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It can’t be all weirdness, all the time. ;) So in between dodging the strange and unusual I like to take pics and vids of the world around me.



Link to my (non-monetized) YouTube channel. No $$ agendas. Everything is uploaded strictly for fun and because I want to. So there’s no ads, and annoying outros begging for likes and subscribes and shares. Just pure video enjoyment. (Add-on: Seems YT takes it upon itself to insert ads into some videos, whether content creators want them or not. And it looks like a few of my vids now have this. :/ So if you experience this when trying to view any of my vids, and you don’t already use Firefox as your browser, and don’t already have their free AdBlocker Plus installed on your computer, then I HIGHLY recommend doing so. AdBlocker will block all ads on all YT videos, as well as all pop up ads on any website. You’ll never want to go back to viewing the ‘net without it again.)



Link to page with all Flickr albums

Link to Flickr Photostream with all photos and vids, with most recent Florida pics at the top. Continuously updated.