place, obviously.)

September 22, 2004

We were watching the movie “Brazil” and decided to stop it for the night, and when we did, we realized it was paused at exactly 1:41 (one hour, 41 minutes) into the movie. Which in itself isn’t a big deal. But it was exactly 1:41 a.m. on top of it.

October 11 – 15, 2004

I only just realized today that my timesheet for the temp agency that I’d just signed on with has the number “1141” stamped on it in red in the upper right hand corner of the margin. My other blank timesheets have no number at all stamped on them, anywhere. Have a copy of this. [Not sure how to interpret this in retrospect….or if it should even be interpreted at all…..because the temp job was perfectly fine, and the temp agency in general was something I wound up being with for a full five years, until I accepted a permanent position with a company in 2009. It was very good to me and kept me consistently employed. So, I’m not sure why the 1141. This is one of those examples where maybe it was either a giant “coincidence,” or, an example of something trying to mess with me, I don’t know.]

Wednesday November 24, 2004
141, 11:11, 222, 555, 1010

I had another interview today, with yet another company/job situation I had serious doubts on, but, I went anyway because hey, you never know. It doesn’t hurt to try. At any rate, I get to the place, pull in to park, and shut off my car. I knew I was early and I wanted to know what time it was so I turned the key in the ignition so I could see the dash clock.

It read exactly 11:41 a.m. I went “AH!” and started laughing out loud. I mean, what the HELL?? What are the odds of this? This is the SECOND interview I’ve had where I arrived and parked my car at an exact 141 moment, and the THIRD interview where I got a prominent “141” associated with it. What’s interesting is that all three 141 interviews/jobs ended up feeling off or wrong, so, it’s no surprise.

Also this particular day I’ve gotten 11:11, 2:22, 5:55 and 10:10. All times when I was drawn to look at the clock. I haven’t spent much time looking at the clock, but when I did, those were the times I got. Not counting the 11:41. ; ) I’ve had 7:39 (p.m.) a couple of times recently, including tonight as well I believe, which doesn’t seem like anything except there have been several times over the past year where I’ve had ear ringings or de ja vus at exactly 7:39 p.m.

May 2005

This one was crazy, and happened at this hotel I briefly worked at for several months. But one day I was working at the front desk for a 10 am – 6:30 pm shift, which was an unusual shift to be working. As it neared my time to leave I was getting antsy. We were short staffed and sold out, and so I just wanted to bail out and go. Meanwhile a really nasty storm was brewing outside – the sky got black and the thunder rolled in. As the storm rolled in a drunk guy comes in off the street asking my co-worker about room rates and availability. He started acting mentally “off” and giving her trouble, so I stepped in. His eyes were bloodshot and it was quite obvious he was drunk off his gourd. And he was one of those obstinate hostile drunks looking to pick a fight, so his crazy eyes were soon fixated on me, giving me crap and being crazy. Eventually our manager had to intervene, and drunk guy started giving him crap too…to the point where our manager called security and had this guy escorted off the property. ! Kind of a big deal considering our manager was really friendly and easy going and got along with everybody.

And at the same time as this, there was some big shindig going on in the main ballroom off the lobby. They were nearing their break time, so people started to emerge, letting out music when the doors would open as they made their way to the lobby.

Feeling “grrr” about the encounter with the drunk and because of the brewing storm outside and all the people and noise, I was in a hurry to go and get home. So when 6:30 hit and I literally grabbed my purse and ran. I had such a bad feeling about being there that I had to get out ASAP. I was hurrying down the hall to get to the punch clock trying to avoid running into the manager because I knew he was going to ask me to stay later. There was only him and the other front desk clerk on, they were way short staffed, we were completely sold out and with that big function happening in the ball room that was now letting out, and it was the prime time of the evening for guests to be checking in on top of it all….I mean, come on.

And sure enough…my manager saw me and literally yelled my name in this pleading voice, begging me to PLEEEASE stay until after 7!

The level of frustrated disappointment I felt is hard to convey. I had this almost panic anxiety about being there, something bad was going to happen I just knew it and I wanted out. I had no choice though….had to stay.

Back up to the desk I trudged. I re-emerged behind the counter, watching the scene unfold in the lobby as several hundred people made their way out on break. The storm was beginning to hit full force outside and the power kept flickering on and off, thunder booming from a black sky over the din of voices.

Right then a guy wearing a suit emerging from the shindig walks past the front desk carrying a sign that simple said,


That’s it. 141. Walked straight in front of me, past the desk. I saw that and my eyes almost popped out of my head, and I was like, ohhhhhh NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Next thing I know, a guy comes in off the street wanting to check in but without a reservation. My coworker started quoting him rates, and I couldn’t help but to pipe up quizzically that we were sold out.

To make a long story short, it was a situation of her having mistakenly told him over the phone that we had rooms even though we didn’t, and then him showing up in the middle of a bad T storm and then hearing me tell him we were sold out. That didn’t go over very well with her, and so after he had his key and was leaving for his room she turned to me and just let it fly. This was completely unlike her normal personality, and as it was explained to me later, I apparently embarrassed her and made her look incompetent for revealing her error “in front of the guest.” I was told you NEVER reveal another desk clerk’s error “in front of the guest.” This was a “4 diamond hotel” that was very puppet-people robotic uptight in its etiquette and how one conducts themselves. Next thing you know, I put her right back into her place, ROWWWWR!, letting her have it for letting me have it, and then my manager pulls me into the back office to chastise me, only having heard the tail end of the entire exchange. He didn’t hear what she did/said, only what I said. His automatic assumption that I was in the wrong, being biased in her favor, further pissed me off and now I had to explain to him what happened. I was seriously about to quit on the spot, right then and there. I was SO PISSED because I KNEW something was going to happen and had tried to bail out of there – literally running down to the hall to the punch clock – only to be forced to go back again. Then got 141’d.

So needless to say I finally got to leave…but not without giving up some major amounts of energy to the energy feeders.

November 30, 2007

I had a half day at work so was home by early afternoon, then decided to lay down for a nap. I was sound asleep but then suddenly had the urge to wake up and look at my alarm clock…..right as it was changing to 1:41. Inside I felt like “!!!!” That’s not good. It’s one thing to see the number on license plates and other random things around me, stuff that could be excused or explained away as looking too much into things, but to have the urge to wake up out of a sound asleep to look at the clock right as it’s changing to 1:41 is very pointed. No denying that one. I took it as a sign that something big was in store, and it couldn’t be positive. I slept for about another half hour then finally got up, wanting to get some lunch. I had weird feelings about going out, not only from the prominent 1:41 from earlier but also due to intuitive nudgings in general. I even did coin tosses to figure out whether it was okay to go out, as well as trying to pinpoint what the problem might be. I realized that it felt like it had something to do with my car, maybe breaking down or having mechanical issues. And if that’s the case then I’m going to go out anyway, because if my car is going to break down or something it better do it sooner than later, get it over with while it’s still daylight and while I can actually do something about it. ;) So off I went. I approached the street that leads to the 250 By Pass and there’s a school bus waiting to turn down the same street I’m turning down. I stop and defer to the bus, letting it go first in front of me, then go. The bus merges on to the 250, and I’m waiting for a few cars to pass so I can merge on too, rolling forward a couple of feet, looking over my shoulder………………and BOOM. The car behind me bumps into me from behind. There was no surprise on my end, my first thought was a wry, “Well, there’s your 141 and your ‘car problem’ intuition.” ;) There was no damage to either car, the woman just rolled into me, thinking I was going to go, not really paying attention. I was like, Don’t worry about it, who cares, you know? There’s no damage. Nobody’s hurt. You just rolled into me, no big deal. She was like, Are you sure?? I’m so sorry, I thought you were going, is there any damage to your car? Is it okay? I was just like, Psssh, seriously, look at my car. (It’s a ’93 Mazda with paint body damage. Looks like a piece of crap, but I love it, it runs great. ;) ) So off we went on our merry ways, thankfully. No drama. Car accidents, even minor ones, have the potential for a lot of headache and drama. The other lady was technically at fault and was just thankful that I didn’t care, and I’m just not into the drama and headache thing. But yeah…….good ol’ 141 for you. My boyfriend and I are wondering if something worse was actually supposed to happen based on the way this week has gone in general, but maybe most of it was deflected and instead it was just this. Just the odds that things could have lined up at the exact moment the way they did, with me letting the school bus go first which put the other lady behind me…..

So what does it mean?

After all of that, some may be wondering what the Bigger Picture is regarding this phenomenon. What in the frickity frack does it mean?? And how does it all happen, anyway??

For starters, much of this phenomenon seems to be beyond time. The way in which things to come my way, or align on key number moments, clearly indicates something operating outside of the constraints of linear time. So that’s the first important thing to note. Who the source is and how it works, I don’t know. One idea is that it’s actual neg entity stuff, toying with us. Which I’ll get back to in a second. Another is that it’s our own minds, helping to shape our reality around us, pulling in synchronous happenings.

After 10+ years of getting these numbers, I’ve noticed that I’ve never received 141 in a way that was positive. 141, compared to 119, is always “loud” and in my face, appearing in creepy surreal ways that defy statistical chance. When something negative is coming up, I sometimes have a warning in the form of a big ol’ 141…or multiple 141’s…which seem to pop up everywhere. How, and by who, again I don’t know. A very psychic acquaintance who listened to my story said that 141 could also be a sign of being off track in life. Not listening to intuition, making bad choices, not keeping myself spiritually “up to par,” and going against the flow. I like that theory too and believe both have validity, depending on the situation. In fact, as the years have gone on I’ve consistently received obnoxious 141’s every time I’m interviewing for or contemplating taking a job or temp gig that is majorly wrong. It happens without fail. It was happening prominently back in Virginia, and again now that I’m back in Florida, and back in the temping game. Since we moved back I’ve been temping throughout 2013 and now into 2014, and I have so many instances documented in my log book where the 141s have loudly happened surrounding wrong jobs and temp gigs that it can no longer be denied. It can get a little disheartening actually, because there I am just wanting to find my next nice long term temp gig to settle into, or even find a good temp-to-hire gig, but there the 141s are, loudly coming at me before and after interviews, indicating that despite whatever hope I may have for the upcoming interview, it’s not the right job for me. And it’s always, always right as I’ll later figure out. :/ That’s the weird part. I’ll go on the interview and the people will be all wrong, the job duties will turn out to suck, or whatever host of things wind up being wrong, and even though they may want to hire me (thus…the potential for me to get myself onto the wrong path is a real possibility, necessitating the loud 141s before and after…) I’ll run the other way and say no. And then when the right gig comes along, or one that’s considered “okay” or “allowed” by some higher force that has yet to be determined, there will be no 141s surrounding it. I’ve also noticed that job interviews that don’t pan out because they decide to go with somebody else also lack the 141s beforehand, because the whole thing is a moot point. There’s no chance I’m about to get myself onto the wrong path, so therefore, no need for the 141s. But without fail, once I’m settled in at a gig that’s the “right” place for me to be at, at that moment, for whatever reason, the 141s will suddenly cease. The 141 thing has gotten so prominent in my life due to the temping that I relish those quiet moments that are number free. :/

Then you have the 119s, hovering in the background, making their presence quietly heard before ducking aside again. It is often times intricately connected to the 141, but far more unobtrusive. What I noticed years back is that sometimes I would get a 119/1109 first, followed by the 141…and sometimes another 119/1109 after. Somebody recently mentioned to me in an email that they view 119’s as being 911 in reverse….so basically, disaster/emergency averted. When I heard that I was like, “Of course!” Definitely one possibility. 119/1109 may also refer to something neutral or positive, a learning lesson if you will, also generated by my own Higher Self. Maybe when it’s attached to the “negative” 141 it indicates that the negative experience is a learning lesson. Who knows. Although at this point I’m really liking the 911 in reverse/disaster averted theory.

9:48 in turn occurs rarely, but when it does it’s usually always linked with a time when I’m going through positive changes, growth, or, “rebirth,” or about to start something new that’s positive. I was born at 9:48, so it makes sense. A new beginning.

These are just theories, but that’s what all the evidence is pointing to, for me. I started out with no theory at all, and have worked my way up to this. ;) If evidence comes in which can further prove or disprove it, I’m always open to it.

And in the spirit of discernment and neutrality, it also has to be mentioned that not all “negative” life events that have happened to me had a 141 precursoring them. Meanwhile, I’ve gotten loud 141’s where nothing overtly negative happened to me afterwards, at least as far as I could tell. A “false alarm” it seems. But yet there have been times where say, fighting or negativity or some sort of weird “interference” event (many times in the form of troublesome emails from unstable people….) clearly had the 141 beforehand. And meanwhile, speaking of the idea of “false alarms” it’s also worth mentioning here that when we moved back to Florida in late 2012, the apartment that we wound up deciding to rent was number………911. O.o Seems like a really bad omen, right? Or maybe not. The apartment was the only one in a) the geographic region we wanted, that was b) in our price range and c) clean and spacious with d) water, trash, sewer and cable all included in the affordable rent, and with d) most of the specific qualities we wanted in an apartment including all tile floors and no neighbors above us, as well as having e) a super nice, honest and awesome leasing office staff. And, to top it off, it’s the only apartment complex in the entire region that had as many 5 star rave reviews online from present and past tenants, and almost no negative reviews. We could have just knee jerk responded to the whole 911 thing, but in our case we were like “fuck it, let’s go for it….” and so far I’m glad we did.

No place is perfect, but this place has been great so far. Certainly nothing warranting a 911. In the same way the prominent and coincidental “1141” stamped in red at the top of that first time card for my first assignment at my new temp agency back in Virginia in 2004, mentioned earlier, didn’t seem to make much sense in retrospect. So maybe sometimes things really are just a coincidence, or maybe sometimes it’s just neg stuff toying with you, I don’t know. I have yet to figure out the pattern, if there is any, to why numbers happen sometimes and not others. (And this is the part where you know skeptics are thinking, Well, it’s because there are no patterns, you’re imagining it and making something out of nothing. Problem is, one can tell from the examples above that clearly there are improbable things happening with these numbers, at least in my own case. Enough of something that I can’t dismiss it and look away. But that’s where it’s important to try to differentiate what may be a genuine, nonsensical coincidence, and what may be an an actual woo-woo happening. Just because there seems to be inconsistency doesn’t mean you throw the baby out with the bathwater.)

But getting back onto the subject of time – as noted in my Synchronicities write up, something that I and others have noted is that that time seems to be flowing backwards. These negative “141 events” have already happened (in those instances when I get a 141 that does seem to actually connect with something….) and the effects of them are spilling backwards in the timeline. To read more about this, see the Synchs write up. But in those instances, the 141’s can be a useful head’s up, alerting me to something coming up, so I can be more aware of my own thoughts and actions/reactions, and thus, sidestep something. (And in case you’re wondering whether the negative meddling trouble/negative event spilling backwards in the timeline is set in stone, totally unavoidable, the answer to that is a resounding no. All it means is that there is potential for problems and mishaps, but the outcome depends on us, and how we react [or, don’t react, in some cases] to whatever happens. Ultimately we’re all in charge of our own actions and reactions. The Toltecs call this “stalking” yourself, where you closely watch, analyze and modify your thoughts, words and actions. It’s a very good habit to get into, and necessary for waking up.)   However, in the repeated cases of having the urge to glance at the clock at key times, (most of which I didn’t even mention in the above excerpts due to the redundant nature of it) it seems to be more spur of the moment, a “taking advantage of an opportunity” sort of thing. Like getting a poke in the ribs to “look!” Although that “something” poking me in the ribs was definitely outside of time I would imagine. I suppose it could have been generated by my own subconscious. Or maybe again, it was neg stuff toying around. Can’t imagine that higher positive stuff has nothing better to do than to figuratively poke people in the ribs to look around at a key moment and notice a number. :D


Number Synchs as a Virus

However, as “useful” as the numbers may be for forewarning of impending events, something that’s always nagged at me is the viral nature of them. The way in which they spread from person to person. 141 was never my number. But it became my number once I started hearing about it over and over. Then it became my boyfriend Tom’s number, after hearing about it from me. And now 141 has spread onto people who’ve since read about it on my site. Conversely, the number “137” has also spread to Tom (and to me on a minor level) from a guy we both met through Tom’s old message board forum years ago. After hearing about 137 this and 137 that from the message board guy, wouldn’t you know it….it spread to Tom starting in 2007. Then I got it a few times, but then it seemed to disappear. But then it reappeared in my life out of nowhere a few years ago. Tom thinks he figured out what it means for him (and which seems to be the case for me) by paying attention to everything that happens around it, and he found a pattern. Basically for us 137 indicates physical efforts in a situation will not work out. Sounds weird, but, yeah. :D I will many times get prominent 137s along with 141’s for job interviews or temp gigs that are all wrong. They both go hand in hand. And during one period of time when my old Mazda was in the shop I got several prominent 137s, including on the dry cleaning tag I was given after dropping off my clothes that was stamped with the big loud red “137” as my ticket number. After I got my car back it seemed okay…but now it had another, new problem. So I took it back to the same shop to get that fixed. And got it back…with another new problem. Realizing that the shop was screwing with my car (which had never had problems to that level) I found another shop to take it to, got the latest issue fixed, and there were no more problems after that. So those are the kinds of instances when I’ll get loud 137s, and again the pattern for both Tom and I has been physical efforts and plans not working out. (Sidetrack side note: Another interesting thing that happened involving my car in the shop – after I dropped my car off and Tom was driving me to work in his own car I looked over and jumped, because there was a huge wasp on the car window right next to my head. Luckily it was on the outside, but that was a scary moment. And a very bad omen. The fact that it was on my window, and not Tom’s, right next to me indicated that it concerned me. Sure enough, my car was currently under threat by dishonest mechanics who were going to “sting” me with over $1,000 in repairs by the time it was all said and done. :/ Reading the signs, same as the Native Americans do. I get into the subject of dreamtime and waking life symbolisms being two sides of the same coin in this write up here. )

On the David Icke message board forum there was a thread started by a poster named “aaaa555” called “Get off the signal!” having to do with numbers, synchs, symbols, etc. and I found his ideas on the subject to be worth noting. I asked him if I could quote him on my site, but as it typically goes on the “David Icke Forum of Chaos and Mayhem” ;) he never came back to post in his own thread that he started. But since it was posted publicly on a forum in the first place, I’m going to quote what he said here (bolded words my own emphasis):

“If you are making ‘associations’ with signs, numbers, symbols or other forms, events or things around you, you are running the risk of getting on the signals. The signals are not divine – they’re just electromagnetic radiation pulses that can be perceived as information by you. You are your own person – you do not need signals to tell you what is right or wrong or what to do. You can act on your own accord. If you are on the signal you are subject to the signal and eventually you won’t be you anymore. The signal will be you and your body will be taken over by something not of this world – not human. This is the game played by them – you look at something that they manifest in the world and energy courses through your body binding you to the sign. You do this over and over again for years and eventually you’ll be the signal – you’ll be ‘them’.”

Might sound a little crazy to some, I’m sure, but I do understand what he’s talking about. The longer these things happen, the more you notice and pay attention, the easier it is to “become” it. Soon it’s happening all the time, and then your reality is defined by it. Even worse, it could be neg stuff just toying with people, so the more attention you give it, the more power you allow them in your life. Possibly neg stuff breaches one’s realm with the numbers that begin appearing in uncanny, repetitive ways, and once the awareness is generated then the person’s own mind takes over to perpetuate it, through hyper awareness and obsession. Then it just takes on a life of its own. An excerpt from part of my response in that thread:

“I’ve had other people’s numbers transfer over to me, and in turn, my numbers have suddenly become other people’s numbers. The common denominator was awareness. In a way it becomes like a virus. […]What I’ve clearly seen for myself is that the more you pay attention, the more weird “stuff” starts happening. On the one hand my tendency has been to describe it as part of the awakening process. You know, you start to emerge from the trance-like slumber that this society’s got everybody in, and the universe in turn responds. Now you’ve got signs and road posts and such, guiding you on your way. […] But on the other hand……….there was no denying the slightly viral aspect of it all. That’s always nagged at me. So for that reason there’s not a black and white, polarized situation of either the numbers/signs/synchs/symbols are all bad, or, it’s all some positive fluffy new age divine guide post. It can be a mix of both, but I’ll be honest……I’d love it if the numbers would stop. It was novel for the first few years, and utterly amazing sometimes with the way some of these number sightings occurred, but I’m totally over it by this point….”

So, some food for thought there. I think we are partly helping to make this phenomenon possible, though the power of our own minds and the way it interfaces with reality, whether for good or bad. I’m still not sure which one it is. Although if I never had another number sighting again I wouldn’t miss it, that’s for sure.


The following sources assisted me in my compilation of the number meanings:

“The Tarot Book” — by Jana Riley

“Mary Summer Rain’s Guide to Dream Symbols” — by Mary Summer Rain


The movie ‘The Number 23’

We saw this movie in the theater on the opening day, 2/23/07, mainly because it was about numbers seeming to follow a guy around. Sounded like what I talk about here at in2worlds. And that, coupled with it being a Jim Carrey movie had me wanting to go. (I was enjoying the movies Jim Carrey was starring in at the time, including “The Truman Show” “Man in the Moon” and “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.”) But alas, “The Number 23” is nothing like what has happened to me and doesn’t really resemble the phenomena as I’ve witnessed it, further proving that real life just doesn’t go the way it does in the movies. Real life is actually far stranger. ;)

In “The Number 23,” the lead character Walter Sparrow (Carrey) begins reading a mysterious self-published book called “The Number 23” that his wife found at an old bookshop, and discovers that many of the details seem to match up to his own life in an uncanny way. He becomes embroiled in the story of Detective Fingerling (also played by Carrey) who inherits the curse of the number 23 after hearing about it one night from “The Suicide Blonde.” Before the Suicide Blonde went mad from the number 23 and killed herself, she talked to Fingerling about it – the way everything seems to add up to 23, important dates, names, etc. And soon after her death it spreads to Fingerling, tormenting him…and then spreads on to Walter in real life who’s reading the book. Walter begins to realize that the number 23 actually seems to factor heavily into his own life. His birthday is February 3, or, 2/3. He met his wife when he was 23, and on September 14, or, 9/14. And 9 + 14 equals 23. He was born at 11:12 p.m., and 11 + 12 equals 23. His driver’s license and social security number add up to 23. And so on.

And that’s where things differ from what I talk about here. In my own experience, my particular numbers will follow me around in a very different way, as evidenced by all my log book entries and accompanying pics and scanned receipts and fortune cookie slips. I’m not going around adding up everything around me. Instead, the numbers just…..come at me from all angles, on all the bits of physicality around me. It’s a lot more “in your face” in my case, sometimes being outright spooky. I’m just living my life, but the numbers are coming to me. So if the writers of “The Number 23” thought that the way that 23 followed Walter around were like some curse, then they ain’t seen nothin.’ Real life is always stranger than fiction. ;) But as I’ve learned, you can’t make Hollywood movies about the way things happen for real. You’d just wind up with a movie where the lead character gets a fortune cookie with her numbers on it…….laughs like a maniac, then proceeds to dig into her chicken fried rice, moving on with life. Not much story in that I suppose. :D So as always, you have to have some sort of mainstream “plot” woven in to make it more relateable to the audience, something to provide meaning and a definitive resolution. Unlike how it goes for most people, myself included, who never truly get definitive answers and are left guessing and trying to come up with theories – theories that usually involve forces-that-be working outside of time. Another concept that probably wouldn’t go over well with the average movie goer. Average people seem to want concrete answers and a source behind things that makes sense. Well, my life doesn’t make sense. And neither do the lives of many of the “woo-woo” people I know. It’s weirder than any movie you’ll see, only it lacks a score, moody ambiance, and dialogue spoken in “DRAMATIC!” ways. ;) All in all I thought “The Number 23” was alright, may not appeal to everybody though, and it is a bit different from the ways in which numbers seem to happen to many people.

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