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Gang Stalking vs. Hyperdimensional Matrix Attacks

Update: Just a note that I am no longer responding to emails regarding the subject of gang stalking. I don’t present this information to lead people to believe that I can somehow counsel them on their gang stalking problems, or intervene in their situation in some way. I’m just a chick out there in the world, writing about what I’ve learned on various woo-woo subjects to give people ideas for consideration, nothing more. The kinds of emails I’ve received on this subject had gotten so ridiculous that I pretty much was going to yank this article down altogether, but decided to just leave it up and put this disclaimer on it instead. Anything I could possibly think to say on gang stalking is in this article, so if you still have questions after reading this then I advise seeking out additional sources.


“Shall we play a game?”War Games


Gang stalking and targeted individuals…what is it, and what does it mean? Gang stalking, according to people’s accounts, involves an organized group of people who have been recruited to go after various individuals in the world. Victims of targeting are said to involve a myriad of people, from whistle blowers, activists, people who are alone, vulnerable and “different” from society’s norms in any way, single mothers, homosexuals, among others. One day somebody somewhere decided that tag, the target was it, and suddenly The Game was off and running. Only….nobody filled the target in about what was going on or what the rules were.

Gang stalkers have been reported as following targets in cars, vans, on foot or on bikes for weeks, months, sometimes years on end, making sure that the target knows that they’re being followed and monitored as they live their life. Targets typically report having their cars/residence/etc. broken into, with things moved around, possibly property destroyed or computers fried out. Phones may be tapped and strange messages left on the voice mail. Slander campaigns might be put into effect to destroy the target’s reputation within their community and within any groups they may belong to. The gang stalkers may position themselves at whatever place the target may be going and then say weird random “street theater” sorts of comments to the target, or have loud conversations amongst themselves making sure that the target can hear them saying things that directly relate to the target’s personal life that they should have no way of knowing…..again, letting them know that all eyes are on them. The stalkers often move into a target’s apartment/condo complex or housing neighborhood to gain closer proximity. Even worse, according to many claims, a target can move around, even locating to other countries to try to escape the harassment and supposedly the problem will continue….which implies a vast network of people worldwide that can be “called on” when needed to go after a target. (more on this particular idea in a bit.) But all the while, doing everything in such a way that it’s almost impossible for the target to prove to people that any of it is happening, and to where the target just comes across as sounding completely crazy.

So then, are these supposed targets just paranoid and delusional?? That’s what I wondered at first too, although I did just see a pretty convincing vid posted on YouTube of one woman’s apparent surveillance, to where I thought to myself, Huh…now that’s interesting. Providing the video is legit and not a hoax, it seems to be a good example of what many people are describing of this activity.

The subject of gang stalking has come to my attention several times recently through different avenues, enough so that I finally decided to look into it. First it was the dude who has a blog called “Targeted Individual” who links to some stuff on my site. “Targeted individual?” I thought when I first saw his site linked in my web logs. Sounds interesting. So I checked it out. Never heard of that phrase before, but I thought it was a fitting description for MILABS (military abductees) as well. In his case, I don’t think he was an abductee/MILAB, just somebody being gang stalked. Months later on a message board I used to post to somebody showed up discussing their gang stalking happenings, with examples of the strange things that have occurred to her. Whoever it was came across as sane, so it got my interest and I posted back and forth with her a few times, getting clarification and additional info. as it was all news to me, and very interesting to boot. And then recently on there was a story about a woman who supposedly feels that she inadvertently signed herself up back in college to take part in a “game” of sorts where one’s friends and family and maybe neighbors and coworkers and even the media are all “in on it.” Could be delusional….could be valid. I don’t know. It wasn’t well written in my opinion and didn’t provide enough coherent details. But one thing led to another and soon I was Googling “gang stalkers” and “targeted individuals” and checking out sites like Gang Stalking World and becoming informed about this apparently growing sub-culture of our society, born out of COINTELPRO and McCarthyism. Government sanctioned gang stalking activity supposedly gets people to spy on their neighbors in the style of Cold War eastern bloc countries, using Stasi East German-influenced hand signals, incorporating modern program tactics such as TIPS, and the “spot the terrorist!” post-9/11 Patriot Act mentality. They recruit people who either get off on the power trip of it all, or who might believe they’re doing a “patriotic” good thing by “spying for their country” and following an innocent person around who, often times, they’ve been lied to about.


My own situation

Oddly enough, the description of the gang stalker modes of operation matched several things that I described in Part II of my book, in the ‘Sidetrack Circus Diversion’… section. Random street theater comments directed at me? Check. Somebody apparently in my apartment when I was at work, things messed with and changed around to let me know somebody had been there? Check. Tapped phones and phone interference? Check. Bizarre messages left on my answering machine and then-cell phone voice mail (including the sounds of marching jackboots of all things) when almost nobody even had my phone number? Check.

And on a side note, the eight years of bully harassment I endured as a kid in the nine years we lived in Connecticut, which I only briefly delved into in the “Appendix” section of my book, matched other aspects of the gang stalker modes of operations – intense harassment, verbal abuse/vicious name calling and never ending personal slander campaign to get as many people as possible to hate me via lies without even getting to know me first, on a near daily basis for years, coupled with various threats, shunning, isolation, and all with the intent to destroy. It never ended over the years and they never grew tired of it. Which is pretty insane. So, some of the items on the figurative gang stalking checklist that weren’t covered as an adult happened to me as a kid, and accomplished exactly what the gang stalking websites claim that it’s all intended to do….destroy, or at least, severely alter a person. (But as the reader may be thinking…….kids/teens wouldn’t be knowing and conscious “gang stalking” agents, would they? Well some researchers of gang stalking believe that they would be. I don’t. In fact when I was talking to my boyfriend about one particular aspect of this ongoing harassment/targeting campaign that went on when I was a kid, he commented that it kind of sounded a lot like “demons.” Not normal human behavior. But demons – Neg entities if you will, hyperdimensional manipulation – working through people. It’s a point I’m going to get back to in a moment, as it’s something not mentioned in much of the gang stalking material I’ve read so far.)

Now, there are differences between the “who’s” of my situation and what typically happens to others, to the point where I’d never outright label myself as having been the victim of gang stalking, which is admittedly a very dramatic word. (I don’t even like using the labels “MILABS” or “abductee” for myself, because I don’t fully know what’s actually going on in my situation; those are just the closest things I’ve found so far that match what I’ve experienced.) When you read my book you’ll see how I discuss the ways in which I learned empowerment, how to push back and rise up and stop most all of the “woo-woo” weirdness that was going on in my life. So I don’t consider myself to currently be an active, ongoing “target” of sorts. That’s important to note, so people don’t misinterpret where I’m coming from. But in my case, I had sharply dressed, clean cut middle aged corporate looking dudes who seemed to be following me on a couple of occasions back in Florida – total Government Agent “Thems” all the way ;) – a few black helis, and a whole lotta paranormal, hyperdimensional and “alien” stuff, whatever the aliens really are, thrown in the mix. A bit “higher up there” then the stereotypical low level gang stalking happenings that I’ve read about. But…I’ve also had those petty “circus diversion” fear and paranoia generators that I’ve now discovered are typically associated with gang stalking. There was at least one low level stereotypical “gang stalking street theater” moment at a Walgreen’s in Fort Lauderdale, mentioned in Part II of my book. Where the skeezy, skinny, stringy haired cigarette smoking guy with a mustache stared me down while saying to his friend, “Looks like we got ourselves another MIA.” Whatever that’s supposed to mean. And then there was another Walgreens incident later on, with a couple of more stringy skeezy guys honing in on me, mentioned at the end of this write up. So, woohoo! Maybe I’m in the club after all! :D

What, how and why?

The glue that holds the idea of gang stalking together is the idea that there is a vast network of people – world wide – being recruited into these organizations by higher up initiates, and who often times seem to be working in cahoots to go after certain people……even when the target moves around, or re-locates to another country. There is enough evidence via people’s personal stories for the existence of networks of people, and a reasonable motive for it all that makes sense, with the whole “everybody’s a terrorist until proven innocent!” mentality that’s been heavily pushed by the U.S. government since 9/11. But despite the evidence/apparent motive for it all, this kind of threw me for a loop. What’s going on here that the phenomenon is just that big, spanning multiple countries, working together like that? Is that even possible? Are these targets imagining things?? And most importantly……..why? Who/what in the frickity frack are these people to warrant that level of attention, time and energy directed on them for months, even years at a time by everyday people? Something about it all seems far fetched, something isn’t adding up here….yet….I know that all these people can’t be lying with their stories, many certainly have to be legit. Even I have personal stories that match up to the gang stalking modes of operation, as mentioned. So what gives?

In pondering on all this and in discussing it with my boyfriend who’s a researcher/author on conspiracy and metaphysics, we came up with several ideas. Actual physical-based groups/networks, hyperdimensional reality working through people, and one’s personal frequency. Let’s review each:

1. Actual physical-based government and network groups

There can be no doubt that physical people are involved, acting on their own volition, whether everyday people who’ve been “recruited” or, those within higher organizations and government groups. So apparently this is definitely one factor in the equation, and first and foremost on this list. But I don’t believe this is the only thing going on here…..

2. Hyperdimensional matrix reality

The people involved with gang stalking activities may not always be piloting their own wheel, to put it in a straight forward manner. Other “stuff” may be manipulating them, working through them. There definitely seems to me to be a hyperdimensional component to it all – hyperdimensional, as in, non-physical realms and entities, whether positive or negative, that exist outside our own 3rd density physical reality, unconstrained by space-time, manipulating reality and working through people, like puppet masters from behind the scenes.

Gang stalking targets have cited instances where their harassers are involved in synchronous happenings, or have been able to preemptively beat them to the punch, to the point where it seems impossible…….by human standards. Uncannily timed interference with activities that the stalkers couldn’t have had any advance knowledge of. Appearing in a place before the target gets there, but how could they have known that the target was going? For some people it can really send them into obsessive tailspin trying to figure out how it’s possible that “they” can consistently know things beforehand and preemptively strike like that.

Well again, one explanation is that we’re dealing with a phenomenon that’s not entirely human. When reading various websites and summaries on gang stalking along with people’s first hand accounts what I’m seeing (in my opinion) are two separate things being mixed up in the same category: The concept of “hyperdimensional matrix attacks,” and physical 3rd density harassment by people/groups. They’re separate, yet often times intertwined, concepts. So what’s labeled as “gang stalking activities” may actually be cases of Neg entities working through people, or, regular people that are not involved in gang stalking but who are being “nudged” by other stuff, completely unknown to them, to do something at a particular moment for the benefit of/effect on somebody else around them. For the latter, that means any one of us, myself included, could be used in this way. But this is a subject not mentioned in most gang stalking material I’ve read thus far. Which is understandable since many people aren’t aware of hyperdimensional worlds, the non-physical entities that reside in them, the scope of their power over people and this reality, and the fact that they’re not limited by space-time. Reading the writings of Montalk for instance, is a good place to go for those who are unfamiliar with the idea of hyperdimensional “matrix agents.” The book “Practical Psychic Self Defense” by Robert Bruce is another good source, an in-depth first hand account of Neg entities, what they are, how they operate, and how to remove and rid them. Recently found this write up on gang stalking over at with a reader’s response comment that mentions the demonic/Neg entity aspect of it all. So at least my boyfriend and I are not the only ones thinking in this way, although that piece came out in 2003, and here it is 2008, five years later, so, I’m a little late to the game. ;)

I’ve read personal gang stalking accounts, such as this one from the Blogster website which seemed to contain the common “matrix targeting vs. physical gang stalking” mix up. One good example from that site is the following (bolded words my own emphasis):

Synchronicity: things happen (an engine starts up, someone coughs, a vehicle horn honks, etc) precisely as the target does something (e.g. moves around or exits his apt, etc).

Providing the targets aren’t imagining this, how could stalkers consistently coordinate their actions to align perfectly with a target? Most of the time when we move around we’re not necessarily focused or consciously thinking ahead to our every next move, thereby making it almost impossible for a normal human to synch their own actions up with ours. Well, again, I think the answer lies with something that works from outside this realm with the ability to nudge or work through people, maneuvering freely from the constraints of space-time. My own perfect example of one such incident was when I was communicating back and forth with my Higher Self for the first time, only to have the most uncanny synchronistic outside interference happen:

“Then at that exact moment out of nowhere a car pulls in to park outside my apartment, right outside the window where I was laying. Car stereo pumping, doors slamming, people talking really loudly. It was 2 a.m. and that was definitely not a common occurrence at that hour of the night, and the timing of it all and the fact it happened right outside my particular window was a bit uncanny. Because of the loud noise and distraction, I could feel myself slipping out of the trance-like state, losing the connection. It literally felt like it was tugging the connection apart. I began reaching out for it, to try to hold on to it.

“Is this interference from them?” I asked.


“To break the connection?”



According to gang stalking sites this would be a classic example of such. But how? The communication with my higher self that night was completely spontaneous. No human could have possibly known it was going to happen, let alone preemptively been in position at that exact moment to thwart it. But it was still something, no doubt. A hyperdimensional something. (And on a side note, what happened that night when I was communicating with my Higher Self seems to go above and beyond believing in even hyper-d elements working through people to get them to act in a detrimental way towards somebody else. Based on the unbelievable timing and nature of it all, I’d go as far as to say that it wasn’t even real. !! That it was a manufactured “fake” distraction inserted in to my reality. How? I don’t know. I’m little ol’ me, I don’t understand how it all works. But I believe such things are possible by higher up stuff and those “in the know,” as indicated in my book.) And then there was a job I used to have in Florida – every time I’d steal away for a moment to go chat with a coworker named Jeff about anything to do with the weird or woo-woo – subjects he was greatly interested in himself but didn’t always have people to talk with about it – sure enough, there was uncanny interference. Within moments of getting to his cube, as soon as we’d start to get into a conversation BOOM….his phone would start ringing, one call after the other, people needing stuff out of nowhere, or worse yet, people coming by his cube, totally interrupting us, as if I wasn’t even there, and was just invisible. !! A bit rude, as most would agree. To have people – consistently – come up next to you, not even acknowledging you as if you’re not even there, and start talking over you in a totally oblivious way…? Who does that, right? But more interesting was that multiple people were doing it. Not just the same, one person. Every time Jeff and I tried to chat this uncanny interference happened, to the point where it was quite obvious and beyond coincidental, always foiling our attempts at any sort of chat, even a quick chat. It was a bit angersome, admittedly. Part of the problem was the fact Jeff was unaware of what was happening and would allow it to have its way. Awareness is everything, and if only one person has awareness then the naive person will be the weak spot. But were all these coworkers knowing conscious “agents” stalking us, part of some big government syndicate? Psssh, no. Not in my opinion. But those completely lacking in knowledge of non-physical realms and entities have no other way to try to explain incidents like this, so they mistakenly lump everything into the same category, thinking it’s all some mass coordinated physical 3rd density effort involving a world-wide group of super humans who are ready at the drop of a dime to hone in on them.

Another item on the list from the Blogster website which I think was a mix up of hyper-d happenings/behaviors was this bit (bolded words my own emphasis):

“Attitude: The gangstalkers are extremely hostile, ice cold, and intensely self-righteous. Their intense hostility is all out of proportion to anything the target has done or is doing. All the stalkers (no matter how young or old-even children) have the same attitude, as if they have all gone to the same stalking school, the “how to be a profoundly hostile, ice cold, hyperself-righteous, violent attacker-stalker” school. Clearly their hostility is, by itself, intended to frighten the target. The stalkers seem to really believe that the target “deserves” all the attacks, even in cases where the victim-target has never been able to figure out why he has been targeted. This is a strange belief because many people are targeted for seemingly trivial reasons.”

(And I don’t mean to sound like I’m picking on the Blogster website, it just happens to contain information that is a good representative of what many other gang stalking sites out there are saying, so, I’ll just stick to quoting bits from that one to make things easier.) This was a great observation on the author’s part. Yet, I don’t believe that this level of hostility and ice cold intensity, of which I’ve experienced myself, is human. (Especially when it occurs in kids. That’s almost the dead giveaway, right there.) It’s Neg entity/demonic all the way, in my opinion, working through them, because that’s exactly the mindset and attitude of dark entities. They have all the time in the world and a never ending supply of hate, which explains everything about why these attacks can be so intense, long lasting and out of proportion. In fact after posting this article I remembered a personal anecdote that I relay in my write up, Miscellaneous Stories of the Weird and Unusual that perfectly illustrates this phenomenon:

“The guy in the white pick up truck” story started back during the summer of 1992 when I was 17 and my brother Joe was 11. We lived in Mission Viejo off of Marguerite Parkway, and I would often walk down to Portola Plaza near where we lived. One sunny morning I was walking down the sidewalk along Marguerite Parkway, off in my own world, when I got a sudden intense “weird feeling”…and whipped my head around to the left to look behind me.

Apparently, a white pick up truck with a silent engine had been following along behind me. I never heard it. I don’t know how long he’d been following behind me like that. My nerves immediately stood on end with intense alarm. I was the prey being silently, stealthily tracked.

But even worse was the guy who was driving it. I’ve never seen anybody who looked like he did. It wasn’t human. He was Caucasian, with short, neat, all white hair parted on the side, and piercing blue eyes…like I’ve never seen. The most insane, piercing, crazy look, staring at me with all the rage and hatred that it could muster. […] So he was “human” on the outside, but whatever was piloting him was definitely not. Take a moment to imagine what that must have been like. Feeling a sudden creepy alarmed feeling and whirling around to find a truck with a silent engine trailing behind about ten feet. With a guy who looks like that behind the wheel.

We locked eyes, and mine probably got as big as saucers.

He glanced in his rear view and saw that cars were finally approaching behind him, and he slowly picked up speed. And even though he had now passed me he locked his eyes on me in his rear view, STILL staring me down. Only reluctantly did he finally take off and leave me behind.

Worse…….this didn’t just happen once. It happened again. The same deal, exactly as the first time. Walking along. Bad feeling. Turn around. White pick up truck with a silent engine following me. And crazy demonic “it” behind the wheel….

The story doesn’t end there though. This guy later targeted my good friend Shirley in a completely separate incident on the 5 freeway…the odds of which are absolutely astounding considering how many cars drive the 5 freeway in south Orange County (California) on any given day. At that point in the 90s it was hundreds of thousands, since there probably over 20 million people between San Diego and L.A. Then within the same time period that the pick up truck guy targeted Shirley, there was an incident with a crazy guy in a shopping plaza parking lot at the corner of El Toro and Rockfield who went after Shirley and I when we were together. So between the two of us we’re looking at four incidents total within one year, from the summer of ’92 – the summer of ’93. In retrospect this whole thing would be considered classic “gang stalking” activity…yet I still don’t think it fully is. Something else, even bigger than that was going on.

And here’s another one I just remembered after the original posting of this article: My boyfriend and I were at this coffeehouse downtown where we live (Charlottesville, Virginia) called The Mudhouse, and we’re just sitting there at our table and soon I realize…..some guy several tables away is staring intensely and darkly at me. I mean, right in my face/eyes, he’s looking at me. Well, my personality has changed a lot in the last few years, no doubt, and so my immediate reaction which I had no control over was to lock eyes in in an intense stare right back at him. So we’re just sitting there staring intensely at each other in a “stare down” for probably about ten seconds, although I’m not feeling any hostility on my end, for me it’s standing my ground in a calm and strong way, which again, I had no control over. The attitude was like, “Oh, you want to stare at me? Okay, let’s go.” then locking myself onto him in return. I would have sat there all day staring back at him if that’s what it took. I didn’t care. :D Then I watch as he “snaps out of it” and “comes to.” The dark and intense look leaves his face and he’s normal….and actually looks embarrassed at the sudden realization that he’s been staring at me and I’m in turn staring right back at him, calmly challenging him. His eyes quickly look down and away. I won! ;D haha And he doesn’t make eye contact with me again while we’re there. So, either 1) he was a creepy perv acting on his own accord, staring at me until he had to concede, or 2) he was just spacing out, which I highly doubt based on the intensity in the eyes and the fact that it’s kind of hard to “space out” while looking directly at somebody’s face, or 3) something temporarily took him over and was looking at me through him. Which is what I believe. And it’s something for readers to keep in mind who find these weird sorts of things happening to them that might normally be classified as “gang stalking” by knowing, conscious people. Most people wouldn’t just lock in and stare back for as long as it takes, the way I was going to, so they never get to find out what happens when they do.

I also just received an email from a woman in England who says she’s been targeted by stuff her entire life, and what stood out for her in this write up was the commentary on the attitude of the stalkers – she agreed, and noted that it’s a “horrible, sneery, ferral attitude like someone had flipped a switch in these people.” (comments posted with her permission.) She goes on to describe the perfect eye opening example of such, when she was out shopping for kids clothes, and two 40-ish men who’d been walking together on the other side of the road, behaving normally, suddenly honed in on her and started screaming abuse at her….with a “mask-like change” come over their faces as they did so. To me that verifies that it does indeed seem to be a case of neg elements taking “people” over, using them. I was glad to hear this verification, as it’s the same thing I experienced growing up. The kids around me often behaved as if they were possessed. It makes me wonder if these “people” have any recollection afterwards of what they’ve said and done during these moments, or if it’s blanked out of their consciousness.

I want to finish off this section by mentioning a mindset that I’ve seen in my research, which is for a target to start believing that EVERYBODY is knowingly “in on it.” Again, since I’ve seen personal evidence of how we as individuals can be nudged or manipulated to do or say things by other “stuff” in our daily lives, I believe that concept also applies to some of what goes on in gang stalking. One interesting anecdote is how I myself was nudged to do something that further reinforced to a paranoid guy on a message board that I was a knowing agent “in on it” with him. I had the desire to add a new quote at the bottom of my posts, a line from The B-52’s “Private Idaho” – “Beware of the pool! Blue bottomless pool!” because I love that song, and that line, like other lyrics in the song, was just so funny and paranoid. Well oddly enough a guy on that forum had supposedly been warned by some psychic woman to stay away from pools, because he was going to have a life threatening accident in one. So then he sees my just-added quote, and that just cemented his already stated belief on that forum that we were all just knowing actors that were “in on it!” hired to take part in his own personal “Truman Show.” Why did I feel compelled to add the quote to my profile when I did? I don’t know. It just seemed like a good idea at the time. Which is how it usually goes for people. “It just seemed like a good idea….” but where are those ideas, urges and nudges coming from? Rhetorical question, of course. So as somebody who’s been accused myself of being a knowing agent/actor of sorts, I can’t emphasize enough how this subject is a must for gang stalking victims to consider if they begin believing with certainty that everybody around them must be in on it. Because however synchronous people’s actions may be, sometimes they actually aren’t knowingly “in on it.” Stuff unknown to them is nudging them to do things that just makes it appear that way. Again, coming from somebody who’s been on both sides of it….

2a. Realm misalignment

A sub-aspect of hyper-d happenings has to do with weird things happening in our realm, showing that reality is fluid and does not work in the way we’ve been taught by “The Powers That Be.” Realm bleed throughs, being misaligned with one’s realm, realm instability, glitches in the matrix, and so on. An excerpt from the aforementioned Blogster link illustrating a point that I want to use as my springboard for this subject is the following:

“The ‘noise’ regime: very frequent sounds, which follow the “target” everywhere: sirens, loud engine accelerations, high-pitched beeping sounds, vehicle alarms, screeching-tire sounds, coughing, throat clearing, loud booming sounds & mechanical squeaking sounds (from vehicles), etc.”

Coordinating such an effort amongst a group of humans seems completely far fetched and next to impossible. However…….it doesn’t mean there isn’t something to it. ;) Again, we could be looking at hyper-d entities nudging and working through people. But there’s also the possibility of “realms gone haywire.” In my write up The Vortex, about the year spent in a paranormal apartment with my brother Joe, I talk about such an incident involving my own version of this urban noise regime (bolded words my own emphasis):

“Towards the end of July, when I was seated at my computer, engrossed in typing. It was late afternoon, sunny, warm. My window was open, and so I could hear the outside world going on. But as I was typing away, I began to notice that the noise outside was progressively getting louder…and louder…and louder…like a volume button was slowly being turned up. Kids began yelling and screaming. Parents were coming out onto their balconies, yelling for their kids. Car stereos were pumping in the parking lot, the music and bass steadily going up, and up and up. Dogs barking, car alarms going off, fire engine sirens screaming by on Santa Margarita Parkway. Just more and more noise, piling on, everything and anything that could be out there making noise. And like I said, I only first noticed it in the back of my mind, subconsciously. But as it progressively got worse, and worse, and louder, and louder, it began registering. I began squinting, and leaning forward towards my computer, trying harder to focus.

But when it got to the point where there were kids standing literally, UNDERNEATH my window now, screaming and yelling at top full volume, THAT’S when I finally jerked my head up and thought, WHAT THE…?!?!? I turned to the right, to face towards my window, to hear it all better. Poised, frowning, listening, with brows furrowed. My ears straining. Then after all this noise finally got my attention, it began to reduce drastically, and die back down. As quickly as it started. And everything was calm again outside.

Perplexed and confused, I tried to get back into my writing.

Joe came home soon after, and I got up to go say hi. Unlike many incidents that had happened to me, I didn’t forget about it right afterwards or just dismiss it. In fact it was the first thing I mentioned to him. I told him the whole story, as he listened, intently, with his brows furrowed too.

“And you know what was the weirdest part about the whole thing?” I asked, it dawning on me for the first time why I had been “straining” to hear the noise, despite how loud it was.

Actually, he did know, since I asked. “Yeah,” he answered. “You couldn’t understand ONE GODDAMN WORD that anybody was saying. Yeah, I know, been there, had it happen to me.” He nodded knowingly, looking serious.

“That was EXACTLY it!! How did you KNOW?!?”

“Because. It happens to me. All the time. It’s like a mis-tuned radio frequency. Like the station’s only half way tuned in, and you’re half in, and half out of the plane or dimension, or something.”

“That was exactly it. Because when the noise level finally got so loud and obnoxious that I had to actually STOP what I was doing!….”

“…to acknowledge it…yeah, I know…Like something’s desperately trying to get your attention…”

“Yeah, because it was just so LOUD. And it wasn’t like they were speaking another language. The problem was, it was like everything was GARBLED. Mish mosh. I couldn’t make out ONE WORD that anybody was saying! It was all nonsense. I was trying to make out something, anything, but I couldn’t! Not even the parents standing on the balconies, yelling!”

“Or the kids RIGHT UNDER your window. Yeah, I know.” He kept nodding, knowingly, the whole time I explained it to him.


There’s just absolutely no way in hell that all those kids, parents, firemen, car owners, even dogs (!) could have been knowing agents, stalking in a coordinated effort to make as much noise as possible at the same exact moment for me,…. some random girl tucked away in her apartment on the computer. So what was happening then? Well, I think my brother’s theory actually had a lot of validity. Slipping out of one’s realm, or reality becoming unstable for some reason around a person, so there’s a foot in both doors so to speak and things get a little weird as a result. The fact that I couldn’t understand what people were saying and it was unintelligible gibberish lends credence to this theory. It’s the equivalent of blurred vision, such as when your contact lens is not sitting on your eye correctly or your glasses are not sitting on your face where they should be. But lock them in place where they belong, and …you can suddenly see again. Lock yourself back in your realm, and voila, you can hear correctly again and reality instantly shifts back to normal.

In my log book for the end of December 2002 into the first week or so of January 2003 in Florida I noted that there was an excessive instance of noise eruption going on, enough so that it begged to be noticed. Constant fire engine sirens that would just go and go and go on forever it seemed, unusually long for any normal engine that’s supposedly just passing by, car alarms going off all hours of the day and night – not fun at 3 in the morning. Just excessive noise for a particular time period….then as soon as I noticed it and logged it……it ceased. Back to just normal amounts of noise as one would expect in urban Fort Lauderdale.

So my situation was slightly different from what that website excerpt was describing in that the noise regime didn’t follow me around incessantly, it was isolated in those two random occurrences, but…..I think the same principle about reality glitches/realm instability may apply. In my opinion, the Fort Lauderdale noise eruption that lasted for over a week was not some coordinated effort amongst a large group of seemingly unconnected people around the city (despite what many gang stalking targets may believe) only because I’m aware of hyper-d stuff and the effect that one’s connection with their realm can have on their surrounding reality. So again, it was more likely a realm glitch or instability sort of deal, once you consider the fact I was surrounded by weird paranormal and abduction happenings during that same time period. The whole thing has to be factored together. And I don’t profess to know how it is for everybody all the the time everywhere, because there very well may be physical coordinated efforts amongst humans in many gang stalking cases, I just put the realm glitch theory out there for consideration. Keep it in mind as another option when things may not make sense.

3. Personal frequency, inadvertent reality manipulation/synchs and glitches, coupled with hyperdimensional matrix happenings. Several related things rolled into one here, so let’s start at the top:

Your personal “frequency” has to do with your personality. It encompasses the way you react and respond to everyday life situations, people, and the world around you, your general emotional state, how sensitive you are, your thoughts, beliefs and expectations whether conscious or unconscious, how strong your ego is, etc. Which means your overall personal frequency can change throughout your life, if you learn and grow and alter thought and behavioral patterns. It’s not fixed in stone. Typical “low” frequency traits that most of us experience at some point are fear/terror, paranoia, anger, hate, being critical/judgmental, wishing or inflicting harm, violence, destruction on others, bitterness/resentment, guilt, shame, sorrow/despondency, self-absorption/narcissism, etc. Basically anything that doesn’t come from a place of love, wisdom, higher understanding, service, and connection to All. Again, we’ve all experienced items on that list, myself included, so, not to come across as “holier than thou.” ;) This isn’t a lecture about what’s “right” or “wrong,” but rather, to explain that there are various ways of being, and those ways of being affect everything about the lives we draw to ourselves and the things that happen to us.

Lower astral entities, some aliens/non-humans, and Neg entities in general are known to feed on the energies created by lower frequency emotions, since that’s what they resonate with, farming us for them in the same way we farm animals for their meat, milk, eggs and parts. Farmers do what they have to do to insure an ample production of milk, eggs and meat, and Neg/hyper-d entities are also deliberately manipulating us and our lives to ensure an ample production of low frequency thoughts, behaviors, reactions and emotions, not only for their food, but for their personal amusement as well it seems.

Now, with this in mind:

a. Low frequency behavioral patterns. A person whose frequency is one that scares and/or angers easily, is discombobulated and paranoid, disempowered or weak or who wallows in – and/or secretly relishes – the persecuted victim mentality would be a natural target by hyper-d stuff, since the target is in essence, an “all you can eat buffet” of low vibe emotions. In fact….these entities may make that person their new “farm human”….manipulating the person’s reality with loads of harassment and random crazy happenings to keep them in a perpetual scared and frazzled state, because it’s just too easy. All the entities have to do is go “boo!” and the target responds with their habitual disempowered response.

Something that relates to this are those types who have a propensity towards self-obsession and paranoia. People who are so hypersensitive that they mistakenly believe everything is about them………even when it’s clearly not. This is more of that discombobulated frequency thing that might draw in “stuff” because it just becomes too easy. I’ve met these types both over the internet and in the real world and they’re a frustrating lot to deal with. Reading into things waaay too much and extrapolating meaning where none was intended, assuming posts on message boards are directed at them when they’re clearly not, assuming people around them are staring at them or talking about them, jumping to bizarre conclusions about anything in general to the point where it’s difficult to understand their logic and thought processes. At a hotel I worked at back in ’96, me and fellow front desk clerk named Maggie were accused by a woman of laughing at her and mocking her, making her feel like a fool (or something along those lines, I can’t quite remember her exact quote by this point) as she later reported with self righteous indignation to all management who would listen. When in reality, she happened to walk into the lobby to check in during a moment when Maggie and I were in the middle of a laughing fit since it was almost 11 p.m. and we were tired and bored and in very goofy moods. We’d been laughing and laughing about all kinds of nonsense for well over ten minutes before the woman ever arrived, and tried our best to get a grip on ourselves when she entered through the doors, although we didn’t do a very good job of it, apparently. ;) So, it had nothing to do with her, but, she was one of those self-obsessed hypersensitive types who seemed to believe that everything going on around her was “all about her,” and didn’t even bother to ask us for clarification or confirmation. Just jumped to negative, assuming the worst conclusions, 100% sure of it. (Conversely, I’ve also experienced times when I was laughing with a coworker while a customer was approaching, and the customer (usually a guy, since they’re less sensitive than females) started smiling and wanting to know what was so funny, trying to join in on the fun and be a part of it. See….totally different personal frequency. One that is easy going with a sense of humor, and wanting to connect with people, versus being at war with everybody, looking for the worst in every situation, and mistakenly assuming that everybody’s out to get them.)

So when it comes to gang stalking it’s a slippery slope between noticing legitimate monitoring, noise sensitization activities and harassment, versus being somebody with a tendency to think everything is about them, reading into things and over reacting. And this is also a good point to mention that some people who believe themselves to be the victims of gang stalking may also be mentally ill, so, that always has to be considered. This is one website I found on the ‘net which gets into the various symptoms of schizophrenia. Delusions of persecution and “government plots” is the stereotype cliche trait of schizophrenia, as most people know. By this point in 2009, I’ve heard from several schizophrenics who have written to me, responding to this article. It was quite clear that they were schizo from their writing style alone, only to see them confirm later in the email that Yup, they’ve been diagnosed as being schizo. Although they didn’t believe they were. Yet their writing style already revealed it to me long before they mentioned it, sooooooo, you know….. (and to clarify, what causes somebody to seem schizophrenic isn’t what they believe, but how they communicate it, and how their thought processes operate. Thoughts are disjointed, with no continuum, jumping from one thing to the next to the next to the next, in rapid succession; picture somebody walking very quickly with one foot in front of the other and their eyes fixed on their feet. They only see each individual step separately, and not how all the steps combine together in the whole, and they don’t see anything else happening around them because they’re fixated on their feet and the individual steps. It’s a lot like that.) However, as noted in my book, I also believe that signs of mind control, abductions (and in this case gang stalking harassment as well) mimic symptoms often associated with chemical imbalances/mental illness, be it Bi Polar/Manic Depression, Schizophrenia, etc. or else hide behind those disorders. So a person diagnosed as being “off” may in fact actually have conspiracy stuff going on in their life, and that’s exactly why they’re being driven to nuttiness. Things are never just polarized black and white, there’s always those confusing in between shades of mixed up gray.)

b. Inadvertant reality manipulation. Personal frequency and the way we interface with reality leads to the idea of unintentionally, unknowingly pulling certain situations to ourselves, both bad or good. Once a pattern of fear response has been ingrained in the psyche, a person may come to “know the drill” and expect the established mode of negative harassment….thus ensuring that it will continue to happen. !! It creates a self perpetuating feedback loop. As much as many people don’t want to believe, reality really does seem to respond to our thoughts, beliefs and expectations. People manipulate their realities everyday and don’t even realize they’re doing it, hence the reason why I’ve termed it “unknowing” and “unintentional.” When a target gets stuck in a repeating loop of SCARY TARGETING/ACTION —> FEARFUL RESPONSE —> EXPECT IT TO HAPPEN AGAIN then it becomes very hard to snap out of that and learn new tricks. A person could wind up becoming their own realm jailers. I’ve spoken with one woman in particular who is in a decades-long rut of ingrained fear responses due to her abductions and harassment. She doesn’t seem able to pull herself out of the loop/rut and find a new groove, which in my opinion would help cut out a lot of it. Hyperdimensional critters respond to our personal frequencies. So change your frequency and make yourself incompatible to their radio tuner, so you can pull different things to yourself.

Closely related to this is the idea of “bringing stuff out in other people,” or “pulling stuff through” them. I’ve had both positive and negative experiences in life with this. Concerning the negative, I seem to consistently draw to myself, or bring out in other people (usually coworkers) the “predator” aspect in them. Something about me and the frequency I’m broadcasting (most likely due to a lifetime of events that have imprinted something within my field) is causing something to be pulled through them to make them lash out at me and suddenly snap at me, getting very aggressive and “bully-ish.” Just snapping with no provocation and verbally berating me, feeling the sudden need to dominate over me like I’m a child, and squash me. It doesn’t happen all the time, but when it happens, it’s like watching the same old eye rolling, yawn inducing repeating program, only channeled through a different person. Something seems to come over these people, to where they sometimes find themselves feeling confused afterwards, and apologizing to me for behaving in that uncharacteristic way. (In fact when it comes to the random coworker outbursts, I’ve learned that if you don’t respond to it and instead bite your tongue, it succeeds in magnifying their outrageous behavior, making it more obvious to them. And thus, usually leads to the apology. When you fall for it and respond, it automatically justifies their reactions and eggs them on, escalating things into a bad situation. At that point there’s no hope in ever being seen as “right” or unfairly victimized. So just keep quiet and let them go on, then walk away and leave them with their own words and behavior hanging in the air, embarassing them. It works like a dream.) I’ve actually had to stop and look at the situation like, Okay, what’s going on here? I don’t fully have an explanation for it, but being that some have apologized for doing it, I know that’s it’s not conscious or deliberate. It’s not “workplace mobbing,” as some gangstalkers describe. It’s not a worldwide syndicate of people ready at the drop of a dime to hone in on the “all important!” me. Something within my frequency field is pulling something through them. Plain and simple. And eight years of being bullied as a kid in a severe way, coupled with an abusive mom probably has a lot to do with what that frequency field involves, and why certain people’s predatorial sides and/or neg entities working through them pick up on it and respond to it during times when they’re vulnerable to that. Until I learn to address it once and for all, and eliminate it from my field, it will keep happening. So this is another concept for people to keep in mind. How might a target be broadcasting something that predators are unconsciously picking up on? Predators have a way of honing in on targets like sharks to blood, we see it all the time in the world with abuser/abused relationships, especially those women who have a knack for consistently choosing guys that wind up abusing them. Something is in the target’s field. Maybe childhood abuse, or bullying, something that imprinted on them and which they haven’t yet cleared out and overcome. And predators sense it.

c. Synchs, glitches, etc. And then there is the idea of how we may be somehow, someway, causing reality to create a lot of these weird glitches, synchs and other assorted oddities that many are labeling as being gangstalking through our own, possibly tenuous, connection with reality. I don’t fully understand how it works or why it even happens, but it does. A great example that I only just remembered: Back when I lived in Fort Lauderdale I used to love to go rollerblading up and down the streets of our neighborhood, which were long and straight and perfect for it. Despite all the houses there was minimum traffic, which is why it was even more perfect. So there I am one morning in 2004, rollerblading along down one of the streets. As I approach a driveway up ahead on the right side of the road a car slows down behind me, waiting to turn into that exact driveway. Interesting timing, but I don’t give it much thought. Then it happens again, on the next street. A car needing to turn into the exact driveway that I just so happen to be approaching, making it so that I’m “in the way” and they’re hovering behind me waiting for me to make it past the driveway. Okay, that’s weird I notice. Something like that had never happened before…now it just happened two times in a row.

Then it happened again. And again and again and again. Probably about seven or eight times within a ten minute time period, I would be approaching a driveway that a car needed to turn into, being “in the way” with them hovering behind me. There was never that much car traffic going on, and I’d never had things time perfectly to where I was smack in front of a driveway that an approaching car needed to turn into. Let alone seven or eight times, back to back on various streets. The statistical chances on that were pretty amazing. So, something was obviously going on here. And this would be considered absolutely classic in gangstalking literature. Tailing somebody, invading personal space, increase in traffic, etc. But I’ll tell you that wasn’t what was going on. There is no way that a group of people was “hired” to do that with their cars. In the same way those coworkers of mine in Florida weren’t some knowing syndicate hired to interrupt every potential conversation I tried to have with my buddy Jeff. However, once again I can say that my time in Fort Lauderdale was riddled with abductions and paranormal happenings, and reality seemed very…..fluid, to put it mildly. That’s one thing I did note about south Florida. Reality is a bit odd there. (several theories include the Bermuda Triangle being located straight offshore, as well as the massive amounts of cell phone/microwave pollution bombardment occuring due to the flat-as-a-board landscape, etc.) So if one’s connection with 3D reality is tenuous to begin with, due to other events, then living in an unstable vortex-y area on top of that can probably lead to some pretty strange weirdness. Glitches, synchs, thinking a thought and then it appearing before you, and all around strangeness. Again, more things to keep in mind before hastily classifying something as being in the category of gangstalking.

In my own possible “gang stalking”/MILABS targeting harassment, which was focused more so back when I lived in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, often times I simply didn’t care. !! Stuff was happening and I was just emotionally unresponsive many times to it. I’d see and notice something….then drift along, onto the next part of my life. Or I’d be alarmed at first, but then immediately get over it, like “oh well.” And as mentioned in my book, I believe that those oblivious responses helped level my frequency enough to prevent even more, or worse, stuff from happening, carrying me through until I gleaned insight about the “fear frequency” and wised up. After I learned about the fear frequency (on that fateful night where I was communicating with my higher self and was rudely interrupted…) and that there was a figurative “Man behind the curtain” orchestrating the things that had been happening to me in order to keep me scared, all the time, then it completely lost its power. Suddenly it was a joke. And hence, it stopped, because it no longer generated that habitual disempowered response from me. Had to move on to somebody else, find a new target.

If behind-the-scenes hyperdimensional “stuff” is working through people, then your reaction – or lack thereof – ie, your personal frequency, would most certainly influence whether or not this stuff will keep happening to you. I think stuff may have given up on me after awhile because I just didn’t care enough to bother. Kind of makes their job pointless when nobody is even noticing, and then when they do, they forget about it shortly afterwards. However it’s a different story I know when there’s physical harm coming to a person, or their loved ones or pets….something I’ve never experienced. I know I’d be singing a different tune then. (I’d also be taking physical and psychic counter-measures to stop it, but, that’s another story I suppose.) But when it’s people just…..watching you….following you around, saying street theater comments and/or making “weird hand signals,” then who cares. Let em, is my attitude. Seriously. “Whatever floats your boat, buddy.” Eye roll and head shake.



Gang stalking, in my opinion, actually involves a mix of several things that have been mistakenly lumped into the same category: 1) Hyperdimensional attacks from non-physical entities outside this realm who hone in on individuals over the course of their life either because the target poses a threat to the Negs, and/or, because the target is a guaranteed disempowered, low frequency food source, and then 2) Physically-based groups and syndicates who often times have government ties, targeting people who pose a threat to the negative elements in charge of this reality and the establishment. Both can overlap in my opinion, as it seems that the non-physical demonic Negs can also work through these syndicates and gang stalkers, using them to do their bidding. And finally, 3) a person’s personal frequency and the way they interface with reality, especially if they’ve gotten into habitual mindsets of fear, paranoia and disempowerment, can help perpetuate and escalate harassment by drawing more of it to themselves due to conscious and unconscious expectation.

Based on much of what I’ve read of people’s accounts online, so much of what is being labeled as “gangstalking” is, in my opinion, actually a case of synchronicity. Amazing coincidence, but where the person(s) involved are not knowingly trying to perpetrate something on the supposed target. I encounter synchronicity in my own life on a regular basis, as evidenced by other write ups on this website including comments made by people around me and general situations that match up uncannily to thoughts I’ve had. But this does not mean “people are reading my mind” or “everybody’s watching me and are in on it.” Unfortunately that mindset runs rampant within much gangstalking material that’s out there as I’ve seen. The reason for this I think is because the proponents of the “strictly physical-based gangstalking” theory have no knowledge of hyperdimensional stuff, neg entities and so on, and have never researched the subject of synchroncities. They’re working with a puzzle that’s missing most of the pieces, so you really can’t blame them for coming to wrong conclusions about things. They don’t have the full story. Then they go online, looking for answers for the weirdness that’s happening to them, and these “gangstalking/targeted individual” websites are the only thing they can find. They figure because these websites are describing some of the same phenomena they have also experienced, and “a syndicate of physical based gangstalkers” is the conclusion they draw from it all, then it must mean that’s what’s happening in their situation too…..right??!

X. Wrong.

Keep going with your research. Don’t box yourself in to the one dimensional explanations being presented on those sites, many of which are suspicious at best, seeming to try to herd as many people as possible into a scared, victimized, clueless state of mind where they forever go in limited circles until they may just finally go off the rails completely. What I’ve also seen is that sometimes somebody’s effort to make everything fit into the physical-based gangstalking explanation becomes totally silly, with the explanations getting increasingly more far fetched in order to try to pound that square peg into a round hole. And sometimes those who are told about this aspect of reality refuse to accept it, as I’ve experienced firsthand, having people try to argue with me in emails about it. For them it was easier to believe that everybody around them is knowingly “in on the plot!” reading their minds with special technology and tapped phones, coordinating together in a mass effort, etc. then it would be to consider the idea of hyper-d reality, synchs and so on. (And to the skeptics both sides sound equally as crazy, which I understand. :D ) Both the idea of physical based targeting and hyper-d happenings and synchs/glitches have validity in my opinion. The key is for the target to be aware of both, and then be able to differentiate what events fall into which category.

The most important thing I can possibly stress in this write up would be to change one’s internal reaction to it all and no longer be affected. Change your personal frequency. That’s essentially asking a person to change who they are at the core level……..but, it has to be done if one desires complete change in the way their personal reality is operating. This can’t be emphasized enough. I’ve read enough emails from supposedly targeted people by this point to see “patterns in the chaos” you can say, and I’ve definitely noticed behavioral patterns and personality traits over and over again with these people, whether male or female. So much so that I’ve considered putting together a supplement to this section discussing the repeating traits I’ve noticed within many supposed gang stalking targets, but have held off on it, for fear of sounding negative. I don’t want to seem like I’m attacking people per se, as it’s slippery slope territory, yet, there are things in common with so many people who email me, including the way in which they write. From self obsession “me me me!”/Narcissism, being immature and manipulative, histrionic, seeming to relish the role of persecuted martyr victim, and all sorts of various personality disorders. Sometimes the people who’ve emailed me about this subject are just downright crazy in the things they’re focusing on as being some sort of example of “gang stalking.” So I admit – I don’t necessarily buy into many of the people who’ve emailed me. This is why I eventually had to put the disclaimer up at the beginning of this article, informing people that I’m no longer even going to respond to emails about this subject anymore. No other topic on my website has ever generated emails that were that bad off, and no other topic on my website has ever become “off limits” in terms of emailing. So a big point that I feel needs stressing is for targets to look within. Look at who you are, how you behave, what your personality is, how you interact with other people and the world. Do a personal inventory, and try to see yourself objectively, as you actually are….not how you believe you are. And take responsibility for whatever role you may be playing. Find your weak spots that are pulling this stuff in. Because it’s always a two way street to some extent. There’s always things that people can be doing on their end to help reduce, or outright stop this activity. I know, because I’ve been there, and I did things to instigate change, and change happened, and so these things don’t happen to me anymore. So if a person isn’t trying to implement any change or looking within and taking responsibility, then whose fault is it?

While I’ve experienced loads of weirdness that easily falls into the checklist of gang stalking happenings and modes of operation, I still don’t actively consider myself a “target,” because I don’t currently experience the things that many gangstalkers are reporting. So when I’ve received emails from people calling me a “fellow target,” admittedly it made me cringe. I’ve overcome the overt harassment that was once happening, and even though there may still be the occasional weirdness going on under the radar of the “MILABS”/abduction/whatever it is variety, I’d never go as far as to label myself a “target,” as it invokes a disempowered, victim mindset. So the motivation to write this piece was not one of “I’m currently a victimized target, forever going in circles, woe is me.” It was to pass on helpful hints and insights to the reader of things I’ve noticed, and how I learned from first hand experience to overcome various things. For me, I don’t have patience with harassment and targeting. I don’t have time for it, and I don’t secretly relish the attention, as some targets clearly do who have emailed me, so I was looking for ways to get it to stop so I could move on with my life already.

The tailing and monitoring works because people get freaked out by it. Stop caring and then what can they do. They’re sitting there in a car, watching you? Go outside and bring them a sandwich. Take their picture, wave and dance around, like I advise in my book in the part about dealing with black heli harassment. Just stop caring. It worked for me. It’s sad for them that this is how they choose to spend their precious moments of life. But it doesn’t mean you need to waste your life on it all too.

They’re spreading lies about you to tarnish your reputation? That one’s a bit more difficult, because as I’ve read, they’ll use some pretty big doozies. The fact is though, anybody with half a brain isn’t going to just automatically believe what somebody tells them without researching it first. And for the more damaging lies, they can be researched online or with local law enforcement. But those who would just automatically believe things without question aren’t worth it anyway. I went through the slander campaign myself for years as a kid, hearing lies going around about me. But it acts as a sieve, sifting out the idiots from those who are real and who can think for themselves. If it prevents you from getting a job somewhere, then go elsewhere. They can’t get to everybody, and if you believe they can, change your internal thoughts and expectations. The jobs that would refuse hiring you and are in alignment with matrix puppet gang stalkers aren’t worth it anyway. You’ll wind up where you’re supposed to wind up…with smart, real people.

When they invade personal space, as I’ve read…shove ‘em out of the way. Don’t say a word, just shove, and do it with confidence and a look that says everything. You can’t get arrested for “nudging” ;) a person out of your space. (However, the caution is to make sure you don’t do anything that would get you arrested. Because often times they may be baiting a target, trying to push them over the edge and manipulate the target into doing something that would only backfire against them.) I’ve also heard stories of people being tailed in person by somebody, walking in close proximity to them, following them wherever they go, doing obnoxious things to instill fear. Well that’s what pepper spray is for. Hello. We live in a society that promotes self defense classes of every type, as well as promoting the idea of pepper spray on key chains. Why aren’t targets taking advantage of this? Why do they just let it happen, then email me claiming to be a victim, yet clearly indicating that they do nothing to stop it…..even seeming as if they’re not interested in getting it to stop? As an action/doing oriented sort of person who takes care of myself and has no patience or tolerance for harassment, I don’t understand this at all. I started carrying this combination pepper spray/tear gas canister on my key chain back when I lived in Fort Lauderdale after a non-gangstalking related incident at a laundromat, and I had no fear about having to use it. It’s very empowering actually. I didn’t have a mindset of fear, you know, just waiting to be victimized or something. I just calmly knew that it was there, if needed, and with the mindset of “Anybody comes after me again, they’re in for a surprise.” Check the laws for your particular state though, as pepper spray isn’t legal in all 50 states. My brother once relayed how he used to be tailed and monitored by “thems” in cars right after being released from juvee when he was 17, when he was at work and out and about in life. But that aspect of things stopped the day he ran up to one of the cars and started kicking the crap out of it, screaming “WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT?!” going ballistic on it until they started their engine and took off. In Walgreens in Fort Lauderdale I had an experience where two skeezy looking stringy haired guys said something pointed at me as they quickly passed by me….and I promptly challenged them right there, in front of everybody, yelling at them as they tried to hurry off, “Why are YOU talking to ME?!?” sincerely demanding an answer and feeling like a Queen who’d been crossed by peasants who didn’t know their place. ;) Previously I would have been blank and oblivious. It was this feeling of, “I can’t believe you think you have the right to talk to me. You. Being who you are. Talking to me.” !!! And probably not so coincidentally, that was the last time anything like that happened again. ;D You don’t hear too often about targets rising up and feeling like that, and responding publicly in front of other people in such a way, turning the tables. But more should. It would stop a lot of problems in their tracks. From what I’ve pieced together in listening to or reading other people’s accounts, “they” count on the fact that people are either so caught off guard, or so fearful or self conscious, that they won’t dare yell back like that and turn tables.

Rising up and standing up for yourself with confidence, not tolerating crap is the first step. Eventually you get to a point where your frequency shifts so much that this stuff no longer crosses your path at all. You’re incompatible with it. It can’t make that connection with you. Different realms.

Once you realize who you are and know your own abilities and see the bigger picture perspective on it all, “the game” suddenly loses its power. They only have as much power as we allow them to.



I’ve had some questions with the subject of gang stalking, the main one being how a group of everyday humans could coordinate themselves to the point of impossible synchronous one-upping of a target, which I already answered earlier in this write up. But additional things I’ve wondered about include:

1. Where are the people who’ve declined membership into these organizations? There seem to be an increasing number of people claiming to be gang stalked, which means an even larger network of people involved in supposedly targeting them, which means there would have to be active recruitment efforts underway to keep it all going. If that’s the case, then shouldn’t there be proof of these organizations, as well as people who’ve said “no” to it, declining participation and membership? Because not everybody’s going to be okay with doing such things. If so, then where are they? Does anybody know of such people, and have any come forward reporting about their declined invite? I would think that a few should exist. Instead, we hear reports from supposed active members of these gang stalking organizations revealing “insider!” information about how it all works……but which isn’t necessarily believable.

2. Insider disinformation? Speaking of supposed insider information, there was a document forwarded around the ‘net on sites and in emails regarding one supposed insider’s revelations about the workings of these gang stalking organizations, complete with details about their slang and lingo. A copy of this can be found at the aforementioned Blogster website posted earlier but you’ll probably be able to find it elsewhere too. Scroll down past the halfway point on the page to find the posted email expose from the source claiming to have gotten recruited into gang stalking. Some, if not many points may be valid, but overall the sincerity of the author is what I question. I think they’re posing. I could write an expose on this expose ;) but I’ll summarize what my biggest issues are:


a) The tone. It’s too forced and fake for starters. It tries way too hard to be nonchalant and friendly throughout the entire piece. Two small examples: “I suppose I should introduce the syndicate in a little more detail.” They “suppose”? Really? “Anyway, I should introduce the main branches of the syndicate.” “Anyway”? “Should”? Feigned casual, conversational nonchalance. Considering what they’re supposedly involved in and what they supposedly do to the lives of innocent people, this tone is a stark 180 contrast. They’re trying too hard to sound harmless, passive, likable and thus, lure the reader in. The description of the workings of the syndicate may be accurate for what’s really going on in the world, but it doesn’t feel to me as if the author themselves is actually truly involved in it as a member. There’s a level of disconnect happening within the tone and descriptions. Which, using straight up common sense and logic, means as far as I’m concerned the entire account is false.


b) The implausibility of some situations. The whole bit about training zoo animals and dogs to leer at certain zoo visitors? The first thing I thought was, who in the frickity frack goes to the zoo that much to warrant gang stalkers training the zoo animals to scare them?! Call me strange, but I’ve only been to an actual zoo twice in my entire life, Maybe some people go every week though, I don’t know. Then the bit about allowing zoo animals like gorillas to “escape” and hone in on targeted individuals? Zoos get in boatloads of trouble and face lawsuits for that sort of thing, and stories of escaped zoo animals, especially when they come into contact with visitors, is such a big deal that it makes it onto the national news when it does happen. But if you were to believe this article, this sort of thing happens all the time. It’s just another day at the zoo, with gorillas and wild animals on the loose, going after TI’s. (roll eyes.) What I found when I did online research were stories of zoo animals attacking negligent zookeepers who’d gotten lax in their precautionary measures. But I wasn’t finding stories of gorillas or zoo animals on the loose coming into physical contact with visitors, save for one recent story where a tiger scaled the 10 foot enclosure wall and attacked/killed a teenage boy, who it turns out had been taunting and harassing the tiger with his friend.

There’s also the way the author sort of skips over the way in which they came to be an actual member. Plot hole. It goes from describing how they were black balled from the animal industry because they weren’t part of some secret syndicate, to suddenly finding themselves being recruited into it all (8 paragraphs down in the write up). And even though they were against what they were seeing – of which included the killing of innocent animalsthey still went along with it anyway?!? They never explain why or how this sudden implausible switch happened. You don’t just “accidentally” fall into becoming a gang stalker….especially not after having the chance to witness them in action before hand, behaving at their very worst, killing innocent animals. But one minute the author is a caring animal lover on the outside looking in, black balled. The next, they’re in, putting ethics and morals aside to be a part of this group…despite prior knowledge of the types of activities they’re involved in. So in my opinion, the author is completely lying.

The tone of the writing is a mix of feigned friendly, passive, harmless nonchalance along with authoritative confidence, throwing a lot of stuff at the reader, so it’s easy for people to just get swept up in it all and go along with what’s being said…even if what’s being said doesn’t really make a whole lotta sense. Keep this in mind in general for anything you come across on the internet or in real life. It’s a commonly used disinformation tactic. Bombard and overwhelm people so that they won’t have the chance to look closely at the details, and speak/write with such confidence that they’ll automatically trust you and not examine things too much.


Add On – 2/21/13. I had been getting a spate of hits to this article the week of February 18, 2013 due to being linked on the blog of a “Katherine Albrecht.” She finds the article worth linking to due to the connection I make between negative metaphysical harassment and what some people call gang stalking, but feels I “miss the answer by a mile”….because my answer isn’t to tell people that the only one right solution to the debacle is “to get under the blood of Jesus Christ.” I posted a response to her that’s still awaiting moderation, not sure if it will be allowed to go through or not, but in the meantime in case it doesn’t readers can find a copy of what I said here. I don’t normally go around responding to people on the ‘net if they disagree with some aspect of what I talk about, I mean seriously, who has that kind of time, and everybody is free to believe what they will. But in this case I felt it was important to, because I know for a fact that what I discuss in this piece does help curtail negative metaphysical harassment. To dismiss those suggestions/insights with a wave of the hand and imply that it’s an either/or, black/white false dichotomy choice between what she believes and what I say just makes me shake my head. Helping people is important to me and it’s the foundation of why I do what I do with this site, and I can’t just sit back and abide by somebody who is trying to steer people away from even considering what I suggest here. Not when it comes to neg harassment, and when I know that what I say here can help. So, with that said……


“Hi there,

I am the author of the gang stalking article you linked to in your blog, and wanted to comment on this: “(Although she diagnoses the problem well, she misses the answer by a mile.)”

While I understand that you have what works for you in life, I disagree with the idea that “getting under the blood of Jesus Christ” is the only answer/solution for the subject of metaphysical harassment, of which many people mistakenly label as gang stalking. I certainly wouldn’t steer people away from the idea of calling on their Christian faith, and in several articles I’ve written, as well as my (free) book, I do mention this as one possible avenue to explore for those who believe in it, because I’ve experienced first hand the way in which Christianity does seem to have power over neg entities in particular. So I don’t discredit it, and again, I don’t steer people away from it.

However, I also wouldn’t be so presumptuous as to tell people it’s the only answer, the only solution for metaphysical harassment and that anybody else who claims to have any sort of differing insight into the matter is “missing the answer by a mile.” Sorry, but there absolutely are things people can be doing in terms of adjusting their mental attitudes/personal frequencies and behavioral responses that absolutely will help curtail metaphysical harassment. Relying solely on the idea of “getting under the blood of Jesus Christ” is not enough, in my opinion. I know this from first hand experience, and discuss my own anecdotal experiences both in that gang stalking article as well as throughout my website and free books. If I hadn’t had luck with the other tactics and approaches then I wouldn’t be putting it out there. And if I hadn’t heard from several people over the years describing the ways in which their sole reliance on Jesus was not fully working then I also wouldn’t be confident in what I’m saying. So obviously these other approaches do work, since the kinds of things that used to be happening to me no longer are.

Unfortunately I would say that it’s you that has missed the answer by a mile. Whereas you believe there is only one way, involving your belief system, I on the other hand have recommended both the adjustment of one’s mental attitudes/personal frequencies and behavioral responses, and the Christian faith (or whatever higher power works for them) in my various writings. My approach is much more balanced. However, the fault isn’t entirely yours as I failed to get into the Christianity thing in the gang stalking article, so I can understand how you would take issue with my so-called solutions. But even if I had mentioned it my emphasis would have been on using both approaches if one desires. Not implying that it needs to be an either/or, black/white, false dichotomy choice. There isn’t just one right answer that fits everybody equally across the board.

Do keep in mind that Jesus, if he truly did exist, is a relatively new insertion into the history of Mankind. Modern Man has been around for about 200,000 years (though some say 150,000.) But the idea of Jesus is a mere 2,000 years old, a drop in the bucket of time. I like to point this out to people who are diehard religious fanatics, to make them stop and think about what was going on before Jesus arrived on the scene. Surely metaphysical harassment against people existed prior to 2,000 years ago. If so, what were people supposed to do since Jesus hadn’t happened quite yet? Surely there would have been other methods and solutions for metaphysical problems. And if so, those other solutions are still valid today.

I will probably post a copy of this response in my gang stalking article, in case people miss it here, since I’ve been getting hits to my site from your link,



Recommended/Related Reading

Reading that provides additional insight into the concepts mentioned in this write up….

Being Out of the Flow Tie-in article to this one, expounding on various, more minor phenomenon that tends to get lumped under the huge umbrella of “gangstalking” level events, but which actually have other possible (though still “woo woo”) explanations.

Spiritless Humans by Montalk. Excellent article by Montalk describing what “spirit” is, and how many among us are lacking it, and what the results of that would be.   “Empty people. Puppet people. Cardboard cutouts. Drones. Organic Portals. Background characters. Why do these terms even exist? Because out of necessity they had to be invented by those who independently noticed the same puzzling phenomenon, one for which there is no official name: some people seem to be missing something very important inside. While they are not necessarily any less intelligent, successful, or physically healthy as anyone else, they nevertheless show no indication of having any higher components to their consciousness.

“Over the years I have received emails from readers who came to this same conclusion. They noticed that some people were strangely one dimensional and hollow inside. This observation is not hard to miss, but it is easy to rationalize away, especially with modern society being so heavily brainwashed with the politically correct but unrealistic concept that everyone is completely equal in every way, which ignores functional differences due to environmental, genetic, and most importantly, metaphysical factors….”

Overcoming Social Anxiety and Public Neg Interference. From the former Beyond Within blog, and now currently located at Palehorse’s new site, this was Gehenna’s experience with gangstalking and how she worked to change her mindset to prevent the interference. The reason I loved the Beyond Within blog (and still love Palehorse’s writings that are now located on a different site) is that most of the entries are aimed at how one can better empower themselves against neg entities and life happenings using hands on techniques and mindset shifts. It’s unusual in that it’s completely solutions-oriented, versus just being yet another website or blog where the authors vent and rant and rave.     “This still didn’t solve the problems with Random Nasty Bastards. These gangstalking episodes would come literally out of the blue, with perpetrators going out of their way to screw up my day. I expect a few comments; everyone gets unwanted attention at some point, as they walk past a drunk, or gang of builders for example. What I got was far beyond that, to the point where attacks were obviously timed and scripted. I came up with an approach to dealing with the anxiety I felt, while putting a stop to obviously neg-influenced incidents….”

Practical Psychic Self Defense – Robert Bruce. I had the chance to see Robert Bruce speak in person for free at our local metaphysical bookshop in 2005 and I jumped at the chance since I’d read this book and found it to be the real deal. Mr. Bruce knows what he’s talking about and his book is filled with personal anecdotes from his hands on experience dealing with neg entities and possession, written in a personable, accessible and level headed way. People don’t realize how much neg entities run rampant exerting their influence on people, and for that reason I consider this book an absolute must-read. After reading it you may realize in retrospect that certain things that have happened to you in life or particular behaviors/feelings/moods that you or somebody you know have exhibited were really the influence of a neg entity.

Remarkable Healings – Shakuntali Modi Dr. Modi is a psychiatrist who began experimenting with hypnotic regression as a means for helping her patients overcome mysterious illnesses and psychological ailements that traditional therapies and medications weren’t able to rid. Besides past lives, she soon discovered the influence of negative entities and earthbound spirit attachments and possession within many of her patients. And when these attachments were removed from the patient, longstanding illnesses, mental issues and personality traits would most times disappear overnight. Even more amazing is that her patients were all pretty much reporting the same methods how neg entities and earthbound spirit attachments work, independently verifying the information. An interesting and well written book for people who hadn’t realized just how pervasive entity attachments are. Like “Practical Psychic Self Defense” I mention this book for readers who may be new to the idea of non-physical entities and attachments and the idea of “stuff” working through people. It’s important information to have, not only for trying to better understand so much of what goes on within gangstalking, but in the world in general.

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