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So why am I getting into biorhythms, you may be asking. Well, I’ve discovered that it’s yet one more piece of the puzzle showing a design to things and a pattern in what formally seemed like chaos. However I’m not concerned with biorhythms in terms of their normal application, which is to determine one’s best time for romance, decision making, work and play. Instead, I’ve discovered how they are linked to ear ringings, de ja vus, number sightings, synchronicities, and best of all, abductions. Bear with me if you’re already familiar with the topic as I very briefly delve into the explanation of what biorhythms are for any newbies to the subject.

Biorhythms rose to popularity in the 1970’s, although their “discovery” dated back decades before. (Click here for more information on their history.) Biorhythms, in a nutshell, are the human body’s natural cycles for emotions, intellect, intuitive abilities, and physical prowness, each with its own cyclical length, so the theory goes. They are viewed as a sine wave, flowing up and down, with peaks and troughs, as they move through the course of their cycle. At the moment, there are three commonly accepted cycles consisting of the physical, emotional and intellectual. Some include a fourth, for intuition. And a few sources include three additional cycles beyond that, called wisdom, passion and mastery, although I have no idea what they’re supposed to be all about, and am not really worried about it. ;) Click here for one biorhythms java applet program. I’m sure there are other good ones out there as well, this is just one of many to get you started.

Now, from one biorhythms website here is a description of what each cycle affects, and how many days they last:

Physical: 23 days – Strength, stamina, immunity to disease, potency, coordination, resistance to pain;

Emotional: 28 days – mental stability, sensitivity, moods;

Intellectual: 33 days – ability to learn, memory, analytical thinking, logic, decision making;

Intuition: 38 days – instincts, unconscious perception;

Also from this website, here is a chart showing how to “interpret” the waves:

The wave traverses along and at the point where it sinks below the halfway point, it is said to be at a “critical” point, entering into the passive phase. It rises again, passing back up through the halfway mark, called a “zero day” and into the active phase. When a particular cycle is in its active phase, you are supposedly peaking in that area. You’re at your best in terms of emotional stability, intellectual capability, decision-making, intuition and physical health. Critical and zero days are supposed to be critical moments in the cycle, and a time to be mindful of any possible upsets and problems. When a cycle is at the lowest point during the passive phase is what I have termed “bottoming out.”

Another way of looking at it is that during the passive phase one may be more vulnerable and susceptible to negative “funny stuff” happening, interference, hyperdimensional attacks, and so on. But more on that in a short bit.

Biorhythms is a topic that the skeptics have a ball with, due to the supposed lack of scientific proof or any concrete studies which validate it. Namely, they love to cite examples where people were tricked, and given false biorhythm cycles that they were supposed to go back and correlate to their diary entries, to see if things lined up. Most of the time people “retrofitted” the incidents and basically tried to force a square peg into a round hole, thus giving the debunkers triumphant material to rub in people’s faces and gloat over. No mention is made, of course, of the instances where genuine biorhythm cycles actually did fit and line up with real events, because that would debunk the debunkers. ;) And that’s where my own little experiment comes into play. Being Little Miss “Keep a Log Book and Log Your Stuff!” means I was able to use my log book to cross check against my biorhythm charts, and lo and behold, some very interesting results came to light. It pays to obsessively document the weird stuff…you never know what you might end up needing the documentation for down the line.

Biorhythms Matching Up to Real Life “Strange” Events

I started logging my stuff in September of 2002. In January of 2004 I discovered that some major events listed in my log book corresponded to key biorhythm dates – which for most people would be enough proof, and they would stop there. I took it a step further though. In October of 2004 I decided one night to really comb through each and every entry in the book to see what lined up with what on my biorhythm charts.

I started with print outs of my personal biorhythm charts for the twelve months of the year. Next I went to work on the charts with a highlighter, highlighting all critical and zero days, peaks points at the wave crests, and trough points when things are bottomed out. I even highlighted the points where cycles criss cross over each other, realizing that the criss crossings play an important role too….the more biorhythm lines criss crossing, the bigger the role. So I was left with charts that had little highlighted dash points all over them.

Next, I began working my way through my log book, focusing on the ear ringings and deja vu sections. I’d check off an entry if it turned out that it correlated with one of my bio cycles, as well as jotting down what cycles, if any, they correlated with.

Then, I sat back and looked at the data. What I discovered was quite surprising. There seemed to be a correlation between when various events happened, and what was happening on a particular day with my bio chart. An unusually high amount of correlation, not just a few random incidents. Enough so that I took things even further and decided to go through the trouble of doing the math and tallying up the percentages. What the hell, you know, I don’t watch t.v., or have kids. So there’s a lot of spare time on my hands. ;)

So, using ear ringings as a good example to focus on for this article, here’s what the numbers break down to:

Period from: 4/29/02 — 12/31/03 (Log book 1)

60 total ear ringings logged
5 with unknown dates

= 55 verifiable incidents with dates that can be cross checked

I checked to see whether an incident landed on any of the following:

  • Physical/Intuition/Emotional/Intellectual peak day, bottoming out day, critical day, zero day. Results:

38 out of 55 – 69%

  • Any ear ringing that fell on a day where various biorhythms were crossing over each other:

25/55 – 41%

  • Total number of ear ringing incidents that had any sort of biorhythm activity correlating:

44/55 — 80%


Period from January 1, 2004 — November 14, 2005 (Log book 2)

54 total incidents
1 date not known

= 53 verifiable incidents with dates that can be cross checked

Again, checking for the following:

  • Physical/Intuition/Emotional/Intellectual peak day, bottoming out day, critical day, zero day: Results:

49 out of 53 = 92%

  • Any ear ringing that fell on a day where various biorhythms were crossing over each other:

25/53 = 47%

  • Total number of ear ringing incidents that had any sort of biorhythm activity correlating:

45/53 = 84%

NOTE: The reader may be wondering why the number of physical/intuition/emotional/intellectual peak days, et al, can have a higher number than the total number of ear ringings. It’s not a miscalculation, although it may initially appear to be. Using the March 20, 2004 entry as an example, on that particular day my biorhythm cycle had my physical peaking, an emotional zero day, an intellectual zero day, as well as the physical cycle crossing over the intuition cycle. So, lots of activity going on during that particular day, with four separate cycles having some sort of moment, and each logged in its respective section on my tally sheet. But the entire thing counts as one ear ringing incident total.

(On a side note: I actually had more instances of ear ringings then what ended up being logged. Probably about a dozen incidents were not logged for each book, for whatever reason. Forgetfulness, programming at one point that was trying to get me to block out my ear ringings and not notice them, and sheer laziness are several reasons that come to mind.)

A Summary of the Data

  • In the first log book, the cycles with the most ear ringing activity were Physical peaking, followed by Intuition peaking, Emotional peaking, Physical zero, and Intuition critical. So, the focus being on the peaking days, as well as the physical and intuition critical or zero days. In log book 2, it was Physical peaking, followed by Emotion peaking, Physical zero, and Emotional zero. Again, nearly the same thing.
  • In both books, the physical cycle dominates as being the cycle with the most instances of activity correlating to it.
  • The area completely lacking any activity in the first log book was Intuition bottoming out…interestingly enough. In the second log book I had one incident during that time, but none in intuition critical, or zero. So Intuition in general was the cycle lacking in activity.
  • And speaking of which, the order of the frequency of which cycles correlated to the most activity were:
  1. Physical – 37 ear ringings total
  2. Emotional – 31
  3. Intellectual – 22
  4. Intuition - 7

…which, funny enough, matches up to the order of the length of the cycles, as you’ll note from the earlier chart that listed each cycle’s wave length. Physical has the shortest cycle, with 23 days, meaning: my ear ringings had a higher statistical probability of falling on a key physical day than any other biorhythm cycle simply because the physical cycle has the shortest, most recurring wavelength. And my statistics reflect this, kind of surprisingly. So I tend to think that even if I had managed to log every single ear ringing incident for the past three years it wouldn’t changed much of anything in the way of percentages and ratios. My results wound up correlating to the frequency of each cycle regardless. And I have to keep this in my when analyzing the results.

Vulnerability and Biorhythm Cycles

As mentioned, there’s a possible correlation between hyperdimensional attacks and interference, abductions, etc. and one’s biorhythm cycle. After noticing that over 80% of all my ear ringings correlated with biorhythm activity, (and ear ringings for me as noted usually tie in to monitoring, interference and abductions) it became logical to conclude that biorhythms were possibly being exploited here. It was a theory, and as all theories go, only time will tell. But I discussed this with my boyfriend, who in turn began monitoring very closely his own life’s activities in conjunction with his biorhythm chart. For him, there was definitely a link. Too many things lined up to his biorhythm cycles to dismiss, and soon it became a tool to help predict vulnerable time periods.

It would seem to me that if biorhythms are being exploited, then certain ones would be beneficial for certain things. The emotional cycle could be exploited for emotional feeding — for instance, waiting until your emotional cycle is bottoming out to generate “button pushing” events in your life of a larger-than-average magnitude for maximum feeding potential. And in terms of abductions, the physical, intuition, and intellectual cycles all have their use, depending on who’s taking you and for what reason. If it’s “alien” abductions, then your emotions and physical state may be key for them; if it’s MILAB (military abductions) then intuition, intellectual and physical cycles seem to be key, being that often times, MILAB abductions center on PSI / psychic warfare / remote viewing use. It’s all theory though, and for all I know, “they” aren’t even paying attention to biorhythms cycles. For that reason, I recommend paying close attention to your own life to see if anything correlates.

However…does the fact that my ear ringings tend to correlate most often on a physical cycle day actually mean something, implying that the physical cycle is indeed being exploited here? Or is it just statistical probability? There’s no denying that it’s definitely odd that my ear ringings would even match up to any biorhythm cycle as frequently as they do – but now the question becomes whether there’s any actual significance to which cycle they occur most frequently on. And that I have no answer for that as of yet. When analyzing which biorhythm cycles have the most or least activity falling on them, whether its ear ringings, abductions, deja vus, etc., the cycle lengths and statistical probabilities have to be taken into consideration, I’ve learned.

So, I can’t make any definitive conclusions about all of this, all I can do is notice any possible patterns. And with this, it’s enough of something to be worth mentioning and to pass along for consideration. If the subject interests you, then maybe see about formulating your own way of documenting your experiences and setting up tests to see what sort of results you come up with.

© 2006-2011
Carissa Conti