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Interview with James Bartley -
The Cosmic Switchboard
July 2020

On July 4th I had the opportunity to be interviewed by James Bartley regarding my latest Conspiracies in the Workplace article. He’s just uploaded Part 1 of the two part interview to his website, The Cosmic Switchboard. I’ve been a fan of James Bartley for years, due to various MILABs-related articles he had written and which corroborated so many things about my own experiences, providing important and useful insight. In a sea of MILABs and mind control researchers he’s always been one of the few that for me, fell into the category of being highly intelligent, grounded and sincere, while putting forth genuinely useful material.

Part 1 of the interview delves into the general aspects of the article, as James and I trade war stories about our various workplace experiences that I’m sure many people will be able to relate to and find interesting. :D Part 2 is for subscribers to his site, and in that portion we also get into things not discussed in the article – including what can happen to a MILAB out in the everyday world….in particular, at work. Because MILABs doesn’t just start and end in a target’s “off time” when they’re not working. It’s something I discuss in “Chasing Phantoms,” concerning the idea of manipulated jobs, and the way in which I came to discover the hard way how MILABs may very well find themselves crossing paths with certain job situations that are not….organic in nature, to put it mildly. Basically where the entire job situation is being orchestrated and managed for the target to “cross paths with” or straight up “seek out” (due to post-hypnotic programming), with programmers/handlers acting as bosses, or possibly coworkers, and designed with control and programming of the target in mind. So in Part 2 I elaborate on several job situations I’ve found myself at in years past that clearly had something of this sort going on. As far as I can tell this has not been a common occurrence in my life, so it’s not to instill paranoia in listeners that orchestrated MILABs/MK programming job situations are happening all the time on a regular basis. You know, like any and all jobs you find yourself working at are just some giant “plot.” O.o   BUT, it has happened for me on at least a couple of obvious occasions, so it was worth mentioning in my book and in the interview as something for other MILABs/targets to be mindful of.

I really enjoyed my experience on James’ show, he’s got a great interviewing style and offers up his own important real life anecdotes and perspectives on everything we discussed. Enjoy…….

[ NOTE: The intermittent asthmatic sounding gasping that occurs during the interview as I speak is not normal, or how I actually sound. That was some audio compression effect that kept happening with this interview. But as people will see in my other (on camera) interview with Dr. Nozawa and Patrick Herbert, I don’t periodically gasp when I speak. :D ]

(Pic of a neat double rainbow that appeared at the end of my interview, following a T-storm…..)