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In 2 Worlds

Paranormal and anomalous happenings, reality glitches, number sightings, ear tones, deja vus, synchronicities, parallel timelines and timeline manipulation, military/alien abductions and mind control, dimensional bleed throughs, and more…



Welcome to my corner of the web, designed for those who have “a foot in both doors.” If you’re somebody who’s detaching from the herd and going in a different direction, someone who considers themselves to be an abductee, or someone with psychic abilities and unusual happenings, then it can often feel like you’re living “in two worlds” as you simultaneously navigate your way through the every day “real” world.

This isn’t a website that claims to have it all figured out, where people go to get definitive, authoritarian answers. When you’re dealing with phenomenon such as number sightings, deja vus, synchs, the nature of reality, abductions/anomalous markings, and so on, there isn’t necessarily one set answer for what these things mean. These things can mean different things for different people. This is a website offering up theories, ideally intended as a starting point to get you thinking, to inspire you to look a little closer at your own reality and question things more….and draw your own conclusions based on what your own experiences are telling you. If nothing else, at least it’s a place that confirms that there are others out there experiencing something similar.

Many of these write ups were written years ago. At this point I’m already a different person in many ways. You’ll notice that many of the write ups have “add-ons” as I learn more, or new ideas/theories come in, so I keep things up to date in terms of where I am knowledge-wise. But many times the tone is different from who I am now. At this point in life I feel a lot more subdued, slightly reticent even. So that’s something to keep in mind when reading, that the tone of many of the write ups is who I was then, and things are always changing and evolving.

(And just a note that Conti is not my real legal last name. Some readers are under the mistaken assumption that I’m writing under my real legal name, and have commended me for “putting myself out there” the way I have, which is not the case. Conti is a name from within my recent ancestry though. I thought it went well with my first name when searching for an alternate last name source, and so here we are. I don’t write under my real name for several obvious reasons though, including that I don’t want employers pulling up my personal life should they decide to do an internet search for starters. I do admire the abduction/mind control authors who are actually writing under their real legal last names while simultaneously holding down jobs in the so-called real world where their personal lives can become known by their bosses and coworkers. That’s brave, right there. Another reason is because I discuss the life and times of my biological relatives who are the perfect illustration for various things I discuss on this site, including MILABS/mind control/abductions, whatever it is that’s gone on, but the only way I can mention them is by writing under a pseudonym. (which also means that any “carissa conti’s” that you see on the ‘net writing in other places, or on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc., are not me. I’m not currently writing for any place other than this site.)



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