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Thoughts - Updated 11/3/20
"Prophetic Dreams Relating to 2020 Election?"

The surge of conspiratorial/mind control/gov’t experimentation/abductions material in the media

Many reading this are probably aware of the surge of conspiratorial material that has been popping up in TV shows and movies these past few years. It’s really gotten me thinking, especially since a lot of it matches bits and pieces of my own story, or other people out there in the world. I don’t own a TV myself, so I’m probably not even aware of the half of it, but I do watch some stuff on the ‘net. And one recent show that Tom and I kept begrudgingly following is JJ Abrams’ Fringe. And I say “begrudgingly” because it has a lot of flaws, and I mean a LOT (!!!) Yet, something about the plot was keeping us hanging on the line, to see where it was leading. (Updated note: The show got way better by season 2. So it’s not so “begrudgingly” anymore.) And sure enough, the plot spin hit a little close to home.

At first the premise of the show was supposed to be about the FBI tracking a group of bizarre, seemingly random yet connected bioterrorism activities termed as “The Pattern.” Somebody somewhere is conducting experiments on the human population, and the FBI is going to get to the bottom of it, often times becoming embroiled in parapsychology in order to accomplish that. Okay, so that in itself is interesting. But then towards the end of the season the spin happened. Things are not what they seem to be. There’s the bigger macrocosm “Pattern,” which is the premise of the show……along with a developing microcosm pattern for the lead characters. Special Agent Olivia Dunham begins to realize that she’s not just some ordinary chick. Oh no. As a child she was experimented on by “people in white coats” you could say. Things were done to her, she was enhanced, upgraded, along with other children, programming was instilled, which she has no conscious recollection of as an adult. But she soon discovers she has abnormal abilities and talents, giving clues to this other level of her existence, now buried. Not only that, but it turns out the other lead character, Dr. Walter Bishop, who works with her and the FBI (along with his genius level son Peter) was one of the doctors who experimented on her. Only he no longer remembers it either, because he had gone mad/had a portion of his brain removed and spent 17 years locked away in a mental institution. And that’s just the gist to give people the idea. So we have the governmental agencies, the white coats experimenting on unwitting children, mind control, the children gaining talents and enhanced abilities they wouldn’t have had otherwise, along with the idea of the bigger macrocosm experimentation on the population as a whole.

There was one episode in particular where Olivia shows up at Peter’s motel room and knocks on the door, which features the prominent room number 141. Yeah. Gotta love that one. ;)

Other episodes dealt with the physical sensation of deja vus, and specifically, how they relate to timeline divergences/parallel timelines and going back and changing things/overwriting the old timeline. Which is exactly what I’ve been able to conclude in regards to my own deja vus, and wrote about here. Gotta love that one too. ;) What’s also interesting is that for me, the focus of my own parallel timeline has been…NYC. And as the storyline of “Fringe” develops, the focus for the parallel universe, the center of all this parallel universe action is….NYC. And in “Fringe” the idea of a parallel universe involves the idea of both worlds merging, and when they do, only one can survive. This is something my brother relayed to me back in 2001 in a similar way, which I talked about in Part III of my book. As noted in my book, he said “This reality is merging with another.” Hello. He noted two things about what can happen when this occurs. Either pockets of areas go “missing,” or reality becomes unstable in those areas. In the meantime there are entire areas/regions in the alternate universe of Fringe where reality has become unstable as a result of this merging and/or destabilization of realities. Hello, again. Also mentioned this idea with specific regards to Portland, Oregon in Miscellaneous Stories of the Weird and Unusual, back in 2007 and how I was told by two people that Portland has areas of unstable reality that you don’t even want to go in as a result. (In Fringe’s alternate universe, they “quarantine” those areas.)

And for other……similar quotes, there’s this gem from Season 3, episode 4, air date October 14, 2010, said by Walter Bishop: “There are no limits. Except for those that we impose on ourselves. Open your eyes. Open, open!” (he claps vigorously after commanding “open your eyes!” The infamous ‘open your eyes’ trigger code, as noted here. ) But gee, that’s amazingly similar to my own quote, from an article that I wrote back in 2003 called “What are you going to DO with your life?!” which I finally took down from my site sometime last year: “There are no limits, except those which you impose upon yourself.” If you do a google search on that quote I’m the only source that comes up. (save for somebody who wrote some project paper in 2009 saying that verbatim, but again my write up was out there back in 2003.) When I did a google search on Walter’s near identical quote, Fringe is the only source that comes up.

And kids being experimented on by the white coats, getting mind controlled, not consciously remembering it, then growing up to have abnormal abilities and strange indicators? What can you say. ( NOTE: Tom told me that he came across something online where the creators of “Fringe” admitted to scouring the internet for inspiration for the show. My site launched in 2006 – a full two years before the show aired. So, yeah. Seems obvious somebody from the show read through my site and book and lifted a bunch of ideas to help formulate the show. :/ ) It wouldn’t be the only time that Fringe has ripped something off from some other source. Longtime watchers of the show are always spotting various elements that have been lifted from other places. Though when the sources are well known, as in movies and other shows, it’s called “paying homage,” (cough) not “copying for lack of originality.”

Then you of course have the 2005 remake of “The Manchurian Candidate,” where Vice Presidential candidate Raymond Shaw was taken, programmed, and chipped with an implant to be the first corporate owned sleeper agent to be strategically placed in the White House, serving outside interests. The movie features up close scenes of chip implantation, being triggered into mind controlled alter ego personas with trigger words, distressing mind control techniques, etc. and so on.

Another recent example is the 2009 movie “Push,” which I was just watching on YouTube, about kids who are experimented on by those governmental agencies and go on to develop super psychic abilities. (“Pushing” is the ability to exert a mental push/influence over others. That’s a very good word choice to describe how it can be.) The entire opening intro, narrated by Dakota Fanning, describes exactly what the “conspiracy” and mind control authors have been saying for years – Nazi experimentation on humans was continued long after World War II in other countries, including the U.S. and Russia, with many various purposes, including mind control, and developing paranormal abilities and psychic warriors and super soldiers. hmmmmmmm. Interesting.

There have been other movies that tackle the whole “government experimentation” idea going back many years, it’s nothing new, but it’s never been presented before as non-fiction. “Push” however, does. The narration is done as if telling the audience straight up facts about what went on post WWII with Germany, the U.S., Russia, etc.

So there’s not only an increase in the proliferation of this subject matter within mainstream entertainment, but it’s also now okay to present these ideas as if they’re non-fiction fact. Why? Well, could be several reasons. 1) To discredit those who have already been talking about this stuff for years. Now you just look like an idiot who lives in a TV/movie induced fantasy world. ;D ah well. 2) To sensitize the population towards these ideas, although to what ends, I don’t know. But the clear rise of this stuff in entertainment means something is amiss. Nothing’s done by accident in Hollyweird, in my opinion. On the one hand you have to hand it to these show/movie creators for coming up with some good plot ideas. This stuff is interesting. But, doesn’t mean there isn’t a reason behind it all.

Spinning off slightly – As far back as early childhood, books that centered on the idea of being experimented on and developing abilities as a result appealed to me. Probably for a reason. As noted in my book “Chasing Phantoms,” I already seemed to have indicators as a kid of “stuff” possibly going on under the radar in my life, of which I was consciously unaware. Yet by age 9 I was devouring up all the books I could get my hands on that had anything to do with the weird stuff. Psychic abilities, paranormal, ghosts, aliens/UFOs/abductions, Atlantis and ancient lost civilizations, you name it, I couldn’t get enough of this stuff. That’s all I wanted to read about, whether fiction or non-fiction documentary style. And since the children’s section of the library couldn’t keep up with me, by 10 years old I had to move on to the adult section. (There my mom was trying to censor me from some of Judy Blume’s books, but allowing me to check out books like “Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind,” not realizing that it’s all about aliens abducting people and doing all sorts of sex stuff to procure sperm and eggs and make hybrids. When flipping through the book in the library I was like O.o ! whoa!)

For fiction books in particular I remember Stephen King’s “Firestarter” stood out in my mind. The parents who were used in experiments back in the 60s who went on to develop psychic powers, which were then passed on to their daughter. Now the father and daughter are on the run, trying to escape the Thems who want to get a hold of them and use their abilities for negative purposes. Then there was the kid’s book, “The Girl with the Silver Eyes,” about a group of people who were again, used in experiments, and who all went on to have kids that had these weird, silver colored eyes and psychic powers. One of the girls begins piecing together the mystery and instigates a search for the others, and the kids all eventually come together. Some may say that I’ve interpreted the events of my life because of the books that I enjoyed as a kid. But I say, “What came first? The chicken or the egg?” Do I retrofit the events of my life to match the books I liked as a kid, or, did I like those books as a kid because on some level I was recognizing something about me and my own odd family? All of whom had various psychic abilities, and openly talked about it, as well as discussing aliens and abductions? As an adult, having learned more about my own dad’s military intelligence connections and his indicators of having been “tinkered with,” I don’t think I’m misinterpreting what’s gone on. At best, it’s probably a whole lot worse and weirder than I imagined, and I’ve only got one part of the story.

In the meantime, more shows and movies emerge that deal with these subjects in very open, bluntly spelled out ways, most of which I don’t even mention here because I don’t have a TV and am out of the media loop. In a way this ties into something I noted at the end of my Gangstalking…. write up, about the recent spate of articles in the – mainstream – media, designed towards debunking things like gangstalking. Why? As pointed out there, the mainstream respectable media doesn’t touch crazies with a ten foot pole. Crazies get ignored and stepped over in lieu of “real” news. So then, why are they suddenly talking about this, and lowering themselves to the level of rolling around in the mud with the supposed crazies? Hmm, is it………because maybe there is actually truth to what many people are reporting, and therefore, maybe something is feeling threatened and trying to impose damage control? Better to risk rolling around in the mud with the crazies with the hopes of deterring a few people away from that line of thought, then to not say anything at all and risk having more people waking up. They’ll end up actually encouraging many people to research the subject and succeed in pushing more people towards awareness, but, that’s the risk you take. Again, better than doing nothing at all, is the way they’re probably looking at it. Not sure if the same logic applies to the increased appearance of “government experimentation on people” subject matter in TV shows and movies, but, it’s a possibility.

So anyway, some random thoughts………

Rumor Mill News posting.

Found a link in my weblogs coming from RumorMill News these past few days, so I clicked over to see what was being written. It was a comment written by a Greg recommending my site, in response to this particular post by Rayelan I take it. I read Rayelan’s post and found myself nodding my head as I went along. It fit perfectly with my own mindset and things I’ve mentioned around my site in various places, so, thought it was worth bringing people’s attention to.

The gist is the way in which so many aspects of our mainstream world have just gotten so out of control, like with the media, and the whole divisive farcical election distraction nonsense, and the behind-the-scenes controllers getting a kick out of it all. [NOTE: I didn’t date any of these “Thoughts” entries, but this was in regards to the 2008 election.) For myself I’ve been in the mindset Rayelan was describing for years now, probably since around the time I got to Florida in 2002. By that point I’d completed my time living in the vortex, as I nicknamed it, back in California, and just finished my whole four month Portland Oregon experience with my brother, learning about the nature of reality, realizing that I’m being taken by “stuff” (who knows what they really are), and having witnessed reality doin’ things it ain’t supposed to be doin’. So, any tentative bubbles I may have still had that believed reality was what “they” were telling us it is were long since popped by the time I began living in Florida. Especially when Tom arrived on the scene and reality got even wackier between the two of us. So yeah, I could totally relate to what Rayalan was describing, being able to feel as if on top of a mountain, apart from the crowd, seeing it all for what it really is – divisive games and lies, for the amusement of other “stuff” – and just how that feels as you simultaneously navigate through your life within the mainstream world. Being….in two worlds, so to speak. :)

In particular I found her comments towards the end about tuning into the behind-the-scenes controllers and sensing how they view us to be interesting, only because they also match ideas I’ve had. Seeing us as being beneath even the rats in a maze, as she noted. The cover of my book…..puzzle pieces fit together revealing the big mystery……a maze…..which just leads to even more layers of the mystery. And how in my book I even refer to us as the rats in the maze, and “jokingly” recommend that people adopt a bit of a psychotic mindset like I have over the years because “they” will stop all the mind games with the rats who are getting a kick out of it all. Well, so I’ve learned. Then the ant colony bit she gets into. I had an experience several years ago, can’t remember the details now, whether it was a dream, or an insight, or what. I think it was a “dream,” but in it I was being told by an amused sounding, kind of disdainful narrator voice that the situation with humans in this reality is that it’s the equivalent to an “ant farm.” Basically an alien ant farm. (Name of a band from the 90s actually.) Things happen, and we don’t understand why, or what’s going on…..same situation as the ants in the ant farm should you pick it up and say, shake it around. They’d have no idea what’s going on. They couldn’t conceive of the reality that lies beyond the plexiglass……..the fact that they’re in an ant farm that “belongs” to something else. The organized society that’s really the personal property of other beings in a world so large they couldn’t fathom it. But which in itself is but a speck in the never ending fractal.

Anyway, total random “thoughts” entry. I’ll leave off with the interesting final scene from the movie ‘Men in Black.’ The final scene pans up and away from New York City, away from Earth, up outside the solar system and past the galaxy….then we see that the galaxy is actually encased in a sphere. Then an alien hand with spindly fingers reaches down to scoop up, then roll, that sphere…….which we now realize is actually a marble. Then the alien puts the marble containing our galaxy into a pouch with the other marbles containing other galaxies. I loved that. Weird and clever. Now looking back at the whole rest of the movie where the main characters had been battling it out… locate what turned out to be a prized marble, containing another galaxy, hanging as a bauble from a cat’s collar. Galaxies within galaxies, games within games…..

“We’re all one!”

This is inspired by an email I received today from a guy mentioning the reservations he has with the idea of “we’re all one!” It’s the same reservations I’ve heard from other metaphysically aware people, so I was thinking Hey! This could be a good thing to get into on my site! Addressing the common misunderstanding that people seem to have with this subject.

In a nutshell the main issue seems to be with the idea of having to “be one!” with people who have yucky vibes. Like, who wants to “be one” and be pals and hang with them?!? O.o

So I’ll quote my email response here:

“I think the “we’re all one!” concept gets misunderstood. For me, due to what I’ve been shown by my higher self, the way I see it is, we’re all these pinpoints of energy that have been sent out into the world by the creator source energy, which means, we all trace back to the same source. So, we all come from the same source…..buuuuuut, it doesn’t mean we’re all polarized the same way, going in the same direction, or playing with the same set of tools. And that’s where I think people tend to have a problem with the idea of “we’re all one!” They think it means you have to feel this gushing love for everybody around you no matter how icky their vibes are, and pal around with sociopaths and embrace dark stuff, cuz “we’re all one!” after all…..rigtht?! Um, no. ;) It just means that they’re an energy blob from the same source but who’ve taken a different path…..”

So “we’re all one!” doesn’t mean you need to be pals with sociopaths and willingly entangle yourself in a predator’s dark energy web, and indiscriminately feel love towards everybody out there, ie, indirectly saying that you align yourself with them. It’s about recognizing that we all ultimately trace back to the same source, despite our different paths. Some are over here, some are over there, everybody’s all over the place trying on different roles, different experiences, this light is antagonistically poking that light just to see what happens, meanwhile those two lights over there are in love, but in the end, we all apparently come from the same place.

Another way this concept is sort of skewed, or portrayed in a way that leaves it open for misunderstanding, is when people say stuff like, “When you fight with somebody you’re really fighting with yourself!” Um, well…..sort of. You’re fighting with an individualized form of energy, like the branches on a tree, or the parts of the lava lamp blob that pull away from the main blob, forming blob branches. :D So yes, you both trace back to the same Source origin. But you’re not “the same.” Each individualized energy has its own sentience and free will….and thus, the ability to go in a very different directions.

Some will arrive at the Important Higher Spiritual Truth realizations a lot sooner than others, and so if you’re one of the fast track learners (cough I apparently have not been…..) then it doesn’t mean you need to hang with the ones still rolling around in the mud. Have neutral awareness of the “bigger picture,” understand that they’re at where they’re at, do your own thing, everybody’s working at different speeds, some arrived late to the game while others are now at the finishing line, and it’s all good, because we all ultimately come from the same place. That, to me, is what “we’re all one” really means, based on what I was shown.

It’s not an easy mindset to maintain, so I don’t present all this as if to portray myself in some holier-than-thou way. Definitely not. But I have been able to do it randomly here and there over the past couple of years, and what I’ve discovered is that having that neutral awareness of the “bigger picture game” can then inadvertently lead to those oft-sought feelings of lovey oneness. Somehow realizing/remembering what the deal is here just leads to this sort of automatic sympathy and head nodding understanding. It is kind of cool, and comes in handy when dealing with neg entities, for instance. ;) I’ve gotten to a point where I just feel sorry for neg entities, whatever they are……again due to awareness. Like, awwwww….poor thing……you need a hug! haha I guess when you think about it how do you not have sympathy from something so cut off from the Source and “the good mind” and love, you know? It’s sad when you think about it, that an energy has fallen so far away as to have become almost permanently lost like that. So to be able to transform low vibe feelings of fear/anger/frustration/hate, etc. into love, via awareness, is pretty cool. Now, to be able to be like that all the time………………..must be nice. ! I think the more you do it though the easier it gets, and the more it will be able to happen, becoming self-perpetuating. But at first it might be slow going, like a rusty gear kicking in. I also have the image of an outer shell starting to crack, with light seeping through, the cracks triggering more cracks and breaks, as more light seeps through, the process speeding up, faster and faster, and easier and easier, until the whole mucky outer shell falls apart.

And for those troublemakers who can be really annoying, whatever their soul nature may be, what I’ve gotten over the years is to just have neutral understanding of the role they serve in this reality and move on. Easier said then done, I know ;) but again, do it even once and then it can happen twice. Twice leads to four times, which leads to eight, the process increasing exponentially…..

This topic is huge, just HUGE, very important, if not the most important spiritual concept out there. I mean, when I “phoned” my higher self for the first time years back I was asking about random mundane things pertaining to my life situation at the time it responded back with a visual showing how everybody here is connected, and traces back to the same Source. That’s how big a deal this is, like my higher self was saying “If there’s only one thing I’m ever able to communicate to you, then this is it! Forget anything else you’re asking about, you need to know this!!!!!!” So yeah, quite the big deal apparently…..

Hijacking our minds to create a reality that’s in something else’s best interest.

(Just found this relevant quote when re-reading “The Fire From Within” by Carlos Castaneda:

(don Juan de Matus) “Toltec seers were extraordinary men – powerful sorcerers, somber, driven men who unraveled mysteries and possessed secret knowledge that they used to influence and victimize people by fixating the awareness of their victims on whatever they chose.” […..] “I have to emphasize an important fact,” he continued, “the fact that those sorcerors knew how to fixate the awareness of their victims. […] “One of the hardest things to acknowledge is that awareness can be manipulated.” Chapter 1, “The New Seers,” page 2

This is just a quick thought I wanted to put out there [okay, after repeatedly adding on to this entry it’s apparently no longer just a “quick” thought anymore.] something I’ve already covered in various ways on this site but wanted to reiterate in a different way. But it involves the idea of those infamous Powers That Be using entertainment, especially movies, to get our minds focused on stuff that is not in our best interest….in order to serve them.

Back track: People have been kept in the dark regarding what the human mind is capable of, and we apparently have some fantastic abilities to create by thought alone. New Agers are clued into this, as they’ve been talking about “reality creation” for years now, but in my opinion the way they sometimes present it all leaves themselves wide open for ridicule by skeptics and causes the concept to be dismissed by the public at large. Now granted….many skeptics out there seem to just be bland background characters that are designed to serve the system and keep the rest of the sheep in line, making sure people don’t wake up and stray from the programmed herd. But those types aside, sometimes legitimate people who could benefit from knowing about the concept of reality creation and the power of the human mind are also dismissing the concept for various reasons, and never become aware of it. But it is real, as I’ve seen for myself and as many others have also figured out, and that takes us back to the subject of entertainment:

Entertainment in the form of movies and TV shows serves more than just the purpose of making studios money, distracting the masses, or even programming us to believe certain things. It also serves the purpose of redirecting our – reality creating – minds onto subject matter that serves the interests of the stuff that controls this reality. Or to quote an email from a friend of mine (she once gave me permission to quote anything she writes):

“I believe we co-create. I believe there are rules to this grand game we play here but only grids, not anything solid. The bottom line is that we are used in a million ways a day to perpetuate reality, as we are reality producing machines, and until we become conscious of what we are creating both in our personal lives and then in the macrocosm we are being used to manifest what “they” cannot manifest. But they are tricking us, and lying. Using rules we are not quite aware of to trap us in our own creation. […] Agenda is so clear and the targets used for this agenda, its all there if you look.”

We are being used to manifest what they cannot manifest. We are being used. By them. To serve them. So in other words…our minds are being hijacked. [Side note: Right now, as of 11/08 I’m currently reading David Icke’s latest book “The David Icke Guide to the Global Conspiracy (and how to end it)” and I just got to Chapter 3, and see that he had written pretty much the same thing I wrote here, almost word for word. !!! So, just wanted it to be known that I hadn’t read what he wrote when I wrote the above, and I wasn’t trying to copy him. He says “…being manipulated to dream a reality that someone else has constructed to control us. […] the ‘five-sense’ dream has been hijacked….” (page 59.) What’s funny is that there are several things he says in that book which match nearly verbatim thoughts that I’ve had, phrasing things the way I’ve phrased it in my own mind. Weird!]

Ever since reading her words last year this has really stuck with me in a big way and I think this needs to be shouted from the rooftops. The idea ties together with so many other things I’ve written about or mentioned on my site: How options have been removed from our reality by the forces that control things, leaving us with a limited selection for all things in our world which THEY have determined FOR us; The mind control programming and hypnotic mesmerizing of the masses by the news, media and entertainment, telling us how things are, which are usually lies, but everybody is so controlled and apathetic that they don’t bother to think for themselves or question anything; and reality creation. The way in which we can manipulate our immediate world around us by our thoughts and personal vibes, drawing to us the people and life circumstances based on what we are subconsciously “broadcasting”…whether most even realize they’re doing this or not. (And most don’t, because we’re purposely not taught this.)

So putting all these ideas together, and then taking another look at the – increasingly dark and demonic – movies and TV shows that are being created for the masses by the powers that run the world, featuring sociopathic “heroes” that the public is supposed to be rooting for and where it’s non-stop senseless murder, or rape, or torture or all around degradation, and suddenly everything goes “ding! ding! ding!”….

….The “Stuff” who run the world puts these movies and shows out there for the public to consume. And the public in turn eats them up because: 1) The reality around them is all they know from birth…they don’t know a reality where these movies and shows DON’T exist, and so they accept it by default, without question. 2) They’ve been programmed since birth via parents, school, the media, religion and higher governmental authority to not question things or think in innovative ways to create a reality and world system that would be completely different from the one we’re submerged in…, just accept the world they’ve been born into and pick up where their parents left off and perpetuate it on and on. And so higher “stuff” in control, who know exactly what the human mind is capable of, gets everybody’s minds focused on dark, negative, cruddy material so that we will continue to bring that forth into the world, for them, doing their dirty work…..without even realizing we’re doing it, because we don’t know any other world/reality, have no basis of comparison, nobody teaches us what the mind is truly capable of, or how it can be wielded.

Just something to keep in mind in these upcoming times when you’re choosing what movies you’re going to be watching in the theater, or rented from your local video store or on TV. Admittedly what brought this up to the forefront of my thoughts recently, and inspired me to put this out there, is the upcoming “Dark Knight” Batman sequel. I recently posted a comment on the Pseudo Occult Media blog (a good blog btw which analyzes and dissects all the mind control themes and symbols running rampant in movies, shows, music videos and ad campaigns, taking whatever I did in my own “Mind Control Themes and Programming Triggers in Movies” write up to a whole new level, times 1,000….) mentioning how I wasn’t planning to see Dark Knight because it’s just dripping in this stuff. The ad campaign blitz is in itself a huge mass programming tool, getting everybody convinced that they “should” see this movie. (so the studios will become rich from YOUR money.) Then there’s the sub issue of Heath Ledger’s untimely death, bringing even more morbid fascination with seeing this movie. And as always, there’s the dark/occult symbolisms and mind control stuff within the movie posters and ad prints and slogans, and then the very dark, sociopathic characters and plots. All of which results in one huge mind control programming trip… more ways than one, as outlined above. I was pondering what that does to the mind, watching 2+ hours of non-stop violence and crazy action sequences and sociopathy running rampant. And as mentioned in my Introduction to Meaningful Movies section, it all serves as one giant occult ritual in a way. Get millions of people parked in front of movie screens at the same time, (sometimes on meaningful numerological/occult dates) putting their energy (loosh….) and mind’s focus on material that somebody ELSE created, material which is usually laced with numerology, esoteric/occult and mind control symbolisms that the viewing audience is completely unaware of, and all of which means…..the public is partaking in one huge occult ritual, whether they even realize it or not.

[ Add on 7/21/08: And the same goes for books too actually. Originally when writing this I was thinking of movies, but then I remembered the huge number of murder mystery/thriller books that fill the shelves of bookstores and libraries everywhere. Last year I did a volunteer gig involving donated books for prisoners, where I was helping to sort and organize all the incoming books, as well as matching up books to the letter requests from inmates. Until then I hadn’t paid much attention to the whole murder mystery thriller fiction genre, but being that there were a bezillion of these sorts of books being donated I became fast acquainted as I sorted and organized. And all I can really say about it all is….“Wow.” Holy cow. To say that most of these books are “dark” is an understatement. Sicko might be a better word for it. I once wrote (or, ranted might be more like it) on a message board about the subject of fiction books and how most are just a colossal waste of trees, especially these dime a dozen murder mystery book series with their individual “themes” cranked out by these long standing authors that never seem to go away. (Book series with the main hero who appears in all of them are just money making schemes, a way to maximize how much of your money the publishing companies are getting. Why get your money from just one book when they can get it for 10, 15, 25….right?) In depth passages pertaining to drawn out rape and torture and gory serial killing murders…..involving kids sometimes…….what kind of person wants to actively read that sort of stuff, actually paying money for it? :S And what does it say about the authors who write it?! Most aren’t questioning this though – in fact if anything, these authors attain fame and $ fortune $ for writing that sort of material. :/ But, it’s because we live in a society that doesn’t know any better. People were born into this world and just accepted it as presented.]

To clarify though, I’m not trying to tell people what they should or shouldn’t be doing with their lives, and entertainment choices. I’m just putting my own thoughts out there for consideration. I realize how difficult it is to cut media consumption out of one’s life, (movies in particular). I’m still not all the way there yet myself when it comes to ridding movies, despite what I now know and realize. The media that they’ve created for us feels like a gravity hole or something….very hard to pull oneself out of and escape the clutches of. There’s still lingering appeal for me for some of it, and so right now I feel like I’m trying to pull pull pull myself out of that hole, an inch at a time. But I do believe that we need to stop putting our minds on the dark, negative, cruddy material that they’ve been shoving on us for decades, and start realizing what our minds are capable of….so we can redirect our hijacked minds onto material that’s in OUR best interest.

(for more on the subject of movies/media/TV, see my article, The Media )

Weather disasters

This isn’t meant to be a “gloom and doom prophesies!” post, just a neutral observation and passing on of information for consideration. But last year (2008), Tom and I were talking to an older man who, as a hobby, does this sort of channeling type of thing. It involves a form of kinesiology – not the sports medicine version, but the new age version where one seeks answers via muscle testing. Long story I suppose for those who haven’t heard of it, but this man uses muscle testing while tapping into some higher something or other to seek answers. His mainstream pursuits involve engineering and physics related endeavors, applied toward inventing things. So he’s a smart guy in my opinion, and I found it a little surprising actually that an engineering/physics guy would be into spiritual/metaphysics sorts of things. I mean, my boyfriend is….but, he’s atypical. Let’s face it, it’s not your usual combination.

So one of the things that “J”, as I’ll call him, was inquiring about had to do with these upcoming times and what might be in store. Now, as many reading this may know by now, I’m a firm believer that the future isn’t set in stone, and there are multiple probabilities for what can happen. Even a prediction/vision is just one possible outcome. So, “J” was asking about the idea of martial law, and that whole scenario where the U.S. is on some NWO lock down, with those infamous camps and boxcars and all of our rights stripped from us. You know, what any conspiracy theorist worth their weight in (paper money converted into) gold and silver would be familiar with. ;) And the answers he got back said that No, that’s not actually what’s going to happen.

What is going to happen in the U.S., according to J’s source, is an escalating series of weather/natural disasters that will ultimately wind up bankrupting the federal government. They won’t be able to keep up with the weather/climate disasters that keep piling on with all the federal aid that will be needed, and the effect it’s going to have on businesses (the economy), farms (agriculture and our food supply), and personal lives in general. And when it’s all said and done, the Federal government will have to relinquish the reigns of control to states at an individual level.

Now, I don’t know if that’s what the end result will be, take it with a grain of salt, but I just put it out there for consideration. I find it interesting though, no doubt, only because since hearing this last year there indeed have been more and more climate/weather disasters piling on in the U.S. So, I definitely believe that part is true, and we already see it happening. I mean, it’s getting to the point where the natural disasters are so big and so rampant that they’re now identified by states and years:

Texas 2002 (Catastrophic flooding, 2-3 feet of rain fell in south central Texas and San Antonio. Damages possibly up to $1 billion.)
Florida 2004 (Record spate of hurricanes hitting all over the state)
Louisiana/Mississippi 2005 (Katrina – $89 billion in damages; the economic “Aftermath” section on Wiki goes on and on, too much to get into here.)
SoCal 2007 (fires – 500,000+ acres burned)
Oregon and Washington 2007 (hurricane force winds and severe record flooding, $1.8 billion in damages in Washington, $180 million for Oregon)
Iowa 2008 (severe record flooding, Cedar Rapids under water)
Central/Northern Cal 2008 (more fires, 800,000+ total acres burned this time)
North Dakota 2009 – severe record flooding
New England 2010 severe record flooding, most notably in Rhode Island which has already been impacted with one of the nation’s highest unemployment rates and declining economy
Tennessee 2010 Severe record flooding. “More rain has fallen in Nashville in the last 24 hours than has ever been recorded in the city…”
Illinois/Iowa/Midwest 2010 Near record rainfall. “It’s a mess,” he said. “I’ve never (seen) a disaster like this. The streets and most of the neighborhood was a giant swimming pool.”
Texas 2011. – Wildfires burn over a million acres/2,390 square miles across the state because there’s been no rain
North Carolina 2011 Unprecedented number of tornadoes hit North Carolina in one weekend when “the perfect storm” converges over the south/east that should have normally hit in Tornado Alley.
‘Dixie Alley’ 2011 Storms devastate multiple communities in Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia primarily, killing hundreds, during the April 2011 historic tornado outbreak, following on the heels of the historic Ohio River Valley flooding.

And 2011 just keeps going, with the Joplin, Missouri F5 tornado (a theme this year seems to be huge tornadoes hitting major urban centers, annihilating major portions of those cities beyond repair); the Minot and Burlington, North Dakota flooding putting 4,000 homes and businesses under water (Souris River cresting at 1,561 feet above sea level, a record not seen since 1881); and the Arizona and New Mexico wildfires, burning over 800 square miles of land.

And then back in 2007 there was such a huge drought going on in the mid-Atlantic region that the state of Georgia was apparently months away from running out of water and having to desalinate ocean water. !! And then there’s the entire mid-west and central plains continuously being popped with tornadoes this year – the most ever recorded so far by June of 2008. I have my binder at home filled with news stories of all the craziness going on, in a nutshell it’s a mix of fires, torrential rainfall and flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes, droughts, blizzards, lightning storms, cold snaps, heat waves, and inverse climate, all stronger, hotter, colder, drier, wetter, and more fierce, and more frequent, than in years past, and costing everybody a whole bunch of money. Loss of lives, homes, crops, farm animals, entire cities flooded out, you name it. So yes, something indeed seems to be up, no doubt. Whether it’s the natural cycle of things, or “global warming” (whatever the source…I believe global warming has multiple sources converging together, not just the one as pushed on us by the “Inconvenient Truth” brigade…) or something else entirely remains to be seen. Something important that’s worth noting is that over at the site, author Montalk has noticed a correlation between HAARP activity and hurricane and earthquake activity. This HAARP correlation seems to go for all wacky weather though, not just hurricanes and earthquakes. When strange weather is brewing, sure enough, HAARP will usually be active. I think this is very important to mention. It’s almost as if certain Powers That Be are deliberately trying to make the earth fall apart with all sorts of weather disasters and natural calamities that otherwise wouldn’t be happening. So whatever the source, we’re finding ourselves in the middle of stronger climate/weather happenings than our predecessors experienced in recent times. Again, whether natural/cyclical, or otherwise.

As far as the ultimate conclusion of it all will be, with the idea of the dissolution of the federal government and them throwing their hands up in the air and giving up, I’m neutral, and/or admittedly a little skeptical, just putting that on the back burner with a wait and see attitude. My boyfriend’s theory involves the possibility that we will find ourselves increasingly beaten down from multiple angles to the point where it may open doors towards false saviors (in the form of aliens/non-human intelligences) coming in to “rescue” us. Admittedly I’m on the fence with that one too….I’ve never fully been able to believe that an outright open admittance of alien life will ever take place in this reality. Not in my life, anyway. So we’ve always disagreed with that idea, I just can’t see something in the form of the 1984 miniseries “V” ever happening. BUT, you never know. ;D The one thing my boyfriend and I do agree on is that if it were to happen – and I do believe in the possibility – then it would mean something humongous has happened and we’re past the point of no return. Where it wouldn’t matter anymore, kind of like the attitude of “Ah screw it, go for it, bring in the aliens, it doesn’t matter!” ;D But it would have to be big. And again…….that’s where timelines comes into play. Personally, I don’t like the idea of winding up on that timeline, where something so huge has to happen that we’ve reached some point of no return. No thanks!!!!

So, maybe start intending for the better timeline, and in the meantime, research what areas are not being hit like the rest, because there are places that are still pretty safe for the time being, and then get out of the danger zones if possible.

Here in Charlottesville, Virginia winter 2009-2010 was one for the record books. The total snowfall was 55 inches. On December 5th we had our first, minor snowfall of the season at 3”. Nothing big, and most people forgot about it. Then on December 18th we had our 2 foot “Snowpocolypse,” as the local indie newspaper termed it. ;D They did a really interesting article about it called Snowpocalypse: Storm of the new century and what went wrong. Even if you’re not from here it’s still probably an interesting read. My only qualm with that article is that they stick by their 20.5” total snowfall, but where I live we had 23 inches and other sources around town also confirmed 23”. So it was 23 inches as far as I’m
Most of the two footer had finally melted, save for a few “snow Matterhorns” as they’ve been called (the remnants of commercial parking lot plowing left in mountainous piles) and then we had the big rain flooding soon after, around January 24th or so. The Meadow Creek down behind our apartment, which runs into the Rivanna River, was flooded to like three times its size. I’ve only seen flooding like that in pictures. The walking trails were gone, completely under water, and nothing but tops of trail sign posts were sticking out on the opposite side of the creek bed. Down by CVS drugs the water was up to the tops of the pedestrian/bike path fencing, and to say it extended beyond its banks on both sides is putting it mildly. People were gathered around taking pics and videos (including us). Then on January 30th we received another 9 inches of snow. We still have that on the ground and then got another inch and a half or so a couple of days later (originally predicted to be 4-8”, but luckily it was all talk and no action). And then we were in for…….the Snowmageddon. 20-28” of wet, heavy snow and possible winds of 30 mph, according to the forecasts. Snowmageddon – Friday in Charlottesville ‘could get ugly’ (Equally as entertaining is the companion piece Pandesnownium – Charlottesville Shoppers Go Mad Before Storm)

It may not sound like much to those in the north or in the Rockies, but this is Virginia….not Minnesota, Illinois, Wisconsin, upstate New York, Colorado, Canada, etc. It’s not normal for here. Charlottesville according to the official data records is supposed to receive on average 14” of snow a year, and in the past 5 years that we’ve lived here we’ve never even seen that. At best we’ve had a couple of 2, 3 and 4” inch snowfalls here and there, usually two a season at most. The winter of 2006 into 2007 was a little crazy because it was so unseasonably warm. Definitely no snow that I remember, and there were bumblebees flitting around in December, with the warmth extending into January. Now this. 55”. :D I’ve never experienced snow like this in my life, even though I grew up in Massachusetts and Connecticut (I remember a bit about the Blizzard of ’78 though, but that’s the worst I’ve ever experienced and it really didn’t affect me anyway since I was only 4.) So it’s pretty novel for me.

In terms of what this particular post entry is about, it is taking its financial toll on the City and County because this region isn’t equipped to handle precipitation like this. The cost hasn’t been factored into the budget. That issue is addressed towards the end of the “Snowpocolypse” article linked above, with interviews with VDOT. Will be interesting to see if the high precipitation/unusual weather patterns trend continues for the rest of the year and how things will be next year, or if this is just a fluke year.

New add-on: Now that we’re into the summer, unusual weather has indeed continued. For starters there’s the issue of the heat. I don’t even bother to check anymore to see whether we broke a heat record because pretty much every day we are. It’s always “Record Report” set at Dulles Airport every time you punch in our zip code of 22901. (Dulles is in DC but that’s the biggest metropolitan region that they link us to.) And with temps getting up to 98, 99 and over 100 nearly every day it’s no surprise. I can’t remember a summer this hot in my six years of living here. Then we’ve had not one, but two “microbursts,” within three weeks. The first was June 3, 2010. The second hit three weeks to the day on June 24th, on a record heat day, of course, what else is new this summer, and was more widespread, with much more damage, than the first. (Annnnnnnd…guess what? HAARP has been active since June 13th, overlapping with not only the second, more powerful microburst that hit here, but also the crazy flooding that was going on in Brazil and China that’s taken hundreds of lives between the two, and the record rains/flooding that recently hit Oklahoma. Not saying that HAARP is definitively the culprit, but the possible pattern is interesting.) There has been some evidence indicating that a small tornado may also have been involved. Here’s a link to the wikipedia entry explaining what microbursts are. The only other microburst Cville has received according to one high up person that I was talking to was back in July 2005, which Tom and I actually witnessed interestingly enough, since we were on the downtown mall when it happened. So, three within five years, two of them happening within three weeks of each other, when previously there (supposedly…) hasn’t been any at all. These things hit suddenly, with walls of water as I heard several witnesses describe, generating intense, horizontal rain and high wind speeds. In both microbursts, trees were either completely uprooted or the upper halves were snapped off and flung about, or left dangling down, bark was stripped off (don’t know how that works….) and debris was everywhere. During the two June bursts I happened to be inside at work luckily, not outside or driving around, and the second one happened at 5:00 pm, right when everybody was supposed to be leaving. We all hung around in the building entranceways instead of leaving because it looked like a tornado was hitting outside.

I will say this: One interesting side effect of crazy weather happenings is that it brings people together. People start connecting after a situation happens. That’s something I’ve enjoyed, whether it’s the two foot snows or the microbursts or flooding. People come out and start walking around, talking to each other. Strangers pitch in to help each other. Neighbors check in with each other, see if there’s anything the other needs – you need a chainsaw? Candles or flashlights? Our upstairs neighbor offered us to come sleep in her place back during the winter in the event we lost power, since she has a gas powered stove to keep warm. And conversely, Tom was shoveling out her and our other older female neighbor, since they both live by themselves. We were also all checking on each other to make sure we had enough food since we were all trapped for a few days, unable to get to the store. Then after the 6/24 microburst we were helping a random guy we saw trying to cut a tree off of a sidewalk it was blocking. Walking around the neighborhood surveying the aftermath damage and you find other people wandering around in the middle of the streets doing the same, and soon total strangers are chatting and sharing stories and making a connection and helping each other out……when in normal circumstances they’d most likely be holed up inside in front of the television, or just keeping to themselves. That change is kind of cool. In fact, as a direct result of the 2009-2010 winter and the June microbursts some of our neighbors have started a practice of holding regular “pot luck” barbecue party things, inviting all the residents in the apartment buildings on our private road to get together and socialize, with the intention of getting to know each other better in the event of more crazy weather or if we need each other’s help. They had everybody fill out a sheet with their name and contact info. which they then photocopied and distributed to everybody at the gathering so we would all have each other’s contact info to be in touch with each other when there are power outages, or if anybody needs something during really bad weather. So far there’s been three of these gatherings. Before that, most of us didn’t even know each other. But not anymore.

Monkey See, Monkey Do….or Don’t

On a friend’s website, he has a link to an article that I found really interesting, called Children Learn by Monkey See, Monkey Do. Chimps Don’t.

Here are the relevant excerpts. Bolded words are my own emphasis:

“…..Dr. Horner and Dr. Whiten described the way they showed young chimps how to retrieve food from a box.

The box was painted black and had a door on one side and a bolt running across the top. The food was hidden in a tube behind the door. When they showed the chimpanzees how to retrieve the food, the researchers added some unnecessary steps. Before they opened the door, they pulled back the bolt and tapped the top of the box with a stick. Only after they had pushed the bolt back in place did they finally open the door and fish out the food.

Because the chimps could not see inside, they could not tell that the extra steps were unnecessary. As a result, when the chimps were given the box, two-thirds faithfully imitated the scientists to retrieve the food.

The team then used a box with transparent walls and found a strikingly different result. Those chimps could see that the scientists were wasting their time sliding the bolt and tapping the top. None followed suit. They all went straight for the door.

The researchers turned to humans. They showed the transparent box to 16 children from a Scottish nursery school. After putting a sticker in the box, they showed the children how to retrieve it. They included the unnecessary bolt pulling and box tapping.

The scientists placed the sticker back in the box and left the room, telling the children that they could do whatever they thought necessary to retrieve it.

The children could see just as easily as the chimps that it was pointless to slide open the bolt or tap on top of the box. Yet 80 percent did so anyway. “It seemed so spectacular to me,” Mr. Lyons said. “It suggested something remarkable was going on.”

The reason I found this article so fascinating is because I myself have witnessed this same behavior in adults out in the working world, most recently at a temp gig. I was being “trained” (if you want to call what I endured over that three week period to be actual “training”….) by a woman named Kathy on on how to do one particular component of my job. The gist for readers’ clarity is that it involved an Excel spreadsheet sent over by accounting that I needed to cross compare to a particular accounting report. There’s a lot more, but, that’s the gist. So Kathy is showing me how to do it all – a process that she herself was taught by another woman named Fran – and I’m watching her go through the steps, and I can see right away that there seems to be this superfluous step in the middle of it all that makes no sense, involving making a copy of that Excel spreadsheet to use as a “mark up copy”…yet as far as I can see, no actual “mark ups” need to be made.

I immediately asked about this, confused, and watched as Kathy just sat there confused too, staring at the computer screen for a bit, working this out. She couldn’t resolve the issue, so her final conclusion was to just do it anyway. Because that’s the way Fran had done it, and that’s how she had been doing it for the past two months, (even though she apparently wasn’t even sure about what she was doing….you gotta love when you’re being trained by somebody who doesn’t even fully understand the job themselves. :D ) so, now that I’m here, I should just keep doing it the way it’s always been done.

But it made no sense. It was a completely extra pointless step. I asked accounting about it, and they agreed….they had no idea why that step was in there either. Made no sense to them, and didn’t seem to be a necessary part of the process. In fact I was told the exact opposite by them…that the spreadsheet should NOT be marked up. So, I promptly discarded that step and did the process minus the superfluous nonsense for the next three months I was there, before I finally quit. And everything was fine. The world didn’t collapse. And when it came time to train my replacement, she was trained in the streamlined version of how to do things, not the mumbo jumbo I was taught.

So, I guess this means I think like a chimp. ;)

All of which goes to show the nature of the human mind. And the fact that often times, we learn via exact mimicking, and may not stop to question why we’re doing what we’re doing, or the way it’s being done. Just….mimick. Copy, repeat. Don’t ask questions. Another great anecdote that perfectly illustrates this daffy bit of the human mind is a story that I read in David Icke’s book, “I am Me, I am Free.” But it involved a woman who always cut the corners off of the meat that she roasted in the oven, and then one day her husband asked her why. Why do you do that? Because it made no sense to him in watching it all. She explained that well, that’s what her mom did. So, she does it too. Her husband suggested she ask her mom why she did this. So she calls her mom up on the phone and asks. And the answer? Because the meat didn’t fit into the pan that the mom used to have, so she always had to trim the corners to make it fit. !

The woman in question, if the story is real, never even bothered to ask all those years. She just mimicked exactly what she had seen her mother do – no questions, no thinking for herself – and in all likelihood, might have even passed that on to somebody else in turn….without ever knowing “why.”

So when I read the “Monkey See, Monkey Do” article it really got my wheels spinning about why humans are like this, and what it might mean in the bigger scheme of things. On the one hand it’s a great trait that we have, the fact that we can sit there and observe closely, then so accurately parrot what we’ve seen – it’s the way I learned how to properly knit, after all. My knitting teacher showed me the way in which she held the yarn, positioned the needles and made stitches, and I sat there completely still, absorbing it like a sponge, then mimicked her exactly. And now I can knit well. :) But such is the nature of being a primate with opposable thumbs, a bigger complex brain, and the manual dexterity that goes with it. We can do that, and it’s cool. Yet we seem to sometimes run into a wall with this ability when it comes to weeding out stuff that’s not useful or doesn’t make sense. Yet….our chimp cousins can most times immediately spot that which is useless and do away with it, no matter what they’re being told to do. Translation – they can think for themselves.

Another good example of this can be found in Dolores Cannon’s newly released book, “The Convoluted Universe, Book Three,” where she discusses her personal beginnings in the world hypnotherapy, specializing in past life regressions. Bolded words my own emphasis:

“There were no books or instructions in those days to guide a therapist, so I have had to write my own rules and develop my own techniques from the beginning. I now know that was for the better. I never had anyone telling me there was only one correct method (theirs) to do hypnosis. I never had anyone telling me you couldn’t experiment, that it had to only be done the way it had been for years. I now know they were only teaching what they had been taught by someone that had been taught by someone else, ad infinitum. They did not question the methods they had been shown, but they also had not been told they could change the rules and develop their own way, follow their own path….” – page 7

Isn’t that kind of sad that so many people just do what they’re shown to do, unable to come up with their own methods for doing things? Unable to question the way things are done? Having to be told first that it’s “okay” to be creative and come up with a new method or system?

Humans’ weakness seems to be an inability to think for ourselves many times and bowing into pressure to just do what those around us are doing in order to fit in and not rock the boat. Not always, but often enough that in my opinion, I think this has contributed to why we as a species have been so easily controlled over the eons by the “powers that be,” and why humans find it so easy to police those around them to get them to conform. “Repeat the behavior and soak up the beliefs we’re showing you, and don’t stray from the herd or challenge the way things are done, or else face dire consequences!”

So that naturally leads one to have to wonder………..were we created that way on purpose, for exactly that reason, by higher “stuff” that wanted a species that could be easily controlled and manipulated? “Okay, primates…that’s a good starting stock to use. Let’s keep this and this trait, but we’ll need to breed out that and that trait, ‘cause that’s gonna come back to bite us in the ass if we don’t….!”

Many might try to find a natural evolutionary explanation for how this trait came to be, and at one point in my life I would have bought that. But I no longer even fully believe in all aspects of the theory of Evolution. (and forget Creationism.) I think there’s a third choice that most are not told about, which is interventionism, which believes that “something else” had a hand in shaping life on Earth, and that yes, evolution is valid….but on a micro level only, not macro. It’s a whole topic in itself though, but to scratch the surface I’ll just point out how far Man has come in being able to manipulate the planet to its every whim: Weather manipulation. Genetically modified/hybrid “food.” Cloned animals and all manner of genetic experimentation and research for science and medical reasons. They’re now even talking about using laboratory manufactured sperm to impregnate women using their own genetic material. And if that last bit doesn’t generate a “holy shit!” then I don’t know what would. !! And these are the advances that the public is aware of. This isn’t even counting what goes on with the government black ops. So yes, if we at our current lowly level have been able to do these things, then imagine a species that’s several million years more advanced and what they might be able to achieve. Seeding a planet with various life forms it helped to genetically create and manipulate? No sweat.

So while I don’t profess to be some expert in anthropology, I do wonder why chimps who are so alike to us in many other ways could differ in that particular regard. Like us, chimps are social creatures, living in tribal groups with hierarchal structures, having complex relationships, possesing self awareness and feelings and displaying many MANY of the same psychological/inter-relationship behaviors that we do (in fact, it’s quite shocking when you start to study chimps and bonobos, and you begin to realize that most everything humans do is no different from them. We just have the cerebral cortex that they lack, which enabled us to do a little bit more and go a little bit further.) So why did they retain the ability to think for themselves, while we seemed to have lost it to a great deal somewhere along the way? Is that a by-product of the additional brain matter that we gained? How come we’re actually stupider than them in that regard?? !! I don’t know. But I’m highly suspicious! The Interventionism believer in me goes “hmmmmmm….” and immediately thinks of the conspiracy angle to it all. ;) And I could be way off base, so, I just put that out there as food for thought….

[And here’s a related article regarding the lengths humans will stoop to when “just following orders” and conforming with the crowd. Reeeeeeaally makes you wonder……]

Voting on the Titanic

( ^^ love “The Onion” voting satire vid. ;) It’s probably the best Onion vid I’ve ever seen.)

“Did you vote today?” asked the woman who sits in the next cube office over from mine. We were in the area where the printers and fax machine are. I’m just a temp and this is only my 14th day there, and we haven’t really talked much, just on a superficial work-related level. She’s a nice person though, and means well and is friendly. The answer though is No, I didn’t vote in Virginia’s presidential primary. I’m 33 and I’m not even registered to vote. On purpose. So I assessed her question and the situation – my options, and their outcomes, flashing through my mind in an instant. Lying is out of the question, I’m not going to say yes and “act” and play a game just to avoid weirdness. Not my style. But if I say no, I didn’t vote, and explain why then it’s going to drain my energy. I could already feel that sinking drain coming on at the mere thought of it, which I’ll explain why in a second.

I looked at her, the silence of hesitation hanging there, and then answered. “That’s a complicated issue. I’m not able to get into it at the moment,” with a wry smile. And left it at that. She was like, Huh….okay. ! But what can you say to that, right? And off I went, back to my cube office.

There was a time when I was all about the blunt, direct answers to “matrix” sorts of issues and probings. And I still am, to a degree. When somebody asks me whether I watched such-and-such TV show last night, I calmly explain that No, I didn’t….because I don’t own a TV. And it feels really good to say, I love it. But the voting thing is different. While people may understand that you don’t like TV (okay, you read books instead, they can grasp that, they’ve heard of bookstores, it’s not a foreign concept…) they can’t on the other hand seem to understand and accept somebody claiming that not only did they not vote, but they have no intentions of ever voting, and aren’t even registered to vote. !!

Voting is a polarizing issue, because in this country we’ve been brainwashed that we live in a free and democratic country, and so therefore everybody should vote, it’s the cornerstone of our society. We were all raised with the flag waving Ra! Ra! Ra! patriotism and the songs we sang in school – “My country ‘tis of thee, sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing…..” “America, America, God shed His grace on thee, and crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea” – and the myths of the founding fathers and the Revolutionary War and “the shot heard ‘round the world,” the Declaration of Independence, “Give me liberty or give me death,” the first Continental Congress….the Constitution. The ideals and the mythological legend they’ve attained is enough to make you choke up. But never mind all the Native Americans that were slaughtered and conned in order to achieve those ideals. :/ cough.

So despite the illusions of an idealistic beginning, the fact is, we don’t live in the same world as the founding fathers anymore. This country no longer runs in the way it used to, but most Americans haven’t put two and two together and figured this out. They’re not seeing what’s right under their noses, and continue to believe in a lie. There are some “conspiracy theorist” authors screaming from the rooftops about how America went bankrupt and dissolved in 1933, and turned into a corporation under British Maritime Law, and how it’s now run by very powerful groups from behind the scenes that control most everything in this world, making the President, Congress and Senate mere figureheads for illusory show basically, rigged “elections” and all….but very few people are listening. Even with what happened in 2000 they’re not seeing it. It happened two terms in a row….and it’s still “lalalalala,” oblivion. They got all excited in 2004 when John Kerry ran, not having learned anything after 2000. Electronic voting so TPTB can do whatever it wants with the votes and nobody will be the wiser. Vote count fraud. Etc. What do people think is really going on here? A true and honest democracy? Um, yeeeeaaah. :/ My boyfriend and I wonder how many votes got pilfered from Ron Paul for instance, a man who gained enormous popularity and now holds the historical record for the biggest campaign fund raiser contributions in a single 24 hour period. The same man who ‘swept’ the Virginia straw poll. Yet he has yet to win any state, including Virginia, despite all that. How do you “sweep” the straw poll…….then lose in the real vote? Seems a little fishy to me. So just because stuff says that a certain candidate won a state doesn’t mean they really did. As the 2000 “election” shows, once again.

Then there are the people rooting for Hillary, not stopping to think that if she “wins” and serves out her four year minimum, then that means there would have been either a Bush or Clinton in office non-stop for over 24 years. 32 if you count Bush Sr.‘s tenure as VP under Reagan, where many believe he was really the one helping to run the show. 32 years with the same two families of figureheads in major positions of power. If that’s a democracy, then damn. !

David Icke has been talking for years about bloodline genetics and how Presidents are SE-lected, not E-lected. If you think that any old schmoe can become President in America, think again. They may have told us that in school, but if that were the case then why have geneaologists/historical researchers discovered that over 30 U.S. Presidents can trace their genetics back to Charlemagne, and interconnect in all sorts of ways with each other. Even when the mainstream media picked up on the fact that Al Gore and George W. Bush were distant cousins did the mainstream people listen and put two and two together? No. Of course not. ;) And Obama is a distant cousin to Dick Cheney, using this fact as humorous fodder on his campaign trail, as he did during a South Carolina speech I watched on YouTube. But are people putting two and two together? No. Of course not. ;)

Obama has a prolific presidential lineage that features Democrats and Republicans. His distant cousins include President George W. Bush and his father, George H.W. Bush, Gerald Ford, Lyndon Johnson, Harry S. Truman and James Madison. Other Obama cousins include Vice President Dick Cheney, British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill and Civil War General Robert E. Lee.

His kinships are across the political spectrum,” Child said….”

And this, more recent article that appeared on Yahoo on 10/13/10:

“NEW YORK – President Barack Obama has family ties to none other than Sarah Palin, according to the genealogists at, a discovery the family history site made when looking for connections between political foes.

[…]A genealogist at the Utah-based, Anastasia Tyler, said Obama and Palin are 10th cousins through a common ancestor named John Smith, a pastor and early settler in 17th-century Massachusetts. Obama is related to Smith through his mother, as is Palin, Tyler said.

[…] In the recent project, genealogists looked at the trees of Obama, Palin, and Limbaugh but also a few others, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Fox News pundits Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity. They didn’t find anything much with the latter three.

But former President George W. Bush? He’s related to both Obama and Palin, the site found. Obama and Bush are 11th cousins through common ancestor Samuel Hinckley, and Bush and Palin are 10th cousins one time removed, also through Hinckley — who, and stay with us now, was John Smith’s father-in-law. has revealed in the past that Obama is related to investor Warren Buffett and actor Brad Pitt. It has also found that Palin, the former Alaska governor and Republican vice presidential candidate, is a distant cousin of both Franklin D. Roosevelt and Princess Diana….”

As an aside, I bolded the name Hinckley. As in, John Hinckley, Jr., the man who tried to assasinate Ronald Reagan, and which would have paved the way for the elder Vice President Bush to take office had the plan succeeded. This isn’t synchromysticism, it’s geneology. Interestingly enough the comments section for this article was closed after only 32 comments, right after somebody posted something about the Illuminati, and then this:

“People need to do some research, they would be VERY surprised to learn how many of ALL these presidents are related. To learn the truth, that ALL of the presidents are related, except for about approximately 5%, in some form or another and closer than you think. Just google, presidents that are related or related google. And people wonder why politics goes round and round, from both parties, they have been scamming you, for decades.”

After that, things went on lockdown mode. Typically Yahoo’s comments sections can go on indefinitely for thousands of posts (I’ve seen ones that had over 14,000 comments, and going strong. o_O ) Interesting.

It’s all about the bloodlines, apparently. The Powers That Be rig who gets to be the final contestants in the race, based on bloodlines and secret society ties, then offer them up on a figurative platter for the public to “vote” on. hmmm. That doesn’t really sound like democracy to me. But maybe I’m missing something.

But all this is why I didn’t bother getting into it with my co-worker today. There’s nothing you can say to somebody who directly asks you, as if being a nagging teacher, “Did you vote today?” Or the woman who came knocking on my door this past Saturday stumping for Obama. I politely explained that I wasn’t dressed yet and was in the middle of stuff so I wouldn’t be able to talk to her. “Okay,” she agreed cheerfully, turning to go. Then a flash of sternness crossed her face as she looked back over her shoulder at me……….“Just want to make sure you’re voting.”

I just gave a polite half smile and closed the door. Yeah, I’ll get right on that.

If they’re voting and nagging others about it, then they’re not going to be open to hearing whatever I could possibly tell them. They had access to all the same material I did, so, if they’re knocking door to door, then forget it. Their time has come and gone. Don’t bother. Pick your battles wisely. Conserve your energy. At one point I probably would have said something, but lately I’ve been noticing that it’s pointless for me, personally, to talk to people because they won’t/don’t listen anyway. It’s something I wrote about for this Thoughts section a few days ago, but then deleted, talking about the strange communication issues that seem to be on the increase in my reality as the years go on. Nobody listens, they ask me a question and I start to answer but they’re not really interested in hearing a response…..their attention wanders, they look off and away, they’ll cut me off after only a few words, or turn and start talking to the person next to them as if they didn’t just ask me a question. !! So you learn………….keep your mouth shut. Don’t give real answers, just nod or keep your responses to one or two words. Because there’s no point. Maybe that sounds cynical and defeatist or like negative programming, but for me it’s matter-of-fact, said with neutral understanding due to what first hand experience has showed me over and over and over these past few years. Something odd is going on with people, they don’t interact in a real way anymore most times, and I don’t have a solid explanation for what’s going on there. But that’s a whole side topic. It relates here in the sense that again, it’s the reason I no longer will give those blunt and open responses should somebody ask me if I voted. Not worth my time and energy. Not my job to teach them. You can’t forcibly “teach” anybody anyway, they have to come to the information on their own.

For the record though, if I were to vote and bought into the illusion and believed things worked the way they tell us, then I’d maybe, probably, cast a vote for Ron Paul. (When I’ve taken those quizzes to determine what political party you’re best matched up to, it always comes out as Libertarian, which Ron Paul actually used to be. So it makes sense that I’d gravitate to what he’s saying.) And an add-on update as of January 2012: I still agree, and if I had to, HAD to vote for somebody, no choice, then hands down it would be Ron Paul. But I do realize even Ron Paul can’t save the sinking ship that is the U.S., however good his ideas and intentions are surrounding the Federal Reserve and fiat money, the IRS, big government spending, getting out of Iraq, and all the rest. He seems like a sincere guy, and the way he conducts himself in interviews and campaign debates, answering questions methodically in a direct and honest manner instead of deflecting and distracting is a breath of fresh air. (And an add-on, again, as of January 2012 – considering his age he’s amazing sharp and on the ball. Very quick, and still very direct and straightforward in all his answers. No beating around the bush, no red herring diversions.) But I disagree with people who feel that he could be even a stepping stone to change. We don’t need stepping stones, and it wouldn’t work anyway. Our entire societal system is flawed from the inside out in every way it possibly can be, with every way that every single thing is done, and to fix it requires throwing it all out completely and starting over from scratch. That’s how crazy and messed up it all is. You don’t fix the Titanic with spackle putty. But still, I’d root for Ron Paul any day than Hillary the mad cackler robotoid faker or Barack “Say everything that people want to hear/Grandiose Empty Promise Rhetoric” Obama or McCain, Huckabee, Romney and all the rest. The other candidates creep me out, none of them are genuine. It’s all fake smiles and rhetoric to get the crowds fired up. People don’t see it though, they fall for it and get swept up in it. It’s astounding! Many people seem to lack smarts when it comes to spotting deceit for some reason, and it’s why so many people get taken for rides by con artists, scammers and charming sociopaths. Many are in a childlike state of trusting naivete, lacking intuition and unable to read body language, vocal inflection and unable to analyze word choices very well. Not sure why this is, could be a number of reasons, but yet it is. And it’s the reason the powers that be have been able to take root in this world. The naive childlike trusting population, ruled over by cunning manipulative socipaths. Why haven’t people wised up?

There’s also the minor related metaphysical issues that tie into the idea of voting. What personal ramifications, if any, might there be in casting a vote and supporting a candidate who has participated in questionable policies involving war and killing of innocents, (in the name of “freedom” and “democracy” of course)? Ron Paul for instance supposedly backed the invasion of Afghanistan after 9/11 that amounted in absolutely nothing but the killing of many innocents. Where is Osama bin Laden, by the way? shhhhh. Let’s not think about that. Nothing to see here people, move it along! So, that’s a concept I’ve wondered about. When you cast a vote for a candidate who’s condoned illegal invasions into other countries that resulted in senseless deaths, what are you saying on a soul level about yourself?

Then there’s the matter of jury duty. Being registered to vote means you’re now in the jury duty pool, and while the whole “trial by your peers” seems like a fantastic thing to many, a “democratic process” they’re proud to be a part of, I however come from a very different school of thought. I don’t want any part of judging or sentencing anybody for something they did. It’s not in my place or business to be involved in such a thing. Or yours either. But we as a society have been brainwashed to believe we should be policing each other and gettin’ all up in each other’s business….judging people, condemning them, meting out punishments. I will die going to my grave never having had to be a part of sentencing somebody to the death penalty….somebody who very well may be innocent. It’s not going to be hanging over my head, thank you very much. I’ve already gotten myself involved with enough bad junk in my life, don’t need one more thing dragging me down. The whole judgment/rules/laws thing is a HUGE topic in itself, one I wrote about more in depth on a message board forum I used to post at, so I won’t get into it all here.

Anyway, just some thoughts about the subject of “voting on the Titanic” on this cold evening with freezing rain in February…..

The Holidays

It’s December, and “Holiday Madness” has descended upon society. (technically it descended back in October even before Halloween, when I saw that Michael’s [arts and crafts store] had a “Christmas countdown” display going, ticking off how many days, hours and minutes til December 25th.) [Add on note as of January 2012: In 2011 our local K-Mart put up their Christmas display, complete with fake trees, back in September. It was the earliest I’ve ever seen in any store in my life. And back in July, somebody in the organization I work for received a Christmas catalog in the mail. Unbelievable.] I myself don’t celebrate Christmas or any of the holidays, but it helps that I don’t have any family to contend with. Family is a huge avenue for sucking people into habits they might otherwise not engage in. It’s just my boyfriend and I, and he’s not into the whole holiday schpiel either, so, we’re matched in that regard. But even if I did have family in my life, I wouldn’t be into it because when you’re awakening it’s hard to participate in what amounts to a mass dreamland delusion. Many awakening/aware people see the consumeristic madness that has become Christmas….but still engage in it anyway, again, out of family obligation or societal expectation, and various other reasons.

So getting to the point, what I’m putting out there is a call to revolt against it. Not in an angry Grinch way, but out of common sense, and the idea of taking back our minds. Yup…our minds. They’ve been stolen from most people over a lifetime of media and societal brainwashing and programming. So much of what people do in their every day lives, the thoughts they have, the whole way in which they view the world, is because they’ve been programmed to do and think in those ways. They don’t even know why they do what they do….they just do it. It’s December, time to buy up a bunch of cards and send them out to people!! Why? Because they’ve been programmed that “this is what you do.” Nevermind that it really is pretty pointless, and is a waste of trees. It’s December, time to go around repeating memes about “how many shopping days left til Christmas.” Why? Because they’ve been programmed that “this is what you do.” You spend all the free money you have left on buying meaningless “stuff” that will just eventually wind up in a landfill. It’s December, time to start singing all the same holiday songs that everybody has sung for the last 100 years. Why? Because they’ve been programmed that “this is what we do” during the winter holidays. You sing the same playlist of songs, over and over and over, and you play them in every store repeatedly, use them as the hold music on the phone and take over half the radio dial with them. Nevermind that it’s old and tired and played out.

There’s also the matter of Thanksgiving, where people still feel the need to gorge themselves sick on huge meals all because they’ve been told we’re “supposed” to do this in order to celebrate the story of the Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving…from 400 years ago. A story they would soon realize is not true in the way that we’ve been taught, if they took the time to do the research. So, gorge yourself sick on pounds and pounds of food……in tribute to a fairytale. :/ Sure, that makes a lot of sense. I won’t even get into Valentine’s Day, “a holiday invented by greeting card companies” as Joel says in “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” ;) or Easter, originally a pagan fertility holiday, hijacked by The Church way back when to be about Jesus, and which is now just about candy. Same as the whitewashed celebration of the dead, aka, Halloween.

Society is stuck in a stale repeating loop rut, in so many ways, and the holidays are just one example of it all. I’ve mentioned my peeves with the repetitious ritualistic nature of the holidays in a previous entry of this “Thoughts” section, but it can’t be emphasized enough. Much of society has become non-thinking meme-spouters who just do what they’ve been told to do, because “that’s the way it’s always been done.” But see, actually, it hasn’t always been done this way. The dreamland that rich Western society has sunk into over the past 100 years with the holidays, entertainment, consumerism, and everything in general is a bit frightening, and I’m wondering when, if ever, everybody is going to snap out of it. !

The money that people waste every year on buying up a bunch of “stuff” to give to everybody they know could be routed instead to more meaningful and constructive avenues, to organizations and causes out there who would use that money to chip away at making this a better world to live in…..I mean, if one is going to insist on spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars of their hard earned money every December. But again, things tie back into that “winter wonderland dreamworld” thing that most of society is stuck in. People would rather do the dreamworld, because it’s more fun, and it’s what they’ve been programmed to do. Christmas is this fun escapist fantasy scenario with trees and lights and snow and striped candy canes and Santa and little elves and brightly colored gifts and velvet bows and stars and wreaths and jingly bells and shiny metallic ornaments and all the decorations you see on people’s front lawns and in their homes. Red white and green, peppermint and cinnamon and pine. And somewhere in there I think Jesus is thrown in too, I don’t know. ;) You have yet another hijacked pagan festival, this time about the solstice and the birth of the sun as the days once again begin to get longer and longer, turned into the birthday of this guy named Jesus, turned into mass materialism blitz designed to make heads of corporations rich. :/ And put the average person in debt for the next five months afterwards. So in a world full of boring same old, same old, day in and day out, Christmas is a welcome reprieve from the daily drudgery, certainly more fun than giving money away to causes and organizations and the poor and forgotten. The whole child-like mindset of choosing short term self-gratification, fun and entertainment over long term benefits to the planet. And we’ll get back to that bit about the drudgery in a short bit.

I don’t know what, if anything, could even be done about those stores that are already putting up Christmas displays in October, or the mass bombardment of Christmas music in public, and the brainwashing blitz that society as a whole is subjected to, short of throwing out the TV, turning off the radio, not reading the paper and limiting one’s involvement with mainstream society. (all of which I’ve done, for other reasons, but which especially comes in handy during “the holidays.”) Maybe if people stopped participating then stores and corporations would have no choice but to stop. Not sure if that could happen though, as there seems to be a lot of pod people out there. But part of the revolution I’d love to see is not just people pulling back their energy and involvement in corporation-fueled holidays, but spreading the message to others….when asked or approached about it. (Standing on the street corner bellowing about it all, while certainly one way to be heard, will most likely just put people off. The same goes for unsolicited input, which often times just makes people defensive and unreceptive.) But when you’re asked or approached with stuff like “Have you got all your Christmas shopping done?” then by all means, it’s your time to give an honest response. Since they asked and all. “No, I haven’t, because I don’t participate in the corporate-fueled mind control called “Christmas.” I save my money and put it to better use, such as donating to such-and-such charity, or helping society out in this-and-that way.”

For some that may be too blunt and rough around the edges for their liking ;) not an approach they’d feel comfortable using, and that’s fine…taylor it to whatever works for you. But the key is to speak up and say something when asked and approached. Plant those seeds. In retrospect I wish I’d done more of that over the past ten years instead of just clamming up when asked about how much shopping I’d gotten done, or where I was going for Christmas, etc., the asker just taking it for granted that I do celebrate Christmas, and in the same exact ways they do. Which is a bit irritating, but, I digress.

This reality has been put into place by other “stuff,” both human and non-human in my opinion, and is not representative of the way things should ideally be, but most people just go along with it all and do what they’re told we’re “supposed” to be doing, without question. No matter what the cost to the environment, their bank accounts, their personal energy, health, and so on. This goes for holidays and many other aspects of our every day lives. But with holidays, every year it’s like a hamster wheel and the speed is slowly being turned up, faster and faster, it starts earlier and earlier and the media blitz mania is amped up higher and higher. Time to jump off and walk away! But it doesn’t mean I’m against all celebrations of sorts – celebrations are a good thing. But not the corporate-driven ones bombarding the public with an advertising and brainwashing blitz to convince people to dance like puppets and throw away their hard earned money on useless junk, cards and candy. That’s what I call going through the motions of ritualistic holiday participation – dancing like a puppet. Somebody who’s doing what others have dictated instead of carving their own path.

Which is a point that I’ll leave off with – the idea of having our own celebrations, apart from the mainstream herd and their meaningless corporate holidays. Questioning the so-called “holidays” we’re told to celebrate, which are most times quite ridiculous, and inventing our own ones that actually have real meaning. Or better yet, treating every day like a cause to celebrate. :) Stuff in charge doesn’t like that though. They want only intermittent “dream mentality” holidays revolving around consumerism to give the rats in the maze something to look forward to here and there while they slave away their lives. Slave away for several months in the drudgery…but you have Fourth of July to look forward to. Slave a way a few more months. Now we have Halloween. Slave away another month, now we have “gorge ourselves on 150 pounds of food” day. Slave away for another month, now we have Santa and Presents. Slave away for two more months, oh look, now we have Box of Chocolates and a Rose Day. yay. (‘cause nothing says “i love you” more than buying what corporations tell you to buy for your significant other on a specific designated day…..) But the hypothetical idea of living a life where one celebrates every day with meaning also means not settling for a life where one has to toil away to serve the controllers, with only those intermittent breaks in the drudgery to look forward to. Kind of a slippery slope……….!

Trying to make a living, and sometimes scamming people, via spirituality

Recently I’ve begun reading the Mary Summer Rain books, and just finished “Phoenix Rising – No-Eyes’ Vision of the Changes to Come.” It’s an interesting book, talking about the various prophesies for this particular time period and beyond, (supposedly) given to Mary by her Chippewa shaman teacher and friend, No-Eyes. What I’d like to focus on here is something that was buried at the end of “Phoenix Rising,” not even pertaining to prophesies and predictions. It’s commentary that I very much agree with, and have been noticing for myself with frowning furrowed brows. But I’ll let the excerpt do the talking (bolded words my own emphasis):

“My readers have sent me all manner of pamphlets, newsletters, advertisements, and magazines produced by these various enlightenment organizations. What I adamantly object to is that most of these organizations, whether non-profit or not, have the bold audacity to claim enlightenment on the one hand, while placing something as _un_-spiritual as a common “price tag” on what they have to offer the sincere seeker in the other hand. The two are diametrically in opposition. And this widespread practice appalls me. It speaks of self-serving intentions, of personal gain at the hands of innocent seekers of light.

“The fact that there are teachers of spiritual truths and/or teachers of innovative environmental living who are actually “charging” exorbitant admissions, fees, and/or due for seminars symposiums, courses and the like is in direct opposition to the very basic premise of spirituality! To create a common “commodity” or “purchased product” out of enlightenment is to vulgarize the total concept of spirituality! True and pure spirituality has been taken out of the “sharing” of enlightenment to transform it into what is now disgustingly seen as the “selling” of enlightenment.

“What this converts to is a stomach-turning statement that goes exactly like this: “Unless you come up with the money, you don’t get spiritual enlightenment.”

“….It is too important to veer off your spirit’s path only to end up listening to lectures, seminars, courses, or symposiums that require your money to maintain its very existence….

“…Perhaps when this ugly subject of “paying” for enlightenment, simple guidance and/or or help really hit home with me was when an elderly Hopi wiseman appeared unexpectedly upon my doorstep. At the time I wasn’t home, but when he later called, what he asked me plunged my heart to the ground. He softly said, “How much do you charge for a consultation appointment?”

“I was so taken aback by the shocking question that I was entirely speechless for a few seconds. “Why, nothing!” I said.

“The man on the phone chuckled lightly under his breath. “Well, you know how much everything costs in the white man’s world,” he added.

“I sighed. “Yes, I know, but I don’t walk that path.” My heart was sad at this realization. “This isn’t the same trail,” I answered. “This isn’t the same one at all.”

“When I’d hung up, the full impact of his question struck hard. I considered what he had said about the “cost” of just talking and it literally sickened me. As knowledgeable as No-Eyes was, as profoundly wise and intensely powerful as her lessons were, she was the epitome of humility and compassion. How can others, who haven’t a modicum of her wisdom and timeless vision, have the bold audacity to “charge” others for their personal guidance?”

When reading this particular section I really found myself nodding my head as I went along. Over the past several years I’ve watched on the sidelines as the New Age movement has capitalized on people who are waking up and seeking answers, and it’s gotten me a little annoyed. You see the advertisements in the local and national publications geared towards spirituality and alternative subjects for the “spiritual guru” types – some even wearing white robes and such, smiling serenely as they pose for these advertisement photos – announcing their classes and symposium talks…..all for mega bucks though. ;) Of course. In fact I received an email months ago from a female around my age, (early 30s) who it turns out lives in the same town as me, telling me about some dude she’d seen advertised in our local metaphysical newspaper. He was giving a 2012 speech/class sort of thing, and she wanted to go. But it had a costly price tag. Of course. I on the other hand have no desire to go within 50 feet of any of those guru wannabes, pretending that they hold the answers for us and all you have to do is cough up several days’ pay to get those answers. It’s bullshit. Plain and simple. Many of these gurus are looking for power and an ego wank. They like having a group of people gathered around them, hanging on their every world, making them feel special and wise. And it’s high time people woke up to this.

Here’s something obnoxious that I’ve witnessed – there was a new age woman who was giving a talk here in town, with an ad for it. And at the end of the ad she stated that that there was never a cost for the service she provided…however, there was a $180 “abundance exchange.” I read that and didn’t know whether to laugh at her or go “AHHHHHHHH!” and bang my head against the nearest wall. An “abundance exchange” ?? Does the word euphemism mean anything to her? There isn’t a charge…but yet there is! We’ll just call it something different, using a goofy new age term for it! Then people won’t mind!

And here’s something that a personal aquaintence sent me today (10/8/10) which she gave me permission to post (I’ll do it anonymously) and which I think is a great summary of this issue. Bolded words are my own emphasis. I’ve also “vagued out” (for lack of a better term) some of the direct references she makes to people and names of books/courses and such, for obvious reasons:

“Well, first, this is just my rant and I know you agree with me on this. It just pisses me off that you have all these people that claim that they know what’s going on here, and they take you to a certain point with their info…and then you get…“and for just the low, low price of $300 a month, I will give you the ultimate secret!” Yes, yes, I know…discernment, discernment…nobody is going to know it all…no one has is all figured out. Im not looking for that…but if you have information you might think is valid, then just put it ALL out there stop these stupid games!! You and Tom were able to put valuable info out there without having to rape people’s wallets!

Case in point…. L_____ just put out “______” So I bought it ($30 for a paperback, what was I thinking!) okay, let’s see what she has to say now. It’s all the same stuff that’s on the website (part 1) except she threw in a couple updates […] So in other words, “you’ll have to buy my other book if you want more info”. […] I checked out how much her “cheap” video is…$54 US dollars!

M____ dropped his website…and if you want “in” on the “special stuff”, you only have to cough up $2000 to join his new website! Project Camelot did an interview with this woman, A______ She had some really interesting stuff, not info I’d seen anywhere else. But towards the end of her interview you find out, if you want to be safe in the upcoming planet changes, you need to take her $300 seminars. WTF? If you are so concerned about humanity and you want to make sure they have this info (whether it’s really valid or not) why are you limiting it to only the people who have the cash???? It almost discredits their message with me right away! Okay there’s my rant! :D “

In a follow up email she went on to say:

“Around 1985, my cousin’s mother-in-law gave me a book by P___T_____ about the E_____. I got really excited because it was new info and was giving me an inkling of what might have been going on. I wanted to read more and this woman, Karen, told me I should sign up with E____ for their discourses. Well it was $20 a yr., and back then that was a lot of money, especially for someone with 2 kids that was barely ekeing out a living. But I sucked it up and did it. Now you had to go through initiations which you were told the first 2 took place on the “inner“during meditation. The third initiation took place on both the inner and outer, you had to have a fifth initiatie (a Madhi) give you the outer intitation, which I dutifully did. They were always having “conferences” (I cant remembered what they were called, but something ot that effect), which I obviously I couldnt fly off to because of finances. They said you needed to get the “darshan” (gaze…but who knows, it could of been the evil stink eye for all I know) from the living E___ Master. I kind of started feeling real creepy about that. They also wanted you to participate in local “satsang” classes and such, but I dont like belonging to groups or participating in that kind of thing so I never went. They also told you that if you divulged any of the discourse material to anyone except family members, you would lose any spiritual progress you gained. In fact when I recieved my “pink slip” for my third intiation, on the back of my pink slip said that if you divulge any of the info, OR step off the path of E__, well….you are in deep doo-doo and all hell will break loose! Well, something like that is a BIG dare for me. That’s when it clicked in. This is BULLSHIT! I took the biggest jump I could off that path.

But see, back then it was the same story. Give me your money, we’ll give you the secrets of the universe, but it’s going to take lots of your money, because we’re going to keep dragging this out and keep putting out “new” info that you can only get if you keep paying your money.

I am SO DONE with all these people. If you are so concerned about humanity waking up and smelling the coffee, then give them the darn information!! Get a friggin normal job like everybody else, recruit some volunteers to help you get all your important facts out there if you are so concerned and loving!!!! Need I say more?”

I think that just about sums it up! As her email aptly illustrates, for these types it’s not about the metaphysics/spirituality. It’s strictly a business, a way to get as much money from people as possible and nothing more. This may sound harsh but by this point I feel that anybody who’s charging money like that for books, courses and whatnot, especially the types that lead people along and then request money to continue, is a fraud, period, and should be avoided at all costs. It’s not about you, it’s about them, and their bank account. These types really need to get a job already.

There’s sincere spirituality, and then there’s the con artistry that takes advantage of newbies and seekers. And to the latter I want to say…..“It’s called a day job. Get one.” Everything about the way the new age con artists operate is hypocritical, and all around contradictory to whatever image they’re trying to project. It all traces back to sociopaths/psychopaths (or maybe just “immature souls” I don’t know.) Self serving, hypocritical, money grubbing, lying to people’s faces, manipulating, playing games, with zero remorse, no shame, no guilt. They do it without blinking an eye, or missing a beat, and they certainly don’t lose any sleep at night over what they do. Sociopathic all the way. Same as the politicians on the front stage. Same as the corporations, banks and media owners. Same as the leaders of many churches, especially the big corporate-y ones with large congregations and their own TV show. Same as most everything going on in this world. It’s all one and the same. Oil separating from water. Two types of people. One who takes advantage and/or controls and rules everybody else. If only people would wake up to it. Unfortunately so many followers of these people and groups get hoodwinked and will passionately defend what their gurus do, being their biggest cheerleaders, finding 1001 excuses to explain away their methods and behavior. They need a group to belong to, they need an ideology to follow, they don’t want to see things for what they are because then they risk being back out in the big bad scary world, alone, with no group, no leader, and no teachings that promise them the ultimate secrets of life. And for many they don’t want to admit they were wrong, or that they were duped. Many feel that you can only keep pressing forward in such a situation, keep on the rose colored glasses and pretend everything is okay because otherwise it was all for nothing.

Just because something is wrapped in “spirituality” or has the “new age wrapping” around it doesn’t mean it’s sincere or that the people involved are honest. There are just as many sociopathic con artists operating within religion and spirituality as there are in any other area. Maybe more so, because spirituality and religion give them a great costume and mask to hide behind.

There’s a reason I give my book away as a free PDF, donation-only…because that’s the way it should ideally be, in my opinion. People who can benefit from it won’t be denied it because of “money,” and meanwhile, I work a day job (which often times affords me the opportunity to work on my website and writings while at work) and my cost of living is taken care of. Life is good. Everybody wins. I’m not running around out there always trying to hustle people for their money, which means I can sleep well at night.

Is Mass Consciousness Really “Waking Up” ?

On several message board forums over the past couple of years I’ve seen some optimistic and enthusiastic posts from people, usually coming from a new age perspective, declaring that “mass consciousness is awakening!” That more and more people are waking up en masse, and soon the gig will be up for the neg controllers of Planet Earth as humanity as a whole rises up and takes it all back. Or even “ascends,” for those who believe in that sort of thing. These people claim that people all around them are waking up to the game.

I remember sitting there in front of my computer reading these various optimistic declarations, looking around (figuratively speaking) and thinking “Really?………uh………where?” Seriously, where are all these mass wakening people, ‘cause I’d love to meet them. !

So I’d post back a response that I didn’t mean to burst anybody’s bubble, but honestly, I am NOT seeing this supposed mass awakening taking place. If anything, the few people who are “waking up” are really waking up, while the rest seem to be falling further asleep at the wheel. In fact recently we were watching a video of a four hour speech presentation given by Dr. William Deagle regarding the situation on Earth right now, everything from the “NWO” to the coming cataclysms, both manufactured and real, aliens, and who’s really running the show, and at one point in his speech he even iterates that the mass consciousness on Earth as a whole is getting lower, NOT higher as many would like to believe – in fact, it’s lower than it has ever been. He stated that there are those being born in this time period that are like the bubbles rising to the top of the champagne bottle, but overall, mass consciousness is in pretty sad shape, for a variety of reasons, not least of all because The Powers That Be have done many things to try to keep the herd squelched down. It was stuff we already knew on this end, but it was still interesting to hear for once a more realistic and blunt assessment about the situation in society, versus the typical overly optimistic to the point of jumping the gun New Age perspective.

So I guess it all has to do with how one defines “awakening” or “waking up.” And I guess I have quite a different definition than most. !

So here’s a quick rundown of how I see it. And so as not to come across as “holier than thou,” there are still things on the following list that I’m guilty of myself, because I’m not there yet either. ;)

- Do you still believe that the President, Senate, Congress, etc. are really running things? If so….not awake.

- Do you still have a particular party that you allign yourself with and do you still vote? If so, not awake.

- Do you still watch entertainment programming on TV? Actually sit there through the commercials, vegging out? Follow particular sports teams? If so……not awake.

- Do you still go to the doctor every time you have a health issue, or take prescription meds, instead of researching natural healing and taking matters into your own hands? If so….not awake.

- Are you concerned with having money or running out of money? Retirement plans and 401Ks? If so……not awake.

- Do you still get caught up in petty gossip, friend/family/neighbor drama and workplace politics? Do petty tyrants always get the best of you? If so……not awake.

Are you conscious every second of your waking day, never “losing yourself”? If not…….then not awake. (and this item is particularly important as it relates to being able to be lucid while we sleep and being more conscious after we die.)

- Have you conquered your ego, and live every moment of your waking life in full awarness, and with the realization that you’re an extension of the Creator Source, out there in the world representing it in everything you do or say? If not….then not awake.

(the last items with all they involve are the biggest banes of my awakening process at the moment. ;) I’m amazed at anybody who can arrive at that point. Very difficult to do.) We have more power than we realize, with the ability to heal ourselves and make sure business is taken care of…but not via the traditional “3rd density routes” as we’ve all been taught. These are things I discuss in my various articles, so I won’t rehash it all here.

But anyway, that’s just a gist, to convey how I view “awakening,” versus what many overly optimistic people out there view it as. (And I can be all about the petty semantics, I admit, so it irks me to hear people declare that they’re “awake.” Confidentally declaring with certainty, “I’m awake!” I always think, X! no you’re not. Otherwise you wouldn’t still be here. You may be growing more aware, and in the process of awakening…but you’re in no way fully “awake.” I don’t think any of us could handle being here in a truly, fully awakened state. But that’s just my theory.)

So now that I’ve propelled a few readers into annoyed indignation after reading this list ;) I wonder……how can mass consciousness supposedly be “waking up” when the average person has yet to achieve most anything on this sample list? People prematurely get overly optimistic that “mass consciousness is awakening”….merely because people are disaffected with President Bush for instance. Because people want to vote Democrat instead. Because the New Age movie “The Secret” has become popular and featured on Larry King or because Rosie O’Donnell said on live TV that she dares to question the official story of 9/11 and how the WTCs buildings went down.

With regards to that last bit, part of me was like, “YEAH!!! woooo-HOOOOOO!” when I heard about Rosie, prompting me to run over to YouTube to download the clips and watch with glee. But I realized when I read the comments all over the ‘net in response to her (as well as all the other things I’ve witnessed of people and society in my everyday life over the years) that this society has a looooooooong way to go. There’s so much to say about it all, but after listening to her, after reading the negative hateful ditribes people were spewing in response to her, I concluded that it’s all more illusory game. The good guys versus the bad guys, the finger pointing and the drama. It just made me want to walk away from all of it even more than before, despite rooting for Rosie and anybody like her who would dare question things on such a public venue. I’m glad to see people daring to speak up and take a stand, I get mad at the puppet pawns who still believe in the illusion enough to ferociously attack those who question the lies we’re told, and yet I can see that the whole thing is more illusion, and if I’m getting annoyed at supposed “puppet pawns” then it means I’m not fully awake and there yet either. Because ultimately nobody’s right. Not the Bill O’Reillys and Ann Coulters, not the Rosie O’Donnells and 9/11 Truth Movement people, not the people who perpetrated the attack and pinned it on others, or the citizens who question it all. Not the people who watch TV asleep at the wheel and do nothing with their lives, or the people running around in the world like type-A maniacs always doing doing doing “productive” things. None of them are awake, not truly, in the big, REALLY big scheme of things. It’s all a game. All of it.

What a confusing mess.

It all ties back into an earlier post about “The Only Winning Move is Not to Play,” inspired by the movie “War Games.” Is that what we’re supposed to do? Walk away from all of it? I do wonder. It’s what Stuart Wilde advises in his book, “The Quickening,” one of my favorites. Like the computer in “War Games” I feel like I can sometimes see ahead to all possible outcomes and ultimately, none of it really matters. We’re just a blue and white speck revolving around an average sun in the middle of the galactic suburbia, lost in the shuffle. So many civilizations came and went before us, each with their own political and personal dramas that meant so much to them while they were embedded in it, wrapped up in it all, and yet ultimately….did it matter? They’re gone, without a trace. Sometimes only existing as hearsay and conjecture, as with Atlantis, Lemuria and Mu. That’s what became of them and everything that mattered to them….like cake or cookie batter that gets turned over with the spatula to the bottom of the bowl, soon disappearing altogether as it gets absorbed with the rest and changes completely to something new. That was them, and it will soon be us as we play this game that we get so caught up in, forgetting who we are and what’s really going on here.

So if all politics and personal drama and everything in between doesn’t matter in the big scheme of things, then what DOES matter?

I’ve concluded at this point that it’s all about trying to wake up as much as possible. For me it involves everything on that above sample list, and more. But becoming as aware as possible every second of every day, questioning and stalking all thoughts, urges and actions, learning to see through everything going on around us, and so on, while keeping that balanced, aware but emotionally neutral mindset. That in itself is a form of “consciousness raising” and has to lead to greater things beyond this reality. The sorts of things that we can take with us…long after our physical reality and civilzation crumbles. For me it also involves striving to become like whatever I’ve witnessed of my Higher Self, (which I wrote about in my article called “The Higher Self.”) To me that whole way of being is pretty amazing, so I’m shooting for that! :D Seriously.

Or like what I wrote about at the beginning of this “Thoughts” section……when I finally get tired of the game and see through it all and hopefully get to that point of utmost awareness and feel like I’m truly done, it’ll be cool to go sit down on that park bench somewhere and wait to see who shows up and sits down next to me. ;)

Tie-in article: ‘When Everybody’s On a Different Page’

Time to wake up and get the hell out of Dodge

(slightly modified from the original version which appeared on a message board that I participate in….)

A repeating dream theme for me over the past few years or so has been finding myself back in high school again. (Now, before clicking off of this post thinking, “Boooooring!” hang in there….it gets good, with some juicy high level concepts. ;) ) Not only that, but each and every time it’s into the second semester and I realize……….I’ve forgotten to go to math class all year. !!! I had gone at the beginning of the year, then something went awry and it just….slipped my mind and I stopped going. Haven’t turned in any homework, haven’t shown up for my tests and quizzes. The mistake/problem has become so big by that point that I don’t even want to try to remedy it, it seems beyond my fixing. The level of panic and helplessness can’t be described! Total stress moment!

Even more interesting is that “math class” and the big mix up always involves 3rd and 4th period. Some REALLY hazy confusion and mishaps where I’ve gone to 3rd when I should have been in 4th, and 4th when I should have gone to 3rd.

Is that a metaphor for 3rd and 4th density? Going to 3rd density when I should be in 4th???

Another added element to the “being back in high school” theme is that I’m running around in the morning in my old house in Connecticut where I grew up, trying to get ready and get out the door so I can catch the bus. Often times I miss it, only to realize………I have a car. My car, the one I currently own right now in this present, my Mazda Protege. I don’t need to ride the bus, because I have a car and can take care of myself and drive myself to school. Whew! Busses represent going along with the crowd, as well as our life paths, according to most dream dictionaries, so “remembering” that I have independent transportation would symbolically represent remembering that I can carve out my own independent niche and don’t have to go along with what the rest of the societal herd is doing.

And recently this dream theme has emerged again with a vengence, taking some REALLY interesting twists and turns!

In the latest and greatest version, I was back in high school again, a mish mosh of both Connecticut and California, (since I was in CT for 9th and 10th grades and CA for 11th and 12th) and, I hadn’t gone to math class for half the year. And even WITH the knowledge that I’d let the ball drop I STILL couldn’t get my act together. !!! It was like I was helpless to get myself back on track again, knowing that it was going to cause a major hiccup in my life at the end of the year………to the point where I wouldn’t be able to graduate, which is ANOTHER repeating dream theme often tacked on to these high school dreams. Like all the other dreams, I envisioned all the homework I hadn’t turned in, all the tests I hadn’t taken, and saw myself cramming at the last minute trying to learn and memorize a bunch of algebra gibberish that I didn’t even understand in order to pass. An impossible feat.

So I was fretting and panicking about the situation and how I wasn’t going to be able to graduate………..when I realized…………..THIS ISN’T REAL.

This isn’t real!!!!!!!!!!!! I DID already graduate….in 1993!!!!!! In real life!!! I HAVE my diploma, hello!!! I graduate 13 years ago and I HAVE my diploma!!!

And that’s when I realized/remembered that I was me, at my present age, (31) but for whatever reason had somehow gotten it in my head that I “needed” to go back to high school and do it again. I remembered how after I’d re-inserted myself back into high school I’d gotten so caught up in it all that I’d forgotten that it wasn’t real and that I already have my diploma. So there’s no need to stress. It isn’t real.

And it was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. No more panic, stress or burden. I breathed better, and said, “You know what…I’m not going to class today, because I don’t actually HAVE to. And I’m not going to my job either.” (I had a job that was connected to the whole “going back” plan, but it wasn’t real either.)

So yeah, I’m thinking that this is all a “Big Message” and metaphor for something a lot bigger. If you get my drift.

We incarnated here because we thought we needed to, but we don’t have to be here. It’s not real. And it’s time to wake up to this and get the hell out of Dodge.


[Update: Have had more “school”-related dreams since the original posting of this entry. Some were interesting and almost comical, or symbolic and ambiguous. But the realization of “this isn’t real/time to wake up and get out of Dodge” wasn’t enough to squelch these dreams permanently. The most recent series, from late last year, were kind of funny – in one of the first ones I was once again in math class……and marveling that I not only remembered, but I showed up and had done my homework!!!!!!!!! I was on a roll, catching up. In another one I was in a classroom, scrambling and rifling through notebook paper, trying to keep up with my assignments and homework, but barely doing so and worrying about “running out of time.” Lot of details there I won’t get into, but in general I once again showed up, and was making an effort to do what needed to be done on my end. Then I finally apparently “graduated” in another dream that followed not long after. !!!! The first time ever in the history of these school dreams. I’ve never “Graduated” before. In fact if anything, it was always the constant threat of no graduation, and summer school/being left behind. In the dream I was hurrying down the school hallways, keyed up and alert, feeling slightly excited, on my way to my locker. I got there but then realized I didn’t remember the locker combination. Didn’t matter though, and I wasn’t worried anyway, because the lock somehow opened despite that. I was there to fetch my diploma, which was rolled up inside the locker. I snatched it up, having the clear distinctive thought that I should grab it and run……….before somebody realizes they may have made a mistake and tries to take it back!! :D :D :D Too funny. There was more to that dream too, but that’s the gist that’s important. And several months ago I had a weirdly symbolic dream. Again, in a classroom. This time not only did I show up, but the math homework was done, and done early, and totally complete, piled neatly before me on my desk, as I sat there looking up at the clock, waiting for “5” to arrive (5th density/death?) feeling bored, and clearly thinking, “Why am I still here?? I’m done with my work. It’s time to go.” I knew that when 5 (death?) arrived, I’d be heading off to the floor above me. (the next density up? Evolving?) But in general I was ahead of the game and had done everything I’d needed to do, totally on top of things. Another first. It had never been that way before in any of my dreams. Who knows if these dreams have higher symbolic meaning, although I’m sure they do on some level.]

They Gave us their Minds


“I want to appeal to your analytical mind,” don Juan said. “Think for a moment, and tell me how you would explain the contradiction between man the engineer and the stupidity of his systems of beliefs, or the stupidity of his contradictory behavior. Sorcerers believe that the predators have given us our systems of beliefs, our ideas of good and evil, our social mores. They are the ones who set up our hopes and expectations and dreams of success and failure. They have given us covetousness, greed, and cowardice. It is the predators who make us complacent, routinary, and egomaniacal.”

“But how can they do this, don Juan?” I asked. “Do they whisper all that in our ears while we sleep?”

“No, they don’t do it that way. That’s idiotic!” don Juan said, smiling. “They are infinitely more efficient and organized than that. In order to keep us obedient and meek and weak, the predators engaged themselves in a stupendous maneuver – stupendous, of course, from the point of view of a fighting strategist. A horrendous maneuver from the point of view of those who suffer it. They gave us their mind! Do you hear me! The predators give us their mind, which becomes our mind. The predators mind is baroque, contradictory, morose, filled with fear of being discovered any minute now.”

“The Active Side of Infinity” – Carlos Castaneda

Several times over the past few years I’ve encountered people on the internet who either: 1) Have a “I hate humanity” viewpoint, wishing that Man would be wiped off the face of the Earth because of the atrocities humans commit, or 2) have the even more drastic viewpoint that the Reptilians and Grays are actually the “good guys” while humans are the evil little rug rats that the Reps and Grays must contend with like an exasperated parent.

With regards to item 1, I can understand the frustration people have with the way humans have mistreated the planet, as well as each other, and why some people would then conclude that the best thing would be to eliminate Mankind. Humans are after all evil, right? We kill, rape and abuse each other, and the animals, and destroy the planet at every turn, with no regards for anything but ourselves. So get rid of humans! Burn, all of them, burn!

The problem here is that most humans aren’t out there committing acts of horrors. Most people just want to live their lives and raise their families and do their thing in peace, not kill, maim and destroy other people, animals and the planet. So the people getting frustrated who are hoping for a nice big comet to swing around and whack us all back to whence we came are judging all of humanity based on the acts of a few. If humanity was left to its own devises, without all the destructive influences and manipulations that have been placed around us to squelch us down at every turn and steer us down a dark path, then we’d see a very different Planet Earth right now, that’s all I can say.

As noted in the above “Active Side of Infinity” excerpt, the human race has been purposely held down by what don Juan refers to as “the Predators,” who have even gone as far as to give us their mind. Humans are instilled with their captors’ minds, which causes them to behave in ways that they wouldn’t have otherwise…and who in turn gets the blame?


Why? Because most people can’t see the Predators. They lack “the sight” (another thing that has been stripped from all but the few exceptional holdovers…) and because they can’t see the enemy working behind the scenes, they mistakenly conclude that the enemy is us.

I don’t advocate the “victim mindset” as readers who are familiar with my stuff know, so I don’t mention this so people can throw their hands up in frustration and shirk all responsibility for their actions. “I’m just a poor human, at the mercy of the Predators! I can’t help what I do, I have no control over my own mind!” X! Think again. It’s an uphill battle, but we can gain the upperhand on our thoughts and actions. In fact, I highly recommend reading the full chapter I excerpted from, because it explains what we can do to gain the upper hand on our situation, and provides the Big Picture perspective on it all:

So, they’ll be no copping out allowed here. ;) (and btw, thanks to the Harmony Mind Body Spirit website for providing this transcript excerpt for the public — I found his site when researching this don Juan quote, and it looks like a great website worth checking out.)

But, you can see now how the game has been rigged. Strip humans of our sixth sense sight, so the average person can’t see the critters from the other realms and what they’re doing, give humans the predator mind, and even shadow them/possess them so they act in very un-human ways…then turn the tables and blame the humans for the very thing that the Neg entities are manipulating them to do. Very deceptive. It’s also known as “projection.” In more extreme cases you have “humans” running around in the world that aren’t even human. Masqueraders. Or else those who are highly influenced/shadowed or outright possessed by Neg entities, acting as their puppets. There is a world of puppets out there, from the heads of corporations to the leaders of key institutions, political players and world leaders who are warring, killing and destroying the planet, while enacting more policies of control, and ensuring that the average person is squelched down, held back and kept out of the game. And meanwhile, some of the sensitive real humans watching it all on the sidelines end up feeling so despondent and helpless about it all that they begin to hate their own species and wish for something to come along and wipe it all out. Little do they know it’s not their race to blame.

So what we REALLY need to do is to wake up and realize that there are such things as Predators/Neg entities exacting their influence in all aspects of this world. Then, put our foot down and no longer allow them to affect us in our own every day personal spheres of influence, and no longer tolerate what they are doing to the planet. But the solution isn’t to wish for the elimination of ALL humans, the good, well meaning ones along with the shadowed/possessed masqueraders. To mistakenly come to that conclusion means the Negs really have won. It means you can’t see what’s really happening here, and you’ve been deceived.

A second aspect of the deception, as mentioned earlier in item #2, involves the Negs revealing themselves to select people…but then portraying themselves as being the good guys, while trying to convince these people that humanity is really the bad guy here who needs to be managed. Again, it’s table turning, deception and projection that relies on the simple fact that most people no longer have their psychic capabilities and ability to “see” what’s really happening. So sure, these select (gullible) people might be “allowed” to view the Negs while being told all kinds of things…but it’s in a highly controlled circumstance. They lack the sight, which means they’re still not seeing the Negs for what they really are and what they’re really doing on a mass scale. If they could, then I’m sure they’d tell the Negs to take a hike. From what I can tell though, only a certain type of person actually falls for the slick charisma of the Neg entities who attempt this table turning tactic – those who are already “on the fence” of going over to the dark side, with an already disgruntled, dark mindset that resonates with division, hate, and control.

So, keep all this in mind the next time you encounter a frustrated but well meaning soul who’s fed up with what they’re seeing in this world and who believes the planet would be better off without people, or that the behavior of a few unfortunately, represents the majority. It doesn’t. Speak up and remind people that what we’re seeing isn’t true humanity, it’s the influence of the “Predators” and Neg entities. The Negs really want people to start hating themselves and humanity though, and I’d go as far as to say that there seems to be an all out campaign happening to get us thinking in this manner. See…if we hate ourselves and don’t see the good in our own species and don’t even believe it exists, then we’re not going to fight back against stuff that wants to oppress us, or flat out take us over. Instead of fighting back, our chins will be down on our chests as we kick rocks around and mumble that “we deserve it”   ‘cause “we suck.” No, actually, we don’t. So it’s time to turn the tables from our end.

We’re all ultimately responsible for ourselves though, and so I really recommend reading the Carlos Castaneda books for more insight into the Toltec ways, which involves being aware of the energy feeders/hidden controllers and learning how to conserve our energy so we can break free of their influence, among the many other topics that the Castaneda books cover. “The Fire From Within” is a personal fave of mine, and “The Active Side of Infinity” is also good. I also recommend Stuart Wilde’s “Infinite Self – 33 Steps to Reclaiming Your Personal Power” for another book that helps teach the reader how to gain control over their lives and take responsibility.

(See my related article The Veils of Awakening which discusses the concept of hypderdimensional manipulation of humans and our world and how many conspiracy researchers don’t take this into account when trying to decipher what’s really going on here on Earth….)

The Only Winning Move

Recently I experienced a renewed interest in the 1983 movie “War Games,” starring Matthew Broderick, Ally Sheedy and Dabney Coleman. I enjoyed the movie as a kid due to the suspenseful topic it dealt with — a seventeen year old computer hacker (Broderick) accidentally connects into NORAD’s computer system, and for fun, instructs the computer to play a simulation of “Global Thermo Nuclear War,” posing as the Russian side and launching a simulated nuclear strike against the U.S. Meanwhile, NORAD doesn’t realize it’s a hacker playing a game against the computer and thinks it’s the real deal, nearly launching a nuclear counter attack against Russia in defense. They finally figure out what’s happening and back down, only to discover that the computer has now taken over the missile system and is going to launch its arsenal…for real. The situation gets down to DefCon 1, and the computer has to “learn” via “self teaching” in the final minutes before launch that there can be no winners in a nuclear war, no matter what strategy is implemented.

“War Games” stands on its own as a great movie with a relevant plot for what was occurring in the 80’s, but there’s also a higher spiritual double meaning to it all. I recognized it several years ago actually, and what I got in my mind at the time was a “thought ball” regarding how it seems Mankind is here in the Game trying on all these roles — male-female, good guy-bad guy, this religion-that religion, this skin color-that skin color, the persecutor-the persecuted — until after having tried on every role and played every part it wears itself out into sheer exhaustion and makes the inevitable “!!!” lightbulb realization about life here in 3rd density and grasps the Bigger Picture of it all. Exactly as the computer at the end of “War Games” does, running through a manic simulation of every possible strategy and counter strategy moments before missile launch. Missile trajectories and targets explode in bright flashes on all the computer screens, more and more, faster and faster, as every tactical strategy is explored, and the roomful of NORAD personnel and military brass watch with baited breath. Then the screens go blank. The missiles stop, the flashing ceases. Everybody waits. The computer finally speaks, concluding:

“A Strange game.
The only winning move is
not to play.

How about a nice game of chess?”

The only winning move is not to play. Think about that. “Spiritual wise men” will tell you that only a fool will stand and fight, while the wise man walks away. And while some battles are probably worth fighting, how many actually aren’t? How many are we wasting our time and energy with? Recently I was thinking about this idea, and found myself thinking about “War Games” once again, and how aptly it fits.

A couple of times in life I’ve encountered manipulated fight situations where I found myself up against several people who weren’t even acting human. Their tactics, the things they were saying/accusing, and their way of responding just wasn’t “right.” It was a situation that generated extreme frustration, sometimes to the point of tears, because no matter what I said, I just kept getting robotic voiced responses. They’d say something to fire me up, and then respond back with cold, passive detachment, ignoring my responses and firing off more stuff, and more stuff, to keep me perpetually spinning off onto side topics. It was literally like going up against a robot/computer, and there was no winning. The only response was to…walk away. To not play the game. Recognize that I could not get through to these “people” and save my precious energy and instead, engage myself with nice people who were real, and sane.

Right now as I type this I’m facing it again. Because of who I’m dating, I’ve found myself a “target” by people who have something against him. My name has been dredged up on their message board forum and false speculation/accusations are being made about me, and the nature of our relationship. When I read some of the latest being said this morning (it’s a tired, years-old issue that has recently resurfaced again over the past several weeks) I caught my breath, and my face became instantly hot. Couldn’t breathe right for several seconds and my nerves stood on end and my heart began racing.

The first inclination of course was to get on that forum and defend myself, to come out swinging in some way. In fact, several weeks ago I got on there and composed a response that addressed some claims (in a rational way intended as a one-time-only deal, to address lies being said) and so I wanted to get on there and do that again this morning. It was a tough choice to make, and I was tempted to break that “one time only” intention, but I kept hearing the old War Games mantra in my mind: “The only winning move is not to play.” Walk away. Recognize when a battle is futile and a waste of precious energy. I realized…remember who you’re dealing with here. !! Past experiences with the leaders of that group have been anything but human. It’s not worth it. So let people say what they will. Those who follow along and listen to libelous gossip speculation and thrive on that are people that I don’t need to be concerned with anyway. I’ve said that to others when trying to comfort them, but now it’s my turn to remember the same!

At the same time I was trying to catch my breath and regain my “!!” indignation after reading the false speculations, I simultaneously received a slew of what I consider to be positive number sightings.   11:11, 11:22, 11:33 and 12:12. I had the urge to glance at the clock four times in an hour, and it was at those exact four times. At 11:33 I sat there, head in my hands, skin flushed and hot, thinking “grrrr…” re-grouping my thoughts, looking at this highly meaningful number staring back at me on the LCD clock and I realized… gotta walk away. That’s what this means. 11 — the initiate. 33 — the master. “The only winning move is not to play.”


Living on Formulaic Repeat Mode

We were watching the movie “1984” the other night and it reminded me of something I haven’t thought about since reading the original book it was based on — the idea of computer generated entertainment/media. In the world of 1984, the Proles are amused and placated with computer generated music, books, porn, and more. And they’re too stupid to notice or care!

In my “Working for the Puppet People” article I talked about how the world as we know it, and the “way that things are done” is already set up and in place before we’re born, and we arrive on the scene and just pick up where our parents left off. It’s like we’re all operating on a template here. They’ve eliminated many options for how to do things and how to live life. It’s the same old, same old, year in and year out.

Well, that’s the Bigger Picture.

On a smaller scale, looking at the entire entertainment and media industry as a whole — movies, books, magazines, television, music and radio, newspapers, etc. — it’s the exact same thing. So much of it is “formula” that never changes, week in and month out and year after year, that it’s no different from “1984.” It seriously may as well be computer generated. It’s something I noticed years ago, but at this point it’s starting to scare me. I think because over the past few years I’ve had to question how “real” this reality is, and when you start to notice things like this, in conjunction with all the weird stuff, it can just get a bit scary.

Magazines — Every month, every woman’s magazine out there puts out the same exact content. It never changes. Sex, relationships, celebs, makeup and fashion, more sex, more fashion, repeat. MOST magazines though are this way though. So few are producing content that is truly fresh and changing. In fact recently, “Men’s Health” was busted repeating its latest cover from an October 2007 issue. “According to Gawker, Men’s Health has been recycling covers—headlines and layouts since 2004. Since 2007, Men’s Health has featured “Flat-Belly Foods,” “Get Back Into Shape,” and “Lose Your Gut” at least twice a year, and a “Six-Pack Abs” at least once a year since 2005.” But it’s not just Men’s Health, it’s any of these generic, mainstream mags churning out the same stale material, month after month.

Books — So many authors out there are churning out formula novels that lack passion and energy driving the words that it’s like a computer could have written them. Especially in the fiction mystery-detective / espionage thriller / sci-fi…and “Chic Lit” genres. And Danielle Steele. !!! Her stuff is so badly written, so cardboard and flat, that I don’t get how it’s gotten this far. There’s so many more though…next time you cruise through your local bookstore, just look, and I mean really look at the books on the tables and on the shelves. It’s very scary.

The comics — The same old strips, year after year after year, with the same old mindless recycled plots. There are only a handful of innovative strips that are saying something. A few years ago my favorite had been the Boondocks. If only all comics were like the Boondocks, but no. Instead, you get Beetle Bailey and Hagar and Blondie and Marmaduke and….ahhhhh!!! Somebody stab me right now!!!!!!!!!!!

The radio — Across America, every city has the same set up on their radio dial. The call letters may be different, but the music they play, and their formats are near-identical. No matter what the genre of music, they all have their play lists with the same 50 — 100 songs that they play over and over and over and over….sometimes, in the same exact order! I’ve worked with co-workers who found it comforting to have their radios on while working, always set to the same station, listening to the same songs day in and day out…week after week, month after month. It didn’t bother them, but it drove me absolutely batty! Humans love familiarity, there’s this need to feel secure and safe, and repetitive ritual is the surest route to creating the illusion of a safety net in life. Listening to the same radio station and music every single day is one of the ways this is achieved.

Movies — As noted in my write up, “Television — and the media in general” the movie industry is also operating on “repeat mode”, cranking out the same formula movies year after year after year. Different actors and actresses, same movies. When will people see this?? Not all movies are this way, but enough are that it needs to be noted.

And while we’re at it, let me mention the Christmas holiday season. Every year it gets worse and worse, and more and more over the top. But talk about the same old repeating template. !!! The same holiday songs. The same batch of holiday movies played on TV. The same decorations. The same ritual tradition. The same media-induced mania to shop til you drop. Year after endless year, it never ends. It’s total insanity. Don’t be afraid to walk away from it. I haven’t celebrated Christmas in years, and it’s very liberating!

Anyway, those are the highlights, enough to get the reader to notice the rest on their own. Everywhere you look, we have “Life on Formulaic Repeat Mode.” Even world events and what you find in the newspapers never changes. Decades ago there was famine and poverty in Africa, war in the Middle East, poverty and political upheaval and corruption and drug running in Mexico, Central and South America, oppression in China. Years later, here we are….and nothing has changed. Oh sure, things do change….but let’s face it, most of it stays the same. It’s seriously like somebody put the world on Repeat Mode and walked away – and that goes for all of it, from the bigger happenings of the countries, all the way down to the minutae that fills in the blanks of our every day lives. Once you realize this, look around — at everything — and start to really notice how much of what’s around us never changes, how we’re just living out a pre-determined template in every way, down to the smallest details. Then walk away, pull back, retreat, and start doing things differently. Become independent of “the matrix”, if you will. Don’t settle for repetitive ritual and comfort and security. And read “1984” while you’re at it, if you haven’t already. Actually, even if you have, read it again, it can’t hurt! It’s a mirror for what we’re already seeing around us, every day.

Getting to See Behind Reality

We moved to Charlottesville, Virginia in September 2004. When we did, reality worked out very well for us and within a week of arriving, we were moving into our new apartment. Like my move to Florida, once again, I was landing on my feet. (this time there was another person involved, my boyfriend, so it wasn’t just me and my cat anymore.) The apartment was spacious and beautiful, and everything that I’d mentally “custom ordered” when I thought about what I’d like in a place to live – both inside, AND out. Outside was woods and a bubbling creek that we can hear when the windows are open during warmer weather, and the Rivanna hiking trail and lots of wildlife. Deer, birds, squirrels, you name it. It was so perfect. Even the apartment number, 111, indicated something higher was at work. The apartments were privately owned and rented, and our landlady operated the old fashioned way – a personal face-to-face interview and human intuition determined whether she would rent to us, not credit checks and background investigations. It was just so perfect and easy.

Then sometime in October, I was laying down one night for a nap, and that’s when it happened. I got to see what had really happened behind the curtain of reality as I thought I knew it. The behind the scenes workings. And it wasn’t pretty.

Whatever I was seeing wasn’t “3rd density”, so to explain what it looked like in a literal sense is impossible, because it wasn’t just “seeing”, there was psychic / intuitive knowing as well. I “saw” that the way I currently knew reality to be, living in Virginia in our nice perfect apartment, where everything fell into place so perfectly, was not actually how reality originally went. The real way it went was a tangled mess. My boyfriend and I were no longer together, we weren’t in Viriginia either, and my cat had died a long time ago. Which wasn’t suprising, being that there have been several attempts at “interference” with her to take her out of the picture, hopefully countered by my many intentions for her protection. I saw a messy tangle of black and brown color, chaotic movement, like seeing people shuffling the scenary around backstage – changing things – overwriting reality – and just a telepathic knowing at the same time. “Seeing” that what I’m living now is a SERIOUSLY altered version of what originally transpired. Again it wasn’t 3rd density seeing as we know it, it was something else.

It was shocking, yet not surprising. After that I couldn’t sleep anymore and so got up, wandering back out into the livingroom, with a weirded out look on my face, where my boyfriend was on the computer. I sat down in one of our chairs, feeling numbed.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, curious.

I took a breath, and began to try to explain what had just happened. “Well…um….you know how everything worked out so perfectly for us when we moved here? The way it all just fell into place the way it did?”


“Like, too perfectly?”

“Yeah….” his face changed, getting a look of knowing. He was sensing where this was going, and like me, also sensed that things had worked out almost suspiciously perfect for us.

“Well…that’s not how it originally went. I saw how it originally went, and this is not how it was,” I laughed nervously, looking around our perfect apartment. And I explained it to him.

He wasn’t surprised.

This reality is a wondrous thing. Whatever it is. Part of me would love to know what’s really happening here, but on the other hand I’m a bit nervous to actually find out.

Living in Two Worlds

There are two versions of what it is to “live in two worlds” and it ties into the old phrase “talking the talk and walking the walk.” There are those who, either because of some earth shattering revelation or an incident(s) that rocked them to the core, know that reality isn’t what what we were raised to believe it is. And they live their lives accordingly. They work because let’s face it, we’re still in 3rd density, which means we have to eat and keep a roof over our heads; but despite having to do that, they don’t actually believe in the “mainstream” world. Voting and elections, politics and world affairs, TV, “science”, mainstream schooling / college, they don’t believe any of it, because they’ve seen or experienced something that has burst that bubble. They participate only as much as they absolutely have to, and keep a safe distance on the sidelines.

Then there are those who read all the metaphysical and conspiracy material and even participate in messageboards and such on these topics…but yet something isn’t clicking with them. They still believe in the illusion. They talk all this talk, but then turn around… and watch TV., vote, follow sports, fall for advertising campaigns, chase money, and so on. It’s a case of knowing something intellectually, but not really acting on it, or living it. Why? Mostly, because they have yet to experience one of those aforementioned core shaking events that permanently jars them out of the stupor. All it takes is one incident. Some get it through drugs, other through being an abductee, and others from being psychic and seeing the other realms. No matter how they got there, the fact is, they got there.

Even I still fall for aspects of the illusion in many ways. I keep slipping back under, as it could be called. Getting sucked back in, forgetting things….but yet, on purpose, because what else am I supposed to do? I have to live here in 3rd. Am I supposed to just…float away, into another realm? But weeeelllll actually…….

I’ve had moments in my life where I felt like I could walk away from the illusion of it all and just…drift off and disappear from this reality. Just “knew” that this was possible. Mostly when I was living down in Florida, and after reading some Stuart Wilde material. ;) It’s inspiring stuff, what can I say. I didn’t end up acting on it, because part of me kind of wasn’t done here yet. Maybe there’s a little more to see? Something else to do? And so I didn’t pursue it. It felt premature. The timing wasn’t right. I always know in the back of my mind though that the option is available. When I’m ready, I’ll go walking off and find a park, and sit down on a bench and wait. That was the idea I had back in Florida. Walk away, and go wait….someone will show up. You’ll see. So, I’m very curious to see who shows up and sits down next to me….but when the timing is right.

[ Funny update – Sometime around the end of July, early August of 2008, more than two years after originally writing this post I was on my lunch break where we currently live, Charlottesville, sitting on a bench downtown, eating and knitting. My thoughts as usual were random and all over the place as I knitted, including thinking about the whole “sitting on the bench” thing, and waiting to see who shows up. I was thinking back on this post and my original thoughts on it all, but I was thinking about it in the past…..not putting myself in the present.

As I knitted and enjoyed the afternoon on my lunch break, a young black woman approached where I was sitting and said “Hi!” as if she knew me, looking right at me….seeming to wait for recognition. She took a seat on the other little bench that was right next to me, still watching me. I had no idea who she was but said hi back anyway, a little puzzled. Then went back to my knitting. She just sat there, not really seeming as if she had anything to do necessarily, and just occasionally kept her eye on me knitting. It gave me the feeling that she was waiting for something, or maybe expected something, but I had no idea who she was. She asked what I was knitting, and I explained that it was a sock. She smiled and nodded and admired it. She was probably about 30, and had a Caribbean accent. Eventually I had to go, since my break was over and that was that.

Only hours later, way after the fact did anything even register with me at all…………..I had been thinking back on my original idea of sitting down on a bench and waiting to see who sits down next to me…….then this girl does exactly that. Saying hi to me as if she knew who I was even though I had never seen her in my life, and seeming to wait expectantly for something. !! I almost laughed out loud at the coincidence of it all, with the offhand wondering if the situation was what I thought it might be. If so, then it’s kind of eye rollingly funny that I didn’t recognize the situation, at all………only because the person who sat down next to me didn’t look at all like I envisioned. Admittedly I always imagined that when the time came, it would be some older homeless guy since those have always typically been the interesting characters that I cross paths with out in the world who have either a magical vibe or random words of wisdom, the guys who live on the outside of society because they know what the real deal is. But a young black female who looks about my age, with a Caribbean accent was not who I ever expected. So therefore, maybe I totally overlooked the whole situation. I don’t know. It’s probably not that at all, and probably just a random coincidence. Although I doubt it, and I really could kick myself.]

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