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Anomalous Markings

Updated February 6, 2019. Added additional pics throughout (scratches, fingernail looking gouges, “thumbprint” looking bruises, and Tom’s “punch biopsy” looking circular mark, etc.)

Updated February 21, 2015. Added a pic of a thumb sized bruise on my arm that I noticed today in the shower, along with a pic of corresponding scratches on the same arm.


This section is a tie-in that goes along with my book, Chasing Phantoms. I wasn’t able to include color photos in the book, so instead it’s a page on my website.


IMPORTANT NOTE: I’m unable to help people who email me pictures of their own markings. I can’t/won’t provide answers for what they may be. As noted in other places on my website, it’s not in my place (nor ethically right) to “diagnose” other people’s situations. At best I can provide pictures of my own markings, while noting whatever physical/emotional phenomenon surround the marks, and present tentative ideas/theories on what I think could be happening in my own situation to give people something to cross compare to. The goal is to inspire people to pursue their own research and answers.


Strange bruising, scratching and assorted marks on the body are common occurrences for those being taken (whether by human black ops military intelligence operatives, or “aliens”) as well as those being harangued by neg entities. A bruise or anomalous marking can be ruled out as being natural and “normal” when it appears suddenly out of nowhere in a very short time span, has no logical source (such as bumping or injuring the body) and especially when the mark forms a neat and tidy shape or geometric design, or worse, a puncture, scoop mark or burn.

It’s important to clarify straight away that I don’t believe all weird markings automatically mean that a person is being abducted, and if so, then it’s from the infamous “Grays.” You’ll notice I don’t discuss the Grays on my site because they’re just so played out, and there are other non-human intelligences out there. (I also don’t fully subscribe to the aliens-from-other-planets theory by this point, which is how many researchers mistakenly interpret the Grays and other beings. I think whatever these things are they’re mostly interdimensional. ) However, I came to realize when reading an email that some people may be assuming that I’m referring to the “Grays” and/or “aliens flying here in nuts and bolts UFOs from other planets” when I speak of abductions, since that’s pretty much what every other abductions researcher talks about. But it’s not what I believe is behind things in my own case. Everybody has to research their own situation in depth in order to determine the nature of what their markings mean for them, and who/what the source may be. I just provide my own story as one example possibility, but even then I still don’t have definitive answers. I just know from diligently logging and photographing the markings mentioned here, and in looking over the events in my life that surrounded them, that they’re not natural……..for me. But, things may be different for you.

With that said, here’s a run down of the various common anomalous markings that people typically experience:


  • Bruising. Not just any bruising, but bruises that form specific shapes and geometric designs, and which are near impossible under naturally occurring circumstances. “Normal” bruises form shapeless splotches. An artificially generated bruise will have neat and clean edges, and again, form shapes and geometric designs as if the body were literally stamped with that shape, and even appear out of nowhere from no logical source. There’s also the small, nickel/quarter sized near-perfectly round bruises linked to MILABS targets. I have many pics of this type of bruise, which usually are strategically placed on areas of my legs where I can’t see them from my vantage point unless the leg is twisted around this way and that. Also important to note is that unlike regular bruising these particular bruises don’t hurt. And there’s no corresponding injury markings to go along with them. (For instance – the time I banged the back of my left calf with the corner of my car door, which really hurt, and was very noticeable. It generated a bruise that had a ding in the skin where the corner of the door had hit, and the bruise itself had slight swelling, and was painful to touch. So, a good comparison between a normal back of the calf bruise occurrence, and an abnormal occurrence.)
  • Surgical scar looking bruising. Closely tying into the bruising are those marks that resemble surgical scars. I’ve had at least two instances, both on my right legs, of what looked like surgical scars, as you’ll see in the photos below.
  • Geometric designs. When this happened to me, the mark was red, and formed a diamond shape with a dot above it and below it, located on my left arm. It didn’t hurt or burn, and appeared after a suspected abduction, when I was surrounded by other weirdness. I have no theories as to what this is all about or how it was created. Photo included in the photos area. A male reader who has weirdness going on in his life once emailed me with a photo of his own identical marking from his own arm – a red diamond with a dot above and below. That really surprised me to encounter somebody else with the same rare looking mark. I’ve also experienced bruises that formed geometric designs, as if something stamped the body and left a bruise in the shape of a triangle, square, and even a cross inside a circle, as you’ll see in the photos later on.
  • Small blue/purple circles. A strange one that myself and others have experienced on a few occasions. Mine have always appeared on the left arm. Never once on the right. (Another benefit of photodocumenting anomalous markings – you can start to notice patterns in the chaos.) In my research travels I’ve come across mention of these purple circles, in the Cassioapaen channeling transcripts of all things, where they attribute these circles to being “EM burns” and claim that they can occur when something tries to grab you, or perform a no-no during an abduction, and protective intervention occurs. It’s located on the arm, and according to them symbolically represents blocking something with your arm protectively. I can’t say whether that explanation is the correct one, but no doubt I’ve had several appear on my arms after something has tried to pull me out of my body when lying down to sleep. On one occasion after I thwarted the attempt to take me, my arms were left with an electrical tingling sensation and the circle appeared within the hour. So this seems to correlate with the explanation given by the C’s. But why the left and not the right, I don’t know. There’s obviously some meaning for it. Something I’m also mindful of is that if you’re carrying something weighty using the left arm (as I often do) it can cause a small, round, purplish bruise-y looking “pinch mark” thing, which I have experienced before. However, the small purple circle phenomenon will also appear on my upper/inner upper arm, when nothing was touching that part of my arm, and on days I wasn’t carrying anything around. And as mentioned I’ve had a purple circle appear immediately after thwarting an abduction and where there was even that corresponding electrical tingling. So while “pinch marks from carrying bags on the left arm” can be a source for some marks, I’ve proven for myself that it’s definitely not the explanation for most of my occurrences. The “small round purple circles” thing is good example though of why it’s so important to utilize discernment when deciphering anomalous body markings. It’s easy to forget various things we’ve done in a given day that could be causing marks, or maybe don’t even realize that certain activities are causing marks. It’s important to try to rule that out first.
  • Scratches. Several times around 2006-2007 I would notice that I had these small, thin scratches on my chin area. Usually there would be two, running parallel to each other. At first I didn’t pay much attention to them, thinking that maybe my face scrub that I use might be causing them. But then after about the third incident where it was yet another set of small, thin parallel scratches on the chin area, I realized, wait a minute here….this can’t be a coincidence or natural happening. I’ve been using the same sorts of face scrubs since 1999, and only now I’m getting these scratches……? So I knew I hadn’t done anything to cause them, but yet I didn’t document them at the time because I still had doubt, and it didn’t seem to be that big of a deal. Then Tom experienced the same situation – small, thin parallel scratches on his lower cheek area near his chin. He hadn’t even noticed it – I’m the one who saw them and said Hey, wow, look…..That’s when I knew – take a picture. Then I received an email from a reader of this site who mentioned what of all things but – recurring parallel scratches on the chin. That REALLY got my attention. The reader wrote: “…and parallel scratches on my face when i wake this has happened now 10 times in exactly the same place over two years after intense lucid dreaming… do you know what this is? It can get a bit to much to handle….” That was the first time I’d ever heard anybody else mention this. For these reasons I was able to eliminate the possibility that I was somehow doing something to cause these.

There are two types of anomalous scratches that I’ve gotten. The first type are very thin, and a light pink in color. Not like regular scratches. My boyfriend Tom, who has also gotten a few of these himself, did an experiment to see if he could duplicate this type of scratch by lightly cutting himself with a new, sharp razor blade and then seeing what the result looked like, how it scabbed over, and how it healed. He was unable to create the same effect. His self-induced scratches looked like normal scratches. So that’s saying to us that these particular type of scratches are not created by conventional means. I’m theorizing they could be something relating to abductions. The second type of scratches are thicker, more nasty looking “regular” sorts of wounds. Scratches of these types you would normally remember getting, as they would cause a lot of pain…..except these ones just appear out of nowhere, already in the process of healing over with half coagulated scabbing. And that’s the key to what makes them anomalous. So there’s literally no explanation for any of them. I never received the second type of nasty wound looking anomalous scratches in life…..until the moment I decided that I wanted to quit my job in Virginia and have Tom and I move back to South Florida, as noted in my Florida Synchronicities write up. From that moment it was on, and these types are more along the lines of what I’ve heard other people describe in terms of receiving supernatural/neg entity related claw-like scratches out of nowhere.

The other thing I only just realized about all the scratches when reviewing the pics that I’ve taken over the years is that every one of them is on the right side of my body. In the same way that the small purple circles always appear, without exception, on the left side of my body (arms, upper and lower), the scratches appear, as far as I can tell in reviewing the photos, exclusively on the right. Whether it’s the right leg, lower and upper arm, or right side of my face. This was amazing for me to realize. Again, another benefit to photo documenting the markings. You start to see possible patterns in the chaos.

It’s easy to dismiss a lot of scratches as being the result of some obviously forgotten moment of “clutziness,” which is what I’ve often done. However when they keep appearing out of nowhere, and are clustered during a general time period, but yet there’s no waking life activity that can account for them, and especially if they’re unusual in design (parallel line formations in particular….) and if there are other phenomenon surrounding them, then they should not be dismissed.

  • Scoop marks. The most notorious of all the abduction marks, scoop marks are tiny, round, perfect little indentations that look like a piece of flesh was scooped from the body, and commonly appear anywhere on the fleshy parts of the arms and legs. From what I’ve learned via my research, this is not a good thing to have. Flesh is supposedly scooped out when the abductors are looking for DNA. Even more interesting, not all abductees will have this. Possibly it means that with some people, certain lines can’t be crossed, for whatever reason. My brother had a very definitive, classic scoop mark on the back of one of his calves, as he once showed me in late 2001. I have none. My brother was also completely under the control of his abductors, becoming a very literal mind control pawn, something I discuss in depth in “The Vortex.” So many things were going on with my brother, too much to get into here, but it’s no surprise to me that he wound up with a scoop mark while I have none.
  • Punctures. Self explanatory, punctures are holes that appear on the fleshy part of the body. I’m not knowledgeable as to what these are all about, and have yet to experience any myself, thankfully, though they should be mentioned as it’s something that abductees report in the research. These seem to go hand in hand with those who experience scoop marks, burns, and other invasive procedures where the body is being abused and violated.
  • Burns. Possibly radiation in nature. Seems to go along with punctures and scoop marks when you do the research, for those who claim to be taken by actual aliens.


For anybody who keeps finding strange bruising on their body or other more obvious anomalous markings then I would highly advise them to photo document them, in the same way I did, as you’ll see below. Not in a fearful, paranoid way, but in a matter-of-fact way to get to the bottom of things and rule out any mundane explanations. Note the dates that they appeared, and whatever may have been happening around the mark(s)’ appearances. This is important for helping to narrow things down and rule things out. Marks that are of a supernatural origin seem to often appear out of nowhere, even during broad daylight sometimes while a person is up and about. Suddenly there will just be a nasty scratch, or series of scratches that literally appear out of nowhere, or strange shaped bruising, or a hand “slap” print, etc. Whereas other marks may appear during the night while one is asleep, and only become apparent after awakening and examining the body, in which case they may be more indicative of abductions. (though it could definitely still be supernatural, which is why further investigation is required.) And when marks are appearing on a regular basis like scheduled clockwork, like I noticed with some of mine, then it’s indicative of something organized, not the random and sporatic lashings out of something supernatural.

In the case of my own anomalous markings, around April of 2003 I was sitting in my apartment one afternoon randomly flipping through pictures of these marks that I’d been taking for months, surrounded by all my photos and log book materials. It was a mix of feeling spacey, lost, and perplexed, as I flip flip flipped through all the photos. As I turned each of the pics over and looked at the dates I’d written on the backs something finally clicked. I finally noticed for the first time what the dates were on each photo. Over and over again I saw that the photos were dated between the 1st – 3rd of the month, or the 20-23rd. There was a pattern here. This wasn’t random chaos. It was a major “holy shit” O.o moment. And so another puzzle piece fell into place. Whatever was happening here was happening on a schedule. So if you’re taking photos of your markings, try looking at the dates to see if there’s a pattern. From what I’ve gathered in my research this could be an indicator of MILABs happenings in particular. However, even if one notices a pattern it’s wise to hold off on jumping to any definitive conclusions right away, and continue to do more investigation as already advised. Besides the date patterns on many of my anomalous markings there is also the pattern of the small purple circles on the left arm, and the anomalous scratches all appearing on the right side of my body, as mentioned earlier. I imagine there is a reason for these patterns. So that’s another thing people should pay attention to. Not only the dates, but whether certain marks are only happening on a certain side or certain parts of the body.

And if it turns out that one’s markings seem to be more supernatural in origin then the next logical question should be……..why? What’s going on in one’s life that may be drawing this stuff in? Are they doing anything that would somehow be getting the attention of negative stuff, either through negative lifestyle habits, or by affiliating with sketchy people? Are there people around the target who could be bringing in negative energy that’s spilling over onto them? There’s also my personal theory that somebody who’s previously been tangled up in negative energy and/or who’s been on negative stuff’s “radar” (for whatever reason) and who suddenly decides to make some really positive life changes can also trigger some….ire, to put it mildly. And what about the living environment itself? Is there something funky and negative going on with it? So those are all important next step things to look at if one determines that they seem to be getting marks from a supernatural origin.

In my own situation, I’ve “only” experienced the bruising, scratching, geometric designs and small round blue/purple circles, which I’ve taken photos of over the years and will include in this section as illustrative examples. Thankfully, I’ve never had the scoop marks, punctures or burns. My main focus back when I first started documenting things was on the bruising, since that’s what I was experiencing the most. The very first anomalous bruising that I’m aware of, and which I photodocumented, happened after going to sleep at night when living in Portland, Oregon, and then waking up around 5 in the morning to get ready for work and noticing that my knees were so sore I couldn’t touch them together. Only to find them rimmed in bruises that somehow appeared in the five hours between when I went to bed and when I woke up.

During those five hours I also had no dreams, and woke up in the morning wide awake, with a mind that was abnormally clear and alert. It’s in my opinion that I wasn’t really sleeping in my bed during those five hours.

When I showed the bruises to my brother Joe, whom I was roommating with at the time, he just smiled at me with those glassy eyes he’d get and calmly said, “Oh, you fought back.” Smirk.

Feeling like “!!” I asked him what he meant. He elaborated, explaining that they strap people down, at the ankles, knees, and thighs for the lower body. The bruises rimming my knees indicated that I kicked around – I fought back. Later on I would get bruises on the tops of my ankles and my thighs, possibly validating what he said.

I hadn’t looked at this photo in ages until deciding to scan it and add it to this write up back on 8/8/10, and when looking back on it I found it kind of shocking. Back when it first happened I just accepted it and moved on, kind of numb to everything. It’s definitely some severe bruising. They were quite painful, and like I said I couldn’t touch my legs together. And what’s interesting is that it wasn’t a thin line of bruising, it was wide, and it wrapped all the way around, seeming to corroborate the idea of a (wide) strap of some sort.

Then around April of 2002, shortly after moving to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, I woke to find two, near-identical bruises on the top front part of each upper thigh. Each one was like long skinny rectangle, with a short vertical mark in the center. I didn’t take pictures of this the way I should have. In fact, you could almost say it was like there was programming happening to get me to have a “lalala!” oblivious mindset. Another repeating pattern within abductees. Programming to get you to ignore/disregard your ear tones, ignore your anomalous markings, ignore any incidents of missing time, forget about things within seconds of them happening, the mind just…deleting things like it never happened, or drifting past it in a dazed fog, as I’ve experienced too many times to count. Which makes it any wonder that I managed to gather as much material as I did for this website. Definitely was fighting back against some serious interference and programming. So I noticed it…but then drifted off to other things. This was back before I became diligent about documenting. I really wish I’d gotten a shot of these two bruises. Though on November 7, 2007 I discovered a bruise on my outer right thigh that was near identical to the bruise from April of 2002 just mentioned:

This one was longer, about three inches as you can see from the ruler. But it was the same deal with the long “rectangle” and something in the middle. Very unnatural bruise, looks like an object made an imprint. It seemed to be several days old, and there was blotchy bruising on other parts of my legs which I’d dismissed as random clutziness….until finding this one on my thigh. And like my October 25, 2007 big cheek scratch (pic appears later on) this body marking was also surrounded by minor weirdness. Small synchronicities, an ear muting/tone, and weird deja vu stuff going back to the weekend before. That’s why I mentioned earlier that when logging stuff make sure to note things happening around the marking. Any other woo-woo phenomenon happening in conjunction with it, as well as what one was doing in general during the time it happened, what was going on in your life, including what sort of mood/emotions and energy/physical things that stand out in order to try to spot possible patterns and narrow down the cause.

In 2002, once I’d moved to Fort Lauderdale, I noticed one day in the shower that I had a perfect round, nickel sized bruise on one of my legs. I realized that I had seen these before on my legs, but hadn’t paid any attention to them. So subconsciously I’d seen them, but had just dismissed them as being natural. Now I took notice, and was like, hmmmmm……something just doesn’t seem right about this. Possibly the near perfect roundness and neatness of it, and the deep indigo coloring. It seemed unusual, and so I took a picture after I got out of the shower. And so launched my attempt at being more disciplined with documenting the assortment of strange bruising that would periodically appear on my body for the next few years. The most interesting aspect of these bruises was the fact that most of the time, they were always strategically situated on areas of my legs where they wouldn’t be seen from my vantage point as I looked down at myself, as mentioned earlier. I would have to twist and turn my leg around to find them on the sides and back of my knees, calves and thighs. Always so perfect and round, a dark blue purple color, with clean lines and no blotchiness, and so well hidden, showing that there was definitely an “other worldly” source behind them. The bottom line is that there was no way that I was consistently – and unconsciously – banging my legs up in these out-of-sight parts of my legs, generating perfectly circular, deep indigo colored bruising.

For the longest time I had no explanation for what these round, nickel sized bruises were all about, I just knew I wasn’t doing anything to cause them, and that I needed to take pics of them when they appeared. Finally I encountered a mention of it in the book “MILABS” by Dr. Helmut Lammer and Marion Lemmer. In the book, Dr. Lammer mentions the perfectly round, nickel sized bruises that many MILAB targets report. Bingo! We had corroboration. It was definitely a start. Later on I would find mention of this in the work of Fritz Springmeier as well, who co-wrote, along with Cisco Wheeler, “The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave.” So we had another source seeming to confirm things.

I would later have an experience with a very large, near perfect oval shaped bruise on the back of my lower left calf, above my ankle, which appeared out of nowhere and within hours, with no logical explanation for it……and while I was wide awake. So it obviously couldn’t be abduction-related, while I slept. This threw a wrench in the works, and opened up a whole new can of worms as to what can be going on with these bruises. When I discovered the bruise, I was up in the middle of the night reading the book “God’s Gladiators” by Stuart Wilde, and being highly affected in a positive way by the book. I felt like I was lifting up out of this reality as I read what he had to say. His take on things was enough to make you feel like you could float right out of the illusion. Coincidentally, it was in the writings of Stuart Wilde himself that I encountered the mention of round, quarter size bruises that would appear usually on females, and whose source stemmed from the “mirror world,” as he called it. The etheric. According to Stuart, these bruises occur when somebody has taken a hit in the mirror world/etheric by what he calls “etheric sludge balls,” thrown by the negs.

However strange Stuart’s explanation was, we now we had at least three sources confirming the mysterious round bruises. But now I had to go back and re-examine everything I thought I understood about the nature of these bruises. Were they physical after-effects of a physical abduction?? Or was the source etheric, appearing on my body from something that was occurring in another realm?? I was confused, because on one hand I had the “God’s Gladiators bruise” as I’ve come to call it, which was definitely not from a physical abduction. I was awake in my bed reading when it seemed to appear. But on the other hand, there was one particular afternoon following an abduction where I realized….if I was abducted, then I should have one of those bruises on me. And without even thinking, I already knew exactly which leg to look at. I grabbed for my left leg, twisted it around, and my eyes went right for the back calf (see photo below, dated March 22, 2003). And there it was, dark and prominent. I had no conscious recollection of getting it……but apparently my subconscious did, and knew EXACTLY where to look, without even thinking.

So…..were they coming from abductions?? Or were they coming from the etheric??

I now think it can be both. It just depends on what’s happening. I used to think that all abductions were physical in nature, where they literally take your entire body to another realm. Over time I came to learn that there are soul abductions, and that they are far more common because they’re a whole lot easier. So bruises may tie into whatever is being done during a soul abduction, manifesting in the form of a bruise mark on the physical body. And the strategic hidden nature of these bruises may have a double symbolic meaning, indicating the secretive, hidden nature of what’s occurring to the victim. Another closely related theory that I’ve encountered in my research is that the mysterious bruising may also represent points on the body where there are “attachments” from non-physical entities.

Or they could also be etheric “hits” from those “etheric sludge balls” that Stuart mentions, as odd as that sounds. You never know. Closely relating to Stuart’s idea is the general supernatural source of some people’s markings, especially scratches and slaps/hand prints. They appear out of nowhere, and seem to happen to people who are being harangued by negative energy, and/or who have “paranormal pollution” going on where they live. Tom’s mother had one of these slap mark hand prints appear on her thigh one day out of nowhere, and luckily she and Tom managed to get a photo of it before it disappeared just as mysteriously as it appeared within a few hours. The hand print is creepy, with abnormally long fingers. Tom’s mother has had a lifetime of weirdness, including abductions, so it’s no wonder that she had this happen. Just one more random thing to add to the pile.

Now, if some of these round, nickel-sized, indigo colored bruises originate from physical abductions, then what is the cause? Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler have written in depth about the subject of government mind control experiments and MK Ultra, and they mention that the electroshock prods used to wipe out memories will leave behind round bruises. So this is one possibility. One particular bruise I had on my calf on December 22, 2003 (see photo below) was surrounded by very coarse hair stubble that stuck straight out, and which was painful to the touch. The other leg hair stubble was perfectly fine, with no pain. So whatever caused the bruise seems to have affected the hair stubble in the area around it. I haven’t done the research into electroshock prods to verify whether coarse, painful stubble is one of the physical after effects of being zapped, but I’d be curious to find out. All I do know for sure is I’ve never experienced an issue with leg hair stubble before, or since. This was the only time, and it correlated with a mysterious bruise.

So there are several possibilities offhand regarding the source of these mysterious bruises. To determine what may be going on for you, you have to photo document and closely monitor and analyze your own situation. Everybody’s going to be different. What may be happening to me may not be the case for you or the next person. Yet, there are things in common, and stuff that matches up, which is why reading others’ experiences and stories such as this can be so beneficial.

In this section I include a sampling of the various bruising, scratches, surgery looking lines and geometric marks that I’ve received over the years to better illustrate what they look like:


The round, nickel sized bruises

These are usually placed so that they’re not visible when looking down at the legs. (or arm, as is the case in one situation.) I’ve experienced more instances than just these photos, but I didn’t want to post 20+ pictures showing the same repeating thing. I know that readers will get the idea.


December 22, 2002. This particular (hidden) round bruise was accompanied by painful stubble in the same area. The other leg was fine.


February 1-2, 2003


March 22, 2003


April 2-3, 2003.


April 27, 2003. Manifested between 5:15 and 7:00 a.m. I’d stayed up all night trying to avoid an abduction, but finally went to sleep at 5:15, despite my gut telling me it was too soon. Lo and behold, this is the result within two hours.


First appeared 4/21/04, photo taken 4/25. First appeared on 4/21, and I have a picture of it from that date, when it was slightly lighter. A few days later it really darkened, and so I took another pic. Located on left calf, right side, towards back, have to turn leg to see.


Taken August 3, 2008. Appeared around August 1st, so it seems we’re back to the original “schedule” of the 1st-3rd, 20th-23rd of the month. Located on right calf, on the left side towards the back. So again, can’t see it just by looking down at leg, have to turn leg. Bruise was accompanied with other phenomenon, including a spate of synchronicities and two ear tones. It’s important to note all phenomenon that clusters togeter, and I advise keeping a log book for that reason, as it should all be pooled together, not compartmentalized and viewed separately.


Taken 8/26/08. On the back of my upper right arm. The first time that I know of where one of these roundish, indigo colored bruises have appeared on an arm and not one of my legs. Not sure when it actually appeared, but I would never have even seen it at all (which is the point, I guess) except Tom noticed it. Very surprising. Same deal as the legs though, using a very fleshy but hidden area. Not a natural bruise at all, in my opinion.


August 1, 2011.


“Thumbprint” Bruising


“Thumbprint” sized bruise on right arm – January 2, 2019.
Over the past few years I’ve been getting more of these inexplicable “thumbprint” sized bruises above my wrists/on lower arms. If Tom takes my wrist in his hands his thumb lines up to where these marks are (even more so in the below photos), showing that they do seem to correlate to a (human) adult hand grabbing me maybe, and then leaving these marks.


“Thumbprint” sized bruise above left wrist – February 13, 2017

Over the past few years I’ve been getting more of these inexplicable “thumbprint” sized bruises above my wrists/on lower arms. If Tom takes my wrist in his hands his thumb lines up to where these marks are, showing that they do seem to correlate to a (human) adult hand grabbing me maybe, and then leaving these marks.


“Thumbprint” sized bruise on the underside of lower right arm – Coincides with parallel scratches on upper left arm February 21, 2015

Noticed this bruise, and the corresponding scratches, on my left arm earlier this day in the shower. It’s hard to see in a photograph, which is why I put a circle around it, but it’s definitely visible in person. Have no recollection of anything of the abduction sort happening though. (I never do anymore anyway, even if that’s still going on. Haven’t had flashes of what seemed to be actual abduction related memories since years ago when we were living in Fort Lauderdale.) Could also be an etheric burn of some sort, since there’s no pain in my left arm, wrist, hand, etc., indicating something grabbing me roughly and leaving a bruise. Yesterday night I found myself in a bit of a depressive funk, enough so that I went to bed early. Might correlate to these markings. A pic of the corresponding scratches appears on the scratches section.


Geometric Shapes

December 3, 2002. Diamond shaped red mark with a small dot above and below, located on lower left arm.     Note: The following night, December 4, I was almost or should have been killed in what would have been a very nasty car accident. I was approaching an intersection with a long green light on Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale, and a truck blew his VERY red light on the other side of the intersection going probably 40-50 mph at least, as if the light wasn’t even there. He would have plowed into the driver’s side of my car and it would have been a very bad situation. But I just happened to be going slightly slower than I normally would have…in fact it felt like something was holding me back. I’d had extreme and inexplicable anxiety before going out that night, and wound up leaving my apartment to get away from it, not realizing that the cause of my anxiety was outside. In my opinion the abduction with this strange mark, and my near-hit car accident only a day apart was no coincidence.


Triangle shaped bruise on outer side of right thigh.

Wicked looking bruise with cross stamped in it, inner right knee – March 1, 2012. Once again, the 1st-3rd of the month. Did not do anything to give myself this, I know that for a fact. And the only bruise I’ve ever seen that was comparable to this one was that Tom received back in 2008. (see below picture.) Though this one is clearly different. It’s a mix between the deep purple/indigo round bruises, but with a geometric marking “stamped” inside it. This morning while at work the side of my knee was itchy, and when I reached down to scratch at it I noticed it was also painful. Curious, I pulled up my pant leg and saw this thing staring back at me. Very shocking. I ran into the restroom immediately to grab pics with my digital cam. The purple is so dark and pronounced, the circle shape is also very pronounced, and the cross shape is undeniable. Very, very unnatural. Again I’ve never had such a thing on my body before. This happened after I decided we were going to move back to Florida.


Bruise on Tom’s leg, week of June 23rd, 2008. (posted with permission from him.) Picture taken Saturday June 28th, but had apparently been there for several days. Located on Tom’s right leg, on the outside of his calf below his knee…………hidden from view so he wouldn’t be able to see it when looking down at himself. On Wednesday the 25th, when he estimates this bruise probably appeared, both he and I woke up that morning with either abnormal anxiety or amped up energy. I had gut wrenching anxiety, so much so that I was pushing in on my stomach/solar plexus area while curled up in bed trying to alleviate it. Didn’t work though. I got up and puttered about for five minutes or so, still to no avail until finally I just called out from work like, forget it, I’m not leaving the house!! The anxiety only disappeared once I went back to bed, at 8:58 a.m…. once the decision to stay home was fully in place. And Tom had the amped up energy that morning, to where he finally got up at 10 a.m. because he couldn’t sleep any more. (He goes to bed around 5:30 a.m., and doesn’t normally get up until about 2 p.m.) And his energy has been seemingly artificially amped up ever since, preventing a decent night’s sleep. Also worth noting is that morning, and the following few mornings he had antagonistic dreams and dreams involving negative alien themes. The dotted “cross” design of this bruise is very intriguing, and Tom noted that there was a lump underneath it. That, coupled with the hidden location and the amped up energy indicates it’s anything but natural. (on a side note, I found another one of those perfectly round purple bruises on the back of one of my calves, hidden, on June 23 . Back to the whole 20-23rd of the month thing I guess. ;) We took a pic. And we’ve both been getting a lot of number sightings this past week, synchronicities and ear tones.)


Painful small square bruise on inner right knee – 1/5/14. This may not look like much, but the unnatural square shape of it, its anomalous appearance out of nowhere and how painful it was make this one stand out. Normal bruising creates a pain that you can feel deeper in the tissue. This bruise was extremely painful to touch on the surface.


Small Purple Circles

Always on the left arm, never the right, which is interesting. These would usually occur either after having a run in with an entity of some sort, or after something tried to pull me out of my body. In one particular instance, after something repeatedly tried to pull me out of my body when I laid down for a nap, the circle was also accompanied by a tingly, electrical sensation in my arms, indicating an otherworldly source behind it all. (Not pins and needles tingly like if your arm falls asleep. It was electrical tingly.)

Upper inner left arm, first appeared on 4/27/13.

Noticed on 10/5/14 on underside of upper left arm, but probably appeared several days prior.



Again, all scratches, no matter what part of the body, seem to always appear on the right side. Whatever that means……..



Scratch on right arm – February 13, 2012. Discovered this one the evening of February 13th while in the shower. When I felt the raised scabby thing on my arm I glanced down…and actually gasped outloud when I saw this thing. It was big, some of the scabs were only barely coagulated over, it hurt to touch, and in general there was just no way I could have got this thing without realizing it. And there’s nothing I could have been doing to get it. It’s winter, and my arms are always covered up with long sleeves. Also, at night the long sleeved shirt I’d been wearing to bed was white, and there was no traces of blood on the sleeve. And none on my other clothes. And none on our white bath towels. So I don’t think I was “here” when this happened, but by the time I got back here it was coagulated over. Though barely, as I had to be careful in poking at it as it wanted to start bleeding again. The first pic is the scratch from a distance, taken right after my shower. The second pic underneath was three days later while at work in the afternoon, where it was just as nasty looking as ever. Still hurt. (Update: As of March 30, 2012 the scabs were gone, but there was a pinkish white scar line where the scratch used to be. Not happy about that, at all. As weird as this may sound, I used to kind of wish that I could get a permanent scratch scar from my cat, this way I’ll always have a connection to her on my body even long after she dies. So basically a “tattoo scratch scar.” :D Though that’s never managed to happen. But instead I get this scar from some unexplainable woo-woo scratch. booooo!)


Three horizontal parallel scratches under right knee – February 20, 2012. Again…..20th-23rd of the month. Discovered in the morning of 2/20 after feeling itchy underneath my right knee. Pulled up the leg of my pants and saw these. Not natural. Especially since it’s the winter, so my legs are always covered up now. I’m not running around in shorts, where it might make sense that somehow my exposed skin got scratched by something. This is just part of a larger spate of bodily scrapes and bruises that have erupted for me since the end of February, when deciding that we should move back to Florida.


Scratch on the right side of my chin. Noticed it on September 5th, 2007, but may have appeared several days before. There’s a smaller one above it that’s barely detectable in this photo, following the pattern of how they seem to appear in pairs.


Mysterious small thin scratch on Tom’s lower cheek. (posted with permission from him.) He knows he didn’t do anything to cause this. This illustrates the very thin, light pink nature of these specific types of scratches that he was unable to duplicate on himself.


Big right cheek scratch – October 25, 2007. Discovered in the bathroom mirror at work around 9 a.m. or so. I can officially rule out the facial scrub abrasion theory since I didn’t use face scrub on this particular morning, and I know that I didn’t do anything to cause this. Weird too that it didn’t seem to be there when I saw myself in the mirror that morning, but was there by the time I got to work. Worth noting is that in the three days leading up to this, 10/21 and on, I’d experienced a lot of synchronicities and number sightings, as did Tom. So something was up in general, and this was one more bit of weirdness to add to the bunch. Also you can see that this scratch is the same identical sort of scratch as Tom’s, in terms of how they look. Not deep, just this surface level abrasion, thin, and light pink in color. And I admit my first concern was vanity – what if this thing leaves a scar??? So I made sure to keep a layer of vitamin E oil on this thing all week, since that’s supposed to aid with wound healing and prevent scars. And it disappeared without a trace, luckily.


Parallel scratches on upper right arm – 7/31/13. More of those light and thin scratches, forming an unusual wide set parallel formation, and I know there was nothing I could have done to cause them.


Secondary corresponding scratch on right wrist – 7.31.13 This particular scratch isn’t interesting, however what makes it stand out is that it appeared in conjunction with the two above parallel scratches. They all go together, and there’s no explanation for any of them.


Mysterious vertical scratch on right leg – 10/7/13 approx. At first glance this seems like a shaving related scratch. Except it’s not. This was yet another scratch that was just suddenly….there, with no explanation. Had I gotten this while shaving there would have been no way to not notice. I’ve cut myself shaving my legs before along the bone and it’s PAINFUL. You can actually hear/feel the skin being shaved off, and it doesn’t stop bleeding for a long time. O.o So, this was not that.


Mysterious vertical scratch above right wrist – 2/6/14. Same as above. Much heavier scratch, not like the thin, light pink scratches, and with the “dotted line” effect going on in terms of how the skin was cut and scabbed over. And just like with the above picture, I definitely would have noticed getting a scratch of this nature…..had I gotten it some normal everyday way. A cut this thick would be painful. But like all the others it was just…there.


Remnants of vertical scratch on upper right arm – January-February 2014. Nothing exciting, but it gives an idea of the pattern that was going on during this time period. This scratch first appeared in January, though I didn’t bother at the time to take a picture. Finally got around to it in February, though it had faded a bit by that point. Yet another scratch where I know I didn’t do anything to create it myself.


Parallel scratches on upper left arm that coincide with thumb print sized bruise on underside of lower left arm – noticed February 21, 2015
Noticed these in the shower earlier in the day, along with the thumb sized bruise on the lower part of my arm. (see photo in the section for nickel sized bruises.) And as always I know I didn’t do anything to myself to create these. Each marking taken individually doesn’t necessarily indicate anything, despite their suspicious looking nature, but the fact I got them together at the same time, and noticed it on the 21st, which ties back into the pattern of the 20th-23rd of the month, to me definitely indicates something. Earlier in this piece I had mentioned that as far as I could tell, all the anomalous scratches I’d had/photographed were all on the right side of my body, whether face, arms, legs, etc. Then these appeared on my left arm, breaking that pattern. Not sure what that’s all about.




Surgery looking “line” bruise with “dot” in the middle, on the right kneecap – May 6, 2009. I’m positive I didn’t do anything to cause it, and it’s the first time I’ve had a bruise that looks like this on my knee. There’s no pain associated with it. Just a perfectly straight, dark line on the knee, with the dot in the middle, which is the same repeating pattern as those lines with dots in the middle that I’ve previously gotten on my thighs. Only this one also has a very thin line running through the bruise, if you look closely. When looking down at it from my own vantage point the first thing I thought was that it looks like a surgical scar, like I’d had some sort of knee surgery done, and Tom noted the same exact thing when I first showed him. Yet again, there’s no pain, and nothing funny going on with that knee in general. Makes no sense. The pic was taken on 5/6, yet probably took several days to fully come out. There’s another bruise, small and round, under my left knee, that I’d noticed about three or four days ago. So if they were from the same source then once again, we’re looking at the same old repeating pattern of 1st-3rd of the month. ;) I actually consider this one to be one of the more anomalous markings I’ve received, right up there with the geometric diamond imprint on my arm (and now the deep purple cruise with the “cross/X” in the middle of it).


Round “punch biopsy” looking ring on Tom’s upper left bicep. – June 9, 2017. Posted with permission. When he noticed it it looked to be about a day old in his opinion, very clean, light, perfectly circular scoring by what could have been a 7mm punch biopsy tool with a razor’s edge. Also notice the dotting around the edges, due to scabbing from the slight amount of bleeding that had occurred. This appeared the same day that I had mysterious “gouges” on both of my elbows with no discernible source/explanation. (see below.) I wouldn’t have even seen/noticed the gouges due to their location, but Tom could see them and pointed them out.


Digital caliper showing the precise 7mm measurement.


Corresponding gouges on my elbows that we discovered on the same day Tom discovered his “biopsy” looking ring – June 9, 2017.


One of two “fingernail” looking gouges on left hand – June 9, 2018. One of a pair of short but deep gouges that appeared on my left hand/wrist area. I don’t classify these as a scratch, but rather, gouges, due to their length, width and depth that look exactly like fingernails. These were one year to the day after receiving the weird gouges on both elbows the same day Tom had his “punch biopsy” ring thing on his bicep.

Second of the two short but deep “fingernail” looking gouges. 2.5 inches above wrist. You can really see the pronounced “fingernail” appearance of this gouge due to the crescent curve, like somebody had grabbed my wrist and dug their nails in. They were fresh and raw looking, and yet I have zero recollection of doing anything to get them. So basically they just appeared out of nowhere, which wouldn’t be the first time that’s happened.


Double bruise, concealed on the back of right calf – July 22, 2003.


Large oval bruise – on the back of the calf/ankle area where it’s not noticeable from my normal vantage point. This one appeared out of nowhere when I was reading Stuart Wilde’s “God’s Gladiators” and being highly affected by it in a positive way. Kinda cool, whatever it means…


Approximately February 13, 2004 – Nasty bruise on right thigh, with a lump in the middle, lasted for over four months. Now that I’ve had more years to gather photographic evidence, this is the first of what ends up being three total “February 13th” dated pics posted here. I left this one out of the original versions of this write up only because for the longest time I couldn’t be sure it was what it seemed to be. When this bruise originally appeared, I was in the middle of doing a project at my then temp job which involved me moving all these boxes full of files around. So at first glance it seems that I must have bumped myself while moving things around. However, I have no recollection of bumping myself during that time, at all, and certainly nothing that would have caused such a nasty looking bruise like this. If I’d bumped myself hard enough to generate this rare looking bruise, then I know I would have remembered it. Also, having lumps in the middle of bruises is not something that normally happens for me. This is the only time it’s happened as far as I remember. It felt like there might have been something embedded in there, something that Tom described as having the shape of a Tic Tac candy when he pressed in on my skin, and I agree. And this thing was STILL visible into July of that year. It just would not go away. Update: This year in June (2010) I accidentally rammed my upper left thigh into the corner of my desk at work, and it was VERY painful, no way to NOT notice that it happened. And I wound up with a big dark crazy looking bruise…….but no lump in the middle. And it was faded out within three weeks. So that was a great comparison for me to look at. It’s showing me that this bruise from 2004 was definitely an anomaly. So, after Tom’s recent unnatural geometric cross shaped bruise with a lump in the middle, I finally decided to include it here since this one also had a lump in the middle, and because I have no recollection of injuring myself, it lasted for five months, and has this strange, smaller round bruise going on right next to it. So maybe it’s something unnatural, or maybe it isn’t. I’ll never fully know.


Bruise with mysterious surgical looking “line” cutting through it on right calf – taken August 5, 2004, but probably happened the 4th or so. Have never seen something like this before or after. Even after the bruise had finally faded, the line was still visible. It wasn’t raised or painful, looked like an incision scar, yet it wasn’t perfectly straight. Very weird indeed. Also accompanied by a dark round bruise on the top of my left ankle, of all places.


Same bruise/line, closeup.


Corresponding bruise on top of ankle. This bruise isn’t exciting by itself, but I post it because it goes along with the surgical line bruise.

Strange double bruise mark on my inner right arm – taken 9/3/10, but had been there for a few days. I hadn’t even noticed but Tom did and pointed it out to me. Finally decided to take a pic of it today, 9/3 after realizing I had a new purple circle marking on my left arm, the first one in about six years. These both appeared in the same week, so it could tie in together. I can’t think of anything I could have done to cause these, and I don’t normally get bruises like this on my arms anyway. Also, unlike the nickel sized bruises that have appeared on my legs, this bruise actually did hurt when touched. So it wasn’t surface level, it went deep. It’s such a fleshy part of the arm, so to cause a painful double bruise like that means something had to be applying a lot of pressure.

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