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Veils of Awakening

by Carissa Conti
© February 6, 2007

Some reading this may be familiar with a write up that has been quoted in truth seeking material called Slavery and the Eight Veils. It has to do with the various levels, or “veils” that people must pass through on their way from being asleep at the wheel, to realizing what’s really happening in this reality and how it all works. I agree with the concept of passing through levels of awareness as one gains more information and knowledge about life…but I don’t really agree with it all as it’s presented in that particular write up. The fact that it’s claimed “10 percent” will make it to each next veil – there’s no way to determine such a number; and then what each level encompasses according to that write up doesn’t feel accurate to me either. But, it’s still an important concept nonetheless.

Most important is how the “Slavery and the Eight Veils” write up ties into what I’m going to talk about now. What I’ve encountered out there in Internet Land are conspiracy researchers/truth seekers who only take their research so far. They only peel back a few layers, and stop when they get to stuff like, “The Illuminati.” “The Illuminati run things on this planet, humanity is evil, end of story.”


There’s a whole lot more going on here, and “the Illuminati” isn’t even the half of it. So using the concept of the veils, I’d like to illustrate how far it all goes for those conspiracy researchers who are only scratching the surface. Following is my own, more detailed and (in my opinion) more realistic version of what the veil levels of awakening are, although it’s not always in this exact order. There are of course people who will realize some of the latter items before some of the items at the beginning, but this is the general gist. And while it’s going to initially seem a bit “negative” upon first glance, don’t worry, it does get positive and optimistic by the end of this write up. ;) I don’t believe in bitching and complaining about the so-called negative just for the sake of it, ending abruptly so you’re hanging on the line, the way all those conspiracy and alternative news websites are so fond of doing. I’m all about trying to find the balanced perspective on things, and most importantly….solutions.

So with that in mind, let’s review the steps of awakening as I’ve typically seen it happen with people out in the so-called real world:


1. Realizing that we are being “held down in place,” not only as a nation but as an entire human race. That school, religion, the police, government, all of it, are multiple sides of the same coin, a system of indoctrination and control. Seeing the institutions around us for what they really are and not how they are presented to us.

To cite a great quote which summarizes this inversion:

“Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information, and religions destroy spirituality.”

- Michael Ellner, hypnosis educator and practitioner

This is usually the first biggest wake up call for a lot of people, especially if they used to buy into things and accepted the way in which institutions are presented to us. They’ll probably stumble onto the works of David Icke, Henry Makow, Jordan Maxwell, etc. and so on, who write about the secret societies who run the planet, their agendas, and alternative history; or Jeff Rense, Alex Jones and all the other conspiracy internet and radio host celebs.

And on a minor but related note: Seeing through the things that fill in the cracks of our every day lives, such as TV, movies, professional sports, magazines, fashion, celebrity drivel, etc. and understanding that its purpose is distraction, diversion, programming, and manipulative control. Contrary to popular perception it’s not just all innocent entertainment. Even better, becoming aware of the occult/mind control symbolisms embedded within many mediums of entertainment, as well as the subliminals and other manipulation.

When people are first beginning to wake up they notice that their tolerance level for entertainment drops considerably and the distractions that used to hold appeal now just seem…well, like mindless distraction. So this is one of the biggies at the beginning, one of the first things to drive a wedge between them and their family, friends, roommates, and significant others.


2. Learning about mind control/frequency control, in all its forms. Not only the indoctrination we experience on a macro level, (school, religion, media, society in general) but on the micro, covert level as well, from beam weapon technology, frequency control and government sponsored mind control programs, to subliminal messages and so on.

After beginning to wake up and shaking off the fog, many newbies will soon stumble onto mind control in the next step of their research travels when hopping online, reading articles and joining forums. It’s a biggie, and provides quite the shake up.


3. Understanding that elections are controlled and that nothing is what it seems to be when it comes to Congress, Senate, the President, etc. Or, as David Icke would put it, “Presidents are SE-lected, not E-lected.” ;) This is sometimes difficult for even supposedly aware conspiracy theorists to grasp, which is why I didn’t include it with #1. Time and again I’ve seen supposedly aware types who’ve read all the conspiracy/NWO material, but who still believe that things can be fixed in our society…….through elections. Through protests to the government. Through letters and campaigning to Congress and the Senate. They’re still not grasping that things are not what they seem to be when it comes to the political structure in place. We are just so conditioned since childhood about the president, voting, that we live in a “free and democratic society,” “anybody can become president,” and how the people in charge of us want what’s best for us and are good, etc. etc. that for many, it’s difficult to let go of that programming and step outside the circle and question whether this is really true. But finally realizing all of this will usually then lead to the knowledge of the shadow government, and black ops military projects, the real power players who pull the strings from behind the scenes versus the front stage facade puppets that we’re shown. Which then leads to the ultimate biggie – that all the big corporations and institutions and world governments are already connected, despite the illusion that things are still separate.


4. Experience and knowledge of what we would consider “aliens,” (or non-human intelligences, as I prefer to call them) UFOs and abductions. Not necessarily having to be an abductee yourself, but having awareness that this is happening in general on this planet. Understanding that our “government” is well aware of the existence of these non-human intelligences, and that these intelligences, whatever they actually are, seem to have a very long history of interacting with life on this planet.

The basic alien/UFO awareness usually involves believing they’re from space, or other planetary systems. So the next sub-step up is the understanding that many of them are already here — existing in other neighboring realms to ours. Which leads to:


5. Awareness of non-3rd density realms having an effect on this realm. Usually starts with knowledge or experience with ghosts, the paranormal, non-human entities, nature spirits, communication with one’s higher self, or “angels” and “spirit guides.” But once you can acknowledge the idea of non-physical entities, whether human or otherwise, you of course then have to accept the idea that they’re residing in a realm that’s not here. So….where is “there”? And can “there” affect “here”? If so, how? And to what extent? Ah! Funny you should ask! Because apparently they can affect “here” to quite a degree. And this is a big one on the list for people to realize.


6. Learning about energy exchange. It might seem obvious, but most people don’t realize that everything on this planet exchanges energy in some way. Every interaction between every person is an exchange of energy. Some give, many take, and people can age faster than they should, becoming ill and losing vital life force because of either takers who feed, or by fault of their own when engaging in activities/behaviors/thoughts that drain their energy. (things such as lying to yourself, anger, bitterness, jealousy, talking too much, gossiping, nonstop internal mind chatter, etc. can all drain energy.) Once somebody learns about energy exchange, that can lead to the realization that there are “negative feeders” so to speak in other realms that subsist on what author Robert Monroe termed “loosh,” of which includes negative emotions and sexual energy. Awareness of numbers 4 and 5 leads to awareness of this aspect of things. Learning about all aspects of energy exchange, feeding and “loosh” is a major step up in the awakening process that usually happens at about this point. People begine learning how to untangle themselves from dysfunctional relationships, jobs, coworkers and bosses, and crazy family members, friends and roommates, as well as modifying their behaviors and thoughts to minimize personal energy loss, and to avoid feeding the “feeders.”


7. Realizing that there are non-humans walking among us masquerading as people. It’s one thing for people to realize and accept numbers 4 and 5 on the list, that there are ghosts that come and go between this world and some other, or aliens and such “out there” somewhere that sometimes come “here,” but it’s a little harder for some to acknowledge the idea that not everybody around them that appears human is, well, exactly that. “Aliens” with human visage overlays, re-animated pawns, people with no auras. Those who essentially act as background filler characters, promoting the way of the “puppet people” and advocating the status quo for the rest to soak up and mimic, so everybody stays in line. Awareness of geographic regions that no longer emit energy either, for whatever reason, should also be included. (holographic inserts? Faked reality in some way?) Things aren’t what they seem to be, apparently. This item on the list kind of requires having psychic sixth sense sight though, or at least knowing some trust worthy psychic people that you can believe and take their word for what they’ve seen and experienced.


8. Realization of timeline manipulation of our reality from “hyperdimensional stuff” behind the scenes. Again, it’s one thing for those to realize the concept of ghosts, aliens, non-human entities, and that these things are around, interacting with us from other realms, or that some “people” among us may not be what we think….but wrapping the mind around the concept of “time,” and that it doesn’t exist outside of this realm, and that it’s not linear, and there are multiple probable timelines, and that said higher beings outside of time can manipulate these timelines, changing reality and the outcome of events, well, that’s a bit much for some to handle as I’ve personally seen for myself. They’re with you right up to the point where you get to “reality rearrangement,” “multiple probable timelines” and “higher beings outside of time toying with our world like a big alien ant farm,” then you lose them. It’s usually one of those things that unless someone has had direct experience with it all then they’ll probably have a hard time believing it, let alone incorporating it into their worldview to give them the “bigger picture” perspective on everything going on around them. They can accept the idea that there’s non-human, non-physical “stuff”….just not that timelines can be manipulated by them and that time doesn’t exist. Which is understandable. The way we’re wired is that we typically experience “time” in a linear way. Most never witness anything otherwise. So how would you know about it then, right? Let alone believe in it? And then you factor in the direct and inadvertant programming we’ve all received since infancy that has told us that we’re at the top of the heap on this planet, the smartest, the best, and we’re the most advanced civilization to ever walk the Earth (which we’re not) and this creates an inability within many to handle the idea that we’re not only NOT the best, but that we’re not the ones controlling a big chunk of what’s going on here, as much as a lot of people would like to believe.

First hand knowledge of all of this aspect of things can come about through many avenues, such as experiencing “glitches in the Matrix,” reality distortions, parallel timeline bleedthroughs, protective intervention to rectify an accident or mishap; glimpsing the rearrangement of timelines from “backstage,” sensing/experiencing actually being in a time loop, etc.


9. Realizing that Earth/reality isn’t what we’re told it is. It very well may be an experiment, and we are the lab rats. Having experienced 4, 5, 7 & 8 will usually lead one to #9.


10. Remembering “who we are” and living a self-empowered existence where we understand that we have more of a say in what happens to us than we realize; that we can control the functions of our own bodies and rid our own illnesses through sheer mind abilities alone and not via the mainstream health system; we can turn the tables on neg entity/non-human intelligence harassment and gain the upper hand and stop much of it; that our realities with all it encompasses, as well as the future timeline(s) we wind up on are being determined by our own thoughts and actions, every second of every day. This reality isn’t what they’re telling us it is, and that we actually have more freedom to maneuver than we ever realized.


11. Making it out of the illusion. However that may be! It entails waking up though, no doubt. Stuart Wilde claims to be showing people a way out of this reality via the “Morph.” Other solitary spiritual type and mystics have apparently been able to dematerialize and leave at will.

The definition of what it means to “wake up” though is going to be different depending on the person you talk to. Some people believe that merely experiencing/realizing the things outlined in this list means they’re awake now. Or as somebody once said on a messageboard I participate in, rough paraphrase, “Okay, I’m awake now.” However I don’t think is necessarily the case…because if we were truly awake, then we wouldn’t still be here. ! There’s a thought. The fact we’re here means we’re still asleep at the wheel in some way or another. One of the biggest things one can do if they’re intent on trying to truly “wake up” is to practice utmost awareness, every second of every hour of every day. Every thought that flits through your mind, and every emotion that wells up then subsides back under the waves again…be aware of it, notice it, be in it, versus passing through life in a semi-unconscious state. It’s probably quite exhausting, to be honest. I certainly have yet to do it…but it’s my goal. I’m currently reading the book “A Year to Live – How to live this year as if it were your last” by Stephen Levine, and that’s the central focus of this book. Working to become fully conscious and in the moment, practicing to be aware of every single thought, idea and emotion one has while awake. (among other things, all geared towards the ultimate goal of living your life to its fullest, versus being asleep at the wheel.) It’s good advise and I’m thinking it’s the biggest avenue towards “waking up.”

So, different people will figure things out in slightly varied orders, but in general this seems to be a more realistic outline of how the step-by-step awakening process goes for lot of people. Many of the awakening people that I’ve encountered only make it to about number 4, unfortunately. And that was the inspiration behind this write up actually, the fact that there’s a repeating pattern within conspiracy research and truth seekers to not see the hyperdimensional aspect that governs this reality from behind the scenes. Basically, #5 and beyond on the list.

I recently received an email from a guy who was aware on many levels about many things, but then threw me for a loop when he stated that he believed that humans are toxic, and that everything we see happening around us is really just our own doing. Just…casually slipped that comment in, sounding so easy breezy and matter-of-fact about it all. There was zero mention of anything hyperdimensional, about the puppet masters who pull the strings of so many people on this planet, playing around with timelines, altering reality, re-writing things as they see fit, tinkering and toying, forever trying to gain the upper hand. No mention of the parasitic neg entities that latch onto people to feed, directing thoughts, behaviors and urges that would otherwise not take place in that person. It wasn’t mentioned probably because he, like most conspiracy researchers, simply wasn’t aware of it; his research hadn’t gotten to that level, and/or he was lacking in experiences that showed him these aspects of reality. So humans are toxic? Not necessarily…although the negs would certainly love to hear you hating on your own species that way and blaming yourself for stuff they had a hand in. ;) Humans have been messed with, big time. We’re not entirely to blame here. I’m not advocating the victim mentality by any means…but we’re definitely not entirely to blame.

It’s frustrating for me to encounter opinions like the one in the above-mentioned email, because they’re missing a good chunk of the puzzle here. This lack of knowledge and experience about the higher/interdimensional realms can be flat out dangerous because it not only leads to distorted and unbalanced conclusions and perspectives, but it leaves one vulnerable to all sorts of manipulation. How can you gain the upper hand on your life when you don’t even know the behind-the-scenes stuff exists in the first place? How can you make better and more informed choices when you don’t have all the information? But that’s exactly why we’re not usually able to see it. They’re not stupid. They can’t direct and run an operation such as this out in the open, where everybody can flagrantly see them and witness what they’re doing. The gig would be up. But luckily there are people with the sixth sense sight and those who have directly experienced these other realms, which is why many of us know it to be true.

A lot of people have questioned how these conspiracy websites manage to keep up and running after all these years, considering the way they are supposedly “exposing” things on this planet. The reason for that, in my opinion, is because they actually aren’t exposing things. At least, not the real happenings that matter, involving hyperdimensional manipulation by stuff outside this realm. These websites often ensure that you’ll only get so far before running into a wall. The reason I enjoyed the work of David Icke for instance for so many years (even though I didn’t agree 100% with him on everything) is because he takes it all the way to the top, as far as it will go. He doesn’t stop with the “Illuminati/Brotherhood of the Snake.” He talks in-depth about the other realms and the non-human controllers. He always factors that into the equation in his books when discussing what’s happening on this planet, unlike the conspiracy websites that never mention it and keep people running in circles, like a hamster in a wheel only scratching the surface. Now, the nature of who these controllers are is up for debate; Icke focuses heavily on the reptilians at the expense of other things, but there’s no doubt that it’s all about these other realms beyond 3rd density, whoever and whatever may be populating them.

Then there are the truth seekers who do make it to the upper portions of the list in terms of their awareness…but then don’t always live what they know. (I’m guilty of this myself.) Why? Because it means flipping the boat over and disrupting the flow of a stable (albeit often times boring and illusory) existence. And that scares a lot of people, to put it bluntly. Also, a lot of people don’t know where else to go once they’ve reached the top. Okay…now what? Still others are often times surrounded by very asleep family, significant others, friends and co-workers, and don’t see a way to co-exist with the masses if they’re not engaging in the illusion as well.

Getting to the upper levels of the list means there’s no turning back. You can’t undo what you now know, and to do otherwise is to purposely “take the blue pill” and slip back under the waves. Making it to the top of the list means you’ve become what author Stuart Wilde refers to as a “Fringe Dweller.” It can be a lonely place, and a lot of people aren’t willing to go it alone. It’s better to go back to being asleep with others…even if they’re holding you down….than be awake and alone. And I do understand that. And sometimes being aware can be a curse rather than a blessing. Blissful oblivion starts to look pretty inviting. “Let’s just pretend I don’t know what I know…” Like Cypher in “The Matrix” who wanted to get plugged back in after nine years of being out.

Truthfully, the only thing that probably kept me in line for so many years was my cat. But if I didn’t have her to be responsible for back when she was alive? Then I would probably have turned my back on what I know too and just thrown it all away, taken the blue pill and go be homeless in San Francisco. Go drink, and just hang out in Union Square with the homeless people the way I used to when I’d take trips up there, roam the streets hopping cable cars, sit on the Golden Gate bridge at night listening to the tugboats and watching the fog roll in, eat clam chowder bowls at the Wharf, listen to the street musicians, and kick back and watch people while keeping my hands warm on a hot cup of coffee on a bench. Slip back under the waves. But, that’s not my life on this particular timeline, (although it is in another, for the timeline where I moved to Frisco sometime around 1998 or ’99 or so, pre-cat time period, to go live in my car.) So here we are instead.

Time for some optimism

After reading about the situation on planet Earth in the “Veils of Awakening” list, things can sometimes seem a bit…overwhelming. Or, as another email I received from somebody today said, “What is the point??” He wanted to know…what is the point of it all??? If everything is under “their” control and we don’t really have freedom the way we’re led to believe, if it’s all lies and cover-ups…then what’s the point?? The tone wasn’t whiny, instead it was conveyed with a sort of face scrunching, head shaking “WTH??” puzzlement, just random thoughts he’d been having lately that he thought he’d write me about. It was kind of an “I (Heart) Huckabees” sort of moment. ;) It’s a very good question though, and synchronistically timely since I was in the middle of writing this piece when it came in, something he couldn’t have known. So what is the point of it all then?

I don’t know. All I do know is that life is what you make of it. The point is whatever you want it to be. What do you want from life? Who do you want to be? What experiences would you like to have? What do you want to do? Whatever it is…that’s the point of it all. If you’d like to drift and do nothing…then that’s the point. If you feel like you’re on a mission to save the world…then that’s the point.

Having the knowledge about the power structure that’s in place and the level of deception happening in this illusory world we live in doesn’t have to be a bad thing. If anything it makes you free. Now you know. And as noted earlier, now you can make better and more informed choices for yourself, instead of getting taken for a ride by the lies and deception that are out there. Now you’ll be more in control of your thoughts, urges and actions, instead of allowing yourself to be at the mercy of “stuff” that likes to manipulate you and pull your strings from behind the scenes. And most importantly…you’ll recognize when those around you are being used in those ways. Now you can remember who you are, take the reigns of your life, use mind over body to heal yourself, and manifest what you need. All sorts of fun stuff. Because now you know what the real deal is. So sure, they’ve got a power structure of control in place…but I’m thinking that it’s only control if we’re asleep and don’t realize we’re under control. Once you start to learn what the deal is then as noted…the gig is up. You see through everything and can take a different path. Start giving stuff the slip.

As noted though in my write up, “Working for the Puppet People…and Finding a Way Out” here’s a quick reminder that it may not be a good idea to throw everything away and wander the earth (like I sometimes wish I could do ;) ) and go down in flames, giving up on it all up and going nuts in a negative way. It’s possible to detach from the herd and exist at the outer most fringes, with a foot in both doors so to speak. So like a martial arts move, the trick is to take your newfound knowledge of how things are and transcend the system, use it against itself for greater good, not go down in flames with it. This reality seems to be a free will zone free-for-all, which means neg elements technically have the right to be here, controlling things. But we have the right to wake up. And maybe that’s our job – to wake up. What we choose to do after that is up to us.