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The Vortex

I frowned in the dark, with the dark blue light of dusk the only light in the room coming through my open blinds. I turned on my lights and closed the blinds.

The tenting is definitely gone. And I’m in denial. Total denial about it. NOOO! it can’t be so. No no no no no, I won’t accept it.

So I ignore it. I don’t say anything to Joe about it, and go about my life, as if everything is still PERFECTLY calm and happy and back to normal. Make my dinner, eat, hang out with Joe. All the while, I’m in and out of my room, feeling the lack of tenting every single time I’m in there, refusing to admit it though. I can’t handle it. I can’t deal. I’m so in denial.

I make myself some raspberry tea, and curl up on my bed to read the Seth Speaks book. Which I’m really digging, actually. This book is turning out to be anything but what I expected.

And as I’m reading this book, I keep noticing the small black circles and white balls that are popping up here, there and everywhere around my room, in the air. NO NO NO NO NO! I say to myself, and go back to my reading. But they’re there. They don’t make any noise, but I can sense them, and keep looking up in time to see a few more, popping up all over the place. NO! It’s a trick of the eye, I tell myself. This room is CLEAN. Me and Mike CLEANED it, we took care of business, okay?? There’s no WAY anything could be in here!!!

yeah, but I felt the tenting was gone….

NO!!! NO NO NO NO NO!! You’re WRONG!

Back to reading.

Keep looking up, because the white balls and black circles are everywhere.

And my cat is absolutely flipping out.

I mean, FLIPPING OUT. Racing about, in a frenzy.

At one point, she’s back up on the bed with me, as I’m reading, and she’s calm again. Giving herself a bath. One leg thrown back behind her head, licking and chewing at her fur. I’m staring at the air, to see these circles and balls that keep appearing everywhere, with my book open, in my lap. And right then, a white ball appears over my computer desk, and remains there for a good two seconds. And even though they’re audibly silent, something about them is “loud”, and gets your attention. I watch as my cat jerks her head up right then, and looks directly at the white ball, eyes bugged out. So both of our lines of sight are on the same spot. Her leg frozen in place, tense, still up in the air. She slowly lowers her leg, looking puzzled, and abandons her bath.

I go back to my reading. Knowing for certain now that okay, this is really happening. My cat is seeing them too. We both were looking right at one at the same time.

While I’m reading, I start thinking about Steve, my ex, believe it or not. Something I’m reading triggers my thoughts. And I decide to call Mike and ask him what he thinks about this whole thing I’m thinking about. He’s home, and picks up his phone, and we talk for a bit. Me working through my post break up issues, even though it’s been like seven months.

And, Kitty is still flipping out like mad. Getting worse, and worse, and worse, as me and Mike’s conversation wears on. She’s spazzing out SO bad, and tearing up my water bed bumpers so hard that I interrupt my conversation with Mike and yell at her,

“KITTY!!!!! STOP IT!!!!!” I yell, scared. I’m scared, because I know that for her to be flipping out that badly means there’s something serious and major going on, or about to go on. And that scares the shit out of me. I can’t handle this anymore, I can’t deal with it anymore, it’s too much, too stressful. I just want it all to go away.

Mike sounds concerned now, as I nervously explain that she’s flipping out like a spaz. I tell him about the 2D black circles and 3D white balls I’ve been seeing all night, and how the tenting affect was gone today. I laugh nervously, only admitting it reluctantly for the first time. I tell him how Kitty looked at one of the white balls too, so we were both seeing it.

I eventually get off the phone with him. Sitting there, on my bed now. Sip my tea. Book in my lap. Watching my cat run around.

I decide, as usual, to Exit Stage Left just moments before it all goes down. And it’s literally, stage left, since that’s where my door was, to the left.

I go knock on Joe’s door, to see if anything’s “happening” in his room. I find him lying on his bed, legs hanging over the side, head resting on his arms. When I ask him, he smiles and says, “Ohhhh yeaaah. All night.”

I tell him about what I’ve been seeing in my room, the circles and balls.

He smiles and nods. “Yup. I’ve been seeing them too.”

“Really? Wow…” I laugh.

“Look, they followed you…” he laughs a little, and lifts a hand to point behind me.

I turn and look.

Sure enough, behind me in the hall in the air I see black circles and white balls popping up here and there, like they’ve followed me out of my room. The light is on in the hall area, very bright, but it doesn’t matter, you can still see them, plain as day.

I run back to my room to grab my phone and call Mike back, and tell him the update. I was already dialing it as I went back out to Joe’s room. Got Mike back on the line as I hit Joe’s doorway. Talked for a few seconds as I moved inside his room, telling Mike all about it. Saw as a few more circles and balls appeared in the air in the hall behind me again. Joked, “Ah, go away! Leave me alone!” grinning, and started to push the door closed, kidding around. “They’re in the hall way again, behind me,” I explained to Mike. “They followed me out of my room.”

Joe was still laying on the bed, head resting on his arms. As I began to close the door, I watched as Joe’s smile faded from his face, looking out into the hallway through the small opening in the doorway.

“Open the door,” he said, sounding serious, talking very low. He was slowly sitting up.


“Open the door,” he said again, still low, but more intense. “Open it, quick…”

I stopped smiling, not liking the look on his face. What was going on?

“Hold on,” I said to Mike on the phone. I turned and pulled the door back open again. Joe was up now, and next to me in the doorway, looking out into the livingroom.

“What’s going on?” Mike asked.

“I’m not sure…hold on…” I said.

I looked out into the living room too, where Joe was looking.

There, at the opposite end of the room, in front of the window covered by blinds, was a large, bluish white entity. Stretching from floor to ceiling – which was ten feet high – and slowly moving about, changing shape.

“THAT just came out of your room,” Joe informed me, dead pan.


“When you were closing my door…I watched it, coming out of your room and moving down the hallway…Hoh-leeeee-SHIT…” he said. “Do you SEE that???”

“Yeah…I think I do…”

The next few minutes were a blur of me excitedly narrating to Mike what we were seeing, live, as it went down. Explaining the color, the shapelessness of it, as it slowly stretched and moved about. I could see a long tendril looking thing move upwards towards the ceiling, and back down again. Joe had a matching description, of a “tentacle thing that reached up and slapped the ceiling!!!” There was just a whole lot of “oh my god”s and “did you see THAT?!? Do you SEE it?” And the best one,

“Yeah yo, we’ve got some new and IMPROVED shit goin’ on!”

That was Joe. I couldn’t help but laugh, even in the middle of it all.

Mike listened, from his end, sighing, saying, I wish I could be there to see it. Too bad you can’t take pictures…”

Me and Joe wondered if it could see us. Does it know we’re here? Can it even perceive us? What is it doing? Where is it going? What IS it?!? But there were no answers. We had no way to tell if it was seeing us. It was silent, and it wasn’t coming into contact with us. It had just come out of my room, and was standing before us in the living room, stretching from floor to ceiling, slowly moving about.

Kitty came over and sat down calmly next to us, watching it too. No longer spazzing out. That was pretty interesting.

Finally the thing left the room, and exited through the corner of the living room.

Me and Mike hung up, and then Joe and I checked things out. Now Kitty was back to life again, galloping in circles around and around and around and around the entire living room. The black circles and white balls were back now, along with my old pals the “sparklies.” Yellow orange sparkle ember looking things were all over the air, along with the balls and circles popping up. Residual energy? Kitty continued to gallop around…and was doing something really amazing. She kept detouring from her circle and making a mad dash for the corner of the living room…where the exit was. Run right over as if she planned to go through the wall, like she could see an opening. Only at the last second would she stop, stunned, realizing there was a wall there, and that she couldn’t go through. Then she’d go back to galloping in circles, around and around, looking up into the air, at all the sparklies and white balls that were popping up everywhere. Then make a dash for the exit again. Then back to galloping around.

My brother was excited about it for a good half hour afterwards, going off about the sheer size of this one. He couldn’t get over it. We nicknamed it “The Granddaddy of Them All!!!” because it was huge.

And once again, my cat had known about the cross over. Not that it was anything new at this point. It was just surprising to have such a big one in MY room. I usually got the smaller stuff.

Which led me to have to deal with the fact that me and Mike’s tenting thing hadn’t lasted. Although, technically, it HAD worked and DID last, if you were only considering that one It thing. The It thing never came back again, for the rest of the time I lived in that place. So really, the tenting DID work, permanently. But just only with the one thing.

There was another night where I was getting ready to go to bed. Like usual, I needed to light my candle, for light. I had no matches though. Doh. Well, Joe probably has some, I figured. So off to his room I went. I knocked a little on his door, knowing that he was already in bed though. As I opened the door and peeked in, Kitty tore out of the room, dashing between my legs, looking terrified.

I glanced about his room, lit by some of his own candles, on top of his dresser. I gave the room a quick once over. See if I could see anything, the reason for her terror.

It was a pretty quick glance though. I wasn’t THAT interested in seeing it, whatever it was.

I snagged some matches off his dresser, and closed the door.

Went back to my room, lit the candle, turned off the light. And then, like usual, I made sure Kitty wasn’t in my bathroom, before I closed the door. I didn’t leave the bathroom door open anymore, only because she would always end up jumping up on the toilet tank, knocking it around, making a lot of noise and knocking things over. Waking me up. So I eliminated that by keeping her out of the bathroom.

Now I was ready to crawl into bed, which I did. I was in bed for only about 30 seconds, with my eyes closed, but still awake, when I heard my toilet tank slam around.

Kitty! I thought. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to lock you in the bathroom, I thought, getting up. I walked to the bathroom and flung open the door, fully expecting to see her, and yet, confused too, because I was absolutely POSITIVE she wasn’t in there when I checked.

“Kitty!” I said, as I opened the door and clicked on the light.

No, no kitty.

The bathroom was empty.

Confused, I went back out into my room, checking around. Kitty was laying on the floor, under the overhang of my bed. Paws tucked under her. Looking up at me.

Huh, I thought. I shrugged, and turned off the light and closed the door. I honestly didn’t think anything of it, or get scared. I was tired, and wanted sleep. So that’s what I did.

The next night, I was on my way out the door to go over to Julie’s and hang out with her and Dave and Mike for awhile, when I thought to ask Joe about his room. I was remembering Kitty’s terror.

“Hey, did you have anything going on in your room last night?” I asked.

“Um, nooo…” he said, looking puzzled.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah…I think…why?”

So I told him about me going into his room, and Kitty being terrified. But I didn’t mention the time to him. Or mention anything about my own incident with the toilet tank.

“Oh wait, yeah, something did happen last night…around 9:30, right after I just got into bed. I heard my TOILET flush, and the toilet tank was slamming around against the wall. By itself. I got up to go check it out, and when I turned on the bathroom light the bathroom cabinets were open, and the medicine cabinet too. Everything that could be opened was opened, and the toiled was finishing its flush….”

“NOO! No WAY!” And I remembered about MY toilet tank incident. At the same time, in MY room. I told him about it, very excited about it.

When I left, I was like, Bye Joe! Bye Kitty!!….Bye, everybody else! Bye!! See everybody later! Have fun!!!

I just felt it would be weird to only say goodbye to Joe and Kitty, when there were other things living there too.

And then there was the incident where I was sitting on my floor in my room, listening to the radio, eating my dinner, totally absorbed in the program. My cat was lounging on the bed behind me, not moving.

Suddenly I heard the distinctive sound of three loud knocks on my headboard.

My head jerked behind me, towards the headboard.

So did Kitty’s.

We both sat still, staring at it, wide eyed and perplexed.

“Hi…” I said, tensely, to the air, where the knocking had come from.

It’s always good to acknowledge a human one. That’s usually all it wants. So just give them what they want, dammit, so it doesn’t get even more pissed off, or frustrated.

But just to make sure, I got up and went to Joe’s room, and knocked on his door.

“WHAT?” he said, annoyed. I opened the door.

He was laying on his bed, in the middle of writing. He glanced up, annoyed, and slid his headphones off his ears. “What?”

“You didn’t just knock three times right now, on the wall or something, did you?”

“No,” he said, annoyed.

“Didn’t think so. But just checking. It’s just that, me and the cat heard something knock three times on my headboard…”

“It was probably her.”

“Yeah, I know. But I’m just checking, you know, JUST to make sure.”

He wasn’t interested. He was already going back to his writing, itching to slip his headphones back on.

The last major incident that happened while still living there was in April. And I specify “while still living there” only because there was a major incident that happened after we’d moved out, and had gone back for a visit. But that comes later. So there was a night where I kept getting bothered by something, and it kept attaching itself to me, over and over. It first came around about 2:15 in the morning. I woke up to the sound of it flying around the room in the air, which created this indoor wind sort of whooshing noise. The sound of it buzzing about, basically. It kept swooping down, attaching itself to me, and sticking to my back, butt and thighs, because I’d made the mistake of letting the covers slip off of me. And it was the most BIZARRE feeling, like being electrocuted. But not in a negative way believe it or not. I could tell this one didn’t have malicious or negative intent. My whole body would pulsate with the weird energy feeling, feeling pinned, and paralyzed from it. I couldn’t let it stay on me, of course, and had to keep shrugging it off me. Which wasn’t easy, let me tell you. Because I couldn’t move from the intense energy of it. So I’d have to give it everything I had to shrug it off, and become “de-paralyzed”. Then I’d hear it circling about overhead, this wind, movement, pressurized whooshing noise, as I’d try to fall back to sleep. Then it would do it again. And I’d have to shrug it off.

I never got scared though, amazingly. And you’d think I would be, after that one attack. But I think I wasn’t scared because there was nothing hostile about this one, whatever it was. The vibe I got from it was almost like an excited puppy dog or something, all hyper and happy, continually latching itself onto me. For whatever reason. I even tried “talking” to it, not outloud though, but in my head. I was calm, laying there, as it was stuck to me, like some happy drooling puppy dog, and I was saying, “noooo…” like the way you slowly reprimand a puppy, or a little kid or something. “nooooo…get off me…come on, get off….nooooooo….noooooooo…” Yeah, like THAT did anything. Right. But I tried, just to see what would happen. Then I tried to see how long I could let it cling on to me, to see if would give it up and let go after awhile, just out of curiosity. Nope. It was clingy. And determined. “Velcro Critter.”

I was able to fall back to sleep for intervals of time before Velcro Critter would try again, and latch on to me. But it finally got to be such a hassle that I got up early, at 6 am, because it just would NOT leave me the hell alone. I couldn’t take it anymore. I wasn’t going to spend the next hour wrestling with it or something, forget it. I was up already, thank you very much.

When I got up the sun was already coming up, and dawn light was coming into my room. And I could still hear this thing, loud and clear, flying about in the air above me bed. Damn! I thought. Kitty wandered into my room just then, hearing that I was up. As soon as she meandered into my room she stopped, startled, and looked bug eyed up at the ceiling, like, WHAT the…?!?

Then she spazzed out, looking wildly up at the ceiling where I could still hear the wind/movement noise spinning around in the air. She’d dash around, stop, and look up at the ceiling wildly, then dash off to a different spot, and stop, and look up wildly. It was funny.

It came around a few more times after that, over the next few weeks, waking me up with it’s pressurized whooshing movement wind noise, circling about overhead. But I got smart. I tried crouching myself up into a fetal position, with the covers completely covering me, so it wouldn’t have a way of attaching itself to me. I was on my side, for starters, crunched up, and under the covers. So, ha! Good luck! And it worked. I’ve since learned that these things can attach to you when you’re splayed out, either on your back, or on your stomach, open and vulnerable, half out of the covers. When you’re crunched up, under the covers, you’re okay.

And so, yet another event that I couldn’t talk about to anybody. Felicity picked me up from our usual meeting spot down at Portola Plaza, and I couldn’t say a word about it. I had another night of minimal sleep, because of an exciting and interesting incident, of the paranormal variety, no less. But, I couldn’t share it with her, or anybody else, (other than Joe.) Just had to keep all this exciting stuff to myself. Not that I was really wanting to talk about it with anybody, because I knew that people would think I was a nut. As it was, my friend Julie didn’t truly believe me, deep down. Mike had told me that they were talking about me one night when he was over visiting with her, and when he asked her if she believed me, she had said, “Honestly?” (taking a big drag off her cigarette, as he relayed.) “No.”

Whatever, I thought, when I found out about that. It hurt a little, only because she acted like she believed it, saying this stuff scared her, but never saying, You know what? I think you’re nuts! There’s no WAY this shit is really happening to you guys! So I emailed her and told her, being totally huffy, that if she doesn’t believe me then fine, but just SAY so. Tell me. Don’t act like you do believe me, so I tell you more and more stories, then turn around and tell Mike that you don’t think it’s real. Just tell me if you think I’m crazy, and I won’t bother you with any more stories. I’ll just keep it to myself.

She emailed me back, insisting Oh no, I never said that, I DO believe you!!

I’ve gone through this before though, with Julie and Mike. The whole He Says, She Says deal, where one claims that the other said something, and then the other vehemently denies it, up and down, backwards and forwards, and neither one will admit who’s being the liar. To this day Mike insists that she really did say that. In fact, he brought it up out of the blue months later when we were talking about Julie. He wanted me to know that he wasn’t being the liar, that she really did say that. I was like, Well, whatever. Doesn’t matter anymore now, I guess.

Then came the day where I was filing in my boss Felicity’s office. I had been in there for a good ten minutes, with the drawer open, doing my thing, as she sat at her desk working on her computer. We chatted a bit, and I left to go get something, leaving her drawer open.

Well apparently after I left the room, a cold drafty breeze started stirring around her office. Pouring out…from the filing cabinet.

Felicity’s office didn’t have A/C.

She sat there at her desk, looking around the office, puzzled. Thinking, what the HELL??

She slowly got up to figure out where all this cold air was coming from. When she realized it was literally pouring out of the filing cabinets, where I had just been standing, she froze. She called for the nearest person who was around, to come and check this out.

“Jan! JAAAAAN!!!” she yelled.

Jan got up from her cubicle next door and came over.

She pointed it out to Jan, and they both investigated, checking all over and all around the area, for a logical source of this cold air pouring out. But the filing cabinets were completely enclosed, and there weren’t any vents behind the cabinets, on the wall. There was no way for a draft to be generated, let alone to actually be flowing, as if it were A/C.

They were both mystified.

I came back into her office again. She was looking at me VERY strangely now. She had never looked at me like that before. She told me to check this out…and showed me the phenomenon. She couldn’t get over it. It actually made her a little nervous. She puzzled over it for the rest of the afternoon, that’s how much it freaked her out.

If it in fact WAS something, then it would’ve been what Joe called a “Hitchhiker.” Hitchhikers were ones that basically attached themselves to you and followed you out into the real world. This supposedly happened to Joe all the time. He was always piggybacking some hitchhiker around with him. They were harmless he claimed. All they wanted was a ticket out into the real world, to be able to get out. And they needed a body to attach themselves to in order to do this. Thing is though, it came with a price to the person giving the piggyback. They completely drain your energy. That’s why I don’t necessarily think that the filing cabinet incident was a hitchhiker, even though Joe did, and other people who’ve since heard the story do. I’m like the only one who doesn’t fully buy it. I didn’t feel drained. At least, I don’t THINK I did. Because on the other hand, I was always so drained now, from the 24/7 activity going on in our apartment that maybe I really wouldn’t have noticed the difference anymore.

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