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Updated 12/4/16.

Updated 11/9/14. Article completely restructured/formatted/rewritten from top to bottom, including new anecdotal examples, new insights/commentary inserted throughout, and new theories at the end as to how and why synchs actually happen.


If you are someone who experiences ear ringings, deja vus, or frequent number sightings, or if you consider yourself to be an abductee with a lifelong history of the “weird stuff” happening, then synchronicity is another likely phenomenon occurring in your life.

Synchronicity, as defined by Carl Jung, is “the experience of two or more events which are causally unrelated occurring together in a supposedly meaningful manner.” We all experience coincidences in our lives, and many of them probably occur by statistical chance. But every so often there are those that are just so pointed and tailored to a particular detail and to something about you, specifically, and so astronomically improbable in terms of timing that you can’t dismiss it. When that happens, “statistical probability” no longer applies.

Synchs are often times multi-layered. Meaning, they can happen several at a time, all connecting together in a cluster that can sometimes even connect to other strange happenings around you. I have a term for it all, which I call “lining up.” When you experience several synchs clustered together within a day or a few days’ time, then it really can feel like reality is aligning in some way. So an important question is, what is the approximate amount of time that should transpire between events for them to be considered synchronistic connections? Jung’s definition makes sure to include the phrase “occurring together.” But how soon is “together”? Ten minutes? Five hours? A day? A week? I can only speak for myself, but for me I’ve noticed that it can be anywhere from instantaneous, to at most, a day. Although a thematic cluster (where there’s a repeating theme underlying the synchs) can extend outwards for several days to a week, as I’ve experienced, and which I’ll get more into later on in this piece. The ones that are a day apart are usually so fantastical as to not be dismissed as random coincidence. But more often than not synchs seem to occur right away, within several hours, creating that whole “what are the odds??” feeling.

Most important to note is, not all synchronicities are created equal. There are various types of synchs, different ways in which reality can “align” and where things can improbably come together, from the subtle on up to those that practically hit you over the head with their obnoxiousness. That may be because there are different sources/reasons for how and why they’re originating.

Following are the main types of synchronicities as I’ve experienced and/or heard about, along with real life anecdotal examples for most of them, taken from my own log books going back over a decade. After that I get back into some of the possible theories as to how and why this happens. I’ve attempted to create categorizations as readers will see, sorting out synchs based on the aforementioned differences in types. I’ve never seen this done before in any write up/book I’ve come across on synchs, and I think it’s an important piece of the puzzle. Although, as with any attempt at sorting and categorizing fringe-y “woo woo” subjects, nothing is ever 100% black and white. A few of the categories overlap with others, as readers will also see, but in general synchs can, and most times do, fall into distinct group types. That’s why it can be useful to log and document your synchronicity occurrences if you’re interested in investigating this phenomenon. After you gather enough evidence you can then sort through it, notice any patterns in the chaos, see if it’s possible to determine what particular types of synchs happen under what circumstances, and maybe even how and why those different variations of synchs are occurring.

With that said, let’s look at the main types of synchs that people often experience:


1. Simplistic “lining up,” where a word/short phrase that you’re thinking or reading lines up to what a song, video, movie, TV show/commercial, or another person, etc. says at the same exact moment.

It’s quick, simple and one dimensional, but usually very improbable and weird, due to the unusual nature of the words or numbers, so for that reason it gets your attention and is hard to dismiss. There’s also the number synchs, where numbers seem to be “aligning” on receipts and such. Let’s look at each type in more detail:


Words lining up. This is something that’s increased for me as time has gone on, but it’s where a word or even an entire phrase that I’m thinking, reading, listening to in a song or typing will appear in some way at that exact same moment via some other source. It’s uncanny when it happens, because we’re not talking common words like “a” “and” or “the,” which probably do have a high statistical chance of popping up in around us at the same time we may be reading them. I started really noticing this aspect of synchs at one particular temp job I was at back during 2006. It seemed my coworkers at neighboring desks in the big open room we all sat in would always manage to say words that would line up with whatever I was reading or thinking or doing at that moment. It was to the point that when I would hear them having conversations, I got tense and tried to block out what they were saying, because guaranteed, they were going to “line up” with whatever I was doing or reading on the ‘net at the time. There were times when it felt surreal, almost like time slowed down, and I’d be left with a weird look on my face like, “Did that really just happen?”

In flipping through my log books from over the years there are many entries with mention of words lining up in uncanny ways. Examples include: million, September, boots, comfortable, thank you, the time, record/s, reality, members, talk to you later, crazy, I can’t see, trustees, life, little, looking into, good, staff, changing, wrong number, credit, home, surprise, avenue, take the cake, lips, enough, office, Virginia, mind, break, project, eight, kiss, cleaning, strange, let’s go, phone, guarantee, friend, doctor, embarrass, hello, run, Theresa, just, reason, view, guilt, presentation, kicked out, in a week, not coming back, way home, mystery, and so on. When it’s multiple word phrases that lined up it makes it even more impressive.

There have also been words that lined up that were nearly identical to each other but not an exact match, but where it still counts. (The fact that it was nearly identical but not exact actually makes it even more trippy.) vests/investments, unfortunately/fortune, she knows/she doesn’t know, 11/11th, replaced/replacement, responsible/irresponsible, main/Maine, light/lightning, declines/declined, car/Kart, lock/locked, don’t matter/doesn’t matter, confusion/confused, flaunted/flaunts, it’s never too early/it’s all too late.

One theory I’ve wondered about is whether the words themselves that are lining up have any significant double meaning. When you think about it, out of all the words that could have lined up why did that particular word or phrase line up? So far I haven’t really been able to find too much significance to the double meaning idea……….though during one particular week the words that lined up were “enough,” “office,” and then “Virginia.” So I was wondering if something was trying to tell me that I’d just about had enough with working at my office, which was in Virginia. :D Because that was actually how I was feeling during that time period. There were things happening that were annoying the crap out of me and making me wonder if I should just go. (which I did….and in fact we ended up leaving the entire state and moving back to south Florida.) In another instance, on March 29, 2013, the word “guilt” lined up (as noted above) said by somebody in a video I was watching at the exact moment I was typing something using that word. And it was weird because earlier in the day I’d mentioned to Tom something that happened that day that I felt guilty about. Then lo and behold, of all the words that could have lined up it was that one. But so far these have been the only couple of times where the words that were lining up seemed to correlate to something happening in my life, though the previous one could be considered a stretch by some, I’m sure. ;D

As mentioned, as time has gone on these types of synchs have been on the increase for me, and they’re getting downright strange in the way they’re happening. It’s no longer good enough to just have somebody say the same thing I’m reading at that moment. Now, it’s gotta have an extra helping of Weird in the mix. Why be boring, right? Some additional notable examples from my log book:

“Paper dolls”/“she knows.” November 21, 2006. My coworker Molly started to try to tell me a funny story about something, but was interrupted by her phone. After hanging up, she tried to tell me the story again. And was interrupted by another call. This time it was her boss calling her into her office to give her an emergency project, so Molly had to put aside telling me the story. Finally when things calmed down I asked her what she was going to tell me. She took a breath and was about to launch into it when her phone rang yet AGAIN. By this point it was ridiculous, and I joked that she obviously wasn’t meant to tell me this story. She got off the call and said that’s it, she’s not going to answer the phone until she gets this story out. The story ends up being relatively mundane – just this funny bit about a woman who used to work there (who was in her late 30s) who was obsessed with…paper dolls. In fact, this woman’s son was born during the same week that the annual Paper Doll Convention is held, and she told Molly that it’s unfortunate she won’t be able to ever celebrate her son’s birthday with him because the paper doll convention is held at the same time, and sorry, but that comes first. !!!! I was like WHAT?? It seemed ludicrous, but yet it was totally true. It struck me as being so bizarre though that I decided to hop online and Google paper dolls and see what the fuss was. They’re two dimensional pieces of paper, I mean, come on now. I wound up by chance at this link, and you’ll see that it says “She knows” at the top left hand corner. At the same exact moment my eyes were falling on the words “she knows,” one of our coworkers Mike calls out from his desk to another coworker, “She doesn’t know….!” It lined up perfectly, to the point where I had that “time slowing down” surreal feeling, and actually did a double take, wondering, Did that really happen?!

This whole thing is bizarro only because Molly was repeatedly delayed in being able to tell me this paper doll story. But had she been able to tell me the story when she originally intended to, then “she knows/she doesn’t know!” wouldn’t have eventually lined up when it did.

Back to back stuff lining up at Barnes and Noble. April 15, 2011. Tom and I were wandering around Barnes and Noble one night and I made a joke about “….wandering around lost…” and right then I glanced over and saw a book with the word “lost” in the title. Then I said something including “we can go….” and glanced over and there was a book with the title “Oh, The Places We Can Go!” Then I commented that one particular book was just a total waste of trees, and looked over and saw a book about trees, with “trees” in the title and a big pic of a tree. It just kept happening, all within about six minutes. I began to be afraid to say or think anything. O.o

“Take the cake.” August 23, 2011. I had the movie “Ghostbusters II” loaded up on my computer, and like I often do when watching movies online that I’ve already seen, I was bouncing back and forth between the movie and other internet stuff. One of the random ‘net things I was doing was looking at the NBC29 website, where there was an article about the earthquake that had happened that day here in Virginia (the big East coast quake of 2011, that was felt from Canada to South Carolina, and where the epicenter was 25 miles away from us in Louisa, VA….) and the headline said “Louisa Quake Doesn’t Take the Cake”…..right as Dan Ackroyd in Ghostbusters said “….but you take the cake.” THAT was bizarre.

Communications. October 3, 2011. Was listening to a “Tibetan chakra meditation” CD, and maximized the screen to see what song was playing. It was the one called “Throat Chakra – Communication”……right as somebody called asking for Communications. Bizarro. More double-take.

Numbers lining up. Then there are times when numbers will line up in an uncanny way, similar to the idea of a word being said right as I’m reading it. Some examples from my log book: Sending an email to an address that has the number “1020” in the address, and it turns out I sent the email at 10:20 a.m. exactly. Receiving revenue payment from Lulu press in the amount of $9.18, on 9/18. Just coincidentally worked out to be that way, the one and only time something like that has happened. In my “number sightings” section there’s an incident at a fast food restaurant where I was assigned # 315 at 5:13 p.m. exactly, the same number in reverse. The timing on that was uncanny. Very precise. And then on 3/20/10 I was at Giant grocery store and at the bottom of my receipt it said that my year-to-date “bonus card savings” was exactly $ 3.20 ……on 3/20. Another time it was the number 120 that kept happening, on January 20th. A message left at 1:20 pm on 1/20, then immediately after the message thing I came across a Yahoo headline talking about “more than 120 busted…” then immediately after that something called “Buzz Up – 120 votes.” And then on 1/4/14 Tom and I went to Walmart, the receipt total was $9.38. Then as we were sitting at a red light not even five minutes later I looked at the time on my MP3 player, and it was 9:38 pm. 7/6/14 there’s an entry in my log book concerning a trip to CVS drug store where I was being rung up and they asked for my email address, so I gave them one of my old emails that had “948” in the address, then my total came to $8.49. A form of 948 rearranged. But then after I got home and shut off my MP3 player it was at 8:49 in the song. So two back to back 849s, following the 948. Unlikely and very strange.

Closely related to this is how dates and such will also often “line up” for me. On a whim I’ll look up somebody’s info on the internet (like on or something) for a specific reason pertaining to whatever I’m doing, and it turns out their birthday is/was the same as the current date, but it’s not like I knew that before I decided to look them up. Or a death date will line up, or some date in general will line up to the current date. One time I was watching the Jodie Foster movie, “The Brave One,” a movie I’d remember about then forget, remember then forget, and then I finally remembered again and decided to watch it on June 11th (2010). There’s a scene in the movie when Jodie Foster’s character mentions the date of her attack…..June 11th. Of all days. There’s a 1 in 365 chance that the writers would have picked that date, and then a 1 in 365 chance that I would have picked that day to finally watch the movie. It’s beyond probability. Then the most recent example of this sort of thing just happened in August of 2020. But I was watching an episode of “Ancient Aliens” online, concerning the Pleiades, and the episode mentioned a UFO contactee named Enrique Castillo Rincon. His experiences that they descibed sounded interesting enough that I researched him online, saw that he had a book, and on a whim decided to purchase it. That was 8/23. The book shipped on 8/24. When the book arrived and I started reading the Preface, the very first sentence says, “My full name is Enrique de Jesus Castillo Rincon. I was born in San Jose, Costa Rica, Central America, on August 24, 1930.” O.o Total “holy shit” moment. After seeing that I went back into my Amazon ship conformation email and did a screen cap, showing the ship date of August 24th, for posterity. This also ties into the Dennis Banks’ autobiography synch mentioned later in this write up, same sort of deal. But this sort of thing seems to go on a lot, and it’s always a freaky deaky.

2. Thinking of something/someone personal to you out of nowhere, usually involving one’s own life happenings, or something from the past, and where it’s something/someone you wouldn’t normally be thinking of; then it/they suddenly make an appearance in some form in your reality shortly thereafter.

In this type of synch the awareness of whatever/whoever is just there in one’s head, for no discernable reason. Though as it tends to go often times for most people, myself included, we’ll just roll with the thought and not question why we’re having it. But what seems like one’s own thoughts may actually be a case of psychic phenomenon, where one is psychically picking up on something coming up in the near future before it happens, including tuning into the “collective,” which therefore leads to thoughts one otherwise wouldn’t have. So an improbable case of reality seeming to reflect back one’s thoughts may actually the other way around….one’s thoughts are reflecting back upcoming events and issues, much like a radio antenna that’s receiving various signals. Without knowledge of, or a belief in, psychic happenings the end result can seem a bit……eerie. O.o So what seems like synchronicity in this case could often times just be plain old psychicness for someone with a wide open mind/antenna.

“188” – May 12, 2015. The morning of May 12th I was in the bathroom after just rolling out of bed, and for some reason the number 188 popped into my head. My sleepy mind traveled to the idea of “Lot 188” which was the lot number of one of the properties that my job was in the process of building, since it was the only “188” that was going on in my personal reality. And then I just kept thinking about that…188….lot 188….188……multiple times. I finished up in the bathroom and went out to my computer, eventually checking in on the Daily Mail news site……with the very specific thought/feeling about “okay…..what kind of horrific thing has happened today……” Just feeling like “brace yourself for the big ol’ bold headline……a big tragedy has transpired……” And when the Daily Mail page loaded up, sure enough, the big bold headline screamed back about Amtrak train #188 derailing in Philadelphia, carrying 243 people onboard. O.o My head jerked back a little upon seeing the headline blaring back me, with the prominent 188. So obviously this synch was more of a case of straight up picking up on something psychically due to a relaxed and half sleepy mind that was in a receptive state.

Shaved cat fur – December 10, 2013. For whatever reason on this day I suddenly began thinking about the all black outdoor cat that lived in the apartment complex I used to live at back in 2000 with my then-boyfriend Steve, and my brother Joe. It was a super friendly cat that would come around, and me and Joe would let it in and feed it baloney (since that was the only thing we had on hand that a cat would like to eat) and pal around with it. In particular I reflected on the way in which it showed up one day with a large square patch of fur shaved off. It obviously had either gotten something stuck in its fur and whoever owned the cat shaved it out of the fur with a neat and tidy square patch, or it had been shaved for a veterinarian procedure of some sort, who knows. Then about nine hours later after thinking back on this cat out of nowhere I received an email from one of my website readers whom I’ve communicated with before, mentioning her cat who has been a target of her abduction harassment………including having a mysterious patch of fur shaved off of one of her legs. O.o (she included pics in the email as well to illustrate what had been done to her cat.) So the question is, was something causing me to have the thought about the SoCal black cat from 13 years ago who had shaved fur, hours before getting an email about the same subject? Or was this a case of psychically picking up on something? I tend to think it was the latter, where I was picking up on somebody who was focusing on emailing me concerning her cat, like a radio antenna picking up on a signal, and which caused me to start thinking about the cat from SoCal from years back since both involved “shaved fur.”

Former temp job resurfacing – May 22, 2014. Was working at a temp job, and for no logical reason found myself one morning reflecting back on a previous temp gig at a company called Q__ I’d had for two weeks, five months before, filling in for a receptionist who was on Christmas vacation, and how I’m glad I don’t work for that place full time. (thinking of the various issues I’d witnessed while there, making me very happy when my two weeks was finally up…which is actually the case with pretty much every company I’ve temped at. Most companies seem pretty effed up, and I’m always glad when it’s time to bail out. ;D But, that’s a story for another write up.) Got up, went to the restroom, and as I was passing back through the lobby I hear somebody say “Look at her, actin’ like she don’t know who I am…” I glance back and see it’s this black guy in a FedEx uniform, kidding around, apparently about me. I just give him an “okay…whatever…” polite smile and turn to go. He says something else, kidding around, can’t remember what, and I just placate him with another polite smile, like whatever dude. Then he gets serious and says “You really don’t remember me, do you?” I shake my head and say “No, I don’t,” very bluntly. He reminds me of where he knew me from……back at Q__. O.o At that point I remembered him as the obnoxiously flirtatious FedEx driver that kept trying to find a clever way to get us to exchange phone numbers so that we could stay in touch after I left. ;D Again, while it could have been a straight up improbable “WTF?!? what are the odds” coincidence synchronicity, I tend to think this was yet another case of psychically picking up on something that was coming up in the near future (in this case only minutes away), which influenced my thoughts to go in the direction of Q__ when they otherwise wouldn’t have.

3. Thinking about, and/or making a reference to something specific either in writing or in conversation, or where something specific becomes part of your awareness as you go about your daily life due to your own naturally created actions. Then encountering whatever it, or the situation involves, reflected back to you in a pointed and uncanny way in your reality within a short time span.

The difference between this and the previous type of synch is that with this type you can trace the origins of why you said or thought something, or how something became part of your awareness. There was a reason for it, it’s not something that just popped into your head out of nowhere due to intuition/psychic stuff. However the end result of the synchronicity is as if reality is reflecting back one’s own thoughts/awareness, which is extremely trippy. Or where it’s even a case of reality creation:

“Unbreakable”/“Culture” – January 13/14, 2003. I had been talking on the phone with Tom, and we got to talking about how “they” tinker and interfere with people’s lives. And I said, “They manage to sabotage and break the spirits of so many people here, but some are just unbreakable,” among other things.

Flash forward to the next morning at work when I was getting ready to leave to go to a meeting at one of the retirement condominium communities in Tamarac (Florida). I was supposed to help to fill in as secretary and take meeting minutes. While I was getting ready my coworker Ryan (who was often involved in lots of weird synchs and psychic happenings) brought up the subject of M. Night Shayamalan’s movie…..“Unbreakable.” Out of nowhere. Saying “It totally sucked, didn’t it?” To which I agreed, that yeah, in fact, it did.

But it gets better.

So I get to the meeting in Tamarac. I’m sitting at the table at the front of room, next to all the Board members (all old retired people). Got my pad and pen, ready to take minutes for this boring meeting. The old guy sitting next to me is named Seymour (See-More), and I looked down at Seymour’s cap which is on the table in front of him, and I see that on the front of the cap it says just one word.


Black cap, white words. “Unbreakable.”

Inside I thought “WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!” I mean, seriously, WTF?!?!! WOW.

Then there’s another layer to this whole incident.

After I left the meeting I stopped and paused and looked around the area, taking in the scene, before getting in my car. Just looking at the endless sea of retirement condominium buildings for miles around. And I thought, Wow, you know, people don’t realize it, but this is culture, right here! It is! You always hear about old people retiring down in Florida……..well, this is it. This is where they come. This is an aspect of culture, right here. Then I was thinking that people would probably think I was really strange for seeing it as culture, because they certainly wouldn’t. They wouldn’t see it at all. (on a side note…….again…..see-more. ha)

So later that night I got take out Chinese food, and my fortune cookie said:

“You are a person of culture.”

I went WHAT?! Then LAUGHED my ass off.


Small spate of synchs – week of May 18, 2009. On this particular week there were multiple instances of reading words right as somebody around me said them, but then things kicked up a notch on 5/20. Was reading the word “credit” right as a coworker nearby said it at the exact same moment. Also had ear tones throughout the week. Then two more synchs happened at lunch on 5/18, back to back. First I opened up the local Cville Weekly paper, and flipped to the back page, called “The Rant,” where they print the rants that people phone in and leave on the voicemail. It’s kind of comical, but yet never anything good. And that’s exactly what I was thinking as I was opening the paper – Just once, why can’t there be any good rants saying really juicy conspiratorial stuff??? There was once a lone rant about chemtrails some months back, trying to bring it to people’s attention, but that’s it. Everything else people rant about is the most petty mundane nonsense. Bad drivers, “Obama sucks!” and run-ins with stupid people, that’s all it ever seems to be. Why can’t it ever be anything meaningful and interesting?! Well sure enough, the last rant at the bottom right hand corner of the page? It said this:

“Transmission 1: Look around you. Open your eyes. Charlottesville is a reptilian hub. The Illuminati are here, and the upper echelon of this organization is not entirely human. Shit is about to start going down within the next three years. You need a survival kit and survival skills. Buy a gun and learn how to use it. Your life may depend on it. If you are black or Hispanic, beware of the second coming of the mutated swine flu hitting this fall or winter, the N.W.O. are hoping for a 90% kill rate. End transmission 1.”

I have never, ever seen a rant like that in the Rant section, ever. Not until having a desperate thought about wanting to finally see an actual interesting and unusual conspiratorial rant. Then there it was. It doesn’t get more fringe and conspiratorial than calling the leaders of local government Reptilians, mentioning the Illuminati, and then seeming as if it’s partially referencing Montalk’s article about a possible flu pandemic come this fall or winter. Then the classic line “Open your eyes,” which I talk about in my “Mind Control Symbolisms and Programming Triggers in Movies” write up. I’m looking forward to “Transmission 2.” Maybe “The Rant” is finally getting interesting. ;)

So then right after that I’m flipping through the rest of the Cville weekly and see an ad announcing that the band Heart will be here in Charlottesville. Tonight, actually, I realize when looking closer, May 20th. Huh. I realize that was the road crew I saw setting up the stage at 8 a.m. this morning over at the Pavilion when I was passing by on my way in to work. (this isn’t a synch though.) And right then, on the radio playing overhead? The song finishes……..and on comes Heart. The song “These Dreams,” from the 80s. Not one of my faves, I personally dig their 70s stuff. But the odds on that are pretty astounding, reading about Heart, then a Heart song kicks in on the radio. Yeah, sometimes it does feel a bit like a dream. Think I’m going to put on “Magic Man” and “Crazy on You” now in tribute. ;)

“Volcano in Charlottesville” – July 3, 2012. On the night of July 2nd Tom and I were talking about random things, including whatever kinds of weird escalating circumstances could keep piling on in the world to make life…..a little uncomfortable, to say the least. And that’s when Tom joked about Pantops Mountain actually being some secret dormant volcano that erupts. (Pantops Mountain is basically right down the street from where we live.) We laughed about the idea of that, and then I poked fun of the fact that they even call it Pantops “Mountain.” More like Pantops Hill. Or even Pantops Lump. Which made the idea of it being some secret dormant volcano even more funny. Flash forward to the next day, where this joke weather forecast video on YouTube has gone viral and shows up on Yahoo News: Hot Weather in Richmond

“Now we’ve got some big changes for the upcoming work week. Starting tomorrow you’re gonna have a volcanic eruption right near Charlottesville, and it’s gonna make things rather toasty across the area. We’re gonna see lava spill out into central Virginia, and make temperatures in Richmond at 350 degrees, Fredericksburg at 345, Charlottesville the hot spot at 400….”

That’s just bizarre. For me, a big part of what constitutes a synch is that the two seemingly unconnected events usually happen within 24 hours of each other, at the most. Beyond that and it may not really qualify. Well this was definitely within 24 hours. We’ve never joked before about a volcano erupting in Charlottesville, but when we did…..a joke video then went viral within the same 24 hour period announcing an impending volcanic eruption in Charlottesville. O.o

Jet Plane/“Big ol’ Jet Airliner” – (sometime in 2004, didn’t get the date.) Tom and I were on the 95 south in Fort Lauderdale around 11 p.m. or so, heading to the Starlite Diner that was open 24 hours. As we were approaching the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport I wished to have a landing plane fly overhead right as we were passing by. Just like with LAX and Orange County Airports in California, FLL has planes flying right over the highway just before landing, which is cool. I could see landing lights of a plane in the dark at about the 2:00 position, and wondered if things would work out so that by the time we got up to that point in the highway it would be on top of us.

WELL……it did, to put it mildly. (Though this isn’t the actual synch.) Things worked out so insanely well that not only was the jet directly on top of Tom’s car as we got to that part of the highway, but it was the loudest, most powerful and intense close call with a jet that I’ve ever had. Tom too. It was right on top of us. It was exhilarating and “!!!!” Just unbelievable. I felt like I “reality created” and made that happen, because not only did I wish for it, but it was closer and more intense than any jet I’ve passed under on the SoCal freeways.

So then we get to the Starlite Diner, still marveling at the jet encounter. And after we get inside and are seated at a booth, we notice that the song playing overhead just so happens to be….“Big ol’ Jet Airliner” by the Steve Miller Band. O.o

What are the odds.

Owls; “Into the Wild” picture – April 20, 2013. Was watching “Into the Wild” for the first time. Paused movie, did a few other things, including looking at books on my shelf. When putting a book back I bumped my white owl figurine. I picked it up and studied/contemplated it, since I hadn’t paid attention to it awhile. Looked up owl figurines on Google for fun, just to see what was out there. Resumed movie. Very next scene featured an owl in a tree that the character of Chris (played by emile hirsch) hooted at. O.o That was pretty “WTF?!? HOLY SHIT!!” I also paused the movie to compare the scene where Emile recreates the image of Chris lounging in front of the bus, comparing it to the real photo in the book. And then within an hour that very photo was on the Daily Mail website at the top of the page in the latest headlines for a story about a guy who’s gone missing and is feared dead, in his attempt to emulate “Into the Wild.” O.o

Full moon rising/Vegas – August 20, 2013. Was biking home from the beach where I’d watched the sunset, and noticed the full moon rising, low on the horizon. Pulled over to get a picture, meanwhile as my MP3 player is still going in my ears, with Belinda Carlisle’s “Circles in the Sand” song. As I was positioning myself to take the picture there was the lyric “…..rising up the moon as the sun goes down…..” It’s just the way things worked out with the playlist, where that happened to be the song playing at that moment, with that lyric lining up.

A little bit later on after I’d gotten home and changed, Tom and I went to Souvlaki Fast for dinner. As we were standing in line waiting to order Tom mentioned that his sister Sara had left for Vegas earlier that day. Right then we noticed the cashier’s shirt that said “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

Crab – June 21, 2014. It was late afternoon and Tom and I were sitting at each of our computers, doing our individual things, when I suddenly felt compelled out of nowhere to do an internet search on my brother’s name, see if anything new came up since he’s been out of my life since early 2002. Well… did. O.o Turns out he’d just been arrested a few weeks before, yet again. (the crime wasn’t anything major. Just petty shit, as usual.) There were stories on the ‘net about it, mentioning how he’s homeless (still) and including this latest mug shot, as well a photo of him being led into the courtroom, cuffed in the front, flanked by several bored looking cops. Decided to go for a walk to process.

As we were walking down a sidewalk on NE 20th Street here in Boca we see a squashed thing up ahead, and Tom thinks it’s a huge spider or something. Turns out it’s just a plant. We stare down at it with its long, spider leg looking leaf tendrils and Tom says it looks like a crab. So we continue on our way, rounding the corner onto Boca Raton Boulevard, and there suddenly is this blue gray colored crab, for real, on the sidewalk in front of us. Big thing too, with large eyes, that was scared and skittered away from us sideways, as they do, with the legs clicking on the cement, disappearing into the bushes where it stuffed itself into an old cup, trying to hide. (Poor thing. :( ) The odds on this are astounding, because neither Tom nor I have ever seen a crab skittering around on a sidewalk in an urban area like that prior to this incident. Until that point I had only ever seen real, live wild crabs once in my entire life, in Key West, in like 2003 or something. I’ve never seen any in a city. Let alone minutes after somebody makes a comment that something looks like a crab. O.o And then the only reason it even happened at all is because I wanted to go for an unplanned walk to clear my head after finding the arrest story about Joe, after having the urge to look his name up out of nowhere. Otherwise….no synch. This synch has aspects that overlap with category #6, coming up, which I’ll explain in a moment.

Kurt and Marcus and other name synchs – In February of 2010 me and a coworker were debating about the name of a delivery driver for a local bakery bread shop. She insisted that it was this guy named Carroll, and I was insistent that no, it’s not him. It’s this other guy, but for the life of me I couldn’t remember his name. Back and forth, back and forth. She was just convinced she was right, while I knew she wasn’t, but without a name there was no way to prove myself. As our debate hit a lull I hopped on the ‘net and checked my personal email and saw that I’d just received an email from a reader of my website named Kurt. I was interested in the email itself but didn’t pay attention to the name. And it was the next morning while getting ready for work when I spontaneously remembered….the delivery driver’s name is Kurt. And then I remembered the email that arrived right in the middle of our debate….from a guy named Kurt. The only Kurt who’s ever emailed me. The odds on that are unbelievable.

And in December 2010 I’d received an email from a ‘net acquaintance named Marcus that I knew going back a few years to the now defunct Noble Realms message board forum. I hadn’t heard from him in probably at least two years by that point. He was just popping in to say hi basically. And in the middle of reading his email this guy I’d never seen before came by our office to see if my coworker was around, who happened to be on vacation. I asked him if I could take a message for her. “Naaa,” he said. “That’s okay, just tell her Marcus came by to see her…..” O.o So both of us had somebody named Marcus looking to make contact with us at the same exact moment. Another time I was typing up a document for personal use pertaining to my job history, and got to a part concerning this one jerky boss named Craig at a job I had back in the 90s, right as somebody called on the phone at that moment asking for “Craig.” Then on August 31, 2011 a woman named Dede walked into the office right as I was reading a message board response addressed specifically to me from somebody with the word Dede in their handle name. That was a surreal, do-a-double-take sort of moment, to be looking at that name on my computer screen from somebody addressing me, right as somebody with that name, spelled identically, walks into the room and approaches me at the desk to say something to me. The odds on all of these are kind of nuts.


“2012” – August 7, 2006. While reading Dolores Cannon’s “Conversations with Nostradamus” book I was at the part where Dolores and her astrologer friends were trying to pinpoint the date of the great pole shift that’s yet to happen. (They decided tentatively on 2029.) Then I thought about 2012, and where that fit into the Big Picture, if at all, and whether something really would actually happen. I then decided to check out (back when I used to look at that site) and saw that their daily joke was….a cartoon showing one Mayan asking another Mayan, “So, how come it ends in 2012?” as he looks at the big stone wheel. The other Mayan responds, “I ran out of space on the rock.” ;) Rense cartoons are always political. I’ve never seen one that didn’t revolve around Bush and his cabinet, Israel, the Iraq War, and conspiracies about chemtrails, Big Pharma, and so on. So one about 2012 and the Mayans was a first….and interesting odds on the timing of that one.

“Negs” – June 28, 2014. Tom and I were in my car, heading south on Federal going to Zona Fresca in Pompano, and we were discussing something concerning negs (entities). Then we got a red light and were idling, and I looked over to my right and see there was a sign for “N.E.G. Properties Realty.” O.o Freaky.

I’ve also noticed that this particular type of synch has an easy time manifesting through outlets such as internet authentication programs (called Captchas, the most common of which generate random words you need to type in, in order to verify that you’re “not a robot”) as well as online oracles and such, where the programs pick words that uncannily, and improbably, match something you’re thinking/talking about or had recent awareness of. Some good examples of this would include:

Swiss army knife – November 10, 2008. I was at my then-second job, messing around on the computer between phone calls on this one website called “Brain Bashers.” Well there’s this one silly typing game/challenge thing where you have to see how quickly and accurately you can type these random sentences, sometimes complete with typos and nonsense word combinations, moving on to the next levels. Obviously I was quite bored. ;) So I read the rules and clicked the button to start the game, and the very first sentence the game “randomly generates” says, “I need to find my Swiss army knife.” I just stared at the screen like, WHAT?!!? Flashback to the previous two weeks, where Tom was searching high and low to find his missing Swiss army knife that he’s had since he was a teen. !!! All around the apartment, in his car, even in my car he looked, to no avail. The Swiss army knife was completely missing. He caved in and wound up buying a new one online, and even bought me a mini one that has girly flowers on the handle. :) So the theme of the past two weeks for him, and spilling over to me, had been “I need to find my Swiss army knife.” To say that this is freaky deaky, or the odds are incredible, is putting it mildly. Because it’s synchs like this that make me question how real this place is. How can it feel real when things like this are happening?

Ape – July 2, 2013. Was logging into one of the secured programs at my then-temp job, and the automatic word generator for this day was “ape941.” Meanwhile on the way to work I had just been thinking about the movie we’d recently watched, “Rise of the Planet of the Apes.”


In addition, this phenomenon also seems to have an easy time using people to work through to have them say/write things that match up to whatever one was recently thinking or talking about……which for many people can lead to paranoia, if they start to mistakenly believe that people are “in on it” and knowingly, purposely trying to say things that match up. A really good example of this includes:


“Boulder is Better” – February 23, 2010. For about two weeks leading up to this synch Tom and I had been pondering on what other location(s) would be good to move to in the event we ever felt we needed to leave Virginia. One of the areas I’d been heavily researching was Boulder, Colorado, since it’s similar to where we currently lived, only bigger, more interesting, and out west. It definitely seemed like a possibility, although I did have reservations, namely….it’s in Colorado, not far from Denver. That area in general is highly questionable at best, and I’ve even mentioned the whole “Go West” MILABS conspiracy in my book. It was still something to keep in mind, just in case, ‘cause you never know, although as time wore on I was taking the idea less seriously. Flash forward to February 23rd, when Tom was talking on the phone with a 40-something guy named Paul who liked Tom’s website, and was also connected to some people that we know here in Charlottesville. Tom and Paul chatted about various things from Tom’s website, and the subject eventually got around to Charlottesville. Paul mentioned that he felt there was something “wrong” about this area, mainly all the rich new agers who are really just big ol’ fakers (agree with him about the fake new agers, though fake rich new agers can be found everywhere, especially southern California, where I lived for ten years. It’s not unique to Cville, and not an indicator of the entire area being “wrong.” If anything or anybody was “wrong” or “off” it was Paul, as I later saw firsthand when he, Tom, myself, and a friend of Paul’s all went out to dinner together. Paul behaved in a loony tunes way made such a total spectacle of himself with his loud and impassioned ranting about various subjects, looking wildly around with empty crazy eyes and pounding on the table until everybody in the restaurant was looking at us, that I pulled back from interacting with him by the end of the evening and ignored the two follow up emails he sent after our dinner. We never hung out with him again.) In general he was attempting to instill a “vibe of doubt” concerning Charlottesville. What’s very important to note though is that Tom never once mentioned Boulder to him, nor our research of alternate places to live. He didn’t bother getting into it. So then not too long after they hung up Paul followed up with an email to Tom that had a link to some site. And the subject line? Which btw had nothing to do with the link itself, it was just there, like a flashing neon message: “Boulder is better.” That’s it.

Having strange-o unbelievable synchs that seem to reinforce the idea of moving to a certain location isn’t something new for me, and I even discuss it in my book “Chasing Phantoms,” in the section about Ear tones, Numbers Sightings and Synchs. I had the “pen from nowhere” incident in Portland, Oregon, where a pen literally seemed to appear out of nowhere in an elevator that I was in, spinning to a stop on the floor at my feet as I held an application in my hands wondering whether I should fill it out or not, seeming to encourage me to do so and thus, stay put in Portland; and then the New Mexico license plate incidents while in Florida, when thinking about whether or not I’d want to move there and the southwest region, both detailed in my book. Something I point out in my book is that synchs often times seem to utilize people, because people crossing our paths directly giving us messages will get our attention even more so than synchs involving inanimate objects, because that’s just the way human psychology works. In this case we have both going on. Person giving pointed, synchronous message, that reinforces the idea of moving to Boulder, when he had no way of knowing such a thing. I’ve warned against this in my writings, saying that in my opinion it’s not necessarily a good thing when blunt, in-your-face synchs happen that try to hit you over the head with an idea about what path you’re “supposed” to be on. I’ll elaborate more on this at the end when I get into the different possibilities for how and why synchs occur.

I’d be willing to bet that Paul had no idea why he decided to put “Boulder is better” in the subject line, it was probably one of those typical urges that people often get that they just respond to….thinking it’s their own thought or urge when in actuality it’s coming from someplace else, working through the person. It’s something I’ve written about a LOT on my website. This happens all the time, everyday, people thinking, saying or doing something and not questioning where it’s coming from. The “Boulder is Better” synch gave me pause, and made me realize that something seemed just a little too eager to jump on that “potential opportunity,” which reaffirmed to me that we should just stay put for the time being. Four years later and I’m glad we scratched that one off the potential list, in light of the severe and nasty flooding that wound up hitting Boulder in 2013, and the Colorado marijuana legalization mess that’s currently wracking the entire state, with all the negative domino trickledown effects. No thanks. Don’t want to be surrounded by a bunch of doofy suburbanites losing their minds on weed-infused candy and foods that they can’t handle. ;D

4. Synchs where one is just going about their business, then encounters a particular word/idea/phrase/object, etc. in some sort of way, the more unusual the more noteworthy….and then encounters it again in a very pointed way a short time later, making it so that things “align.”

In these cases they aren’t things that your own mind generates, or where you played a direct hand in making it happen, or even psychically picks up on from an upcoming future event. Rather, they’re
words/names/numbers/phrases/objects, etc. that happen to you, often brought to your attention by somebody/something around you…..and then happen again, soon after, seeming to drive the point home:

English Muffin – February 5, 2014. Was at Whole Foods and saw packs of English muffins on display, in an unusual area of the store no less. Haven’t eaten English muffins in years, nor even thought about them, but since these ones were on display in an unusual area of the store it brought them to my attention when they otherwise would not have been. Thought to myself that I should get a pack for breakfast. Totally forgot about them though and left the store without buying any, and only remembered after getting home, like, doh! I was supposed to get those. Then while eating my dinner I was going to watch something on the website Project Free TV, and it required an authentication code/captcha. The random phrase that the computer generated was “English muffin.” O.o Really, what are the odds. This one overlaps with what I mentioned in point #3 concerning synchs having an easy time manifesting through automated word generators and such.

Cell phone – (2006?) I was eating lunch at (the now closed) Padow’s Deli in Cville, reading one of the free “Appalachian Voice” newspapers they had laying around, and it was a story about one of the Appalachian mountain story tellers. In the middle of reading the article, a woman standing behind me called out “Did anybody lose their cell phone?” I turned and saw her holding up a cell phone, asking everybody if it’s theirs. I turned back to the article….and the very next line says that the storyteller’s tale was interrupted by the ringing of a cell phone in the audience. !!! I turned and did a double take back at the lady holding up the cellphone who interrupted my reading, then re-read the line describing how a “cellphone” interrupted the storyteller. So surreal.

The tick – March 22-23, 2007. On March 22nd Tom and I were standing outside while the cat poked around, and he noticed that I had a tick crawling on my pants. Left upper thigh, on the side, just below the hip.

The next day at work my coworker Molly comes in and shows me her new diabetic devise attached to the lower left side of her abdomen, above her hip, and tells me that it’s nickname is The Tick……because it’s actually latched to her, with a needle, doing blood sugar readings. What are the odds on that…..

“Working through the lunch hour” – November 17, 2003. During my lunch break I was reading the novel “1984” at my desk. My coworker Diane started blathering on and on about how our boss had called looking for Isabel when it was lunch time, and doesn’t he know it’s lunch, and what, does he expect her to work during her LUNCH or something?!?!! I had been glancing up here and there, nodding and pretending I was listening. (Diane always seemed to have a constant stream of chatter and rants and complaints going on. She never stopped talking.) And at that exact moment when Diane said “What, does he expect her to work during her LUNCH or something?!?” I looked back down and the next line on the page said,

“Look at him working away in the lunch hour,” said Parsons, nudging Winston.

My eyes popped out of my head.

The honeybee stamp – March 16, 2007. I was at work and had emailed with an internet acquaintance named Shannon in Oklahoma, who happened to know UFO/abduction researcher Barbara Bartholic, and was giving me an update of sorts about Barbara in that email. Slight back story: Awhile back, Shannon had told Barbara the story of my “swarm of angry bees,” which I talk about in Part II of my book, something that Barbara was familiar with in her own paranormal research. In fact, the swarm of angry bees happened to me right after reading Barbara’s book for several hours, then later it was Barbara herself who encouraged me to add that anecdote into my book because of the way I had conquered it and made them immediately stop and disperse…..something she said she hadn’t heard anybody do before. So anyway, on this particular day I was emailing with Shannon who’d just been talking to Barbara, and she gave me an update of sorts about her. Then I had to leave my desk to go do a project and was gone for about two hours.

I returned to my desk at 10:50 a.m. and see this small square of paper on the edge of my desk, which wasn’t there before. I picked it up, curious, and realized it’s an old 25 cent used postage stamp of all things, featuring an insect on a flower. Looking closer I realize it’s a honeybee on a clover. Okay….I thought, wondering why this was on my desk. I ask around, but none of my coworkers knew anything about it. Something like this had never happened before in the 10 months I’d been there by that point, nobody had ever just left random things on my desk like that. It was also a very quiet office, not too many people, and everybody’s desks were very spread out apart.

It was such a strange and unusual thing to find on my desk that I didn’t just automatically dismiss it, or chuck the stamp aside. Instead I actually looked up the stamp online and learned that it was from 1988. So, a used postage stamp that’s almost 20 years old just……sitting on my desk out of nowhere when I got back. And nobody knows anything about it. Okey dokey. And it features a bee of all things. After I’d just been talking to Shannon who’d been talking to Barbara, who I had an established “bee” connection with. The whole thing was bizarre. Then right after this happened I had the tug to glance at the clock, and see that it said 11:11, whatever that was supposed to mean. !! That’s one of “those” numbers that follows a lot of people around in life. So, I brought the stamp home with me and tucked it away in my journal and still have it to this day. Then today on the phone (3/31/08) when telling Barbara about this for the first time she exclaimed that 1988 was the year that the alien abduction invasion ruckus took off in Tulsa, which she was completely in the middle of, investigating. (this is talked about in her book. People were getting abducted and medically examined and messed with left and right, with genetic material extracted and so on.) So, another layer to the synch……

Shellfish – September 6, 2013. Tom was researching various cancer causes and stumbled onto the correlation between shellfish and colorectal cancer. I was about to do an oracle reading with the Sabian Symbols book by Lynda Hill but paused to listen to him relay this info that he was reading about. When he was done I opened the book to a random page and got Taurus 14 – “On the Beach Children Play While Shellfish Grope at the Edge of the Water.” O.o

“Ice bullets” – September 17, 2006. Tom had mentioned ice bullets, which are just what they sound like: bullets made of ice that melt in the body and leave no trace of a weapon. 3-4 hours later I had the urge to pick up and read my Boondocks comic book, “A Right to be Hostile,” and opened up to a random page, flipped backwards, and wound up on page 181…and found “ice bullets” mentioned in one of the comics on that page. The odds of this are astounding. I also hadn’t looked at that book in ages. This is one of those synchs where one is left feeling like a puppet, not in control of what they’re doing, like something else made me pick up that book and manipulated things so it would be that particular page I opened up to out of the entire book, all so that it would match up to what Tom had said about ice bullets.

“Pacifica” – February 22 & May 22, 2014. I was at work on my lunch break, using my break to write/send an email to a guy named Geoff, who runs the internet radio show “In Other News” on Pacifica Radio in NYC, and whom I was going to be doing a radio interview with. I sent the email at 12:08 pm. Then I saw that I had an Outlook/work email that had come in at 12:06. The subject line said “FW: Chrysler Pacifica with license plate K____ parked on west side of building.” Then when I opened the email it simply said “Has a flat tire.” I had never even heard of the Chrysler Pacifica until that moment. This was the second “Pacifica” related synch surrounding an interview with Geoff. (though certainly not the only weirdness surrounding these interviews. I wrote about the other various weirdness here, in my ‘Interference’ article ) Just prior to getting my first ever email from Geoff on February 22nd I had just caved in and bought a $12 tube of Pacifica brand “Hawaiian Ruby Guava” body lotion at Whole Foods ‘cause I just had to have it. I debated buying it for weeks and finally did it, then was sitting on my computer desk, reveling in the smell of it, when that first email came in with the subject line “Pacifica Radio Interview Request.” Pacifica’s not a word that normally pops up. And the two times it did were both on the 22nd of a month.

5. Messages and Symbolic Themes

When synchs that are happening to you are of the type noted above, there’s also the possibility that some may be a message from “something else,” whatever one’s personal beliefs are on that matter. They can be both positive and negative, which is why it’s important to use discernment to differentiate what’s what, and not make the mistake of assuming that all synchronous messages are in our best interest. Some may be manipulations. We’ll get more into this topic later on. But possibly something we need to hear at a particular junction in our lives can be conveyed through “meaningful coincidences” to get a point across to us. Two examples of strange little messages that I’ve encountered happened with fortune cookies of all things:

Synch 1: This was back in 2003, when I had been talking to Tom about a well known internet personality/conspiracy writer/channeler who was one of those “all gloom and doom, all the time” people. This person is forever wallowing in a “woe is me” victim mindset, grumping about everything that was wrong and ugly in the world. They even run one of those infamous alternative news headline sites, under the guise of “informing” us. I told Tom that I just can’t be that way. No matter what’s going on around me in life, I can still usually see what’s good and right about things. (I thought about my picture taking as I said this, which is all about admiring everything that’s beautiful in the world around us (or humorous….or things that most people wouldn’t find worthy of photographing, let’s just put it that way. :D But in general admiring both the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. The ugly can definitely be entertaining in a dark/black humor kind of way, depending, so long as there’s the beautiful also going on to counterbalance it. Kind of like, “Look at this…..Earth… You have this AND this both going on at the same time! It’s wild!”)

So as we were talking, I saw the unopened fortune cookie lying on the counter from our Chinese take out the night before. I had forgotten to eat my cookie with my meal, so I ripped into it now as we talked.

The fortune synchronistically said:

“You find the beauty in ordinary things. Do not lose this ability.”

Had I opened the cookie the night before with my dinner then this synch wouldn’t have happened. So, an important, positive, helpful message being conveyed through a very obvious case of synchronicity. Freewill isn’t being violated, and everybody wins.

(This particular example also overlaps with #6 on this list, in terms of manipulated timing that can leave one feeling like a puppet. Despite that however I don’t feel this was a negative manipulation, as the message was simply about maintaining that ability to see beauty. No harm in that. It’s not like it’s going to spin me off onto some obviously wrong path in life or something. And something I didn’t even think until editing this years later was that this was also during the same time period when I woke up and caught “Them” [MILABs stuff] in the act of nocturnally programming me with some really negative subconscious programming, one of which involved the repeating command “YOU WILL ONLY SEE WHAT’S WRONG AND UGLY IN THE WORLD!!! YOU WILL ONLY SEE WHAT’S WRONG AND UGLY IN THE WORD!!!” So this might have related to that as well – trying to counteract their programming by telling me to never lose that ability to see the beauty. Bit of a tug-of-war there. The negs doin’ it their way, and the positives doin’ it theirs.)

Synch 2: Another amazing case of fortune cookie synchronicity happened on January 18, 2008. For about two weeks, while in between temp gigs, I’d been worrying to myself that maybe by sticking with my temp agency (whom I’d been with at that point for four years) I was somehow limiting myself, and “putting all my eggs in one basket” as I phrased it in my mind when thinking about it. I wasn’t sure if I was doing the right thing by staying with them and hoping they’d come up with another assignment for me, or if there was something else I should be doing. Then I received a fortune cookie on 1/18 from our favorite Chinese buffet that said, “No harm in putting all your eggs in one basket – just watch it closely.” Really, what are the odds? Sychronistic message from something higher, obviously, answering me back, letting me know it was okay to stick with the temp agency for now, as I interpreted it. It made me smile though, and shortly thereafter I did receive another, kind of primo assignment from my agency, and yet another after that which became the one and only assignment I would have attempted to go permanent at….and succeeded, putting me on the “big money timeline,” and which completely altered the course of my life. (and Tom’s too you could say, since we live together.) So obviously I continued to stick around with them. But still, I kept a close eye on the basket. ;)

I have some other uncanny synchronous fortune cookie messages, but these ones are good examples to illustrate. I don’t consider these to be coincidental at all, and for me they have been a direct “oracle” tool for receiving bits of important advice and insight. But, that’s just me.

Closely tying into the idea of meaningful messages conveyed through synchronicity is the way in which synchs can involve “themes,” where you begin to notice that there’s a thematic pattern within the synchronicity cluster going on, some idea that keeps repeating itself.


The last one. For about a week in 2014 (didn’t log this cluster) there was a repeating pattern of me going to a store to buy something and discovering that whatever I was there to get was the last one on the shelf. Though everything else surrounding the item I was there to get was fully stocked. There were no sales or specials going on with these items either that could explain this. The first time this happened I didn’t think anything of it. The second time it happened I thought, huh, that’s interesting, remembering the first instance. By the third time I paused and reflected on it, realizing this was getting kind of strange, and now we’ve entered into the realm of synchronicity. Is there a double meaning to this synch, I wondered? Some sort of symbolism going on here? Then just as suddenly as it started it stopped. Hasn’t happened since. Have no idea what it meant, or why.


Weird and/or dangerous timing – Warning: this is a long one, spanning several days of occurrences with the end result seeming to be a narrow death miss. So if you get bored easily by long winded stories you’ve been warned. :D But on October 11, 2014 Tom and I decided to ride the TriRail for the first time, heading up to West Palm Beach to have lunch and kick around for the afternoon. We were up there for a few hours, then after some back and forth pondering decided okay, we’re done for today, and we should leave now if we’re going to catch the next TriRail back, otherwise we’ll need to wait another whole hour. So off we went, heading east from the water/docks, inland through downtown, and on towards the TriRail station at a fast clip. At one point we needed to cross over the freight train tracks at Dixie Highway. And just as we started to cross the tracks I glanced over to my left and saw the intense bright telltale headlight of a freight train in the near distance. “!!!” I thought, weird timing, and pretty cool. I like trains, so it was all good to me. Sped up my walk and then the “DING! DING! DING!” of the crossing gate bells began, as the crossing gates started to go down right as we were getting to the other side of the tracks. Thought the timing on that was very interesting. Later on, after viewing the video I took of the train I discovered that the lead engine had a big ol’ 141 on the side. So that was another layer.

Then a few days later on October 17th I was biking on the way home from the beach here in Boca Raton, cruising down Spanish River Boulevard, crossing the railroad tracks at Dixie Highway once again, when wouldn’t you know it………DING! DING! DING! Sudden loud crossing guard bells going off and gate coming down right as I was on the tracks. Had to speed up my pedaling to get under the lowering crossing guard gate, with the intense bright engine headlight approaching from the left. Same exact situation as before, freight train, on the left side, have to squeak under the crossing gates, and even happening on the same road, Dixie Highway, though different city. Okay, I thought, what are the odds that this same situation would happen TWICE within days? When it’s never happened even once before?? All those times I’ve biked over the tracks, nothing’s ever happened. Now that it just happened twice within days. I figured it had to mean something, and it probably wasn’t good. Common sense says that it’s just not a positive omen to keep having that happen. Nevertheless I stopped and took video, since I love a good close encounter with a train, and continued on my way without worrying about it.

Then came Saturday, October 18th. I was on my way home from biking all around, and decided to detour to Swifty’s package store on my way home to get some cans of my then-favorite coconut water. There was internal debate about whether to go home first, and then drive there in my car, or just bike there. The last time I biked there I was in line for like 10 minutes because the people ahead of me were taking so long. But what are the odds it would happen twice, come on. So just bike there and get it over with. Besides, I want that coconut water now, rather than later. So off I went. Annnnd…….found myself stuck behind somebody in line for another almost 10 minutes. Same as before. ah well. ;) Got rung up, put the coconut waters in my backpack and was back on my way. I had my MP3 player going, with my 80s “Hair Bands” play list ;) and decided to skip ahead to “Die Hard the Hunter,” by Def Leppard. As I approached the intersection of NE 20th and NW 4th, where I needed to go left onto 4th, I debated whether to use the crosswalk, or just get into the left turn car lane. Since there were no cars approaching from behind me and the road was quiet I just got into the left turn car lane to speed things along. Made the turn without issue, and now I was cruising down NW 4th using the bike lane, of course, not biking on the sidewalk, as many people do. In fact I’d had the thought pop into my head the evening before while biking to the beach about the “sidewalk vs. bike lane” debate, with my take being, Who has time for the sidewalk??? It’s a pain in the ass, all uneven, and full of debris, and there’s pedestrians and little lizards running around everywhere that you have to avoid. So you have to go slower, and things take more time and you get less of a workout. So, screw that. I’m all about the bike lanes and getting the work out.

So the day was bright and sunny and blue skied and beautiful, everything green and cheerful and warm. Have my tunes going, and life is good. A few cars pass me in the road. Then I notice……one of the cars about 100 feet ahead of me is swerved half way into the bike lane. Then it’s full on driving in the bike lane, using it as an actual car lane like a total dum dum. O.o Holy shit, I think. And it’s just going and going, driving in the bike lane obliviously, to the point where the right tires are actually in the grass, kicking up dirt and blades of grass in the air. Then it finally swerves itself back over into the road. Probably had been texting or doing who knows what while driving. >:( !!!! But had I been slightly ahead of myself then it would have completely mowed me down, going over 40+ mph into the bike lane. You can’t survive something like that. “Die hard” indeed. O.o

All these details which may initially seem inconsequential to the reader are actually very meaningful, as they illustrate the way in which everything came together for me to be on that road when that happened. Deciding whether to risk getting stuck in another long line, biking instead of driving there, and then sure enough…..getting stuck in another line, same as before, then using the turn lane instead of the crosswalk to speed myself along, and driving in the bike lane on the road instead of using the sidewalk. Each step of the way I kept having to make choices about how to proceed. And each choice finally funneled me onto the end result of almost getting mowed down by a car. :/ With the added synch of the song title that happened to be playing when it almost happened. But luckily I wasn’t ahead of myself, and it wasn’t meant to be. Not my day to die I guess. I was in fact in the right place at the right time I guess, since we didn’t connect.

There’s another strange layer to this concerning the actual date of October 18th itself, which I won’t even sidetrack onto. But I will say the fact I almost got mowed down on that date of all dates isn’t a coincidence imo, and ties into something much greater.


So, if there are themes within some synch clusters then one has to then wonder…….why? What is the reason one is getting hit over the head with this synchronistic repeating theme? It’s possible in these cases that there’s a reason that the theme keeps popping up, a message that maybe is trying to be conveyed, so it’s up to the experiencer to determine what it might relate to. In the instance of almost being mowed down in the bike lane, I then look back at the two strange freight train crossing incidents that happened within the week leading up to it and wonder if they symbolically represented narrowly missing getting squashed. O.o Possibly ripple effects spilling backwards in the timeline. This also ties into my write up Dreamtime and Waking Life – Two Sides of the Same Coin where I delve into the idea of interpreting life events and pointed and unusual symbolic happenings in the same way one goes about interpreting their dreams, complete with dream dictionary and all. Synchs would apply to this as well.

6. Then there are those times when one’s actions, which typically involve something unusual, reveal themselves to be connected to something else coming up down the line. Sometimes to where it’s a complex sequence of multiple unusual events that all had to happen in their right (and improbable) timing in order to connect to something in the “future.”

These sorts of synchs can sometimes leave one feeling like a disheartened puppet, manipulated by some outside force in order to do things which then align to something that’s about to take place. This type is more complex than merely having a thought or typing a phrase/idea that one finds reflected back at them, mentioned earlier in the list. One has to of course wonder whether the “present” (A) affected the “future” (B) …………… or is it actually the other way around? Where the “future” event spilled backwards and affected the “past”? These synchs can be to the point where, when you look back on the situation, you see how completely unnatural it is in its alignment and timing (basically “there’s just no way…..”) and where things seem force fitted you could say, in order to make it all come together the way it did.

When this sort of synch has happened to Tom and I, usually jointly, they often seemed possible only because we were doing something that was unusual and out of the ordinary. Instances where we were veering off the normal course of action. Or where the entire synch in general revolved around an unusual occurrence. The synch regarding the crab on the sidewalk mentioned in point #3 also involves this aspect, as our walk was spur of the moment, centered on me feeling suddenly compelled out of nowhere to do an internet search on my brother’s name, finding his latest arrest, being emotionally upset, then going for the walk to process things, which eventually led to the improbable crab synch lining up. In these cases the question then becomes, did the universe cause me/us to veer off course and/or cause the unusual event in order to force the synch to line up, or, was the synch a result of us veering off course?

Being that I’ve veered off course in life more often than being on course ;D and without synchs constantly resulting, I can safely say it’s not necessarily the latter. Necessarily. There is still the possibility that if the thing that sets off the entire chain of unusual/unlikely events that leads to the synchronicity is something that’s from outside the timeline then yes, the synch could therefore be a result of that unusual course of action or occurrence. This was Tom’s theory when we’ve discussed this topic, and I found it to be interesting. A good example of this, for me, involves my brother Joe, already mentioned in the crab synch. I’ve written about him in other parts of my website, namely in The Vortex. Joe was a very unlikely insertion into my reality/timeline post-2000 that was against all odds (literally playing “beat the clock” to try to get him out to California before he wound up dead). And for that reason I’ve tended to have synchs that are born out of things relating to him…..even many years after he’s been out of my life, like with the aforementioned “crab” synch.

Whatever the cause though, here are some examples of this type of synch in action:


“Hawks, eagles and falcons” – May 5, 2010. This one is yet another involving the infamous Cville Weekly’s “Rant” page. And it’s very strange. But on 5/5/10 Tom and I were going for a drive on Route 20 in the late afternoon/early evening, enjoying the Virginia countryside. On our way back there was a bird we both noticed on the side of the road in the ditch/gutter area taking off into the air while carrying a small animal. The animal was big enough (and the bird was small enough) that you could clearly see it was heavy for the bird, and it was slow in lifting off into the air, really flapping and exerting effort. I was just like, Wow! You don’t see something like that too often. We figured the prey must have been a rodent or something, like maybe a mole, since it looked dark in color. That lead to wondering what the bird itself was. Tom said, “An eagle?” I just laughed. It’s not an eagle. :D hahaha! Oh my god. So then he chuckled and said I don’t know, a falcon? I laughed even more at the exotic bird of prey which clearly didn’t match the bird we saw. Then he tossed out “Hawk??” It was just funny because the bird wasn’t big enough to be any of those things from what I saw, but I could be wrong, who knows. So then we get home and I’m carrying in my small pile of free Cville Weeklies that I grabbed on my way out of Kmart earlier. I wouldn’t have even noticed them or grabbed them except for Tom brought it to my attention, so I figured why not, and grabbed a pile. (I use them for my cat’s litter box.) As I walked inside I flipped to the “Rant” section on the back page and lo and behold, once again the last rant on the page (besides being funny) synchronistically lined up:

“Listen up, Charlottesville. Birds are sweet, and they’re also really cool, and if I don’t start hearing more people talking about birds around town I’m going to lose it. Hawks, eagles, falcons and other birds of prey, are so fucking sweet and awesome that sometimes I can’t even see straight when I think about them. But thinking about them isn’t enough. I want to hear some chatter about birds, C’ville.”

Hawks, eagles and falcons. The three exact birds Tom had mentioned not even 20 minutes earlier. And the only reason it had happened was because I had gone back to Kmart to return something and get a refund, and then Tom pointed out the Cville Weeklies on our way out, something he doesn’t normally do. So I grabbed them and then we headed out to our other errands, then when we were done running our errands we went for a spur of the moment drive and eventually turned the car around and headed back after driving for a bit, which meant that we’d be driving by at the exact moment when that bird next to the road was taking off with a small animal in its claws which set the stage for our “What kind of bird is it?” conversation and thus…….everything lined up exactly into place.

That whole week had been strange for us with ear tones and synchs, and there was one particular day which we jokingly referred to as “a day of improbabilities,” where all sorts of unusual things happened in one day that don’t normally happen, along with synchs. So what was going on that week then?? Well for starters, earlier in the week Tom had made an intention/request to be “wow’d” by reality, even going as far as to tap into the feeling of being wow’d, raising his vibes up in the process. And it was like reality immediately responded. “Okay, sure, here you go….” The whole improbable “wow” thing that particular week culminated with Tom’s father making a surprise trip from Germany to America to visit Tom for his milestone 30th birthday, on May 8th. Prior to that the last time he was in the U.S. was 1998. So, it’s not the norm for him to come here. We had no idea he was coming – as that was the whole point – until getting a call from a local motel, where he and his second wife were staying. Surprise! :D


Dennis Banks’ autobiography. April 12, 2008. I wanted to read the autobiography of American Indian activist and AIM founder Dennis Banks, and looked at copies for sale on Amazon on Saturday morning. In the end I decided not to buy it (bought a different book instead). Figured it was best to see if the library had a copy I could read for free instead. So I checked our local library’s online catalog and saw that yup, they did carry the book, and actually had it in stock. Cool! I thought, with plans to go to the library that afternoon. But then I changed my mind, thinking of Saturday afternoon traffic and all that, and figured I’d wait until Sunday. But then a few hours later I changed my mind yet again, and off I went. Flash forward to that night, where I’m reading the book and see that Dennis was born…..April 12, 1937. The same day I got the book, April 12th. (so this actually overlaps with those number/date synchs I mentioned in point #1; same situation as the Enrique Castillo Rincon book lining up to the author’s birthday.) I was originally going to buy the book on Amazon which means I wouldn’t have gotten the book for about another two weeks, then was going to go to the library on Sunday the 13th, only to change my mind on both accounts, and so wound up getting the book on Dennis’ birthday instead, of all days. (and a little while later while reading, in another part of the book, he talks about escaping from the ’73 siege of Wounded Knee before the Feds could kill him, and says he and his group slipped off into the night at 9 p.m. Well, it was exactly 9 p.m. in my reality when I got to that part of the book.) What it all means, I don’t know, but that’s kind of wild. (A synch that relates to this is the one involving Enrique Castillo Rincon’s book lining up to his birthday on August 24th, mentioned in point #1 on this list.)

“Kid Beyond. April 26, 2006. I was typing up what would have been a new thread on a message board I participate in, only to inexplicably get kicked off the internet seconds before posting. ! The entire thing, gone. Oh well. Not that important anyway, I realize. Guess it wasn’t meant to be. So, I was over it. Umm, guess I’ll go have a cinnamon raisin bagel with butter! ;)

So because I was booted off and now had free time, Tom wanted to show me this demonstration thing he found online for this music editing software program used in music recording, called “Live.” A demo for Live is given by this beat boxer who uses it for his live stage performances, creating all this multi-layered music using only his voice, and nothing else, no instruments. It’s neat stuff, just one of those things you have to see to appreciate, it’s pretty impressive.

So, after we finished watching this guy’s demo (his name is Kid Beyond) I was like, Hey, I wonder if he has a website? Tom did a search, found it, and pulled it up. We skimmed over the main page, and then Tom clicked on the “About Me” section. On the left hand side of the screen was the column for Upcoming Shows.

Tom suddenly says, “WHAT?!” as we both see where it says Charlottesville, Virginia. “He’s going to be HERE?” Tom says, surprised. “Wait…when is the date??” Because we both see that it says April 26….but it can’t be. So Tom opens up the calendar on the computer.

Yes. Today is Wednesday, April 26. And he’s playing here, where we live. Charlottesville. Tonight. At the Starr Hill Restaurant. The odds on this are absolutely…I don’t know. !

So because Tom needed to find a better music editing software program for his Mac, he found the site for Live, and then because I was inexplicably booted off my computer just seconds before posting a new thread, Tom decided to come over and show me the Kid Beyond demo that turned out to be interesting enough that I wanted to see if the dude had a website, only to go there and find out that this dude is playing here in Charlottesville, where we live, this very night. !

“Paycheck stubs.” February 7, 2014. Called Tom from work on his cell in the afternoon, something I don’t really do, because I wanted him to grab one of my paycheck stubs from my desk and verify something on it for me. He told me that just prior to me calling he got a wrong number call from some woman calling about….paycheck stubs. He could tell it was a woman at her job who was trying to call somebody else from her job to discuss paycheck stubs, but obviously got the wrong number. Totally freaky. Made me feel like I was manipulated into thinking I need to verify something right at that moment and then call him, in order to make this synch fit and come together. :/

So then….are we really in control of ourselves? Or is something else? That’s a good question, something that these particular synchronicities force one to wonder. O.o

Theories for how/why synchronicities occur

As mentioned at the start of this write up, not all synchs are created equal, so for that reason it’s useful to try to differentiate the various sources and causes behind the different types of synchs one may encounter:
Precognition. As mentioned in category #2. There are instances where what seems like a case of unbelievable coincidence is most likely one tuning in to something that’s coming up in the near future, due to being psychic and/or having a good “antenna” to tune into the general “collective,” which then leads one’s thoughts to going in a direction they wouldn’t have otherwise.
Reality Creation. In a few of the synchs Tom and I have experienced, either individually or jointly, we had to wonder whether we were the ones making them happen, due to awareness and emotional intent. From the “Big Ol’ Jet Airliner” synch, to the the conspiratorial “Rant” section rant, and in particular the “Hawks, Eagles and Falcons” synch in category #6, being a good example of a synch that followed on the heels of Tom’s intention for reality to wow him, and raising his vibes in order to help facilitate the process, which actually overlaps with category #3.
Changing timeline/timeline in flux. What I’ve noticed in my own experiences is that when my life is at a “fork in the road” moment, where changing jobs, moving residences and such is a very real possibility, all of which would result in a completely new timeline and life outcome, then synchronicity (as well as other woo-woo phenomenon) spikes for me up the wazoo.

I’ve also come across the same basic idea, though presented in a different way, in the book “The Holographic Universe” by Michael Talbot. The quote that stood out for me was in actuality just paraphrasing/summarizing some of what Carl Jung had noticed about synchs: “Jung encountered many such meaningful coincidences during his psychotherapeutic work and noticed that they almost always accompanied periods of emotional intensity and transformation: fundamental changes in belief, sudden and new insights, deaths, births, even changes in profession. He also noticed that they tended to peak when the new realization or insight was just about to surface in the patient’s consciousness.” Talbot also goes on to say “[…] the relative scarcity of synchronous experiences in our lives shows not only the extent to which we have fragmented ourselves from the general field of consciousness, but also the degree to which we have sealed ourselves off from the infinite and dazzling potential of the deeper orders of mind and reality.”

To me the latter quote could also pertain to what happens when one’s life is stagnating, with zero influential “fork in the road” timeline change moments occurring, which is basically the same thing as being sealed off from infinite and dazzling potentials. And it’s interesting to see that Carl Jung definitely noticed the correlation between dynamic life happenings and synchronicity.

I brainstormed this subject with Tom, who also happens to write the website, so if you’re going to be brainstorming subjects like this then he’s the optimal person to be doing that with. ;) But basically we were trying to get to the bottom of how and why synchs happen. It’s not good enough for me to notice that they do happen. Or to recognize that there are different types/categories of synchs. I want to understand the mechanics behind it. And in most cases it ultimately boils down to this theory, about changing timelines. In fact I devoted an entire article to what happened during the time period when the decision for whether to uproot ourselves from Charlottesville, Virginia and move back to south Florida was becoming more and more of a real, solidified possibility. Increased synchronicity being only one of multiple woo-woo happenings that erupted in our lives during that time, along with number sightings, ear tones, deja vus, and anomalous body markings. The interesting part about the synchronicities that erupted during that time period was that they trickled off once I officially gave notice at my longstanding job, and the new timeline became solidified. It’s something I even noticed at the time, and mentioned in that article. But why would that be?

The foundation lies in quantum physics. In the classic quantum physics “wave vs. particle” experiment, a particle (photon, electron, etc.) is sent towards two slits, presumably passing through either one or the other, and hitting the wall on the other side. It was discovered that when the observer of the experiment chooses to look at the particle as it goes through one of the two slits (and thus confirming which “timeline” it winds up on) it emerges on the wall on the other side behaving as an individual particle, hitting somewhere on the left side of the wall, or the right, depending on which slit it passed through. However when the experimenter chooses not to look at which slit the particle passed through, and only looks at the wall where it hit, then the particle begins behaving as if it were a wave being fired at the slits. What the experimenter will see on the wall after it’s been hit numerous times is a wave interference pattern, indicating that the particles are passing like waves through both slits simultaneously, each version then recombining on the wall, either canceling or reinforcing each other depending on where they land. Just like waves on water.

Whether the particles themselves are actually changing from particles to waves, or are being influenced by something else to behave as waves, ultimately what matters is that something relating to waves (and the interference patterns they create) becomes a factor in the experiment so long as the particles are not being observed. Until the observer of the experiment chooses to watch the particle and determine which of the two slits a particle passes through, then both potential “timelines” are open. And without solidifying the existence of the particle through either one slit or the other, the end result is the telltale wave interference pattern indicating that both potentials are happening, and interfering with each other.

So with that in mind, there you are, living your life and plugging along on your timeline, but coming up is the very real potential to switch onto a different set of tracks, due to life choices, happenings or realizations that are going to alter the path you’re on. Both futures are open and exist simultaneously, and the combination of these two different timelines results in “wave interference,” same as with the particle vs. wave slit experiment. Synchronicity is a pattern by definition, and with two potential futures existing at the same time it affects probability by nudging events into greater order/patterns that wouldn’t exist otherwise, same as the patterns that form in the particle/wave experiment. So when I first started having serious ideas about us leaving Charlottesville and going back to south Florida you could say that I suddenly deviated away from our current Charlottesville timeline. I was no longer in line with it, yet…..the other timeline was not yet solidified. I was still working at my job, we were still living in our apartment, no notice had been given to anybody, nothing had actually been put in motion to start the ball fully rolling in that direction. It was all just ideas and talk at that point….but serious talk, and serious discontent with the current stagnating path. So now I’d shifted over and was in between both paths, where going through with moving to Florida was equally as real as us changing our minds, caving in to fear, and deciding to stay put. It could easily have gone both ways. And hence, the crazy synchs/”interference waves” started rolling my way.

Something I also noticed was that on those days where I became particularly discontent and antsy, wanting to LEAVE NOW! and coming * this close * to finally giving notice at my job then the synchs and weirdness would spike. Over and over again, so there was no way to not notice the correlation. Then after one of the potential timelines was finally selected, as mentioned, the synchs and weirdness trickled off. It was actually pretty quiet for most of the summer of 2012 during the time when we were doing everything to clean up, prep and finalize things for the move. Because the choice had already been made. There were no more conflicting futures/timelines.

Something I questioned about this theory is why, for people who get synchs (because not everybody seems to, and I’ll get more into this towards the end) they don’t happen every single time changes occur in one’s life. Some people have busy lives, with lots going on. So if change by itself is one major component of making synchs happen then they should be happening all the time for those people….right? But they don’t. Why?

In asking this question I realized in looking at my own synchs, as well as synchs that have been relayed to me by those that I know, it’s not just change in itself that creates synchs. It’s self imposed changes. Situations where we are exerting free will and willfully changing the direction of our own lives, versus allowing ourselves to coast along on autopilot, and/or where situations – even big situations – happen to us. A lot of times things are out of our control, because we’re all a part of a bigger mass timeline, or we’re connected to people who have their own free will and destinies. So things that happen on a mass scale, or to the people around us where it trickles down to us, are things that are outside of our control. We don’t have a say in it. But the things we do have a say in, where we’re making willful, conscious decisions and choices that change the direction of our lives for good or bad, and especially when the changes/decisions are sudden, resulting in an abrupt departure from the current path, will often times result in a spate of synch clusters for those who are prone to the phenomenon. So this was a “ding!ding!ding!” moment I had when pondering on this topic, the role that freewill plays in everything. Most people don’t exert theirs, or they’re content to coast along on whatever path they find themselves on, not making any efforts to mix things up, learn, change, and evolve.

[Again, huge thanks to Tom for brainstorming things with me and lending help with how to word/explain the particle vs. wave experiment in a way that’s concise and makes sense. We sat at cafés, and in our living room going back and forth about the whole subject of synchronicity, but especially with regards to the changing timelines theory, with me jotting notes and him even diagramming things out in his trusty notebook so we could get to the bottom of it all, since it’s a subject that he himself is also trying to dissect. :) ]
Synchronicities as a message from something higher. As mentioned in point #5, I believe there’s the possibility that synchronicity could be used as a tool by positive higher forces (whatever one believes they are) to get messages to us. Maybe something we need to hear at a particular junction in our lives and so on can be conveyed through “meaningful coincidences” to get a point across to us.

But as noted in the “Boulder is Better” synch, it’s important to try to discern the difference between positive synchs and artificial synchronicity for negative manipulative purposes. This implies that there are therefore beings that can generate synchs in the first place, which yes, I believe is possible. There are multiple ways in which synchs can come about, and this is one of them. Since A) I’ve had multiple encounters with intelligent negative entities who like to engage in shenanigans, and B) I’ve seen that even us “lowly” humans have the ability for reality creation, with the role it plays in manipulating synchronous events, therefore it stands to reason that some synchs could absolutely be the result of neg entities who have the ability to manifest/manipulate this reality in order to bring about their particular desired outcomes.

Naive new agers might mistakenly look at any and all of these types of occurrences as being “guideposts from the universe!” because they tend to lack awareness of, or have reluctance dealing with, negative trickster elements. But not all synchs mean that you’re on the right path or that a particular decision is the right one to be making. So always question everything. Positive and negative forces often have the same abilities in terms of what they can do, but their approaches will be very different. (And I hyper-clarify with the word “often” for good reason – because my experiences have shown me that the positives are ultimately the ones in absolute control here, period, end of. They have the ability to override the negatives. So as powerful as the negs may be, they’re not fully on the level.) Telltale indicators to be on the lookout for when trying to differentiate what’s what is that negs like to appeal to your ego, and fear, as well as taking advantage of naivete. They also seem to love to utilize people, working through them to have multiple people come at a person with a particular idea or path they’re trying to push. Both Tom and I have our own individual examples of this. To be fair though in my experiences positive forces also work through people (and domesticated pets). But when positives operate through people it’s pretty obvious which one you’re dealing with. It’s typically to convey a positive/helpful/empowering/uplifting and much needed timely message, or some sort of desperately needed assistance or rescuing. Negs don’t engage in trying to deliver positive messages at that right exact moment when somebody might be contemplating suicide for instance, or jump into the body of a pet cat or dog to alert somebody that their baby just stopped breathing in their crib.

In Tom’s case, which he gave me permission to mention here, years back over the course of a 24 hour period he suddenly had multiple separate people mentioning in emails to him the whole “Course in Miracles” thing, with one guy in particular being pushy about trying to get Tom to go down that path. Because multiple people were suddenly mentioning this to him he looked into it, like okay, sure. Let’s see what the deal is. But after researching it he had to go with his intuition and analysis, which indicated to him that it was a false path. So just because several people were suddenly “coincidentally” bringing something to his attention doesn’t mean it was a valid path to be on.

In my own case, around 2007 or so I’d purchased a small crucifix at a jewelry/beading shop in downtown Charlottesville, to experiment with what it can do in terms of neg stuff. Immediately after leaving the bead shop I was approached on the downtown mall by a young female handing out free New Testaments. She had no way of knowing that I’d just purchased a small crucifix designed to go on a necklace of all things, considering there were literally thousands of other types of beads and jewelry trinkets in the store I could have bought. And there was nothing about me that would have clued her in. And that was the one and only time I’ve ever been approached by somebody on the downtown Mall handing out New Testaments. She approached me in a very pointed way however, wanting me to have this New Testament. Then after I got home and logged into my email there was an email from a guy I hadn’t heard from in years that I used to know awhile back on an old message board forum, forwarding along some “chain mail” email relating to all things but the Virgin Mary. Something about how if you don’t participate you’re damning yourself, or something. And I think there was one more “hit you over the head with how you need to go in the direction of Christianity” synch that tied into this cluster, following on the heels of me purchasing that small crucifix to experiment with, but I can’t remember anymore what it was. But I of course noticed what was happening, and it gave me pause, like hmmmm. But the fact that something was so quickly jumping on that bandwagon to hit me over the head with this idea……and again, working through people to do it……made it obvious to me how staged and fake it all was. One can be spiritual and tapped into the high ideals of the Christ Consciousness without joining up to organized co-opted religion, reading the rewritten/manipulated bible, or participating in chain mails out of fear of what “Mary” will do. :/

So many naïve people would think “What could possibly be negative about something trying to lead you towards Christianity?? I don’t understand!” so this is why this is a good example of something that most people would just accept at face value as being automatically positive. On the one hand I can verify that Christianity imagery/symbolisms works against neg entities, as I’ve experienced for myself, and have mentioned in other writings. Which is very intriguing. But with the symbolism and energy also comes a lot of “muck” baggage, courtesy of all the people who’ve abused the ideas towards their own egotistical and/or maniacal ends over the centuries (especially in regards to promoting fear, disempowerment and control and as a justification for mass murder, abuse and torture of innocent people) as well as the negs who’ve ridden on those coattails. Someone on the now defunct Noble Realms message board I used to post at once likened utilizing Christianity imagery as being like walking through a church, but getting muddy feet in the process. I really liked that analogy. So as I saw firsthand, you have to be careful when even attempting to dip your feet into that particular pool, because “stuff” is overeager to help push you in all the way, due to how much disinformation and fear pervade almost all mainstream branches of Christianity, all of which greatly serves neg “stuff.” It’s a path with valid higher spiritual concepts that has unfortunately been co-opted to lead humanity astray. And of which many people – to the tune of millions – seem to be totally unaware of. Hence, the reason that even obnoxiously obvious synchs involving Christianity of all things has to be questioned.

On a related note, in the book, The Alien Love Bite, by Eve Lorgen, she details alien involvement (whatever these “aliens” really are; I tend to think they’re interdimensional…) into human love relationships, which always entails synchronicity to some extent. Two targets will be brought together and bitten with the “love bite,” falling into a passionate – and very manipulated – affair, then broken apart, all so that the aliens can feed on the resulting intense emotions of it all. And what initially helps reinforce to these targets that they “should” be together are unbelievable synchronicities, psychic happenings, and so on. So, that’s another thing to keep in mind, especially if you happen to be an abductee, and begin experiencing some far out synchs and strange happenings with a romantic interest.

I also believe that in some of cases of synchronicity where it seems that something is trying to convey a message or reinforce a particular idea to a person that it may not be from an intelligent force at all, whether positive or negative, and instead could just be a byproduct of how reality works on a quantum level once a person starts to set into motion a change of direction in their life. It could also be the result of reality creation, as mentioned. So that’s why it’s important to analyze what’s happening to try to get to the bottom of what’s what, keeping a level head, not making rash decisions, and most importantly, utilizing intuition. If the message doesn’t feel right to you, then that’s all that ultimately matters.

Some Final Thoughts

As with the “words lining up” synchs where I’ve questioned whether the words themselves have any significant double meanings, I’ve also had to question the meaning of any of the synchs I’ve had in general. Like, why did THAT particular situation line up and not something else?? Some situations may very well have a double symbolic message going on, which overlaps with category #5, but most may not, and so the reason something lined up at that moment may just be random – it’s the way things needed to be as reality was readjusting itself and situating onto a new timeline.

When it comes to why synchs happen, it’s more than just self imposed dynamic changes that take advantage of free will (as touched on earlier). Because if that were the case then everybody should be getting them equally, all the time. Yet many people don’t apparently, even if they are willfully imposing changes in their lives. So why is that? Skeptics might say that for those who believe they’re experiencing synchs it’s just because they’re the types of people who see meaning in every stupid thing that happens to them, even when none clearly exists. However I would hope that many of the synch examples I’ve provided from my own experiences, especially the far out and improbable ones, help prove that’s definitely not the case here. So it’s not just a black/white case of either synchs are only ever just the imaginings of delusional people that read into every little thing in their lives, or, synchs are not only real but they happen to everybody across the board, all the time. Neither extreme is valid.

It seems to me that you have to be able to notice and see them in the first place, and then be open to it all, which implies something about the person experiencing them, and the nature of synchs overall. Same goes for pretty much most of the woo-woo phenomenon actually, and the way in which so much of it seems reflective, as UFO/Fortean researcher John Keel even noted in his book “Operation Trojan Horse.” The more we notice of this stuff, good and bad, the more it seems to keep happening and reflecting back at us. Which means there also may be a susceptibility factor, where certain people tend to experience them more, for whatever reason. Possibly because they have higher than normal “abilities,” especially in the area of reality creation, and/or ability to perceive the paranormal, which leads to having a life that’s weird and unusual, and of which would include synchs. It’s probably very likely that anybody who’s getting weird and fantastical synchs on a regular basis is also somebody who’s “aware” you could say, and has had other forms of strangeness in their lives as mentioned in the opening of this article. There’s a book I recommend at the end of this piece called “What a Coincidence! – the Wow! Factor in Synchronicity” by Susan M. Watkins, and she had interesting ideas for how to create and encourage synchronicities to happen, which is intriguing because it means that we are helping to form the reality around us minute to minute. So there’s definitely a reflective as well as reality creation component to so much of synchronicity.

I don’t recall getting synchronicities when I was younger, despite how dynamic my life was at times (though again, most all of it was beyond my control, where I was at the mercy of my parents, so that may be why synchs didn’t happen to me if I wasn’t the one exerting my freewill to abruptly shift onto an improbable timeline, as described earlier). Though I certainly might have experienced them, but I just didn’t take note. But all that changed after going through the two years of “woo” when I had my brother Joe back in my life, as documented in my mini e-book, The Vortex. After that, and the things I’d learned from having Joe (and everything that went with him) back in my life, having more awareness and being on the alert to stuff, open to it and accepting of it…..then it was on. And it’s never stopped since.

Trying to fully understand how synchronicities work though, which ties into trying to understand what this reality is and how it in itself actually works, is akin to how my cat Kitty would sit in the windows trying to makes heads or tails of the various noises she’d hear going on outside in the distance. Fire truck sirens in particular would get her curious interest since they were so loud and distinct and prolonged. Her ears would prick, and you could see the look on her face as she listened to it, trying to work out what in the frickity frack that was.

There was no way to convey to her what that noise belonged to. And even if she could eventually see a fire truck with the siren noise it makes, realizing “oh, hey, yeah, that’s the source of that sound I’ve heard before…” she’d still never be able to grasp or understand what a fire truck actually is. What purpose it serves, how it’s built, what these things called “factories” are that machine the parts that go into the truck itself – metal, rubber, plastic, glass and all the fine tuned electronic components – and the nature and origins of all those materials (what is glass? how do you make plastic??) and why people go to these factories to build these things (because they need jobs, for money, in order to provide for themselves and their families – well what are jobs? What’s money? What’s a bank account that you put money in? What do you mean money can be both physical and virtual/electronic? What’s electronic? What’s a computer? What do you mean computers need electricity and/or batteries to work? What’s a battery?? Where does electricity come from? How can electricity be both natural and artificially created??) and halcyon and on and on. The confusion just keeps spiraling out of control, the more you try to explain. She was smart enough to notice the sound, and to question it in her mind with that furrowed look on her face and pricked ears, same as a dog would, same as any intelligent creature would. But that’s as far as it went. Even though she existed in the same physical realm that the noise did, it was something so far outside her understanding that she never would be able to grasp it no matter how long she tried. Sorry, just never going to happen. At best she would be able to see an actual fire truck, hear the siren and realize that’s the source of the noise she’s heard before…….annnnnd…….that’s it. Very limited, partial understanding.

So what would be an everyday, ho-hum fully comprehensible understanding for us that we take for granted is a world that’s so bizarre and fantastical to other intelligent creatures that they’d never be able to wrap their minds around it…..even though they’re living right in the middle of it. It’s literally right under their nose half the time and yet, inaccessible to them due to lack of ability to understand. Same analogy as the fish in the tank, trying to understand who/what is putting the fish food flakes in their water to feed them, and what the world is beyond their aquarium tank and how it all works, where unbeknownst to them they are something’s personal property. Same thing as when we witness mind bending events like synchronicity, paranormal events, anomalous bodily marks that appear on ourselves out of nowhere, and all the various things that are discussed on this website. It’s happening all around us, putting us smack in the middle of it, and yet….it’s inaccessible to us. We haven’t yet developed the intelligence or understanding to figure it out and perceive it. Even genius physicists with their quantum equations and theories can probably only get so far with truly understanding it so long as we continue to exist in a three dimensional realm constrained by linear time. It’s like a square trying to understand the cube. Unless you’ve actually existed in that realm and been fully ingrained in it then no amount of quantum theory and intricate equations that fill up white boards is going to suffice in trying to understand it and how it all works.

If one can crack the mystery of what this reality really is and how it operates, then things like sychronicities, including number synchs, as well as many of the other unexplained woo-woo phenomenon I write about on this website, will suddenly make sense, possibly revealed to be the natural by-product of the quantum functions of this place…whatever this place actually is. And as with all the phenomenon I discuss on this site, for anybody who may be experiencing it and wants to try to get to the bottom of it then starting a log book is a must, where you document things. This way you accumulate enough information that you can then look back on, and see what the patterns are and what events correlate to what.

Recommended Reading

There Are No Accidents – Synchronicity and the Stories of Our Lives – Robert H. Hopcke.

This book has been around since 1997 but I only came across it in the mid-2000s. From the back cover: “How do we identify these startling coincidences as something special? How do we recognize their significance…and learn to use them as turning points that lead us toward a more meaningful life story? In this inspiring book, Jungian psychotherapist Robert Hopcke explores the role of synchronicity in our love lives and work lives, in the everyday and the spiritual, in waking and in dreams. Filled with fascinating stories, There Are No Accidents offers us a “novel” way to examine our lives – as coherent, powerful narratives in which we ourselves are the protagonists.” I particularly enjoyed several points that Mr. Hopcke brings up, (bolded words my own emphasis):

- “The reason, I think, that synchronicity, ‘the simultaneous occurrence of two meaningfully but not causally connected events,’ has remained controversial and difficult to accept since Jung’s development of the concept, is because synchronicity forces us to shake off the unconscious tyranny of cause-and-effect thinking […] causal thinking seduces us into an illusion of complete power over our surroundings and enhances our sense that we are in control of our destiny, a vision quite flattering to our own egos. Cause-and-effect thinking enables us to feel in control, to split ourselves off from the world ‘outside’ and operate upon it.”

- “Besides challenging the sense of control which cause-and-effect thinking provides us, to allow for acausal connections between events would also mean acknowledging that the physical world is not separate from interior psychic events.”

– “….synchronicity as an acausal connecting principle also challenges our notion of time, specifically, the way in which we rely upon linear notion of time to organize our view of the world. Cause-and-effect thinking necessitates the concepts of “before” and “after”: causes have to occur before the effects.”

He noted many of the same things that I and others also have, including how synchs often times seem to operate backwards/outside of time, and how they often correlate to thoughts we’re having, as well as noting that “such a meaningful coincidence is “like a waking dream.” It’s these exact things that can really leave a person befuddled when in the midst of some pretty far out synchronicities.


What a Coincidence! – the Wow! Factor in Synchronicity by Susan M. Watkins. An interesting book that came across in 2005. When I saw that the author has synchronicities that rival my own with their multi-layered, time-spanning qualities, and that she has been logging her stuff just as I do, then I had to get this book. I could really relate to the types of things that have happened to her, and most importantly, I enjoyed her ideas for how to create and encourage synchronicities to happen…an intriguing concept, as it means that we are helping to form the reality around us minute to minute. So if this article has piqued your interest in looking closer at the nature of synchroncities, and you enjoy people who write from personal experience, then this might be an interesting book to check out.


The Mothman Prophesies – by John Keel. Skip the movie (although it’s good too in its own right, for different reasons…) and go right for the book if you’re looking for more in-depth coverage of real life woo-woo. It’s a page turner, and the perfect example of group synchronicity and hyperdimensional manipulation from behind the scenes. When John Keel was researching the Mothman back in the 60’s he had an extended network of people he was communicating with around the country via phone and mail, (the days before the internet, after all) and some of the synchs that began happening and the way things were “lining up” among his network were truly amazing. But in this case, behind-the-scenes entities may have been the culprits behind it all. Which is why I recommend the book, since it illustrates that this definitely seems to be one possibility for synchs.


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