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Florida pics and vids continually updated throughout 2017.


It can’t be all weirdness, all the time though you know. ;) So in between dodging the strange and unusual I like to take pictures of this world we live in.


Link to Flickr Photostream with all photos and vids, with most recent Florida pics at the top.


Links to individual photo sets:

Florida Set. Includes new pics and vids from our move back down to Florida starting in late 2012, and throughout 2013, 14 and 15. The most recent are at the top, going back to the oldest from 2002….

Best of the Best Florida Pics. Pics only, no vids, these are what I consider the best of the best Florida pics I’ve taken, and are just “Ultimate Florida” in general. :D

Florida Critters. Pics and vids of just critters from around Florida, for those who like wildlife. These are animals that you’ll find naturally when out and about, nothing from a zoo or aquarium.


Charlottesville, Virginia Set

California Set

Oregon Set

Miscellaneous Critters Set

Kitty! set

Miscellaneous Travels Set

Random Humor and Strangeness Set

I’ve tried to select the most interesting and photogenic pics to start with and created sets for people to view. I wish I had more exciting ones to feature, like jumping out of airplanes or diving into the ocean or scaling the tops of mountains or something, but, my life is not that exciting unfortunately so these will have to do. (My best weather pics can be found in my weather anomalies section.) I have hundreds and hundreds, maybe even a few thousand pics that I’ve taken over the years but a lot of them either didn’t come out the way I wanted them to (thanks to old fashioned film cameras, versus digital, where anything can go wrong from the quality of the camera, to the way the shot is set up, to the developing process at the photo lab…) or there’s nothing overtly special about them. They mean something to me in that they document some time period of my life but yet they’re not “artistic” per se, and/or, they’re well known places that thousands of people have photographed before, but my pics don’t add anything new to the mix. So in that sense people are better off seeking out professional pics on the ‘net for a better version of the shot.

So a lot of the pics I selected for Flickr were chosen because they did actually come out well, miracle of miracles, or they’re unique in some way. A case of, “Nobody else has ever photographed this exact thing in this exact way! woohoo!” In August of 2010 I bought a nice digital camera (Panasonic FH20 Lumix) that includes audio in the video function, and now that we’ve moved back to Florida where there’s much more interesting things to photograph, I’ve improved my cache. My picture taking has also greatly increased over the past few years, so, excuse the older pics that aren’t that great. ha I just wish these advanced – and affordable – digital cams with the super audio/video functions existed back when I was younger. The pics and vids I could have gotten when I still lived in SoCal….!