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In Other News Radio interview - November 2014

In November (2014) I did a two part, two hour interview with Geoff Brady, who hosts In Other News Radio, based out of New York City. The subject we spoke about was neg interference, pulling from several articles that I’ve written, namely Interference, and The Hidden Puppetmasters. So for anybody who’s read those articles the subject matter won’t be anything new, but I know some people like to listen to interviews so I’ll go ahead and post the links. Admittedly I haven’t listened to the interviews myself because I’m too self conscious :D but I did listen to the beginning, where Geoff does his intro, and I think he sounds awesome and sums everything up nicely. In my opinion Geoff is a great interviewer, and I’ve really enjoyed the interviews we’ve done together so far.

I’ve balked at doing interviews in the past for a variety of reasons. But then last year after Tom did several interviews with different people for his website ( I began thinking, You know what, I want to do some interviews, I could do this, and I’m totally up for it, so long as it’s the right subject matter.

I then specifically thought about the subject of interference, because it’s a subject I’m very comfortable with and know a lot about. And it’s something that’s affecting so many people, therefore making it important to discuss. Not just the idea of it, but letting people know what to do about it and how to be empowered. Tom and I had a whole discussion about it in fact, with me musing about doing interviews, and how it would go.

And immediately after having that whole wish and discussion, Geoff sent me an email (in February of 2014)……………introducing himself, and basically telling me, Okay, I’d like to interview you, on this day, about such and such topic……….just telling me how it was all going to go down.

And there I was, deciding to go along with it. Even though it didn’t concern the subject of interference, and when I’ve never agreed to do an interview before, ever. Kind of like……okay………sure……….. O.o :D Then worrying “what have I gotten myself into???” :D And the rest is history. The interview was aired in April. And then we did another interview in May, our first two-parter. And then Geoff approached me again in November….this time wanting to interview about the subject of interference. So there you go. I finally got my wish. :) Reality creation, all the way. (That’s not even counting the Rise Roundtable video conference I was invited to participate in back in May about…neg interference. !! More reality creation. :D )


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