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Gang Stalking vs.
Hyperdimensional Matrix Attacks

UPDATED 9/4/16. Article completely re-written/reworked from top to bottom, including new content throughout.


[Just a note that I am no longer responding to emails regarding the subject of gang stalking. I don’t present this information to lead people to believe that I can somehow counsel them on their gang stalking problems, or intervene in their situation in some way. I’m just somebody out there in the world, writing about what I’ve learned on various woo-woo subjects to give people ideas for consideration, nothing more. Anything I could possibly think to say on gang stalking is in this article, as well as in my other tie-in write ups that I provide links to throughout. If you still have questions after reading this then I advise seeking out additional sources.]


“Shall we play a game?”War Games

“The game is tailored specifically to each participant. Think of it as a great vacation, except you don’t go to it, it comes to you.”The Game



Prior to 2008 I had never heard of “gang stalking,” until the subject came to my attention on several occasions during a particular time period through different avenues. First it was a guy who has a blog called “Targeted Individual,” who links to some stuff on my site. “Targeted individual?” I thought when I first saw his site linked in my web logs. So I checked it out. Then months later somebody showed up on a message board I used to post at discussing their supposed gang stalking happenings, with examples of the strange things that have occurred to her. And somewhere in the middle of this there was a video I came across posted on YouTube concerning one woman’s apparent surveillance happening in her neighborhood. The original link seems to no longer exist, but in a nutshell the woman was sitting in her car parked along the curb in front of her house on an innocuous looking day, filming various things happening on her street that she felt proved people were watching her. Compared to other people’s vids that I’ve seen since that time which were total nonsense it did feature a couple of things that did indeed seem…..odd…..mixed up amongst stuff that I would dismiss, but there was no way to definitively prove anything or to know the full story. And then on there was a story submitted by Ken Adachi concerning a woman who supposedly feels that she inadvertently signed herself up back in college to take part in a “game” of sorts where one’s friends and family and maybe neighbors and coworkers and even the media are all “in on it.” Could be delusional….could be valid. I don’t know. It wasn’t well written in my opinion and didn’t provide enough coherent details.

But one thing led to another and soon I was Googling “gang stalkers” and “targeted individuals” and checking out sites like “Gang Stalking World” and such try to learn about this subject and figure out whether it was legit, and if so, did it connect in any way to some of the things that have gone on in my own situation. What I came up with was that gang stalking, according to people’s accounts, involves an organized group of people who have been recruited to go after various individuals in the world. Victims of targeting are said to involve a myriad of people, from whistle blowers, activists, and people who are alone, vulnerable and “different” from society’s norms in any way, among others. One day somebody somewhere decided that tag, the target was it, and suddenly The Game was off and running. Only….nobody filled the target in about what was going on or what the rules were.

Proponents of gang stalking believe the phenomenon is a subculture born out of COINTELPRO and McCarthyism, getting people to spy on their neighbors in the style of Cold War eastern bloc countries, using Stasi East German-influenced hand signals, incorporating modern post-9/11 program tactics such as TIPS, while capitalizing on the newfound “spot the terrorist!” Patriot Act mentality. These supposed gangstalking groups are said to recruit people who either get off on the power trip of it all, or who might believe they’re doing a “patriotic” good thing by “spying for their country” and following an innocent person around who, targets claim, they’ve been lied to about.

Gang stalkers have been reported as following targets in cars, vans, on foot or on bikes for weeks, months, sometimes years on end, making sure that the target knows that they’re being followed and monitored as they live their life. The stalkers often move into a target’s apartment/condo complex or housing neighborhood to gain closer proximity. Targets typically report having their cars/residence/etc. broken into, with things moved around, possibly property destroyed or computers fried out. Phones have been claimed to be tapped and strange messages left on the voice mail. Slander campaigns might be put into effect to destroy the target’s reputation within their community and within any groups they may belong to. Strangers on the street will seem to hone in on the target and yell nasty harassing things to them as they pass by.

That’s all the straight forward, “easy to understand” aspect of things. Then the phenomenon delves into the strange. I’ve read (or personally heard from) targets describing gang stalkers pre-emptively positioning themselves at whatever place the target is going, which they shouldn’t have any way of knowing about, and then saying weird random “street theater” sorts of comments to them. Or in other instances the stalkers will have loud conversations amongst themselves making sure that the target can hear them saying things that directly relate either to the target’s personal life or thoughts that they also should have no way of knowing. Then there’s the everyday “fill in the cracks” maddening behaviors that have been reported, where the stalkers supposedly begin coordinating their seemingly innocuous actions with the target’s – car horns and car alarms, doors slamming, sirens kicking in, people coughing or stomping/banging around (as in the cases of neighboring or upstairs apartments/condos/flats) etc., to where the targets feel like they can’t do anything without something/someone matching their every move with some sort of unbelievably timed action, or where excessive, harassing noise is following them around wherever they go.

Not only that, but targets often claim that even if they move around, including locating to other countries to try to escape the harassment, the problem will supposedly continue….which implies a vast network of people worldwide that can be “called on” when needed to go after a target. But all the while, the harassers are doing everything in such a way that it’s almost impossible for the target to prove to people that any of it is happening, and to where the target just comes across as sounding completely crazy. This idea of a person being followed around forever, no matter where on the planet they try to move, as well as the “maddeningly timed innocuous actions” are what triggered my questions and desire to look further into this subject, and then led to the creations of this article.


My own situation

The description of the gang stalker modes of operation matched several things that I described in Part II of my book, in the ‘Sidetrack Circus Diversion Harassment’… section. Somebody apparently in my apartment when I was at work, things messed with and changed around to let me know somebody had been there? Check. Tapped phones and phone interference that was witnessed/corroborated by others? Check. Random street theater comments directed at me? Check. Bizarre messages left on my answering machine and then-cell phone voicemail (including the sounds of marching jackboots of all things) when next to nobody even had my phone number? Check.

Now, there are differences between the “who’s” of my situation and what typically happens to others, to the point where I’d never outright label myself as having been the victim of “gang stalking,” which is admittedly a very dramatic word. (I don’t even like using the labels “MILABS” or “abductee” for myself, because I don’t fully know what’s actually going on in my situation; those are just the closest things I’ve found so far that match what I’ve experienced.) When you read my book you’ll see how I discuss the ways in which I learned empowerment, how to push back and rise up and stop most all of the “woo-woo” weirdness that was going on in my life, of which I’ll be touching on at the end of this piece. So I don’t consider myself to currently be an active, ongoing “target” of sorts. That’s important to note, so people don’t misinterpret where I’m coming from. The intent isn’t to present myself as a hapless, whining and indignant victim that others can co-miserate with as they read along.

In my case, when the “MILABS-ish” level of woo-woo overtly erupted in my life starting in 2002, I had sharply dressed, clean cut middle aged corporate/government agent looking dudes who seemed to be following me on a couple of occasions during our first go around in south Florida, with one of those occasions directly witnessed by Tom who was smack in the middle of it. In addition to a few black helis hovering directly on top of my apartment and/or pointing at my front or back doors, and a whole lotta paranormal, hyperdimensional and “alien” stuff, whatever the aliens really are, thrown in the mix. A bit “higher up there” than the stereotypical low level gang stalking happenings that I’ve read about. But…I’ve also had those petty “circus diversion” fear and paranoia generators that I’ve now discovered are typically associated with gang stalking. So, woo hoooooo, maybe I’m in the club after all. !! O.o


The different theories

As mentioned earlier, the glue that holds the idea of gang stalking together, and which caused me to question the subject, is the idea that there is a vast network of people – world wide – being recruited into organizations by higher up initiates to go after certain people……even when the target moves around, or re-locates to another country.

On the one hand, sure, anything is possible. But on the other this kind of threw me for a loop. What’s going on here that the phenomenon is just that big, spanning multiple countries, working together like that? Is that even possible? Are these targets imagining things?? And most importantly……..why? Who/what in the frickity frack are these people to warrant that level of attention, time and energy directed on them for months, even years at a time by everyday people? Something about it all seems far fetched, something isn’t adding up here….yet….based on things that I’ve seen in my own situation nothing would surprise me. Even I have personal stories that match up to the gang stalking modes of operation (and then some….) as mentioned. So what gives?

In pondering on all this and in discussing it with my boyfriend Tom who authors a well known website on metaphysics, conspiracy, fringe science and such, we came up with several major ideas for what’s going on. Some of these I hadn’t seen put forth in any of the gang stalking/targeted individual material I’ve read, which is the whole reason I originally decided to write this article back in 2008. And as of July 2016, I’m going to add in another reason that I’ve come to realize is just as legit but which I know is not going to go over well for many reading this. But it needs to be said as well.

I really hope that anybody interested in this subject, and especially those who believe this is happening to them, take the time to read this article in its entirety, and not skim over it. That was part of the reason I had to request for people to no longer email me about this subject, because many were skipping around and picking and choosing what they wanted to see/hear in order to validate what they wanted to believe, much to my frustration. But unlike what most mainstream proponents believe, gang stalking and so-called targeting is actually a comprehensive subject, with multiple things happening, sometimes intertwined. It does not involve just one simplistic explanation that fits everybody across the board the way so many of the gang stalking/targeted individual blogs and message boards are unfortunately promoting. So I hope readers stay with me to the end as I go over the various possibilities, even if they have to bookmark this and come back. It is a little long (a mini-book in a lot of ways) but, just think of it as some weird Netflix/Amazon series that you tune into bit by bit. Or even binge read all at once. ;) Whatever works for you.

The core concept of this write up and the overall message is the same as what can be found in my (free) book “Chasing Phantoms,” which was primarily about MILABs/alien abductions and mind control, as well as several of my other articles, including “Interference” and “The Hidden Puppetmasters.” This one just happens to be tailored specifically to the subject of gang stalking and targeted individuals. But all of these write ups go together really, and ultimately are saying the same thing and could in fact be combined into one big book about “targeting of all types…and how to deal with it.”

So with that in mind, let’s dig in and review the different theories/possibilities for what’s actually happening with gangstalking:

1. Actual physical-based government and network groups

I’m sure there are actual cases where people are participating in organized stalking harassment campaigns against various targets, acting on their own volition. Whether involving everyday types of people who have been “recruited” into some supposed local “organization,” or those existing within government groups and such. A woman whose gangstalking email to me was one of the few I’ve ever truly believed claimed to be a political whistle blower based out of D.C./Maryland, working for the federal government. Her account could be described as “stalking harassment,” which in my opinion is a better term than “gang stalking,” and was extremely coherent, rational/level headed and intelligently written. The names she mentioned in her email checked out on the ‘net in terms of who she was saying they were in D.C. and what they were involved in. And her story for why the stalking harassment was happening to her, and the methods/modes for how they employed the stalking made more sense than pretty much anybody else who’s ever emailed me believing themselves to be the victims of such.

While rewriting this piece somebody I know via the ‘net named Geoff, and who has interviewed me three or four times for his radio show, sent out an email to his mailing list with a link to his latest YouTube vid depicting both his helicopter harassment as well as a couple of so-called stalkers. The reason for Geoff’s stalking seems to have a lot to do with his interest in filming UFO activity over the NYC area. But could also be due to the fact he hosts a NYC-based radio show interviewing researchers and people from all over the world, both extremely famous and everyday normal types, about all subjects “woo.” The vid clips of Geoff’s stalkers, in conjunction with the backstory of what was going on in the clips, along with everything I already know about him, showed me that physical-based stalking by people who look like “everyday types” (versus the corporate-y “government agent Thems types” that seemed to have been following me on a couple of occasions) definitely does seem to be legit. Prior to Geoff’s vid however I admittedly had my skepticism about the whole “every day looking people stalkers” thing, only because I had yet to see any vids that could successfully depict what various people were trying to claim was happening to them. And not knowing any of those people personally made it even more difficult. Then there’s the fact that so many of the people I’ve seen out there claiming to be stalked don’t seem to have any real reason to be, whereas Geoff does, considering what he’s involved in and who he’s connected to. He also seems to have abductions in his background, adding fuel to the fire. So Geoff is exactly the type one would imagine would be “on something’s radar.” (Geoff’s helicopter harassment clips were also really eye opening, with at least one of the clips following on the heels of him filming a UFO, which is also seen in the vid. I have at least seen other people’s very convincing heli harassment vids, as well as it being a phenomenon I’ve personally experienced multiple times, and written about. So there’s never been any doubt for me about the helis. It’s just trying to find convincing people stalking vids coupled with trustworthy backstory that’s been the problem.)

So if stalking harassment can happen on a small, everyday level with obsessed crazy people going after their exes, unrequited love obsessions, famous people or some nemesis “competitor threat,” then why couldn’t it happen on a larger, more organized scale? For that reason this obvious possibility is first and foremost on the list.

However, I don’t believe this is the only thing going on here…..

2. Hyperdimensional Reality

A lot of things that so-called targets have experienced or witnessed with their supposed harassers may not be what they think it is. Many people are making the assumption that any and all forms of weirdness that they’re experiencing is A) created equal, and B) being perpetrated by some sort of physical-based, organized and trained group of people who are knowingly “in on it.” These assumptions are based on a lack of awareness or understanding of other aspects of reality. So they’re trying to make sense of seemingly strange happenings using extremely limited information, and working with only a couple pieces of the puzzle. In actuality they may be dealing with other forces covertly working through the various people around them. Or in other words, the people involved in what appears to be some sort of organized effort to harass may not always be piloting their own wheel.

My experience with the stalking/targeting phenomenon has shown me that there definitely seems to be a hyperdimensional component to it all. Hyperdimensional, as in, non-physical realms and entities, whether positive or negative, that exist outside our own physical reality, unconstrained by space-time, manipulating reality and working through people, like puppet masters from behind the scenes. As well as the way in which our own minds are interfacing with reality. It seems to almost be the single biggest component of this phenomenon, which is why this item is placed straight after physical based stalking.

Hyperdimensional forces operating through people can result in a variety of phenomenon that you’ll so often find mentioned in gang stalking literature. Everything from synchronistically timed behaviors and/or strategically timed interference that aligns with the target’s activities in a seemingly impossible way, to uncanny/synchronistically pointed things being said to the target (sometimes with what I have described as that telltale predatorial smirk and glint in the eyes) that match up to things that target is thinking or doing in life, the phenomenon of total strangers seeming to “hone in” on the target in a hostile way out of nowhere, picking them out of a crowd, so-called “workplace mobbing,” and so on. The end result can be something that feels extremely personal, persecuting, and highly unnerving for sensitive people, and especially for those who lack awareness of the true source.

The hyperdimensional component of things is not mentioned in most gang stalking material I’ve read. Which is understandable since many people aren’t aware of hyperdimensional worlds, the non-physical entities that reside in them, the scope of their power over people and this reality, and the fact that they’re not limited by space-time. Reading the writings of Montalk (the aforementioned Tom) for instance, is a good place to go for those who are unfamiliar with the idea of hyperdimensional “matrix agents.” The book “Practical Psychic Self Defense” by Robert Bruce is another good source, an in-depth first hand account of Neg entities, what they are, how they operate, and how to remove and rid them. At one point in my early research into gang stalking I found this write up at with a reader’s response comment that mentions the demonic/Neg entity aspect of it all. So at least Tom and I were not the only ones thinking in this way, although that piece came out in 2003, and we were only just learning about gang stalking and making the “demons/negs” connection in 2008. Better late than never I guess.

Something I came across in my gang stalking research years back was a write up on some site called “Blogster” concerning one person’s overview of the subject as well as their personal experiences with it all. One item in particular stood out for me for two reasons (bolded words my own emphasis):

“Attitude: The gangstalkers are extremely hostile, ice cold, and intensely self-righteous. Their intense hostility is all out of proportion to anything the target has done or is doing. All the stalkers (no matter how young or old-even children) have the same attitude, as if they have all gone to the same stalking school, the “how to be a profoundly hostile, ice cold, hyper self-righteous, violent attacker-stalker” school. Clearly their hostility is, by itself, intended to frighten the target. The stalkers seem to really believe that the target “deserves” all the attacks, even in cases where the victim-target has never been able to figure out why he has been targeted. This is a strange belief because many people are targeted for seemingly trivial reasons.”

This was a good observation on the author’s part, which is why it stood out for me. But more importantly it gives credence to the hyperdimensional aspect of things. I don’t believe that this level of hostility and ice cold intensity, of which I’ve witnessed too many times to count, is human. (Especially when it occurs in kids. That’s almost the dead giveaway, right there. But I’ll get back to the role of kids in a bit.) It’s most often times neg entity/demonic all the way, working through those people, because that’s exactly the mindset and attitude of dark entities. They have all the time in the world and a never ending supply of hate, which explains everything about why these attacks can be so intense, long lasting and out of proportion, and why so many of the people that seem to be involved in these attacks look and behave completely unhuman.

So when reading various websites and summaries on gang stalking along with people’s first hand accounts what I’m seeing (in my opinion) are two separate things being mixed up in the same category: The concept of “hyperdimensional phenomenon,” and conscious, purposeful physical-based harassment by people. These are separate, yet often times intertwined, concepts. And it’s absolutely imperative for people to learn how to differentiate what’s what, because it means the difference between thinking there’s nothing one can do except live a transient life on the run, losing jobs and risking homelessness, in a perpetual state of powerlessness where one is slowly losing their mind………..versus getting most every bit of weirdness to cease, and practically overnight no less.

So what is often mistakenly labeled as “physical-based gang stalking activities by knowing participants” may actually be cases of neg entities working through people, both in the larger capacity of semi-possession/shadowing, as well as every day people being “nudged” by other stuff, completely unknown to them, to do or say something seemingly inconsequential at a particular moment but which has meaning for somebody else around them. For the latter, that means any one of us could be used in this way.

What’s also important to note is that I fully realize that figuring out how to handle and deal with true, physical-based stalking by consciously aware people who know what they’re doing is going to differ somewhat from how to handle the non-physical variety that gives the appearance of being completely physical. The overt physical-seeming “stalking” activity that I’ve experienced happened for only a relatively short period of time in my life, and while it seemed to respond to the methods employed against the non-physical variety (of which I outline in depth throughout this piece) I also understand that it may not be the solution for everybody across the board. So the goal isn’t to say that everything discussed here applies to everybody in all situations, whether truly physical or non. The main goal is to bring awareness of these additional theories so targets can begin to untangle their situation in case it turns out they have more than one type of phenomenon at work in their reality. If we mistakenly think everything is all the same one thing, stemming from the same one source, and thus employ the same one type of response tactics to try to combat it, we’ll never get anywhere.

One thing I am convinced of though is that when it comes to the non-physical variety of harassment, whether it be gang stalking, MILABs or what have you, the tactics/mindset/frequency shifts described in this write up do work and are something everybody should try. And sometimes, for whatever reason, that can spill over and work against targeting of the true physical-based variety. I don’t know why that would be, unless it’s because even the “quite obviously physical-based” nonsense happening to people isn’t actually what it seems to be. But that’s getting into some really far out fringe-y aspects of the “woo,” which is not going to be everybody’s cup of tea. So I only touch on that very briefly in this piece.

But with all that said, following are some personal anecdotes of strategically timed interference and being honed in on in a very personal way, which, at first glance, seem to fit the classic profile of gang stalking modes of operation but which also matches hyperdimensional “stuff” at work:


Strangers honing in on me in a hostile way. For years, in multiple states, I’ve had way too many instances to even count of driving past somebody standing or walking along the side of the road who turns and just hones in on me as my car passes them. Staring in the eyes sort of honing. Even though there are other cars on the road, they zero in on me and clock me closely as I drive past like it’s personal. It’s always eerie. Not only that, but to top it off many times the person who hones in on me will also start talking, or even calling out towards me saying who knows what, further adding to the weirdness. They were silent and not looking at anything in particular………until I drive by them, then suddenly it’s like a switch flips to “on” and they’re looking right at me in the face and yelling at me. Tom’s witnessed this a couple of times when riding passenger in my car. It’s really weird, and if I’m not traveling fast it’s even more awkward because there’s more time for them to stare and yell things out at me. In most, if not all these instances the “harassers” appear down on their luck, dressed shabby and are either loafing about aimlessly or sitting at a bus stop. I’d even guess many are homeless. It’s never some clean cut, well off looking person who has it together that suddenly starts shouting and acting mentally unstable towards my direction, and that’s important to note. (the clean cut ones do it all very quietly. ;) ) But I do tend to think that those who are homeless show a greater ability for “stuff” to work through them, due to being more unstable in many instances, whether because of mental illness and/or drug and alcohol abuse. So it may not be the person themselves who’s suddenly compelled to turn and stare intently at me (and yell at) out of everybody in the vicinity, being some “paid stalker who’s knowingly in on it,” so much as it’s some other force that senses me approaching and works through the nearest mentally vulnerable person. But this is yet another one of those sorts of things that gang stalking proponents try to make sense of through the limited lens of awareness. For me, I don’t believe that any of the people who have ever done this were in complete control of themselves.

On a side note, the idea of total strangers piloted by “something else” who hone in on a target and say very pointed and/or hostile and threatening things to them was featured in at least two movies that I can think of. One called “Fallen,” from 1998, starring Denzel Washington, John Goodman, James Gandolfini and Donald Sutherland, and another called “Control Factor,” from 2003, a made for TV movie starring Adam Baldwin and Elizabeth Berkley. In a nutshell “Fallen” concerns the idea of an ancient demon who moves from person to person via touch, possessing some of them into doing its bidding. The character of Detective Hobbs, played by Washington, has been investigating a series of murders that at first glance appear to be done by some sort of syndicate of serial killers copycatting each other, only to slowly realize that something far more bizarre and supernatural is at work. There are scenes showing the demon as it moves from person to person in a crowd or group, and in one of those scenes in particular each person it enters suddenly turns to Det. Hobbs and speaks directly to him about personal things, taunting him in a smirky, glinty eyed way and making threats. (And in case anybody’s wondering, no I didn’t give away any spoilers. It’s made very clear by the opening scene what’s really going on. The viewer is in the loop from the start. It’s just the main characters who are not.)

“Control Factor” concerns the subject of electronic mind control warfare perpetrated on the masses by the government. The main character, Lance Bishop, played by Adam Baldwin, begins to realize what’s going on as he accidentally stumbles into the conspiracy. There are scenes showing the way in which electronic signals being beamed at the population have the ability to control the speech and actions of people. Including the way in which total strangers turn to Lance on the street and start speaking very pointedly to him, revealing details they should have no way of knowing and making threats, as the “thems” speak to Lance through these pawns. While a lot of people like to dismiss anything that appears in movies and shows as being “just fiction,” I say, not so fast. With that logic we’d have to dismiss everything and anything that’s ever appeared in any movie, ever, merely because the idea was featured “in a movie.” There are a lot of truth nuggets to be found littered throughout “entertainment.” I feel aspects of both ideas presented in both movies have validity, since I’ve experienced both in varying ways as written about throughout my website. But “Fallen” in particular really hits home and in my opinion seems to be closer to the truth, especially the way it so accurately conveys that glinty eyed smirky “predator toying with its prey” thing so well.


Repeated synchronous interference when trying to speak to coworker about woo-woo subjects. At a job I used to have in Fort Lauderdale from 2002-2004 there was a coworker named Jeff who I was buddies with. Every time I’d steal away for a moment to go chat with Jeff about anything to do with the weird or woo-woo – subjects he was greatly interested in himself but didn’t always have people to talk with about it all – sure enough, there was uncanny interference. Within moments of getting to his cube, as soon as we’d start to get into a conversation BOOM….his phone would start ringing, one call after the other, people needing stuff out of nowhere, or worse yet, people coming by his cube, totally interrupting us, as if I wasn’t even there, and was just invisible. !! A bit rude, as most would agree. To have people – consistently – come up next to you, not even acknowledging you as if you’re not even there, and start talking over you in a totally oblivious way…? Who does that, right?

But more interesting was that multiple people were doing it. Not just the same, one person. Every single time Jeff and I tried to chat this uncanny interference happened, to the point where it was quite obvious and beyond coincidental, always foiling our attempts at any sort of chat, even a quick chat. It was a bit angersome, admittedly. Part of the problem was the fact Jeff was unaware of what was happening and would allow it to have its way, reluctantly but obediently answering his phone and politely engaging with the interrupters, even despite gazing up at them with a dazed/puzzled :/ look on his face. Awareness is everything, and if only one person has awareness then the naive person will be the weak spot. To think that those coworkers were some knowing conscious “agents” stalking us, part of some big syndicate would be ridiculous in my opinion. Instead it was more like “interference strikes again”….but of the non-physical variety.


”The Guy in the White Pickup Truck.” (Taken from my e-book Miscellaneous Stories of the Weird and Unusual )

“The guy in the white pick up truck” story started back during the summer of 1992 when I was 17 and my brother Joe was 11. We lived in Mission Viejo, California off of Marguerite Parkway, and I would often walk down to Portola Plaza near where we lived. One sunny morning I was walking down the sidewalk along Marguerite Parkway, off in my own world, when I got a sudden intense “weird feeling”…and whipped my head around to the left to look behind me.

“Apparently, a white pick up truck with a silent engine had been following along behind me. I never heard it. I don’t know how long he’d been following behind me like that. My nerves immediately stood on end with intense alarm. I was the prey being silently, stealthily tracked.

“But even worse was the guy who was driving it. I’ve never seen anybody who looked like he did. It wasn’t human. He was Caucasian, with short, neat, all white hair parted on the side, and piercing blue eyes…like I’ve never seen. The most insane, piercing, crazy look, staring at me with all the rage and hatred that it could muster. […] So he was “human” on the outside, but whatever was piloting him was definitely not. Take a moment to imagine what that must have been like. Feeling a sudden creepy alarmed feeling and whirling around to find a truck with a silent engine trailing behind about ten feet. With a guy who looks like that behind the wheel.

“We locked eyes, and mine probably got as big as saucers.

“He glanced in his rear view and saw that cars were finally approaching behind him, and he slowly picked up speed. And even though he had now passed me he locked his eyes on me in his rear view, STILL staring me down. Only reluctantly did he finally take off and leave me behind.

“Worse…….this didn’t just happen once. It happened again. The same deal, exactly as the first time. Walking along. Bad feeling. Turn around. White pick up truck with a silent engine following me. And crazy demonic “it” behind the wheel…”

The story doesn’t end there though. This guy later targeted my good friend Shirley in a completely separate incident on the 5 freeway…the odds of which are astounding considering how many cars drive the 5 freeway in south Orange County (California) on any given day. Orange County is sandwiched between L.A. and San Diego, almost the size of Rhode Island, with the entire SoCal region from northern L.A. county to the Mexican border being home to over 20 million people. Meaning, there was a lot of people moving about in that area on any given day. But there he was, just so happening to find himself right next to Shirley – the good friend of somebody else he’d already targeted – on the 5, matching her speed exactly, looking over at her with those psychotic eyes like nothing she had ever seen either. No matter what she did to ditch him – speed up, slow down, change lanes – he kept pace and stuck with her for miles, not letting up. Finally Shirley exited in Irvine where her sister lived and managed to get away. Or rather, he “allowed” her to get away, in the same way he “allowed” me to be on my way….twice. (There’s even more to this story though, which can be found in the aforementioned “Miscellaneous Stories….” link.) Shirley had difficulty even talking about this incident with me later on because the memory of how he looked was terrifying for her.

And as a side note worth mentioning, during the same time period as “the guy in the white pick up truck” there was an incident with some crazy 20-something guy in a shopping plaza parking lot at the corner of El Toro and Rockfield, in Lake Forest, who went after Shirley and I when we were together. He had those deadened “sanpaku” eyes, where the bottoms of his irises didn’t touch his eyelids. He tried to approach us in the parking lot to sell us on something, but I blew him off and kept going because I didn’t like him straight away. There was something “off” with the look in his face and his energy and so I didn’t want to engage. That’s what set him off (thus, completely validating my split second visual assessment and intuition), causing him to come after us yelling insults and threats and such, which I no longer remember the specifics of but which were completely out of proportion for the situation. He became fixated on me in particular, and was making the beeline straight at me even though I was already in the process of getting into my car. Shirley was standing at the passenger side door looking worried. Once it became clear he was actually going to attempt to physically attack me I threw my car door open and slammed it against his approaching body as hard as I could, sending him stumbling back away from me. (I look back at my 18 year old self and think “you go girl!!!!”) Then I jumped in and closed and locked my door and quickly let Shirley in.

After getting the upper hand I became so wound up and enraged seeing the look on his face and replaying the things he’d yelled at me that I wanted to keep going and just run him down with my car. He was right there, off to the left of the front of my vehicle, it was almost too easy at that point. But Shirley had to – quite literally – scream at me to “talk me down” from it. She succeeded in screaming me down though, so he went on to live another day. O.o There was just something so hateful and deadened about this “guy,” whatever he was – not to the level of the pickup truck guy, but his energy was something that was still over the top and inexplicable. So between Shirley and I we’re looking at four incidents total within one year, from the summer of ’92 to the summer of ’93. That’s a little…..odd. In retrospect this whole thing would be considered classic “gang stalking” targeting activity…yet I still don’t think it fully is. Something else, even bigger and weirder than that was going on, and it’s been going on most of my life, in some form or another.


Uncanny synchronous interference the first time I connected to my higher self. (The following is an excerpt from my Higher Self article where I described what happened moments after making a connection with something higher and beginning a back and forth exchange.)

“Then at that exact moment out of nowhere a car pulls in to park outside my apartment, right outside the window where I was laying. Car stereo pumping, doors slamming, people talking really loudly. It was 2 a.m. and that was definitely not a common occurrence at that hour of the night, and the timing of it all and the fact it happened right outside my particular window was a bit uncanny. Because of the loud noise and distraction, I could feel myself slipping out of the trance-like state, losing the connection. It literally felt like it was tugging the connection apart. I began reaching out for it, to try to hold on to it.

“Is this interference from them?” I asked.


“To break the connection?”


According to gang stalking sites this would be a classic example of that synchronous targeting. But how? The communication with my higher self that night was completely spontaneous. No human could have possibly known it was going to happen beforehand, let alone preemptively been in position at that exact moment to thwart it. But it was still something, no doubt. A hyperdimensional something. (And on a side note, what happened that night when I was communicating with my Higher Self seems to go above and beyond believing in even woo-woo elements working through people to get them to act in a detrimental way towards somebody else. Based on the unbelievable timing and nature of it all, I’d go as far as to say that it wasn’t even real. That it was a manufactured “fake” distraction inserted in to my reality. How? I don’t know. I’m little ol’ me, I don’t understand how it all works. But I believe such things are possible by higher up stuff and those “in the know,” as indicated in my book. With the right technology anything’s possible. But that’s something far beyond what even most proponents of gang stalking would be willing to believe, I totally realize. :D)


Intense dark glaring from a total stranger in a coffeehouse. Tom and I were at The Mudhouse coffeehouse where we used to live in Charlottesville, Virginia sometime in the mid-2000s. We were just sitting there at our table minding our own business, nothing weird, but soon I realized…..some guy several tables away is staring intensely and darkly at me. I mean, right in my face/eyes, he was looking at me. My immediate reaction which I had no control over was to lock eyes in in an intense stare right back at him. So we were just sitting there staring intensely at each other in a “stare down” for probably about ten seconds, although I wasn’t feeling any hostility on my end. For me it was standing my ground in a calm and strong way, which again, I had no control over. The attitude was like, “Oh, you want to stare at me? Okay, let’s go.” I would have sat there all day staring back at him if that’s what it took. I didn’t care. :D Then I watched as he “snapped out of it” and “came to.” The dark and intense look left his face and he was back to normal….and actually looked embarrassed at the sudden realization that he’d been staring at me like that, and the way in which I was in turn staring right back at him, calmly challenging him. His eyes quickly looked down and away. I won! haha And he didn’t make eye contact with me again while we were there. So, either 1) he was a creepy maniac acting on his own accord, staring at me until he had to concede; 2) he was just spacing out, though which I highly doubt based on the intensity in the eyes and face, plus the fact that it’s kind of hard to “space out” while looking directly at somebody’s face; or 3) Something temporarily took him over and was looking at me through him. Which is what I tend to believe. And it’s something for readers to keep in mind who find these weird sorts of things happening to them that might normally be classified as “gang stalking” by knowing, conscious people. Most people wouldn’t just lock in and stare back for as long as it takes, the way I was going to, so they never get to find out what happens when they do.


Years back I received an email from a woman in England talking about how she’s been targeted by “stuff” her entire life, same as me, and what stood out for her in this article was the commentary on the attitude of the stalkers – she agreed, and noted that it’s a “horrible, sneery, ferral attitude like someone had flipped a switch in these people.” (quoted comments and anecdote posted with her permission.) She went on to describe the perfect eye opening example of such, when she was out shopping for kids clothes. Two men who appeared to be in their 40s and who’d been walking together on the other side of the road, behaving normally, suddenly honed in on her and started screaming abuse at her….with a “mask-like change” come over their faces as they did so, as she described it. To me that verifies that it does indeed seem to be a case of neg elements taking “people” over, using them. It makes me wonder if these “people” have any recollection afterwards of what they’ve said and done during these moments, or if it’s blanked out of their consciousness. If it’s the latter then it makes me wonder about the nature of the “people” involved, who in essence are behaving as nothing more than a weak, empty vessel that can be used at will.

Weak vessels that can be easily manipulated leads to the subject of kids, and the role they play in being used by “stuff.” The eight years of severe bully harassment I experienced as a kid in Connecticut, starting at age eight to nine years old, instigated by the female who lived directly next door to me (and who I now, as an adult with my retrospective hindsight, would label as completely obsessed), matched other aspects of the gang stalker modes of operations once I started doing the research. Intense harassment, verbal abuse/vicious name calling and never ending personal slander campaign to get as many people as possible to hate me via lies without even getting to know me first, on a near daily basis for years (namely at the bus stop, and on the bus rides to and from school five days a week, as well as whenever I was outside at home after school and on the weekends, since that’s when she had the most access to me being that she was two years older than me and not in the same grade) coupled with various threats, shunning and isolation. It started over one minor incident that wasn’t even my doing mind you, and within less than 24 hours grew to a level that would wind up going on non-stop, for the next eight years. Just so grossly out of proportion to the original triggering incident that it was insanity. It never ended over the years and she, and her “mindlessly obedient trained cronies” that operated in her place when she wasn’t around, never grew tired of it. So, some of the items on the figurative gang stalking checklist that weren’t covered as an adult happened to me as a kid, and accomplished exactly what the gang stalking websites claim that it’s all intended to do….destroy, or at least, severely alter and derail a person. This sort of thing often leads to kids curling up into a ball and retreating from the world, failing to achieve the things they may have otherwise and not reaching their true potential. In worst case scenarios it leads to kids committing suicide. But whether they curl into a ball and develop severe self esteem issues that prevent them from fulfilling their potential or just outright kill themselves, either way they’re wiping themselves off the timeline in some form or another, which is exactly what neg forces want.

But as the reader may be thinking…….kids/teens wouldn’t be knowing and conscious “gang stalking” agents, would they? Well some researchers of gang stalking believe that they would be, as mentioned earlier in this piece. I used to believe no, but, that was due to some naivete on my part. So now I say….not necessarily. On the one hand, at this point in my life I could see how, if a kid has psycho immature parents that like to go after people (and not even in an organized stalking way, I’m talking every day “just because” crazy kind of way) and the kids have been exposed to that attitude their entire short lives, then sure, those parents could influence their kids to participate in harassing random neighbors or community members or whatever, imitating mom and dad. I didn’t used to realize just how many immature, effed up “kids in adults bodies” there are in the world, who also happen to be parents, scarily enough. But I do now, and so I now have a modified version of my previous stance. So yes, as with most everything it’s another case of “anything is possible.” But I do tend to think that when it comes to kids acting psycho and hostile then more often than not we’re probably looking at stuff operating through them.

When I was talking to Tom about one particular aspect of this ongoing harassment/targeting campaign that went on when I was a kid, he commented that it kind of sounded a lot like “demons.” Not normal human behavior. But demons – Neg entities if you will, hyperdimensional manipulation – working through people. And kids would be especially susceptible to this for the mere fact that they’re underdeveloped with less control over themselves and with a dimmer awareness than adults should ideally have, which causes a decreased (to outright non-existent) ability to question or push back against “outside impulses” trying to manipulate them. In addition to often times having less developed empathy, so they wouldn’t feel bad about what they’re being manipulated to do or say, lacking that understanding about why their actions are wrong. It’s almost too easy for negs to influence kids and/or flat out take them over.

An interesting side note about this subject concerns one of the bully harassers from my childhood, a guy named Paul that who happened to be three years older than me. But when I looked him up years later there he was on Facebook, looking exactly as he did when I remembered him, but now minus the hair, seeming to have a totally normal, innocuous life in Colorado, with hobbies that included mountain biking and hiking and such. However a closer look at his musical interests revealed that his one and only musical love at this stage in his life is – black metal. Not heavy metal, but black metal. Black metal is a very specific sub-genre of metal also known as satanic, or death metal. So there was the line up of all his favorited death/satanic metal bands who happened to have Facebook pages, and on the one hand it was a little surprising I guess, as I never actually expected to see blatant “in your face” confirmation of what I suspected was operating through this guy. But on the other hand it also wasn’t surprising in the least, considering what I saw of this guy growing up and how he behaved…including towards younger, small females. The shit that would come out of this guy’s mouth……wow. Hateful vitriol is the only way to describe it. The obsessed girl who lived next door may have started it, but he wasted no time picking that ball up and running with it to a level that had everybody beat. And not just directed at me, but also at another kid on our street named Chris that he was also fond of intermittently targeting. So seeing him as an adult seeming to be one dimensionally fixated on satanic/death metal as his only music of choice validated my theory about neg/demonic forces operating through so many weak/half empty/outright spiritless people in the world. The world is full of these types though, the every day people who look completely normal on the outside, but who are anything but on the inside.

3. Personal frequency and inadvertent reality manipulation, coupled with hyperdimensional matrix happenings.

This is a BIGGIE in terms of what is often times happening in incidents that are mistakenly attributed to physical-based gang stalking by some organized groups of people who are “knowingly in on it,” and it involves several closely related things rolled into one. Whereas point #2 was to introduce the concept of the hyperdimensional component of reality with examples of targeting that, for all intents and purposes, are externally generated by these hyperdimensional forces and thus, outside of our control, this section delves further into the subject by exploring the way in which we eventually become unknowing participants/co-creators. Let’s start at the top:

Your personal “frequency” has to do with your personality. It encompasses the way you react and respond to everyday life situations, people, and the world around you, your general emotional state, how sensitive you are, your thoughts, beliefs and expectations whether conscious or unconscious, how strong your ego is, etc. Which means your overall personal frequency can change throughout your life, if you learn and grow and alter thought and behavioral patterns. It’s not fixed in stone. It can change literally overnight, depending on how sudden and deep one’s shift in awareness goes.

Typical “low” frequency traits that most of us experience at some point are fear/terror, paranoia, anger, hate, being critical/judgmental, wishing or inflicting harm, violence, destruction on others, bitterness/resentment, guilt, shame, sorrow/despondency, self-absorption/narcissism, etc. Basically anything that doesn’t come from a place of love, wisdom, higher understanding, service, and connection to All. Again, we’ve all experienced items on that list, myself included, so, not to come across as “holier than thou.” This isn’t a lecture about what’s “right” or “wrong,” but rather, to explain that there are various ways of being, and those ways of being affect everything about the lives we draw to ourselves and the things that happen to us.

Lower astral entities, some aliens/non-humans, and Neg entities in general are known to feed on the energies created by lower frequency emotions, since that’s what they resonate with, farming us for them in the same way we farm animals for their meat, milk, eggs, hides, fur, feathers and parts. Farmers do what they have to do to insure an ample production of their animal products, and Neg/hyperdimensional entities can, and do, deliberately manipulate us and our lives to ensure an ample production of low frequency thoughts, behaviors, reactions and emotions, not only for their food, but for their personal amusement as well it seems.

Now, with this in mind:

A. Low frequency behavioral patterns serving as an all-you-can-eat-energy buffet. A person whose frequency is one that scares and/or angers easily, is discombobulated and paranoid, disempowered or weak or who wallows in – and/or secretly relishes – the persecuted victim mentality would be a natural target by hyperdimensional “stuff,” since the target is in essence, an “all you can eat buffet” of low vibe emotions. These forces/entities/beings may make that person their new “farm human”….manipulating the person’s reality with loads of harassment and random crazy happenings to keep them in a perpetual scared and frazzled state, chasing their tails, because it’s just too easy. All the entities have to do is go “boo!” and the target responds with their habitual terrified/angry/paranoid and all around disempowered response.

During the earlier excerpted anecdote concerning the interference to break apart the connection I’d managed to make with my higher self, this extremely important subject is what had come up during that brief back and forth dialogue:

“I then wondered about all the crazy things that had been happening to me over the past few months. The neg entity harassment, the abduction craziness, the “Them” sightings, and so on that I mention in my book, “Chasing Phantoms.” I asked a specific question, although I can’t remember the exact wording, (I think it was probably something to the effect of, “Are ‘they’ behind the things that have been happening to me?”) and the answer that came back was,

“Yes, they’re trying to keep you in a fear frequency.”

So I had my confirmation that yes, there really was something behind all the negative craziness, and it was deliberate. To keep me scared, all the time.”

That night was a breakthrough moment for me, as it completely changed the entire direction of my life. (Which explains exactly why there would have been such loud, pointed interference to interrupt that little revelatory, life altering conversation.) I instantly lost the fear I had been experiencing with all the “sidetrack circus diversion/fear and paranoia generator” nonsense that had been steadily increasing over the past couple years of my life, and which really ramped up after moving to Fort Lauderdale, becoming more physical based and overt. The fear evaporated literally, overnight. For a short time afterwards things would still come around and try to harass me, but by then it had lost its power. ALL of it seemed like a joke now, whether it was neg entities coming around in the middle of the night, or black helis with blacked out windows either hovering directly on top of my apartment or pointed at my apartment doors for extended periods of time, or blatant “them” encounters in public, even witnessed by Tom on one occasion since he was in the middle of it, or things being moved around in my apartment and messed with when I was wasn’t there, or the ridiculous voicemails like marching jackboots and such. How could I be scared or take any of it seriously when it was revealed to me that there is a “Man Behind the Curtain” orchestrating it all for the sole purpose of keeping my frequency low?

So the fear stopped overnight, a complete personal frequency shift, and eventually the overt negative happenings trickled off. And it’s been years now since I’ve had such overt, sidetrack circus diversion harassment described in Part II of “Chasing Phantoms.” They gave it up when their schtick was no longer generating the desired fearful, paranoid and disempowered mindset. And that’s one of the most important points I hope readers take away from this entire write up, in the same way it was the most important point I wanted readers to take away from “Chasing Phantoms.” In “Chasing Phantoms” I provide additional anecdotes concerning targeting of a more aliens and MILABs-y related nature (like the black helicopters), but which I think are just as relevant for somebody who considers themselves a “targeted individual” or a victim of “gang stalking,” which is why I recommend it for anybody. Targeting is targeting, and it’s all ultimately the same, no matter what methods are employed, because it has the same goal: fear, disempowerment, and getting the target to shrink up in a ball and go away. But despite how disparate the styles of targeting may take they all seem to rely on one thing: our response to it……or lack of.


B. Inadvertent reality manipulation. Personal frequency and the way we interface with reality leads to the idea of unintentionally, unknowingly pulling certain situations to ourselves, both bad or good.

A situation may start out with somebody experiencing legitimate targeting, be it physical and/or hyperdimensional-based, but if it happens often enough it unfortunately rewires the way the target begins reacting to, as well as perceiving – or misperceiving – the world around them. This often leads to the creation of the mindsets of anything from defeatedness/being a weak “prey,” to paranoia, victimization, defensiveness/sensitivity, hypervigilance and programmed expectation for future harassment within their personality, which then “imprints” in their personal field, so to speak. Until eventually they’re helping to attract more of it in. So what may have begun as something exclusively externally generated soon becomes something generated by both the outside source and the target. Only the target doesn’t realize it and often winds up going completely off the rails in life, not understanding that they have any hand in anything….or the power to stop it.

As much as many people don’t want to believe, reality really does seem to respond to our thoughts, beliefs and expectations. People manipulate their realities every day and don’t even realize they’re doing it, hence the reason why I’ve termed it “unknowing” and “unintentional.” When a target gets stuck in a repeating loop of SCARY TARGETING/ACTION —> FEARFUL/DEFENSIVE/PARANOID RESPONSE —> EXPECT IT TO HAPPEN AGAIN then it becomes very hard to snap out of that and learn new tricks. A person could wind up becoming their own realm jailers. I once spoke with a woman who was in a decades-long rut of ingrained fear responses due to her abductions and harassment. She didn’t seem able to pull herself out of the loop/rut and find a new groove, which in my opinion would have helped cut out a lot of it. Hyperdimensional “stuff” responds to our personal frequencies. So change your frequency and make yourself incompatible to their radio tuner, so you can pull different things to yourself.

Something I mention in “Chasing Phantoms” is the idea of “realm breaching.” In many, if not most cases of harassment, be it gang stalking/targeted individual, MILABs, paranormal, aliens, or what have you, it’s typically not a sudden, abrupt take over of one’s life from 0 to all out madness. It starts out with small incidents, creating that initial breach if you will, along with some sort of subtle permission being given by the target. Because whether targets realize it or not, by not taking action at any point in the form of pushing back and saying no with empowered awareness, that’s a form of allowing, or giving permission. So it keeps happening. And keeps happening. pushpushpush….pushpushpush….chipping away and making the cracks larger, gaining more and more of a foothold in one’s reality, with more and more crazier incidents that keep piling on, imprinting in the target’s field as mentioned, which leads to the target attracting in and outright creating more of the madness themselves, until eventually it’s just all out. Whether it’s invasive entity harassment that leads to semi-possession (or worse…) or all out sidetrack circus diversion harassment on a daily basis, like what I described in Part II of “Chasing Phantoms” that over time became more overtly physical based, either way it becomes a full on realm invasion. So that’s why it’s imperative for targets to take action to shut that down as soon as possible.

Closely related to this is the idea of “bringing stuff out in other people,” or “pulling stuff through them” due to one’s personal frequency, a concept and terminology that somebody I knew years back taught me. In this instance it involves incidents of a personal, one-on-one level, versus general hostility from random strangers in public. I’ve had both positive and negative experiences in life with this. Concerning the negative, I seem to consistently draw to myself, or bring out in other people (in various incidents it being with coworkers) the “predator” aspect in them, and/or I’m pulling hyperdimensional “stuff” through these half empty pawns that’s playing on my weaknesses.

In gang stalking lore, targeting/bullying that occurs at one’s work has its own term, known as ”workplace mobbing.” But once again I feel that we’re dealing with something completely hyperdimensional and/or frequency related. (That happens to takes advantage of the fact that for most people, work is a place they spend a good chunk of their week at. Especially if you work multiple jobs as I used to always have to in my younger days, so I was always at some job, up to sixteen hours a day, seven days a week dealing with a myriad of coworkers, bosses and customers galore in very customer-service intensive industries, like restaurants and hotels. Since work is where so many people spend so much of their days, surrounded by people of all ages from all over the country and world, from all cultures, religions, walks of life and all awareness levels means it’s an opportune situation for “stuff” to work through. “Stuff” uses whatever it has. And if work is where you spend the majority of your life, and is providing the most avenues in, then they’ll absolutely grab onto that.)

Something about me and the frequency I’m broadcasting (most likely due to earlier life events that imprinted something within my field) is causing something to be pulled through them to make them lash out at me and suddenly snap at me, getting very aggressive and “bully-ish.” Just snapping with no provocation and verbally berating me, feeling the sudden need to dominate over me like I’m a child, and squash me. It doesn’t happen all the time, but when it happens, it’s like watching the same old eye rolling, yawn inducing repeating program, only channeled through a different person. Something seems to come over these people, to where they sometimes find themselves feeling confused afterwards, and apologizing to me for behaving in that uncharacteristic way. (When it comes to the random coworker outbursts, I’ve learned that if you don’t respond to it and instead bite your tongue, it succeeds in magnifying their outrageous behavior, making it more obvious to them. And thus, usually leads to the apology. When you fall for it and respond, it automatically justifies their reactions and eggs them on, escalating things into a bad situation. At that point there’s no hope in ever being seen as “right” or unfairly victimized, even if you are. So treat the entire thing as a strategic chess game move and just keep quiet and let them go on, then walk away and leave them with their own words and behavior hanging in the air, either embarrassing them [if they’re even capable of that emotion] or at least making them look foolish to other witnesses in the area who may have your back later on when asked about the incident. I’ve utilized this approach multiple times in life – not just at work but in various types of situations – and it’s always worked like a dream, trust me.)

This happened again recently actually in 2016, in the middle of me updating/re-writing this, here at my current job in south Florida. Except in this instance it involved one of the subcontractors that the company I work for uses. I was eating lunch at my desk while surfing the ’net and reading my email, minding my own business. The subcontractor in question, a short obese guy named Mike who seems to be 50-ish, was there to pick something up and was in the process of heading back out the door again when he paused by my desk to peer down at my lunch. Nobody else happened to be in the vicinity at the moment….which is exactly why I believe this even happened. That’s another pattern I’ve noticed, “stuff” going after me but when nobody else is conveniently around. :/ No witnesses, no backup help. Mike frowned at my food and made a dig about the small portion, which wasn’t anything I had control over since that’s the way the pre-packaged meal came. Being that I didn’t have a close established rapport with this guy, and since his energy seemed negative right then, I therefore didn’t respond. Just stared back at him, silently. That lack of response seemed to provoke something within him as I watched even more dark energy take him over, coming through in the eyes and face as he leaned down closer towards me and spat out “No wonder why you’re so DAMN SKINNY!”

At this point I was a little taken aback inside as this guy had never before shown himself to be negative or nasty in any way, let alone the type to make some sort of very personal derogatory body shaming insult using curse words, so it was completely out of character……but I also immediately recognized what was going on here. So I remained totally still and unresponsive, just staring blankly back at him, employing the tactic I previous described. “NO WONDER YOU’RE SO DAMN SKINNY!!” he spat out again, more hostile, and full on glaring at me by this point, desperate to provoke a response. Still, I continued to sit there motionless and unresponsive, “giving him the rope to hang himself,” so to speak. And he spat it out yet again. “NO WONDER YOU’RE SO DAMN SKINNY!!” After spitting this out for the third time and still getting not a single word of response from me at any point, leaving his words to just hang there in the air, reverberating around while I calmly just stared him down right in the eyes, he pulled back up with a frowny, confused look. Then nervously ducked out the front door.

Coincidentally the “insult” about being skinny was a huge thing that the obsessed girl next door used against me for years. It was sandwiched in amongst a long litany of personal insults about my appearance, clothes, and anything else having to do with me that she could think of, and employed on a daily basis. Keeping in mind that she herself was a very fat, pig faced kid……..whom I found in 2004 on the ‘net posting on a group for fat people, talking about how she was well over 300 pounds as a (then 32 year old) adult. The problem was never that I was too skinny. It was that she was too fat. Same as the obese Mike guy. Somehow I pulled the same thing through Mike, who seems to be a lower intelligence/dim awareness person. Not the brightest bulb in the box, and definitely not able to be fully in control of his own self at all times. An easy target for things to “work through” that found a trigger point issue within him – being overweight, but blaming others for being “too skinny” instead of taking personal responsibility for his own obesity – that was a match for something that had been said to me repeatedly as a kid by somebody else with the exact same issue. The next couple of times Mike has come into the office he’s behaved in an embarrassed/uncomfortable, humble way, kissing my butt and trying to pull me into light hearted conversation, which is I guess his way of “apologizing,” to which I’ve just kept him at a distance. But obviously my approach worked like a dream. If I’d responded in any way it would have given him “ammunition” to somehow justify his treatment of me. Instead he had nothing, and is now acting embarrassed and regretful. And just to note there’s a difference between not responding due to fear, which gives off a signal, and not responding due to total awareness that’s just staring “something” down impassively, feeling calm and confident about yourself inside.

I’ve actually had to stop and look at the situation like, Okay, what’s going on here? I don’t fully have an explanation for it, but being that some have apologized for doing it, and/or at least acted apologetic afterwards, I know that’s it’s not always conscious or deliberate. It’s not “workplace mobbing,” as some gang stalker proponents describe. When this same old repeating script appears through a new pawn then it’s not because more and more recruits are being pulled into some overinflated gang stalking operation, getting hired onto all the same jobs I’m at (including before I even start there myself…) and then trained to go after me in the same repeating way, which is what many gang stalking proponents believe, and which is absolutely nonsensical. It’s because something within my frequency is pulling something through other people. Plain and simple. And things that happened to me as a kid have everything to do with what that frequency field involves, and why certain people’s predatorial sides and/or neg entities working through them pick up on it and respond to it.

So this is another concept for people to keep in mind. How might a target be broadcasting something that predators are unconsciously picking up on? Predators have a way of honing in on targets like sharks to the blood, we see it all the time in the world with abuser/abused relationships, especially those women who have a knack for consistently choosing guys that wind up knocking them around. Something is in the target’s field. Maybe childhood abuse, or bullying, something that imprinted on them and which they haven’t yet cleared out and overcome. And predators sense it, both human and hyperdimesional, and thus the target and the abuser/harasser become magnetically pulled to each other.


4. Synchronicities misinterpreted as mind reading/monitoring; “glitches in the matrix,” realm misalignment and being out of the flow, etc.

Closely tied into the subject of hyperdimensional happenings are those strange occurrences that show us that reality is fluid and does not work in the way we’ve been taught in the mainstream world. Whether it’s unbelievable synchronicities, so-called glitches in the matrix, or the phenomenon where it seems one is out of the flow of the rest of reality around them, and just all around realm instability and weirdness. We may somehow, some way, be causing reality around us to behave in wonky ways, due to our own, possibly tenuous, connection with reality. Or the very nature of what this place really is means it operates in a way that we don’t understand, and which we’re not being informed about, but which then gets misinterpreted by people who don’t have the awareness of these things. Let’s look at these points in more detail:


A. Synchronicity. The most important thing to address would be synchronicity, and the role it plays with people who believe they’re being gang stalked by people who, in their opinion, are quite obviously reading their minds and monitoring their lives, trying to make the target know “they’re being watched” and “all eyes and ears are on them.”

Synchronicity, as defined by Carl Jung, is “the experience of two or more events which are causally unrelated occurring together in a supposedly meaningful manner.” There are various ways in which synchronicity can manifest in a person’s life, as outlined in my write up linked above, but in a nutshell, synchronicity can cause one’s reality to “align,” where everything from people to inanimate objects are matching up/lining up with stuff that a person is thinking, reading, watching, listening to, talking about, etc. And if it’s happening often enough to a big enough extent it can be quite overwhelming. I’ve had instances where multiple back to back synchs were happening, or even synchs within synchs, which I’ve described as feeling like reality is folding in on itself or something, making me want to just curl up and be like “ahhhhh! stop!!!!” :D

But the “matching up/aligning” aspect of synchs, especially concerning things that other people are saying, is a big part of what I want to focus on here. While again, I don’t doubt that there are people being monitored in life (I have been, so I realize it’s real…) and which ties into the very first item on this list, I also don’t believe that all the everyday people we’re encountering as we go about our lives and jobs are some group of secretly hired spies/moles sent to monitor our lives. But I do have awareness of synchronicity, and the way in which it can mimic this. So as somebody who’s experienced both legit monitoring and synchronicity I feel I’m in a place to be able to advise about the differences, and caution people against confusing these two very separate phenomena.

There is something that occurred after posting this rewrite that’s the perfect example of what I’m talking about……. So there I was, standing at the cash register of a convenience store, paying, when a guy who was clearly already three sheets to the wind walks through the front door. In a jovial way he looks straight at me and blurts out, “I was here first!” Obviously trying to be funny…..

…..Or was he? Flash back to the previous few days, when “I was here first!” was the literal theme of the week, as I even lamented to Tom. There I stood at the meat counter at Whole Foods, patiently waiting my turn, when a second butcher emerges from the back and says “Who was next”? looking around……and some dude who’d only just breezed up says “I was….” then proceeds to launch into his order, completely disregarding me. O.o I announce “Actually…..I was next…..” in a monotone sort of way, only to have him confidently shoot me down, “No you weren’t, I was…..” then keep going with his order. O.o And earlier in that same day in the parking lot of a plaza when I was idling in my car, right turn signal on, staking my claim for a spot that a car was backing out of. Only to have a car that I watched round the corner at the end of the lane speed up and swoop in and take the spot after the car was done pulling out. O.o Leaving me to sit there going “Seriously??” Then flash forward to the next day, at this convenience store, as this slightly three sheets to the wind guy bursts in and hones in on me joking “I was here first!”

So…….“paid gang stalker,” sent in to say some stupid pointed shit to me? Somehow instantly knowing my location at that particular convenience store, which I only pit stopped at in a spur of the moment decision? Or, a case of yet one more incident lining up in a chain of synchronously related events, where the entire chain as a whole should be analyzed, and/or where the latest incident is being pulled to me due to my personal frequency already having this idea/theme kicking around in my field due to several other recent incidents? I say it’s the latter theories. I can bet you that if I pulled this guy aside and interrogated him about his motivations he would have his own reasons for what made him say that. “It seemed like a good idea at the time…” and…..well…….he was already halfway inebriated, so really, can he truly be held accountable for anything coming out of his mouth?

What’s funny is right after posting this re-write I both spoke to and emailed with two separate guys who considered themselves to be gang stalking targets but who came to independently conclude the same thing….that there was some other “force” at work in much of the things that were happening to them. Things were not what they initially seemed to be. And they both iterated to me that when they decided to spontaneously strike up conversations with some of the supposed random stalkers that were saying strange, pointed things to them and/or engaging in strange, pointed behaviors they could tell that these people truly were innocent, and had no idea that whatever they were doing or saying matched up to them in uncanny, synchronous ways. This realization of “something else” being at work was the difference between continuing to go off the rails in life, versus both guys getting their lives back on track.

And let’s face it…..even if this drunk random guy at the convenience store was actually some paid gang stalker sent to hone in on me on the drop of a dime, configuring my live time location like some sort of walking GPS tracking devise…..I totally couldn’t give a shit. Truly. On a scale of 1 to 10 it bothered me at about a -15, and amused me at about a +20. As anybody who’s read through my website can probably surmise, I’m very much at home with synchronicities and all manner of “woo-woo” reality weirdness and alignment. To me it’s reality “keepin’ it real.” I expect it, that is what’s normal, not the mainstream world, and so I greet it with a casual nod. The day it stops is the day I get gravely concerned. O.o ;D

There is another particular anecdote in my write up called “Synchronicities,” linked above, which is also a good example of what I’m talking about:

“I started really noticing this aspect of synchs at one particular temp job I was at back during 2006 in Charlottesville, Virginia. It seemed my coworkers at neighboring desks in the big open room we all sat in would always manage to say words that would line up with whatever I was reading or thinking or doing at that moment. It was to the point that when I would hear them having conversations, I got tense and tried to block out what they were saying, because guaranteed, they were going to “line up” with whatever I was doing or reading on the ‘net at the time. There were times when it felt surreal, almost like time slowed down, and I’d be left with a weird look on my face like, “Did that really just happen?”

Synchronicity was rife for me during that particular time period, as amply illustrated in that write up (which by the way delves into the theories of how and why synchronicity happens), and the “coworkers always saying things that matched up to stuff I was thinking and reading” was just one of the many forms in which it was occurring. At that particular temp job in 2006 it was even to the point where I learned that one of the coworkers in question named Shannon turned out to have the exact same birthday as me, month day and year, and was also born in New York, only about 60 miles from where I was. I’ve never met anybody with my exact birthday. So yeah, it was just nuts. (Admittedly, just prior to starting that temp gig I had wished to meet somebody else with my exact birthday, so I could compare them to me as a way to investigate astrology’s influence in our personalities. Well, reality certainly responded, providing somebody who was even born in the same geographic region. O.o )

The thing is though, I never believed that my coworkers were reading my mind in any way, or were knowingly in on some plot to “match me” and show how they were “watching me” or “listening in on my life.” I just always recognized these instances as being exactly what they were: both reality manipulation and one of the many forms of synchronicity that were happening to me. (Especially considering how the other coworkers in the room went dumbfounded silent when Shannon and I discovered that we had the exact same birthday and were born in the same region of New York. Obviously nobody was “in on” anything to have such a stunned reaction.) Unfortunately too many people who think they’re being gang stalked never even consider the possibility of synchronicity because they’re not even aware of it. It’s a major missing piece of the puzzle. They recognize that some of the things that are happening to them are really weird and too outlandishly coincidental to just dismiss. But since they don’t know of any other explanations they mistakenly settle on blaming mind reading and monitoring as the culprit.

And actually, on a side note…….and not to throw a wrench in the works here or anything buuuuutt…….the idea of “mind reading” i.e., telepathy, and being psychically in tune with others is actually very real. And many people inadvertently engage in it everyday with those around them, sometimes not even realizing that’s what’s happening. So sometimes mind reading is actually the explanation for somebody’s uncanny synchronous pointed commentary or behavior towards us, where they’re unconsciously responding to our thoughts….but it doesn’t mean it’s something purposeful or conspiratorial. So just because somebody inadvertently connects up psychically with us doesn’t mean it’s a full on “plot” that they’re “knowingly in on” with some nefarious, persecuting agenda. For me, I’m always pleased when I discover any sort of intuitive connection with anybody out in the world. It makes life more interesting, and not only that, but intuitive connections always tend to be with people who are real. So I always appreciate crossing paths with anybody who’s intuitive and who I can connect with, versus those who are deadened, robotic and operating in a semi-hypnotized state. So for me it’s a good thing.


B. Realm misalignment and being out of the flow. There was something in the aforementioned gang stalking write up on Blogster that I want to excerpt as a springboard for this sub-topic:

“The ‘noise’ regime: very frequent sounds, which follow the “target” everywhere: sirens, loud engine accelerations, high-pitched beeping sounds, vehicle alarms, screeching-tire sounds, coughing, throat clearing, loud booming sounds & mechanical squeaking sounds (from vehicles), etc.”

For people believing themselves to be targets they should first question whether they’re overreacting to what may just be normal amounts of noise, and especially if one is in an urban area. There is such a thing as noise sensitivity after all, and a disorder known as “misophonia,” which is when one experiences an extremely uncomfortable to sometimes downright hate-filled reaction to certain sounds that others don’t even notice. This disorder can easily spiral out of control into mistakenly believing that the people engaging in the obnoxious noises must be doing it on purpose. Have to make sure to rule out the possibility of being overly sensitive due to the aforementioned rewiring of thought processes from ongoing life events.

If overreaction and sensitivity can be ruled out then coordinating such an effort amongst a group of humans still seems completely far fetched and next to impossible, right? Indeed, it is. Whenever we move around we’re not usually consciously thinking of our very next movement, therefore making it pretty much impossible for anybody to synch/match noises to whatever we’re doing. Especially if they’re outside, or upstairs, out of the line of our sight. However…….it doesn’t mean there isn’t still something to this. There are times when noise disturbance is so pointed in its timing that it can’t be ignored or rationally explained away. My boyfriend Tom, who suffers from chronic sleep disorder issues, has experienced this as noted in my article “Interference”:

“…..Tom goes to bed around 5 a.m. usually and gets up around 2 in the afternoon, because that’s the schedule his body wants to be on. So on one particular day he had trouble falling asleep because his – non-caffeinated – mind was completely amped up. Took several hours before he could finally do so, so by that point it was mid morning. Then when he would finally manage to doze off, things would keep happening to wake him up. My cat would suddenly make a noise outside the bedroom door at the exact moment he was starting to drift off. Our neighbor lady upstairs would suddenly make noise at the exact moment he was drifting off. Etc. Then at one point right as he was drifting off yet again, the entire curtain rod and curtain on the window right next to his bed just….collapsed onto the floor. For no reason. I heard it from the living room, wondering what the bang noise was. He decided to just ignore it and leave it there, deal with it later and try again to fall asleep. But then within about a minute after ignoring the inexplicable curtain rod drop the phone rang, from a 1-800 automated telemarketer computer voice. Then, the Embarq repairman shows up knocking on the door to fix our internet problem, but he was 45+ minutes earlier than planned. So needless to say Tom didn’t get any decent amount of sleep that day…..”

If one thing happens then sure, it’s easy to dismiss as a coincidence, and even I wouldn’t advise trying to read into it. But when it keeps piling on like what happened with Tom on that particular day then it defies statistical probability and clearly something is amiss. I don’t have the full explanation, but it seems to me either hyperdimensional “stuff” was working through everything it could, from the upstairs neighbor, to the cat, to the automated telemarketer call, to the Embarq guy’s schedule, and so on. (And I’m sure I probably did something as well at some point to contribute to “unbelievably timed noise disturbance” he experienced, but he didn’t mention it.) Or somehow Tom’s connection with reality was wonky and he was helping to create this whether he realized it or not. I don’t know. But something was up. But it obviously wasn’t a coordinated group of stalkers, not when a cat – and even a curtain rod – were involved. That’s the giveaway. Whatever was going on was not physical-based…..but all manner of physicality around Tom was utilized/pulled into the phenomenon.

Another variation of the noise weirdness that ties into this would be:


The urban noise mayhem incident. (Taken from my write up The Vortex, concerning the year spent in a paranormal apartment with my brother Joe.)

“Towards the end of July (2000), when I was seated at my computer, engrossed in typing. It was late afternoon, sunny, warm. My window was open, and so I could hear the outside world going on. But as I was typing away, I began to notice that the noise outside was progressively getting louder…and louder…and louder…like a volume button was slowly being turned up. Kids began yelling and screaming. Parents were coming out onto their balconies, yelling for their kids. Car stereos were pumping in the parking lot, the music and bass steadily going up, and up and up. Dogs barking, car alarms going off, fire engine sirens screaming by on Santa Margarita Parkway. Just more and more noise, piling on, everything and anything that could be out there making noise. And like I said, I only first noticed it in the back of my mind, subconsciously. But as it progressively got worse, and worse, and louder, and louder, it began registering. I began squinting, and leaning forward towards my computer, trying harder to focus.

“But when it got to the point where there were kids standing literally, UNDERNEATH my window now, screaming and yelling at top full volume, THAT’S when I finally jerked my head up and thought, WHAT THE…?!?!? I turned to the right, to face towards my window, to hear it all better. Poised, frowning, listening, with brows furrowed. My ears straining. Then after all this noise finally got my attention, it began to reduce drastically, and die back down. As quickly as it started. And everything was calm again outside.

“Perplexed and confused, I tried to get back into my writing.

“[my brother] Joe came home soon after, and I got up to go say hi. Unlike many incidents that had happened to me, I didn’t forget about it right afterwards or just dismiss it. In fact it was the first thing I mentioned to him. I told him the whole story, as he listened, intently, with his brows furrowed too.

“And you know what was the weirdest part about the whole thing?’ I asked, it dawning on me for the first time why I had been “straining” to hear the noise, despite how loud it was.

“Actually, he did know, since I asked. “Yeah,” he answered. “You couldn’t understand ONE GODDAMN WORD that anybody was saying. Yeah, I know, been there, had it happen to me.” He nodded knowingly, looking serious.

“That was EXACTLY it!! How did you KNOW?!?”

“Because. It happens to me. All the time. It’s like a mis-tuned radio frequency. Like the station’s only half way tuned in, and you’re half in, and half out of the plane or dimension, or something.”

“That was exactly it! Because when the noise level finally got so loud and obnoxious I had to actually STOP what I was doing!….”

“…to acknowledge it…yeah, I know…Like something’s desperately trying to get your attention…”

“Yeah, because it was just so LOUD. And it wasn’t like they were speaking another language. The problem was, it was like everything was GARBLED. Mish mosh. I couldn’t make out ONE WORD that anybody was saying! It was all nonsense. I was trying to make out something, anything, but I couldn’t! Not even the parents standing on the balconies, yelling!”

“Or the kids RIGHT UNDER your window. Yeah, I know.” He kept nodding, knowingly, the whole time I explained it to him.”

There’s no way that all those kids, parents, firemen, car owners, even dogs (!) could have been knowing agents, stalking in a coordinated effort to make as much noise as possible at the same exact moment…….for me…….some random girl tucked away in her apartment on the computer. But yet I know what I heard and experienced. So what was happening then? Well, I think my brother’s theory actually had a lot of validity. Slipping out of one’s realm, or reality becoming unstable for some reason around a person, so there’s a foot in both doors so to speak and things get a little weird as a result. The fact that I couldn’t understand what people were saying and it was unintelligible gibberish lends credence to this theory. It’s the equivalent of blurred vision, such as when your contact lens is not sitting on your eye correctly or your glasses are not sitting on your face where they should be. But lock them in place where they belong, and …you can suddenly see again. Lock yourself back in your realm, and voila, you can hear correctly again and reality instantly shifts back to normal. (And being that something like this has never happened before or since means I can rule out some brain-based malfunction.)

As far as glitches go, I elaborate on that subject in my write up Reality Glitches. if readers are interested. And the above urban noise mayhem incident could have also been an example of that, where maybe the issue wasn’t me having some sort of issue with my connection to reality, but rather reality around me was glitching in some way….for reasons we don’t understand. O.o (and maybe don’t want to know…or aren’t ready to know……..)

In my log book for the end of December 2002 into the first week or so of January 2003 in Florida I noted that there was an excessive instance of noise eruption going on, enough so that it begged to be noticed. Constant fire engine sirens that would just go and go and go on forever it seemed, unusually long for any normal engine that’s supposedly just passing by, car alarms going off all hours of the day and night – not fun at 3 in the morning when you have to get up for work. Just excessive noise for a particular time period. But as soon as I noticed it and logged it……it ceased. Back to just normal amounts of noise as one would expect in urban Fort Lauderdale.

So my situation was slightly different from what that website excerpt was describing in that the noise regime didn’t follow me around incessantly in life, it was isolated in those two random occurrences, but…..something was obviously up in my opinion. Especially when you consider the fact I was surrounded by weird paranormal and abduction happenings during that same time period as well. The whole thing has to be factored together. And I don’t profess to know how it is for everybody all the time everywhere, but I just put the realm glitch/wonky connection with reality theories out there for consideration. Keep it in mind as another option when things may not make sense. Especially when the phenomenon is utilizing animals and inanimate objects. It means simplistic physical-based explanations like “organized human gang stalking syndicates” doesn’t fit, bottom line, and one needs to keep digging. This level of weirdness should not be lumped into the same category as phone tapping and one’s living quarters being broken into………though as already mentioned, both seem to be able to be stopped by one’s reaction to it….or lack thereof.

Over the past few years I’ve been pondering on a theory involving being out of the flow with reality. Since we moved back down to south Florida in 2012, after being away in Virginia for eight years, I’ve had endless experiences where I just feel like I’m completely in the way, out of synch and out of the flow in some way with the rest of the world going on around me. I elaborate on those experiences in a spin off article called Being Out of the Flow….and Other Random Weirdness Often Mistakenly Attributed to Gangstalking which I recommend for readers if one has the time and is so inclined. It’s not a constant thing thankfully, but it has happened enough times to be noticeable. I first experienced this in a noticeable way the first time we were living in south Florida:


Rollerblading. Back when I lived in Fort Lauderdale I used to love to go rollerblading up and down the streets of our neighborhood, which were long and straight and perfect for it. Despite all the houses there was minimum traffic, which is why it was even more perfect. So there I am one morning in 2004, rollerblading along down one of the streets. As I approach a driveway up ahead on the right side of the road a car slows down behind me, waiting to turn into that exact driveway. Interesting timing, but I don’t give it much thought. Then it happens again, on the next street. A car needing to turn into the exact driveway that I just so happen to be approaching, making it so that I’m “in the way” and they’re hovering behind me waiting for me to make it past the driveway. Okay, that’s weird I notice. Something like that had never happened before…now it just happened two times in a row.

Then it happened again. And again and again and again. Probably about seven or eight times within a ten minute time period, I would be approaching a driveway that a car needed to turn into, being “in the way” with them hovering behind me. There was never that much car traffic going on, and I’d never had things time perfectly to where I was smack in front of a driveway that an approaching car needed to turn into. That’s what got me….I was always exactly smack in front of the driveway, in the way. And let alone have something like that happen seven or eight times, back to back, and on various streets, to the point where I finally just felt like I had to give it up and go home. It had just gotten too ridiculous and over the top. The statistical chances on that were pretty amazing. So, something was obviously going on here. And this would be considered absolutely classic in gangstalking literature. Tailing somebody, invading personal space, increase in traffic in the neighborhood where the so-called target lives, etc. But I’ll tell you that there is no way that a group of people was “hired” to do that with their cars. In the same way those aforementioned coworkers of mine in Florida weren’t some knowing syndicate hired to interrupt every potential conversation I tried to have with my buddy Jeff. But something legitimately weird and worth taking personal note of was indeed happening.


That was pretty much the only time something involving being so “overtly out of the flow and in the way” happened to me back then. But then the phenomenon returned to my life with a vengeance during the spring of 2012, when I first realized I was disenchanted with our stagnant lives in Virginia and in need of some major change. But the change wasn’t happening fast enough for my liking, causing increased frustration and anger on my part. That’s when reality went a little haywire, with ongoing incidents of people getting in my way and blocking me on the road to the point of ridiculousness, and other various nonsense, which I outline in the “Being out of the flow…” write up. And it hasn’t really stopped, four years later. :D

I like a lot of things about Florida, no doubt, and it’s why I wanted to deliberately move back here, but let’s face it, it’s not an easy place to live. Being an overcrowded urban area with millions upon millions of people from Miami to West Palm Beach, with the corresponding traffic, and filled with many nasty people who’ve migrated down from the northeast means it’s a complete frequency mismatch for me, especially after spending eight years in a beautiful, peaceful area of Virginia. And I think that inherent frequency mismatch plays a large part in why there have been so many times where I seem to be operating out of the flow of things around me. To say that my timing seems “off” when just trying to run errands, or driving to and from work, or whatever it putting it mildly. I’ve now experienced more incidents similar to the rollerblading anecdote, among a zillion other things as noted in that write up, and it’s sometimes to the point where I’ve had the thought that I need to pull off to the side (whether on my bike or in my car) and “wait it out,” try to resume about my way again in a few minutes, because maybe my timing is off with the rest of reality around me. Like maybe in a few minutes things will properly click into place or something and go more smoothly.

A really good recent example that happened while re-writing this article took place on a Friday afternoon when I was able to leave work early at 4:30 pm, since all my work was done and nothing was going on. Needed to stop by the FedEx drop box down the street first, but there was a large big rig blocking the main parking lot entrance, causing me to have to use the secondary entrance instead. Got all that taken care of, and then once I was on Clint Moore Road officially on my way home two separate cars at two different points in the road swung out in front of my car while doing their U-turns, causing me to have to slow down, with one of those two cars being in a lane that was soon going to merge with mine. Meaning, he was about to wind up in front of me, thus, blocking me. To get around him I moved over to the left lane….but which I soon saw was partially blocked by some woman in the middle of the road trying to get across to the other side. So I had to come to a full on stop in the middle of the road since the rear end of her car was halfway across the left lane. So in total we’re looking at four “blocks/impediments/stuff getting’ in the way” within less than five minutes time. It felt to me like reality and I were “out of synch,” and I attributed it to having something to do with the fact that I was “off my usual schedule,” and leaving work half an hour early unexpectedly. Like reality hadn’t figured out how to accommodate this last minute change. I don’t know exactly how it works or why, or if that’s even what it is, but to have repeated “stuff blocking and gettin’ in the way” in such a short time span is beyond statistical probability. Something was up, but again, I don’t believe that it involved a syndicate of knowing people in a plot to scramble around and purposely block me the way some out there would believe.

The other possibility put forth in my “Being out of the flow…” write up was the idea of reality mirroring back my own feelings of being blocked/impeded with an increase of incidents that involved…..being blocked and impeded. Which means reality is highly responsive to us….whether we realize it or not. “As above, so below.” So it makes me wonder how this may also be a factor for other people. But as noted in that article I’ve experienced times where it didn’t matter that my own vibe was calm, well rested and positive, like on the beautiful sunny Friday afternoon when I was able to leave work early…..reality around me was going haywire, either in a “can’t accommodate this last minute unpredictable change” or some “Mercury retrograde/bad astrological alignments” kind of way, where I’m hitting every red light that I can hit, and people are continually in my way, I’m being blocked, and everything feels off kilter. And where often times I’ve watched as it adversely affected those around me, as well as trying to pull me down with it too. So this is a phenomenon that can be both a form of reality creation, responding to and reflecting back our own thoughts and personal frequency, as well as something that seems to be swirling around us and where we’re getting caught up in a whirlwind of out of alignment/bad astrological energy weirdness.


5. Drug induced and mental illness-based delusions and paranoia

A couple of years ago I heard from a distraught mother who emailed me after coming across this write up, wanting my opinion on her adult son’s situation since he was claiming to be gang stalked/targeted. She had been doing online research on the subject, trying to give his claims the benefit of the doubt, and that’s how she came across my site.

To summarize the situation: 3 ½ years prior to her emailing me her son began acting strange. He would later say that it all stemmed from a girl he had been involved with at that time, and the drugs they did, including weed and hallucinogenics, which resulted in him becoming a gang stalking target. Admittedly she noted that he’d always struggled with depression and had already been diagnosed as bi-polar. So there were pre-existing mental conditions. Then you factor in the added drug use on top of that. And what a lot of the younger generation isn’t realizing is that weed isn’t just some “harmless natural plant” anymore. Commonplace weed was at one point in time, sure………decades ago. But over the past 40 or so years things have changed, and the average weed that people are smoking nowadays contains increased THC levels much higher than what the average weed would have had decades ago, let alone the specialized and manipulated strains grown in labs.

So needless to say his paranoia escalated to the level of not wanting to be around electronics, be it television, radio, cell phones or laptops because he was convinced there were listening devises in them, as well as around the house. He believed people were hacking into his phone and computer, and that messages were being sent to him through the television. He was soon diagnosed with schizophrenia and put on meds, and did okay for awhile, until falling off the meds. Then it was back to claiming that he was being “gang stalked,” using that specific term, and talking to himself, scribbling words and numbers in notebooks, and believing that literally every single person around him was in on some plot against him, including the hospitals.

He’s never been able to generate a shred of proof for anything as his mom confirmed when I asked, and there’s no real details of what the plot actually involves, with the who’s, or the why’s. Just a constant generic blaming of “gang stalking.” He’s unable to live on his own, and bounces back and forth between his mom’s place and his friends’ (all of whom he firmly believes are in on it) until his friends are unable to deal with him and vice versa. He’s unable to hold down a job because of course everybody at any job he could get hired at is all “in on it” too. And there’s no getting through to him, as he believes it’s all an elaborate plot by some invisible something that he can never provide any details or proof about that wants everybody to falsely believe he’s schizophrenic. He takes no ownership for anything (like the role the drugs may have played) nor is he willing to believe he may be even slightly wrong about any part of it. Which is a sign of being truly crazy, as the truly crazies never question themselves at any point, lacking self awareness, and they don’t recognize themselves when reading or hearing descriptions of crazy behavior.

I want to excerpt part of my response to the mom here since it makes some important points (bolded words my own emphasis):

“I’ve gotten many an email from people like your son, hearing their side of the story about how they’ve been victims their whole life, and how when they look back they suddenly realize their family was always out to get them, and now it’s spread and everybody else is out to get them, everyone’s in on it….it’s textbook…..and if the communication goes on long enough they inevitably do “the schizophrenic 180 turn” on me too. That happened to me while communicating with somebody this past summer actually, to where I had to end the email exchange and block the guy’s address. He was in the throws of becoming homeless, after losing yet another job due to the “gang stalking,” and then suddenly turned on me, claiming I must be “broadcasting our exchange,” ie….now I’m in on it, back stabbing him like everybody else. I’ve always wondered what I would hear if I spoke to these people’s families, getting the family’s point of view. [….] But the weird part is, I myself no longer have a relationship with my own family, because my mom was Borderline Personality Disorder and physically, emotionally and verbally abusive, and my dad had his own share of issues. So again, it’s tricky business trying to unravel what’s really what when people email me with these claims. As somebody who can kind of say “uh, yeah….my family was out to get me….” (at least, my mom was, more so than my dad) I can’t just dismiss anybody who says that. But I also realize that it can be unwarranted paranoia due to mental illness. It’s very tricky.”

Something I didn’t think of when writing that response was that when it comes to these types who claim to suddenly realize in looking back at their life that their family was always “out to get them” and “in on it” – it’s actually not tricky to figure out who’s who and what’s what. Because lifelong abuse and/or conspiratorial weirdness from one’s own family is not something a person just suddenly realizes one day poof! out of the blue, where it’s “Oh my god!!! NOW all of a sudden I see what I never saw before!!!” No. When you’re abused and living in some weirdo situation, you know you’re abused, and your instinct as a kid is to get far, far away as soon as you can. There isn’t an abused kid out there who didn’t know they, and/or their siblings, and/or their pets, etc. were being mistreated when it was happening to them, and all around them. This isn’t something that escapes you your entire life until suddenly in your 20s and 30s when poof! this awareness appears. (The way it can often go with the subject of abductions, for instance, which due to their very nature can often remain “under the radar” of somebody’s awareness for many years until something happens to begin triggering memories.) You may not have understood the true source behind the abuse as a kid, or the reasons why, but bare minimum you recognized that something was wrong with your family, trust me, and that they most certainly did not have your back in any way, and seemed to actually have it out for you. Sudden “awareness” versus lifelong awareness is how you can discern the difference between people who had legitimately bizarre/negative/abusive family situations where there really was something MILABs/mind control/negative hyperdimensional, or just straight up garden variety abusive going on, versus those experiencing completely illogical and irrational paranoia akin to the type of brain degeneration found in dementia patients. So if somebody says they only just now “realized” anything was amiss with their families………ten, twenty years down the line? Major red flag.

And that point about dementia is important, because being that I spent a brief time working in an assisted living facility here in Florida where the majority of the residents were suffering from dementia and Alzheimers, means I saw firsthand what it’s like dealing with somebody having a dementia-related paranoid meltdown. The longer you engage with them, trying to calm them down, means eventually you become a character that gets woven into their paranoid “plot” conspiracy. As you listen to them rambling on in an hysterical way you realize….they’re now talking about you……they’re somehow inserting you into their delusion that makes no sense…. I’ve had dementia sufferers do exactly the same thing to me that so-called “victims of gang stalking” have also done to me in their emails. Spending time engaging with the so-called gang stalking emailer, listening to them, being an empathetic ear, trying to help them out in some way, only to have them boom! do the 180 turn out of nowhere, where they suddenly accuse me of being in on it all in some way, where I’m playing some conspiratorial role in their life. Chumping me. And that’s where I have to end the exchange and walk away, because their brains are obviously not processing things correctly, there’s some sort of major short circuiting malfunction happening. “Swiss cheese brain.” Similar to the paranoid thinking processes that occurs in dementia patients.

In addition to the email from the distraught mother, I’ve also come across a couple of Dr. Phil episodes on YouTube regarding guests who believe that they’re being targeted and stalked. (not in any way an endorsement of that show, trust me…..!) And wouldn’t you know it, but in all cases they had a history of heavy drug abuse, with one of the male “targeted individuals” in particular having been a heavy meth user ten years prior. He tried to provide video proof of cars on streets that he believed shouldn’t have been there and were following him, but his videos showed nothing, and made me feel “face palm” embarrassed for him when I was watching. Meanwhile there are people who are truly experiencing real weirdness out there, but former heavy meth user “gang stalking/targeted individual victims” like him with their silly videos that show nothing are serving to discredit the subject. If people think that the kind of street drugs floating around nowadays – including the laboratory manipulated/genetically modified modern caricature of weed – can be used on a regular basis without any detrimental long term cognitive effects, think again.

So I’ve come to wonder how many of the people out there claiming to be gang stalked/targeted, with the over the top level paranoia and irrational, illogical thought processes that often goes with it, have drug use in their background. And if so, how many would be willing to concede that it’s caused varying degrees of long term/permanent cognitive impairment. It seems the number of people in the world believing themselves to be victims of targeting and gang stalking has risen drastically in recent years, thanks to the internet allowing people to network. (A point I will get back to at the end.) Does this coincidentally correlate to the increased flood of stronger, crazier drugs on the streets and in suburbia and the ease with which anybody can access them with only a little bit of effort? I know that some reading this may not like to hear me say anything that could possibly invalidate a theory that they’ve worked long and hard to construct, but it has to be said, because there is no doubt that in many cases drug related cognitive impairment absolutely is the explanation for what is really going on. Where it’s truly all in their head, and meanwhile their family is on the sidelines, unable to do anything to calm the supposed target’s anxiety and paranoia, watching them spiral out of control into what often times becomes unemployment and homelessness.

Tying into the subject of mental illness are those exhibiting personality disorders, of which includes those types with a propensity towards self-obsession and paranoia. Where maybe it’s not a case of full on schizophrenia (which includes true input/output perception distortion and audio/visual hallucinations), or some other full on brain breakdown, but rather, somebody who is just really self obsessed and hypersensitive, which causes a mild form of paranoia and leads to them mistakenly believe everything is about them………even when it’s clearly not. I’ve met these types both over the internet and in the real world, as well as hearing stories from others, and they’re a frustrating lot to deal with. Reading into things waaay too much and extrapolating meaning where none was intended, making everybody around them have to walk on eggshells, assuming posts on message boards are somehow making snide references to them when they’re clearly not, assuming people around them are talking about them, jumping to bizarre conclusions about anything in general and where it’s always “mountains out of molehills,” to the point where it’s difficult to understand their logic and thought processes. It may not be full on mental illness, but it’s definitely some sort of hypersensitive self obsessed personality disorder where their perception of other people’s actions and motivations is very distorted. It’s just more of that discombobulated frequency thing that might draw in “stuff” because it just becomes way too easy to agitate and mess with these types.

There are people whose personalities are on one end of the spectrum: varying degrees of being easy going with a sense of humor, wanting to connect with people and not taking the negative aspects of life too seriously. And then those who are on the other end, looking for and expecting the worst in every situation, defensively at war with everybody, taking themselves deathly serious so they overreact to things that amount to nonsense, and mistakenly assuming everybody is out to get them. Clearly something happened to the latter type of people during their developmental years to cause their brains and personalities to be rewired in such a way. But they often lack the self awareness to see it, or the impetus to fix it.


The internet in my opinion is one of the greatest modern inventions, for a bezillion reasons, but including the way it’s allowed people from all over the world to network in a way that was never possible before. People can hop online to find answers to anything twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, as well as finding others of like-mind to brainstorm and trade stories with, no matter where in the world they may be located. But the problem I’ve always had with the ‘net is that when it comes to the “woo woo” subjects there are so many websites and blogs out there putting forth one dimensional – and usually new-age love and light based – nonsense, which was the whole motivation for why I launched my own website in the first place back in 2006. It was to counteract the limited theories and often times completely nonsensical/gibberish-y explanations for so many of the “woo” subjects that I was seeing floating around out there.

And the same goes for gang stalking/targeting. People who believe themselves to be targeted go online looking for answers and stumble across blogs and message boards describing much of the same phenomenon they themselves are experiencing. And since the authors and contributors of the material have all concluded that the phenomenon is being perpetrated by some super human, physical-based group of worldwide, organized stalkers with a bottomless supply of willing people (and even trained attack animals) at their disposal, and who can all magically read minds, see the future, pick any lock, hack and destroy any piece of technology, pre-emptively get hired on to anybody’s place of employment at anytime in order to be situated in place as a harassing coworker/boss before the target even starts their job, and strategically time all their speech and actions to correlate with the target’s, 24/7, then that automatically means it must be the same, correct explanation for every single thing that’s happening to them too……right???


Don’t box yourself into the one dimensional explanations being presented on those sites, many of which are suspicious at best. Many seem to be trying very hard to herd as many people as possible into a scared, angry, paranoid, clueless state of mind. Encouraging the mindset of co-miseration and victimization, where the people reading and participating in them forever go in limited circles, seeking out physical based “solutions” for a problem that’s largely misdiagnosed to begin with…until they may just finally go off the rails completely. For a theory to be valid it needs to fit/match everything being presented. However, the strictly physical-based organized stalking theory by a world-wide syndicate of people with superhuman powers who are all willing and available to chase targets around the world 365 days a year for the rest of their lives simple does not fit much of the phenomena being described by targets, bottom line.

This clearly indicates that either A) the theory is completely wrong, or B) there’s more than one thing happening, and things are being mixed up together. My view as evidenced by this write up is the latter. But many targets’ incorrect conclusions/assumptions are often the reason they “can’t get it to stop” and “can’t get away from it.” This is hard for some people to accept though, as I’ve seen firsthand in emails I’ve received over the years where several people have adamantly argued against the possibility of any hyperdimensional anything. It was to the point where a couple of them were actually trying to convince me to remove my write ups on these matters from my site. O.o Talk about suspicious reaction. All it did was fuel my conviction.


Random musings

The ego trap. The biggest pitfall/trap that any victim of targeting can fall into is to secretly view their targeting as an indication that they’re special, chosen, and somehow better than others for the fact it’s happening to them, using it as a means to give their life purpose and meaning, that whole “something to do” because they have nothing else better going on. It’s something I talked about at the end of “Chasing Phantoms” and it needs to be reiterated here as well.

While rewriting this article I received some emails from a supposed gang stalking target in England who I’m going to anonymously quote here, because nothing so perfectly encapsulates the “falling victim to the ego trap” than some of the things this guy said. His entire approach from his very first “message” (doesn’t even constitute a true email) was narcissistic, behaving as so many supposed gang stalking targets often do towards me which is why I’ve had to cease responding to people on this subject. No greeting/hello, no mentioning me by name, no sign off, no giving me his own name, even a fake name. Just a couple of sentences of talking at me like I’m some inanimate background character floating around in his own personal stage show, demanding to know when this rewrite will be completed (he’d emailed my boyfriend Tom a few times, and in one of those emails asked him where this article had disappeared to, so Tom filled him in on the fact it was being rewritten, and for that reason was temporarily down) then calling me “foolish” for the fact that the article was no longer up, which was going to lower my Google ranking. (??) Demanding and bossy and projecting onto me whatever he believes is important. But long story short, some of the things he said in his back to back to back to back responses (five in all, to my one email to him, so it’s that whole “troubled personality indicator” thing again…..) were the following (bolded words my own emphasis):

“When the world starts to respond to your reality with one in a million synchronocities you do start to feel special chosen even.”

“There has been so much effort been put into my gangstalking. It has certainly made me narcissistic because such effort cannot just be for fun. Can it?”

“Also what happened has made me a bit of a celebrity in the construction sites of the B____ S_____ area. Even the managers look at me with awe lol.”

There were other comments that were just as frown worthy but those are the ones relevant to the point I’m getting at here, which concerns the ego trap. Based on the entirety of his five responses, I told him that what I see when I read his words is somebody who, while acting like he gets freaked out by the things that have been happening to him, not only not so secretly actually gets a kick out of it, but also feels special and chosen for it, unabashedly admits to becoming narcissistic (while also making flippant excuses for it, revealing an entitled mindset, in quotes not excerpted here) and enjoys that this supposed targeting has resulted in him becoming a minor “celebrity” of sorts at his job whom others look at “in awe,” complete with the “lol” thrown in and all.

The sad fact is, he’s not alone in this mentality. I’ve heard from others similar to him over the years, as well as reading people online saying similar things. As mentioned in “Chasing Phantoms” I once came across people posting online comments to a gang stalking article where one of the posters, a supposed victim of targeting, chastised a skeptic for the fact that they obviously weren’t important because this stuff wasn’t happening to them. O.o So may people with small lives and raised on a diet of Hollywood just want to feel special and important. Being chased around accomplishes that for them.

In the “Thoughts” section of my website there’s a blurb I wrote called “Newbies at the Vulnerable Crossroads” that discusses the fork in the road moments many newbies to truth seeking material will face when they’re first starting to “wake up” to the world situation. (or their own situation, if they’re an abductee, and/or are “on something’s radar.”) One of the things that should have been added to that blurb was the targeted individual/gang stalking targets’ fork in the road moment where they either reject what’s happening to them with empowered non fear, or they dissolve into fearful disempowerment…….but while secretly enjoying the entire debacle because it bolsters their ego and elevates them above others, giving their life “purpose” and that “something to do.” All the while using it as a means to garner sympathy, attention and maybe even fame online. There’s a clear difference between those who are networking with others online, truly looking for answers and solutions, and those who only pretend to be, and instead just go in circles, because ultimately they’re just looking for attention and sympathy and enjoy that “something to do” and having that “personal identity. You can tell who’s who after only a short back and forth exchange. Sometimes by even just the first email.

A person either doesn’t have time for this nonsense and is sincerely interested in gaining the upper hand so it can completely stop, or at least be as reduced as much as possible, or they’re not. Period. If a person is truly interested in living the most peaceful and productive life they can possibly create then they shouldn’t be secretly emitting contradictory vibes that make them a spot on match for it. “I’m such a victim!” [i feel special and better than my friends and coworkers because this is happening to me and not them] “I’m tormented and targeted every day of my life!!” [obviously i’m important and you’re not] “They follow me around and say weird shit to me and let me know they’re watching me all the time!!” [this is actually kinda fun and gives me the opportunity to run a blog about it all…] So, some important food for thought to consider.


More thoughts on empowerment, personal frequency and the role of the positive ego core. In my own “gang stalking-ish”/MILABs-y targeting, which was focused more so back when I lived in Fort Lauderdale from 2002-2004, often times I was just numb and unresponsive to it. I’d see and notice something….then drift along, onto the next part of my life. Or I’d be alarmed at first, but then get over it, like “oh well.” There’s a lot of reasons for that, about how one can get to a point in life where they’re no longer truly bothered deep down by the weird and woo-woo and accept it as completely normal. To the point where the woo and weird is the thing that’s most real….not the so-called real world. I didn’t start out in life being unfazed by things. I was actually the opposite as a kid – everything and anything could terrify me, and I had several phobias. By the time I was living in Fort Lauderdale however in the early 2000s things had changed drastically. The change didn’t happen overnight though, it was years in the making.

Putting your head in the sand and ignoring things in a mildly scared but overall dazed/”oh well” kind of way like I did is better than full on terror and paranoia, yes, but it’s still not actually dealing with the problem and pushing back against it in an empowered way. Head in the sand will only take you so far. While the numbed responses probably helped level my frequency enough to prevent even more, or worse, stuff from happening, carrying me through until I gleaned insight about the “fear frequency” and wised up to what was happening, it didn’t fully stop anything. It was only after I had full awareness of the “man behind the curtain,” truly lost any fear or concern, and was rising up and enforcing measures against the black helis (outlined in “Chasing Phantoms”) neg entities, and other assorted phenomenon did it truly back off. There was nothing to feed on anymore with me, no benefit to them in any way, so they had to move on.

The whole reason that insight “clicked” with me and why I was able to actively implement it in a way that so many other targets I’ve heard from or read about seem unable to is also because a major component of my personality is “the need for control.” Not over others, but rather, needing to be in charge of what’s happening to me. And targeting, MILABs, whatever it was, was interfering with that. I’m not in control when who knows what is taking me when I lay down to go to sleep, programming my mind when I’m sleeping, marking up my body, following me around in public, going into my apartment when I’m not there, hovering helicopters literally on top of where I’m standing in my apartment and pointing them at my front and back doors for extended periods of time, beaming debilitating signals into my apartment that actually show up on a signal detector and which are triangulating me and Tom’s positions (also proven through the use of signal detector), causing sleep disruption, headaches and nightmares, etc. With the need to be in control means the need to eliminate anything that would interfere with that. So that’s something I would advise people on who don’t already inherently have this: Learn how to develop the positive, healthy aspect of the ego that has a solid core foundation that truly knows its own self worth, doesn’t need this type of shit to “give it something to do and feel special” and doesn’t accept not taking the reigns and exerting control.

The most important thing I can possibly stress in this write up would be to change one’s internal reaction to any perceived harassment. Learn to no longer be affected. That’s essentially asking a person to change who they are at the core level……..but, it has to be done if one desires complete change in the way their personal reality is operating. Look at who you are, how you behave, what your personality is, how you interact with other people and the world. Can you see any differences between you and other people who seem to have an easier time navigating through life? How do they handle negativity, conflict and adversity when it comes at them? Start practicing self awareness. The Toltecs term it “self stalking.” O.o Kind of an ironic phrase I guess. “In order to help eliminate what you feel is some sort of stalking harassment you need to begin self stalking.” Do a personal inventory, and try to see yourself objectively, as you actually are….not how you believe you are. Find what those weak points are, and start working on them.

I’ve read enough emails from supposedly targeted people by this point, as well as what I’ve seen of supposed targets online in the various message boards and blogs to see “patterns in the chaos” you can say, and there are very loud behavioral patterns and personality traits on display with these people, whether male or female. So much so that I’ve considered putting together a supplement discussing the repeating traits I’ve noticed within many supposed gang stalking/targeted individuals. In the end I decided not to, because it really would be kind of negative, and ultimately not productive. A majority of the traits though trace back to having full on pathological personality disorders at the core, which can’t be helped by a couple of back and forth emails with somebody, or by just reading some article. But what I can say that’s not inflammatory is that one thing many of the sincere, non-pathologicals had in common was…….hypersensitivity. And hypersensitivity at the core is due to insecurity –not having enough of an established foundation of one’s own that therefore leads to caring too much what other people are saying and thinking, misinterpreting people’s words and actions and assuming the worst intents, taking everybody’s reactions to heart indiscriminately, as well as taking one’s own self way too serious. oh my god they’re whispering about me….oh my god they’re staring at me…….oh my god, they’re saying street theater things to me…..

Yup, they are. Annnnnnnd………who gives a shit. Seriously. If you’re secure in yourself – and I mean truly secure on a core level – then you won’t care who’s looking at you, whispering about you, engaging in street theater around you, etc. You have to learn to not give a shit. And I mean truly not give a shit. That’s how it loses its power over you. Whether physical based or non, that’s a universal truth. How can honing in on somebody work, no matter what the source, if the person being honed in on just truly does not care, at all? The various things that converged in my childhood could easily have resulted in me going the way of curling up into a ball and disappearing off the timeline, and which is unfortunately how it goes for so many people. Instead it went the other way. By the time I was 15-16 something just kind of snapped, and I stopped giving a shit anymore about what other people thought of me. I saw haranguers for what they were – small fish in a small pond trying to elevate themselves into something more. There’s a whole world out there, and they’re just a speck in it all. We all are though, to be fair. The difference is, the haranguers don’t seem to realize they’re just a speck. ;) But bottom line, anybody who’s talking shit and behaving like that doesn’t matter, never did, never will, so who cares. So stuff wants to watch you? Talk about you? Follow you around? Listen in on your calls? Whatever. Give them something interesting to watch and listen to, seriously. It’s sad that anybody would choose to waste whatever precious moments of life they have on that, but that’s their problem.

No longer giving a shit about what the harassers think (and the sheep minions they manipulate) and not taking one’s self deathly serious doesn’t mean you somehow don’t respect or value yourself, it means you don’t respect or value them. By caring what any target harasser and their sheep minions say or think means you put value in their opinion. You’re saying you respect them, and that they’re big and important and they somehow matter. They don’t.

Don’t give them any more credit or power than they deserve. It’s a mistake that so many people in this reality make, whether it’s people who believe themselves to be outright stalked/targeted, or people just dealing with run of the mill troublemakers and bullies in their life, be it their neighbors, extended family, coworkers, school mates, or what have you. But they give too much credence to people who don’t matter, never did, and never will, instead of stepping over them and continuing on their way. These empty vessel minion nobodies are akin to obstacles one finds in a video game. They’re there to pull people off their path, divert their attention onto nonsense that doesn’t matter, tear them down, get them to doubt themselves and give up, react to the desperate attempts at diversion and thus hopefully sabotage themselves in the process. So just see them for what they are – a game-based pawn desperately jumping around trying to divert your attention and momentum – and step over them. And hey….if you’re able to glean some sort of useful insights from them and spur your evolution a little more, then even better. “Thanks for providing something useful to me even though that wasn’t your intention. Thanks for accidentally helping me out in some way. ;) “

Back in 2003 at a Walgreens in Fort Lauderdale I had an experience where two skeezy looking stringy haired guys – your garden variety cliché street theater haranguers often written about in gang stalking literature – leaned in towards me as they quickly passed by me and said something pointed at me. This was smack in the middle of all out “woo woo” nonsense that had erupted in my life during that time period, some of which has already been mentioned throughout this piece, from high level black heli harassment, overt abductions and “them” sightings, on down to increased encounters of random weirdos honing in on me in public doing and saying pointed shit. So this was just one more nonsense to add to the pile.

I didn’t even fully hear what they said but the way the one guy leaned in towards me and briefly glanced at me as he mumbled whatever he was saying in some creepy weirdo, pointed way, and then darted away like a total chickenshit doing some “drive by harassment” just set me off. And I promptly challenged them right there, in front of everybody, yelling at them from across the store. “Why are YOU talking to ME?!?” repeating that several times, sincerely demanding an answer, like a Queen who’d been crossed by peasants who clearly didn’t know their place. Previously my reaction would have been a mix of being slightly taken aback, feeling uncomfortable, but then slipping into that “oh well” mindset. Other people who find themselves “honed in on” in life would probably be slightly fearful and/or paranoid. Neither reaction solves the problem though, as both involve being uncomfortable at the core, which is giving power to the haranguers.

By that point in the game however my reaction was a feeling of, “I can’t believe you think you have the right to talk to me. You. Being who you are. Talking to me.” It wasn’t flustered indignation, though it might sound like that. It was an attitude of feeling like I was the adult and they were the children, and they were in big trouble, needing to answer for their actions. Think about the way a parent would react to some eight year old troublemaker. The parent knows they’re the adult in that situation, and that they’re the one in charge. There’s no hesitation or self doubt, or flustered uncomfortableness. So that reaction just….came out of me, have no idea how.

Both skeezy guys stopped in their tracks, looking back at me wide eyed, but too scared to respond to this girl yelling at them in a commanding parental way from across the store. You don’t hear too often about targets rising up like that, truly feeling their own self worth (to the point where admittedly yeah, it probably overshot it to the point of egomania :D BUT, it worked, what can I say……) and responding publicly in front of other people in such a way, turning the tables. And probably not so coincidentally, that was the last time anything like that ever happened again. The encounters with random weirdos honing in on me in public had been getting worse and worse, until I’d even modified the way I dressed to that of a tomboyish “skater girl” look, thinking that would stop guys’ leering harassment. And I do mean tomboyish, as I was wearing actual guys baggy knee length shorts and boys size 5 Vans skater shoes. Though, to no avail. But after that incident it all just…….stopped. Literally, overnight. That’s what it took, when nothing else worked. And at this point in life we’re back in south Florida in the thick of Nasty Territory, and yet I walk around freely, dressed in the most girly feminine way possible, and the only thing I get are guys’ modest glances and subtle double takes, and nothing but polite smiles.



In looking back on my life the entire thing seems like a step by step “initiation” process in a way. Each step preparing me for something coming up down the line. Though I don’t feel that all, or even most of it, was actually intended to be some purposeful “initiation.” More like flat out interference, due to the fact that this place is a freewill free-for-all zone where both the positive and the negative are running around, attempting to exert their will. But the entire deal can be rerouted into an initiation process if you survive it and choose to take away learning lessons from it all, growing and evolving from it in a productive way, thus deflecting the negative situations into something useful…much like a martial arts move.

Negative “stuff” always runs the risk when it decides to go after anybody in this reality, because while many will succumb and be successfully taken out by the interference and targeting, a few however will come out on the other side stronger and wiser, possibly even helping others with what they’ve learned, causing things to backfire on the negs in a major way.

Rising up and standing up for yourself with confidence and not tolerating crap is the first step. Eventually you get to a point where your frequency shifts so much that this stuff no longer crosses your path at all. You’re incompatible with it. It can’t make that connection with you. Different realms. Once you realize who you are and know your own abilities and see the bigger picture perspective on it all, “the game” suddenly loses its power. They only have as much power as we allow them to.


Recommended/Related Reading

Reading that provides additional insight into the concepts mentioned in this write up….


The Hidden Puppetmasters – Neg Entities Taking Control of the Wheel in Cases of Abuse


Spiritless Humans by Montalk. Excellent article by Montalk (Tom) describing what “spirit” is, and how many among us are lacking it, and what the results of that would be.   “Empty people. Puppet people. Cardboard cutouts. Drones. Organic Portals. Background characters. Why do these terms even exist? Because out of necessity they had to be invented by those who independently noticed the same puzzling phenomenon, one for which there is no official name: some people seem to be missing something very important inside. While they are not necessarily any less intelligent, successful, or physically healthy as anyone else, they nevertheless show no indication of having any higher components to their consciousness…..”

Practical Psychic Self Defense – Robert Bruce. I had the chance to see Robert Bruce speak in person for free at a metaphysical bookshop in 2005 in Charlottesville, Virginia, and I jumped at the chance since I’d read this book and found it to be the real deal. Mr. Bruce knows what he’s talking about and his book is filled with personal anecdotes from his hands-on experience dealing with neg entities and possession, written in a personable, accessible and level headed way. People don’t realize how much neg entities run rampant exerting their influence on people, and for that reason I consider this book an absolute must-read. After reading it you may realize in retrospect that certain things that have happened to you in life or particular behaviors/feelings/moods that you or somebody you know have exhibited were really the influence of a neg entity.

Remarkable Healings – Shakuntali Modi Dr. Modi is a psychiatrist who began experimenting with hypnotic regression as a means for helping her patients overcome mysterious illnesses and psychological ailements that traditional therapies and medications weren’t able to rid. Besides past lives, she soon discovered the influence of negative entities and earthbound spirit attachments and possession within many of her patients. And when these attachments were removed from the patient, longstanding illnesses, mental issues and personality traits would most times disappear overnight. Even more amazing is that her patients were all pretty much reporting the same methods for how neg entities and earthbound spirit attachments work, independently verifying the information. An interesting and well written book for people who hadn’t realized just how pervasive entity attachments are. Like “Practical Psychic Self Defense” I mention this book for readers who may be new to the idea of non-physical entities and attachments and the idea of “stuff” working through people. It’s important information to have, not only for trying to better understand so much of what goes on within gang stalking, but in the world in general.

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