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Conspiracies in the Workplace -
a Microcosm of the Greater World "Matrix"
Carissa Conti
© June 2020

Updated – 5/14/22. New section added: “The Mask Falls Away – When “Woo Stuff” Overtly Reveals Itself As You Pull the Plug.”


NOTE:   COVID……quarantines, people dying, businesses temporarily closing/laying off/firing employees and the worldwide economy taking a nosedive. Despite it all I’m going to go ahead and just post this anyway. But I do get the irony, being that many people are no longer able to work, and may not have jobs to return to when/if this finally manages to pass.

The current situation is going to play out differently for every person. It’s not going to be the same outcome and fate for everybody. But working and earning a living will still exist when we emerge on the flip side, whatever that world looks like. For that reason alone this article is worth putting out there I think. In addition, it delves into many useful and universal peripheral concepts, and contains the most comprehensive, end-all be-all explanation of “What this Reality is in General” that I’ve put into any article yet. Also, in July of 2020 I did an interview with James Bartley about this article, for his show The Cosmic Switchboard. Here is the link to the vid on his YouTube channel if readers are interested. There are things I delved into more in the interview that I didn’t in the article, and then things I get into in great detail in the article that we didn’t even get to touch on in the interview. So between the two readers should get the full picture.


Everybody has to earn a living. For the majority of people it means that at some point in their life they’ve been employed with some sort of company, doing some sort of job, and which usually involved working alongside a group of strangers who’ve all been brought together.

There are a lot of….strange things that can take place at a job, which is putting it mildly, and for a variety of reasons that we’ll be seeing. Very rare is the person who’s worked at only one gig in their life and where it was 100% unicorns and rainbows. When strange and/or negative things happen many unaware people often assume it’s natural, and “just the way things are,” but that’s definitely not always the case. Often times there may be a large component of “something else” going on, but which the average person is usually unaware of. That’s where this write up comes into play.

I’ve touched on the idea of job-related conspiracy and “woo-woo” happenings a couple of times on my site, but have never compiled everything I can think of on the subject, whether directly related or just peripherally tied in, into a “one stop shop” write up. So whether you’re somebody who has experienced various weirdness at one or more jobs and are looking for corroboration on what you may have already managed to conclude for yourself, or you’re somebody who can’t make heads or tails of what’s gone on and need help with trying to sort it all out, then hopefully this should be the write up for you.

(BTW….I feel it’s important to explain that if readers start to think to themselves, “wow…you’ve had a lot of jobs…..!” as they read along….you’re not imagining it. So many people I’ve known have only held relatively few jobs in their entire lives, and often very pointed/focused in one or two industries. And then……there’s me. For many years I always had at least two jobs going on at any given point, but at one time many years ago, when I was first out on my own, it was three, at 85 hours a week. Have a couple of jobs, get rid of one, replace it with another, eventually replace the other one with another new one, and so on, like weaving threads. I’ve worked in the four corners of the country, doing everything from restaurants, low end to high, as a hostess, cashier, cocktail server and regular server, onto hotel front desk/reservations at multiple hotels, from mid-range to high, various retail, and finally, into office work. (Though even after moving up to full time/40 hour a week office work I was often still maintaining a secondary, lower rung side job of 25+ hours a week.) The office gigs were either procured on my own, or through staffing agencies, and could be either permanent/temp-to-hire, or just transient temp. Mainly as a receptionist/administrative assistant, and which often times requires assisting the accounting department in some way, and for an endless variety of companies/industries. There have been time periods where the transient temp gigs were just back to back – a week here, four months there, three days here, two weeks there, a month here, two days there, three weeks here, and through more than one agency. So that’s the reason for the dizzying amount of jobs and gigs that I cite throughout this piece as anecdotal examples. I took “work” to a whole other level in this life, mainly out of necessity, due to some seriously bumpy early beginnings. But in the case of temping, it was also for fun, because I discovered that I craved the variety and mental stimulation, always learning new things and meeting new people……then getting to leave. All of it’s provided some incredible learning lessons that I wouldn’t trade for anything, as well as seriously eye opening….revelations you could say, about the nature of this world. O.o )

Also important to note is that if readers feel that Wow this “article” is long…..! Indeed, it is. But it was originally a full blown book that was condensed down in a big way in order to get the information out there sooner, and make it more accessible/easier to deal with. So this is actually a mini e-book in a sense.


The average person spends one third of their life at work. For some it’s even more, if they’re putting in 60-80 (or even more) hours a week. We’re often thrown together with a ragtag group of people from many walks of life, not having a say in who our coworkers or bosses are going to be. You get what you get – and sometimes it’s not good. And for those working in retail/service industry/customer service related jobs then the amount of people one interacts with on a daily basis increases drastically.

Due to the amount of time spent at our job(s), and how many people we’re often interacting with means it’s the easiest way “get” at somebody. If a person has managed to weed out many other avenues of negativity in their personal lives then one of the only things left, which is often a total crapshoot, is… Especially those aforementioned retail/service industry jobs, which put employees in the direct line of fire of whomever and whatever. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s a large, depersonalized corporation with endless layers of management, or a smaller independently owned “mom ‘n pop” company with only ten or twenty employees. Deciding to work for strangers, no matter the job description or size of the company, along with any sort of “public interaction” work in general puts everybody at greater risk for exposure to neg elements. And this isn’t to disparage the concept of work, or dissuade people from the idea of work (which would be ludicrous). Work is not only necessary for most people, but also a means for many to find purpose in their life, while also hopefully constructively contributing to society. Rather, this is to arm people with greater awareness of the various weirdness one may encounter while engaging in it so they can better understand what may really be happening, and ultimately sidestep, or outright stop and prevent, as much of it as possible.

Let’s start by taking a look at some of the most common, and intertwined, conspiratorial elements one often encounters out in the working world. That will be followed by what’s actually happening in many instances…..which, by the way, will be a bit of a hard turn out into left field for any newbies and/or those not already familiar with my website. From there we’ll take a further dip down the rabbit hole into some interesting metaphysical phenomenon that can manifest with regards to work. And just for kicks they’ll be a little sidetrack addendum into the whole college/university racket, why not, since that also heavily ties into the subject of “earning a living.”


Totally incompetent and/or negatively oriented people managing to get hired on to managerial positions at companies/organizations…and never getting fired

Probably the single biggest issue with regards to work, and therefore why it’s at the top of the list. And it’s no accident that this happens. But once these bad hiring decisions are brought onboard and manage to take root then a domino effect of issues begins taking place. Chaos, disorganization and mismanagement, mistreatment of employees, issues and complaints being ignored, as well as departments (or the entire company itself) being run straight into the ground due to inefficient or outright bad policies being implemented, or good policies being removed.

There’s also the phenomenon where key higher ups ignore/excuse incompetent, problematic lower rung employees and/or outright troublemakers who infuse toxicity into the workplace and are making life difficult for other employees. So the “key position” higher ups may not be the direct source of the problems themselves…….but their position allows them to keep turning a blind eye to the lower level employees who are, and thus, enabling it to continue.

And by “incompetent, problematic lower rung employees” and/or “outright troublemakers” who “infuse toxicity” into the workplace we’re talking things like total lack of work ethic in general, which alone should get them fired but never does; Very bad attitude, overt bullying/harassment against other employees, minor threats of violence or even full on psychotic meltdowns against other employees….and maybe in front of customers no less; Showing up drunk or high, or and/or busted drinking while actually on the job; Constantly calling out sick/coming in late/leaving early/taking excessively long lunches and breaks and always needing time off for all kinds of personal appointments and never ending crises, which not only interferes with things, but forces other employees to carry the load; Being grossly incompetent/never seeming to get the hang of their job no matter how many times they’re shown, which interferes with work being done correctly, if it even gets done at all, so the buck is constantly being passed and others are always having to do (or re-do) the work when technically it’s not even their job, or..….or…….or……

It just goes and goes, the endless list of crazy level offenses I and others have directly experienced/witnessed of these nightmare employees across a myriad of industries around the country, but where the “managers” in charge often have a Gosh Golly Gee! I just don’t know how to handle this situation! mindset.

All of which results in not only revenue loss in so many instances, with the organization never seeming to be able to perform at the level it ideally could be, but also negative energy production in general from stressed out and disgruntled employees. And which in itself leads to the common issue of high employee turnover rate, imposing further financial stress on a company/organization that’s already most likely losing revenue.

There’s also something I’ve come to call the Tyrannical Boss Syndrome. In my experiences it’s tended to happen at those smaller, Mom ‘n Pop types of independent companies that have their Big Boss Man in charge of usually ~20 employees average, and where most of the employees, if not all, are blue collar and existing paycheck to paycheck, or at least in a situation where they feel they can’t just quit. And the Big Boss Man knows this. Which emboldens him. There’s usually nobody willing to ever tell him “NO,” stand up against his tempestuous personality or challenge him about anything in any way, so sure enough, over time, Big Boss Man becomes extremely distorted. Total egomaniacal windbag, often times berating and lecturing people, maybe full on yelling, going on and on and on (and usually repeating themselves), always interrupting everybody, just so in love with the sound of their own voice and clearly getting off on the power trip of it all. The Tyrannical King, berating and yelling at the ~20 or so Peasants in his little Fiefdom about ridiculous shit, or even worse…..completely incorrect shit. But see, they often can’t be bothered to take the time to understand even the basic everyday functions of their own company. !!! And when people do try to explain those basic functions to him, maybe his Accounting/Payroll people, or Sales Managers, or Customer Service/Account Reps, or Office Manager, or the I.T. guy(s), or the Warehouse Manager….forget it. No time for that. Because where’s the fun in that? See, actually understanding things means he’d have nothing to pretend to yell at anybody about anymore.

I’ve actually even witnessed where if there’s nothing bad or wrong happening the Tyrannical Boss will literally invent a “problem” or purposely start throwing wrenches in the works of his own business functions just to have something to yell and bitch at the employees about. O.o Posturing himself above others to feed the ego and keeping employees discombobulated/perpetually upset actually becomes more important than maximizing revenue. And if it sounds like I’m describing only one specific boss that I obviously had at just one specific job……nope. There was more than one egomaniac who would rather throw wrenches around and invent problems. Therefore why it makes it into this piece as something worth mentioning. Because if I’ve experienced this repeating template at more than one job……then it means others probably have too.

To be fair, in one of the multiple cases I’ve experienced of an inept boss throwing wrenches in the works the boss in question was actually female. And while she wasn’t a “yelling and screaming dragon lady” she did still throw wrenches in the works at every chance to deliberately create problems where none needed to exist. Not only in terms of shooting down very effective, tight policies and procedures that would have maximized revenue while reducing the amount of work employees had to do, but also with pitting subordinates against each other. (I’ve seen and/or personally experienced several “Tyrannical Kings” do the same thing as well, trying to fan the flames of discord between employees. I’ve been on the receiving end of that, along with another female coworker. However, being that both of us got along well and knew what the deal was with the psycho boss/owner means we saw through it, and refused to play into it. So, he didn’t get his little cat fight that he could sit back and eat up. But what kind of sane, rational boss wants to have their own employees fighting with each other??)

I wrote more in depth about her and that situation in my Thoughts section, in the entry at the top entitled “Epic Fail Bosses – Just that naturally inept, or strategically placed pawns?” As noted in that entry about this boss, whom I renamed “Danielle” since her real life name is so distinctive as to risk being recognized, “….over and over again she proved she wasn’t interested in anything that would actually help her department run as smoothly as possible…to the point of obnoxious obviousness.” Including pitting two of my department colleagues against each other, whispering in each others’ ears. It got to the point where my colleague Lisa (the same Lisa from later on in this piece when I discuss a missing time episode at work) even noted, “It’s almost like she’s trying to cause the email marketing department to fall down!!!!” Indeed. :/ So much so that Danielle wound up losing her entire email marketing department, as well as several additional employees from other related departments that she also oversaw, in less than two months. It was one of the more in-your-face examples I’ve ever experienced of deliberate, conspiratorial-level sabotage, enough so that it inspired an entire “Thoughts” entry. This article went on long enough, preventing me from getting into so many more real life examples like that one, which I originally intended to. But if readers are interested more of the story is noted there.

“Bad management” often times goes beyond hapless human foibles such as low IQ, lack of common sense, shortsightedness or being in over one’s head, as many may assume. Because you can see how so often these negative/incompetent people that keep finding themselves being put into key supervisory positions seem to actually be protected by their own higher ups, and/or how they’re protecting lower rung problem employees, so nobody ever seems to get into any real trouble, let alone fired for what they do. Even weirder, if negative/incompetent higher ups do eventually find themselves leaving they always seem to have zero issue with seamlessly transitioning into another, equal level, or even higher, position either within the same organization or elsewhere outside. Definitely have seen that one. Even despite whether their job performance shortcomings – of which may include outright criminal activity – may be known and viewed by the world on the internet (depending on just how high up their position was). Their “foibles,” to put it mildly, never seem to be a hindrance to getting hired on at a new place. They just keep on movin’ on up in the world. Or in the case of the Tyrannical Kings who may be the sole person in charge, you can see as mentioned how feeding their egos and keeping employees in a perpetually upset/discombobulated state actually seems more important than maximizing profits. And these things are all the dead giveaway that something fishy is amok.


Overloaded job descriptions, lack of decent training, regularly scheduled “Shit Storm Days” and other guaranteed energy feeding tactics

The things listed in this header are so ridiculously common at so many jobs across so many industries that most people unfortunately seem to just accept it as the norm, either because they don’t know any different, and/or they’re lacking enough years of varied job experience to realize the existence of “repeating patterns/templates,” an important point we’ll be returning to later.

This section closely ties into the first, because it often times comes on the heels of a “bad hiring decision” who’s taken root in a position of authority and power. Somebody who totally has the ability to change and improve things….but never does.

The bad policies/situations could be anything from 1) An overloaded job description where an employee may very well be doing the work of two, three, even four or more people like a hamster in a wheel that just keeps getting faster, and faster, but with no corresponding pay rate increase. And not just in a short term, “helping to fill in during some sort of transition” time period, which is completely understandable, but long term, “This is the way it’s going to be….always. So suck it up.” Basically taking advantage and seeing how far the employee can be pushed, with no regard for the impact on business; 2) Lack of any sort of decent training before setting an employee loose into the pit to fend for themselves, where they then have to learn most everything on their own as they go. (Which doubles as another surefire way for the company/organization to lose money, since the employee won’t be as knowledgeable or prepared as they should, thus, isn’t able to effectively do their job, and which, in the case of retail/customer service, usually leads to consumers taking their wallets elsewhere.) Or my personal favorite, being that it’s so weirdly specific and yet, I’ve experienced it at more than one job in completely unrelated industries: 3) Those one or two “Shit Storm Days” where the maximum amount of circumstances and craziness are unnecessarily scheduled to coincide on one or two particular days every single week, versus being spread out. Which then leads to anxiety and dread beforehand and always having to brace yourself to “just make it through until the end of your shift….” on those days.

What’s nuts is if you find yourself working at a place that incorporates all of the above….AND the other sections, where literally every wrong thing that could possibly be done is being done. O.o I actually have, scary enough. Whereas many jobs I’ve been at over the years incorporate many, maybe even most of the major points I get into in this write up, I did actually have one that hit every single major point. (A large, corporate owned assisted living facility here in south Florida, back early 2013, that even advertises on local south Florida TV.) Not surprisingly I quit after only six weeks. But these places truly exist.

The word “tactics” in this section header implies something deliberate, trying to manipulate a situation towards a certain direction or outcome. And in my opinion that’s an apt word to use. Why? Because if you look closer, things usually don’t need to be this way at so many of these jobs. It’s completely unnecessary, as mentioned. Hence, the “conspiracy.” Yet it’s the way “Management” has things set up, and there’s usually “nothing that can be done about it” because “that’s the way it is.” And the end result of it all (besides guaranteed revenue loss) is…..major negative energy production and personal derailment of the employees.

You wind up with stressed out, anxious, depressed, frustrated, angry, etc. employees who are mentally and physically drained by the time they leave work most days, having given up what little energy they do have to their mismanaged job, leaving them with little to spare for the rest of their personal life. Energy that could have been funneled into quality time with their significant other and/or kids, fun and genuinely meaningful hobbies and pastimes, or constructive activities that lead to the betterment of their life/future or the betterment of the community/world in general, is out the window. Now it’s just vegging out in front of the TV or computer, watching shows and movies, napping/going to bed early, playing video games, maybe drinking alcohol or smoking/ingesting various “substances,” etc., to try to “unwind” and quiet the brain from the overloaded job and stress of negative bosses and coworkers, etc., and so on.


Coworkers from Hell

When you’re out in the working world you have to learn pretty quick how to get along with an array of personality types and working styles, but let’s be real – most won’t negatively affect you. Most of the people we cross paths with at our various jobs, and in life in general, are neutral in terms of their impact on our existence. Then of course there will be those that stand out in a positive way, including the ones we make actual work friends with. However, “conflicting personalities in the workforce” is a guaranteed reality that people will experience at some point in their job adventures, and is such a rampant issue that it’s become an industry in itself – personality profiling and coaching in the business world to help facilitate greater understanding of people whose brains process information in different ways, whose methods and way of approaching things is different, who have different emotional/social needs and expectations, and thus, place greater or lesser importance on the things we do.

All of which means, there’s so many different ways people could define a “coworker from hell,” depending on their own personal criteria, and how a coworker fits into the bigger picture of the job itself. But the “personality differences” I’m referring to here are not of the “Oh, she’s an introvert and I’m an extrovert” or “He likes to work with his music playing but I like silence” or “They’re Millennials and I’m a Boomer and I don’t understand any of this at all” normal variety. I’m talking problems of a very negative, maybe even downright sinister nature.

Behaviors can include pretty much everything that was already noted in the above section, about those troublesome and/or incompetent employees that seem to be protected by “management” that is just so Gosh! Golly! Gee! befuddled as to how to handle things. In those instances management quite obviously sees what’s going on……..but inexplicably does nothing about it. However there are also times when nightmare coworker behaviors involve things that management doesn’t know about, unless those on the receiving end of it choose to bring it to their attention. But it can involve things like infringing on a colleague’s ability to succeed at their job, whether in a really overt “sabotaging their work and efforts” sort of way or a more subtle “mind games”/passive aggressive way; or general “obsessive fixation,” whether in a bullying/targeting way (which also includes spreading negative gossip/lies), in a persistently needy/time and attention draining way, or even in a romantic way. (Maybe even where it becomes a little stalker-ish.) So when it involves things that management can’t obviously see and isn’t aware of it then they’re not at fault, or acting suspiciously complicit. But how they choose to handle the situation once it is brought to their attention…….that’s where the real test begins.

An important sub-issue of the “coworkers from hell” thing involves what I call the “Chain Ganged Coworkers.” It’s where, out of everybody in the company you could possibly be forced to sit/stand right next to for your entire shift or work in close conjunction with in order to get anything done, it’s of course, the most obnoxiously incompatible or troublesome person imaginable. But yup, that’s the person you’ve been paired with (figuratively “tethered to”/”chain ganged” to, etc.) to work practically on top of……….all………day……..long………..

Talk about maximizing job stress, frustration, anger or anxiety. I’ve experienced this particular scenario at three office jobs in recent memory, and various hotel front desks, back when I used to work at hotels. To be fair I’ve also experienced working alongside people that were an absolute dream, to where they were some of the coolest coworkers I’ve ever had to this day and where we actually hung out outside of work. But the “chain ganged to a nightmare coworker” situations were so pointed, so over the top as to be beyond suspicious.

Another common occurrence relating to the “chain ganged” thing concerns smaller companies who pack all their employees together in a space that’s usually not big enough to accommodate, resulting in the “trapped rats in a cage” phenomenon. When too many people with too many varying personalities and needs are forced to coexist in enclosed spaces for up to 40 or more hours a week……trouble ensues, to put it mildly. Think of experiments where rats or mice are packed into a claustrophobic environment, and the way they start to turn on each other. A big part of this also involves office gossip and little “cliques” forming, since there’s not enough space to keep people away from others and distracted. Small offices = small worlds. When people’s worlds get too small they become distorted, losing sight of the Big Picture and what’s truly important, getting caught up in nonsense that doesn’t matter. The small office can then become like its own weird little world/realm of toxicity cut off from the entire rest of the actual world. Like swirling eddies in a river, pulling anything down and off course that happens to get caught in the vortex.

What I’ve come to figure out about myself is that I do best in a larger, more de-personalized working environments, where even if I’ve been “on display/front and center” (currently in office admin/receptionist desk positions; in the past, hotel front desk, waitressing/cocktailing or retail cashiering) the set up gives me my personal space. Or, at least where it’s so busy/transient that I’m not under a microscope for very long. Everything is busy and everybody keeps moving, constant hustle bustle, and/or where I at least have my much needed space. Nightmare job/boss/coworker situations have for me often involved situations where I went against my better judgment and accepted positions in small office set ups that cram 10-20 employees in like sardines. Never once has that scenario worked out, and I now know better. Never again. Know your strengths and weaknesses, that’s all I can say. !!

Something I’ve noted in both my own experiences and others’ is that you can have some crappy-ish job where maybe the job duties themselves are not particularly enjoyable (to put it mildly) or it’s lower paying then what you’d prefer, but if you’re surrounded by cool people that you like, and maybe are even friends with, then that camaraderie makes it so much easier to ignore the cons and stick around longer than you intended. (And may result in looking back on a highly stressful and/or unenjoyable job years down the line with rose colored fondness…..merely because the people you worked with were so cool.) But if you’re surrounded by some seriously suck ass, incompatible and/or downright troublemaker people………then it doesn’t matter how much you may enjoy your job or how well it pays. It’s just not going to be doable for the long term. Time to move on. (Or in some cases, feeling like you’re being driven out, a very real phenomenon that we’ll be getting back to later.) Forget the situation where the job itself sucks, AND crucial people you’re forced to working with/alongside are grossly incompatible.

The role that other people play in our work experience can’t be emphasized enough. For many it’s vital to their success at a job. Consequently, why it can be such a valuable tool for interference.


Bait and Switch

Bait and switch is exactly what it sounds like – baiting a potential employee with the idea of one thing, then, after the employee accepts the position and starts working, pulling a major switcheroo. The switcheroo can be anything from the job duties being majorly changed up versus what was presented in the interview(s)/the written job description, possibly to the level of becoming an almost entirely different job; the manager/boss’ personality doing a negative 180 from the “Sweetness and Light” routine they may have presented themselves as in the interview to becoming a whole different person once the employee actually starts; to shenanigans with salary, where the employer tries to get the employee to cave to a lower pay rate than what was presented in the interview(s).

I’ve personally experienced all of these at some point, at multiple companies around the country. :/ Delusion and arrogance are often playing a major role in why employers who engage in this sort of thing think they can get away with it; the typical assumption being that once they’ve managed to snag the employee in their net the employee will probably just be so grateful (or financially desperate) for the job that they’ll accept whatever changes are thrown at them. And they’re often right, if the job market happens to be tight and competition is stiff, and/or factoring in the way lack of money/savings cushion is a common problem with many people, making it so that they can’t just quit and start over from scratch with their job hunt once the truth has been revealed to them.

However, besides delusion and arrogance, there’s often an additional sinister undercurrent occurring – freewill testing the employee for starters, and things trying to sabotage/derail them in general. But it’s the reason I used the metaphor “snagging the employee in their net” – because bait and switches can be a literal trap for the financially stressed job seeker finding themselves in such a position. Maybe time and money was running out for them while job hunting and this gig was the only option presenting itself, or even worse, maybe they turned down offers from other companies, thinking this one was the better deal…..only to turn around and get tricked. And now they’ve basically become ensnared out of necessity. Either way the end result is a form of sabotage, as well as financial and energetic drain.


So what’s actually happening here? Many out in the world would assume that basic human stupidity, laziness and craziness would account for the above examples. And sure, that’s definitely the case in a lot of situations. Humans after all are basically just better looking versions of apes with a little bit more going on. So really, can’t expect too much I guess. O.o (All one has to do is watch a few episodes of “Kitchen Nightmares” to see genuine stupidity in action. The must-watch, and most infamous episode of all time being, of course, Amy’s Baking Company. ) Lots of people who think that because they enjoy cooking at home means they should full on open a restaurant, with an entire staff of people relying on them, and serving the public. Despite zero formal training in cooking or business management. Or even a shred of common sense. Meanwhile shutting down anybody who dares to try to give some constructive feedback, and maybe even ruining the lives of the poor suckers who wind up working for them. The world is full of these often arrogant and egotistical idiots, opening businesses left and right that they have no clue how to actually run…..but hey, it sounded like a good idea at the time! :/

So yes, I get it…lots of stupidity out there, and I’ve definitely seen the above things I rant about firsthand. It’s not just the stuff of “Kitchen Nightmares.” But when witnessing negative, or even outright destructive people seeming to be “protected,” and incompetent bosses seeming to be on an actual willful mission to drive things into the ground, even pitting subordinates against each other, and ludicrous policies and situations that are quite obviously not designed with efficiency and profits in mind, but rather to maximize negative energy production from employees, then something else is clearly going on.

Astute readers (and those already familiar with my website….or those who just paid attention to the article’s title….) probably already started making the parallel connection between “companies/organizations” mentioned in the above examples and “governments, police and courts who run/govern cities, states and countries,” and “employees” with “citizens of the world,” since the world situation as a whole is a macrocosm example of the job microcosm.

Annnnnd….this is exactly why things are about to take a hard turn out into left field as mentioned earlier. Because there’s no way to explain the conspiracy that often times underlies something as small as “jobs” without summarizing the situation of this reality as a whole……exactly because one is that microcosm of the other. Everything I’m about to get into also comes into play at work/jobs, as I’ll be illustrating in a short bit, so it’s not strange to be getting into it. I’ve already summarized some of the “Earth situation” in multiple articles on my website, mainly with regards to the specific hyperdimensional component, and how that relates to so much of the physical-based happenings and phenomenon we often witness in our lives. So in most ways this isn’t new information. Though this will be the most comprehensive run down that I’ve put forth in any of my writings. So fasten your seat belts and prepare for a small detour, and let’s just get right into it.

In short: Reality as a whole serves as a “learning lesson playground for spiritual evolution,” but it also serves the purposes of energy farm and experiment, for beings/entities that aren’t human. Whether it always served the latter two purposes since the beginning, or started out innocently but was hijacked at some point along the way is the million dollar question.

One of my favorite “woo” quotes, which I also feature in my book, is from Charles Fort, back in the early 1900s. “The earth is a farm. We are somebody else’s property.” So observant people were already figuring this out over a hundred years ago. Understanding the “farm” aspect of our reality is crucial for understanding pretty much everything that is happening in this world, and most importantly, why everything is set up the way it is, not least of all work/jobs. Many things are engineered for and manipulated towards the sole purpose of energy farming. Or “loosh,” as Robert Monroe termed it in his books concerning astral travel. It’s a term I’m quite fond of, namely because I don’t know of any other source that attempted to pin a name onto the energy that beings create and which then gets consumed by other beings.

There are both positive and negative elements running amok here, different types/varieties, and who’ve gone by different names in various cultures throughout history. Some originate from both neighboring/parallel as well as higher realms, coming and going between them as I’ve seen firsthand, making this place akin to a zoo, ant farm or aquarium. Freewill exists for both sides, in varying degrees, so “Freewill Free-For-All Zone” is a good way of describing it.

The forces hijacking/utilizing this place for their own energy farming ends obviously don’t run on love and light though. So you engineer a world that maximizes the amount of stress, anxiety, depression, hopelessness, anger/rage/hatred, division, fighting, alienation, illness, death/murder, pollution, destruction, ugliness, chaos and so on that’s being produced at every turn through the most asinine policies, bureaucratic systems, corrupt governments, wars and false flag events, all manned by empty and easily controllable puppet vessel “people”/drones/spiritless shells, as well as real, but very fallible people who can easily fall victim to greed, ego and power, all playing their parts. Flip everything upside down, watch all hell break loose….then sit back and siphon up the results. And in the middle of all that is the negative aspect of sexual energy, another major source of farmed “food,” hence, the rise of unlimited free, and ever increasingly dark and demonic types of porn. The more shocking, taboo and demonic/anti-life, the better for “them.”

A lot of these agendas are multi-layered though, serving additional social engineering purposes, artificially steering society towards negative ends that also suit “them.” Usually for the ultimate purpose of control. Whether financial, physical, emotional or mental.

When you incarnate here it seems you have to “pay to play,” in terms of “paying the energy feeding taxman.” The Energy Taxman, aka, those periodic “loosh milking life moments” can happen at any time, but definitely seem to involve a regularly occurring schedule coinciding with the moon phases, affecting everybody on the planet. (Full and new moon periods in particular, along with half moons, known as “squares” in astrology, and which are considered a negative alignment. Full moons tend to govern outward bursts of agitated, impulsive energy and chaos, whereas new moons govern the inward – feeling depressed or outright suicidal, angry, frustrated/fed up, etc., and is most likely the time when people will feel the need to end a relationship or friendship, quit a job, pick a fight or re-ignite a dormant negative issue, etc. All moon periods peak on their actual day of, but the energies are in effect several days before and after. It’s interesting, and downright eerie, to track life events with relation to the moon phases and be able to actually see for oneself just how often things correlate.) There are other cycles of energy, both individual and planet-wide that affect things in this world, but the moon in one that happens to be universal.

The “energy taxman,” for lack of a better way to put this siphoning force, utilizes every avenue in, to get what it needs to survive. One way includes the vulnerable sleep state, usually via nightmares, but also opportunistic astral parasites swingin’ by in the middle of the night for a quick feed in general. But mainly via the various people around us, who can be used (usually unknowingly) as conduits/pawns of higher negative “stuff” that works through them. Be it friends, family, significant others, roommates, neighbors, people we cross paths with out in public, coworkers, bosses and customers at our jobs, you name it. The more emotionally unstable somebody is, and the more they lack self-awareness or control, the more easily they can be utilized. Especially when in an inebriated state. Everything from the more benign “energy vampires” draining and distracting you with their endless drama and (not so coincidental) strategically timed, time wasting nonsense, on up to the serious level abusers. But as I’ve noted in my other write ups, especially The Hidden Puppetmasters, any one of us can be utilized in such a way without realizing it if we’re not mindful of our thoughts and urges.

Two of the most common signs that someone is being influenced/puppeted/shadowed that I have discovered in my own personal experiences, and which is definitely relevant to this piece as we’ll be seeing, include the “glassy eyed predatorial smirk” as I’ve described it, and which usually accompanies something very strange, pointed and/or revelatory being said to their target/”prey,” including things about the target the perpetrator should have no way of knowing. And then taking things up a notch to the next level with a downright strange/creepy tone of voice, often while saying those very pointed/bizarre/threatening/malicious things to their target. There’s also the flat, monotone, robotic tone of voice with the empty, glazed over eyes, and where the “person” in question is saying things that don’t make sense/don’t line up, maybe even sounding like they’re rehashing a script, and who also can’t be reasoned with. See “Hidden Puppetmasters” for a more comprehensive list of the telltale signs and behaviors.

As also mentioned in “Puppetmasters,” there are also positive forces equally at work in this place, exerting their influence and working through situations and people (and animals, mostly in the form of domesticated pets). So there are both forces at play. Though my focus has mainly been on the negative. Not because I’m cynical, but because they’re the ones doing the harm, and also because many people have been trained to believe they don’t exist, thereby ensuring they have an easier chance at succeeding. It’s interesting how many people are so quick to pounce on any positive feel-good new age ideas and the positive aspects of spirituality or religion, but run away or shut down the second anything negative is mentioned. You can’t have one without the other. Since negative elements exist, and it’s definitely not going anywhere, everybody would be better served if they just realize this, accept it, learn as much about it and face it head on.

Something important to clarify is that not everything happening here that seems “negative” is being purposely manipulated. Many things happening to us can very well be our own doing, things we consciously chose, things we brought on to ourselves, or most interestingly and importantly……… things that we’re an energetic match for, drawing in. The last point in particular we’ll be getting back to later on, in a big way. Yet, “stuff” can still benefit greatly from it in terms of farming the results, even if they’re not the ones orchestrating it. In addition, I’ve also come across in my research mention of how human consciousness is so powerful that people can also apparently create simplistic, one-dimensional thoughtforms/”entities,” if one’s thoughts are pervasive and strong enough. They’re not true, independent conscious life forms, but enough of something that they can then apparently hover around their creator…..feeding on the thoughts that created them in the first place, which then encourages more of the same thoughts, so it just becomes one giant feedback loop. Meanwhile, as the thoughtforms continue to get stronger and stronger, requiring more energy. So we’re not just 100% victims, all the time, and that’s important to point out for anybody new to these subjects. But we’ll be getting back to some of this in a short bit.

Various metaphysical sources discuss how souls are desperate to incarnate here due to the freewill opportunities not found in other areas of the universe. But you could say it’s a reality of mutually parasitical symbiosis. We come here to have experiences, with physical-based lifeforms living on and in us, and often times consuming us as we do so, and while we eat other lifeforms for survival, all the while as we hopefully are learning and evolving spiritually from our experiences….which higher and/or non-physical entities take full advantage of, feeding on the energy that negative experiences and the dark aspect of sex create. Everybody’s using and consuming and siphoning everything else in this place, even in death. So souls hopefully get whatever it is they were looking for by coming here (which ultimately is the “Creator/Source,” since souls are just one giant extension of that), and the Overseers in charge get what they want out it all as well, in terms of food, experimentation and entertainment. Everybody “wins.”

(For those who think it sounds weird that we’re a form of entertainment for higher negative “stuff,” it’s actually something that Fortean researcher John Keel came to figure out in his decades of “woo” research. He began to realize that so much of what goes on in the world of UFOlogy/abductions/Men in Black/crytozoology/channeling, etc. is just entities toying/playing with people for amusement, giving themselves silly names and made up backstories, feeding people lies and wild yarns, creating nonsense red herring diversions and just clearly getting a kick out it all. Then they sit back and watch the targets run themselves in circles, until often times losing their marbles, with their lives in ruins. Keel is also the first researcher who realized the reflective nature of the “woo-woo.” The more people focused in on it, the worse it manifested in their realities….and even began matching up to people’s own thoughts or conversations they’d had with others. More of that “feedback loop” thing, along with a hefty dose of mind reading and energetic symbiosis, showing that things are not what they seem to be, even with the “woo.”)

As far as the “experiment” aspect of this place goes, this was something that I’ve not only come across in my research but is something I was directly told years ago with relation to my own personal situation. That “stuff” was manipulating events in the lives of me and my brother Joe… see what we’d do and how’d we react. While that definitely seemed to be the case for endless reasons beyond the scope of this write up, I decided at the time to just put what I was being told on the backburner, since I was new to the “woo” research. Maybe it’s true….maybe it’s not. Only time will tell. Eventually additional and unexpected corroboration trickled in over the years from multiple sources all saying the same thing – that this whole operation is an experiment, meanwhile, as individuals are also being experimented on.

The concepts of humanity being nothing more than “farmed energy producers” and “experimental lab rats in a maze” were featured prominently in movies released during the same several year time period. We have “Dark City,” from 1998, involving the idea of the “earth” not being what the main characters think it is, but rather, a giant experiment being conducted by an alien race that inhabit the reanimated bodies of dead humans, whose look/style is that of the infamous Men in Black. The identities of the inhabitants of “Dark City” get continually erased and reassigned, as they play out different people of various class backgrounds, with their ever changing/scripted dramas (also a metaphor for the soul’s reincarnational cycle), never having any idea, all the while as the city itself is continually changed and rearranged, via a process known as “Tuning” (an actual direct reference, versus mere metaphor, though presented much more dramatically in the movie), and all so that the aliens can try to figure out “the soul.”

And then of course “The Matrix,” from 1999, where humanity is unknowingly enslaved by A.I., grown and encased in pods, sustained by the liquefied dead pumped in via tubes, and with minds hooked into virtual reality to live out their fake lives, and all for the sole purpose of energy production to power the A.I. controllers. Those who have woken up and been extracted by the ones who got out before them are trying to figure out a way around the A.I. machine controllers/energy farmers, and their seemingly invincible gatekeeper “Agents” who police the Matrix (and can morph into anybody within the Matrix at any time, to do and say anything that’s needed to maintain control – very much analogous to the “real” world idea of Negs taking over/intermittently possessing a person to utilize them as a pawn), in order to free the rest of the human population.

Both movies are presented stylistically of course to make them exciting and interesting, but despite their fictional facades, both contain multiple major elements of truth: humans as farmed energy commodity and experimentation fodder under a severe level of control from unseen beings much higher than them, despite not realizing it. Just combine both movies together and you’ve pretty much nailed the situation of what’s happening here. Hollywood has been dropping truth nuggets on the population for decades, some subtle and metaphorical/analogous, while others are near literal, practically hitting the audience over the head, though most of the public dismiss all of it as fictional entertainment. Another hit-you-over-the-head movie worth mentioning from this same time period concerning “humans as an energy commodity for beings from other realms that feed on fear/low vibrations,” disguised as a cutesy cartoon, would be Pixar’s “Monsters, Inc.,” from 2001. The big chase scene at the end where the characters are running endlessly around, and back and forth, through a myriad of doors between children’s bedrooms all over the world and the “energy collection factory” is representative of these energy feeding non-human beings coming and going from our realm and theirs. The movie’s focus on very young children as the primary energy producing target of these nefarious forces is also for several extremely sinister reasons that parallel in real life. And then there’s the boldest, most in-your-face depiction yet, with the 2019 movie adaptation of Steven King’s novel, “Doctor Sleep,” showing young children with “the shining” being tortured to death so that their torture-induced loosh, aka “steam,” can feed a group of energy vampires who’ve been around for hundreds/thousands of years.

So what is the nature of this world we’re existing in? Is it real? Is it fake, like what’s depicted in “The Matrix”? What I’ve tentatively concluded by this point is that No, this place isn’t fully fake…..but it’s also not fully “real” either in the way that we’ve been taught by science. The neat and tidy strictly physical-based scientific explanations for how “everything came to be” is flawed for many reasons, but most importantly because it leaves no room for the weirdness that pervades our world, of which endless people have experienced over the eons, and written or spoken about. A large chunk of that weirdness centers around humans’ inherent reality creation/manipulation abilities, as well as the “feedback loops” that can result from our personal thoughts and frequencies reinforcing reality back to ourselves.

I’m not even going to purport to understand the true, full nature of this world. But what I can say is that it would appear that we’re living on a real planet, with real physics in place that have been mutually agreed upon by the human collective, and which is also largely influenced by the collective, making it akin to a dream in a lot of ways. The latter accounts for why we’re able to reality create/energetically manifest, and why there are such things as universal archetypes and symbolisms, creating that link between reality and dreams. So in essence it’s something similar to a video game, designed for higher spiritual learning and growth, and which allows for us to provide input. But also where this very real place, inhabited by millions, sharing in a collective dream, has been hijacked, by forces with an incredible level of technology and abilities that the average person will never comprehend. Both humans’ energetic abilities as well as the “hijackers’” abilities to manipulate reality lead to so much of the mindboggling “unreal” phenomenon witnessed by so many people over the eons, creating that confusion about whether what we’re seeing and experiencing is really real.

There are definitely people who believe that whatever this place is, it’s full A.I. I don’t necessarily think that, as I’ve seen/experienced assorted non-human “stuff,” both positive and negative, being involved in things from behind the scenes, including abductions. Be it Negs, so-called aliens, spirits, my own higher self, higher human appearing entities, and what have you. And there’s clearly a tug-of-war going on in this place, not only for the world as a whole, but for individuals. So I’m open to the idea of some sort of “full A.I. simulation,” and nothing would surprise me anymore, let’s just put it that way, but at the same time I feel the evidence disproves this. Whatever this place is, from what I can tell it’s incorporating both spiritual/metaphysical, as well as something that seems very A.I./computer-ish.

And just to note that originally I was going to leave the above few paragraphs out of this write up, because I wasn’t sure how far I should delve into things here. But I realized that the whole, “is this real or not real??” question is the crux of the issue, even for something so mundane as “jobs.” Some of what I proceed to describe in this write up in terms of anecdotal examples are pushing the boundaries of realness, and since they very well may be the same, or similar to things readers have also experienced, it means the question needs to be addressed. And since I’ve heard firsthand how so many people go completely off the rails in life due to freaking out about these levels of reality bending happenings, not understanding what it means in general and for themselves as individuals, then it needs to be addressed to provide some balance. (“No, it’s not all completely fake, you are actually real, and you matter. So calm down, and step back from that ledge…….!” )

All aspects of society seem to have been infected/infiltrated with this “hyperdimensional hijackers” virus that seems to be trying to drive everything into the ground. We see it on the macro worldwide scale with rulers of countries and the “Elite” policy makers, city, county and state/province/territory governments, Congress, Senate, Parliaments, Monarchies, etc., as well as with the police and courts, child “protective” services (who most times turn a blind eye to very obvious abuse/torture/starvation taking place in either the biological or foster parents’ homes, allowing for children to get killed or sold off), and every level of school/university. In all of these we often witness seemingly inept and corrupt “people” who manage to either win elections or get hired/appointed into key positions, where they can then wreak havoc, ensuring that corrupt and/or ineffectual policies and negative fellow cohorts get put into place that affect all aspects of our lives. And where they can also ensure that a blind eye is turned towards what is often times demonic level happenings.

Most mainstream conspiracy authors would have everybody believe that at best, this is the handiwork of strictly physical, people-based secret societies, maybe things involving mafias and high level organized corruption (the most recent trend is to refer to these elements as a “Satanic pedophile cult” that runs the world, implying that it’s just a bunch of nasty elite humans who have managed to gain a stronghold) and where everybody involved knows what they’re doing. Annnnnd…that’s it, they leave it at that. Either because they don’t know about the other side of reality, or they reject the idea of it, and thus focus exclusively on physical-based theories. Meanwhile I’m thinking to myself, umm….it’s a tad bit higher up and more sophisticated and complex than that. :/ Because who….what….is ultimately driving those groups and elite people? What’s on top of them?

You have the actual physical people who I’m sure get together to discuss whatever new and improved screwed up agendas they can inflict on the populace to push along their social engineering machinations. But in many instances there’s also other higher/hyperdimensional “stuff” that works through people, helping to raise to the top both the spirited people who’ve consciously chosen a negative/service-to-self path, as well as the outright spiritless empty shells, and then influencing/manipulating them to make choices and push policies that don’t suit the greater good of anything. (And if you really want to get fringe-y then you have to also consider the claims that there are those walking among us who are not what they seem to be in terms of being a straight up “human,” another subject I’ve delved into in my writings. And which needs to be factored into the equation when trying to get to the bottom of what this place is and what’s really happening. Only because way too many people around the world have claimed for years to witness these sorts of happenings for them to be dismissed, including trusted people I’ve personally known with the Sight.)

But as mentioned….we do have the opportunity to wake up and become aware of what this place is, how it works, and how we’re being used, especially during this extraordinary Information Age. We have the chance to utilize freewill and take the reins of our life to direct it in the way that we want things to go, taking power away from the negative elements that we’re submerged amongst. Something that I’ve seen for myself firsthand is that freewill needs to be exerted here, otherwise negative opportunistic elements may decide for you. The “matrix” reality is yet another perpetrator of the “give an inch…..take a mile” nonsense, always push push pushing people to see how much they’ll take, how far they’ll let something go before rising up and putting their foot down….if ever. push push push…..push push push….push push push…..

Much of what we experience here in terms of the whole “push push push/taking advantage” thing may be something that we’ve decided to put ourselves through, as a spiritual learning lesson. Things we didn’t learn in other incarnations, and so the situation keeps repeating itself until we finally figure it out and do things differently this go around. But whether this give an inch, take a mile/push push push nonsense is of our own spiritual creation or something being perpetrated against us (or a mix of both, depending on the situation…) you really do need to know yourself in this place and have a strong mind, visualizing what you want and knowing what lines you won’t cross, otherwise this place will decide for you. If you apathetically allow it to resort to whatever default it prefers it will often be something that benefits It, in terms of energy feeding and possible life derailment, and not you. And this is never more true then when it comes to how we make a living.


As readers can see, I wasn’t kidding when I said things were going to take a hard turn out into left field for a bit of a detour. O.o Understanding everything mentioned above is the key to understanding pretty much everything that’s going on in the world at large. Including any work/job related craziness that most people will encounter at some point in their work travels.

If the traditional workplace/jobs set up is one of the major energy feeding/draining sources (and methods of distraction/diversion….) of the energy farmers/controllers of this reality, then there needs to be low level overseers, helping to create that energy in the first place. Cue the entrance of those half empty vessels with dim awareness – those incompetent bosses resonating at the same frequencies as the negative “energies” that influence this reality, therefore making them easily manipulatable as they begin implementing bad policies and/or removing good ones, mismanaging in asinine ways, allowing for the worst of the worst employees to continue to hold a job and creating endless problems for everybody else, seeming to actually be trying to drive things into the ground. Or even worse, possibly even fanning the flames of discord between their own employees, actually trying to instigate fighting and creating stressful discombobulation and where it’s just so obvious that that’s more important than maximizing revenue.

And that’s when we also get the lack of training and then sending employees out into the pit to fend for themselves, the overloaded job descriptions that are just a hamster wheel turning faster and faster, on top of “shit storm days” where everything that can possibly be piled on at the same time AND mismanaged on top of it collides. Or maybe the entire job itself is one of those bait and switch situations, where things get drastically changed around from what was sold to the employee in their interviews. And mixed in amongst it all, doing their part and playing their roles, are those aforementioned Coworkers from Hell. Or better yet, one of those contrived “chain ganged” situations, as touched on earlier, where a good employee is figuratively tethered to some “troubled” colleague, forced to work alongside them, in close proximity, with jobs that overlap. Of COURSE this would be the one person you’re paired with out of everybody in the organization/company. I mean, of COURSE. :/

Citizens who are healthy and full of energy, passion and drive? Ready to take on the world and effect change? Awake/aware enough to truly see what’s happening in this world….and doing something about it? Stuff doesn’t want that. So in steps one of the biggest avenues of distraction and energy drain possible – mismanaged, toxic jobs, headed up by the useful pawns. There goes all the free time and energy that would have otherwise been channeled into constructive and useful pursuits of knowledge and change, as the majority gets rerouted into being mere cogs in a wheel.

Many employees tolerate all of it unfortunately, because as noted, this reality is “Give an inch, take a mile” ….push push push….push push push…. seeing how much you’ll take, far you’ll let things go, what you’ll allow people to do to you, before you finally rise up and say Enough!………..if ever. And the same exact principle holds true for interpersonal relationships, whether it’s a significant other, family members or friends. What treatment will you allow to be heaped onto you? How far can “it” push you? (And which often times is being allowed on a freewill level by your own higher self, because there’s the potential for learning and soul growth.) How much energy can “it” get away with siphoning off of you before you finally realize what’s happening and put a stop to it?

But whether it’s large corporations or smaller everyday sorts of companies, negatively manipulated vessels “recognize and reward their own,” helping each other along.

A story that really illustrates this involves a coworker named Calla at a full time office job in Fort Lauderdale in 2003. I had already been working at this particular job for a year and a half before Calla even started. I was 29 at the time (though heard repeatedly at that time that I looked no older than 18/19, which I think also played a big role in things), while she seemed to be late 30s, and was married with a couple of younger kids. Good looking, brunette, thin and stylish/professionally dressed, and seemingly normal based on exterior appearances. But for whatever reason, since day 1, Calla singled me out like a shark to the prey to hone in on with weird haranguing. She had some odd behaviors that my coworkers noticed and commented on, like making cell phone calls while squatting down in the bushes outside despite wearing a skirt and pumps, and seeming to be on something at times based on her glazed over eyes and strange way of speaking.

However, she kept the really dark aspect hidden from everybody….except me. To everybody else she was normal enough and pleasant, but with me it was the constant haranguing and needling like a bully, complete with the predatorial smirks and glinty eyes, showing that she knew exactly what she was doing. When the smirks and glints emerge in a person who begins saying creepy, pointed things to their victim it’s like a feeling of slick evil, something that truly enjoys toying with its prey and gets off on being able to see the shocked and upset reactions it creates. I’ve witnessed this energy manifesting through several people over the years, none of them good, and all operating in the same exact way. And Calla always behaved like this when nobody else was around, of course. Proving that she was conscious of her behavior, and could turn it on and off like a switch. Or rather….“something else” would emerge when it knew it was safe, but knew when it needed to retreat. So nobody knew what to make of things when I would tell them what Calla was doing to me when they weren’t around.

Until one day I was at the employee mailboxes distributing some materials. And Calla whizzes by behind me, then pauses to my left, suddenly doing her usual honing in on me thing. With the slick smirk and dark glint she said something really messed up and pointed with the creepy weird voice. I don’t even remember what she said by this point, but I do remember that it was so bizarre, and coupled with that voice, that all I could do was just stand there stunned speechless, caught off guard. Then she flounced off back to her office down the hall, smirking and pleased with herself. What she didn’t know however was that my supervisor Suzanne was sitting nearby in a cubicle, obscured. ;) Suzanne wouldn’t normally be there, but needed to access something located on the computer in that cubicle. After Calla took off Suzanne slowly stood up and revealed herself from behind the cubicle wall, looking really weirded out.

“Did you hear that??” I whirled towards Suzanne. “Did you hear what she just said?!?” Suzanne continued to stare off down the hall towards where Calla had just run, with a >:/ look saying, “Yeah, I did…………WHAT-the-FUCK-was-THAT??” She hadn’t even seen Calla’s glinty eyes or smirk, but just the voice alone and whatever it was she was saying was enough to creep Suzanne out. It was quite literally like Calla had been possessed for a few moments, with that slick evil popping its head out once she got near me, and you could hear it in the way she spoke, and how her voice had shifted. But finally having a witness, corroborating things after so long caused me to just snap inside, and I tore off down the hall giving chase to Calla, cornering her in her office. As I confronted her on what she just did she proceeded to feign innocence, laughing nonchalantly, continually trying to brush things off in a fake sweet and patronizing tone (“Oh Carissa….”) treating me as a young child, as these types tend to do. But once again it was nice to have Suzanne emerge behind me in the doorway, backing me up all the way in everything I was saying, so it was two against one. Calla’s true self had been revealed.

Unfortunately however, in the end it didn’t matter. Even though Suzanne immediately went to her own supervisor, who was Vice President of the company, to report what Calla did, having my back and defending me, not only was Calla not fired, nor even reprimanded in any way, but she was actually promoted soon after to a supervisor position, with the title and pay raise………….and I was told I would be reporting to her. :/ Even though I’d been there a year and a half, knew more than her and had even helped train her. I flat out refused, telling the bosses to either find another position for me in another department, or I’m leaving. So, they found me another position, within the accounting department. The me now however would just leave straight away, recognizing the situation for what it was. As it is, within five months I found myself abruptly quitting anyway – walking out in mid-shift no less, something I tried never to do by that point in life, but that’s just how bad this place was in general, and how bad my new position was. The situation had become a continuing decline.

Bottom line, I wasn’t supposed to be there anymore, and should have already left the second the higher ups rewarded Calla for her bizarre behavior and ignored what a long time respected supervisor was saying on my behalf. “They recognize and reward their own”….indeed. :/ One by one the cool, real, genuinely good people at that job, including Suzanne, and a few other longtimers whom I was even friends with outside of work, began also leaving. Kind of like a frequency split in a way.

Neg controlled pawns definitely seem to recognize those who are knowingly and consciously at odds with their vibes and agenda of negativity/destruction, knowing/”seeing” those positive types who are living lives that oppose that agenda, and especially if they incarnated here specifically to be that opposing force, with an actual assigned mission to be that “positive wrench in the works.” Which means these positive types will often encounter some backlash and problems as they navigate through life – including at work.

The Phenomenon of Being Driven Out

One of the problems that these positive, spirited/souled types who have actual destinies and a life purpose may find themselves encountering in the workplace is the phenomenon of seeming to be “driven out of their job.” It’s pretty self-explanatory, but being driven out isn’t just having one or two bad days. It’s an ongoing pattern of negative situations that seem to just keep piling on in multiple forms, including bullying by bosses or Coworkers from Hell, ongoing psycho customers, an ever worsening work load and/or negative change in policies that negatively impact one’s ability to effectively do their job and/or enjoy the work, etc. And it’s usually a mix of most of these things, not just one. The anecdote about Calla in the previous section overlaps with this, being that my job did not get any better after I tried transferring to another department to solve the problem. Nothing could solve the problems with that company other than simply……..leaving.

In some cases the reason for this could very well be an example of what was just mentioned above – negatively oriented types honing in on a positively oriented being to persecute them right out the door, simply because they’re positive. Because hey, that’s what negatively oriented bully demons do – they beat up on the nice guys.

However, another major possibility that always needs to be kept in mind is that maybe, for whatever reason, you’re not supposed to be at that job anymore (if you ever even were at all…) but you’re either not recognizing that it’s hit the expiration date, and/or accepting the incompatibility/wrongness of the situation and leaving on your own. (Financial stress usually being the #1 excuse for why good people refuse to voluntarily walk away from a suck ass job. “I need the money.” And yes…we’ll be returning to that point later on as well.)

A third major possibility is that Neg “stuff” is working through the easiest weak link pawn within proximity as a form of opportunistic interference to get at the target in question, something I delved into in one of my articles aptly titled….Interference. Maybe to try to get the target to sabotage themselves in some way, by prematurely quitting, or engaging in some other impulsive response/action, or simply for energy feeding purposes. (Think “Energy Taxman”/”loosh milking moments” mentioned earlier in this piece.) It can be tricky trying to decipher what the situation really is, which is why not blindly reacting, and just calmly observing and intuiting during moments of upheaval is important. (For all things in life though, not just at work.)

The fact that the negative circumstances are prolonged, and seem to actually be escalating, is how you can recognize the difference between merely having a bad day here and there, or maybe just some opportunistic interference, versus being full on driven out, where “something” is taking it upon itself to try to cleave you apart from a situation you most likely weren’t supposed to be at in the first place, and utilizing whatever handy half empty pawns it can work through to get that HINT HINT! across. If the situation is just the normal hiccups that we all experience in life, or even just an opportunistic shot at some spur-of-the-moment interference or energy feeding, then it will pass. If it’s a situation of being driven out though then it’s most likely going to continue.

In other instances though this spur-of-the-moment interference gets taken to a whole other level. Let’s look at one particular job I had from July ’99 – April ‘00 in Laguna Hills (SoCal) when I was 25, which was a hybrid version of the above examples, but with an additional “woo” element mixed in. For that reason it’s worth getting into, as it may have happened to others as well. The job in question was for an established, successful engineering firm with multiple offices in different states. I’d started as a (temp) front desk receptionist and admin assistant through a staffing agency, until I was hired on perm after the 90-day mark. After being hired on I continued kicking ass and loving my job, had made various work friends around the office both male and female, and the money was rolling in – the most money I’d ever made by that point in life at a single job, after taxes. Previously I would have had to work up to three jobs at over 80 hours a week to make the same amount. Life was awesome and I was emotionally invested in things there.

Then a pivotal change happened. A guy in the office I’ll call “Bill,” a 50-something white haired, white guy who worked in the environmental division, was suddenly promoted to become the new Office Manager/Big Boss in Charge. [NOTE: Remember bullet point #1? Concerning “Incompetent Bosses” and “Bad Hiring Decisions”? CHECK.] A move that caught the office off guard, since they already had a competent and qualified office manager named Linda, who’d been there for years and had been the one to hire me. Then right after that another decision was made to create a new onsite marketing department, with a new Marketing Director brought in named Carolyn, who was a former colleague of Bill’s at another company in the past. Carolyn was a super nice woman, no complaints about her, but, the office didn’t need a designated in-house marketing department, because there wasn’t enough going on at this particular office to justify it. Whatever marketing materials needed to be produced had been handled by me, Linda, and another admin named Cindy. And secondly, the firm already had a regional marketing department based out of Ontario (Riverside County) that handled the true, actual marketing for all the SoCal offices. So the whole thing was……odd, and redundant. More like an excuse for Bill to bring in his personal friend, forcibly carving out a position for her whether it was needed or not.

Things continued to go well at the front desk, and soon I got on Carolyn’s radar in a good way, and next thing you know she’s inquiring about moving me over to work with her, as her marketing coordinator. The job change and pay raise was proposed to me, and I (kind of reluctantly) accepted. I really liked my current job at the front desk, as the office admin, but it was sold to me as an upward move with more money, so I decided….sure. Why not. Everything continued to go well as I learned my new role.

And meanwhile they hired a new receptionist to take my place up front – a woman that Carolyn used to work with at her previous job. Forget her name, funny enough (I didn’t even make mention of her in my journal for this time). But she was in her 30s, with four kids by three different baby daddies, and was only at the desk half the time. She had an arrangement that she was allowed to come in late every day after 10, and leave early at 3 or 4 p.m., depending, due to her kids, where I would need to split my time between my new position, and covering the front desk for her, and where I was expected to do whatever work she hadn’t finished up. And once she figured that out she’d just leave most of her afternoon work for me to handle. :/ Other days she called out completely. So I was often times doing my marketing job from the front desk….while doing all of the receptionist/switchboard/admin assistant to the engineers work as well. And when she was there she spent most of her days on personal phone calls, not doing the work that the engineers put in her in-box, letting it just pile up until she was good and ready to eventually get around to it.

It was a 180 degree stark contrast from me, and the guys were not happy, as I kept hearing. Linda would NEVER have tolerated someone like that at the front desk….but apparently Linda had no power anymore. [NOTE: Bad promotion decision [Bill] happens, who starts making strange, financially questionable changes/restructuring to the office, making a hiring decision [Carolyn] that’s not even needed, and who in turn brings in a majorly bad hiring decision, meanwhile as Bill proceeds to ignore all complaints about bad hiring decision….]

I was only in my new marketing position for about two months when Bill came into me and Carolyn’s office one morning, being his usual dopey self, cracking bad jokes that we were all expected to mindlessly laugh at. Only on that particular day I had a severe back injury going on, rendering me almost unable to walk. The pain was unbearable. So as Bill cracked his dumb joke I could only barely turn my head to look back towards him diagonal to my right, giving him a strained/weak smile, since movement was almost impossible, versus moving my whole body and giving him the UNDIVIDED ATTENTION! I knew he craved/felt entitled to. But instead of noticing the change in my normally friendly demeanor and asking me what’s wrong, is everything okay, etc., like a normal human, he instead decides in his mind right then and there……………….. to fire me. That’s it, you didn’t laugh at my jokes and give me the attention I deserve, you’re atta here! I know how ridiculous that sounds, trust me, like, come ooonnnnn…nobody gets fired for that. There must be more to this story…..?? But yes, that’s what happened.

It was only Tuesday, so Bill’s plan was to wait until Friday to deliver the news. Though me being….intuitive you could say, already figured it out ahead of time via what I would describe as “instant download knowing.” The information was just…..there, in my head, total knowing about the situation, either later that afternoon or the next morning, can’t remember. (And it wouldn’t be the last time this sort of intuitive download/sudden telepathic knowing about something would happen at a job.) But despite “knowing” what he was planning to do I chose to stay put. I hadn’t experienced such a high level of precognitive insight of this nature before (I’d had clairvoyant precognition, fully seeing something play out in my mind, but not the “instant download knowing” thing like this, so this was a first) so therefore wanted to just wait and see how this was all going to play out. Just because I had this knowing doesn’t mean I was right. (At this point I know to 100% trust something like that, don’t even doubt myself – immediately get moving and maneuvering to come out on top of a situation like that…..a lesson I did later successfully put into effect in other various “precognitive situations” that occurred after this.) Carolyn displayed a major change in behavior towards me though by Thursday – becoming quiet/no longer chatty, looking guilty and/or worried when speaking with me while dodging eye contact, like something heavy was weighing her down, etc. It was obvious, but still I waited, just to see for sure.

Sure enough, come Friday at 4:30 Bill stops into our office and summons Carolyn and I to the conference room. Carolyn looked super guilty, avoiding eye contact as we got up. She was upset, but powerless to do anything about what was about to go down.

So we followed Bill into the conference room and took our seats. And with glassy, far away eyes that never truly saw me, and a flat, monotone voice, Bill proceeded to let me know he was letting me go due to my “bad attitude” earlier in the week. Nothing that I could say though in my own defense about my injured back, nor anything Carolyn could say either for that matter (who I learned afterward had argued with him vehemently prior to the meeting, and was still futilely trying to turn things around), would get through to him. He just sat there like a glazed over robot repeating a programmed script over, and over, and over, and over, in a monotone voice, no matter what either one of us said. Being that his eyes were glassy and far away, not “seeing” me made him appear like he was fixating on a script in his mind.

Since none of it mattered anymore I took the opportunity to slam their new lazy idiot receptionist choice, pointing out everything mentioned above, and then some. I rhetorically asked him several times, “And you decide to keep HER??!? You’re keeping HER??!!! She’s not even here half the time!!! And she doesn’t do any work even when she is!!!!!! I’m doing all of my own work, plus hers!!!!!! I’m doing two people’s jobs and you’re going to let ME go?!?!?” For kicks I threw in the bit about her having four kids by three different men, to make a point, and how she’s on nonstop personal phone calls with all these kids and all that baby daddy drama instead of actually working. It was like talking to a wall though, as Bill continued to just sit there blankly, glazed over eyes not seeing me. Carolyn had actual tears in her eyes the longer this meeting went on since she was that upset….but still, Bill remained glassy eyed, far away, blank, monotone and completely impervious to anything.

(And just in case it sounds like this one job was the sole basis for the conspiratorial bullet points I launched this article with….nope. There have just been multiple jobs over the years, around the country, with WAY too many anecdotes that fit those bullet points, along with things so many other coworkers have told me about their own past job experiences that I’m pulling from in order to compile this write up. Which ties into the important point about “Patterns in the Chaos,” which I’m going to make mention of several times throughout this write up. So it wasn’t just one job, trust me. But boy did this one job hit all those bullet points.)

The long story short is that all of this was smack in the middle of when I had brought my younger brother Joe back to SoCal to try to save him basically, help him get on his feet and a chance at a new life. (All documented in The Vortex.) Life was about to get a little unstable as a result, and where I was obviously going to need this high paying, full time job. I had just bought Joe a used car, which obviously ate up some money, and now we were going to be moving, which was going to cost more money, and in general I’d be footing Joe’s life costs until he got a job and started stabilizing. But now it was being taken away from me….by this glazed over, mindless robot-acting “person” with his monotone voice that could not be reasoned with by anybody, and for a total nonsense reason.

So needless to say, this led to all hell breaking loose for me in my personal life now that my income had just been stripped. LOT of stress, LOT of chaos and scrambling to try to get things back on track. The next major full time office job I got after this one in July, which I was at for six months, wound up holding the distinction of being the most negative office job I’ve ever had for a full fourteen years, before finally being dethroned in 2014, by an even worse one in Boca Raton, Florida. It took nine months total, until the turn of 2001, before I finally landed another (very positive) job that was equal to the engineering company in terms of quality and the amount of money I was making, and where my life situation finally completely reversed, to the point of actually being better than it was before. But that change only happened after reaching my threshold, and doing some concerted mental intentions to try to turn the ship around. An extremely important concept we’ll also be returning to.

It seems obvious though in retrospect what was happening with “Bill,” in light of everything else that was suddenly transpiring in my personal life: A form of opportunistic interference/tampering working through a useful empty pawn. This job was the Jenga piece that could topple everything else. Remove this crucial piece and the entire life situation balanced on top of it during this precarious time period collapses, switching me onto a negative personal and financial timeline that took over nine months to reverse. Luckily I have enough fight in me for twenty people, so even though it may have taken nine months, at least I did get out of it, and sooner, rather than later. Because setbacks like this often derail others for years, if they don’t have that fire in them.

The whole thing was a wakeup call though for my young, trusting, naïve self. In the same way a lot of people will often experience permanent, slightly negative personality change after going through a bad breakup if they were the victim of cheating or abuse, shattering their trust and romantic illusions, this job tainted me for all jobs going forward. It probably sounds stupid, but I was just never the same after when it came to work/jobs. It was like having the chair kicked out from under me despite the premonition heads-up. Just so much shock, frustration, anger and hurt at the complete unfairness of the whole situation. Total mindboggling absurdity that they were keeping the lazy, apathetic replacement receptionist who wasn’t even there half the time and barely did any work, even ignoring the repeated complaints about it from all the engineers, yet were getting rid of me, who was carrying her load. Just could not wrap my head around it. (In retrospect though it’s another example of “they recognize and reward their own.” And when a real/spirited, intelligent and nice person had once been in Bill’s position – Linda – she in turn recognized her own…….me.)

But at the time this was my first REAL-real, high level office admin job, where I was 100% invested in it, kicked ass at it, enjoyed going into work every day, and had made work friends with various people around the office. After that the walls went up, and jobs were now viewed as something you keep yourself emotionally detached from as much as possible. Be the best at whatever it is you do, absolutely, give it 100+% at all times, continue to be friendly to everybody and make work friends if possible……..but don’t emotionally invest yourself in any of it, was my new realization. Be ready to drop and go at a moment’s notice with no emotional ties. Kind of like what’s described in the movie “Heat”….but with jobs. ha

Over the years I’d see people “moving in” to their new job with all this unnecessary personal crap everywhere, and I’d just be shaking my head, thinking, You’re stupid AND crazy. This place could kick you to the curb at any time, for no reason, you just have NO idea. O.o Meanwhile you’ve moved half your living room into your cube! Full on plants, and small pieces of furniture! I was never one of those people who decorates their work space by bringing in all this personal nonsense from home, throwing it around everywhere, only because I don’t like clutter, and it’s childish to boot. And after this job…..that definitely didn’t change. Continued operating in that mode.

(The PS to this – Flash forward to the present, and where this engineering company’s office location in Laguna Hills is long since gone for many years. All the other regional offices for this firm still exist….with many new ones in multiple states. Except the one specific office that was handed over to Bill the Putz to manage who was never qualified to do so in the first place. Have no idea what went down, but I’m guessing…..”ran into the ground”?? I wish I knew.)

People don’t just act like Bill acted when he was delivering the “we’re letting you go” news. Though I’m not going to pretend I’ve never seen anything like it before……I have, actually. By a select few “people” in my life over the years that were crucial negative vectors of attack, including my mom’s boyfriend Ray (who eventually became her second husband) who kicked me out of her house six weeks before graduation while he was still just the random boyfriend that she’d only been with for a few months. When doing so, he strongly encouraged me to drop out of school (I didn’t though….but he, along with my “mother,” sure gave it their all) trying to convince me with those deadened, glazed over eyes and flat/monotone voice about how futile it was to even try to attempt to finish out those last six weeks of high school now that he was kicking me out. I had several run-ins with him that involved that expressionless face, monotone voice and completely empty demeanor that could not be reasoned with, just rehashing scripts. And in one instance it involved a verbatim script/phrase….that I would also later encounter a future (now ex) boyfriend saying as well….with the same flat, monotone voice and expressionless face, who also could not be reasoned with in that situation. Like talking to a wall. What are the odds. :/ Same exact energy, being played through different drones/puppets/empty vessels over the years. (Or, the newest trendy name for these types that I like – “Non Playable Character”/NPC. The character in any video game that’s being operated by the computer/game itself, often acting as the antagonist challenging the player, or just “filling in the background,” but who can’t be operated by a real person.) Many “people” walking around among us are definitely not what they seem to be.

So whether it’s the glazed over, far away eyes, flat monotone voice and robotic demeanor that can not be reasoned with, repeating the same scripts over, and over, or the glint in the eyes with the predatorial smirk and the creepy, almost demonic sounding voice saying strange, pointed and/or taunting things, either way these are hallmark traits indicating that you’re dealing with somebody who has been taken over by “something else,” and/or has been heavily programmed somehow, and being utilized as a vector. Basically, “Nobody’s home……….” and it’s just empty vessels/”NPCs” running scripts.

There are going to be times at every job where you, or your coworkers, are having a bad day, because that’s life. Nobody is in perfect health and in a great mood and with everything flowing smoothly seven days a week. So when encountering moments of upheaval at a job it’s important to maintain a calm, levelheaded mindset and just….observe, and feel things out. No need to jump to rash conclusions and take impulsive action until you know for certain what direction things are going. And if it turns out to be a situation of actually being driven out of a place that somebody is no longer meant to be at then it will become obvious. Things will just keep piling on over a prolonged time period, and in conjunction you’ll feel that intuitive gut instinct nagging at you that you’re not supposed to be working there, and it’s all wrong. That’s how you know the difference.


The Mask Falls Away – When “Woo Stuff” Overtly Reveals Itself As You Pull the Plug

Another interesting phenomenon I’ve now experienced several times is what happens when I decide to abruptly pull the plug and walk away from a very negative and abusive job. Tying into the previously mentioned phenomenon of the predatorial smirk, glinty eyes and creepy/demonic voice suddenly emerging in a puppet vessel, it’s where the person I’m talking to about leaving/giving notice suddenly goes very dark, from literally one second to the next. Including somebody who would have no reason to, because they’re not my boss, nor would be affected by my departure in any way. It’s the dead giveaway of “something else” at work, suddenly “revealing itself” through whoever this person actually is.

A great example was at that aforementioned “Worst Job in my Life” here in Boca Raton in 2014. After hanging in there for five months I finally decided to abruptly pull the plug and give notice. I was returning from lunch smiling, after speaking with my then-staffing agency about leaving. Meanwhile my coworker Michelle, who was covering the front desk for me, smiled back at me as I walked in the door and said “Why are you so happy?” sounding friendly and nice.

“Because I just gave my notice to my agency,” I explained, “And they said not to worry, they already have other potential jobs they can put me on.”

Michelle went from (seeming to be) genuinely smiling…….to going angry dark in literally one second. SMILE! … >:( !   Not sad dark. But angry dark.

Again, Michelle wasn’t my boss, and would not be negatively impacted by my departure in any way. In fact if anything it would benefit her, because as she’d noted to me several times, she LOVED being able to come down and cover for me at the front desk and get away from upstairs, and looked forward to any time she had to do it, and wished she could just be down there all the time. She was also still able to do her job at my desk, which was another bonus. So it didn’t affect her workload. And any replacement for me also wouldn’t impact her, as it wouldn’t be her job to train them. So there was nothing about me leaving that would impact her. She was also WELL aware of all the horrible problems at that place, having voiced them to me many times herself, and having been her own victim of things there repeatedly, and she knew how unhappy I was. So none of what I was saying in that moment would have been surprising in the least.

But it was like watching a mask just…..fall right off of a person, and literally seeing “THE MATRIX” underneath, exposed. And it was NOT happy that I’d decided to abruptly pull the plug on this Loosh Milking, psychologically damaging endeavor. Michelle looked “angry dark!” for about five seconds, then “caught” herself and modified her expression to just :/ and asked me in a flat voice for more details about the situation, which I happily told her. I’d totally seen exactly what had just happened, but didn’t give a shit and just maintained my own happiness, not letting it bother me.

It wasn’t the first time I’d experienced that phenomenon either, which was another reason I just breezed on past it. ;)

Flashback to March of 2013, when I was leaving the “assisted living facility from hell” job also mentioned earlier. After six weeks of hell I decided to abruptly pull the plug, which should have been NO surprise to my boss Margie, since I, like many other employees in that mismanaged facility, had brought multiple complaints to her attention during the course of my brief tenure. She knew there were problems, she was hearing it from multiple people, all saying the same things, over and over, and she knew I wasn’t happy with how things were going. She knew. But she was choosing, over and over, to not do a single thing about ANY of it. And I mean ANY of it. It was willful mismanagement. So when I calmly asked to speak with her in her office that morning she acted normal, like she had no idea. We get into her office, she closes her door, and we sit down at the small table and chairs.

“I wanted to let you know before going into the CPR class that I’m going to go ahead and give my notice. I didn’t want to waste your time or mine, and especially since there’s that Alzheimer’s training coming up on Tuesday. Right now I can give a week’s notice.” Short and sweet, just laying it out there.

I watched as Margie’s expression changed from calm and unconcerned to her eyes and face getting dark, as annoyance flashed through her expression. The first time I’d ever seen true negative emotion cross over her face like that, despite EVERYTHING that was regularly going on at that place, and no matter how bad the complaints had been to her from anybody. She never cared. No true negative emotion. Until now. So that’s what also makes this very interesting and reveals “something else” at work. Once again, I’m deciding to abruptly remove myself as a Loosh Milking Commodity, from a psychologically damaging situation, and the mask completely slipped off, revealing the very unhappy “Matrix” underneath.

Margie immediately snapped back at me with her angry frown face and very dark energy with, “H_____ requires two weeks notice from all employees…”

Shaking my head a little I cut her off in a firm but nonplussed voice. “It doesn’t matter what H_____ requires, because I won’t be able to put this place on my resume anyway. So right now, I can give you a week. Maybe I’ll be able to do two, depending on how things go. But at the moment I can only commit to one.”

Then I watched as Margie’s face switched to surprised, with wide eyes. She hadn’t even considered the possibility that I wouldn’t put this place on my resume, and that they therefore don’t have the upper hand here, being able to threaten me with the implied lack of a positive employment reference if I don’t adhere to their “two week notice requirement.” H______ was just used to being this big, bad, all-powerful corporation holding all the cards, and lording it over their desperate “peasant” employees. But I couldn’t put this idiot-run facility on my resume after only being there six weeks, it had to be like it never happened, unfortunately.

Considering everything that had gone on they were lucky to even be getting one week from me. So suck it up and be grateful, was my mentality. Other employees just stop showing up one day, never to be heard from again, which I could easily have done too. And there was absolutely no reason for me not to. I wasn’t there through some agency, where I have to behave or else burn a bridge with a valuable agency. Sticking around for an extra week when I’m not even going to be putting them on my resume or using them as a reference only benefited H______. Not me. And I watched as all of this realization sunk into her and her face went lax/passive, accepting. Mask back on. But it had slipped for about 10-15 seconds, in a way that I’d never seen with Margie the entire time I was there, no matter what sort of bad things were happening. I’d even watched as a psycho Haitian “care giver” got right up in Margie’s face one time, full on cussing her out, up and down. And not about problems going on….because this “care” giver WAS a big part of the problems. The “care” giver was cussing Margie out because she felt Margie hadn’t been extra specially kiss butt to her, and so was now exerting her Alphaness to remind Margie that she, the facility’s director, was actually somehow beneath her. O.o And all Margie did was stand there weakly and take it.

But meanwhile I decide to give notice and leave? That’s what brings out the darkness? The snappy angry frown face? ;) um hm.

It’s because “The Matrix” LOVES negative energy, and encourages it all costs. So the shocking and very negative exchange between Margie and the psycho Haitian (which towed the line of actually threatening physical violence against Margie…and where the Haitian “care” giver was never even so much as reprimanded for it) was tolerated. It’s something It can feed on. Me leaving though? Disconnecting myself from the Loosh Milking Machine? THAT’S a problem. [on a nutty sounding sidenote… would be funny if it turned out all the abusive/lazy “care” givers and Margie, and others, were in fact Reptilians in disguise. All playing their negative roles to bring as much loosh feeding and chaos as possible into the situation, the way they do everywhere they go in this world. As it was, Margie was CONSTANTLY licking her lips, doing that weird “tongue darting out quickly to lick her lips” thing. I would even think to myself, What, is she a freaking lizard?? And who knows, maybe in their society/world this particular “care” giver WAS actually higher in the hierarchy ranks than Margie, and that’s why she was melting down that Margie dared to disrespect her, almost threatening to beat her ass right there…..and it’s why Margie immediately acquiesced. Because she knew. O.o But me, the silly little human, had no idea what was actually really happening here. Deep down I don’t really believe that, but, just having fun brainstorming outside the box to try to make sense of what I witnessed that day. Especially considering Margie’s weird “lizard tongue” behavior, and the discrepancy between how Margie reacted to that little meltdown….versus me.]

On a regular sidenote though, what’s also worth mentioning is that Margie did eventually leave that facility not long after I left……….to be transferred, per corporate, to another facility in West Palm Beach. :/ And in the same position, as a facility director. So all the complaints that other employees were actively making to corporate didn’t exactly have the desired effect they were after, which was firing. Instead she was just moved to a new facility, to continue the chaos, as it always goes. :/ I mentioned earlier in this piece that these massively incompetent bosses never face any consequences for their actions in life. They just keep moving on to other equal, or even higher positions in the world, never missing a beat. It’s part of that “Recognize and Reward Their Own” phenomenon, and not the first, or second, or third, etc., time I’ve witnessed it happen.

And again, it’s not the only time this phenomenon has revealed itself in my reality, and it’s not limited to just jobs. But it’s indicative of the underlying force that pervades this reality slipping up and making itself known the second it’s not getting its way, versus say, a real person getting upset with you for a genuinely understandable reason. Just because somebody gets upset with you doesn’t mean it’s not justified. !! But the key as mentioned is when there’s absolutely no reason for a person to be going “angry dark” at a positive change you’re making, because it doesn’t negatively impact them in any way. In fact, even worse, when they should be happy for you. And/or when you making that positive, necessary, and NOT surprising change in your reality seems to be the ONLY thing that can make them “go dark.” That’s how you know what you’re really dealing with.

Obstacles and Negative Omens

For jobs that we weren’t supposed to be at in the first place, something I’ve encountered multiple times are the overt obstacles, omens or other various indicators trying to warn, or outright block me from getting to the interviews and/or first days. It doesn’t happen to me at every negative job, but has only ever happened for me at what turned out to be a negative job that I clearly wasn’t supposed to be at. These overt obstacles, strange omens and other signs have never occurred to me with a positive job, which is why I know there’s something to this.

With regards to the obstacle blocks, some notable examples include: 1) Getting pulled over by a cop back in 2000 in SoCal prior to a job interview, where my paperwork wasn’t in order you could say, so the agreement for letting me go was that I wouldn’t drive my car until it was street legal. Being that I didn’t recognize yet at the time things like “obstacles and negative omens” means I forced my way past that particular situation by calling a cab to ensure I’d make it to the interview on time, which I did. And landed the job, hired on the spot by the end of the interview. Annnnnd….this is the aforementioned job that wound up holding the record for a full 14 years as being the worst office job I’d ever had in all my job travels, doing a lot of personal damage. I documented the details of this more in depth in several places throughout “The Vortex.” Was definitely never meant to be there. 2) Getting fender-bendered on my way to the first day at a job in SoCal in ‘98 (that I wound up quitting five weeks later) and never should have been at either; 3) Federal Highway southbound (in Boca Raton, Florida, where we currently live) being suddenly shut down in 2014 all the way into Broward, right when I was en route to the second and final interview for a gig located in Pompano Beach; found an alternate route and still got to my interview, and aced it…..but it wound up being a negative situation, not at all as things had been presented in the two interviews (several layers of MAJOR “Bait and Switch,” in terms of job duties and the female boss’ 180 personality change), and for that reason only lasted a whopping three days. Despite the short time frame of it, it was an intense three days, and did contribute to some lasting damage after. Only because it was a situation of multiple negative things piling on in my life at that time. It was another “straw” being added to the “camel’s back” you could say.

And as far as omens are concerned, at the 2014 job that dethroned the previous “worst place ever” my interview was being held on September 5th for starters…….the anniversary of my cat Kitty’s death. And on this particular afternoon the entire region was engulfed with super intense T-storms – torrential rain blowing sideways, minor flooding, and wicked thunder and lightning. In a way you could say it did double as a form of “obstacle blockage,” being that I wasn’t able to exit my car when first arriving, that’s how bad the weather was. Had to just sit in my car for about ten minutes to wait things out. No amount of umbrella could protect against it, let’s just put it that way. It may not sound like much but I do consider weather to be an indicator of things. And this weather basically came out of nowhere, and was just intense. No surprise I guess that this job wound up being an absolute doozy, considering those sorts of omens were hanging over its origins.

(Note: It was a doozy, but by the end of the five months I managed to stick around it also wound up facilitating a “lines drawn in the sand” overnight positive frequency shift of epic proportions. I’d been on a long downward spiral in terms of my job “adventures” during the two years leading up to this, and as noted in several places on my site, ongoing/prolonged negative life situations usually wind up going one of two ways for people – they either totally succumb and drown, or snap, rising up and fighting back. So this was the “straw that broke the camel’s back” moment of truth. No more. Things need to change. And boy they did. Everything was back on the up and up. So, there was that silver lining to it all………as there are with most negative experiences we have in life……if we only look closer and allow ourselves to learn and grow from them.)

Another avenue for receiving warnings about a potential negative job has included number synchs/number sighting phenomenon. In my case, as noted in that link, there have been times where I’ve gotten the repeated 141s at every turn during the interview process for certain jobs, to the point of total obnoxiousness. So there’s really no way to ignore it or pretend it’s not happening. (A big one involved that assisted living facility I mentioned briefly at the beginning that I wound up quitting after six weeks. It was the most 141’s I’ve ever received surrounding any job, ever. One of the reasons I ignored those numbers? Because I’d had several precognitive dreams about this place. Literally seeing this place and myself there prior to even knowing it existed, let alone interviewing. Total “woo” if there ever was, and so out of sheer curiosity I pressed forward, ignoring the onslaught of 141s, ear tones and synchs that kept piling up.) So the only way reality could be more obvious would be to jump out from behind a bush waving a red flag and yelling “BEWARE! DO NOT PROCEED!!!” My neg number indicator happens to be 141 – a number that was originally my brother’s actually, then passed to me like a virus, due to awareness/focus. Other people will have whatever particular numbers they recognize for themselves as being an omen indicator.

For me, these indicators have never been wrong, in any instance. When these things happen, the gig has always been negative/wrong path, period. However, since I have had negative jobs where these phenomena haven’t occurred it leads me to question…..why? Why did one have obstacles trying to prevent me from getting there, but another didn’t? What’s the difference?

What I’ve concluded is that for the negative jobs preceded by obstacle blockages, those are the gigs where absolutely nothing beneficial is to be gained from them. In fact, they may wind up being a job that does a lot of harm, and actually sets a person back in life, and/or creates far reaching trouble for a person even after they leave. Or on a more benign level, maybe the job was meant for somebody else, but somehow you were able to push your way in and get hired, taking up a space that “belonged” to somebody else. (Some do have more abilities/power/will than others, and absolutely can force their way around in this reality, whether consciously or unconsciously, putting themselves on paths they’re not really supposed to be on, against all odds, which then creates imbalance. But imbalance always corrects itself in the end.) Therefore the blocks, or possibly omen indicators, telling you….you’re on the wrong path. This isn’t meant for you. And if you ignore them and manage to push past it then trust me, it finds a way to correct itself later, driving you out somehow.

However, for the negative jobs that don’t work out for the long haul, but where there aren’t any overt obstacles or warnings beforehand, then there are a few possibilities I’ve realized – 1) it’s because they’re being allowed for a reason – there’s something you could potentially learn from it all or get out of it, and/or it may lead to something else. So there is some silver lining benefit. And I’ve definitely seen this in many of my past kind of “negative”/unpleasant gigs that were not long haul endeavors. They served some very obvious valid purposes in retrospect, and I’m actually glad for them. So it’s all good. And an example of that involves a waitressing job in SoCal in 1997 that I landed effortlessly with zero interference, omens or blocks. Was hired on the spot after walking in off the street and filling out an app. It turned out to be an “ick” working experience, and yet…..the “silver lining thing” that came out of it was so life altering, we’re talking complete and total timeline change. But it involved a fellow waitress named Peggy who felt compelled to mention to me in passing one lunch shift about her recent experiences with signing on to a staffing agency – something I was completely unfamiliar with – who do all the work of helping to find you work in offices – something I really REALLY wanted to be doing instead. However, I didn’t have the computer software background, as I lamented to her. Then she mentioned the magic words: “That’s okay, they’ll teach you. For free.” !!!! O.o After that, it was on. And long story short, that was my way out from all the exhausting and low paying waitressing, retail and hotel desk jobs, forever changing my entire life path. So, talk about a mixed bag. It terrifies me to think about what would have happened had I never worked there, or been scheduled for that particular lunch shift, along with Peggy, whom I wasn’t even actually work friends with, and if she hadn’t felt compelled to tell me what she’d been up to with her job hunting adventures. Nobody else had ever brought the subject of staffing agencies to my attention…and who knows if anybody ever would. So if it wasn’t for her…. O.o

Or 2) Because it ultimately doesn’t matter. This isn’t the right job for you to be at……or anybody else either. It’s nobody’s destiny to work there. You’re not taking up a place that should belong to somebody else, and the gig is so irrelevant that “the universe”/God/your higher self/guides/angels/whatever, fill in the blank with your particular belief system, just doesn’t care enough to issue obstacles and warnings. It just doesn’t matter.

On the flip side of all this is when a gig is positive and meant to be, then… negative indicators. If anything, I’ll receive neutral and/or positive omens, from increased ear tones (indicating that “something is up….”/”monitoring the situation”) synchronicities, as well as positive number sightings/synchs. Especially if a positive timeline shift is occurring, due to a job choice I’m making. And as far as I can tell in remembering back on any relatively recent positive timeline altering jobs….they were all preceded by these positive omens/indicators. Every last one.

Fortune cookies have been one of my all time fave omen indicators for communicating useful and timely messages and advise for all things, including jobs. As laughable as that may sound to some, I’m sure. But, I’ve seen the personal proof for it, which is why I accept it. The best example was mentioned in my “Synchronicities” write up, concerning the way in which I was at a fork in the road job decision moment at the beginning of January ’08, back in Charlottesville, Virginia. I’d been wondering if I should continue to stick with the staffing agency I’d been registered with since ’04. There were other agencies in the area, but the one I was registered with was the best/most busy and prolific in the region, and therefore the only one I’d been using. I had just finished a long term temp assignment and was currently unemployed, between gigs. It was winter, and cold, and there was snow on the ground, and things had the potential to seem a little bleak, which is why I began to worry whether another assignment was going to come along any time soon, especially being so soon after New Year’s. I also wondered whether if by sticking with only that agency I was somehow limiting my options, and putting all my eggs in one basket. Could be risky.

Within a day of having that thought Tom and I were at our favorite Chinese buffet on Pantops, where I received a fortune cookie saying, “No harm in putting all your eggs in one basket – just watch it closely.” Kind of can’t get a more directly specific answer to the question than that. O.o It’s things like that that cause me to question how real this all actually is. (The other, equally “woo” possibility is that “something” influenced me to think the phrase “eggs in one basket” in the first place, in order for me to match up to the fortune cookie that was coming up. Like I said….it’s equally as woo, because it still relies on “forces outside this reality,” “non-linear time/seeing the future” and “telepathic influencing.” Neither theory is more “sane” sounding than the other.) As noted in my “Synchronicities” write up:

“….shortly thereafter I did receive another, kind of primo assignment from my agency, and yet another after that, which became the one and only assignment I would have attempted to go permanent at….and succeeded, putting me on the “big money timeline,” and which completely altered the course of my life. (And Tom’s too you could say, since we live together.) So obviously I continued to stick around with them. But still, I kept a close eye on the basket. ;)”

Even if people don’t experience the level of “woo” indicators that I’ve described here, most real people do at least have gut intuition happening, bare minimum. It’s important to listen to it in all life situations, but definitely when pursuing job opportunities. It will let you know whether something is the right path to pursue or not. It always knows, and sometimes you have to trust in it enough to take the risk/leap and say No to something even if one’s financial situation is stressful. Most likely something better is coming up around the corner, if you just trust in it. In my younger years I tended to ignore intuition, caving into fear and feeling like I needed to take jobs or stay at jobs I wasn’t fond of (or outright hated) due to financial issues. I learned the hard way to not ignore that intuition, and have since put it to good use, proving it has validity.

The perfect example of this involves more temping adventures back in Charlottesville, after landing a long term temp gig in early Fall, 2005. It was your standard full time, 40 hours a week, M-F office position filling in for a few months for a woman who was going on maternity leave. It was a nice office, in the newer Fontaine Research Park, with nice people, very calm, quiet, pleasant. Yet as my training progressed throughout my first day with the woman who would soon be leaving I had a nagging intuition that this was all wrong, and I shouldn’t be there. ( Interesting and relevant side note for the subject of this write up: While training I came to learn that the supervisor in charge had waited until the last possible second to bring in a temp for training. Literally less than a full week before the outgoing woman was about to give birth. The supervisor knew for months that the woman training me was pregnant, so there was no excuse. But waiting until only days before the birth created that guaranteed unnecessary stress and pressure, since the woman training me wasn’t sure we’d have enough time to get through everything and get me to a point where I’d be ready to take over for her before she left, since it was a very intensive and tedious type of job. And which also made me doubt whether it was “okay” for me to act on this nagging intuition I was experiencing. Because if I listened to it and left, then they’d be up the creek in terms of getting another temp in here and trained in time. Versus if they had brought me in even just a week sooner. There would have at least been a cushion. But at the same time… wasn’t my fault that the inept supervisor chose to handle things the way she did. That was on them.)

I ignored the nagging intuition on the first day, but by lunch time on the second it just became so overwhelming that I felt I had no choice but to listen to it. It’s like having something screaming in your ear, all day long. No actual words or voice, but the same effect of something screaming at you, and getting more and more intense and putting pressure on the more you ignore it. I’ve never experienced such a nagging feeling like that before or since with any temp assignment. So I called my agency on my lunch break, doing something that intellectually speaking was EXTREMELY risky – asking to be pulled off a perfectly good, long term temp assignment that was going to provide solid money. For all I knew they would not want to use me again after that.

Weirdly enough they were understanding, and complied. (It helped that I’d already proven myself at other gigs, and also their pool of qualified/experienced admins seemed limited, being a smaller town.) And sure enough, within a day I was getting a call from the agency, running another potential months-long, temp gig by me…..that wound up being pretty much the best temp assignment I’ve ever had at any agency in any state, to this day. It was basically a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work for a Federal astronomical agency (keeping it anonymous) doing what I considered to be easy peasy and enjoyable admin work, filling in for a woman who was out on surgery-related medical leave. (She wound up being out for about three months due to complications.) The people were super nice, the office environment I was working in was nice, and the work itself was a million times better than what I would have been doing at the other gig that I left……..and which also just so happened to teach me some important document formatting tools/skills that I would end up needing for what was soon to be my upcoming book, “Chasing Phantoms.” Something that didn’t yet exist and which I wasn’t even seriously thinking about, but which was coming up around the corner in early 2006, unknown to me. The whole reason my book came out looking as nice as it did was 100% due to this unexpected gig.

And the added bonus of the assignment was that the astronomical agency asked me to help out at a two day solar conference being held at Wintergreen Resort…..all expenses paid, including two nights hotel room and meals at the fancy mountaintop restaurant for both days, where Tom was able to join me. The whole experience was just beyond awesome.

So this is another one of those “it scares me to think what would have happened” job moments, had I caved in to intellectual logic and fear, and ignored that intense intuition that was obviously being delivered through some higher means that knew that this other, primo gig was less than a day away from calling the agency. I needed to be off the incorrect assignment NOW, in order to be available for the right one.

Balance is always the key when it comes to intuition versus the logical intellect. There’s a time and a place for both, and neither should be eschewed for the other. It’s true for any situation in life, but also for when feeling things out with any job situation.


“Concerned Citizen” Freewill Test Warnings

Another strange form of obstacle I’ve experienced in relation to work involves the whole (manipulative) “WARNING TO NOT QUIT MY JOB!” thing.

This is something that used to happen more frequently years ago, but, not so much anymore, since “Stuff” probably realizes by this point that it doesn’t work. ;) But there I’d be, wanting to leave an “eh” job in an attempt to upgrade, annnnnd…..the dire warnings would start coming in through various coworkers, none of whom I was even friends with. But there they were…..just so intensely concerned and frowny about the idea of me leaving and going for that upgrade. um hm.

As I wrote in an old article years ago that used to be on my site, called “What are you going to DO with your life?!” which was basically a more simplified version of this one, the various messages that started flooding at me during times that I was planning to ditch a gig and go for something better:

“Don’t quit your job, Carissa, don’t do it…” (gotta love the direct command, using my name and everything.)
“It’s so hard to find a job right now…”
“I was unemployed for over four months before getting this job, it was the scariest thing I’ve ever gone through…”
“Check out how many other resumes we looked at when we were interviewing for your position…”
“Times are tough right now…”
“Don’t quit your job unless you have another one lined up!” (more direct commands)
“There’s no jobs right now….”
“Hundreds of people are competing for the same job!”
“Pay rates are bad wherever you go, nobody wants to pay…..”

blah blah blah, and on and on.

But a total “Hall of Fame” level “concerned citizen” warning, and which formulated the entire title of “What are you going to DO with your life?!” in the first place, took place at a longer term temp assignment I was at in downtown Fort Lauderdale in January of 2004. I was a fill-in receptionist and office administrative assistant at a major law firm that has branches in multiple states, and has represented some pretty big deal mega “Illuminati” corporations and famous people you could say. (During the end of my time there they were getting ready to move to the “Bank of America” building across the way, which has a giant 13-tiered pyramid on top, along with the BofA logo that contains three 11’s, aka, the Freemasonic 33.) But while at this gig I had multiple people at the job corner me, mainly the paralegals, making my business their business and trying to convince me that I should sign on for that job permanently. If I did I could be a law clerk, and they would train me how to do it.

Now, I had zero interest in doing that, for many reasons — namely, I hated the work, but I also just didn’t like the company. (The beauty of temping is you get to try on a lot of jobs, see what you would and wouldn’t like.) But they began aggressively trying to “sell” the undesirable position to me, like a campaign. It became freaky. They were acting like programmed robots running a script, because no matter how many times I said “No!” it was like we never had the conversation……….and they would start all over again the next day. And the next. And the day after next. I don’t need to point out to readers that this is not normal behavior. I also heard the same exact speech from everybody about how much money I would be making. Tons and tons of money!! Come on, take the position! Money money money!! “I made $60,000 last year Carissa…” insinuating of course, that I could too…….as an entry level law clerk.   riiiight.

No thanks, I thought. I’d be putting in ten hour days sometimes, six days a week, doing work I hated. That’s like selling my soul.

Then it was the last ditch desperate appeal, I had at least three people resort to saying the same exact thing to me on separate occasions:

“What are you going to DO with your life?!?” they all asked. They would stare at me, brows furrowed, looking a little stunned, completely appalled that I would think of rejecting such an “opportunity.” Like my life would lack all meaning and purpose without it. There was just nothing else I could possibly be doing with my life other than this. The entire thing was too manipulative, too over-the-top, just trying way too hard, to where they completely overshot it. Now it was just downright creepy. It was already a big no, but now? After multiple people utilizing the same verbatim script? Absolutely no chance.

So in every instance of “concerned,” and sometimes pointed warnings, I ignored everybody and did what I wanted to do, living life on my terms. These warnings had nothing to do with giving some sort of shit about my financial wellbeing, but rather, everything to do with ”Stuff” trying to keep me in the pen at a job that would maximize negative energy feeding, ensuring I wouldn’t have the free time or energy to engage in things that were more meaningful….and aligned with my life destiny…..and in some cases, while also not providing the level of money I would have preferred/needed. All the while utilizing whatever handy vessels were nearby to deliver the warnings. And in the case of the Fort Lauderdale law firm, I believe there was something even more sinister going on, considering the nature of the business and where they were about to move.

Luckily whenever this sort of thing happened I always saw through it and disregarded what I was hearing. And I always got my upgrade, in terms of landing at a better company, with better and more enjoyable job duties, maybe more money, better coworkers/bosses, maybe even a better location and in general better circumstances, and thus proving myself right to myself. Have never regretted quitting a job to seek better. Each time I’ve improved my circumstances, rising higher and higher in life….but on my terms. Not in a “selling your soul” way. It’s scary to think of where I’d be in life if I had actually listened to any of the “concerned citizens” and just….stayed put in the pen, accepting mediocrity, never trying for better, like they were sometimes outright commanding me to. O.o Know your self worth.

Of all the things on that above list though, the whole “never quit a job without another one lined up!” warning really annoys me in particular, and is something I’ve encountered multiple times from various people over the years. I enjoy and sometimes definitely need some time off between gigs to get my head screwed back on straight before even thinking about jumping into another boiling pot. And for many years now I had the financial luxury to do so. But something I’ve come to learn is that many people exist paycheck to paycheck, even the ones you wouldn’t necessarily suspect because they seem higher up…..and they wrongly assume that everybody around them exists like that too. So there they are, trying to impose their own nonsense onto everybody else. It’s the absolute worst job hunting “advise” ever in my opinion, and reflects everything about the people doling it out and their own financial woes, versus those they’re supposedly trying to “help.” If a person can afford to take some time off between gigs, and mentally/physically needs to, then they should. Nothing wrong with that.

However, such is the expectation in our society that everybody needs to be jumping from boiling pot to boiling pot with no time off in between that many companies make it an issue if they see a “GAP IN EMPLOYMENT!!!!!” on your resume. :/ I’ve definitely experienced this, having to “answer” for what was going on with that. What was going on? ummmmm, “I-WASN’T-WORKING.” You know….sleeping in late, going places, engaging in my hobbies, having fun, catching up on stuff that needed to get done, getting physically and mentally healthy. You know….”LIVING-LIFE.” And when I was good and ready I “WENT-BACK-TO-WORK.” What is there to not understand? On multiple occasions I’ve even had to answer for those time periods in my work history where I was choosing to be a temp through staffing agencies, enjoying the freedom and variety of moving from temp gig to temp gig. (I actually craved and sought out temp gigs during various periods of my life, versus looking for perm work, which is unusual as compared to most other people, but there was never any shortage of work, that’s all I can say. !!) Definitely received negative attitudes/frowns about that in various interviews, and I’m pretty sure I’ve lost out on a few jobs over the years for just the temping thing alone.

Companies should see it as a positive thing that a potential employee was actually employed (and in my case, consistently, despite those small time off periods) and especially when the staffing agencies, and the people they’ve worked for at their various temp assignments, are voluntary positive references. That’s all a very good sign. In my case my resume was also peppered with high level permanent, long term office jobs, who were also my positive references, while also highlighting all my useful admin skills and abilities that put me above many other admin workers. More positive things they should ideally be looking at. Instead, many have chosen to bizarrely focus on “time off” and those times of “not staying put” at a conventional perm job. Why is that?

It all just ties back though into the puppet pawns that are put into place at so many companies, doing the bidding of the loosh milking “matrix control system,” helping to perpetuate the very unhealthy, unwritten “rules” of this place that are intended to keep all the good little cows in their pens, constantly producing “loosh” milk for the feeders. Punish those that don’t follow the unwritten rules. “You did WHAT?!?!? You took two months OFF?!?!?!” “You did WHAT?!! You preferred to work at temp gigs instead of being financially fearful and staying put?!! You didn’t buy into this game the way you’re supposed to??!? WHAT?!??”

Most never question these “unwritten rules” though, despite how nonsensical it is by the physical world’s standards, just vigorously nodding their heads in fear and making sure to get in line. Which thus, allows this particular unwritten rule to keep going, unchallenged. Though they should be questioning it. I did, and chose to disregard that rule. Multiple times in life. “I’ll do what I want. And if you don’t like it, there’s another company out there somewhere, not run by MCS serving puppets, who will be happy to have me.” :) Their loss if they insist on hiring burned out people who’ve worked non-stop for the past 10+ years straight, versus somebody who takes time off here and there to recharge and comes back better than ever, ready to kick ass. (And while it may sound like I’ve lost out on dozens of jobs or something over this whole issue and that I’m bitter in some way, that’s actually not the case. But it has been enough of an issue here and there over the years to make it worth noting. Many websites that give job seeking/resume advice will specifically address the “gaps in employment” thing and how to handle it. But it shouldn’t be a “thing” in the first place.)

Even if “concerned citizen” warning messages are coming at a person from supposed friends and family, it doesn’t necessarily make them any more valid. In my case these “don’t quit your job” messages happened to be coming in from people I had no regard for, AT all, like, not even work friends with them. So I’m obviously not going to listen to their bizarrely “coincidental” and over the top warnings about things that aren’t even their business in the first place. Who’s going to know what’s best for me in my unique life situation? Strangers who sound manipulative and suspicious? Or me, who’s actually been living it firsthand for however many years? Especially since I knew things they didn’t know. I knew about staffing agencies for instance, which a lot of people don’t know about but which I’d been successfully utilizing since 1997. I was also aware of reality creation/manifestation, and had seen it at work in my own life on multiple occasions. Then there was the fact that in most of these cases I just straight up had way more going for me than these “harbingers of doom” did. (Insert me looking them up and down in a wary way. “um…..yeah….no, I get it, I can see why things don’t really work out for you….with people wanting to hire you……but um…..I think I’ll be fine….thanks…..” O.o )

These “concerned citizens” were lacking some important pieces of the puzzle that I happened to know about, imposing their own ignorance, limitations and shortcomings onto me. Which isn’t anything new. It’s something we see all around us in life in general, not just with employment “advise.” Once again…..believe in yourself, and know your self worth. Truly.

However, other people may receive weirdly timed “warnings” and messages of this sort, about anything in life, not just work/jobs stuff, from friends and family whom they’ve put a lot of credence in. And that can be a problem. Friends and family can so often be a person’s blind spot/Achilles Heel, more apt to be trusted due to their proximity and length of time in a person’s life, coupled with the common mistaken assumption that friends or family always have one’s best interest in mind. That’s why it’s important to always navigate through life with a discerning mind, no matter who’s delivering a message.

Something I’ve come to discover about this reality is that a lot of the so-called obstacles or “warnings” we may receive to try to steer us away from seeking/achieving something better, whether it involves jobs, personal relationships, moves to new locations, etc., you name it, are in essence “freewill tests.” “Warnings” that are being delivered by “Stuff” in the hopes we’ll take them seriously and just….give up straight away, not knowing our own power, and relinquishing our freewill. This is a freewill free-for-all zone as noted earlier, which means things are often times playing out like some sort of really bizarre game.

I’ve experienced freewill tests in various situations, and some of which were truly serious, not just silly verbal warnings. Actual psychic-based physical attacks and such, usually immediate and extreme, total smack down repercussion, trying to threaten for various things I was doing in life. (Which then makes the verbal “warnings” involving jobs look like total child’s play.) But in the end I always chose to keep at it, whatever it was, rather than just permanently giving up in fear. And it turned out that those threats were just one-off deals. A test. To see if I’d take it seriously and….back off. Many don’t choose to keep at it though unfortunately, and give in straight away, no fight, allowing these things more power than they deserve. You really need to have some fight in you if you’re going to survive this place, that’s all I can say. They’ll test you, but it’s all the same thing that’s depicted in “The Wizard of Oz” with the whole “Man Behind the Curtain,” trying to scare Dorothy and friends into giving up in their quest. Or the oogedy boogedy gatekeepers in “Labyrinth,” trying to scare Sarah into turning back, giving up and not completing her mission.

They may only be movies, but, the concept is definitely very real, and it’s happening to people every day. Which is exactly why it’s an archetype appearing in multiple movies and stories. So it’s up to us whether we’re going to take freewill tests seriously….or recognize them for what they are, know ourselves, and press onwards.

The Role of Personal Frequency

Intense moments of personal or job related upheaval, mentioned earlier, is something many Love ‘n Light New Agers tend to misread, as I wrote about in New Age Love and Light Fallacies:

“Many new agers get everything backwards and upside down, including this. They think that so long as negative stuff is happening to a person then “it must be happening for a reason,” so, just sit there and suffer with it for as long as it goes on because the suffering itself must be “the lesson.” No, the lesson is to realize, ’Hey, something in my personal frequency/field is pulling these sorts of awful people and situations into my reality. I need to look into that and figure out how this happened……so I can change things.’ That’s the lesson.”

I went on to say:

“On the other hand I do understand that many spiritual practices say that the higher way to be is to “learn how to tolerate things.” The Toltec path in particular promotes the idea of finding a Petty Tyrant that one can practice with. Find a bully tyrant, and have them push you around so you can see where your weak spots are, and I admit…….I agree with this too. To a degree, as I’ll explain. For instance, I have to interact extensively with the public, both over the phone and in person, due to the nature of my job and so me and my colleagues get our fair share of crazies and people yelling and being mad and taking things out on us. [NOTE: This isn’t the case anymore. Haven’t worked at that job in years.] And I admit, it’s a great exercise to see where my vulnerabilities lie. My ultimate goal in life would be to be able to sit or stand there as somebody goes off, doing their petty tyrant thing, and to be completely unfazed no matter what they say, or what tricks they pull. But the only way to get there is to learn where my weak spots still lie. And so I use these people in that way. With every person who acts nuts, or says crazy things, I’m able to test myself and get stronger. I’ve learned things about myself, and have been able to make changes. I’m still not there yet, but I’ve made progress.

“It’s important to note that playing around with the random crazy person at a (transient) job, where you’re in control and the whole thing is just a big game, is entirely different from dealing with a permanent, abusive relationship or some sort of truly serious, toxic set up, and where you’re not in control and are “forgetting yourself.” In the case of the latter there is no New Agey passive doormat “life lesson” to learn other than what was stated above: ‘Hey, something in my personal frequency/field is pulling these sorts of awful people and situations into my reality. I need to look into that and figure out how this happened……so I can change things.’ And of course, leave the situation.”

Negative subconscious programing we’ve received over our lifetime and unprocessed emotional baggage that we carry around, creating the aforementioned issues floating around in our personal frequency/field, can often times account for one of the subset phenomenon written about in gangstalking/targeted individual lore – workplace mobbing.

As readers of my website probably know, I’m familiar with/have contributed my two cents about, the subjects of monitoring, abductions, and general targeting in all forms, and the role that personal frequency plays in these subjects. Including what’s known as “gangstalking,” and the “targeted individuals” phenomenon. The gist of the article I wrote about gangstalking was about the way in which there are forces at work in our reality that can, and do, operate through people (no surprise to readers by this point in our little outing into the world of employment and the workplace), causing a chunk of the phenomenon that people mistakenly attribute to coordinated, physical-based gangstalking.

Gangstalking/targeting requires people to perpetrate it, and there definitely seems to be cases where those engaging in it know exactly what they’re doing. But in many instances the people involved may not even be consciously aware of how they’re being used, or what they’re being manipulated into doing. So in other words, they may not be piloting their own wheel. Or there’s the more complicated situation involving the way a “target” can continually attract in synchronistically repeating scenarios, which allows for them to keep “being in the right place at the right time” to experience particular things, but where the people involved in those scenarios truly have no idea of anything. They’re just innocently living their lives, meanwhile, the “target” is the one whose life/reality keeps pulling in events that are a match for whatever’s going on in their subconscious. But because so many people either aren’t aware of, or flat our refuse to believe in the idea of hyperdimensional reality and the “stuff” that operates from it, nor understand the phenomenon of synchronicity and the mechanisms for how it all works means they’re missing most of the pieces of the puzzle…..for everything in general, but definitely including gangstalking/targeting/abuse.

In addition, many people either aren’t aware of, or refuse to believe in, the “new age-y” ideas of reality creation/manifestation, which relies both on the intensity of our thoughts and the state of our personal frequencies. People often don’t realize how powerful the human mind really is in terms of shaping our everyday realities, and drawing to ourselves that which is a match for us, not least of all with jobs/work, both positive and negative. Every single minute of our lives is being constructed with input from ourselves, whether we realize it or not. Whether it’s active action that we’re consciously aware of and engaging in, or subconscious, in the form of vibes/emotions/feelings, beliefs about what is and isn’t possible and scripts that run loops in our minds. Either way, we’re pulling in that which is a match for those thoughts, feelings and beliefs, however expansive or limiting, every day.

This is why it’s so important to become aware of what’s hiding in the subconscious and to realize our own scripts and programming, so that we can identify anything that’s holding us back and then begin consciously changing things. Because as mentioned, if you apathetically allow it to resort to whatever default it prefers it will often be something that benefits It, in terms of energy feeding and possible life derailment, and not you.

This brings us back to “workplace mobbing,” whereby people who believe themselves to be targeted claim that gangstalkers are somehow being pre-emptively put into place at a job prior to the target ever being hired on, and all for the purpose of harassing/tormenting the target, leading to them usually eventually being driven out. And when you hear their stories you can often times see why they would think such a thing, because their experiences usually are pretty pointed and over the top. Especially when they’re being singled out, yet other employees aren’t being mistreated in the same way. And having gone through my own litany of doozy jobs full of too-obnoxious-to-even-be-real assholes over the years means I totally relate. Without awareness of the hyperdimensional side of reality and its forces whom I’ve come to learn are frequently operating through humans, as well as knowledge of the powerful and sometimes downright freaky nature of reality creation/manifestation, means I too may have also come to incorrect conclusions had I not had awareness of those additional puzzle pieces.

While there may be genuine cases of organized workplace harassment, where the people involved have knowingly colluded together with a concrete plan, I however truly believe that much of what gangstalking proponents attribute to “workplace mobbing” is a result of inadvertent manifestation/reality creation based on personal frequency, and/or hyperdimensional forces operating through whatever useful half empty pawns/vessels happen to be in the vicinity. The latter of which ultimately ties back into the target’s personal frequency being a match for that, usually due to fear and weakness, as well as whatever personal issues are kicking around in their subconscious. In particular, if somebody experienced ongoing childhood abuse in any form and/or bullying during their formative years, that usually imprints the “bullied/scapegoated weak and powerless persecuted victim” mindset onto them, thus setting them up for MAJOR problems as an adult. Most often in the form of finding themselves paired up with abusive partners, since it’s a match for the only thing they know, but also in the form of jobs with nasty bosses or psycho coworkers who make their life hell. So either way it really all just boils down to personal frequency in some form or another, drawing things in.

I elaborate on these subjects in depth in my “Gangstalking” article, so if readers are interested I recommend checking that out. Many people think they’ve gotten past whatever happened to them as a child, but they have no idea how much the imprinting is embedded in them, and affecting them even as an adult on an unconscious level. And not just with regards to personal relationships and jobs they may be drawing to themselves, but every aspect of their lives.

Bottom line, the idea of people being pre-emptively put into place for workplace mobbing purposes against a target simply doesn’t make sense or hold up, especially for those who believe it keeps happening to them job after job after job, for years on end, and no matter where in the country – or even world – that they move to. However, what does make more logical sense is the idea that there are issues kicking around in their personal field and subconscious that keeps drawing in these types of experiences and people, including being a match for opportunistic interference from neg stuff working through whatever weak link pawns happen to be in the vicinity. Diehard proponents of physical-based gangstalking/targeting hold fast to the “workplace mobbing collusion” theory though because again, they’re missing so much of the puzzle pieces and have no other way to explain what’s happening.

People experiencing this type of weirdness in life often go online to find answers, and come across all these mis/disinformation gangstalking sites designed to promote strictly physical-based theories for 100% of all weird occurrences, and mistakenly accept the explanations being presented. “These people have experienced the same things I have, and they’ve concluded that the answer is such-and-such. So that must mean it’s the same answer for me as well….right??”


Something I’ve learned the long hard way is that when I had unresolved psychological baggage mucking up my subconscious, along with conflicting ideas and apathy, not taking charge to dictate how I wanted things to go with confident, self-assured conviction, then all hell completely broke loose with my job situation……including drawing to myself situations, and even people, that were exact spot-on matches for aforementioned psychological baggage. And when I say “exact match” I’m talking down to hair, skin and eye colorings, and even astrological configurations being the same, on top of the same personalities and behaviors. It was another version of the problematic people from my past, manifesting through somebody else. Things resorted to that “default mode” mentioned earlier, which didn’t serve my greater good….but definitely provided ample “Loosh” for the energy feeders of this reality, while contributing to on escalating downward spiral, until I took conscious action and turned it around.

“Workplace bullying/workplace mobbing” only happens because those on the receiving end don’t stand up for themselves and leave the situation. Doesn’t absolve the perpetrators for how they behave, but we ARE responsible for how we choose to respond when that sort of situation is being directed at us. Acknowledging whatever our role may have been in allowing things to happen to us as adults that technically didn’t have to is absolutely crucial for awareness, and turning that corner.

There’s nothing to say to those who like being a victim and have a kneejerk negative response to the idea of being an adult and taking personal responsibility, or to those who have their million and one financial-related excuses for why they feel they literally can’t leave a job, because a lifetime of particular choices has resulted in them finding themselves at the mercy of money. So for them it is what it is. Hopefully the perpetual victims eventually wake up and realize they have more control and power than they realize, and that it really is in their hands. And for those reading this who are still young, and/or who haven’t yet made particular choices that paint them into a financial corner – try to continue to keep yourself as financially unencumbered as possible, because that means freedom in ways that most people don’t even think of when they’re pondering on what “financial freedom” means.

It doesn’t just mean spare money to buy things with, or the ability to go on a vacation, or even having no debt. It also means the freedom to walk away from any trap that is trying to impose itself upon you in life, from an abusive romantic partner, to parents who are trying to control your life even as an adult through the use of financial dependence/financial blackmail, to screwball roommates or landlord, to a shitty job with shitty bosses, could be anything, fill in the blank. Something is trying to control you and get you under its thumb by using money as the ultimate weapon…………… except it can’t work if you have it, and are therefore free to walk away. Seems so obvious as to not even be worth mentioning, however, the way in which our world is full of people who haven’t thought ahead about things and planned accordingly in order to keep themselves as unencumbered as possible proves otherwise.

Another issue affecting so many people is deep rooted poverty programming, causing negative/limited views on money and success, often dating back to childhood and whatever attitudes and situations their own parents modeled for them. It causes people to believe that money is “not for them” in general, or that only a certain amount of money is possible….but nothing beyond that. Or that they don’t “deserve” it for some reason. Or that it’s somehow “not possible” to rise out of the station they’ve been born into. They’ve subconsciously limited themselves, without ever realizing it, and therefore positive opportunities may never come their way. Not only with regards to employment, but life in general.

And while this may sound like some hokey, new age “The Secret” nonsense I can personally attest that it’s absolutely a true and valid concept, as somebody who identified my own programming about money and what supposedly was and wasn’t “possible” for me and took steps to move past it…and succeeded. Earlier I mentioned landing that primo job that I decided to go perm at and which put me on the “big money timeline,” forever altering the course of my life. That happened directly after identifying some programming going on in my subconscious centering around money limitations, and sitting down one night to get past it. And immediately after doing that…..BAM. New timeline. The one with money.

Patterns in the Chaos, and Seeing Behind the Curtain

One of the reasons why many people don’t “wake up” sooner, if ever at all, has to do with their lack of life experience, touched on at the beginning of this write up. But work at enough jobs with enough people across enough industries in enough widely distributed locations over enough years and…….eventually you’ll begin to notice those “patterns in the chaos.” These are vital pieces of the puzzle, clueing us in that reality isn’t necessarily what they’re telling us it is, and it definitely doesn’t function the way we’ve been taught. (Or rather, not taught, is more like it.) But for those who’ve only ever worked at a few jobs in their entire life, in the same limited area, they most likely never get to witness some critical pieces of the puzzle fall into place.

Patterns in the chaos involve a lot of weird phenomenon. The biggest one being the whole Modus Operandi thing, where so many companies in completely different industries are being mismanaged straight into the ground in the same exact ways. It all boils down to “What are the odds?” As noted in one of my articles, “On Skeptics”: “Many things probably are just a coincidence, but when something happens enough times in enough unusual ways, then at what point is it no longer just a coincidence?”

Then there’s the repeating behavioral patterns of so many of these workplace troublemakers and pawns that either bully other coworkers or help facilitate this nose dive mismanagement, doing and sometimes even saying the same verbatim things. What are the odds? What has always interested me in particular are those times when a person (in any situation, though I’ve definitely experienced it at a job as well) demonstrates a sudden shift in demeanor, getting that identical, telltale “glint in the eye” and predatorial smirk thing going on, saying strangely pointed things they should have no way of knowing, or something outright creepy or threatening. What are the odds? As simple as it may seem it really is so important, because it’s a key piece of the puzzle. It helps prove, to me anyway, that so many here are not in control of themselves, and that there really is “something else” often operating through people. Or, getting to witness different people manifesting that whole glazed over, empty eyed, monotone speaking “robot running scripts who can’t be reasoned with or affected in any way” thing. Same deal. Again…what are the odds?

On a more innocuous note was the repeating “don’t quit your job!” warnings from “concerned citizens” that I’ve encountered that all had the same manipulative feel to them. The worst being the “What are you going to DO with your life?!” script. And similar to that was the bizarrely “coincidental” word for word verbatim “warning” I once received from two vastly different coworkers, eight years apart, concerning moving to Florida. In 1994, while waitressing in SoCal, I mentioned to my coworker/work friend Josh one night my ideas for moving to Florida. Josh was 24, and a native of Cali. His response? Looked me straight in the eye and in a deadpan voice said, “You know they have four inch long cockroaches that fly, don’t you?” Uh, no actually, I didn’t. O.o Seriously, humongous cockroaches?? Just….flying around at people?? Are you kidding me?? My innocent 19 year old self who was easily affected was just like, No thanks then, I’ll pass! Immediately nixed that idea and just stayed in SoCal. O.o

Flash forward to Portland, Oregon, in February 2002, as I was finishing up a temp gig at a major national insurance company in a high rise downtown on 6th Avenue, all the while 99% positive that I was going to move to Florida after leaving. I was relaying these plans to my coworker Penelope, who was 32 and from England…and who’d never even been to Florida, mind you. And she looked me straight in the eye and said in the same exact verbatim deadpan voice as Josh, the same exact verbatim thing he had said eight years before: “You know they have four inch long cockroaches that fly, don’t you?”

What are the odds. :/

This time though I was ready for it, having recently experienced my intensive “awakening” period, and understanding better about these sorts of….manipulative, suspicious weirdness. “Yeah, well, that’s what baseball bats are for,” I joked, imitating swinging a bat at winged flying objects. “And you know, a cockroach that’s four inches long…that’s not a bug. That’s a bird!!” We both laughed.

I knew though that since this pointed comment had once been said to me before, and had worked so insanely well to “keep me in line/in the pen” it might be used again. Well, reality didn’t disappoint. O.o I didn’t listen though, obviously, being that I was already prepared and on it, and proceeded to move to Florida anyway, which I’ve never regretted.

What’s also interesting to note is that the only reason Tom ( and I even joined up in life was only because I moved to Florida. If I’d stayed in Portland (can’t even imagine…..worst-place-ever……) or moved back to SoCal it wouldn’t have happened, as SoCal and the west coast wasn’t doable or acceptable for him. Florida was though, which is where I was already planning on going anyway. So….a bit interesting the attempt to steer me away, once again. (And BTW…in the now ten years total that I’ve lived in south Florida, in two different counties, I’ve never once encountered an actual four inch long cockroach/Palmetto bug, let alone a cockroach/Palmetto bug of any size that was actually full on flying around. So, we’re looking at a straight up lie, delivered through two completely different people, years apart.) This whole thing though was one of those classic “freewill tests.” I fell for it the first time. But not the second.

Then there was the two coworkers who literally “shut down” and went on some sort of “pause mode” when I apparently said a “no-no conspiracy word” to them. O.o This is where we now segue from “patterns in the chaos that clue us in to something” to just outright “seeing behind a curtain.” This is pretty much my all time favorite “weirdness at work anecdote.” Nothing tops it.

But back in 2005 in Charlottesville, Virginia I was working at what I jokingly called “the Illuminati hotel” (nicknamed that for several reasons, which I get into in much more detail in “Chasing Phantoms,” which is a free download if anybody is interested). I was at the front desk one afternoon, along with the Front Desk supervisor guy and the Concierge guy, both of whom I’ll keep anonymous since it’s a small city, and quite easy to figure out the identity of this place. But long story short, I made a joking reference to the hotel being “Illuminati,” because it had something to do with whatever we were talking about….and then proceeded to watch as Front Desk Supervisor guy and Concierge guy both just simultaneously…….stopped speaking, heads dipping downward towards their chests, eyes suddenly looking at nothing, seeming to go on “pause.” I hesitated, confused….then continued speaking about something else, changing the subject. Immediately they both “came back to life,” heads lifting up, resuming conversation as if that hadn’t just happened.

I was just like, holy shit….!!! O.o wondering did I really just see that?? Did that really just happen?? So a couple of minutes later I tried again, purposely working another joking mention into the conversation of “the Illuminati.” And sure enough, same as before, Front Desk Supervisor guy and Concierge guy just went zzzzzzttt! Immediately ceased speaking, heads both dipping down, both staring at nothing. Once again on “pause mode,” because I apparently just said the wrong ass thing. O.o It was almost identical though to what’s shown in the 1999 David Cronenberg movie “eXistenZ,” about an extremely realistic virtual reality game, where if the players don’t say the correct “prompts” to the characters then the characters go on a weird looping pause mode. Cease speaking, eyes fixed on nothing, heads rolling around and around…waiting for the prompt to unpause. With the exception of the exaggerated head rolling thing, the rest was all the same.

Do I believe it’s the same thing happening in my case? Not really I guess. But, I also don’t know how it worked. Even if it was some kind of mind control I don’t understand how it was done. Whatever it was, apparently the word “Illuminati” had been “flagged by the censors,” triggering automatic “deletion in awareness.” That entire job situation was absolutely whack though, in terms of the conspiracy surrounding it, so if readers are interested I’d recommended checking out “Chasing Phantoms” for the rest of the story.

And related to this is an incident that occurred at a long term office temp gig in south Florida in 2014, during a department meeting. In the meeting were myself and three other coworkers named Lisa, Brian and Scott, sitting in leather chairs that had causally been pushed together to form a circle. The relevant backstory: the day before I seemed to have experienced an hour and a half of full on “missing time,” when it was apparently 5 p.m. but where I would have sworn it was only about 3:30….and couldn’t account for that hour and a half. I only realized the time discrepancy when Lisa PM’d me to remind me to answer a question she had asked earlier…to which I wondered why she was asking again so soon (there was a reason I didn’t get back to her right away, but not relevant for this story)……only to realize that an hour and a half was gone. It was now time to go home.

The whole thing left me the most shocked/dumbfounded that I’d been in a long time, because I could feel that something was truly wrong and off. This wasn’t just a case of “time getting away from me” and “not paying attention.” If that were the case then this sort of thing would be happening all the time, because we all get super busy and distracted at our jobs. But it doesn’t automatically lead to an actual feeling of “missing time,” like what was happening here. This was different. If you have a good sense of time, like I do, you can tell without even a clock or watch how much time has transpired. You know what a minute feels like. What a half an hour feels like. What eight hours feels like. Which means not only being a good gauge of time passage, but being able to accurately guess the time without a time piece. And I/my internal time gauge could clearly feel that I had not been there for eight hours. There was a hole. I didn’t mention this specific thing to Lisa when responding to her follow up PM, only expressed my shock at the inexplicable passage of time and how I didn’t realize it was already 5.

So Lisa brought this up in the meeting the next day, but in a joking way, to which I smiled and said, “Yeah, it was like missing time or something, like what you hear about with abductions.” And worth noting is that normally I would never make a joke like that in the “mainstream world,” let alone at a mainstream job where I have zero indication of the people around me being awake/aware. But I pushed past my normal inclinations and did it anyway in this instance.

Annnnnnnd……I looked around the circle and watched as Lisa, Brian and Scott all just….stared straight ahead at nothing, going blank for a few seconds, not responding in any way to what I’d just said. It wasn’t a case of giving each other “looks” to indicate, oh what a weirdo she is for saying something like that, then ignoring my comment in a quietly mocking way. It was like all three of them “shut off” for a few seconds at the same exact moment, going silent and staring at nothing in front of them. Then after a few seconds Lisa “came back” so to speak, sitting up straighter in her seat, with regular expression back in her face, turning towards Brian and just….skipping past my comment like I hadn’t said it. Scott also seemed to “come back,” getting a normal expression back in his face, and the meeting continued without incident.

As I watched this happen there was this whole sort of finger wagging, reprimanding feeling overcoming me that “YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO SAY THINGS LIKE THAT!” The best way to describe what was being conveyed to me was a feeling of “disrupting the Matrix.” Like there’s some sort of control in place that has it all on lockdown, and most everything is running on a script and/or is highly controlled, and “it”/”they” know what to anticipate. Because now it has to scramble to cover up what you just unexpectedly said or did, keep things flowing along as “normal” and “predictable.” So it was a feeling that I was causing unexpected disruption that needed to be handled. I was being “A WRENCH IN THE WORKS.”

(Which means, when supposed “chaos” and “revolutions” and “rioting” occur in this world it’s by design. Nothing happens without “permission”/allowance. And it’s also why more random, chaotic nonsense isn’t happening on a regular basis, all over the world. Key emphasis on “random, chaotic.” Not merely “negative.” Everyday negative nonsense, both on an individual and mass level, is actually highly encouraged, for reasons already reviewed at the beginning of this piece. But considering that we’re supposedly at seven billion people means that nothing should be functioning as smoothly as it does. Should be WAY more large level chaos and madness all around us on a regular basis. Yet it does function relatively smoothly, for the most part. It’s because there are many controls in place, different versions of which I’ve witnessed and experienced for myself, going way beyond the constraints of this piece. But this anecdote illustrates one of many versions.)

But apparently if you suddenly blurt out very pointed references to “the woo” to people who “aren’t supposed to hear things like that” in an out of context situation then it throws a wrench in the works and disrupts – and highly agitates – the program. Who knew. O.o Which to me is absolutely bizarre, considering the endless amount of alien, abduction and all around “woo” movies, shows and books that have saturated our society for over 50 years now, a point I brought up to Tom when we were trying to analyze this situation. It’s not like my coworkers wouldn’t have been familiar with what I was jokingly referencing. My comment wasn’t a big deal. So I truly don’t get it. But I know what I saw. And I know what I immediately felt afterward. Some outside influence “finger wagging!!!” me.

The whole “missing time in the middle of the day while at work” thing though? Not the first time that’s happened either. :/ So it ultimately wasn’t a surprise when it happened again. The other notable occurrence happened at what I’ll call my Big Cheese office job, in Charlottesville, approximately 2010. I call it that because of where I was working, and who I was working for, which was very high up. (As in, “people in charge” level of high up.) In that particular instance I was sitting at the main front desk, and remember that the time was somewhere between 9:30 and 10, according to the clock on the wall facing me, though I can’t pinpoint it to the minute. Then suddenly it was noon as I was “coming to” at my desk, feeling hazy and extremely confused, like waking up. The clock on the wall now said it was noon. It had only just been 9:30-10….how could it already be noon??? Slowly I resumed going back about my business, exactly like what’s depicted in the movie “Dark City” when the residents all simultaneously emerge from their hypnotic trance after a nightly “Tuning,” but never realize or question why they had just “fallen asleep.” (And no, I’ve never fallen asleep at a job before, in case anybody’s wondering. And that’s definitely not what was happening here, as we’ll soon see.)

I would have forgotten about this incident entirely…..except later on at about 2:30 a coworker named Ryan, who worked in a different part of the building, made mention of this. He came into the office to refill his water bottle, and while waiting at the cooler he stood with his hand on his hip, gazing up at the clock and mused in a befuddled way that ”I lost two hours today. One minute it was going on 10:00, and the next it was noon.” I just stared at him, wide eyed…remembering what had happened earlier, because it had already been forgotten. Which is how it typically goes. :/ Programming to make you just…move on, forgetting about various “woo woo” happenings, as I’ve repeatedly experienced and have had to fight back against, which I’ve talked about on my website. But that hazy, confused and foggy feeling as I “came to,” along with the urge to just…forget about it and move on, and Ryan validating verbatim the same phenomenon are all proof of something unnatural occurring, and not just our imaginations. Ryan went on to lament that he was now behind on his deadline for a project that needed to be completed by the end of day because of this two hour time loss. He wasn’t thinking about it in terms of “MISSING TIME,” he just thought time had inexplicably….gotten away from him. Oh, it did alright….just not in the way that he probably imagined. :/

In this case time “jumped,” but were it not for the clock in front of me I wouldn’t have been aware. Versus the 2014 incident that felt like actual “missing time,” and where I could feel the “hole” of said missing time once the discrepancy came to my awareness.

So this time jump/whatever was happening at my Big Cheese job in Charlottesville was apparently building-wide at least. Not just isolated to only me, in the office I was sitting at. But the question is….did it extend beyond even that? If so, how far? Citywide? Regionwide? Nationwide? Worldwide? And how many other times had something like this happened, but because somebody around me didn’t point it out, jogging my memory, I’d allowed the programming to have its way to just forget about things and moved on? It also reminds me of the 2002 Vincenzo Natali movie “Cypher,” where there’s a few scenes depicting business men and women attending symposiums being drugged and mind controlled/programmed during the long winded boring meetings, then come to later in a hazy, foggy daze, none the wiser of what was just done to them. Lot of different movies trying to convey some of the same repeating messages…..over….and over…..and over…..

“There are a lot of….strange things that can take place at a job” indeed. Between the strangely repeating patterns of mismanaged madness designed for energy feeding, people behaving as if they’re temporarily being taken over by “something else” that speaks through them, or outright glitchy happenings where people are being put on “pause” due to “flagged words and phrases,” and missing time verified by coworkers, I have definitely concluded that there is something very much “beyond” happening here.


Closing Thoughts

It’s not all negative all the time everywhere. There are plenty of positive, awesome people in the world who actually give a shit, and make a positive difference not only at work, but in all areas of life. But it’s a true tug of war situation going on in the world right now, everywhere you look. And many organizations, whether on the small, local/regional level or larger worldwide level have been “infested” from the top down, unfortunately. It’s amazing the havoc one bad person with power can do. Not only with their own ineptness and/or abusive treatment of those below them, but in terms of who they choose to hire on……….continuing the infestation.

It would seem that the solution to the entire issue of empty abusers/exploiters taking root in our reality should be quite simple – hiring good, smart, honest, competent, souled people instead, to occupy key positions within companies/organizations, which thus helps to ensure the positive trickle down effects. But that’s obviously not the case…..nor will it be anytime soon. Why? The answer, as always ;) is multifold:

1) Low IQ, making it so people literally aren’t smart enough to recognize what’s in front of their face; Unaware naivete, due to an upbringing that didn’t put them into the line of fire with enough of these negative/pathological types to teach them hard lessons earlier on; Ignoring intuition and gut feelings, either because a person has been taught not to believe in that or because they’re too weak/low self-esteem to know how to trust in their own knowing; And misguided trust, where a person willfully rejects the obvious behavioral signs and red flags of these cunning manipulators because they’re convinced they need to “be nice” and give them “the benefit of the doubt”;

2) Most people not having “The Sight,” which would enable them to see those who have no auras and those who are being shadowed/possessed by “stuff”;

3) Damaged people, both male and female, who either unconsciously seek out dysfunction/abusers/exploiters because that’s what their own upbringing consisted of, so it’s all they know and it’s what they’re comfortable with, and/or they’re unconsciously attracting in these sorts of life situations in a “frequency match” way due to their troubled upbringing;

4) Primate anthropology and the tribal “alpha” hierarchy, where the strongest and smartest – and this goes for both males and females – forcibly take power, while the betas on the sidelines admire them and willingly follow along. Also ties into biology, and the way many women have a need for the strong, dominating bad boys, but who are often times just straight up psycho/sociopaths.

And then add in how the larger the population gets – because we’re now supposedly at 6-7 billion – means the number of spiritless/empty possessed vessels/psychopaths, etc. is going to jump to staggering numbers due to a thing called “ratio.” (On a side note, I have wondered if there really is something to the idea that there’s only so many souls choosing to come here. So the more and more millions of bodies that keep popping up could mean….not every shell gets a higher spirit pilot. There very well could be only so much to go around. If so then that really explains a lot, and accounts for so much of what we’re seeing in this world. Ever wonder why so many small children already behave as “old souls in a kid’s body”? Meanwhile, as so many “adults” are running around acting like this is their first rodeo? :/ “Who knew you weren’t supposed to cheat, steal, lie and accuse innocent people of doing things they didn’t do, be underhanded, manipulative, exploitative and completely self serving, or abuse, molest, rape and kill! I just had no idea!” (then turns around and keeps doing it again, and again, and again anyway.) Just a thought.

So the simple fix isn’t so simple after all once you realize all the obstacles in the way. You’d need a much smaller population, to not only lower the ratio of inherent brain-based psychopathy being born within the population but also to ensure that more bodies are actually getting a “pilot,” in a well-adjusted, balanced and healthy societal set up that helps curb the creation of the myriad of psych-based disorders and pathologies that result from the type of toxic societies we currently have in place, and where everybody is educated about these types and knows how to recognize red flags, so that these types would never be allowed to gain a foothold. They’d be exposed immediately and shut down. And hey, a society where all of these only-spirited bodies just happen to have their full psychic Sight back would be an added bonus.

But even then all of this is a moot point in a Free Will Free-For-All zone like Earth, which allows for higher neg spirits to incarnate. Just because somebody has a higher spirit doesn’t mean it’s “Service to Others” (STO) oriented. There are spirits who fully embrace what others consider to be an evil and self-serving life, engaging in heinous acts and truly believing the other side/other way is the losing team.

(And I use the term “losing team” for a reason – Back around 2003 when tapping into the mindset of the dark types and hearing how they viewed things it was very much conveyed as a “teams” thing, and where what we consider to be positive and good are to them, total losers. Very much the “losing team” who doesn’t stand a chance as far as they’re concerned, so why would you align yourself with that? My ultimate conclusion though, after a lifetime of experiences? There’s a few things the “winning” but negatively oriented team doesn’t realize, and the big one is that they’re being allowed to do what they do. They’re like little children who have been allowed to run wild for so long that they now believe there’s no adults in charge anymore, and they can do anything they want, and have all the power. Meanwhile not realizing that the adults are actually off to the side…..watching everything with a steely eye. And when something does cross the boundary into some sort of freewill violation of epic proportions they quietly step forward and take care of business. Whether it’s flat out undoing something right before one’s eyes, overwriting a part of the timeline to change the outcome in the positive’s favor, or what have you, the ultimate bottom line that I’ve seen is that the positive but “losing” team has the ultimate final say in everything. And I do mean everything. Period. It’s wild. But like a lot of deluded deranged types the negative “winners” conveniently ignore those moments and desperately keep trying to convince themselves that the inmates are really the ones running the asylum, only because of how much they seem to normally be allowed to get away with. It’s an asylum alright….but the inmates aren’t in control by a long shot, despite how it initially looks. They’re being given the freewill chance to determine who they are and what they stand for, to make that choice for themselves, but have fallen victim to incarnational amnesia, ego, the illusion of power and the trappings of 3rd density physicality, among other issues, spiraling farther and farther away.)

It all is what it is though, and is a hard pill to swallow for many.


This piece started out with an in-depth backtrack into the explanation of what this reality potentially is, and therefore, how and why it functions as it does, from the macro on down to the micro. So it’s fitting to close on that note as well. After a lifetime of an almost unbelievable level of “woo,” often involving reality aligning in synchronous ways that defy all logic and coincidence, as well as “people” behaving in very strange and sometimes sinisterly revealing ways, much of which has been documented on my website, it’s obvious that things are not fully “real” here in the way that we’ve been taught or would like to think. So then the next obvious question is……… does it all actually matter? Especially for something that can be as unpleasant as jobs/work?

Yes, and no.

The “no” part of that answer just means, once you wake up and see behind the curtain and are now “onto things” you no longer have to take a lot of the manipulations seriously. You now know what’s going on, so you no longer have the reactions you may have had before. “It” no longer works, or gets the best of you, and hopefully now needs to move it along.

As far as the “yes” part of the answer – since I’ve repeatedly experienced positive, and often literal lifesaving intervention throughout my life from what clearly seemed to be positive forces, that obviously indicates…..something higher than me cares, and thinks this actually matters, because it obviously knows something I don’t know. That’s just straight up basic, logic-based deductive reasoning. If none of this mattered then it wouldn’t be trying just so-freaking-hard. So that in itself answered the Big Question. But because I could never get the concrete explanation as to WHY?!? it all apparently matters, and then seeing the total loony tunes absurdity of this modern society that I found myself submerged in, means my response was a giant eye roll, middle finger and head shaking FU attitude as I went about my crazy existence, continuing to often times be indifferent to my health and wellbeing and whether I lived or died. “This place is fucking RIDICULOUS” was the best way to put it. “Why am I supposed to give a fuck?!?!?!”

Well apparently it does matter, though for reasons I can’t say, because even I don’t know. But I’ve experienced the highest of the high positive, so I know it’s there, and I’ve been directly told there’s a tug of war going on for me, which means there’s also the highest of the high negative, which also means there’s a tug of war going on for others, and by default….for this world in general. Seeing behind that curtain we’re not supposed to know is there can sometimes lead to people getting so freaked out and overwhelmed that their first instinct may be to run away, hide and give up on it all. “It’s not real! It doesn’t matter! I’m quitting my job and my life and moving out and running away!”

All I can say is that the real, higher spirited people are here for a reason…..because it apparently does matter. And because it apparently matters, means we have to do our best to figure out a way to live within this “matrix” reality, which seems to be a mix of real and not real, as best we can in order to get done whatever it is we came here to do. We’re not going to serve anybody by quitting, giving up, running away and hiding. Ideally though that’s what neg elements want… derail lives and remove people from the equation. They wouldn’t be trying so hard to accomplish that if things didn’t actually matter. Again….basic logical deduction.

So you exist… with awareness, seeing so much of what goes on here for what it really is, dodging the neg attempts at baiting and energy feeding, interference and derailment, maybe even actively working to expose what’s happening and making some sort of positive difference in whatever ways our personal timeline with its particular constraints allows, all the while mindfully formulating the reality we want to ideally have. This involves actively visualizing and intending what you want in terms of employment. The type of work, the pay, the environment/set up, the people you’d like to work with/for, the general location, etc. in order to make it something that serves your highest and positive best interest.

When visualizing, see yourself in the end result that you desire, but don’t worry about “how you’re supposed to get there.” You’re not supposed to be arguing about why something supposedly can’t happen, or worrying about the logistics. You just….do the visualizing. Skip ahead to the end result that you’d like, imagining yourself already living it, seeing it and feeling it with conviction. When finished, just put it aside and go back about your life. Don’t wait around in a needy and expectant way, looking for it. So long as what you’re visualizing/intending doesn’t violate your own freewill or others’ then things will align on their own. And again, while this may sound like some hokey new age “The Secret” nonsense, I can vouch that it works. I’ve done it multiple times in life both accidentally and on purpose manifesting all kinds of things for myself in life, from residences to jobs to money and whatnot.

It also means, recognize the role that personal frequency plays in the lives that we draw to ourselves. With regards to negative workplace experiences it means a person may be drawing to themselves situations that are mirroring their childhood, complete with coworkers or bosses that could be mirroring past abusers. If past abuse or bullying doesn’t account for it then being in a prolonged negative, and/or frustrated, depressed, cynical/pessimistic, weakened, hopeless, etc. vibe might. Lot of people are functioning in an actively lowered vibrational state and don’t even realize it. Often it’s something a person slides gradually into over time, maybe due to various circumstances piling on. Without active “self policing” and making an effort to fight back against it then it eventually becomes the “new accepted norm.” Other people have unfortunately been mired in a negative/weakened/lower vibe state since childhood, so it’s all they’ve ever known.

I’m definitely not perfect though when it comes to being able to maintain a consistently higher personal frequency. As noted in the “The Phenomenon of Being Driven Out” section, I mentioned how, after a particular nine month bumpy period in my job adventures, I finally managed to turn things around, finding a positive job that put me in a situation of being even better off than I was before. But it was only made possible by implementing focused mind intentions, something I didn’t yet have any sort of formal knowledge or experience with. It was inspired under the guise of making some “New Year’s Resolutions,” since that’s the time of year it was, but it went way beyond just some mere resolutions. I knew that my mindset and emotional state at the time was obviously just completely screwed up, and understood that until I could snap out of that really low state and get focused on what I wanted going forward then nothing was going to get better in my life. It was all just instinctual, this intense drive to “get the upperhand back on my life.” And it worked, IMMEDIATELY. Within a week I was at a whole new, much higher paying job that was a million times better, with everything suddenly going my way in all possible ways.

And then in the “Obstacles and Negative Omens” section I mentioned experiencing an ongoing downward spiral in terms of my job “adventures” over a two year period from 2013 to the beginning of 2015 that totally ground me down, and which also needed to be rectified. (To be fair, the jobs alone weren’t the sole problem; I was also still raw from the death of my cat Kitty, in 2012, and experiencing other issues, and everything just combined together, piling on.) So for me it’s been a lot of “ups and downs” in life with regards to this concept. Doing personal work to get myself up to a better frequency, putting the idea of manifestation to work and succeeding with regards to jobs/money…..but then if I don’t keep up on things, going through a bad patch, then it can, and often does, slide. Until eventually needing some “tune up maintenance,” once again. So it’s not something we do just once and that’s it, we’re done, for the rest of our lives. It’s something you have to stay on top of.

It’s important to stay on top of “keeping up,” not only with one’s personal frequency but also with our awareness in general – i.e., never forgetting what’s really going on here. Which means, knowing who you are and what you want….and visualizing/intending for it at all times. If not, then as mentioned, the default often becomes something that benefits this reality (energy feeding and health issues, bare minimum, and actual life derailment, max) and not you.



The College Scam

There are many jobs/industries that absolutely require specialized knowledge, of which higher education achieves. But if one isn’t planning on some higher level career requiring specialized knowledge (people like me, basically) and/or if somebody graduates high school and doesn’t really know just yet what they want to be doing with their life, then the last thing they should be doing is immediately signing themselves up for years of college to procure some generic degree that often doesn’t mean anything……that can also leave them burdened with years of debt affecting everything about their quality of life for up to several decades. And all because our society has conditioned everybody that “THIS IS WHAT YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO DO.”

Other countries have the sense to at least engage in what they call the Gap Year, where students get a year off after graduating high school to kick around, travel, and figure some things out before jumping into another boiling pot. Not the U.S. Students here are not only expected to jump straight from one boiling pot into another, with no breathing room in between to sort themselves out, but they’re pressured into doing so. It’s so bad that many students are already getting settled into their new dorms and enrolling in early classes by July….when they only just finished their high school finals and stressful SAT’s. This lack of a needed vacation and personal exploration period can be a recipe for disaster for the student…..though it definitely serves the “matrix farm” we all find ourselves living in, with its economic system designed to destroy the average person. And especially if a gap year could potentially result in discovering that whatever one does want to do doesn’t actually require years of grueling college learning a bunch of irrelevant subjects. :/

I’ve seen people who signed themselves up for a particular major that made sense to their 18 year old self…..but which their 30 year old self was shaking their head about as they went to work every day at some job that had no relation to it. And I’ve seen people who still agreed with the major they chose at 18….but who were subjected to the realities of the job market once they were out of school. So even though there was some “real career” sort of job they wanted to be doing, the bottom line was if they wanted to keep a roof over their heads and food in their stomach (or provide for the family they now had in some cases….) then they had to take what they could get. Cafeteria Manager at a factory, despite a degree in Criminal Justice. Security guard at the Indian casino after a prolonged gap in unemployment, despite a degree in Business from UConn. Customer service rep for a financial investment company, being ground down by really annoying phone calls all day long from investors with questions, despite a degree majoring in Spanish, where the original intent was to work overseas. Admin assistant/receptionist at a friend’s dad’s company, despite a degree in Forensics Science and desperately wanting to do that instead; and adding insult to injury – the latter example also having to still live at home with her parents at 24 years old, out of financial necessity.

The above situations (which are all taken from real life) show the glaring gap between fantasy and reality. Fantasy makes people believe that in a country of over 350 million people, there are unlimited high end specialized jobs to go around in such fields as forensics science, criminal justice, upper management at some white collar corporation where that degree in Business can be put to use. Etc. When in reality there are only so many of these jobs to go around. (And especially for the non-elite/non-connected lacking the high level family connections, who didn’t go to Ivy league schools and/or didn’t have parents that bought/bribed their way in, have never been a part of the clubs/societies that those schools have and which provide lifelong networking connections, and in general didn’t get that special leg-up in life.)

The type of work that is however available in greater abundance are those lower end positions, like administrative assistant. Customer service rep. Cafeteria worker. Rent-A-Cop. Etc. Because that’s reality. Meanwhile, the bright eyed and bushy tailed, totally average, middle to lower class/non elite/non-connected high school grad sets off for university full of unrealistic expectations about what awaits them 4-6 years down the line. Those unrealistic expectations create hope though, and which is what often times fuels the human spirit in all aspects of life, and so it makes those 4-6 years of torturous academic hoop jumping bearable.

Reality is though, the world is comprised mainly of very non-glamorous, medium to low rung “daily grind” jobs, and that’s what most of the average public will wind up doing with their lives. But it’s not what’s promoted to us growing up as children. No little kid in grammar school ever says they aspire to be a cashier at a big box chain store or the local gas station, working the drive through at a Dunkin’ Donuts or being part of an assembly line at a factory. It’s always some lofty, fun sounding specialized career. (Back in the day the biggie was “Astronaut!” You know, back when we actually had a real space program. Like there were just thousands of astronaut positions available, and everybody could easily just go… one.) But again……that’s fantasy vs. reality. Most small towns have limited options, and too many people competing for the same few jobs. A WalMart opens up somewhere, offering 100 or so potential positions, and they soon have over 2,000 apps on file from desperate people of all walks of life in a 50 square mile radius, and who most likely envisioned something different as a kid or teen…if they envisioned at all.

For many years I’ve worked in various office jobs around the country, both as a temp and perm. What’s really stood out for me are any times I’ve found myself temping at some lower rung gig alongside somebody with a degree. It’s pretty much always due to various job market issues. A good example was how, back in 2013, while working at a long term temp gig project here in Boca Raton, one of my coworkers was a 47 year old woman named Avis who had both a Master’s degree, as well as separate schooling relating to nursing. Working alongside me. For $12 an hour. In what world does a person with a Master’s and nursing school training find themselves temping for $12 an hour next to somebody with no college degree? Avis was smart, capable, with a good personality, very likeable, good looking and always dressed super sharp, and like me was one of the few in the large group of temps at that gig who rose to the top in terms of being noticed by the supervisors and becoming elevated over the rest of the group in some way. So it never made sense, because she had everything going for her. One time she mentioned in passing, in a slightly defeated sounding way, how she still had over $75,000 in student loan debt….and then joked that unless she won the lottery or a miracle happened she knew she would never get it paid off in her lifetime. It would always be this burden hanging over her head.

Another former coworker back in Virginia named Blair, who was 31 at the time we spoke, still had $14,000 in student loan debt to pay off as of 2012, seven years after finishing school with her liberal arts degree. Her current job position at that time? An administrative assistant at the same Big Cheese job that I was working at. And while in this instance I wouldn’t classify our jobs as “low rung” by any means, especially considering who we worked for, our salary rates and insane level of free benefits, hers however was still the same exact position level as me. An admin assistant for a Big Cheese boss. We were equals. Yet I didn’t go to college. So basically, college didn’t get Blair any further in life than me. And I don’t say that in a “neener neener neener!” way. It’s meant matter-of-factly, and something that actually surprised me. We were both at the same exact level, just reporting to different Big Boss Men. But the difference was, I had zero debt (and actual mega savings) and a hassle free independent life, whereas she still had to live at home with her mother, and still had fourteen grand left in debt.

I asked her one day out of curiosity, “Knowing what you know now, do you think it was worth it to go to college?” She just smiled and shook her head and kind of laughed and said, “Hmmmm…..yes and no.” What I got from her was that she would probably have done it a little differently, and gone to a four year state school, versus a more expensive private school. So there was some regret there about the way in which things were done, though not necessarily about going to college itself.

I actually started at that particular Big Cheese job as a temp, proving myself for fourteen months until they finally got around to implementing the formal hiring process, required by local law. When they did, several hundred resumes poured in from multiple states in the region, of which the pool was narrowed down to me and nine other finalists, and all of whom were apparently college graduates as I learned. And yet, I still managed to procure the job. As I was told by another colleague named Terry, whom I worked alongside and semi-reported to, and who participated in the interviews, None of the others jumped out at them in terms of skills and experience that they could bring to the table, despite degrees, or the personalities they presented in their interviews. So again…college didn’t get them further than me. In the end they lost out to somebody who was only a high school grad.

The longer you work out in the world, the more changes you get to witness. And a big one I’ve come to see involves the way in which so many standard office administrative jobs – and we’re talking entry level in many instances – are now requiring college degrees. In what universe does a college educated person with thousands in student loan debt seek out an entry level secretarial job?? And while the verbiage may have changed with the times, an admin assistant is still a freaking secretary, so let’s not kid ourselves. It used to be that people went to college to avoid having to become secretaries. A secretarial job, where you sit at that front desk greeting incoming people, fielding the phones, typing up docs and document formatting, transcribing recordings, entering info into spreadsheets, scanning, faxing, filing, copying, ordering office supplies, processing incoming and outgoing packages and mail, maybe assisting accounting with basic duties, helping with organizing meetings and catering, managing conference room calendars, boss’ calendars, travel plans, etc., was meant for those females, like me, who decided not to pursue higher education. Because it didn’t require it. Not to denigrate admin assistant work (which can definitely get a little more complicated than the basic description I just provided, depending on how many departments within the company you work with, and what they’re having you do….it’s usually always a random mish mash….) but the bottom line is, most admin work is often learned on the job, because every company has their own way of doing things.

This was just illustrated in the above anecdote about the Big Cheese job I temped at for 14 months before being chosen as their permanent finalist; that hands-on experience is what put me above the other candidates, because as Terry also noted, “….you answered all the questions correctly.” Because I knew the job, the people, the organization and all the niche-specific issues it faced inside and out by that point. Something that college couldn’t provide for the other candidates.

And learning/knowing Microsoft Office Suite for instance, the other big requirement for pretty much all admin jobs everywhere, is not a college level task. It’s often self-taught, either from a book or software tutorial, but most often learned in a more complex way while on the actual job itself. Why would you need to invest four years of your time and life force energy taking every kind of class and lab about every kind of random subject under the sun, including having to partake in mandatory field work in some instances, leaving you with tens of thousands in debt……just to go sit at a desk, answering phones and doing admin work that has no connection to anything you learned at university??

The requirement for a degree for standard admin work is very real though, as I learned when I used to be signed up with a staffing agency. In 2013 a potential temp-to-perm job was run by me, only for the staffing agent to realize the Bachelor’s degree requirement. She forwarded my resume to the company anyway, pointing out my extensive relevant background and skills set, seeing if they would be willing to forego that requirement in this case. The response was a hard no. College degree and zero real life experience trumped no degree but years of exact match experience. Oh well, I thought. Their loss. I can see how this would become a problem though were I to live in an area with a scarcity of jobs. But I’m lucky enough to live in a region that’s saturated in available work, but even more so if you’re signed up with multiple successful staffing agencies. So for me it wasn’t even an issue, just something to note matter-of-factly.

It also reminds me of something that happened back in 2005 in Charlottesville, VA when I was finishing up my last few days at what was supposed to have been a temp-to-hire gig that I’d decided to let my agency know that I was passing on, i.e., requesting to be removed/giving notice. I’d been there for just under two months, but the whole situation was very problematic, and so I was now leaving. I found myself chatting with one of the supervisors named Dave one afternoon about my soon-to-be-available position, when he made an offhand comment about how he envisioned my replacement being a recent graduate from UVa.

I frowned as I heard this, and said, genuinely puzzled, “But you don’t need a degree to do this job.” He looked shocked as I said that, not expecting such blunt honesty. That job was the most mindless gig imaginable, and therefore one of the major reasons I was leaving, because I couldn’t take it anymore. There was pretty much nothing to do there, among several other big issues that I won’t sidetrack onto. The place was a total joke, so why would a full on University of Virginia graduate want to work there?? They would not be utilizing their esteemed degree and four (or more) years of higher knowledge in any way, and instead be dealing with ridiculous nonsense from the guys, while making shit money. (Down the line I ran into one of the software programmers who worked there named Charles, who relayed that they’d gone through a string of girls after I left. Couldn’t get anybody to stick around, reaffirming what a sad joke that place was. Meanwhile there’s delusional Dave….thinking the job was worthy of a UVa graduate. GTFO!)

Over the years I’ve managed to be the one chosen for various jobs over candidates with university degrees. Whether it was a perm job I was pursuing on my own, or temp and temp-to-hire gigs through staffing agencies. (And sometimes, oddly enough, you do have to interview against other candidates for some silly longer term temp assignment project.) Whether I decided to accept the jobs being offered, or declined, it proved that having a degree in some generic major, and all because society says this is what you’re “SUPPOSED TO DO” meant absolutely nothing. It didn’t guarantee a high paying, higher end job after graduation for those who went the university route. Instead these graduates could find themselves competing against non-graduates like me for the same, lower rung jobs…..and losing out.

And meanwhile on the flip side of the coin is how, depending on the type of job one is seeking, sometimes too much education can be a hindrance. Employers looking to hire low to mid-level administrative jobs (like the kinds I typically seek) may dismiss out of hand the people with the fancy degrees, because they’re “overqualified.” Coupled with the assumption that those types will obviously want higher pay rates. So in that sense, somebody like me who has a solid job history in lieu of a degree may actually be more appealing to an employer. “She’s got the skills and experience we need for this position…..and she won’t be asking for $50,000+ a year……Call her and schedule her for an interview!” And this may help explain why I’ve had a lot of luck being called back on my resumes over the years, despite the lack of college education.

For people of my tier, seeking admin office jobs, you’re straddling a fine line between under qualified and over. My aforementioned former coworker Blair in Virginia was telling me about how one of her female friends was kicking around down in Fort Lauderdale at that time in 2012, unemployed, in spite of having a Masters and random certificates of training. Her friend was massively educated – to the tune of some major college debt, but her education is so niche-specific that it didn’t apply to most of the jobs she was going after, and was way overboard for what most of these positions need. (i.e.…the “overqualified” thing.) So nobody would hire her. Her friend kept seeking more and more education and training and certificates thinking it would maximize her chances of getting hired and being successful in life in general, but it apparently backfired on her.

So many times you’re damned if you do, and kind of damned if you don’t. “Do they want me to get more educated?? Am I too educated??” It’s very confusing. And meanwhile universities and colleges keep getting their money from people, and the credit industry booms because of it, fueling a major component of the “matrix control system” (MCS).

Bottom line is, many jobs out there don’t require “higher education” from a liberal arts college. And nobody really wants to admit this. (Again….talking about regular sorts of everyday jobs and situations, not higher specialized work.) Whatever you’re going to be doing at so many of these jobs is nothing that you can’t just learn as you go, on the job, so long as you have a functioning brain and some common sense. But it’s not going to be anything that you would have learned while at university. But this whole “EVERYBODY NEEDS TO GO TO COLLEGE NO MATTER WHAT” programming trip has become an industry, and for multiple reasons, including some that are conspiratorial.

1) It’s another means to help keep our manufactured economy afloat. The entire – wasteful – system we’re submerged in, which many don’t even question or see is manufactured, extremely unnatural and out of synch with nature and higher human spirit, and precarious at best. If a couple of little things go wrong then the whole thing topples. So everything we’re surrounded by is set up to try to create money out of nothing. Illusory jobs that don’t produce actual tangible products, services that are often times laughably meaningless, along with mostly digital “currency” backed by nothing, that relies on mass amounts of wasteful consumerism to perpetuate itself, whereas companies spend millions on advertising to convince you that it’s never enough, throw out what you only just bought and keep buying more, more, more, etc. Etc. The idea of “Higher Education” (usually at a costly liberal arts college) is one more avenue playing into all of this, and is now pushed on everybody equally no matter whether it’s truly necessary or not. It creates and maintains endless university-related jobs, as well as the endless peripheral tie-in jobs and expenditures that trickle down to countless other companies within the region, and all of which is one more avenue helping to prop up our manufactured, precarious economy. The money aspect leads to…

2) Getting as many people as possible under the Banking System’s thumb. With years of debt weighing down “Student Loan Hamsters,” they will be extremely limited in what they can do and achieve in this reality. A financially burdened pawn is one who will not be able to rise up, question what’s going on, let alone do anything about any of it. People will have no choice but to keep their nose to the grindstone, working long hours at what is often times a job they don’t like, being tired, frustrated, angry, stressed out, not getting enough sleep, not being healthy, having very limited free time (or none at all, if they have families with young children), living in fear about their “CREDIT SCORE” and what will be denied to them in life if it’s not high enough. There’s also the pervasive phenomenon of adult college grads moving back home with their parents due to their debt, as already touched on. The more debt you have, from multiple sources, be it student loans/college costs, mortgage, car payments, credit cards, etc. the better off the bankers, and loosh feeders of this reality, will be. The kicker is….we have the freewill chance to say no, and carve out a very different existence for ourselves, but many choose to cave in to the years of mind control programming we’ve all been subjected to and thus, select the default “Paint by Numbers Life” we’ve all been presented with, ensuring decades of debt and precarious financial obligations at every turn.

3) Reinforce various social engineering agendas of The Powers That Be. This is especially true with regards to the increasingly ridiculous nonsense being taught at Liberal Arts colleges. 18-22 is a vulnerable age. Your ego is formed, but you’re still very much malleable. (And often a little nutso and unstable.) Interestingly enough, statistically this is the age range when many people will develop Bi-Polar disorder and Schizophrenia. So when Liberal Arts Colleges get their hooks into impressionable (and sometimes emotionally unstable) young adults….for at least four whole years….requiring increasingly absurd elective courses that pound various social engineering agendas into their heads that have nothing at all to do with higher education skills that ensure good jobs after graduation…then watch out.


Then you have the actual full on true scams going on with regards to higher education, namely in the form of unaccredited universities who are being allowed to collect up thousands of dollars of people’s money to teach them things……..that can’t be transferred over to genuine accredited universities, and in the end don’t count for anything. They don’t advertise this, of course, and naïve people don’t know to ask or to do the research. But people often find out the hard way when it’s too late, after wasting tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours earning what is essentially a bogus degree with non-transferable credits.

It’ll be interesting though to see what sort of world we find ourselves in on the flip side of this whole COVID-19 thing. (And especially now, with all the well-funded criminal thuggery being labeled as “protests” by the complicit, manipulative mainstream media, destroying businesses and tearing up cities around the country, further destroying the economy and eliminating even more jobs. I’m sure though come November 3rd those masked “protestors” showing up on the scene in luxury vehicles to grab a brick from all the pallets that mysteriously appeared overnight won’t be anywhere to be found.) I do wonder if half of what I’m getting into here will apply within even five years time.

All in all, going to college was the best thing I never did. The no college thing has never been a hindrance. Even with whatever admin jobs I had to forego through my staffing agencies or skip past in the classifieds because they were requiring degrees. For every one that required it there were tons that didn’t, because again I’ve been lucky enough to live in areas that always had lots of available work, thus upping my statistical chances. So it all worked out. But to hear The Powers That Be and their little Barking Watchdogs tell it……it shouldn’t have. TPTB want people to believe the nice life I’ve carved out for myself isn’t possible without college. But if you’re smart, determined, hard working and play your cards right then it absolutely is, trust me. Especially nowadays where people have devised a million and one ways to make money online, bypassing the traditional “Paint by Numbers” formula, making it so that the way I’ve gone about things is actually going the way of the dinosaur.

The problem though with the million and one ways of making money online is that often times these methods are completely intangible. Especially anything involving social media platforms, where there’s no real and true product, just information and ideas, and in most cases, people trying to sell the illusory idea of themselves. (“I’m an ‘influencer’! Look at me!! Even though I’m vapid and don’t have a single interesting or intelligent thought kicking around in my empty head! Like and subscribe so I can make more money for doing nothing! Because I deserve it! Because I’m entitled! And have no self awareness!!”)

It ultimately relies on the internet itself continuing to exist, as well as the social media platforms…..who ultimately make all the rules and determine who they will or won’t allow, and what they will and won’t monetize. And where in the case of YouTube, it has been demonetizing and shadowbanning mass amounts of people for ridiculous, to sometimes downright nonexistent reasons, destroying what had become many people’s sole source of income that allowed them to avoid the b.s. of most mainstream jobs. (Feeling sorry here for the ones who do put out genuinely meaningful and good content….not the vapid dingdongs showing off their latest “shopping hauls!” and giving makeup “reviews” that they’re being sponsored to promote. Though the world being the way it is means the fluff-for-brains are not usually the ones getting shadowbanned and demonetized anyway. They’re amply rewarded, while those who are actually exposing things and challenging status quos are the ones paying the price. Quite literally.)

So while non-traditional online sources of income is always one way to go, it definitely has its risks and issues. So my recommendation for people who are lost and unsure after high school? Consider learning a useful trade. There are many different ways to earn a living nowadays, but that’s definitely one non-liberal arts college way to go. Go to a specialized trade school or program, where the focus lies on what you do need to know, and what you will actually be doing, giving you the tools for a genuinely useful career and life skills that most likely can be done anywhere in the country, or world, and where you stand a better chance of getting hired and making decent money. And most importantly, not being in debt for years, or even decades. (I’ve seen this firsthand, including at a boat marina I once temped at a few years ago in Pompano Beach; a guy who had just landed in south Florida was out pounding the pavement at all the local marinas to find boat mechanic work. Came into the main office to drop off his resume. And within two days he was starting. His trade served him very well.)   Versus….wasting money on years of nonsense classes that have nothing to do with anything, or even worse, are very clearly designed with insidious social engineering purposes in mind, at some silly “Liberal Arts College,” giving you some generic degree that means nothing, and where you very well may find yourself competing against people like me without degrees for some average, lower level job that you have no passion for, all because you can’t find a job within your major.

Leaving off I need to stress that I’m not trying to tell people that “Nobody should ever pursue college, and especially a Liberal Arts degree, ever again!” As already mentioned, higher, specialized jobs absolutely require university. But this is tailored towards those who know they’re not going to be pursuing some sort of high level, specialized career (and who have no idea at only eighteen years old what they want to be doing yet in general) and feel like they’re being pressured into signing up for some generic four/five year college degree that could end up biting them in the butt down the line. Ultimately everybody needs to do what’s right for them, so I’m just presenting this information to give readers ideas for consideration.