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"Love Bite+" Roundtable panel discussion
October 2015

On October 24th I participated in a 3 1/2 hour round table panel discussion, along with Eve Lorgen, James Bartley, Tom, who authors the website, Bernhard Guenther, Laura Leon and Arella Eliora on the subject of the “Alien Love Bite”/the dark side of cupid, and relationship interference/manipulation.

If anybody is interested in watching the video here is the link:


This is a complex topic, and what I’m seeing out there so far in terms of YouTube comments where the vid has been posted as well as emails that I’ve received already is the general tendency to refer to any weirdness in a relationship as being a “love bite.” The original term was “alien love bite,” and as I’ve understood it from Eve Lorgen’s research is a very specific situation where people are brought together unnaturally by these “alien beings,” whatever they really are, for an agenda, then broken apart. It may include one or both parties even having memories of being introduced to each other in another realm/place (during abductions, perhaps), prior to the real meet up here in this world. So not every negative relationship situation is an “alien love bite.” Love bite isn’t interchangeable per se with “any strange, negative relationship situation.” However, that’s where Eve’s second book comes into play, “The Dark Side of Cupid.” In DSOC Eve explores other types of negative, manipulated relationship situations, expanding her research beyond the specific “alien love bite” scenarios into energy vampirism, demonic influencing and such.

So when it comes to negative relationship manipulation and interference the subject encompasses a broad range of scenarios. We were able to touch on many of them in this video, including my own experiences with an ex (mentioned in my book “Chasing Phantoms,”) where his father was NSA (which possibly connected to the fact that my own father had been part of Naval intelligence, working for the NSA before I was born), and who displayed what I now feel were very obvious signs of demonic manipulation and mind control programming. Including the energy vampirism that would suck the life out of you if you were next to him long enough (something a mutual friend named Mike independently verified), flip flopping around between multiple personas, complete with amnesiac black out periods, and the tendency to go around repeating verbatim scripts in a monotone voice that were designed to try to convert me to atheism, program me towards a certain line of anti-spiritual thinking and “hammer me back into place,” including trying to get me to doubt my intelligence and capabilities. (didn’t work.) “Why, hello there mind controlled puppet!” :/ I wouldn’t classify that relationship as “alien love bite”….but it was clearly negatively manipulated, with a very loud agenda, and had signs of such all over it in bright red flags, going well beyond the mundane explanation of “troubled half of a dysfunctional relationship.” A lot of details were left out of the video concerning this relationship (it’s hard for me to speak on video, trying to remember everything to say and be organized about it, I’m very much NOT used to doing this……) but it was touched on a little better in the book, which is available for free by the way.

There were so many other things we didn’t even get the chance to delve into, namely all of Arella’s research into the whole “twin flame” shenanigans subject that is apparently running rampant throughout the Latin America spiritual/new age community. It’s a subject I’m not versed in myself, so I’m requesting for people to please not email me with their twin flame stories and questions. I won’t be able to provide any insight into that matter. As you’ll notice I don’t say anything about that subject in the video. However I enjoyed hearing Arella’s description of it all to the group behind the scenes, when we were preparing for this video. It was news to me, and very disheartening. I just had no idea that so many lonely, vulnerable people were being manipulated/played by these shenanigan “spiritualists” to believe that there is some “twin flame” situation awaiting them, or that they’re in the throws of one with some quite obviously bad news person….or sometimes where it’s not even a person. Where it’s a “relationship” with a trickster entity.

All in all I really enjoyed participating with this group of people. We’d had a Zoom-based meeting involving all participants the week before to prepare, and everybody’s connection and the overall flow of everything was amazing. It was like being with a group of old friends. Most everybody already knew each other in some capacity, but some of us were meeting for the first time. But despite the fact that some of us were only just meeting the flow was still there. It’s really rare to find a connection like that, where everybody has the same overall firsthand experiential knowledge base, and is also on the same page of wanting to get this type of information out there with the goal to help people, and do it for free. (And dare I say….where nobody is coming from the foo-foo-ey “new age love and light” perspective, which is often not grounded in reality…) Usually the more people you involve in a group, the higher the chance for things to go awry. But definitely not in this case. This set up and panel lineup really worked. It was awesome. :)

The plan is to get together to do some additional round tables to cover any information we didn’t have a chance to get into during this one, as well as other related topics. In the meantime I recommend checking out an article I wrote called Interference if this subject interests you. It’s comprehensive and covers everything and anything I could think to write on the subject.