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Weather Anomalies - Includes photos

(Reorganized and revamped from original version that used to be on this site…..)

In my opinion, weather isn’t always what it appears to be. It seems that often times, forces other than what we understand as nature are influencing the weather in our realm.

The average person isn’t usually versed in how weather works (I wasn’t myself, and am only educated now on a basic level). So it’s understandable that if they don’t understand the basics of weather when things are functioning in a natural way, then they’ll probably be even less aware of the idea of how it can all be manipulated artificially…or how weather could possibly tie into spillover effects from other realms.

Let’s review some of the ways in which weather can be anything but natural:

Scalar technology. Derived from the research of Nikola Tesla, scalar technology involves manipulating earth’s ionosphere, electrojet, weather, and other such things that the powers that be really shouldn’t be messing with. HAARP, (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program) based primarily out of Alaska, is the most famous example of scalar technology in action. If you’re interested in learning more on the subject, I recommend the book Angels Don’t Play This HAARP by Dr. Nick Begich and Jeanne Manning. It’s a comprehensive expose on the history of scalar technology and how it’s being used today. The subject of scalar/weather manipulation is being discussed in a lot more mainstream circles nowadays in light of recent suspicious hurricane activity over the past few years, and is no longer something that people will necessarily laugh and scoff at should it come up in casual conversation.

Over at there is a really interesting research note showing the correlation between HAARP activity and hurricane/weather anomalies. It’s worth a read for anybody looking for evidence that HAARP could be connected to weather happenings.

The natural cycles of nature, or even “global warming” could certainly be suspect for the increase in hurricanes and their size and intensity — but artificial manipulation certainly cannot be ruled out, especially when hurricane paths take suspicious turns at the last minute, behave in unusual ways, gain or lose intense strength or size within a matter of hours, cause strange physical sensations in people who live in the geographic area, and so on. Never rule out artificial manipulation, especially when the average Joe has the technological capability to do the same thing. Which leads to:

Cloud busting. The poor man’s weather manipulation, cloud busting involves pieces parts that anybody can purchase at their local Home Depot or Lowe’s. Cloud busting works on the premise of altering the etheric energy concentration in the atmosphere, which then triggers condensation and water vapor. I’ve been witness to it in action, so I know it works. To cite one example, both my boyfriend Tom and I were living near downtown Fort Lauderdale in 2002. He had built his own cloud busting tube devise and showed it to a friend named Rob who was visiting him from out of town. After showing the tube to Rob, Tom left it in the corner of the one story apartment, pointing up towards the ceiling/roof while they went about doing other things. Meanwhile I was finishing up my day at work on the other side of town, and while walking to my car I couldn’t help but notice the crazy storm that was brewing near downtown and the beach, several miles away. WOW, I thought, looking at the deep blue/gray black clouds and flashes of lightning. Neat. I was headed that way for my drive home, and was planning to stop by Tom’s apartment after work (which was right near the beach), so I looked forward to the storm. So I get to Tom’s apartment and walk inside and make a “!!!” comment about the weather going on overhead…….and then I see the aluminum tube pointed upwards, leaning against the corner. And I just laughed. Some crazy storm was brewing straight overhead, and I walk in to find his cloud buster pointed at the sky and he’s got a sheepish look on his face. whoops. ;) Got some great pics of this storm as well, and it was funny to hear coworkers commenting on the storm the next day at work.

Downtown Fort Lauderdale, summer 2002 after cloudbusting experiment. I was surprised and happy the photo managed to come out…

Then there was the time he gave a cloud buster demonstration to a group of people he was visiting in New Port Richey (FL) which accidentally wound up creating a crazy hailstorm within the hour. whoops. ;) During my own trip to visit the group at a later date they showed me the large holes that had been punched in some cloth cover in their backyard by that infamous hailstorm. So just know — if the average person can manipulate the weather with some pieces parts from the local hardware store, then so can’t those nifty little factions of the government who have endless money and high end technology at their disposal. That’s something important to always keep in mind when hearing about or experiencing unusual weather. Don’t just take weird weather news stories at face value, automatically believing that it’s completely natural and that “there’s nothing to see here, move it along.” Once you know about this aspect of things it changes the way in which you look at what’s going on around you in the world. After all, those government factions’ motto seems to be, “Just because we can do something…means we absolutely should.” ;)

Weather manipulation means artificial droughts can be imposed on regions that would otherwise be normal, killing off the crops and with the world wide domino effects that leads to. Conversely, it can reverse drought-ridden regions and restore order when used with positive intents. Cloud busters also mean floods can be put into place – with the millions of dollars in damages they create – in areas that would have been functioning in a normal way. So I also wonder about some of the recent flood stricken regions we’ve been hearing about these past few years, where storm systems park themselves over an area and just won’t let up. It’s all very suspicious to those who know about this sort of thing. Ultimately, cloud busting means there’s absolutely no reason for why any area of the world should be in a drought, with dying crops.


Chemtrails. A bit of a sideshow in the topic of weather anomalies, with about a million websites devoted to the subject. Too large to get into here, but I will say this — chemtrails are creating cloud cover that would not have been there otherwise. And what effects those oily, sky-marring clouds have, we can only guess.

Chemtrails over Portland, Oregon, January 2002. “Coincidentally,” after spending several hours outside on this particular afternoon taking pics of the massive chemtrail spraying going on overhead, watching the planes crisscrossing the sky back and forth, I came down with the flu. It lasted for over three weeks. I’m somebody who rarely if ever gets sick, and I don’t get the flu. It’s the only time I’ve ever had it. More on the correlation between chemtrails and sickness coming up in a moment.


Chemtrails over Charlottesville, Virginia, December 7, 2007, right over our apartment.


Chemtrails over Charlottesville, December 12, 2007. A.M. Over our apartment. Snapped this shot in the morning as I was heading out to work.


Chemtrails over Charlottesville, December 12, 2007. P.M. This is a new set of trails that were laid down later that afternoon. They’ve been working overtime spraying our area these past two weeks. Nearly every day there are dozens of trails laid down in the sky.

What is the purpose of laying down these trails? Weather manipulation, mind control, biological contamination/“population control,” ie, spreading disease or creating DNA mutation to kill us off, etc. and so on…so many theories to choose from. I really recommend looking into this topic if you haven’t already, and making up your own mind on what the deal is. Two good sites to go to for more information are:

Strange Days, Strange Skies


Chemtrail Central

Then there’s this interesting article from as well.

Unfortunately there are many people who believe that these trail lines are natural cloud formations, as I’ve heard people say firsthand. “What do you mean? Aren’t those clouds?” Uh, no, not quite. o_O It’s one of those major obstacles impeding mass awareness of natural vs. artificial weather and cloud cover.

On a message board I used to participate in one of the posters (who wasn’t all there anyway, as you could tell from his other posts) would argue that chemtrails were just natural by-products of jet emissions. Even when faced with pics showing these things forming all sorts of nifty patterns, like spoked wheels, and organized grids/checkerboards. At that point I knew not to bother arguing with him, there was no point. We all know that jet liners just trying to get from Point A to Point B don’t sidetrack around forming wheel spoke designs and checkerboards/grids in the sky, which means who knows what’s really going on with somebody who would argue otherwise. If chemtrails were somehow just the natural by-product of jet emissions, totally random and not purposeful in their application, then they should be there all the time, considering the frequency of passenger and military jet activity in the skies. Yet, they clearly only appear during select times. It is not a 24/7 occurrence.

What the pattern is to when spraying happens, and what areas are selected, and the reason why particular areas get chosen when they do is something we have not been able to pinpoint. Maybe others have figured out that aspect of the puzzle. One theory involves timing the spraying to coincide with weather happenings, in order to help disburse the particles to the population below, and/or coinciding the spraying with sunny days when more people will be outside, breathing in the particles. Because we’ve noticed that spraying happens many times on beautiful, clear sunny days……although they don’t remain beautiful, clear and sunny for long after the spraying happens. >:( It’s to the point where if a day is clear and sunny with blue skies me and my boyfriend are amazed if we don’t see chemtrails marring things up, that’s how bad this has gotten. Which goes to show again that if these things were natural jet emissions by-products then they should be there on all clear days. Which they definitely aren’t. Another thing we’ve noticed is that spraying will also happen at night. Which is important to note, as it disproves several other theories that people have proposed, including “trying to block out the sun and slow the effects of global warming.” If that were the case then there should be no reason why we’ve watched trails being laid down by the light of the moon at 9 and 10 p.m.

What’s interesting is that when I got into this subject with two of my coworkers at my (then current) job all it took were those particular photographs of wheel spokes and checkerboard chemtrails from the ‘net to get them to stop snickering and giving each other “looks.” The whole conversation got started in the first place because one of my coworkers commented on how several people were sick with sinus issues and other assorted problems, and I piped up about how it was because of the recent bout of chemtrail spraying. I’d noticed a direct correlation between when chemtrails are sprayed overhead, and then everybody getting sick within a couple of days afterwards. Over and over again I’ve noticed this pattern at the various places I’ve worked. When I said this my coworkers had no idea what I was talking about, so I had to explain what I meant. At first they had the attitude of, “Yeah right, you’re a nut”……until I pulled up pics from some of those aforementioned chemtrail websites to show them what I was talking about. Then it was complete silence, and furrowed brows just staring at the pics displayed on my computer screen like, “what the….?” Then asking me questions about what is it, and what it all means, and what I’d noticed about the link between trail spraying and people getting sick. You don’t normally see such rapid 180’s in attitudes like that in the mainstream world when it comes to so-called “conspiracy,” but that’s because the pictures spoke for themselves. There was no way to argue it so long as a person’s brain still works.


“Global Warming.” Can’t leave this one out. ;) Massive flooding around the world, droughts, unprecedented heat waves, warm weather in the winter, ocean temps rising, ice caps breaking up and melting, animals and insects migrating into the polar regions that could never have previously survived there, increases in tornadoes, hurricanes and winter blizzards. Is something funny going on with the world’s climate? I’ve researched the matter, reading several books as well as maintaining a three-ring binder full of worldwide climate/weather news stories over the past seven years, stuffed to the brim, and I still can’t make up my mind either way. Those “Powers That Be” are heavily promoting the idea that humans are solely to blame for the various weather anomalies and global climate shifts we’ve been hearing about and/or experiencing first hand. But is this what’s really happening here?

There are natural Earth cycles that have been going on for the past 3 million years, as my research has shown me, creating alternating periods of ice ages with normal periods, so that has to be kept in mind. And then there are the issues with the sun. Stories in the news talking about how the other planets, such as Mars, have been heating up as well, which indicates that it’s not just Earth….or humanity’s fault, for that matter. So my tentative conclusion is that yes, human activity is definitely polluting the environment, even the most basic bit of research into the matter reveals this much. So at best, human activity may be helping to exacerbate a climate shift situation that wouldn’t have happened so quickly. Which means, it’s not just a simplistic, polarized choice between “Either humans have single handedly caused global warming, or, global warming isn’t happening at all.” Our world is fond of black and white, all or nothing binary thinking however, with all subjects, not just this. So many people have difficulty thinking beyond either/or extremism.

You have human pollution activity coupled with weather manipulation in the form of cloud busting and scalar weather wars, as already discussed, mixed up with natural Earth cycles, and then the sun doing its own thing on top of it. And normally with regards to the last bit about the sun I would have added “of which we have no control over,” but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore either. o_O Who would have thought that humans (or “something else” that resides here…..) could possibly have reached the technological capability of influencing the sun. But now I have doubts on that as well. And while I don’t fully endorse the material of Ted Twietmeyer, I still found these write ups to be worth mentioning for consideration, in case there’s something to what he’s noticing. So the global weather situation is much more complex than the mainstream media would have people believe. And being that heightened cold and increased winter storms are part of the mix, my stance is to refer to the whole thing as possible global shifting/change, versus “warming,” since that’s not accurate.

Activity in other realms. One of the more far out aspects of things ;) but some weather disturbances seem to be indicative of activity going on from something other than human, or the by-product of forces we don’t seem to understand. Many people would find this hard to believe, because what they see are just clouds, lightning, and so on, along with an explanation fed to them by the local weatherman. It all seems so rational and logical. But sometimes things aren’t what they seem to be. I always come back to the analogy of the ant farm, or even better, fish in a tank, and what must be going through the minds of these ants, or fish, when they’re experiencing the effects of us on the other side of the glass. Dropping food into the tank. Sticking our fingers in the water. Moving the farm around so things get a little jumbled. Cleaning the tank. Etc. And the way in which they don’t understand the nature of these forces that are interacting with them from time to time, and clearly influencing their little worlds, and the way in which they could never even begin to comprehend what our everyday life and reality is like for us, where we reside. How do you explain to the fish the human’s finger dipping into the water? We know fish have intelligence, but how could they ever comprehend it as we know ourselves to be? The same applies for us……versus the stuff that’s “above” us, in other realms. We don’t understand it, but we witness the effects of it…..even if many don’t realize what they’re looking at. And it’s not just with weather, but with assorted paranormal happenings, although that’s a subject discussed in other areas of this site.

Following are food-for-thought examples that would fall into this category:


March 19, 2003. This was the night that President Bush gave his address to the nation on live TV informing the world that the United States was attacking Iraq the next day. At the same exact moment that he was taking the stage at 9 p.m., south Florida coincidentally was hammered with a violent thunder, lightening and hail storm, with powerful winds that left the streets littered with debris. I was at a meeting taking minutes when it all went down and it wasn’t clicking right away as people around me mentioned that Bush was speaking right now, and that too bad we had to be at the meeting instead of watching that on TV. I was too busy watching the violent flashes of lightening and listening to the thunder and hail come down to care much about anything on TV, of which I don’t even own anyway. But I remember glancing at the clock, hoping the meeting would be over soon, and that it was 9 p.m.

The next day at work, my buddy Ryan proclaimed, half joking, but half serious, “Bush is the anti-christ. Did you see that storm last night?? It happened right as he stepped on stage, I’m not even kidding, right as he got on stage…”

I smiled at him. “Hail to the chief.” Pause. “Get it?”

He got it. He just stared at me, bug eyed.

So a freak thunder, lightening and hail storm erupting the second Bush takes the stage to announce to the world that he (or rather, the forces that controlled him) were going to attack Iraq? A bit “coincidental.”

“Black clouds of doom.” That’s what I called them, anyway. :D Florida is known for its wild weather, due to it’s balmy tropical climate that’s prime for creating thunderstorms. And one of the region’s weather happenings, as I later discovered were the large, inky black clouds that would just seem to form/descend out of nowhere. Most were probably natural by-products of the balmy climate……but some, maybe not. Some examples of these black clouds of doom, whether natural or otherwise:

July 22, 2003
Taken from I-95, south of Commercial Blvd. looking east.

(This thing was enormous, spanning for miles. When I showed the pic to several people who’d lived in Florida for over 20 years, they all said they’d never seen anything like it. The weird part was, my boyfriend and I started having a disagreement while this thing was descending over the area, unknown to us. We’re going back and forth, back and forth, debating on and on, then finally I broke out of it noticing the winds and the sudden darkness going on outside. After we poked our heads outside saw what was going on, including clouds over our apartment beginning to rotate (!!!) ie, possible tornado about to form, we jumped in my car and drove away, getting this pic on the 95. Did the presence of this thing cause the mood to shift to combative? Could very well be. As mentioned elsewhere on this site, something we’ve come to notice in our research is that low pressure systems, the type which spawn T-storms and such, affect people’s moods and behavior.

Funny enough, there was another incident that happened one afternoon when I was at work in Florida. I’d had yet another run in with a very troublesome coworker named Calla, who was creating problems for everybody, but especially me. After setting me off yet again in yet another incident, I was compiling an email about what was going on, fuming about the whole thing. Halfway through my email I begin to notice that a crazy storm was now going on outside. Black clouds, torrential downpours, thunder, lightening, the works. When I was done I went to go chat with my buddy Ryan, commenting on the storm, and he just looked at me with a weird look and said, “All I know is that the weather was just fine until you got pissed off.” I’ll never be able to know what came first – my anger, or the storm. O_0)


August 6, 2003
Taken from I-95 overpass, Fort Lauderdale

August 6, 2003
Taken from I-95, Fort Lauderdale

August 9, 2003
Taken from outside my apartment.

(This one was pretty wicked, it really was as black as it appears in the picture. Even our neighbor and his wife came outside to investigate, seeming a bit weirded out by it all.)

During one instance, whatever was descending on the area was not only black….but apparently rounded/lenticular. Which is completely impossible for a place as flat as Florida. But more on that in a bit. When it happened, Tom was at the beach, swimming in the ocean, and I was at home, about two miles inland, taking a nap after work. Or rather, trying to take a nap, except something funny began happening. As I laid in bed, my stomach started forming knots and I began experiencing anxiety…but I didn’t consciously realize it at first. It crept up on me. I tossed and turned, while “coincidentally” also pondering the “black cloud” phenomenon which had been happening recently, wondering whether I’d see any more.

Finally I was driven out of bed by the anxiety, yet, I still didn’t consciously realize what was happening. While in the bathroom, I finally noticed how much anxiety I had. Then I took a really good look around the bathroom and noticed how dark things were. Then I went and looked outside the kitchen windows.

And wouldn’t you know it, but there was yet another black cloud happening outside. It wasn’t there when I first laid down, so it had descended very quickly, as usual.

I grabbed my camera and went outside to go investigate, leaving the front door open for my cat to wander outside and poke around as she usually liked to do. The wind was picking up and whipped my hair around as the palm fronds rustled in the breeze. I snapped some photos and tried to encourage my cat Kitty to come outside and poke around.

August 7, 2003

Kitty LOVED to go outside, no matter what the weather. An unusual trait for most cats, but she’s an all black Bombay, and that breed, as I recently learned has had the majority of their natural cat skittishness/aloofness/fear bred out of them. So things that would make a normal cat skittish don’t tend to faze many black cats. (for that reason they’re a bit like “dog-cats,” and it’s why they’re so sociable and do things like play fetch.) All of which is why Kitty was normally unfazed by T-storms, and would even sit in the open doorway watching it downpour, feeling the wind, sniffing the air, while big booms of thunder and flashes of lightening raged outside. She seemed to find it interesting, like sensory TV for cats. :D But unlike her normal fearless self, Kitty wanted NO part of whatever was happening right now. Instead of pouncing on the opportunity to run outside through the open door like she normally would, she turned tail and ran inside…and actually hid under the kitchen sink.

Puzzled, I wondered about this as I looked around through the increasing wind, taking some pics of the growing blackness.

Soon after that Tom came home from his swim…and reported that from his vantage point two miles away at the beach, there was a black, rounded/lenticular cloud over the area of our apartment. It was connected to the cloud above it, and seemed to be “sheared off” and rounded in a neat way. Basically looking like a “ship” of some sort within the clouds. As mentioned though, a lenticular cloud over a flat region such as Florida would be impossible, since lenticulars apparently need mountains in order to form.* This was all getting very interesting.

Combining together what he saw, with my inexplicable anxiety and knotted stomach, and my cat’s unusual fear and actually hiding under the kitchen sink, I’d theorize that there very well may have been something otherworldly happening overhead, and it had nothing to do with standard weather. What it was and how it all worked, I’ll never know, but I do wonder.

The first time we ever experienced the “black clouds of doom” phenomenon in Florida though was, believe it or not, September 11, 2002. The one year anniversary of 9/11. I’d been living in Fort Lauderdale since February of that year, through the entire summer, which is the height of crazy stormy weather in Florida, and had yet to see such a thing. Then the first anniversary of 9/11 rolled around.

Being that it was the first anniversary, the media really milked things for all it was worth. An entire day of re-broadcasting the television and radio news casts from the year before – announcers panicking, people dying, planes flying into buildings, buildings collapsing, people trying to outrun the cloud of debris, all over again, dredging it all up and putting the public through the emotional ringer. And after an entire day of this, wouldn’t you know it but by 6 p.m., a huge dark cloud descended very rapidly over the Fort Lauderdale area. From inside where I stood in the shower, it looked like somebody suddenly dimmed the lighting way down. I even heard a little girl scream outside in the parking lot when this thing “landed” !

September 11, 2002

I jumped out of the shower and called Tom, who, at that time, had his own apartment across town. He had been on the phone long distance with a friend and hadn’t even noticed what was happening. But when he looked outside, he immediately got off the phone and grabbed his camera, with a nifty little date function and everything, and got a shot of what was going on outside.

So that was my intro into the wonderful world of the “Black Clouds of Doom.” It occurred to me after it was over what the metaphysical implications of the event were. The odds of something like this occurring on the first anniversary of 9/11 were unusual, and probably shouldn’t be dismissed. It turned out that in New York on that very day, while 9/11 commemorative ceremonies were occurring at “Ground Zero”, there were 60 mph winds happening –

“For one moment the breathing of 28 million souls permeated the air, and then on the back of that rising current began the wind.

“As the one-year anniversary of the terrorist attacks on America unfurled as another immaculately beautiful day, far to the south a hurricane in the Carolinas was taking a hard right out to sea, throwing north a torrent of 60 mph storm winds. At Ground Zero, while the families of the victims crowded deep in the pit around the Circle of Honor while all 3,000 names were read aloud, [link goes to Celtic Rebel’s write up, “3,000 Bells Are Ringing”] the wind slipped over the sides and whipped the dust into a thick cloud that billowed all through the complex, eerily replicating the smoke that hung in the air a year before. You could not help but think that the angered spirits of one year ago had returned and were spiraling through Lower Manhattan, screaming their anguish to the millions that had gathered lest we all forget the absolute horror of their deaths. Sand and gravel pelted the mourners on all sides, and the giant United States flag affixed to the black screen on a still-abandoned office tower ripped in half, at precisely the moment that the last of the names was read…..”

(And on a side note, just have to add that the New York lotto’s Daily Three lotto numbers for 9/11/02 were…911. )

Was something “amiss” this day? Probably. Again, south Florida has tropical, balmy climate which probably explains much of what goes on there. But you have to look at the unusual timing of some events when determining whether something is suspicious or other-worldly. And as noted, there wasn’t one black cloud of doom throughout the entire spring or summer of 2002 when I lived there. Not until the one year anniversary of 9/11. So it’s definitely suspect. And the uncanny timing of the hail storm right when Bush took the stage to announce the Iraq invasion was also pretty strange. And for me, I always take into account my cat Kitty’s reactions/behaviors, to anything going on though in general, not just weather. As noted in my write up “The Vortex,” she was instrumental in corroborating so much of the paranormal phenomenon we were experiencing while living in that apartment. If I ever wondered whether I was really seeing, hearing, feeling/sensing something all I had to do was look at her. “Yup…..not just me……” So Kitty’s reaction on 8/7/03 to the lenticular black cloud of doom that not only caused a sudden onset of anxiety for me, but also caused her to want to hide out under the sink, which is very much unlike her normal personality, is extremely important to keep in mind.


When it comes to “anomalous weather,” most of the time it’s near impossible to tell with any certainty what’s going on, unfortunately. What’s “unusual” weather or climate for your area? The answer requires a little research. And look back as far as you can find in the historical records. Problem there too, if you’re in the U.S., is that modern weather tracking will usually only extend back to the mid-1800’s, at the earliest.

Once you figure out what the “norm” seems to be, and if you determine something to be abnormal, then you go from there. You could be looking at global climate shifting, manipulated weather/cloud busting, the side affects of chemtrails, activity in other realms manifesting in this reality as weather, you name it. Whatever the answer may be, it never hurts to photograph it, whatever it is you’re witnessing. Even if it turns out to be explainable, take a pic anyway. You never know. It’s just a good habit to get into in general. I’m all about documenting stuff and gathering up as much evidence as I can about things, probably because I’ve gotten weary of dealing with people who make wild eyed claims about things, but never seem to have a shred of evidence for it. Not that we really need to “prove” ourselves to anybody anyway…it’s not about that. But what better way to get people to start paying closer attention to things and be more knowledgeable and make better choices, then having backup evidence? Photos, physical proof of some sort? People are more apt to listen when you whip out a photo. I’ve seen the affect it’s had on people when I can do that, including my recent experience with showing my coworkers online pics of chemtrail images that couldn’t be dismissed.

I’ll leave off with some pleasant pictures of double rainbows. Many people have reported an increase in the double rainbow phenomenon, which I’ve witnessed myself both in California and in Florida. These pics just don’t convey the rainbows’ intensity. Double rainbows have been the most vivid and intensely colored rainbows I’ve ever seen. Not sure what causes them, whether it’s chemtrails/atmospheric pollution, or something spiritual as many new agers believe, but whatever it is, they’re definitely pretty.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, outside my old apartment
August 10, 2003.

This double rainbow occurred after an afternoon T-storm, following the spate of “black clouds of doom” mentioned earlier. We’d had this before, where after a weekend of strange activity there was a rainbow. However at this point, in 2009, we don’t get these sorts of things anymore, either weekends of weirdness, or black clouds of doom or double rainbows. (probably helps that we don’t live in Florida anymore, as that’s a hotbed of weirdness.) On a side note: My coworker at the time, Ryan, claims that he witnessed double strikes of lightening happening with this particular storm. Double lightening bolts coming down at the same time. He’s “meteorology boy” and has never seen such a thing, ever, according to him. He came in on Monday morning talking about this, telling everybody that “something has shifted…something’s shifted….” He was kind of funny like that. A psychically inclined, skittish/nervous Scorpio pot head musician. :D Originally I didn’t include all this information about this particular picture but was prompted to after receiving an email recently from a reader who mentioned the same identical thing about the double rainbows appearing after a spate of weird happenings.

October 14, 2003


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