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by Carissa Conti

Updated June 8, 2014. Add-on at the end of this piece detailing very interesting interference experienced before and during a two part radio interview I did at the end of May, 2014. It’s the perfect illustration of what I talk about in this piece…………while also showing how I combated it and won. :) That’s the most important part I hope readers focus on, see how they can apply what I talk about in terms of personal frequency and empowerment to their own situations.


Recently I’ve received emails from two different people who were into metaphysics/truth seeking material describing what seemed to be a case of interference in a burgeoning relationship. One was a male, the other a female. It inspired me to compile a reminder about the idea of interference designed to break apart friendships, relationships and networks of people, as well as create obstacles for people on their path. I actually discuss interference in its many forms all around my website, so the idea itself is nothing new. But this will be a place where I compile it all together in one piece.

So who is behind “interference”? Everybody will have their own take on the subject, based on their own personal experiences. There is no one set answer that fits everybody across the board. However it’s in my own belief, due to research and experience, that there is a general “hyperdimensional” component to much of the interference that people report. Hyperdimensional means outside of this realm and removed from what we perceive as linear time – another dimension if you will, or density, depending on how you prefer to term it. The reason for this removal is frequency difference. If one realm wants to perceive another then they need to “tune in” to the frequency of the other in the same way a radio dial works. Some people can do this naturally or through psychic abilities, while others may take mind expanding drugs or plants to help them along. (On a side note, being half in or out of the sleep state as well as astral projection are ways that many people have achieved seeing the astral realms in particular.)

I myself am not sure what the higher realms are definitively, but I do have my proof for the existence of non-physical entities and such operating from someplace beyond where I am, along with humans in the form of MILABS who also seem to be able to operate from a place that’s beyond limited physicality. I’ve also had a glimpse on one occasion of what higher positive realms and beings feel like in comparison to here. (you don’t realize how heavy and dense this place is until getting that basis of comparison with something higher and much lighter. it’s a little shocking.) I know there’s something, but where it is or what the actual names for it are and how it all works, I don’t know.

It’s all a huge subject in itself, but much of what people describe in terms of interference seems possible only from the standpoint of beings, human or otherwise, that have capabilities beyond this realm, with a vantage point across multiple probable timelines and with the ability to tinker with what happens here…however that’s achieved. Non-human entities who normally operate from other realms would probably have an innate ability to be outside of time, manipulating reality. Whereas when it comes to humans (in the form of black ops government projects, MILABS and such) research shows that they’re probably utilizing remote viewing, and/or advanced technology that the general public is kept in the dark about, including time travel capabilities.

“Interference” from beings, both human and non, that see beyond realms and time is basically implying…tug-of-wars. Different “stuff” trying to affect the outcome of how things play out in this realm and time period. Like a game of sorts. In my own research I’ve come across references to how this entire world/timeline as we think we know it has been severely altered from its original form. In alternate timelines there may not have been the burning of the Great Library of Alexandria with all the knowledge that went up in flames with it, and all the various megalomaniac leaders that we know from our history books, with all their insane wars and targeted genocide that have killed millions of people – wiping out, or nearly wiping out entire family bloodlines – and which affected the direction of everything. The various plagues (which aren’t what they have been presented to be), misuse/manipulation of religion, the money/banking system, the so-called “Illuminati.” And then the entire end result of it all that we see around us today – a system where the culled down general population is kept in ignorance to the truth of many things, not knowing who they are or their own history, working as slaves and living in sickness and where only a select few hold all the power over an entire planet. And that’s all a random accident? Things just happened to work out that way? I don’t think so. ;)

By this point in life it’s my belief that it’s a case of multiple timeline tinkerings, an endless back and forth tug-of-war where things were inserted in and manipulated, repeatedly trying for the desired end result. And here we are. However, things never go perfectly according to plan, there are always unknown variables and the “good stuff” always has its way too, and so for that reason neg tinkering will never fully accomplish what it’s after, not considering that this is apparently a freewill zone. But I think so far it’s done quite a good job. :/ This could be a much better world, to put it mildly. Few would argue that one, I’m sure. Yet I also think that many of the plans that were up “stuff’s” sleeve were not able to manifest, for whatever reason. It seems that by 2009 things should have been further along in their game plan and moving at a much faster rate, and yet much of what was “supposed” to happen hasn’t.

That’s interference on the mass level. Interference also occurs on the individual level as well, because it takes individuals to get the ball rolling in any situation, good or bad. “The Power of One,” as they say. Each individual absolutely counts for something for that reason, and we can never know the impact that one lone person can have. Well, we can never know….but “stuff” with a better vantage point across multiple timelimes certainly can. ;) And for that reason interference can happen. Even manipulating something small can lead to a large outcome. And sometimes that’s all it takes, just one small nudge here, and one small nudge there to affect the overall long term timeline. And all of it completely unknown to us from our limited vantage point. It may not be obvious to an individual that they are at an important junction in their life – but “stuff” knows, due to its beyond-time vantage point, and the pre-emptive way in which interference works.

With that in mind, let’s look at the various ways in which interference can manifest in people’s lives. This isn’t meant to be a comprehensive, end-all, be-all list, just some of the biggies that one might encounter to give people enough of an idea so they can start being more aware:

Derail one off their destiny/life path; short circuit those with potential for their own awakening or for their ability to assist others in awakening

Interference to derail a person off their path in life and steer them onto a different or negative timeline can take pretty much any form. The possibilities are endless. “So-and-so is headed in a direction that will lead to such-and-such. We need to prevent this. Do anything that we can get away with to achieve that.” The key phrase being “can get away with,” because again, this is a freewill zone. And that means we are not completely under the 100% control of negative forces, a subject I elaborate on at the end of this write up, so there are limits to what they’re apparently “allowed” to do with certain people.

Some of the most common seem to be the following:

  • Negative influence people entering into the picture at important times in a person’s life causing distraction and diversion from one’s life path. Whether it’s with the negative influence’s personal dramas, criminal exploits, drugs, etc. that drag the target down, or the target getting involved with them in a highly draining or destructive relationship, having an unexpected pregnancy with them, etc.
  • Artificial synchronicities that seem to “confirm” various things to the target, but which lead to wrong conclusions and bad choices and ultimately re-route the target onto a different timeline. As I wrote in my book, “….synchronicities can also be artificially generated courtesy of their human/alien abductors [ie, hyperdimensional elements] and usually done for the purpose of influencing/reinforcing the path the abduction target is taking. For this reason, it becomes necessary for abductees to learn how to differentiate between a natural synch, and one that is being artificially generated for manipulative purposes. […] Artificially generated synchs, for me, have usually felt weird, and even a bit creepy. They’re just too perfect in their timing and execution, too manipulative, and too in-your-face. They try too hard.” I talk about this in the context of abductions in my book, but it can happen to anybody who is waking up, or posing a threat. Get them re-routed in another direction. And as noted in my book, it seems artificial synchs are fond of using people, as they’re easy to work through and those sorts of synchs are easier to pull off. Plus they’re more effective because people are more apt to sit up and take notice when a synch is coming through another person, versus using ambiguous inanimate objects. Basic human psychology. Other people get our attention.
  • Accidents, illness and mishaps, and maybe even what seems to be outright attempts to get one killed.
  • Problems with one’s living situation stability. Having a roof over one’s head certainly helps in being able to get done what needs to get done in life, and so interference with that is sure to throw a wrench in the works.
  • Interference designed to drain one’s finances, through assorted problems, illnesses, mishaps, car troubles, etc.
  • Tying into the previous point would be problems at work, losing one’s job, or coworkers suddenly creating issues that cause one to want to (or have to) quit their job. This is important because jobs = money. Problematic coworkers has happened to me on multiple occasions, so I know all about it and I’ve learned (the hard way!) how important it is to keep one’s cool, not make any rash decisions and to just try to analytically assess the situation from a detached standpoint. With workplace interference there could be several things happening – 1) Your coworker(s) are just having a bad day/week so they need to be cut some slack. Give them time and they’ll get over it and maybe even apologize if they behaved out of line. 2) The universe is trying to nudge you out the door of a job you’re not supposed to be at anymore because better things await you, or 3) “Stuff” is trying to sabotage you by interfering with your job/money situation, and it’s working through the weakest links at your workplace, those who are easily manipulated into being their puppet. So how do you tell the difference? For me, if I’m at a job that I’m clearly not supposed to be at then the incidents will keep happening, and they’ll get increasingly worse (sometimes to the point of ridiculousness) until it’s like I’m literally getting driven out. So it just becomes obnoxiously obvious. If it’s just a person having a bad day or hormonal mood swing, then it passes, sometimes they even apologize, and life goes on. I’ve also had cases where it was a mix of both – neg stuff seeming to work through a weak link puppet, but yet, at a job that I wasn’t “supposed” to be leaving….just yet anyway, since I’m a temp that specializes in long term assignments, meaning all my jobs are only for a limited period, whether that be a month or a year. So in those cases it was probably just something looking for the opportunity to give me a hard time. Either that, or the situations were resonating with the frequency field I was giving off at the time; people were subconsciously reacting to something in my field and so I was inadvertently pulling something through them. But if you have intuition, then be sure to tune in and feel your way around the workplace situation once you’ve gotten away from it and have calmed down. You should be able to feel whether “I’m not supposed to be here, this is all wrong…” or, “This will pass.”
  • Depending on what one is intending to do, they may also have interference that seems to specifically target the things they’ll need to get the job done. Be it computers frying out,and/or internet connectivity issues when one needs to run a website/blog, do a podcast or to write a book, and other assorted hiccups.
  • Fear/paranoia campaigns to derail a person onto a negative frequency path. Again, something I talk about in my book. In Part II I have a section devoted to “Sidetrack Circus Diversion/Fear and Paranoia Generator” nonsense that seemed designed to get me and Tom scared, paranoid and completely distracted with chasing our tails, and which could have not only led to our break up, but led us onto an extremely different paths than the one we’re on now. This sort of thing does work on many though, unfortunately, sinking their frequency and sending them spinning wildly off course in life. I get into greater detail about fear/paranoia campaigns in my “Gangstalking vs. Hyperdimensional Matrix Attacks” article as well.

Recently heard from a female ‘net friend who described a situation with one of her women friends who apparently had great potential as a writer to reach out and help people, but who went completely off the rails with some channeling she was doing. Now she has permanently abandoned her plans to write anything at all due to her new found conviction about the end of the world, among other sudden personality changes that my ‘net friend found distressing. Was this interference? It’s hard to know for certain. But as I told my ‘net friend, two things to look at when trying to figure out what’s what are, What was the potential? and What was the end result? In this case the potential was apparently something really good, maybe positively affecting lots of people through her books. And the end result – no longer going to write anything at all. So it’s certainly suspect. Some possibilities for what’s going on here could be 1) Nefarious entities (or mind control disguised as entities, or something else) deliberately trying to derail the woman so she wouldn’t fulfill her potential; 2) Unintentional interference by neutral entities that were just relaying information, but being a fallible human means she jumped to wacky conclusions, sabotaging her own self. In that case it’s not the entities’ fault if she misapplied what she was told; or 3) She’s just plain crazy. o_0 There were no entities, the channeling was just delusions, and now she’s behaving strangely. So it’s hard to say for sure, but it’s important to try to analyze things in this way when narrowing down what’s going on.

Another good example of what clearly seems to me to be pre-emptive timeline maneuvering to derail one off their path comes from my book:

“A good potential example would be something that occurred to me around September of 2005, in the middle of the afternoon while at a temp job. The day was warm, bright and sunny and calm, with a beautiful blue sky and green trees, as I sat in the office I was using at the time. My life was great in every respect – living with Tom, who is a great boyfriend, working, making money at a temp job that to this day was probably the best temp gig I’ve ever had. Yet there I sat in this office……with the most overwhelming urge to run away from my life. Abandon everything and just…run. RIGHT NOW. To where, I don’t know, to do what, I don’t know, but the urge was powerful. RUN!!!!!!!! LEAVE MY LIFE!!!!!!!! RIGHT NOW!!!!! GET IN MY CAR AND WALK OUT ON MY JOB AND JUST GO!!!!!! Leave my kitty behind as well as Tom, and abandon both of them back in our apartment here in Virginia and just….go.

“The urge was so powerful, and yet so completely illogical and nonsensical that my mind was in a tug of war. So in the end I just sat glued to my swivel office chair, my fingers gripping into the chair, just staring blankly ahead like a deer caught in the headlights, completely motionless. If somebody had walked into my office right at that moment it would have been a really odd sight. Glad nobody did. I wasn’t moving, but my mind was very busy with this back and forth tug of war. It was very intense, and took about ten minutes to ride this whole thing out. And in the end, after not acting on this crazy urge from nowhere and sitting firm in my seat, it slowly subsided, and I was able to slowly return to my job duties.

“This wouldn’t be the only time I’ve had a strong urge to run away from my life, leave Tom, abandon Kitty and just run, but it was the most notable since it occurred in the middle of a work day, causing me to have to ride it out in an office with the potential for other people to witness me acting strangely. I’ve thankfully never acted on any of these urges. For that reason they don’t seem to happen anymore. I’ve proven to be too strong a logical thinker, not a blind reactor.

“In retrospect, these urges seemed to be attempts at preemptive timeline manipulation. I hadn’t yet written this book or formulated my website in September of 2005…but it was coming up right around the corner. I purchased the domain name “” in October, one month after this incident, and began furiously finishing up the content of my website as of December, which I elaborate on in more detail in the “About” section on my site. And then began writing this book in March of 2006. And that particular temp gig that the programming wanted me to abandon wound up giving me a lot of tools that I would need for how to format this book in a nice way. So yeah, some big things were coming up within a matter of months. Hence, the intense urge to run away from my life and change the course of how everything would go, just prior to it all.”

Break apart relationships (or budding internet relationships that could eventually lead to a real life relationship)

Relationship interference might take the form of any of the following:

  • One or both partners suddenly switching off, losing interest or just feeling apathetic in general towards the romance. Sudden coldness/indifference to the other person, maybe want them out of your life for good. The key to this is the feeling is doing a rapid 180. In the case of meeting up with a ‘net flirtation, it might take the form of “bait and switch,” or “talks the talk but then doesn’t walk the walk” as one of the partners no longer has the enthusiasm they once displayed so easily in emails and chats. It’s like they become a different person once it comes time to meet up. They may even be fully aware of their change of heart, but feel powerless to stop what’s going on.

This also ties into the Alien Love Bite, as discussed in-depth by author Eve Lorgen in her book by the same name. Ms. Lorgen discusses how aliens (whatever they really are, extra-terrestrial or interdimensional…) will manipulate human love relationships in order to feed on the extreme emotions that are generated. Two people will be brought together under what is often times unusual and strange circumstances, feeling like they already know each other in many cases (because they usually have already met during their abductions…) experiencing an intense “burning the candle at both ends” love affair connection full of psychic woo-woo happenings and unbelievable synchronicities, only to have one of the partners suddenly switch off or withdraw, leaving the other partner devastated. Meanwhile as these non-human intelligences apparently watch their puppet show from the sidelines, feeding on the extreme emotions generated by it all.

  • Drowsiness/energy drain, headaches or other anomalous physical symptoms when in the presence of the other person. However, it’s important to distinguish the difference between outside interference, and then subconsciously/intuitively picking up on something being genuinely off or wrong about the other person. If the person in question is truly “off” then there should be other indicators going on as well besides this.
  • Outside people trying to break up the union through libelous/slanderous smear campaigns and meddling, attempting to insert paranoia, bad feelings and distrust into the works. And it’s important to note that there’s a big difference between concerned “two cents” like, “Gee, he really seems to have a bad temper. I’ve seen him scream at you several times now, and he looked like he might eventually hit you. As your (sister, friend, mom, etc.) I’m worried about this…” versus smear campaigns involving gossip, baseless accusations and mean spirited commentary designed to drive a wedge between two innocent people. The former will be based on non-libelous, non-slanderous genuinely concerned insight, while the latter will typically be based on subjective and/or biased opinions, lacking true concern, with a feel of dark, manipulative “ick” going on under the surface. Many reading this have probably witnessed a related aspect of this, what me and a ‘net friend both term the “concerned citizen” façade. The “concerned citizen” approaches people with their “warning” or libelous/slanderous claims against another (usually great exaggerated, if not flat out lies) pretending to be “concerned” for the welfare of those they’re warning, when in fact they have a personal petty vendetta against the person they’re talking smack about. They’re not concerned at all about the people they’re warning, instead it’s about “getting even” with or targeting the person they’re slandering, and/or fulfilling a personal need to nurse a grudge against them for some perceived slight. Hence, those dark “ick” and manipulative elements I mentioned.

In my own experience, Tom and I experienced multi-fold interference when we first hooked up back in 2002. When he’d come over to visit me in my apartment I’d get sleeeeeeepyyyyy, literally the second he walked through the door. He in turn would also get sleepy whenever coming over to see me, so it was happening simultaneously to both of us. Feeling tired anytime one’s significant other comes around not only saps one’s enthusiasm for the interaction, obviously, but it also creates suspicion.

And in October 2002 when we were living in south Florida, during a time period that was full of woo-woo weirdness (as noted in Part II my book) there was a situation over several days’ time period where I seemed to “switch off” and felt inexplicably cold towards the relationship. It was a pressure that made me feel like I didn’t want to be around him, at all, and wouldn’t have minded had he exited my life permanently. O.o So on one particular night I canceled our plans to hang out, and just spent the night alone, reading and enjoying not being together. It was a rapid 180 from how things had been, yet at the time I didn’t seem able to fight back against it. I adopted the mindset as my own. The next night the negative pressure had lifted a little bit, but it was still there enough so that I wondered whether I should cancel our plans yet again. I went back and forth, debating. As I wrote in my log book at the time, “It was like a tug of war going on between me and something negative.” In the end I went against the pressure and called him and he came over. While we were hanging out, I finally decided to broach the subject of this weirdness with him – something a lot of people wouldn’t actually do – because we were both aware of the “Love Bite” scenario thanks to Eve Lorgen’s research and I knew what I was experiencing was completely illogical. Only to find out, much to my surprise, that Tom had been wrestling with his own negative interference urges. He relayed that he’d had this urge to get in his car and just……drive back to Iowa. !! Under the guise of going back to pick up the rest of his stuff and swap out the computer, which he did plan to do in a few months, but not right then. But just call me from the road and be like, “Oh yeah and by the way, I’m in my car right now heading back to Iowa. See ya in a few weeks.” (but while secretly planning to probably not come back at all.) O.o Like that would have gone over well. Although, coupled with my own 180 switching off I may have just been like, “Good!” Even though there was no apparent reason for either of us to feel this way.

To go from “hot” to “cold” like that it completely irrational. But obviously he didn’t act on it, in the same way that I started questioning my 180 and pushed back against it, and so there we were in my apartment sitting on the floor discussing and analyzing it all. And in discussing it and shining a light on it wouldn’t you know….but the weirdness seemed to instantly lift. In the same way cockroaches scatter when you flip on the lights, it just dissipated and things returned to normal. That’s what led me to conclude “interference” in this case, because had my behavior been for a legitimate reason it wouldn’t have instantly gone away like that. And that would be the first of several overt attempts at interference to break things apart.

Two months later stuff gave it another go, coinciding with Tom’s return trip back to Iowa to be with his family for the holidays. Just prior to his leaving, it seems “stuff” was trying to put the pressure on to insert paranoia and suspicion into the works through an internet group that he was affiliated with at the time. As he wrote on his website, the group leaders, a married couple, had it in their heads – and were trying to get it in his head – that I was a “reanimated organic portal agent” (!!!) sent in through him to destroy their group. O.o Even though I had no interest in joining their group, and minded my own business in terms of his involvement with it. Talk about over exaggerated paranoid drama. (I had met the group leaders in person once and really liked them and enjoyed our time together, but there was no intention on my end to join their online group/forum thing. It seems however that they interpreted the idea of walking through their front door as an attempt at full on “infiltration,” when on my end I just saw it as a fun visit, going along with my Tom.) But as he would come to discover, that was a tactic they seemed to employ on many of the male group members – get them to split with their wives or girlfriends, believing that their partners weren’t “co-linear,” or worse, that they were agents, OPs and the like.

As outrageous as the claims may sound to some reading this, the reason they almost worked was because there were other synchronous issues happening at the same time and non-stop woo-woo that had been going on for months. (Again, mentioned in Part II of my book.) So various things “came together,” piling on, seeming to reinforce certain ideas, which is how this sort of thing can work with non-aware people. And all of it coinciding with the weak spot timing of Tom leaving to go back home for an extended visit. Extended long distance time apart can put a strain on any relationship, let alone one that’s now hobbling along in a slightly crippled state. And in this case, he would be leaving under weird, negative circumstances. It’s almost a 100% guarantee of not returning. But yet he did return to Florida and things were better than before he left, long story, so that was another bump that we managed to overcome.

The group gave it another go though in August of 2003. This time it resulted in him totally parting ways with them, something they tried to pin on me, insinuating I was responsible for his change of attitude towards their work and his no longer being “co-linear” with them. Even though again, I stayed out of his involvement with them.

This group wouldn’t be the only people who targeted the relationship though – some members of the message board forum that he used to run would also do the same. Various negative troublemakers who took issue with either him or me on the forum would immediately go right for the below-the-belt comments that honed in on the relationship, speaking derogatorily of it as if it was this personal affront to them, even though it had nothing to do with anything, let alone them. Their distaste for our partnership was totally out of whack for what the situation involved. Same as with gangstalking, and how targets have noticed that the never ending supply of hate directed at them is grossly out of proportion to anything that they may have done. I’ve even had a random stranger in an email exchange pop their top at me…..going straight for the relationship, of all things. He was trying to push a really questionable conspiracy website on me, hoping to get me to promote it, but I wasn’t having it, pointing out the numerous problems I saw with the material. That led to a “from left field” bitter sounding swipe about my relationship. O.o Like that had anything to do with anything.

It seems something really didn’t want us sticking together and had a lot of hate for the fact that we did. Probably because of everything good that came out of it, too much to even get into here, and which ended up positively affecting a lot of other people around the world, as well as how it positively changed the course of where each of us was going individually. So you could feel the hatred emanating off these people for that. Or rather……you could feel the hatred of the neg stuff that seemed to be working through these half empty pawns, directing itself towards us.

I don’t normally like to talk about my personal relationship too much publicly, and normally refrain from doing so in any specific detail partly because in the past it has been used against me. But in this case I realized it could benefit people to see real life examples of how this stuff operates, and so I asked Tom if it was okay with him to discuss some of what happened years back. He agreed, and so here we are. Although there’s actually a lot more that’s gone on, but which I’ve left out for space constraints. !! These are just some good tips of the iceberg examples.

This subject is actually quite complicated and multi-layered though. It’s not always just a simple case of “Oh, stuff is persecuting me and the relationship.” Because it’s in my opinion that part of the reason that sort of heat was directed my way was because I was a match for it at the time. I mention this elsewhere in this piece, the idea of “pulling through” something in others that ties into one’s own unresolved issues, due to being a match for it. [terminology that I learned from an internet friend who educated me on these concepts some years back.] Until you face it, whatever the issue(s) may be and understand where it originated from then it’ll never stop, and you’ll continue to pull it in. But…there’s also the idea of Neg stuff using a person’s karma and weaknesses against them. Finding their Achilles Heel you could say, the attack tactic that will most affect them on a soul level because it’s been a repeated sore spot either in this life, or in others. It reminds me of what author Robert Bruce discusses in his book “Practical Psychic Self Defense,” and how Neg entities will use a person’s various life traumas against them in the form of “core images.” So as the reader can see, it’s a bit of a tangled web when trying to figure out what’s what.

It’s also important to note that not all relationships that seem to have speed bump interference are hyperdimensional stuff trying to break apart a positive union. Sometimes things just happen, or somebody is acting like a screwball on their own accord so that’s where neutral observation comes into play, versus jumping to rash conclusions. (I’ll reiterate several times throughout the write up the need to not blame everything on the “All Powerful Thems!” as it’s a slippery slope into paranoia.) Certain partnerships are going to attract the laser beam spotlight more than others only because of who the people are that are involved, and what the partnership is going to ultimately lead to. Others may not work out just because they simply didn’t work out, it’s just not meant to be, and that’s normal. It’s different for everybody, so always keep that in mind.

Break apart/interfere with friendships and networks of people, real or virtual

Can probably happen with any sort of useful network that would achieve something positive, but you’ll especially see this in internet-based groups that are geared towards metaphysics and truthseeking/conspiracy research. That’s dangerous “awakening” territory, and poses a threat. Let’s review some of the various common scenarios:

1. Internet and real life friendships

Especially when they’re based on common alternative metaphysical and truth seeking interests. Finding people who are into the woo-woo and conspiracy subjects in the everyday real world seems a bit difficult, as many will attest. Many people find that they feel like they’re alone on an island, surrounded by sharks. Or at least surrounded by well meaning but asleep, clueless people who only want to discuss mundane superficial things, much to the awakening person’s increasing frustration. Hence, why the internet has been so helpful for people to find others of like-mind. But we’ve all seen what can happen there as outlined in the previous point. !!! So if you can find somebody cool either online or in the everyday real world who is knowledgeable about this sort of stuff then it’s great…and it maybe even draws in the interference. Common ways that division might be achieved would be:

  • Misunderstandings/miscommunication and fighting, anything to insert either discord or paranoia into the works and drive a wedge.
  • One or both parties feeling a sudden lack of desire to keep in contact. Consciously not responding to emails, just letting the whole thing fall to the wayside, but yet for no logical, valid reason. Kind of like having the wind let out of one’s sails, the motivation or drive just inexplicably disappears. Maybe you intend to write them back or call them up, and they’re somebody you would normally have enthusiasm for interacting with but you just……..don’t. And you don’t know why, because they didn’t do anything wrong. Next thing you know it’s been several weeks….months….and things have drifted away.
  • Distractions and issues coming up to prevent meet-up times.
  • On a minor scale, interference with email send/receive, or interference with mail or phone calls. Recipients not receiving emails (or phone messages that are left for them) or the sender consistently noting problems when trying to write and send emails (making sure to rule out logical, normal explanations). This really works when people don’t bother to follow up with things and just make assumptions. “Oh, they never wrote me back, they’re obviously snubbing me.” It may not be a case of snubbing, possibly they never even received your email(s), so, always check first before jumping to conclusions. And just make sure not to fall into the slippery slope trap of reading too much into computer/email issues, thinking the All Powerful Thems! are behind every little thing.

I’ve experienced internet acquaintancehood interference in varying ways and always felt it was unfortunate, as they were acquaintances that had a lot of potential but things somehow always get screwed up. I don’t have definitive proof that it was “interference,” but as noted in the previous section two good things to look at when trying to determine the nature of a situation is What was the potential? and What was the end result? And in these cases the potential seemed to involve both parties’ further awakening and realizations, as well as useful endeavors through collaboration and brainstorming, and just good old fashioned ‘net friendship, which sometimes leads to meeting up in person, as I’ve experienced. Connecting with like-minded individuals is always a cool thing, as they’re hard to find in the “real” world. And the result was….an end to that. In those cases where I might experience inexplicable apathy or resistance to communicating with somebody I try to look closer – is it because the exchange is promising, and therefore this could be interference to break it up? Or is it just because I’m not really on the same wavelength with the person? It’s not hard to tell what’s the case, you just have to tune in and pay attention. The exchange will usually speak for itself.

And a good example of potential interference with a real life awakening person was mentioned in my Gangstalking vs. Hyperdimensional Matrix Attacks article:

“…there was a job I used to have in Florida – every time I’d steal away for a moment to go chat with a coworker named Jeff about anything to do with the weird or woo-woo – subjects he was greatly interested in himself but didn’t always have people to talk to them about it – sure enough, there was uncanny interference. Within moments of getting to his cube, as soon as we’d start to get into a conversation BOOM…his phone would start ringing, one call after the other, people needing stuff out of nowhere, or worse yet, people coming by his cube, totally interrupting us, as if I wasn’t even there, and was just invisible. !! A bit rude, as most would agree. To have people – consistently – come up next to you, not even acknowledging you as if you’re not even there, and start talking over you in a totally oblivious way…? Who does that, right? But more interesting was that multiple people were doing it. Not just the same, one person. Every time Jeff and I tried to chat this uncanny interference happened, to the point where it was quite obvious and beyond coincidental, always foiling our attempts at any sort of chat, even a quick chat. It was a bit angersome, admittedly. Part of the problem was the fact Jeff was unaware of what was happening and would allow it to have its way. Awareness is everything, and if only one person has awareness then the naive person will be the weak spot…”

2. Messageboard communities, Metaphysics/Spirituality and Conspiracy groups

Networks and groups of like-minded people are easy to break apart because guaranteed, not everybody involved is going to be knowledgeable of the idea of interference; some may even be resistant to the idea, reluctant to accept or address that which is deemed “negative” or “divisive.”

Whether the idea of interference is important all depends on what the goal of the group is. If the group is something relaxed and laid back and where troublesome or unstable kookiness is all good, and even desired for its entertainment value, then great. But if the goal of the group is to make progress of some sort towards a particular goal then it can indeed become a problem when there’s interference. The more people in the group, the more potential for everybody to be on a different page in terms of their personal awareness and willingness to deal with trouble, and the easier it becomes to drive wedges into the works through the weakest links. You see this a lot on messageboards, where guaranteed, nobody can agree unanimously on whether somebody is a malicious troublemaker or just a hapless but well meaning buffoon. The moderator(s) wants to give the person the boot to preserve the forum’s integrity and ensure continued productive discussion, but there’s always those few who loudly stand up and protest, sometimes histrionically threatening to leave if the troublemaker in question does get the boot. They can’t see what others can see and have this misguided idea that they’re somehow “Preserving free speech!!!” or “Speaking up for the underdogs!!!!” but are only ensuring that the inference, whether purposeful or otherwise, gains a foothold and succeeds. Meanwhile as other posters plan to leave if the troublemaker is allowed to stay and the protestors get their way. So nobody wins, and everybody gets divided.

In real life group situations you might find interference manifesting in the following ways:

  • Gossip and back biting sniping, bitching and moaning and complaining, all of which inserts bad feelings into the works and splinters the group into fragments, usually resulting in people leaving;
  • Financial shenanigans with those in charge of handling the group’s money;
  • Those who insert distraction into the works so things don’t stay focused and productive;
  • Members who “inadvertently” interfere with things running smoothly, causing problems. They don’t mean to necessarily, but they’re an easy vector for stuff to work through, which can trickle down to the entire group’s ability to function.

Basically the age old situation of “a few rotten apples spoiling things for the bunch.”

For online groups, especially messageboards, you might see it in these sorts of ways:

  • Good, intelligent posters feeling an aversion to posting for no logical reason. An icky sort of presence hanging over them when they log into their favorite forum. (I’ve described it as if there’s a “link up place” in the astral or something where participants’ minds plug into when they log onto their favorite forum. And it’s there that “stuff” hovers around, doing its thing to affect people and/or work through them.) May often times coincide with low vibed disrupters arriving on the scene. Because the intelligent, cool posters feel this resistance and aversion to posting, it allows the troublemakers to take over, running rampant and filling the forum up with garbage and nonsense. It becomes this ongoing back and forth between which side can gain a foothold. For a bit of time the intelligent cool posters may reign, and the forum content will be awesome and productive, then they’ll succumb to the inexplicable aversion to posting and then the troublemakers will temporarily take root, until either the moderators do their job or the intelligent ones fight back. Back and forth, back and forth…..
  • Posters who feel compelled to suddenly go after another poster then later “come to” and feel like something had “taken them over.” Attacks and fighting are never good for the morale of a forum, and certain posters definitely pose a threat with the material they discuss, and certain forums as a whole are a threat due to their high quality content and contributors. Hence, why targeted attacks happen. Either to insert discord into the works and ruin the good vibes, drive off certain posters, or tank the forum as a whole…..or all of the above. One guy who did an unprovoked attack against me at a forum was so shaken up by the fact that “something” had “taken him over” that he temporarily left the forum to regroup, as he explained in an email. He apparently could clearly feel that “something” as it worked through him, wanting him to go after me. O_0 Another guy that I didn’t even know personally was this newbie who’d just arrived on the scene, and later emailed me to apologize for his strange and unprovoked behavior towards me, saying that it felt like something had “influenced him,” his words, to behave that way towards me. These weren’t the only two times that had happened though. Weaker/sensitive people will be scared off by these sorts of unprovoked attacks…which is what “stuff” seems to want. Strong ones will fight back, sometimes pushing back twice as hard (that’s what I would do when it happened to me) but then that of course leads to more fighting and more morale tanking for the other members on the sidelines who are sensitive to witnessing such exchanges. So either way, “stuff” wins. And it wins because the attacker pawn was asleep at the wheel, allowing for stuff to manipulate them in the first place, and because the targets foolishly responded instead of seeing through things and stepping over them. If everybody was aware and fully conscious then it wouldn’t happen. But as mentioned in the intro to this section, the more people you have in a group, the more chance that everybody will be on a different page in terms of awareness, and so it seems near impossible to prevent this sort of thing from happening on a public access forum, unfortunately.

(On a side note, something related to this is the way in which those manipulated attackers may eerily talk in the same way, using some of the same unusual word/phrase choices, mimicking each other, yet, they’re actually not the same person. But they may as well be, since the same forces are able to get into them and use them. I’ve been on the receiving end of this several times at the aforementioned message board forum I used to post at. It’s weee-irrrd. I called out several people for doing it, even posting a link on one occasion to another thread to prove how somebody else had spoken in the same way. Having that kind of proof was always a good way to get a troublemaker to back off, illustrating that they were playing into “something” and that the words and ideas they thought were their own apparently weren’t. At the time I’d get so riled up by it. At this point I can kind of see how it’s almost funny. Kind of. :D It’s hyperdimensional fingerprints you could say – a way to recognize that you’re probably pulling through the same forces, just through a different body vehicle.

  • Trolls and low vibed troublemakers that arrive on the scene and insert disruption into the works to throw a forum off kilter. (And just a note that there’s a difference between constructive disagreement/healthy debate and brain storming, versus troublemaking designed to disrupt. Disagreement doesn’t automatically equate to troll/interference. Trolls who are there to interfere will post unintelligent, inflammatory commentary designed solely to provoke or insert disruption, whereas an intelligent dissenter can do just that – dissent intelligently, coherently and logically argue their points, while knowing when to bow out.)
  • Technical difficulties, with servers always going down and preventing access to the site/forum, hosting companies suddenly deciding that they no longer want to host the forum, etc. (As cautioned throughout this piece though, it’s important to discern what is actual interference, versus just random problems that do happen in life.)

A group is only as strong as the core leader or group of leaders who founded it, and that goes for both ‘net groups and real life in-person groups. And if they themselves are not aware, then there’s really going to be trouble as they will be unable to discern “who’s who and what’s what” and take action to “clean house.” Even worse, if the so-called leaders of an in-person or ‘net group seem to be knowingly allowing their group to be sabotaged, and/or to become a place of misinformation and chaos. Sometimes people are just completely inept at running a forum or being the leader of a group of people, but sometimes they aren’t so innocent I don’t think. However, the only thing I don’t like about this aspect of things is the way that many truth seekers take it to the extremes of paranoia, hysterically accusing everybody of being COINTELPRO, disinformation agents, CIA, and so on. It just gets a little old after awhile to hear or read the volatile accusations flying back and forth about who’s really an agent or government plant. So at this point I just nonchalantly assume that any well known, mainstream conspiracy/woo-woo/metaphysical group leaders or forum and website owners probably have something questionable going on, and just leave it at that. I don’t invest myself in them in the first place, so therefore there’s no need later on for the childish hysteria and indignation that they may not be who they present themselves to be. I’m sure they’re probably not. So, solves that problem. Next!

A big problem in particular with New Age/spiritual/metaphysics oriented groups, whether internet or real life based is that many members tend to be very trusting and naïve. They may have so little experience with dark stuff that they don’t recognize what’s going on. (They’re the sorts that always try to rationalize and excuse away people’s screwy/negative behavior because they’re “nice” and “understanding” like that.) And/or they despise confrontation and “negativity” to such a degree that they’re unwilling to take action if/when they do finally realize what’s happening. The latter in particular is very common, a lot of people don’t like confrontation and avoid it at all costs. This attitude makes it all that much easier for trouble to seep in.

However when it comes to whether one should diligently “clean house” or be understanding and patient, a balance should always be maintained. There is one particular high profile metaphysical/conspiracy forum out there (which will go unnamed) that swings extremely far to the “no-nonsense” end of the spectrum, to the point of being coldly detached and robotic in their treatment of forum members. They pride themselves on their hyper vigilance with always being on the lookout for “agents,” promoting the mentality of paranoia should you receive a PM from another member (treat it suspiciously, be on guard because they’re probably an organic portal or an agent trying to feed on your energy and distract you from “The Work,”) and pouncing on members and tearing them apart, feeling like they’re doing “The Work” by exposing people’s weaknesses and fallibilities. But it’s to the point of nastiness. So one should always try to tread the middle ground when it comes to figuring out the best way to proceed.


Interference with reading valuable material that might assist with one’s awakening process, interference with meditation, etc.

As some people have come to discover, the moment they sit down to read valuable materials pertaining to their awakening/truth seeking interests, or try to meditate on higher concepts they seem to experience various forms of interference designed to put a stop to the activity. May take the form of the following:

  • Sudden inexplicable drowsiness
  • “Brain scramble”/inability to focus, feeling confused
  • Headaches
  • Sudden “noise pollution” in ears so one can’t focus
  • Sudden amped up mind, racing thoughts, thought loops
  • Developing sudden apathy or permanent resistance to reading/researching material or engaging in the hobbies that you previously had enthusiasm for. (not to be confused with a temporary situation of being tired and distracted but which passes, enabling you to get back into things.) Most notably when you go to bed feeling fine, but wake up with a 180 change of heart, permanently losing interest literally “overnight.” Could be a sign of programming while you slept, however the programming is delivered. (different theories there for how it could happen.)
  • Timely phone calls or people arriving at your door or other such distractions or problems erupting every time you feel like you have a moment to read, research, meditate or engage in your hobbies.
  • Thoughtforms actually commanding a person to go lie down and go to sleep. (A reader of my website emailed me once describing his experience with this.)

In my own case I have a couple of interesting examples of this at work. Back in early 2003 I would get inexplicable and intense sleepiness whenever I’d tried to read my 3-ring binder containing a particular source of what I consider to be high quality channeling material. I could not stay awake to save my life when reading it! I’d push the binder aside and crawl onto my bed and fall asleep. After a few times of that “coincidentally” happening, where I was perfectly fine and awake until the exact moment I started trying to read my binder, I wised up and started taking my binder to a public place to read it there, so I would be forced to stay awake, guaranteed.

In other instance, as noted on my website in my “Ear Tones” section, I have a couple of log book entries detailing some interference experienced when I went to meditate:

Wednesday, September 3, 2003
Left ear interference
Was laying down trying to meditate, taking advantage of a rare moment of clear headedness since I have had so much interference as of late, when about two minutes into it, an ear ringing crept up on me, left ear, growing until it was VERY pronounced. I tried to get back to meditating, only to discover that my brain was now scrambled. No matter how hard I focused, it was futile. I couldn’t hold a coherent thought anymore.

Sometime around January 17 — 21, 2005
Went to lie down to meditate on some issues and try to connect to my higher self and get feedback, but right when I laid down, I had “noise pollution” in my right ear, so I couldn’t focus. Deliberate interference…

As mentioned in my ‘Parallel Timelines’ section I’ve also had timely interference with my cat when trying to tap into something to get answers. (I didn’t hold it against her. ;) she’s just a cat.) Then there was this time back in 2000 when I decided to play around with self-induced hypnosis, to see about glimpsing past lives. As I descended the staircase I envisioned in my mind, approaching the last step, about to turn and see something in my mind….BOOM! there was a loud bang noise in my room. My eyes flew open, looking around. It sounded like somebody had taken a shoe and slammed it against the cover of a book that was lying near me on the carpet. But there was no shoe. And nobody else in the room. I tried again, and right as I got to the last step in my mind….knock knock knock! on my bedroom door. My brother just so happened to want to ask me something. It wasn’t customary for him to knock on my door like that, but he just so happened to do so right at that exact moment. ;) Go figure. It was clearly interference, but I now chalk it up to, Well, maybe something higher didn’t want me to tap into anything like that right then, maybe it was for the best. So that’s always something to keep in mind, when in some occasions, interference may actually be in our best interest, even if we don’t know it at the time. (I elaborate on this more at the end of this piece.)

Another time Tom and I were planning to participate in a free session with the crystal bowls, as talked about here, and it was something I’d been looking forward to and planning for weeks because of my past positive experiences with it. WELL…about two hours before it was to happen, while we were at the bagel shop getting bagels and coffee, my mind and body just became so agitated/amped up that I realized there was no way I could go – and I suddenly felt like I didn’t want to go anyway. The idea of having to sit still and be calm and serene for a half an hour to 45 minutes in a quiet New Age environment was suddenly so completely unappealing that I wound up skipping out on the session, with Tom going on his own. This, after looking forward to it for weeks. !!! (and just to note that it wasn’t the coffee itself that caused the problem since I’d drank coffee prior to the first bowl tuning we ever went to, as noted in the above link, and it had no negative effects.) So instead I went home and tried to work on writing for my website since amped up energy for me equates to creative bursts. Not much progress was made in that arena though either. I had an idea that maybe I would still head down to the bookshop in a little bit and see about joining in late, should the amped up energy lift. Unfortunately the energy didn’t lift until just before 9 p.m…..when the session was wrapping up, as Tom later relayed. Originally the session was supposed to start at 7 p.m. but there were so many people that they broke it up into two groups, with the second one starting at 8, which was the one that Tom ended up going to. So imagine that. Amazing coincidence there. The energy didn’t lift until the exact moment the session was completely over and there was no chance of me driving down there last minute to join in. When the energy lifted and I returned to a normal state of being it was so sudden and noticeable too that I even looked around the apartment, marveling at the change….then felt like crying because of the intense disappointment of my plans being ruined like that.

Another good example happened in 2010, when I was supposed to have four days off from work for the Thanksgiving holiday. Thursday – Sunday. I was really looking forward to this in the couple of weeks leading up to it, because I planned to engage in some personal spiritual work you could say, and could feel the positive enthusiasm and energy surrounding this plan. Well, wouldn’t you know it…………………that same week a Belgian guy from Tom’s then-messageboard forum named J___ was planning to be in America for other reasons, and while here wanted to go out of his way to meet up with Tom and I, but especially Tom in particular. No problem, Tom agreed, not realizing anything. So J___ shows up on Wednesday night, the kick off to my four day holiday. We all go out to eat, which was fine, no problem there. But then it’s revealed that he’s planning to hang out with us tomorrow as well. Which I thought would maybe be a couple of hours, tops, and that would be the end of it. On to my scheduled plans for my days off.

But no… turned into entertaining J___ in our apartment for something like nine or ten hours. And the next day…..and the next……. J___ would return to his motel room each night, but insisted on hanging out with us during the day. He was a nice guy, but he didn’t understand that he was heavily imposing in a very clueless way. And as it turned out, the only topic he really wanted to talk about to the point of beating dead horses was the subject of “abuse.” In particular the abuse I experienced with my so-called “mother,” whom I have no relationship with, wanting me to rehash things and get all into that, and then his psychotically abusive wife, going in circles about that whole subject.

J____ never explicitly stated “I’m going to be in town for four days, and I intend for you to entertain me in your apartment all four days for most of each day where we talk about the subject of abuse all day long until we drag ourselves down…” but that’s what ended up happening. Tom just rolled with it initially, not realizing I’d had these other plans scheduled for myself. Same as me, who also rolled with it initially because I didn’t want to interfere with Tom’s visit with a forum buddy, and I mistakenly thought each day would be the last. And I also had major problems at that time with confrontation and asserting myself, due to severe childhood conditioning. So instead of the visit ending on Thursday as I initially assumed, the situation kept going…and going….and going…. I should have spoken up and set boundaries once J____ told us that he’d be back again on Friday, in order to preserve what was left of my time off, but I didn’t, and Tom should have clarified things from the get go and also set boundaries, but didn’t. So we were both equally at fault, and that’s how this “stuff” managed to weasel its way in through a clueless and oblivious pawn, exploiting each of our weaknesses, to have its way with us.

J___ didn’t end up leaving for the airport until Sunday afternoon, which totally ensured that my planned four days off for positive spiritual work was completely ruined. :/ The situation caused tremendous anger and frustration for me that even years later, when thinking back on it all, I can get fired up about. I vowed NEVER to allow a situation like that to happen again, and it taught me to be more assertive about setting boundaries and standing up for myself – which would be the “silver lining spiritual lesson” that could be taken away from the situation I guess. :/ But as it tends to go, once you reach that threshold of snapping and vowing to “never allow something like that to happen again!!” learning your lesson………guess what, it never does. ;)

I’ve heard from others who also described various ways in which “stuff” seemed to interfere with them while they were trying to read or research important subjects that lead towards awakening and life changing realizations, or trying to mediate or partake in spiritual endeavors, so this definitely seems to be a repeating mode of operation. For that reason it’s something to be mindful of so you can push back against it.

Interference with Sleep

An odd but interesting form of interference that’s happened to Tom (and which he gave permission for me to discuss here) would be interference with sleep. It doesn’t quite fit into any of the categories mentioned above, but is important enough that it should be mentioned. Interference with sleep would of course lead to one having decreased effectiveness as they go about their daily life. It can lead to a variety of issues, including low energy, flattened mood or bad mood, foggy headedness, forgetfulness, delayed responses, poor physical health, etc., which would impact one’s interactions with other people, work performance, driving, decision making, body’s health/immunity, etc. So it seems an obvious interference method for chipping away at somebody. There is the most obnoxiously perfect example that happened to Tom one day that is worth mentioning. As an aside, Tom goes to bed around 5 a.m. usually and gets up around 2 in the afternoon, because that’s the schedule his body wants to be on. So on one particular day he had trouble falling asleep because his – non-caffeinated – mind was completely amped up. Took several hours before he could finally do so, so by that point it was mid morning. Then when he would finally manage to doze off, things would keep happening to wake him up. My cat would suddenly make a noise outside the bedroom door at the exact moment he was starting to drift off. Our neighbor lady upstairs would suddenly make noise at the exact moment he was drifting off. Etc. Then at one point right as he was drifting off yet again, the entire curtain rod and curtain on the window right next to his bed just….collapsed onto the floor. For no reason. I heard it from the living room, wondering what the bang noise was. He decided to just ignore it and leave it there, deal with it later and try again to fall asleep. But then within about a minute after ignoring the inexplicable curtain rod drop the phone rang, from a 1-800 automated telemarketer computer voice. Then, the Embarq repairman shows up knocking on the door to fix our internet problem, but he was 45+ minutes earlier than planned. So needless to say Tom didn’t get any decent amount of sleep that day.

Interference with his sleep has been an ongoing issue for years, and so the supplement Melatonin has been a great friend of his. ;) Considering the research he’s involved with and his website, writings and books (and at one point the message board he used to run) it’s no surprise I guess. For him the interference can be anything from all around insomnia, amped up/agitated mind, nervous/anxious energy, to negative/crazy dreams designed to sink personal frequency. Anything to prevent a decent full night’s sleep, with the spillover effects into daily life. Aspects of insomnia and nervous/amped up mind and physical energy could be explained away by a skeptic as having a natural, biological cause, which I understand. But when it gets to the point of flagrant outside influences, such as the cat’s uncanny noise making, the upstairs neighbor’s uncanny noise timing, the phone ringing, and random objects falling down around his bed then…you know. It just gets to the point of “Could it be any more obnoxiously obvious?” To distinguish it from explainable “natural” happenings you have to look at probabilities. What are the probabilities that all of these things would happen during the same stretch of time? As with anything, each thing taken by itself doesn’t necessarily mean anything. But when pooled together, then it becomes suspicious. When things “pile on” like that it should probably be questioned.

Physical, overt interference

Most of the interference already mentioned could be classified as covert, which makes it easy to overlook or outright dismiss for those who are either unaware or skeptical debunkers. But then there’s the category of physical, overt interference seeming to come from human sources (who probably also happen to have neg stuff working through them) that can be physically detected on the body or witnessed in one’s physical surroundings. It’s material covered both in my book as well as in my “Gangstalking…” write up. For space constraints I won’t review and excerpt it here, and instead refer people to read those write ups if they’re interested.

Other factors at play

There are other factors at work in this reality affecting events so that at first glance things may appear to be interference. So when trying to figure out what’s what it’s necessary to rule out other things first. Moon phases, astrological alignments, weather happenings, etc. are major contributing factors into people’s behaviors and life events. It could therefore be considered “inadvertent interference.” Something that interferes with the peaceful flow of life, but isn’t a deliberate attack of sorts, therefore making it important to discern the difference:

Astrological configurations. For the longest time I would check in on a daily basis with the website Skywatch, by Lance Ferguson, because his daily astrological readings are so accurate it’s amazing. His analysis uses real astrology, involving what planetary bodies will be doing what, at what time (down to the minute even….) and the specific effects of it all. It’s a universal analysis concerning energies that affect everybody, versus what I consider to be that vague, fake daily horoscope personality astrology that you find in your local newspaper. There was a time when I wouldn’t have believed that the movement of the celestial bodies could have an effect on anything happening here, but now I’m not so sure, let’s put it that way. After seeing enough of Lance’s readings that specifically matched up I’m now a believer. And in a way I guess it makes sense why this could be – celestial bodies have gravity, and so maybe what’s happening is the push and pull of the planets’ energies as they move around. This website really helped me a number of times at work in particular, as it would always give very accurate heads up for the various madness I would be witnessing around me. It aids in being more conscious and aware so I won’t accidentally play into anything.

Moon Phases. Tying into astrological alignments is the moon. As I wrote elsewhere on my site, I’ve learned that the phases of the moon – Full, New, First Quarter, Last Quarter – affect our personalities and the energies of the world around us. Hospital workers, psych workers and law enforcement officers are people who see firsthand the craziness that can erupt during a full moon, but new moons are just as important and tend to be overlooked. Full moons seem to be more about outward action, manifesting as aggression and crazy behavior, whereas new moons are more about inward negativity – times when one is liable to feel depressed/despondent, maybe even suicidal, frustrated and disillusioned, quitting jobs or groups, breaking up in a relationship, and so on. And both moon periods in general will see heightened fighting and discord between people as they may find themselves in overly sensitive, agitated states. Old issues that have been lying dormant will be re-ignited as people suddenly feel urges out of nowhere to pursue a button-pushing topic, or go after somebody and pick a fight. It’s in my belief that there are two things occurring with moon periods – 1) The moon naturally plays upon people’s energy and moods probably due to its gravity, and 2) hyperdimensional stuff takes advantage of the alignments (which seem to act as portals) to target the world. “Weak spot opportunities,” if you will. Here’s a link to a useful moon chart put together by Tom (who writes the website so you can keep track of the phases of the moon. As Tom has discovered, the effects of the phases actually extend for a period of about two and half days before and after each phase, not just on the day of the particular phase itself, so his chart has a color coded shading system to mark these periods.

Weather happenings. Something Tom and I have noticed is that when there’s a low pressure storm system overhead, the sort that brings rain, strong winds, thunder, lightening, hail, etc., then emotions and energy can experience issues. Low pressure storm systems deplete negative ions (too many positive ions are actually negative for people, whereas negative ions are good) and according to Wilhelm Reich, storms also deplete an area of orgone energy, which will also lead to issues for people. I’ve just seen too many bad moods or energy problems that coincided with low pressure systems either passing by or parked overhead to dismiss it as coincidence. So it’s another thing to keep in mind.

Biorhythm cycles. I wrote on my website, “Biorhythms are the human body’s natural cycles for emotions, intellect, intuitive abilities, and physical prowness, each with its own cyclical length, so the theory goes. They are viewed as a sine wave, flowing up and down, with peaks and troughs, as they move through the course of their cycle. […]The wave traverses along and at the point where it sinks below the halfway point, it is said to be at a “critical” point, entering into the passive phase. It rises again, passing back up through the halfway mark, called a “zero day” and into the active phase. When a particular cycle is in its active phase, you are supposedly peaking in that area. You’re at your best in terms of emotional stability, intellectual capability, decision-making, intuition and physical health. Critical and zero days are supposed to be critical moments in the cycle, and a time to be mindful of any possible upsets and problems. When a cycle is at the lowest point during the passive phase is what I have termed “bottoming out.”   Another way of looking at it is that during the passive phase one may be more vulnerable and susceptible to negative “funny stuff” happening, interference, hyperdimensional attacks, and so on.” So in this case we have two things to keep in mind – a person may be affected in terms of physical health, moods, energy and all around life happenings due to their body’s own natural biorhythm cycle, or, those cycles might be exploited by “stuff” if it’s looking to target somebody when they’re naturally vulnerable.


When interference is actually for the good, and the idea of being in the flow

As mentioned earlier, there may be some instances when so-called interference is actually for the best because there’s something we’re not supposed to be doing, or the timing isn’t right. The source of this positive interference can be whatever the reader feels it may be, from God to the Higher Self, to guides, or angels, or whatever works for you. But that is something to keep in mind, that if things aren’t working out as hoped or planned then there comes a point where you have to just step back and go “hmmmmmmm,” rather than forcing things. Detach, and just feel things out, and try to be in the flow. It’s tricky trying to navigate through life, feeling things out with intuition, but with practice it can be honed. So maybe things aren’t working out for a good reason, one that we can’t see from our present limited vantage point, but which will become apparent in the future when we’re looking back on everything. Then it’ll be a case of, “Wow, I’m really glad that things didn’t work out the way I thought they should have. That would have turned out to be a disaster! o_0! “ I get more into this in my e-book, Miscellaneous Stories of the Weird and Unusual.

This is actually a bigger subject than I’m making it out to be, because again there is also negative interference, and there’s the whole bit with “timelines,” and the idea of “supposed to” versus “loose agenda not set in stone,” which ties into “fate and destiny” and all that, etc. etc., things I’ve discussed in various other write ups around my site, including my article on The Higher Self, and Parallel Timelines. See any of the aforementioned write ups for more information if you’re interested.

The Big Question….

Many people reading this may be wondering the big question that I’ve seen posed all over the internet – Why are positive groups and truth seeking and metaphysical information even allowed out there in the first place IF dark forces have so much power? Why don’t they just have everything on 100% lockdown? Wouldn’t that solve the problem and eliminate the need for all their meddling and so-called interference?

The answer seems to be that this is a freewill zone. So the Negs don’t have the ability or right to gain 100% complete control over all aspects of existence and to completely own every single human on this planet, dictating completely what does or doesn’t happen to them. In my own life I’ve seen evidence for this, so it’s not just something I’ve pulled out of my butt. I know there are positive forces at play, and that the Negs don’t always get their way. And if the Negs can’t always get their way then the logical deduction from that would be…….they’re not completely all powerful. There are limits. Others may disagree, but that’s just what personal experience has shown me. Some would argue that the Negs have done a pretty good job of gaining control over the things that matter most in this world. But as mentioned we have our own free will, and the positive stuff has a right to be here, exerting its influence too. So if anything it seems to be that aforementioned tug of war.

Synchronistically in the middle of writing this piece I received an email from a guy in Egypt talking about what of all things but…..the idea of how much control the Negs seem to have in this reality. To paraphrase his various thoughts and points of view: “They” have complete control over everything going on here. We’re completely trapped in their prison, and there’s pretty much no way out on our own. So anything you see out there in the way of conspiracy, spirituality, etc. is for the most part all a form of deception, it’s all been corrupted. We’ll never get the truth about anything because “they” won’t allow it. Those researchers you do see out there in the world peddling their information (he named several well known names) are only there because they’re being allowed to be there…because they serve a disinformation purpose.

I actually agreed with him on most of what he said: that many things have been corrupted, and there’s so much dis/misinformation out there to sort through, and for the exact reasons he outlines, that Neg stuff runs rampant in this reality, and that we’ll never have the full truth about what’s going on and how things really are for probably a couple of reasons, including yes, that “stuff” doesn’t want us to know, and also because I think we would have a hard time comprehending it. It’s like a square trying to understand a cube. And I’m not so sure we could handle it psychologically if we did figure things out. BUT…I disagreed with him on the idea that they have complete, 100% control over everybody and everything, for the reasons already outlined above. That to me was the twist in the concept. I shy away from extremist views that don’t allow for leeway. There’s always room to wiggle around.

So I just thought that was an interesting “coincidence” to have received that email with such a pointed, pessimistic message being conveyed to me that the Negs control everything and there’s no hope……while in the middle of writing something that specifically addresses and challenges that idea. What are the odds.

Conclusion, and a Word of Caution

To clarify, I don’t believe that everything negative that happens here is the result of neg stuff doing their thing, either directly or by working through people, although it probably comes across that way. Sometimes stuff breaks, you get sick, a troublemaker crosses your path in life, a coworker has a bad day, the fuel pump in your car conks out, and stuff just happens. The trick is to remain calm, and wait to see where it’s all going…if anywhere…rule out other possible factors, and see if it’s part of a pattern. It is a fine line between recognizing that which might be legitimate paranormal/hyperdimensional happenings and interference and then reading too much into something, or nursing a need for the “victim mentality.”

Because this stuff can be so intangible and subjective it means anybody can believe or claim anything they want about the things that are happening to them, whether it’s actually hyperdimensional in nature or not. It can fulfill a need to have something to blame, some invisible bad guy enemy that’s the scapegoat for all of life’s problems. This is a big reason why I hesitated in putting this out there. I didn’t want to help promote that mentality. It’s something I caution about in my book as well as in my Gangstalking…. article, and it should be reiterated here too, that you don’t want to start slipping into the “Everybody’s out to get me!” mindset, or thinking that the All Powerful Thems! are micromanaging every little detail of your existence.

It’s extremely important to keep the idea of one’s personal frequency in mind when analyzing life events. There is usually always a part that we’re playing in things whether we realize it or not, and it can contribute to a life full of problems or hiccups. I got into this as well in my “Gangstalking” article, about how if a person begins sinking into a fearful, disempowered, or persecuted victim mentality then they can begin to create a self perpetuating feedback loop whereas more of this comes their way, because that’s what they’re a match for.

I put this awareness to good use back in 2008 when I had a part time second job at a call center taking phone orders for a catalog, working nights. If I had a troublesome call I would make sure to clear it out of my head and level myself off straight away after hanging up, kind of like hitting the “reset” button, because I had noticed on multiple occasions what happened when me and my fellow coworkers didn’t. Once someone was in an aggro mood then more often than not, the next call that came in on their line would be trouble as well…then it just spiraled out of control. So best to get one’s frequency back on track and leveled off….nip things in the bud. There were nights when it seemed everybody around me was getting hit with annoying calls, and there I was, flowing along taking orders from cool people, then going back to knitting socks (for charity no less…O.o ) in between calls. So I saw firsthand how personal frequency works.

This also extended into the nature of the kinds of hassle-free calls I was getting. It wasn’t just that I was getting calls that flowed in an easy breezy way, it was that I was also consistently getting large dollar amount orders. $1,000 garage floor mats, $400 radar detectors, $500 car covers, hundreds of dollars in custom car floor mats….people just buying up the most expensive stuff in the catalog and doing so with ease, which would then ensure I got bonuses in my paycheck. Over and over I’d get these calls, and I remember the befuddled looks of the long time permanent employees glancing over at me as they’d overhear me repeating back these larger than average orders back to the customers at the conclusion of each call. Meanwhile, as they kept getting call after call where people were only ordering $10, $20 worth of stuff, causing some of these employees to cuss and throw hissy fits in frustration after hanging up. But there I was racking up the bucks without even trying.

There was a white board that kept track of top employee sales, and I consistently was in the second and third position…which was unbelievable, because I was a newbie seasonal temp, and only worked two to three nights a week, three to four hours a pop. But I was beating out almost all of the 40 hour a week full timers who’d been there for years. (whom, I may add, were some of the most foul people I’ve ever had the unfortunate experience to work alongside, and that includes the bitchy/grumpy supervisors. There was only one truly nice supervisor, named Roger, who no longer works there because surprise surprise – the foul grumpy people shunned him [ negative nasties inherently hate goodness… ] and he couldn’t fit in with them [not that he’d want to] – but he was the only thing that made that place okay. Without Roger I never would have lasted. He was somebody who took pride in being a positive force at work in people’s lives, purposely trying to infuse goodness wherever he could.) And I must say while Roger was still there he also did quite well for himself, sales-wise, and often times wound up befriending his customers who’d call back and ask for him by name.

But it was no surprise to me that the other people consistently had so many problematic calls and low dollar amount orders, which was screwing with their income, considering what I witnessed of their personalities. They got back exactly what they put out in life. And there was never a paycheck where I didn’t get a bonus for sales in the just over four months that I worked there, as well as earning $120 in credits towards ordering anything I wanted in the catalog on top of those bonuses. It just made no sense really. But yet, it does…..when one understands the role of personal frequency and the role it plays in how smooth – or bumpy – one’s life is going to go. There’s much more to say on this subject, and I’m most likely going to expand on it more in another write up. What’s funny is that this was a company that liked to ask people to come back to work for them if things went well, and yet….they didn’t ask me to come back the next year. :D Even though I was always in the #2 and #3 position, never missed a shift, was never late and just did my thing with a pleasant disposition. Drove out Roger, and didn’t ask me to return. Nasties truly cannot deal with genuinely good people who are happy and secure with themselves inside, and resonating at a frequency of peace and wanting to impart good into the world. It’s amazing to witness.

And actually, I think the nature of what this realm is means we’re susceptible to being toyed with beyond even what our frequencies may be a match for, depending on what some people incarnated here to do (referring to big life missions that will impact a lot of other people…) BUT……awareness of that can certainly reduce the effects of how successful it is, because now you can know what mindsets to avoid and can think and act in a more conscious way.

I will say this – this was a tricky piece to compile for several reasons, and it was one of the few that I did the whole “back and forth debating” thing with, unsure about whether or not it should be posted even as I wrote more and more. In some ways it was completely easy to write because I know the subject matter well, so most of this just “wrote itself,” basically. But on the other hand because so much of what I’m talking about is intangible, covert and subjective it makes it difficult to discuss with any certainty, or without sounding like a complete lunatic. :D As I’ve learned, most people seem to have no experience with the paranormal, which means the idea of timelines, synchronicities, reality glitches, psychic phenomenon, Neg entities and non-physical interdimensional beings, abductions, the higher self, etc. and all the various things I talk about on my website have no basis in most people’s personal reality. In fact it tends to get automatically lumped in with mental illness, no shades of gray or differentiation.

But I was reminded of the simple but easily overlooked fact that 3rd density is a sliding scale of awareness, going from first timers who’ve never been beyond, to those who are smack in the middle of gathering up their 3rd density physical experience but who aren’t yet ready to experience the paranormal woo-woo, to those who are old pros and are about to graduate for the first time and need a little something “extra” on their plate, on up to those who’ve apparently already left, but yet came back voluntarily. “We need experienced reinforcements!! Anybody up for coming back to the shit show?! They need all the help they can get right now!!” It’s a bit of a school, and as we know, school has different levels. Yet, they can co-exist together. It’s a good analogy for what we see in the world around us. Not everybody here has the same lesson plan. Not everybody is here to glimpse behind the curtain.

When trying to determine what’s what, the thing to look at would be probabilities, as mentioned in the “Interference with Sleep” section. Things taken on an individual basis don’t always point to anything. But when pooled together they just might. And when events are “piling on,” or things seem beyond the realm of statistical chance, too “coincidental” in their timing, then it’s also suspect.

Legitimate interference works only when the parties involved lack awareness. With awareness, interference usually isn’t able to succeed. And again, this is coming from first hand experience as somebody who’s been on both sides of the fence. This is how I’ve learned (the hard way) that it’s so important to become as mindful as possible of one’s thoughts, actions and reactions. It’s good to get into the habit of asking yourself whether that thought is really your own, or whether a particular behavioral compulsion is really coming from you, and so on. Checking what the moon phase is before popping one’s top, and paying attention to everything that’s going on around you. This helps to ensure full consciousness and “being in control of the wheel,” versus “being on autopilot,” which allows for other stuff to seep in.


June 8, 2014 Add-On

Back in April I agreed to do a second radio show interview for a program based out of New York City called “In Other News,” hosted by Geoff Brady on Pacifica Radio. The interview was scheduled for May 24th. During the week leading up to the interview things really ramped up in terms of obvious interference to try to meddle. It was strangely fascinating. On the one hand I wasn’t surprised (in fact, I probably would have been genuinely befuddled if absolutely nothing had transpired at all in the way of interference.) but on the other I kind of was…because to see such obvious proof that this stuff really is real, and it really does happen was amazing.

Here’s the rundown of what we experienced, just to give people the idea:

  • Problems erupting at my current temp job making it so that I felt like I wanted off the assignment. This was week 9 of me being there for what was originally a three month gig, but which was just extended to September, but annoying and completely unnecessary nonsense was happening to create artificial discord. I recognized what was happening though and was able to get things back on track, and didn’t leave. If I had though that would have really thrown some major wrenches in the works as it would have left me with stress about my work situation, which would have made it so I couldn’t concentrate on the notes I was putting together for the show. The show would have taken a back seat. It was a lot of work to put together the information I did for this show, and I utilized not only my free time at home, but down time and lunch breaks at this job to do it. The interference at my job was often during the morning to early afternoon…..which is my absolute best time for energy and mental clarity and ability to write and put together ideas. So this may not seem like much to readers, but had this sudden negative eruption at my job blew up to the point where I decided to leave, days before this interview, then it would have interfered, plain and simple.
  • Neg entity encounter in the middle of the night around Wednesday 5/21, three days before the show. The neg entity energy form thing showed up while I was in bed in the middle of the night in a half asleep state, hovering over me, seeming to try to connect up to me, or attach itself on me. It was translucent black in color, not physical or solid, but rather this dusty energy sort of thing that creates a buzzing feeling, hard to describe. But I pushed upwards while saying “NO” to get it off and away from me while frowning. I couldn’t feel it anymore, and that was the end of that.

Opportunistic neg parasites/astral critters love to come around while we’re in bed, either fully asleep or half asleep, trying to take advantage of our vulnerable sleep state and loosened etheric energy field in order to attach to us. From there, once it’s latched on and clinging to you, unbeknownst to you as you go about your day, it can contribute to ruining your mood, interfering with your mental processes, negatively affecting your interactions with others, and who knows what else. So, that was interesting that this had tried to happen only days before the interview. On that morning after awaking as I got ready for work I tuned into myself to see if I felt off or odd, but I felt fine, so I assumed whatever I did to get it off me had worked. I consider that a close call, and who knows what it would have managed to accomplish if I hadn’t realized what was going on. :/

  • Spate of synchronicities, ear tones, number sightings (specifically 141) and a deja vu in the days leading up to the interview. Synchs as I’ve come to learn in my case indicate a reality in flux, where there’s the potential for some major timeline changes. Deja vus as well, but indicating a timeline that has already been changed in someway, versus just having the potential for such. And ear tones can often times indicate monitoring, as I’ve learned in the case of Tom and I. So the fact I was experiencing all of these prior to the show was very telling. There was the ear tone on April 28th in the middle of me emailing Geoff about the interview. I’d come to discover throughout this interview prep process that there was a lot of attention on me whenever I’d be emailing with Geoff trying to plan and prep for things. Another ear tone at 9:06 am on May 19th, moments before a work bruhaha erupted, which could very well have caused the end of this gig. In fact an email that my supervisor sent me, which tied into the bruhaha that had occurred earlier, arrived in my inbox at 10:14 am (a form of 141) and which I didn’t even respond to because I didn’t trust my own reaction. Just blew it off. Best to keep quiet than to run one’s mouth. Another ear tone on May 22nd at 3:44 pm while compiling an email to Geoff with an outline of my notes so we could start formulating the questions and how the show would be arranged. Again, definitely had some attention on me whenever I’d find myself emailing him about this. There were even more ear tones as well as noted in my log book surrounding this interview, but these were the most interesting ones worth mentioning.

The most amazing synch of the bunch occurred on Thursday 5/22, right after I finished sending an email response to Geoff at 12:08 pm. As I sent the email off for some reason I had the passing thought go through my head that this show is hosted through “Pacifica Radio.” Then I saw that I had a new email in my Outlook work email. The subject line read “FW: Chrysler Pacifica with license plate K__ ___ parked on the west side of the building.” The email had come in at 12:06 pm, only two minutes apart. I’ve never even heard of the Chrysler Pacifica. (Back during the first time Geoff emailed me to do a radio interview with him I also had another “Pacifica” synch surrounding that.) When I opened the email itself it simply said “Has a flat tire.” Then there was a mild deja vu on Friday night I think, 5/23. I haven’t had a deja vu in ages, and can’t even remember offhand the last time I’ve had one. So this was very interesting, especially when you add in the synchs and ear tones. Something was obviously very interested in what was shaping up.

  • On May 15th I noted in my log book these artificial feelings of sadness and depression that was present for no detectable reason. Couldn’t pinpoint one thing that would be happening in the immediate moment to make me feel sad, but yet I was, to the point where I felt like I wanted to cry, about nothing. O.o It was weird and made no logical sense. Along with disgruntled feelings about my job, wanting to leave it, and having second thoughts about doing this interview with all this self doubt running loops through my mind about why it was a bad idea and I was going to flub it all up. I kept pressing forward though, aware that this was all most likely interference.
  • Internet conking out on day of interview. As with the previous interview I planned to call in using our free Google internet phone service, which just requires a microphone and speakers or headphones to hear the person on the other end. The interview was scheduled for 2 pm. But just before noon our internet suddenly conks out. We haven’t had internet problems in months. Luckily I’d jotted Geoff’s cell number down the night before just in case anything happened with the internet and I couldn’t access my email to get his number. ;) So I called Goeff on the cell to give him a head’s up on the ‘net situation, including how when Tom called Comcast on his cell the automated message had acknowledged the local outage, and reported that service was expected to be restored by 9 pm that night. O.o So we agreed that if it didn’t come back on by 2 to try doing the interview with the cell phone, and see how that goes. (we purposely don’t have a land line anymore by this point.)

During that phone call Geoff revealed the interference he’d been experiencing on his end, which included:

  • Complete loss of enthusiasm to do the interview, which kicked in about three days before the show as he relayed to me. (note that I’d had my neg entity “dream” where it was trying to attach to me three days prior to the interview as well.) Prior to that he was really excited to do this interview and was looking forward to it. It was his idea after all, he invited me on, and he’s the one who came up with the topic ideas, based on what interested him and what he thought would be interesting for the listeners. Now all of a sudden there was a loss of interest and malaise, as he described it (that textbook technique of making a target feel deflated, basically, which I myself have experienced when being interfered with). And not only that, but as he relayed to me, “I feel like I can’t wrap my mind around the subjects.” !! The whole “scramble brain” thing, mentioned earlier in this piece, interfering with one’s about to think and focus. Classic interference tactic as I’ve come to learn. Not only that, but every time he tried to think about the interview or work on the questions he was overcome with tiredness, and just wanted to go to sleep. !!!! Yet another classic interference tactic that I and others have also experienced.
  • Spate of abnormal ear tones, and what he described as Morse code-like clickings in his ears. The last time he’d experienced such ear tones was during our last interview he said. So, go figure. (Tom experiences the ear clickings frequently, seeming to tied into stuff screwing with his mental processes. Not surprising considering the website he runs and what he’s accomplishing.)

It’s important to note though that despite the internet conking out, and what Geoff was reporting about the interference on his end, I never became upset or worried. I was full of calm level headed energy, and was clear headed and raring to go, feeling like nothing was going to get in my way. I found the entire thing amusing, and felt like the more stuff creates trouble, the more I’m going to get around it. I just didn’t worry or have anxiety about it. Which is great, but in retrospect I’m not sure how or why I was able to do that. (I do actually suspect that this mindset was induced by something positive, creating a counterbalance to the situation.)

So after hanging up with Geoff I decided to shower and lie down and do a meditation/intention thing to counteract whatever was happening here. First and foremost I put out the idea that whatever this was that was causing all of these problems, it needs to go. Sorry. Goodbye. This is MY show, and it’s not allowed to interfere. It has no power here. Time to leave. I mentally envisioned pushing back at whatever it was and pulling down a barrier to block it off. Alright, so, now that that’s out of the way, let’s get down to business! Did some work there which I won’t get into, other than to say that basically I decided to take control of the situation. It’s mine. And this is how it’s going to go down. Of which included remotely assisting Geoff with whatever had been done to him to mess with him, undoing it. Something I’ve never even attempted to do before, but which I just knew I could. And did. And after doing everything I could think of to do on my end I finished up by calling on the higher positive forces at work in me and Tom’s life to assist any way they could, and if they happen to know anything else above them that can help, by all means see if they can help too if they have the time and are so inclined. :D

Then it was time, and I phoned in for the interview at 2 pm on my cell, since the internet was still down. We tried for about 10 minutes to proceed via cell phone (luckily the interview was not live, and was going to be prerecorded, which means problems and issues can be edited out, and things can stop and start over if necessary….) but the audio quality was just too poor to cut it, unfortunately. So we were just about to reluctantly decide to reschedule – and even though I’m still not feeling panic, worry, anger, frustration or anxiety about any of it I was however thinking “this is not opportune….this NEEDS to be done TO-DAY…” – then low and behold…the internet came back on unexpectedly. Pretty amazing considering Comcast said it wouldn’t be back until after 9 pm. ;) Would it have still come back on had I not done my meditation? There’s a good question. So Tom ran around getting me set up with one of his microphones and headphones, and we called Geoff back on Google voice, and we were good to go.

But the reason I mention my state of mind is because I wonder if that, in conjunction with the meditation/intention work I did prior to that, affected the outcome. For instance, if I had been panicked and anxious and upset about what was happening, feeling powerless and victimized, and at the mercy of outside influences, instead of being oddly calm, confident, energized and taking action against whatever was happening, knowing that I can counterbalance it, would that have allowed it to continue and have power over me? Did my lack of negative reaction, and my calm, energized empowerment change the outcome?

But yes, from there, all the interference that seemed to have been plaguing Geoff seems to have lifted. No more scramble brain. No more malaise. Back to being clear headed and enthusiastic. and the interview went absolutely awesome. It was beyond awesome actually, and we wound up recording two shows worth of interview material. Things just got so much on a roll that we decided to keep going. Though there was still some minor glitches here and there. At one point the phone connection just….dropped. And it didn’t just drop at any old random point. It dropped exactly when I was in the middle of making what I feel is one of the most important points in the entire two hour, two part show. Geoff had asked me a question about whether changing one’s internal frequency really does seem to have an affect on the negative stuff. It absolutely does, and I have a lot to say about that, with passion and conviction, because I know it from firsthand experience. So just like what happened during my first show, when I was making one of my ultimate most important points, the connection just mysteriously…..dropped. ;) Coincidence? I doubt it. I didn’t panic or worry though, and had confidence that I would be able to get back through to him, that it didn’t mean the internet was back to being out. And so we called back….and did get through. And we just picked up right where we left off. It didn’t faze me in the least, and I didn’t lose my train of thought or motivation.

Then at another point this loud obnoxious ice cream truck just shows up in our apartment complex, trolling through the lot with its loud and crazy ice cream truck music. O.o We’ve NEVER had an ice cream truck come through here in the year and a half we’ve lived here, but suddenly on the day of the interview….there it is??? Seriously?? ;D So we paused for a short bit until it passed by before resuming. Again, luckily we weren’t live!

Everything wound up working out though in the end, so, it’s all good. Only after we were done recording did I learn that my show wouldn’t just be broadcast on “In Other News,” but was also going to be featured on “Dark Matter Radio,” which is affiliated with Art Bell. O.o I had NO idea, and I’m glad I didn’t because that would have screwed me all up and made me so nervous I wouldn’t have done as well as I did. :D But suddenly the level of interference we’d been experiencing was making MUCH more sense. This wasn’t just one, one hour show on one program. This had turned into a two part, two hour show that was going to be broadcast on several shows. Involving me, the person who previously had no interest in doing radio shows, due to both a mix of just flat out not being interested, as well as self doubt. Talk about entering the scene with a bang. :D So even though I had no idea how things were going to go and what was in store, something else apparently did. They always do. ;)

The key to triumphing over interference is both awareness of it, that ability to recognize that it’s even happening in the first place, and then a calm, empowered mindset that knows it has the power to change things and takes action to stop the meddling. Yes, this stuff has power and abilities. And it’s outside of linear time. So it has that leg up that we don’t have. But it doesn’t mean we don’t have power as well. There actually seems to be some rules at work, which a lot of people don’t realize. It’s not as all powerful as they’d like you to think. People mistakenly assume this stuff can just do whatever it wants, whenever it wants, to whomever it wants. It can’t. It doesn’t work that way. Too many people make the mistake of giving this stuff waaaaay more credit than it deserves, just because it can do some things we can’t. So they don’t even try to stand up for themselves, and maybe get so intimidated and fearful that they can’t even tap into that fearless empowerment. Just because it meddles doesn’t mean you can’t stop it. You absolutely can. You just have to know that you can. Then do it.


Recommended Reading

Books or websites that provide additional insight into some of the concepts discussed in this write up:

Montalk (Tom):

Timeline Dynamics “The rules of time travel are rooted in quantum physics. Understanding these rules reveals much about the behavior of hyperdimensional beings and the reason for certain metaphysical laws. Timeline dynamics is essentially about temporal feedback loops between the present and its available range of probable futures. This is just realm dynamics reinterpreted from the perspective of linear time, which affords additional insights as you will see. Although timeline dynamics sounds abstract, it has concrete applications pertaining to manifesting positive synchronicities, deflecting hyperdimensional manipulation, bending probability, and transcending matrix limitations.”

Why Negative Forces Seem to Respect Freewill “There are many ways negative forces can influence targeted individuals. Two common methods are through reality manipulation and matrix agents. This article discusses the important roles freewill and awareness play in such cases, which may explain why negative forces often maneuver the way they do…”

The Art of Hyperdimensional War. “…in the absolute sense the Matrix Control System serves to accelerate your spiritual growth, and although its agents see you as the enemy, know that you can utilize them as teachers. You do not need to seek them out, for they will find you as you progress in your learning path. Most importantly, know that you will never be given anything you cannot choose to handle successfully…”

Alien Love BiteEve Lorgen.

Remarkable Healings Shakuntali Modi, MD. Dr. Modi is a psychiatrist who began experimenting with hypnotic regression as a means for helping her patients overcome mysterious illnesses and psychological ailements that traditional therapies and medications weren’t able to rid. Besides past lives, she soon discovered the influence of negative entities and earthbound spirit attachments and possession within many of her patients. And when these attachments were removed from the patient, longstanding illnesses, mental issues and personality traits would most times disappear overnight. Even more amazing is that her patients were all pretty much reporting the same methods for how neg entities and earthbound spirit attachments work, independently verifying the information regardless of their religious affiliation (or lack thereof), age, gender, race, nationality or cultural background. An interesting and well written book for people who hadn’t realized just how pervasive entity attachments are. (Ties into the idea of “interference” in a big way for that reason!)

Practical Psychic Self DefenseRobert Bruce. I had the chance to see Robert Bruce speak in person for free at our local metaphysical bookshop in 2005 and I jumped at the chance since I’d read this book and found it to be the real deal. Mr. Bruce knows what he’s talking about and his book is filled with personal anecdotes from his hands on experience dealing with neg entities and possession, written in a personable, accessible and level headed way. People don’t realize how much neg entities run rampant exerting their influence on people, and for that reason I consider this book an absolute must-read. After reading it you may realize in retrospect that certain things that have happened to you in life or particular behaviors/feelings/moods that you or somebody you know have exhibited were really the influence of a neg entity.

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