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Ear Tones

Updated April 16, 2016. Inspired by an email I just received from a reader concerning her view that ear tones correlate with monitoring, I realized this write up could use a few more anecdotes that clearly show this aspect of ear tones in action, since I agree with her on this. (there are multiple things going on with ear tones, monitoring being only one of several.) This article has been up for years, I realize….but….better late than never, I guess to add more anecdotes.

Updated August 28, 2012. Couple of minor changes/edits/clean ups throughout the article…

Updated February 18, 2011. Theory about the possible common denominator that the wide variety of ear tones might share, and thus, a tentative explanation about how they happen. Added on towards end of write up…..


“Ear tones” are intermittent short lived tones, occurring in either ear, which many people seem to experience. Often times they are preluded by a pronounced muting effect, where the sound in the room seems to abruptly shut out as the tone then fades in. So it’s a tone that fades in, goes on for a bit, then fades back out. But it’s not to be confused with tinnitus, the chronic condition of damaged eardrums where one’s ear(s) constantly ring or hum, (as I understand it).

>> Click here <<     for a simulation of what a muting followed by an ear tone sounds like. This was created by my boyfriend Tom, author of, and it’s so accurate that it’s kind of scary. It’s amazing that he was able to create this. When I hear it, it causes me to poke at my ears.

Ear tones can also leave residual after effects. For me, I’ve experienced a burning “fried” feeling in my ears on several occasions when they’ve occurred, much like I’d been chatting on a cell phone for several hours. Sometimes the tone itself causes physical discomfort in the ear, making one cringe. Related to this, I’ve experienced something akin to a “tuning fork,” where the sound was coming from just outside my ear and sounded identical to a tuning fork. It felt like I was literally being “gonged” and caused dizziness and disorientation for a few seconds afterwards.

Other related aspects to ear ringings are ear clickings, “thwumpings,” (for lack of a better way to describe it) and muted pressure without a tone.

“Clickings” are just that: clicking noises that seem to come from deep within the ear. Tom has experienced this, which is how I heard about it, and has proven for himself that it’s not natural or some biological malfunction. Often times these clickings occur when he’s not consciously focused…yet they stop as soon as he focuses in on them. He also used to run a highly trafficked messageboard forum and noticed that he would get clickings in his ears at the exact time that certain troublemakers were logged onto the forum, either causing problems or apparently just having negative thoughts towards him, which would later become evident in their various postings. (This theory was further supported when he began to notice that the clickings consistently occurred with the same people; he’d get clickings, then check the forum, and see that yet again, it was the same certain people logged in.) So for him clickings are associated with negative thoughts/energy being directed his way, whatever the source may be, human or otherwise.

“Thwumpings” feel very similar to the effect of having fingers flicked in front of your ears according to those I know who have described it to me.

The “muted pressure” is when the sound goes mute in an ear, accompanied by a pressure that usually feels quite uncomfortable. But no ringing or tone follows. For a period of time right after putting this write up on the ‘net back in 2006 this was actually one of the new modes of operation with my own ear tone adventures. The tones suddenly and “coincidentally” became much fainter and shorter than they ever used to be, along with the muted pressure/absence of a tone as well. Almost as if trying to go undetected. But by2012 things were back to normal.

And something a reader informed me of are ear tones that sound like “Morse code.” To quote from her email (with permission): “….These are very very frequent for me, and in fact if I listen quietly enough, I can hear it running deep in the background most of the time. It is a series of two different notes or positive/negative sounds…tone semitone tone, in varying lengths of short and long. Morse code is the only thing I can liken it to…” I thought this was interesting enough to be worth mentioning, in case anybody else reading this also experiences it.

But the most important factor, which can’t be stressed enough, is the uncanny synchronistic timing of ear tones. They often happen during key moments, in conjunction with a specific comment said by somebody, or maybe a number sighting or a deja vu. Including, most important of all, during times when I was trying to meditate and raise my vibes in some way, only to be foiled by a sudden onset of ear tones that resulted in all out brain scramble. (I delve more into this in a short bit.) It is this aspect of ear tones that really got my attention and proved to me that they weren’t a natural, random biological happening with some scientific explanation.

What’s interesting is that this write up has generated probably the most emails from people out of all my write ups. Something about this subject really gets to people. They can relate to it and have an opinion on it, although nobody is in full agreement as to what it means and how it works. What kind of peeves me though are those who don’t fully read what I’ve written, then email me with a know-it-all tone of voice, telling me with absolute authority what’s going on in ALL cases of ear tones, including mine. Like, “psssh, didn’t you know?? duh.” I’ve documented what’s gone on in my own situation, as the reader will see with the log book entries coming up, and tried to come up with various theories based on what that log book information was indicating. So it’s always a bit irksome when people don’t take that moment to read what I’ve written before firing off a know-it-all email. Brainstorming and trading ideas is good…being a know-it-all who jumps the gun before reading what somebody has written and before considering other evidence is not.

I’ve had sporadic ear tones throughout my life, but the issue became so prevalent during 2002, due to what I was involved with in life, that I created an entire section of my log book devoted solely to documenting it. The log book contained the following information, if possible:

  • The date and exact time the ringing/tone happened;
  • Which ear it occurred in;
  • What the tone sounded like, (high, low, strong, faint, short lived, long lived and going on and on, tuning fork, hum, etc.);
  • Whether there was any muting involved, and physical after effects;
  • What exactly I was doing/saying at the time it happened. What was I thinking about? Who was I talking to? Where was I?

Through documenting this information, I was able to determine over enough time that these ear tones are definitely not random, nor the result of a natural, biological problem with my ears, and most definitely did point to some external situation happening. I was also able to determine that there was a difference in meaning for right ear versus left ear. For awhile there, for me the left ear had a negative correlation, seeming to indicate straight up monitoring, or warning me that something was “off” about a person or situation, while the right seemed more positive, sometimes seeming to confirm or reaffirm something I was thinking or reading at that exact moment. In my research I came across mention of ear tones in the book Masquerade Party at Secret Canyon by Jeannine Marie Steiner. The book is one woman’s personal experiences into the realm of psychic happenings, abductions, mind control and MILAB harassment, and on page 73 she says:

“On my way back to Ventura, I drove past Pt. Mugu Naval Base. Stopping at the red traffic light, suddenly, in my left ear I got a very loud ringing noise. To a psychic that’s a strong warning that means something is very, very wrong. It means red alert. (Ringing in the left ear is a warning and ringing right ear is positive.)

That was interesting to find someone else noting the same thing I’ve experienced….and who has independently come to the same conclusion as myself as to the meaning of left ear vs. right. Then again, I have a ‘net acquaintance who noticed that for him, left is positive while right is negative. So everybody will probably be different.

The more you log, the more you can determine for yourself what may be happening with you and what it means. It’s all about logging your stuff — I can’t stress it enough. Documenting things focuses your awareness, and in doing so you gain more power over your life.

Following is a sampling of some of the more interesting ear tone events taken from my log books from several years ago, so you can see what it’s all about if you don’t already know. Consider these my “Ear Tone Hall of Fame” moments. ;) As noted at the beginning, this is being updated again as of April 2016, inspired by a reader discussing the idea of ear tones in relation to monitoring, so I’m adding some more entries from my log book that really seem to illustrate that idea, since more is better sometimes. When pulling out my old log book in order to find more anecdotes concerning monitoring I was amazed at the amount of entries there were concerning the tones. The ear tones thing was absolutely off the charts for me back then (2002-2003), sometimes multiple times a day, and always at very pointed moments involving specific thoughts or conversations I was engaged in. Just SO many entries that it’s impossible to put them all here really, but, I’ll pick a few of the best to add in throughout.

Afterwards, I’ll get into the who’s, how’s and why’s behind it all…


Approximately May 2002

About to tell Ryan [coworker at my then-job, who had psychic experiences and liked to discuss woo-woo things and the deeper side of reality] about “Fake People” (an offhand comment) when THE loudest ear tinging I’ve ever experienced happened. Majorly pronounced muting moment beforehand, which in itself was almost painful, followed by a “Siren-Level” ear ringing in my right ear. It shut me up in mid-word, and I grabbed at my ear and went “AHHHH! MY EAR!!” I knew immediately that was a “SHUT UP!!!!’ warning. So I did. Residual burning affect for awhile afterwards. Felt like my ear had been fried, or rather, microwaved.


October 11, 2002

At work, typing an email during my break to Tom (who was at home, but I wanted him to be able to read this before I got home later) where I was recounting a dream I’d had that morning where I was packing up to go take off on a “walk about” trip, camping, just wandering about, with no plan, not worried about bills and crap, etc. Was pondering about maybe doing that for real, when suddenly both of my ears experienced a subtle muting, slight pressure, then a very low, barely audible “tone.” Not a ringing, but a tone. It was accompanied by a slight dizzy feeling, where my head twitched a bit, by itself.


Tuesday, November 5, 2002
Approximately 4:30 p.m.

Was talking to Ryan from work, discussing climate change and “end times”, which led to him to make the offhand comment “I’d like to wake up somewhere in Alpha Centauri wondering if there’s life on other planets.” Right then I had a prominent ear ringing, left ear.

Saturday, November 9, 2002
10:41 a.m.
My birthday

Ear ringing, right ear, which started at 10:40 a.m. and went all the way through until 10:41 — (or, 141 you could say: Number Sightings Section.) It was my first ever ear ringing which coincided with a 141 sighting, and on my birthday, no less.


Approximately January 2003

Don’t have a log book entry that I can copy/paste, however this was an anecdote mentioned in my book “Chasing Phantoms,” concerning a phone call between Tom and I when he was back in Iowa during this time visiting his family. He went back for Christmas….then wound up staying much longer, in order to help out his mom and young siblings during a crazy time period. Meanwhile, he and I had been experiencing intense attempts at “interference,” to put it mildly, to break us up ever since we first got together in June of 2002, which was mentioned in my article Interference. We were on a phone call that turned out to be the “fork in the road” moment, where we were either going to break up, or decide to keep going, and things that had gone unsaid for months were finally coming out, and everything was being hashed out and coming to a head. In fact at one point in the conversation I was literally within two seconds of just hanging up the phone in frustration and cutting ties, and could feel myself in the process of being about to do that….until an idea popped into my head, which I decided to broach….and which changed the entire direction of the phone call from negative to positive, leading to us deciding to hang in there. Not only did I experience two prominent ear tones during that fork-in-the-road-moment call, but the landline phone had mysterious electronic beeping and various electronic noises, and indicators of some sort of tapping/monitoring happening. So yes, something was definitely using all possible angles to monitor THAT conversation.

The outcome of that call would determine not only our future as a couple, but both of our individual timelines. Of which was tied into people all around the world, considering Tom’s website and upcoming message board forum, and all his future articles, books, interviews and so on, as well as everything I would go on to do as well (including my website, and book, none of which existed yet at this time). Us together versus broken apart created such widely deviating timelines that tied into others around the world that it was no wonder we had so much attention on us during this call. (it’s too much to get into here, with regards to the direction Tom’s life would have gone had we broken up, but it was apparently such a strong possibility that a reader of both of our sites who knew nothing of any of this once said in an email to me that he could have sworn he remembered a reality where Tom was living back in Germany/Europe, and we weren’t together….which is exactly what would have happened in that alternate timeline. Again, long story. But he had no way to know that. So that other reality was apparently strong enough to bleed over into this one. But, these are other topics beyond the scope of this write up, concerning parallel and overwritten timelines, timeloops, hyperdimensional tugs of war and interference, etc. etc. which I get into in other areas of my website.)

Friday, January 24, 2003

Had a bizarre ear tone this morning, at like 9:00 on the nose practically. (“Wake up call, 0900 hours…”) It was strange for multiple reasons: 1) It was in both ears, simultaneously. 2) It was a tone, not a ringing. And it was unlike any tone I’ve ever heard. And there was a strange muting thing right as it started; 3) It originated from behind the lower ear lobes, inside. So if you were to press both of your index fingers behind the lobes on the spot where the neck connects to the lobes, and press gently in, that was where it was originating from.

February 23, 2003
Right ear

Ear ringing sometime around 5 p.m., while I was at Barnes and Noble finding out if they carried a book from my childhood, (a fictional story which I only just recently realized contained meaningful “Illuminati” esoteric symbolism.) My right ear rang REALLY loudly, and lasted til I was through the front doors, on my way out of the building. When I looked at the date a little closer, I realized it was the 1 year anniversary of me arriving in Fort Lauderdale, Florida…and nearly the exact time I arrived, down to the minute. Happy Anniversary…coinciding with my research into a favorite childhood book featuring esoteric stuff. Strange.


February 27, 2003

This night I was overcome with sleepiness and went to lay down on my bed while in the middle of attempting to read [a particular high quality channeling material source], and as I laid down had a mild high tone in both ears. I always get interference when reading [this particular channeling material] and get overcome with extreme drowsiness that I just can’t seem to fight off even though I KNOW it’s interference. [I mentioned this as well in my article, Interference about the ear tones/noise pollution designed to scramble the brain that can occur when people are trying to engage in spiritually productive and positive pursuits, and there’s another anecdote showing this in action coming up in a bit. It illustrates another angle to the ear tones phenomenon.)


March 11, 2003

Was talking to my friend Mike from California on the phone and right as Mike asked me to “explain the differences between 4th, 5th and 6th densities…” BAM! I had a MAJOR ear ringing, in my left ear. They were definitely monitoring that conversation, for whatever reason. My gut instinct and intuition was telling me that my explanations were a waste of time, and it was “in one ear, out the other” with him; I was also getting a sense of deception of some sort. But I answered his question anyway, based on the research that’s out there and what it says. There was a lot of funny stuff going on in regards to him, won’t get into it here.

April 1, 2003
Tuning fork tone, both ears
12:00 a.m. exactly

Had an ear ringing that was actually more of a “tone”, and in both ears, at the same time. I realized that it sounded like a tuning fork — it’s the only real way to describe it. A low, tuning fork type of hum tone. I was on the phone with Tom when it happened.

[NOTE: A previous incident of having a tuning fork hum tone happened on January 24, 2003, and occurred at 9 a.m. exactly, so top of the hour, same as this particular incident. All of these details could be important to log for sleuthing out patterns in the chaos. Things usually aren’t as chaotic as they initially seem to be…)

Monday June 9, 2003
Right ear

Had FOUR ear ringings today. All in my right ear, at 11:45 a.m., 11:57 a.m, 1:00 p.m. and 1:26 p.m.

NOTE: I knew there had to be some sort of meaning contained within the numbers of the times the ringings happened, but it wasn’t until a year after it happened that I finally cracked it. After staring at the numbers for a bit, trying to come up with something, it suddenly occurred to me…numerology. Numerology breaks numbers down by adding them up.

This is what I came up with:

11:45 = 1 + 1 + 4 + 5 = 11
11:57 = 1 + 1 + 5 + 7 = 14
1:00 = 1 + 0 = 1
1:26 = 1 + 2 + 6 = 9

So, you get 11, 14, 1 & 9.



A 141 sandwiched in between the 119, the two numbers which follow me EVERYWHERE. Now what were the odds of that. Quite ingenious, if I do say so myself.

Saturday July 12-13, 2003
Right ear

This is a first — Tom and I both had simultaneous ear ringings at approximately 3 a.m. His was in his left ear, mine was in my right.

Sunday, July 20, 2003
1:23 a.m. (123…)
Right ear

Had an ear tone of some sort in my right ear. This was after complaining that I’m getting tired of not knowing what any of this stuff means. I get these number sightings, ear ringings, deja vus, you name it, and I don’t understand what any of it means, and it’s getting annoying. I paused in my rant and then experienced a tone of sorts. (“Yeah, we feel your pain.”) :D

Saturday, August 30, 2003
11:41 p.m.

Ear ringing, right ear, at 11:41 p.m. exactly, aka, 141. Wasn’t doing anything special, just laying on my bed reading. Wound up staying up as long as I could this night as a result of this. [ side note: because for me at that time it often times was a precursor to an abduction, kind of like something was tuning in to me to see what my status was..…]

Wednesday, September 3, 2003
Left ear interference

Was laying down, trying to meditate, taking advantage of a rare moment of clear-headedness since I have had so much interference as of late, when about two minutes into it, an ear ringing crept up on me, left ear, growing until it was VERY pronounced. I tried to get back to meditating, only to discover that my brain was now scrambled. No matter how hard I focused, it was futile. I couldn’t hold a coherent thought anymore.


September 6-7, 2003
4:24 am, right ear; Again at approx. 10 am, left ear, with seizure spasm

Short, loud higher pitched ear ringing in my right ear. I was still up [at 4:24 am] due to finding an anomalous marking on the back of my lower left calf which seemed to suddenly appear out of nowhere. (Photo appears in my Anomalous Markings write up] I discovered it around 3 a.m. It was THE hugest, anomalous bruise marking I’ve ever had. […] It appeared suddenly and inexplicably. We know for a fact it wasn’t there earlier, due to inspecting my legs for mosquito bites. Then the ear ringing happened at 4:24 am after we’d been up pondering it all. I awoke at 9:30 am feeling pretty wide awake and clear headed considering I’d only had 4 1/2 hours sleep. Went back to sleep though, and experienced VERY manipulated dreams. [summary: Fighting, arguing, then manipulated sexual scenario] Right in the middle of this negative manipulative dream a loud and pronounced but brief ear ringing in my left ear happened, waking me up from my sleep. Not only that, but my body simultaneously jerked and experienced a spasm that felt like an electricity jolt, but without the pain of the electric. It was like a 1-2 second mini seizure. Needless to say, I was awake after that. So two ear tones, one mini-seizure jolt and the biggest anomalous bruise ever on my leg. This begs the question…..what the hell is going on?? Well that night I had been reading Stuart Wilde’s “God’s Gladiators.” I was way into it, plowing through the whole thing in one night, being strongly affected by it. I knew it was going to change how I deal with my life and reality, big time. It made me motivated to find a way out of this illusion, and do whatever I need to do to change to make it happen.

But by morning, with the manipulated dreams, the ear ringing and electric jolt my mindset was scrambled again, and whatever mentality I’d had the night before was wiped out. I was no longer resonating with that frequency.

December 3, 2003
Left ear

Ear tone/hum, left ear at 7:39 p.m. [the reason I mention this seemingly uneventful/pointless tone is for the following]:

December 12, 2003
7:39 a.m.
Left ear

I was laying in bed in the morning, and a helicopter was going by overhead. Just as it passed over, I had an ear ringing in my left ear. I sat up to look at the time. “7:39” is the exact time I had one on December 3rd…

Monday, January 4, 2004
Right ear

Faint, high, short ear ringing in my right ear, simultaneously with a deja vu.

Monday April 12, 2004
12:44 a.m./2:30 a.m.
Right ear

Ear ringing, right ear, faint, high tone at 12:44 a.m.

Another strange one, in my right ear at 2:30 a.m. exactly on the nose. Also had a deja vu in the middle of both ear ringings.

Monday, July 26, 2004
Tuning Fork “gong” both ears

We were at Starbucks and I suddenly had an intense “gong” tone in both of my ears. It was irritating and almost hurt. I plugged both ears and grimaced. It was loud enough to be heard over the din of the people and commotion all around us. It was like a “tuning fork” vibrating me. VERY uncomfortable feeling. Before that I was dopey and tired and out of it, feeling sick and not able to concentrate. Just “off” in general. I couldn’t even focus on the book that I was trying to read. After I got “gonged” as I put it, I felt clear headed, was sitting up straighter in the plush chair, and could focus on the book just perfectly.

Saturday December 25, 2004
Ear tone/gong
7:57 p.m.

I was talking to Tom about the layout of my upcoming website and when I pondered the idea of a black colored background, right then, I got “gonged” as I now call it. It was a loud hum/gong noise, similar to the July 26th one, focused mainly on my right ear and which seemed to originate from slightly OUTSIDE the ear itself. It didn’t hurt as much as the 7/26 one, nor was it quite as loud, but it was still really bizarre. It was like having an invisible entity ring something right over and around my head.

On a side note, this isn’t surprising because today two of my biorhythm cycles converged, with a third crossing over the zero point line. I printed out my chart for December this morning and saw that and wondered if anything was going to happen today, then forgot about it until tonight.

Sometime around January 17-21, 2005

Went to lie down to meditate on some issues and try to connect to my higher self and get feedback, but right when I laid down, I had “noise pollution” in my right ear, so I couldn’t focus. Deliberate interference…

November 11, 2005
10:55 a.m.
Ear ringing, right ear

I was lying in bed with the cat under the covers. I had the urge to look at her face and really watch her, and that’s when I saw her change. It was like something else was looking at me through her. Her face took on a different expression from the way she normally looks. She looked dark, and stern, and was just staring at me. It was NOT her. I know my cat, and all of her faces, even the annoyed ones. ;) But this was something else entirely. And whatever it was, it didn’t like me, I got that much. It just stared at me, motionless. There was a dark intelligence behind it. I totally saw and felt what was happening and thought, Wow…something’s looking at me through her right now… I didn’t feel any fear….I rarely do anymore about anything anyway. I just noticed it from a neutral standpoint. But right as I noticed it and mentally thought about it, I “coincidentally” experienced an ear ringing in my right ear. Possibly a confirmation of sorts, or, monitoring to go along with the look I was getting from whatever was temporarily using her. (and trust me, I know how that sounds. That’s probably one of the most schizophrenic sounding paragraphs to ever appear on my website. :D But what can I say. People would just have to have seen it for themselves to understand what it was like. And with the ear tone “coincidentally” happening along with it means it just is what it is.)

Sunday December 18, 2005
Ear ringing, left ear
4:35 p.m
Same exact moment as Tom!

Tom and I both had simultaneous ear ringings while we were in his car. He had it in his right, while I had it in my left. Same as back on July 12-13, 2003, but with the reverse ears. It came from the area between where we were sitting, possibly in mid air. For me there was a slight muting or “pressure” feeling, just before hearing the faint ear ringing.

Monday March 24, 2008. At 10:00 p.m. exactly my left ear had a pronounced muting out of nowhere, followed by what would be almost 15 minutes of ear tone disturbance in that ear, loud, and just going and going and going. I haven’t had anything like that before really, going on for so long. Finally I realized….Look, you’re becoming more aware lately, more disciplined and in control of yourself….don’t just sit here and tolerate this. Put a stop to it! So I did. I closed my eyes and thought to myself that if this is some sort of attention/harassment/attack by negative stuff beaming stuff at me or tapping into me in any way to interfere with me or monitor me, then it needs to STOP, NOW, in the name of (various things that are positive and good) including my own higher self. Basically I declared that I’m aligned with good, so, scram! And I envisioned pushing back at whatever might be invading me at the moment, just mentally shoving outward with the intent of protection.

And damn if it didn’t stop instantly.

I’m not even kidding, and it shocked even ME. !!! I sat there at my computer desk looking around like, Damn!! Wow!!!!!!! :D It was instant and noticeable, the tone just stopped. My ears were a little weird for about another five or ten minutes afterwards, since they’d had ringing for such a prolonged amount of time, but as I write this at 10:30 things seem back to normal. Interesting…….


April 2014

Spate of synchronicities, ear tones, number sightings, a deja vu and neg entity harassment/interference during the time period leading up to my second internet radio interview with Geoff Brady, who hosts the program “In Other News Radio,” based out of New York City, as also documented in the Interference article. Several times the tones specifically happened while emailing Geoff my ideas and notes for the show. Obviously something was interested in the way things were shaping up. Only after we were done recording did I learn that my show wouldn’t just be broadcast on “In Other News,” but was also going to be featured on “Dark Matter Radio,” which is affiliated with Art Bell. O.o I had NO idea, and I’m glad I didn’t because that would have screwed me all up and made me so nervous I wouldn’t have done as well as I did. :D But suddenly the level of interference we’d both been experiencing was making MUCH more sense. This wasn’t just one, one hour show on one program. This had turned into a two part, two hour show that was going to be broadcast on several shows. Involving me, the person who previously had no interest in doing radio shows, due to both a mix of just flat out not being interested, as well as self doubt. And my involvement in Geoff’s show would give me the confidence to later accept the invite to take part as a guest participant in a couple of RISE Multiversity webinars, which then led to branching off with several of the RISE participants to do our own webinar panels. So the ear tones were just one of many indicators of overall monitoring, interest and interference leading up to our second radio show that played its part in some long term positive domino affects.


What interests me in particular from the above excerpts are anything that directly affects and alters the mental and physical state, such as the “tuning fork” phenomenon, the residual burned out “fried” feeling, and the ear tone/noise disturbance designed to scramble my brain and interfere with meditation or positive spiritual vibe changing. If anything proves that it isn’t just a random meaningless biological occurrence, then these instances would be it. Especially the anecdote concerning the almost painful ear muting followed by the loudest, most painful ear tone I’ve ever experienced designed to shut me up in mid word when I was about to make that offhand comment to a coworker about “fake people.” Those times I’ve gotten “gonged” as I call it was a strange sensation, just the way the body reverberated, the dizziness, and sounding as if it was coming from the air around me. It was quite literally like there was an invisible being standing right there next to me, creating this sensation, or at least orchestrating it from a neighboring realm.

Now, if you can rule out tinnitus and you’ve definitely noted a pattern and meaningful synchronistic timing to your ear ringings, then what’s the source and meaning of it all? Based on my own personal experience, research, what other people have relayed, here is a sampling of ideas:

  • Monitoring and/or implants. If you know for certain that you’re an abductee and/or “on something’s radar,” then it’s practically given that you’re going to have some form of implants going on, be it physical or etheric, for the purposes of tracking/monitoring and physical/behavioral modification. According to the research, many times the physical implants are located deep within the ears, the base of the skull/cerebellum area, or embedded up in the nose. And etheric implants and techno gadgetry can occur anywhere on the body it seems. Etheric probing may also cause physical symptoms in the body, including sudden muting/tones and other assorted weirdness within the ears, something we’ll get back to in a moment. So with that in mind it could make sense then why so many of these ear tones occur for abductees when having “unusual” thoughts about the “weird” stuff, talking to certain people, or during key times and dates. In fact a reader from Sweden once emailed me noting this exact thing (excerpt posted with her permission): “I have had those ear tones too, since I was child. And I have noticed that they come when I talk to others about aliens or stuff like that…I have tried to block it out mentally, but then the frequency just changes and it comes back.”
  • The body’s own self-generated mechanism of alert. Again, pertaining to abductees and those on “something’s” radar: another explanation I’ve encountered is that the outside monitoring itself is silent and does not create an audible noise, but rather, the ear tones are the body’s own self-generated mechanism for alerting you that you’re being monitored/interfered with. In that case, “right ear” versus “left ear” could actually be the body’s own self designated code to distinguish the different sources and intent behind the monitoring. (see opening introduction where I talk about left vs. right ear tones.) So the ear tones which have left my ears feeling hot and “fried out,” and the tuning fork hum “gongs” which cause disorientation and dizziness could be a result from a physical implant or even something in a neighboring realm affecting me, while the more benign, painless tones could be my body’s own self-generated warning system.
  • Response to natural disasters and Earth happenings. A reader from India emailed me to report that for her: “I’ve found that there is a large natural calamity (Tsunami, flood, earthquake) about 2-3 days after i hear it.” (excerpted with her permission.) So I thought that was interesting and worth mentioning. Also noted in her email, she doesn’t have the abductions thing going on the way I do because she’s in India. The whole MILABs and alien abduction phenomenon seem to be running rampant mostly in America from what I’ve learned. So for those in other countries where MILABS and alien abductions aren’t prevalent, then ear tones may have other meanings, such as this.

There’s an article over at Terra Research talking about this very subject. Natural disasters such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions emit scalar waves that can be detected by animals and sensitive people, which in turn can set off ear tones, apparently. (as well as migraines and other physical problems in sensitive people, as the article notes.) It’s also the same reason why strange cloud formations have been known to form over regions just prior to earthquakes and such. I heard from a reader (November 2009) who noticed a correlation between ear tones/partial facial paralysis along with premonition dreams, tying into some natural disaster or big issue happening about three days afterwords. A near identical situation as the woman who wrote me from India, which is why she was prompted to write me in fact. So, that’s something important to keep in mind and gives credence to the scalar waves theory. However the person who emailed me also noted that she’d gotten the tones and dreams just prior to 9/11, which is obviously a man-made problem, not a natural disaster. So it means there is more to the story here, and not just one simple explanation for all situations across the board. Continuing away from the idea of abduction-related happenings we get to…..

  • “Angel happenings/Ascension Tones,” etc… Even though I don’t really subscribe to this theory it still needs to be addressed as it’s something you’ll see mentioned all around the internet. But many people have a New Age spirituality take on the subject of ear tones, believing the source(s) are solely angels, higher positive beings, etc., or that the tones are exclusively associated with the process of “ascension.” I can’t personally say what the deal is for everybody else, I can’t even verify whether ascension is really real, I just know that in my own case there definitely seems to be dark undertones – no pun intended ;) – going on with the tones sometimes, as evidenced by several of the above log book entries. However I am open to the idea that the more positively associated tones may very well originate from higher positive beings. Who knows, anything is possible. But on the other hand I also feel that many aspects of the new age movement are dis/misinformation, leading people astray. Specifically, pushing only fluffy feel-good concepts (with no support whatsoever backing up their various claims and points of view) and purposely steering people away from anything that might be considered “negative”….but which actually may be the truth of what’s happening. So you have all these new agers believing only one, super positive fluffy explanation for various phenomenon, in this case, “Hearing the tones means you’re tuning into ascension, and the angels and ascended masters are guiding you!” Sure, maybe sometimes, for some people. But that’s definitely not all that’s going on here in every case. Sorry to burst any new age bubbles, but, sometimes these tones seem to indicate monitoring and interference (or as noted in the previous bullet point, reacting to scalar waves, etc.) Which is why, once again, it’s so important to log your stuff and look for patterns and the bigger picture. Don’t just blindly accept some fluffy, feel-good new age source’s limited ideas, always determine for yourself through observation, logical deduction and experimentation what’s going on in your own situation.

And related to this is how I’ve had several people email me over the past two years trying to refer me on to the work of the Higher Balance Institute, who claim that there’s a “universal background tone” of sorts that one can tune into. (So if someone reading this is thinking of being yet another person who emails me with a Higher Balance Institute recommendation and invite….don’t. Not interested.) I have no input either way on the idea of a universal background tone, that’s for the reader to decide for themselves based on their own experiences. However what I do know is that my own situation is not a match for what the HBI is describing. Totally different situation, as clearly evidenced by any of the log book entries noted above. Problem is, the message I was getting in at least one of these HBI recommendation emails was that there is only one explanation for these tones – the HBI explanation. Which is a very cult-like mindset to have. Cults believe their viewpoint is the only right viewpoint and often zealously try to push it onto other people with a vibe of aggression and perturbance, incapable of doing their own research, thinking for themselves, keeping options open and not thinking in a black/white polarized way. Sorry, but, X! There’s definitely more to the puzzle here than just that one limited explanation. And if I’ve proven in my own case that there’s more going on here, then it means the same would go for others.


So as we can see, there’s a variety of ways in which ear tones are being triggered within people. So how can such seemingly varied experiences – from earthquakes, to intense thoughts, to outside monitoring and/or outright interference, etc. – produce the same effect in people? What is the common denominator they share? What are all these events doing to the human body in order to produce the same result? One explanation that came to my attention with regards to how “abduction monitoring” for instance ties into ear tones is that the outside “plugging in” or scanning/probing of a person moves one’s etheric energy around, and it’s the movement or disturbance of the etheric that triggers the tones. So I’m wondering if that’s the common denominator in these varied ear tone happenings – the etheric energy body. Scalar waves, which can be used to alter the weather and create earthquakes, affecting one’s etheric. External psychic probing/scanning affecting one’s etheric. Intense thoughts causing some sort of flux in one’s own etheric. It’s just an idea, but worthy enough to make mention of and which may actually solve the brunt of the mystery behind this phenomenon. So it’s possible that let’s say, 3/4 of ear tone happenings are in fact related to these types of situations affecting one’s etheric, whether externally generated or self imposed, while the other say, 1/4 of the phenomenon is peripherally related to ear tones, like the “gonging” and “tuning fork” noises I mentioned, the “noise pollution in the ear” that scrambles the mind, the morse code clickings, etc., but which still ties into the idea of monitoring, interference or even positive help, depending on the situation, due to “being on something’s radar.”


Ear tones for me have on many occasions been accompanied by other phenomenon throughout the day, or within the same several day/one week time span, such as synchronicities, number sightings, deja vus, anomalous marks suddenly appearing on the body, etc., and taken together, indicates that “something is up.” That’s why it’s so important to really pay attention to these things and keep a log of your phenomenon, and to pool everything together to see the Big Picture. My mistake when I first started out logging things was to compartmentalize too much, so that’s why my log book was broken down into separate categories/sections, one for numbers, one for synchs, one for ear tones, one for the anomalous markings appearing on my body, one for any general woo-woo happenings, one for the weird, very artificial weather stuff, etc., instead having a log that was set up to document all activity in any given day, which would have probably helped better to see things from a wider angle, as well as spotting time periods where there was heightened clumps of activity. “Oh, on this particular week/month/time period we had a LOT of action, but in this week/month/time period things were quiet….why is that?”

To discover what it all means you have to start somewhere, and that’s one logged entry at a time. And again, I would recommend a log that documents all activity in any given day, in order to see time period patterns, but that’s just me speaking from hindsight. :D Then later you can go back over it all and review. And you don’t want to force square pegs into rounds holes, trying to make your personal situation conform with preconceived ideas, whether it’s abductions/monitoring, ascension, angels and “higher stuff” help, predictions of natural disasters, universal background tones, etc. Just log your stuff, step back, and let the information itself do the talking.

When sleuthing out the patterns, look at everything you can possibly look at. Pay particular attention to the days of the week, the number of the day of the month, the times when things happened…everything. Maybe there’s a pattern to when “stuff” is happening to you. There almost always is. And numbers are the best place to start – dates and times. Through documenting my various anomalous physical phenomenon, I soon learned that my pattern involved the 1st — 3rd of the month, and the 20th — 23rd for abductions.

On a closing note, something that can’t be stressed enough here is the need to not get caught up in crazy paranoia regarding this, and other unusual phenomenon. Try your best to view it with an alert, attentive but yet, detached neutrality. When you start wigging out about things your frequency plummets and you become an easy target. “Stuff” loves nothing more than somebody who’s freaked out, paranoid, or angry about the things that are happening to them, taking violent swings at empty air in the dark. Not good. If you’re being monitored, there’s probably not much you can do about it, unless you’ve figured out a way to put up blocks and stop it. Otherwise try to view your ear ringings as a tool, a head’s up advantage, a game. If nothing else at least they make life interesting, and prove to you that there’s a whole lot more to this reality then the mainstream world would have you believe. They help keep you awake and on your toes, paying closer attention to your life than you would have otherwise, which is always a good thing. So, try to maintain a positive, balanced perspective on it all.

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