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Interview with "In Other News Radio"
December 2021

A couple of weeks ago I did a two part interview with Geoff Brady of “In Other News Radio.” I was super excited to do this as I’ve been on Geoff’s show at least three times before and always had the best experience doing it. I wanted to wait until both parts were up before posting anything, and now they are.

Click here to listen to Part 1

Click here to listen to Part 2

Part 1 is based on my article ‘Conspiracies in the Workplace – A Microcosm of the Greater World ‘Matrix’ where we discuss the non-human/archonic elements operating through people/vessels out in the world, but especially in the workplace, and the many ways I’ve seen this manifest on the job. The dead giveaway that something more is going on here than just normal human incompetency and laziness is the way in which creating as much negative energy as possible from employees often seems to be more important than actually making money. This is one of those subjects that I think anybody listening can relate to, and for those who aren’t already familiar with the true underlying reasons for what’s actually going on then hopefully it will help put some pieces of the puzzle together.

Part 2 segues from the concepts discussed in Part 1 into what we’re currently seeing with the worldwide COVID/poison jab conspiracy. So many people are understandably mind boggled about what’s happening right now, wondering how this is happening and why so many “people” are cooperating with the agenda of murder and injury. The key piece of the puzzle is that they’re not “people” in the way many believe they are. There’s way more going on here than just scared people cooperating with the murder and injury of others due to “fear of losing their jobs” or somehow being “misguided.” The same neg/archonic forces discussed in Part 1, and even actual non-human masqueraders among us are often what’s really driving things right now, in conjunction with the nanobot/alien level technology that has been found in these jab vials. So Part 2 drills down on that whole subject as we get into the poison jab murder racket, what’s really in these jabs, what the real goals are and who’s really overseeing it.


Attention readers: I’ve been posting mainly on Gab since joining in January of ’21, versus updating my website. So if you’re interested in anything concerning abductions/MILABs, the “woo” and societal commentary >> then check out my Gab feed <<. I also touch on important/revelatory shows and movies, as well as books relating to truth seeking/metaphysics/spirituality/paranormal/abductions and MILABs, etc. along with personal photography/vids, some favorite music and humor. So I try to post a wide variety of interesting and original content, versus many Gabs that only post memes and obsessively focus on politics. And I respond to comments. (The comments is where most of the action is, especially since some of the posts I do are multi-parters, which continue into the comments. You can’t view the comments though, or the multi-parters in full without being registered with a [free] Gab account.) So check it out if you’re interested, and be sure to sign up to view and participate in the comment discussions. Unlike other Gabs my comments isn’t full of hundreds of fighting trolls all screaming at each other and saying angry things. You’d have to have a ton of followers for that nonsense and luckily I don’t. :D My Gab is just the cool spot in the corner talking about interesting things with a small group of like-minded people who sometimes join in.

In the meantime if I ever write another full length article then I will definitely post it here, so I haven’t completely abandoned this site. For now though I’m just finding the whole “Gab as Blog-ish outlet” to be easier and more suitable for putting shorter things out on a regular basis, and which cover a wider array of subjects and also allows for immediate live-time discussion with readers.

(It’s been brought to my attention that some people’s Google/Gmail accounts are blocking my email/Protonmail, so they don’t receive my responses. I’ve had to resort to using my old Yahoo email for those people. So take note if you have Gmail. Gmail and Hotmail are both notorious for hyper blocking other emails, to the point where they don’t even go into Spam. They just never arrive, period.)