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When Everybody's on a Different Page

by Carissa Conti
© 2009


(Updated October 19, 2010)

“What do you feel about the world of the circle-people? Can you leave it alone? Can you allow them their destiny, changing nothing?”

- Stuart Wilde, “The Quickening”

An interesting question. The “circle people” for Stuart Wilde are the people who populate the mainstream – asleep – world of “tick tock,” another one of his pet terms. So if you’re a truth seeker, somebody who is more outside the circle, then what do you do once you start learning more about what’s really going on, and start unraveling those other layers of reality? For many, their first inclination is to wake others up too, spread the word in any way they can. From websites/blogs, to message board postings, maybe even writing a book or two, on to personal activism/protests, with a whole lot of trying to verbally explain it to everybody around them who will listen.

However, as many reading this have probably seen or experienced for themselves…a good many people out there don’t seem too terribly interested to hear about the conspiracy/truth seeking material, let alone be willing to act on it. So typically a lot of awakening newbies find, much to their frustration, that their personal campaigning with friends, family, significant others, coworkers, roommates, whatever, is met with glazed over eyes, deaf ears, or is outright ridiculed. As far as many truth seekers are concerned, there’s a large dead weight holding the rest of the planet down.

So, does this mean don’t even try? Well my personal answer to the question Stuart poses is……….no. Because I can’t leave it alone. But, it’s not a case of meddling or forcing one’s ideas onto other people. (if that were the case, then what is the difference between a zealous truth seeker trying to forcibly “wake others up!” to the world conspiracy, versus a zealous religious fanatic trying to forcibly “wake others up!” to God, the bible and Jesus? hm, now there’s a thought. ;) ) The trick to dealing with the world of the circle people is knowing when to say something and plant your seeds, and recognizing when one’s two cents of input is not wanted. And I think that’s what Stuart meant by leaving the circle people to their destiny. Leave them alone….once they have shown that they’re not interested in achieving anything beyond “tick tock.” And also that ultimately, it’s not anybody’s responsibility to determine that another “needs” to “wake up” anyway. Leave them be to get where they’re going on their own terms. But that’s just my interpretation of his words, and it may not be right.

Now, what causes apathy and ridicule in the “circle people” masses when approached by awakening truth seekers? Why are some people eager to learn about those others layers of reality with this burning need to try to do something, while others could care less? The inspiration to finally sit down and answer that question (in the form of this article) happened after recently reading some blog postings made by a woman in Internet Land who is yet another person experiencing this exact same thing. She’s coming from a New Age background, but, with years of research into the whole NWO subject, which makes for more awareness and smarts than many who are linked to the new age circles. Yet there was clearly a heavy new age influence going on, making it so that she refused to acknowledge anything perceived to be “negative” problematic or an obstacle, even though she apparently is well versed in conspiracy material and should have been aware of what the world situation is. And I soon began noticing that she had an almost childlike trust in the idea that all you have to do is spread the word about what’s going on through protests and marches, and people will respond and show up in droves. Then the system will tumble, and all will be well in the world. She’s very big on the idea of “getting information out there,” that this is the big key to everything. (even though many high profile book and website authors, radio hosts and alternative information magazines have already been doing exactly that for decades, and yet, here we are….still.) People just need to hear about this information, that’s all that’s needed, was her mindset, and once they hear, then according to the (mistaken) assumption, they’ll be the same as her………receptive and open, willing to override their lifetime of matrix programming, AND willing to act on it all. There was an inability on her end to comprehend that people most likely won’t respond in the same way as her, and no apparent interest in figuring out why that is. (To do that is acknowledging something “negative”…and the years of heavy new age involvement has heavily programmed her to not do that…..)

So needless to say, when people didn’t show up to the anti-NWO marches and protests that she was trying to help promote, and the general public didn’t seem to care, and “getting the information out there” didn’t have the effect she thought it would, her response was to cry, as she noted on her blog. Since I was invited by one of her readers to go over and join in the discussion in her blog comments section I did so, posting my perspective, the various reasons why I think there’s such a huge lack of response from the public at large to these conspiracy issues, and why all the rampant so-called apathy. To say it was met with initial resistance by her is putting it mildly. My first comment was completely ignored/stepped over in distaste by her as she made sure to acknowledge everybody else but me, and the second comment, where I further elaborated on things, was flat out deleted. ;D (later explaining to me in an email that my posts were “too depressing.”) ah well. There’s a lot to say about what went on with all that, but long story short in the end she decided to repost my comments after all, surprisingly. (although by that point I didn’t care and actually wished I’d never gotten involved.) Now, I don’t think what I had to say was depressing, and I told her so, because it was based on what I’ve seen and experienced out there in the world around me, from first hand knowledge and personal research. My perspective was, this is reality. This is the world. (Override the New Age programming) and let’s look at it for what it actually is, straight on, instead of running from it or denying it. Rather than crying in frustration about things not working out the way one hoped, instead, try to understand why that is…….so you can work around it.

Well, I’ve attempted to do just that here, compiling together a list of the various factors converging within our society to keep everybody at different levels, taken from both my research into the global conspiracy, as well as personal life experience observations of the world around me. The list is in order from the most basic generalized items that would be affecting the population as a whole, on up to very specific things that are only affecting certain people. But it’s the various reasons why merely getting the information out there doesn’t always work, why people may be apathetic, or outright skeptic debunkers when faced with truth seeking material, and why everybody seems to be on a different page, so that newbies and frustrated truth seekers can keep this in mind in case they find themselves scratching their heads. Also, it’s not meant to be a depressing downer, it’s meant in a matter-of-fact neutral way, with musings afterwards trying to make sense of what to do next. So, with that in mind:


  • No basis of comparison. I’ve decided to move this to the #1 position, because I’ve come to realize that this is probably singlehandedly the biggest reason for why people don’t see what’s happening around them most times, even when it’s right in front of their face. They were born into a situation, and don’t know any different. They have no basis of comparison. For instance when trying to explain to people (especially younger kids) about how their media choices nowadays are so messed up and destructive, and how it’s all part of an agenda to socially engineer them and society as a whole they’ll most times just laugh at you and dismiss you…….because they don’t know any different. They were raised on it, they’re totally submerged in it, and they didn’t live in past times when life was different, so they don’t know. It’s like being in a crowd of people and being unable to see what’s up ahead…or what’s behind. All it takes is lifting up just a couple of feet to see over the sea of heads, and thus be able to see around and get a bigger perspetive….another angle/viewpoint that was previously unavailable. But that’s not possible in our linear time reality where we’re stuck wherever we are. We’re not able to jump into bodies in the past to feel out what everyday life was like for them to know how far our current society has deviated from what used to be. Unfortunately, all anybody knows is the present, and their own personal little bubble that they were born into. For that reason warnings and lectures will just fall on deaf ears so long as a person lacks that basis of comparison understanding. A person has to be able to get away from the influences long enough to see them for what they are. And for most people that’s not going to happen, unfortunately.
  • Mind control programming. A big interest of mine as evidenced elsewhere around my site. The subject of mind control is huge, so it’s not my intention to dissect it in-depth. There’s the “government sponsored trauma-based mind control” which many people can read about but feel safely detached from. But there’s also the mind control that everybody has been subjected to their whole lives but usually don’t recognize or realize. The birth to death conditioning regarding control, authority and laws. And then school. Most people think of school as the place where we get an education. True, but it’s also where they make sure to not teach us many things that would lead to greater awareness and personal freedom, where history becomes majorly distorted/biased if not flat out manufactured and where subjects in general are taught in a disconnected, compartmentalized way, and our personalities are rewired through endless ringing bells, the grading system, and the expectation of blind obedience to what is sometimes abusive authority. They’ll beat the fun right out of learning, figuratively, and maybe even sometimes literally, considering corporal punishment is still legal in 22 states. They’ll also make sure that by the time a student graduates high school they won’t question things due to being forced for 13 years to memorize and regurgitate what the school told them to (or else face some heavy duty consequences), and that the idea of “reading for fun” won’t even cross the student’s mind. Then there’s the media – TV, movies, radio, cartoons, video games, magazines, advertisements, newspapers – social engineering and thought control/influencing that is most times created by the Powers That Be that own everything and are in charge of this reality, dictating what your entertainment will be, telling you how to spend your money, what to do in your free time, what to wear, how to talk, how to have sex, how relationships should be, what to believe, what to think….what not to think….who to be as a person, etc. Mind control isn’t just a case of being locked up in a room with electrodes stuck in your head, as the grandiose term may imply. It’s something that’s right under our noses in our everyday lives, molding us, shaping us, rewiring us from birth, but which most don’t even recognize as such. And it becomes a force to be reckoned with when trying to convince a heavily programmed person that the world around them as presented to them all these years maybe isn’t quite so.

Now, my personal opinion is that most, if not all, front and center politicians, talking head newscasters/correspondents and political commentators whose jobs are to ingrain a set view of reality into our minds are all heavily mind controlled. Not just in the everyday “school-parents-media-authority-religion” sort of way, but in the more nefarious sorts of ways involving actual controlling handlers, implants, psychotronic control, etc. which keep them in line as literal puppets, doing and saying exactly as their controllers want them to. I also think with these particular front and center spokespeople that there are even more weird and woo-woo things possibly going on with them, but I save that little bit for the last item on the list. ;) So if you find yourself yelling at the TV or getting really aggravated at how these “news” people can do what they do with a straight face…..well, keep this in mind.

  • Fear/herd mentality. Have you ever talked to an average person about the idea of not doing things in the mainstream way, for instance like paying taxes/claiming deductions, or getting the car registered and insured? It brings up a o_O !! surprised, alarmed reaction many times. That’s a lifetime of fear programming, created through authority and laws. I can understand why the majority believes that we need authority/police/government/laws to protect us from truly harmful criminals and sociopaths, I’m not going to argue about that in this piece, but they’ve got thousands of laws on the books to regulate the most minute details of our lives, from car registration, insurance, taxes, garbage cans, jaywalking, parking, etc. (worse yet, homeowner’s associations, regulating every detail about your home’s exterior and lawn, or else face costly fines….or even repossession of your house.) We’re completely conditioned, and thus, ingrained with fear, about staying in line and obeying higher authority (no matter how out of line and ridiculous they may have gotten) and not going against the status quo.

I’ve encountered other people’s fear programming regarding the idea of me not having health insurance. For choosing to work as a temp versus a permanent employee. For walking away from a loathed job to take the risk of being unemployed in what was perceived to be a shaky job market. Fear, fear and more o_O! fear in response to what I thought were mundane ideas that weren’t that big of a deal. Forget the bigger stuff! And with the way things seem to work with human psychology, all you need are a few to get fear momentum going. From there, it takes off until most everybody is swept up in the big fear snowball rolling down the mountain. “Don’t rock the boat! Just stay in the pen!” This would then cause resistence/apprehension towards those who go against the grain and have a different mindset from the “matrix” society’s.

  • Poverty-induced inability to care or do anything. Sticking to the U.S., since that’s where I live, many people here are not coming from the wealthy and highly educated classes. Most people are middle to lower class, and are often times kept struggling financially, trying to keep their heads above water, working low paying jobs. Life becomes about trying to survive on a day to day basis. And with gasoline over $4 a gallon now, food costs increasing, and foreclosures at an all time high and the corresponding rise in homelessness…..and pay wages at a stagnant standstill…..then it’s a recipe for apathy for those still trapped in the illusion, buying into the idea that this is how it is, so, accept your lot in life. What are people supposed to do when they lack higher awareness, and they’re living in a motel room? Out of their car? In a tent? On a friend’s couch? With no spare money? And no education? From a lower class background where they may be ignorant to things such as politics, economics, and the basic workings of things? They’re most times rendered ineffectual to do anything, too poor to care, with no energy to spare for becoming educated about the true workings of the global conspiracy and getting involved in activism. I used to be that waitress working three jobs and I can tell you, when you’re in that position you’re usually just occupied with your own immediate realm bubble. Even though I had an open and inquisitive mind, and was always subconsciously “searching” even if I didn’t consciously realize it, I didn’t have the free time or money to be doing much about anything.

Another thing worth noting – I spent a short period of time in 2007 helping out at a local metaphysical book shop as a cashier, but it’s also a shop I’ve spent a lot of time browsing and shopping in myself. And what I’ve noticed both in the time I filled in there as a cashier and hung around as a customer is that there’s a very specific group of people who have the luxury of buying up piles of new age/metaphysical/conspiracy books, videos/DVDs, meditation materials, fancy scented candles, sarongs, statues, Tibetan bowls, windchimes, crystals and rocks, incense, self help materials, psychic readings with the various intuitives who regularly work at the shop……………it’s people with money. The demograph was typically white, middle to upper class, age 40+, with money to burn, and lots of time on their hands. I rang people up who were spending hundreds of dollars at a time, who, if they saw something at the last minute that they liked on their way up to the counter, would toss that in there too without even checking the price. Money wasn’t a concern for these people. Spare time was not an obstacle. And on the flip end of the spectrum I watched as random poorer black people from the surrounding neighborhoods would wander in to check things out, usually with a “huh” look on their face, but not really buying anything. It was more of a curiosity, checking the store out because they happened to be walking by, so, why not, shrug. This is a point I mentioned on that aforementioned blog, but which was of course knee-jerk rejected because sometimes people don’t want to acknowledge economic unbalances, especially when they’re not one of the people experiencing them. But when you’re poor and working all the time, and maybe even coming from a uneducated background, you don’t always have the time and money to be buying up conspiracy and metaphysical materials that would enlighten and help you evolve and become more aware, or have the money for home internet hookup. (and the internet has been a HUGE factor in helping people wake up and become aware of things.) I certainly didn’t used to. Only since 2002 have I had money to blow on conspiracy and metaphysical books.

And related to this would be….

  • Failed educational system. On one end of the spectrum you have these intelligent super achievers from good families going off to good colleges and getting multiple degrees. And on the flip end of the spectrum think about all the horror stories of what kids don’t know nowadays when they graduate high school. Aaaaaall the kids who can’t even identify all 50 states on a map…let alone know where other countries are located on the globe. They don’t know how the so-called election process works. They can’t tell you a thing about most major historical events. Can’t do math in their heads and need a calculator or cash register to think for them. Don’t understand anything about the basics of science – electricity, magnetism, the way the world around us that we use every day actually works. They don’t know all the planets in our solar system, let alone anything about the nature of space. They coast, they pass through the system, slip through the cracks, then go out into the world to work at low paying blue collar jobs, and just………exist. An anonymous life, working as a servant for the system, always the hamster in a wheel just skating by financially, filling the gaps of their life with entertainment and media, maybe drinking, maybe drugs, having kids they can’t afford, maybe even still living at home with their family well into their 30s…….another phenomenon that’s emerged since the 1990s.

If you don’t know or really care about the details of the workings of the mainstream world, then you’re probably not going to be terribly concerned with being knowledgeable about conspiracies, out there trying to stop the “New World Order!” and helping to educate the masses about the true nature of money, the laws, the global elite, aliens/hyperdimensional reality, and the control system in charge of us.

In my opinion this set up is by design, because if the power brokers of the world really wanted to share the stage with 6 billion equally rich, smart, healthy, properly fed and aware people, then we’d have a very different system/world in place around us. !!

  • Poisoned minds and bodies. Aluminum and Teflon cookware leaching into the foods they’re cooked in; mercury fillings in teeth; fluoride in the public water, toothpaste and mouth rinses; aspartame in sodas, gums and other foods; aluminum in antiperspirants, vaccines full of mercury and poisons, cell phone microwaves toasting people’s brains and ELF waves in the air, and chemtrails overhead. And we wonder why intelligence is on the decline, and people are walking around with short attention spans, shortened memory capabilities and fuzzy/foggy heads. That’s not even counting the host of other chemicals to be found in everyday “food” products in every mainstream grocery store out there. It’s like most of the snacks and foods and drinks you find in any mainstream grocery store, as well as cigarettes, are being used as a means to covertly dispose of toxic chemicals. They don’t need to put it into landfills and dumps. Just put it in all the foods and drinks and cigarettes. :/ (that’s a point that my boyfriend mentioned once, I didn’t come up with that very keen observation.) Stuff is keeping is dumbed down, and chemicals and heavy metals in our air, water, food, beverages, cookware, and body and household products is one major way this might be accomplished.

Related to this is the issue of psych meds, and meds in general. Not only is a good portion of society on psych meds, with whatever mental side effects go with them, but the modern poisoned lifestyle has created a nation of sickness with the corresponding pills. And as any of those pharmaceutical TV commercials will tell you in their rushed disclaimers at the end, there’s a lot of dangerous side effects to these meds. Not only physical, but mental, which would be one more factor for why a lot of people may be passive zombies. People have unfortunately been programmed to just trust in the establishment – ie, doctors – and never take matters into their own hands, becoming self-educated about natural remedies and physical healing. TPTB/the System programmed the populace via fear tactics/death threats over the centuries to follow what authority does and says, or else; meanwhile as they put into place a system purposely designed to reduce intelligence, cause sickness and shorten lifespans; the populace became programmed into obedience, trusting, naive and childlike, expecting to be told what to do, (because the consequences had been firmly established); and once everything came together, TPTB produce the meds and medical treatments to mask the problems if not flat out making things worse, all to make themselves rich and maintain control over everybody. !! It’s all very “V for Vendetta” or David Icke’s “Problem-Reaction-Solution.” This is something to keep in mind, because this sort of thing affects a huge chunk of the population out there.

  • “I haven’t seen anything, so I’m movin’ along.” Not to state the obvious, but everybody’s personal reality and set of life experiences are going to be different. And there’s a large group of people out there who apparently have never experienced anything paranormal, and have no personal reason to question or doubt the mainstream version of events. Their realities have shown them nothing out of the ordinary, so, they’re movin’ along, ‘cause there’s nothing to see here. And for that reason they may be resistant to somebody coming along with weird ideas that have no basis in their own personal reality, or somebody trying to convince them that the world as presented to them their entire life by their parents, school and media is a gigantic lie. !! Especially keep in mind those people who’ve led very simple, one dimensional lives, where there hasn’t been a real need for thinking, and where there’s just this general lethargic, depressed energy going on with them.

This world is really like a zoo when you think about it, and it allows the opportunity for critters of all types and in all stages of evolution to co-exist together in the same place. Kind of neat when you think about it, and an important thing to keep in mind if you’re one of those density/realm straddlers who finds yourself puzzling over all the supposed “asleep” people around you who maybe can’t relate to you and the type of reality you’ve experienced. It’s a zoo that allows some people, if they’re at that point, to experience higher density lessons within the limited physical, five sense, 3rd density reality. While others may only be at the 3rd density level, and so that’s all they’ll experience. Everybody has their own truth, and is at their own stage of evolution, with their own version of reality as a result, and so what’s real – and important – for you may not be for others, and that always has to be kept in mind when dealing with the myriad of personality types out there.

  • Different destinies. Closely related to the previous item is how for many people, the bottom line may be that they’re not here to experience evolution or revolution. Everybody’s here for different reasons, and many may be here to just……exist. For whatever reason, won’t even get into why this may be because there could be a number of possibilities for what’s going on with them, neither right nor wrong. (From what I’ve gathered of some of my own past lives, I certainly wasn’t aware/awake, battling the forces that be. I seemed to just be living regular lives, as regular people, collecting up earthly experiences. I just had the bum luck of having my number called this time around. ;D ) This is a point my boyfriend reminded me about on several occasions and which I thought it was definitely worth remembering. We’re not all here for the same reasons, playing with the same set of tools, on the same evolutionary path, or working on the same timetable. Maybe somebody isn’t supposed to wake up……this time around. Maybe that’s on the schedule for another life. Who knows. Maybe somebody WANTS to experience oppression, poverty, getting the short end of the stick, etc. and specifically incarnated here in order to get that experience. So again, what’s right and true for me or you may not be for the next person. That’s hard for people to accept or remember sometimes.
  • “Spokespeople” that “Stuff” speaks through? Then you have those people who completely flip out when confronted with even the most mundane conspiracy topics that challenge the mainstream status quo. Extreme resistance, verbally shoving backwards/attacking the person bringing up the subject, and/or just getting a slight bit more shrill and hysterical than the situation calls for. Their personalities do such an abnormal immediate shift from however they usually are into something that seems to have a freakishly weird personal investment in defending the mainstream story, sometimes complete with change in eyes/face/voice, that it’s like something else is speaking through them, or “popping to the surface” when it would otherwise lie dormant. Why this is, I don’t know, although one theory could be that it ties into ingrained fear programming of some sort, along with an unusually high level of need for, and trust and belief in, the system, two concepts mentioned earlier in the list. But another possibility is that these people in particular are easy for “stuff” to work and speak through. By this point in my life I’ve certainly seen enough proof for the existence of “behind the scenes stuff,” whatever it is, to know that it’s real, and that people are often times being used by it like a puppet. Thinking thoughts that aren’t really theirs, saying or doing stuff that isn’t really their own motivation, etc.

I experienced a particular version of this following the Virginia Tech shootings. Quick background: Everything about the timetable of what went down that morning at VT seems suspicious, and seems to me that much like 9/11 or Columbine, there was some sort of “stand down” taking place to allow the shooter the two hour chance to make it across campus and finish what he was doing. In between when the first shots were fired, and when it ended, two hours and 33 dead people later (key masonic number), the campus was not locked down as it should have been and authorities did pretty much nothing. Plus, even a smidgeon of research into subjects such as 9/11, Oklahoma City, mind control, government patsies and so on leaves one unable to just automatically accept any story as presented to us in the news anymore. So with that in mind, I was working at one particular temp job during the time when the shooting took place. And naturally, the subject was brought up during this one luncheon we had since it was not only local news, but a few of the employees knew people who were either there, or had college kids who were there. One person was daring enough to bring up the questionable circumstances surrounding the two hour delay. I started to pick that ball up to run with it…….when we both were promptly shut down by a male employee named David at the table who seemed to have quite the vested emotional interest in maintaining the official story. And his response was immediate, he was on top of our comments in a flash, that’s what was so odd about it all. His normally passive and very effeminate/monotone voice took on an intense tone, and he leaned forward in his chair locking his eyes on me in an intense way, laying his hand on the table with the pointer finger extended towards me, and proceeded to lay into me about why the official story was right, and everything is EXACTLY the way they say it is. The table got quiet and very uncomfortable, the lighthearted employee luncheon with free food was suddenly being tainted by a dark subject, going south very quickly. I just sat there completely still, watching David staring at me the way he was, hearing his tone of voice, watching him leaning forward, pointing towards me on the table, as he went on and on, having a strange personal investment in it all. I came this close to saying, “What are you? A spokesperson for Virginia Tech??” but I decided to drop it. I could have laid into him and really gone back and forth, but the way everybody else was so uncomfortable and quiet, I realized I didn’t want to make a scene and ruin what was supposed to some fun free luncheon for everyone. So I dropped it, I let him win. When I did so, David leaned back, pulled his finger in, relaxed his shoulders, softened his voice and went back to normal, seeming to be very relieved that the status quo was defended, and all opposing views had been effectively shot down.

The whole thing was very bizarre, but it’s not unique. This goes on with people all the time who try to bring up some conspiracy point to the “circle people.” I experienced it another time back in 2005 at a hotel I used to work at with the subject of 9/11, when talking to the bellhop. I merely dared to say that the official story did NOT add up…and promptly got a hot under the collar response from the bellhop. The response was immediate too, like it would later be with David. I watched his normally flattened, deadened eyes take on a dark intensity, and he snapped at me, wanting to know why I believed such a thing. But when I started to try to outline the various discrepancies in the official story and explain myself, he began to get riled up. So I had no choice but to drop the subject with the way he was getting so irate. We were at the front desk, can’t have a scene going on after all. ;)

What’s going on here? Why would these two average schmoes be so emotionally invested in defending TPTB and their official story lines as if they were spokespeople for them, when TPTB quite obviously don’t know or care about them as individuals? And again, the immediacy of their reactions can’t be emphasized enough….normal people under normal conditions don’t respond that quickly, and that intensely. Something to note about both guys involved – in David’s case, he was one of the most personality-less people I’ve worked with in years. He was stunning in his blandness with a monotone voice and face that never had expression, and ridiculous in his (poor) attempts at “mirroring” what he thought others were. Being that I’m female, he would automatically speak to me in SoCal valley girl speak? like, saying every sentence? as if it were like, a question? with lots of “likes” thrown in? like, every other word? (a HUGE pet peeve of mine!!!!!!) But all the while, with his usual expressionless face. It was extremely disturbing, because I don’t speak that way. When talking to guys he’d switch to his normal mode of speech, which was completely flat and monotone, and again, zero facial expression. So no personality either way. And the bellhop had a drinking problem masking a bad temper, and so as mentioned his eyes were normally deadened and his whole manner slow and lethargic, purposely putting on the front of “I’ve got better things to be doing.” He’d also been known to get into verbal or physical altercations with other staff members….including females.

So as different as both guys seem to be, at the core they seem to be these empty “pawns on call,” ready to bark when needed. There’s nothing wrong with differing viewpoints, it’s what makes the world go round and is a good thing. But when it comes to these types, their unreasonable reactions are immediate and out of proportion to the situation, seeming as if they are personal “spokespeople” for the mainstream Powers That Be with inexplicable emotional investment in things that don’t have anything to do with them personally, refusing to listen to anything you have to say. That’s the key in differentiating them from regular people who just happen to disagree with you, and can rationally and calmly explain why.

  • And some walking among us may not be…..well……what we think they are. “You take too many things for granted,” as Hoggle chastised Sarah in “Labyrinth.” I like that quote, as it specifically relates to the way in which Sarah just assumed that reality within the Labyrinth was normal and operated the same way she had been taught in the real world. And I think we take for granted that reality is normal in the way we’ve been taught, and that every person around us in the world is really exactly that. But unless you’ve sensed/glimpsed this aspect of things for yourself then this will seem far fetched. Hence, the placement at the bottom of the list, since only a small number of people in the greater population whole have experienced this. For those who can’t relate…don’t worry about it, skip over it and move on. But just tossing out the possibility that maybe, just maybe, not everybody walking among us is what we think they are:

1. Non-human masqueraders and entity shadowing, and possible fake background character projections. I’ve spoken with at least three trusted women who have the sixth sense sight reporting either people in crowds with no auras (surrounded by what appeared to be real people who did have auras) as well as witnessing non-human entities masquerading as everyday people. One female non-human entity was a woman working at Whole Foods Market here in town; another was a woman involved in some horticulture group or something, but who was shadowed by a Rep, appearing to have a Rep face overlay on her own at times, and whose face under normal circumstances had a Rep-ish appearance as I saw in the photo sent via email. And one male non-human entity was standing in line at the local McDonald’s situated in the Wal*Mart here in Charlottesville of all places. (seriously, can you get more “average” and “blending in” than that? ;D It’s as if he decided to take the People Watching Tour Package or something. “I want to have the ultimate human middle American experience for the early 21st century….let’s do a McDonald’s at a crowded Wal*Mart! weeeeeeeee! Cheeseburgers!!”) Just everyday sorts walking among us who were in actuality anything but. Doesn’t mean I’m advocating witch hunts – the three women in question kept quiet and didn’t do anything to give these “people” the idea that they might try to do something about what they saw or knew, and maybe it’s best to take our cues from them.

A good analogy would be, say you have those who are plugged in and playing the game as their particular “character,” and then you have the background characters controlled by the computer/game itself. By this point in life I’ve come across enough of these limited, bland, one dimensional types with completely mimicked personalities that I’m open to the idea that there really may be background character fillers among us. There’s also the related idea that about half the population is in actuality part of a hive mind group soul, versus those who are individualized. Hive minders would also be very limited, with borrowed personalities that only mirror those around them, unable to grasp higher metaphysical and spiritual concepts (thus having zero interest in hearing about it), limited to strictly 3rd density base instincts such as sex, materialism, looks, “the tribe” and “group think,” and in worst case scenarios, acting as energy siphons, drawing on your personal energy in order to fuel themselves, being that they’re so limited. However this is a tricky concept for many people to grasp as I’ve seen on multiple message board forums. People don’t – or can’t – seem to grasp the idea of hive mind group soul and instead mistakenly think it means “no soul energy at all.” (the age old “either/or polarized binary computer” fallacy trap.) They also think it again, means “witch hunts.” I’ve even seen several people, not just one, jumping to emotionally hysterical slippery slope conclusions that this theory is the same mentality as the Nazis. That to even notice the potential possibility for hive mind souls versus individualized souls MUST mean……that you want to round them all up into camps and destroy them. (!!!!) Yes, very hysterical, and not too bright. Noticing something is not the same thing as judging it, or wishing to condemn or destroy it. (You’re different from a squirrel, right? Does noticing these differences mean you feel hostility towards the squirrel? Or that you want to round up all the squirrels into Nazi camps and eliminate them? Um, no. That would be ludicrous. Same thing here.) So my philosophy is, understand differences with head nodding neutrality, so you can better navigate your way through the world, losing the least amount of personal energy in the process.

2. Reanimated people, robotoids, clones, etc. Yes, one of the more extreme weird subject probably for the average mainstream person, the idea that people are being cloned and have duplicates, or are brought back to life by “stuff” with the high end technological capability in order to be a pawn in their agenda, etc. My personal theory is that this sort of thing may be more common with the people who are placed before us in politics and the news media outlets, referenced back in the “Mind Control” section. Although this subject has been written about in altnerative/conspiracy sources, you’d really have to have some sort of personal proof probably to believe or accept this aspect of things. If you haven’t, no worries. If you have……..then remember to keep this in mind when navigating through the world, watching ludicrous stuff being pushed on us by media and politics people, or when people in the media seem to have big ol’ crazy eyes saying the most off the hook stuff, acting not real. There could be a very good reason why some people among us seem determined to keep things “the way they are,” or invested in keeping dissenters quiet, acting as advocates of The System. Things may not be what they seem to be.

So, based on my own personal experience and research, we have the gambit here from fake aura-less background characters, 1st and 2nd density critters and hive minders, 3rd density critters in the middle of their personal evolution, those who’ve already made it beyond but who are back again (with amnesia) for whatever reason, those who are knowingly here visiting from higher realms without amnesia, aliens and non-human entities masquerading as people, alien-human hybrids, demonic and neg entities, and so on. All mixed up together. Sharing the same space. Think about that for a moment. And people wonder why everybody can’t unite towards some awakened utopia of perfection and freedom. !!!!! We’re living in a freaking zoo and everybody’s here from all over the place in this freewill free-for-all zone for their own reasons and agendas, so ultimately, there is no one thing going on and no one right action to take and no one right way to be. !!!!

……And that’s the point I want to conclude with. For myself, I have no idea anymore what we’re supposed to be doing about any of what we’re surrounded by. I really don’t. Everybody’s going to do what they feel they need to do (or not do…) and what’s right for them, and my article isn’t going to change that, and nor was it my intention to try to. I just wanted to compile together a list of what is going on out there in the world, for all the newbies and frustrated truth seekers who can’t understand why the rest of the world isn’t on the same page as them. Give people something to think about when they feel like they’re running into a wall with their campaigning.

For many they want to be involved with activism in all its forms, to keep trying, keep campaigning and pounding the pavement, never giving up on trying to wake people up. And that’s cool, because that’s some people’s personal destiny mission, their big “something to do” while here. For myself, I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve decided to put what I think or know out there on my website/book, and those who are meant to cross paths with it will, and then plant seeds in the everyday world when asked, and when relevant, (no forcing my truth on people) and they’ll get whatever it is they’re meant to get from it. And in the meantime, I’m working on my own personal issues, doing whatever charity/volunteer work I feel a draw to and helping where I can within my personal timeline constraints, with the plan to hopefully just give the whole thing the slip eventually. That’s my personal final conclusion, at this point in my life, only because now I see the large number of factors converging within our world for why everybody is at different levels. (and on a side note, deep down I don’t believe the “New World Order” as envisioned by conspiracy theorists for decades with the mandatory microchipping, martial law lock down, camps and roundups etc. etc. etc. will ever get the chance to fully materialize anyway, so, giving things the slip out the side door will actually be possible, in my opinion.)

I’m just not so sure anymore about whether it’s even possible to go up against The Beast head on in the ring considering the endless ways in which they’ve got the game rigged, and the fact that this is supposed to be some freewill zone which means everybody’s going to be working at cross purposes, here for their own reasons and agendas. This zoo is nuts, and I understand even less now about what’s going on and what to do about any of it than before I started my research. !! I feel like the end of the movie “War Games,” which I’ve mentioned before on my site. It always seems to come back to that movie for me. The way the computer manically runs through every possible global thermo nuclear war strategy it can think of, and finally comes to the conclusion that the only winning move is not to play. When it came to the Iraq war for instance, and all the lies used to get the public to go along with that tying back to 9/11, I was running through scenarios that had to do with protests and marches so huge, so organized, that they could effectively shut down entire cities around the country. Throw huge wrenches in the works forcing the rest of the asleep apathetic people to take notice and LISTEN. But all I saw with that was the way in which it would give the Powers That Be exactly what they wanted. A reason to beat, taser, gas and shoot crowds, implement martial law, and pass even more restrictive laws under the guise of “preventing domestic terrorism!” to make the people in the pen feel like they’re actually being protected from the “dangerous” dissenters.

The various scenarios that went through my mind all seemed to hit a wall, like the computer in “War Games.” Except the one where you don’t play the game….at least, not in the way that They want you to, which feeds into it even more. It’s the one where you just put what you know out there for others who are meant to cross paths with it – for those whose destinies are to leave the world of the circle people – work on your own issues, and then give it all the slip, ducking out the side door and leaving it to implode in on itself. That was the only one that ended up making sense, seven or so years after embarking on my research. I don’t know if we can even stop the avalanche….or if by this point we just need to get out of the way and save as many as we can in the process. Not everybody is going to agree though and that’s fine, because we all have different backgrounds and personal frequencies, which leads to different ways in which we will understand and face various issues.

Since this place seems to be the free-for-all freewill zoo where beings and entities from all over are allowed to run rampant with their various agendas and conflicts of interest, then I’m hoping the concept of timelines and realm shifts really are valid. Because it means that if you change yourself and get yourself aligned with your personal optimal level to be, then you won’t have to directly fight the Powers That Be, or be working at cross purposes against other souls/entities who are clearly NOT in agreement with you about “how things should be.” You’ll be giving it all the slip. And this point may be a bone of contention for some reading this, who firmly believe that, “We need to fight for the way we want things to be!” angry that I’m basically advocating the idea of walking away, and leaving. People who get mad about this point are failing to realize the myriad of souls with their personal agendas going on in this freewill zone planet and how it means there will never be some unanimous utopian peace agreement. And they’re also not considering that maybe, just maybe, there’s something better out there if we do walk away and leave. Yes, this planet is very beautiful, but, what if there’s something better? What if we’ve gotten caught in a trap? The whirlpool eddy in the bigger stream, as others have talked about? What if we think this is all there is, and so we mistakenly feel we need to stay here, forever duking it out with other beings, back and forth, us imposing our will on them, them imposing their agendas on us, round and round, on and on forever……..when in fact what we really need to do is wake up and walk away?? What if none of this is really real in the way we think it is, it’s all a game of some sort, but we’ve forgotten? Or fill in the blank with whatever theory you may have heard or considered that indicates that things aren’t what they seem to be.

You’ll be giving it all the slip merely by aligning yourself to a different reality/realm/probable future. And instead of fighting on and on to get other stuff to conform to what you want, trying to force them to leave (which they won’t, such is the nature of this planet/realm……) and being asleep at the wheel, you’re instead getting yourself out of the muck. Phasing out.