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Florida pics and vids continually updated throughout 2017.


It can’t be all weirdness, all the time. So in between dodging the strange and unusual I like to take pictures of this world we live in.


Don’t use Mozilla Firefox, so you therefore don’t have the AdBlocker add-on? No need to fear! My non-monetized, ad free YouTube channel is here! ;D (btw…..REALLY recommend Ad Blocker. No more obnoxious two minute ads just to watch somebody’s 45 second video, and no more pop ups.) So far my YouTube channel is just all nature and mainstream world sort of stuff, nothing “woo.” I don’t foresee myself having a “woo” based channel in the foreseeable future. There’s enough of those vids out there by this point. The world needs more focus on beauty and interesting things. hence, all the nature.


Link to Flickr Photostream with all photos and vids, with most recent Florida pics at the top.


Links to individual photo sets:

Florida Set. Updated frequently. The most recent pics are at the top, going back to the oldest from 2002….

Best of the Best Florida Pics. Pics only, no vids, these are what I consider the best of the best Florida pics I’ve taken, and are just “Ultimate Florida” in general.

Florida Critters. Pics and vids of just critters from around Florida, for those who like wildlife. These are animals that you’ll find naturally when out and about, nothing from a zoo or aquarium.


Charlottesville, Virginia Set

California Set

Oregon Set

Miscellaneous Critters Set

Kitty! set

Miscellaneous Travels Set

Random Humor and Strangeness Set