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The Vortex

This new room that I moved into in was completely different from our old apartment.

It was empty.

And not the “tenting” empty, where it’s just staving off something that’s only right behind the “entrance”, but EMPTY empty. There was nothing there.

I felt the physical improvement on my body from the first night I was there. I was no longer moving around under water. My body was awake and full of energy. Not dragged down, and fighting off the energy drain. I did my workout on the second day there, fully expecting it to be the usual chore. It was always so difficult for me to do the pushups and all that. Like somebody was standing on me.

But now, when I got down and started doing that, I was literally, light as a feather. I was flying up and down, up and down, like I had no weight, like it was NOTHING. I was stunned, and stopped myself and sat up, not sure what to make of this. Ohhhhhh-kay, I thought. I haven’t done push ups in WEEKS! This should be DIFFICULT! This should be straining me! I shouldn’t be flying up and down, feeling weightless!!!

I did something like 100 push ups, taking advantage of this.

And from that first night, and onwards, I was staying up til 1 am, like it was nothing. There was no way I could’ve made myself go to sleep at 8:30 or 9 even if I’d wanted to. I couldn’t. I had too much energy. Even though I was still in the same situation – no car, no money, (and REALLY with no money now, after my brother’s jail fiasco, and losing my $1300 deposit due to being evicted!) I should’ve been depressed. But it was never depression that had been dragging me down. It had been the place I was living. Sucking off of me. Draining my energy. This was the way I SHOULD be, I realized. NOT the other way. Because I’m only 26, I don’t have kids, and I’m thin, not heavy, I’m healthy, not sick. So THIS was actually normal for me. Not the way I was before. Damn.

I reveled in this new me. Soaked it up. I reveled in the complete lack of white lines, and “entrances” that emit waves of chilly icy air that make your ribs tingle. Reveled at the lack of entities crossing over, at all hours of the day. No sparklies, no white balls, no black circles. No more energy things attaching themselves to me and disrupting my sleep, and no more attacks. No more waking up suddenly in the middle of the night and always finding something there, watching me. No more blasts of heat like an oven in the middle of my room, making my face scrunch up and giving me nausea. No more human ghosty woman, knocking on my headboard, slamming my toilet tank lid around, scritch scratching my back, and sitting on the edge of my bed. No more bluish white blobs of shapeless energy blowing through my room and leaving through the livingroom, or hovering in the air in the living room, scaring Kitty. And no more cat spazzing out. She was completely calm, every single night that I was there. Not once did she spaz out. She had no reason to, though. There was absolutely NOTHING there, nothing going on.

Unfortunately, the roommate situation itself didn’t work out, and I ended up fleeing that place after only 3 weeks, because the landlord lady was a total nightmare. I had to get out of there. So I did. I hopped online to the Pennysaver website, and I found a new place, within one day of deciding I wanted out. It was only a few blocks away, on El Toro Road. Mike gave me a lift over there to check it out and meet with the guy Dominic who was renting the room. It was another beat up old house, with crazy roommates, but, whatever. The bedroom itself was twice the size of the one I’d just been renting, for the SAME PRICE. $500 a month rent, $100 a month flat rate for utilities. It was more than fair for the size room I was getting, WITH a/c, and a fireplace. Right on.

My roommates were Dominic, who was the landlord, and was usually never home. He was over 6 feet tall with black hair and dark skin, seemed like he could have been Italian maybe. As I would gradually come to discover he wasn’t “all there” mentally. When I was first moving in he warned me with regards to my cat to be careful, because of his dogs in the backyard. He had these empty cage enclosures set up in the backyard and a “Beware of Dog” sign on the fence gate leading to the backyard, but, there were no dogs, and there hadn’t been in who knows how long. Yet he would sometimes make reference to them in the present tense, as if they were actually out there. That was just the tip of the iceberg of his mentally off-ness. O.o

Then there Todd, 32, and going through a divorce, with two kids who would visit every other weekend. (This was the second time in life I had a roommate named Todd. In “Miscellaneous Stories of the Weird and Unusual” I mention that one of my roommates in the house I rented with a group of guys was named Todd…………different Todd though, not to be confused. Both guys were over six feet tall, but, that’s where the similarities ended.) Todd was over 6 foot as well, with meat on his bones, a shaved head, tats and a boyish face. I came to discover he was a compulsive liar, and most of his personal story was…..greatly embellished, or completely fabricated. He had a loud, boisterous, self absorbed extrovert personality (very much a Leo), loved to be involved in everybody’s business, creating drama and mayhem, and in general acted like a little boy in a kid’s body. He liked to be social, so was always knocking on doors to see who wanted to hang out. Todd loved my cat though and there were times when he’d knock on my door and be like, “I’m not here for you, I just want to see your cat.” :D Only Todd could get away with that. Kitty in turn liked him and seemed to find him interesting.

His four year son was a total mini-me replica of him in terms of looks, but personality-wise he was like an old soul adult in a kid’s body, so their roles were reversed. It was funny to watch.

Then there was Marilyn from Brazil who was of Italian descent with dark hair and skin. She was also a Leo, with the fiery, feisty, crazy personality, a lot of angry energy for whatever reason, and who carried herself as if she were a Queen. She was 40 but looked fantastic for her age. She had learned English by watching TV she said, and had a funny way of pronouncing words. She always pronounced the “ed” at the end of words. Walk-ed, talk-ed, etc. :D By the time I moved out of that place half my silverware had gone missing, and I was 100% positive Marilyn’s the one who stole it all since she had a table and chairs, mini fridge and dishes in her room. Nobody else did. oh well. :D

And then there was Denise, who was 37. She had her own mental issues as well, including an inability to handle any amount of stress. So she was relegated to working at Burlington Coat Factory, because she admitted that it was pretty much all she could handle. She couldn’t multi-task or handle too much coming at her. She was short, slightly overweight, with long fluffy light brown hair and huge pale blue eyes that had a perpetual “deer caught in the headlights” blank/shell shocked look. Something not right there, obviously. She had a daughter with her ex husband that she married solely to help him get his green card, but she didn’t have any custody. I also learned that she was a bit of a compulsive liar as well, so between her and Todd it was really screwball. They would get exactly like Julie and Mike, with the finger pointing he-said she-said, both insisting up and down and back and forth that they were telling the truth and that the other one was lying, and with total passion and conviction too, even yelling and screaming, so you couldn’t tell who was the liar. It was nuts. Then there was how Marilyn and Denise would get together in Marilyn’s room every night and talk for hours about all of their personal problems and woes, complaining and co-miserating. And both of them as I learned could, and would, turn on you on a dime. One minute they were your friend, trying to engage in you long winded heart to heart female chats, then next, switcharoo. o.O

So with them, plus me, that made five people. TOO many people. Dominic converted the garage into a little living quarters/room for himself, and that’s where he crashed when he did come home. Though as I discovered when he was home he would often hide out in the garage writing these long, crazy rambling notes to Todd threatening to evict him and for all the reasons why, but never following through. Todd had all these pages of handwritten rambling notes saved and showed them to me once. The way Dominic wrote was like gibberish. English words strung together, but they didn’t formulate coherent sentences. Another time when it was just me and Dominic that were home, Dominic showed me the latest note he was putting together to Todd consisting of more rambling gibberish. His eyes were glazed over and nobody was home as he rambled on and on about all his complaints about Todd. I just listened and nodded my head. :D

And that was the roommates situation. As my boss Felicity even noted to me, people of their ages, renting a room? Something is wrong with people like that. :D “You’re in your 20s, so that’s okay. But by the time you reach their ages you’re not supposed to still be renting a room.” Very true. Todd was going through a divorce and no longer living with his wife, Denise admitted to having mental problems, Dominic clearly demonstrated mental problems, and Marilyn was an English second language immigrant. They all had problems and no money.

Within the first 24 hours of being in my new room I realized that Houston, we have a problem.

Not a problem like with our old apartment. But, we still have a problem.

After settling in, I realize that this new room felt like I was sort of underwater again. It was back to “that” feeling. I felt drained. Low energy. I felt like the vibe in my room was heavy, thick, intense. I was now more psychically attuned to sense such things, versus the old me from a year before. I was already a different person now due to everything we’d gone through. My mindset was neutral and curious and observant. I no longer spent loads of time second guessing and doubting and going in circles. Now, I knew.

Then immediately, the “banging around” started. Something banging around into things, into everything. Getting Kitty’s attention too, when it would happen.

Oddly enough though, she never spazzed.

But I just knew, there was something going on. What, I wasn’t sure.

One late afternoon I was laying on my bed, sleeping. I woke up when it was nearly dark out, and just lay there, on my mattress, staring up into the air. I kept swearing I could see these white things appearing and disappearing around the air. Naaaa…couldn’t be, I thought. This room can’t have something going on in it too. That would just be NUTS!

Still, I lay there, languidly, unscared, convinced that I was definitely seeing something. Figured it must be a trick of the eye…but wishing I could see one long enough to get a good enough look at it. And then I did. One of them appeared and stayed there for a good second. It was shaped like a white “Y”, but a bubble Y, not a thin stick Y.

“There you are!” I said to myself. Bingo.

And it disappeared again. A few more popped up here and there. I was a little excited, but apprehensive, wondering what this meant. Did it mean it was going to turn into an all out bad situation like the other place?! God I hoped not. I couldn’t even deal with another repeat.

I decided to get up and go out. I turned on my light, and got myself ready. And when I was slipping on my shoes, and grabbing my backpack, I heard something crash into my framed Andromeda poster that wasn’t yet hanging up, and was leaning against the wall.

Kitty jerked her head up and looked at it too, from where she was sitting next to me. We were across the room, by my door.

Okay, I thought, as both of us watched that area, looking for something. Didn’t see anything though.

So I left.

After that I had a few incidents here and there. For starters, like I said, the air was definitely “thick” in this room, or, as Mike put it, “I feel like my energy gets drained when I’m in your room. It’s like being underwater. It’s just a different medium, that’s all.”

He’s the one who gave me the “underwater” phrase, btw.

But just to check something, I asked him,

“You remember the last place I was in, right, where I lived for 3 weeks?”


“You were in that room, hanging out with me. Do you remember how it felt?”

He thought about it. “Yes.”

“Did it feel the same way?”

He thought about it again. “No. There was nothing in that room.”


He nailed it exactly, and confirmed to me the same thing. That room was empty, and “light.” This room was heavy, and drained your energy.

Shortly thereafter, I was laying on my air mattress on the floor, after work one day. Feeling unmotivated and drained, as I usually do in this new room. And anyway, I wasn’t asleep, just laying there with my eyes closed, awake. I’d only JUST lied down, and had only been laying there for a minute, at max. And then I felt the distinctive feel of a person KICKING the foot of my mattress. I felt a FOOT, dammit. My mattress shook with the kick.

I lay there, eyes squeezed shut. I knew what that was. And I didn’t want to look.

Still…could be the cat, I reasoned.

I opened my eyes to check.

Kitty was next to the mattress, on the floor to my right. Sitting calmly and quietly. Not at the foot of my mattress where the kick came from.

And she was looking up at something I couldn’t see, following it with her eyes as whatever it was moved away from my mattress to the other side of the room.

Calmly sat there, watching it.

That’s it, I’m atta here. I got up and grabbed my stuff together and bailed out, went somewhere else to go hang out.

Every single night I was now being woken up out of my dreams by the sudden, alarming feeling that somebody was in the room with me at the foot of my bed. I could feel somebody – a he – standing there, staring at me, pissed off. I’d always refuse to look though. Didn’t want to see. Don’t want to know. I can’t handle it. Not again. I’d lay there, under the covers, eyes squeezed shut, scared, until I’d drift off to sleep again. I’d experienced a lot of different phenomenon in our previous apartment, and a few random anomalous things when I was a kid, but never that specific type of incident – feeling like there’s somebody actually standing at the foot of my bed, watching me, pissed off. And this went on every single night, waking me up with a sudden “!!” start from a restful sleep.

But yet despite that it didn’t actually register right away that this was going on. Because after a year in our old apartment, there were certain things that I had just grown so accustomed to that I learned to tune stuff out. Or put it out of my head. Only after a solid three weeks of this, and after the kick, did it register that there was a problem here. That this isn’t normal, healthy stuff. It needed to be stopped.

So I had to do another one of the Meditation things.

This one was a whole lot less formal than the one that Mike and I did. And a whole lot easier. I had an easy time with it, and was able to focus clearly on what I wanted. And once again, it was like I was picking up speed, rolling down down a mountain. What I did with this one was to envision that protective bubble, and to demand that anything with any sort of bad vibes, negative intentions, etc. were to stay away from me. Stay out of my space, stay away from my cat, leave us alone. No bad vibes or negative energy is allowed NEAR me, or my room, or my cat.

But I didn’t flat out ask “it” or “they” to leave. I didn’t have the heart to. It didn’t seem like it was anything close to what we’d been experiencing at our old apartment, so it didn’t seem like there was a need to banish it. I mean, it can still be here in the house…Just not around ME.

I thought that was a fair compromise.

I felt like a million dollars after I was done. Completely protected, and light and free. It was awesome.

However, it didn’t go away. Not entirely.

There was the night I was coming home and just as I hit the front door, pulling out my keys, the outside light clicked off. Not burned out. But clicked off. I hurriedly opened the door, expecting to see a roommate there walking away from the light switch.

But no. Everybody was tucked away in their rooms. Nobody was anywhere near the door.

Okay, I thought. Whatever. And like I guessed, it wasn’t the bulb burning out, it was the switch being shut off. That’s small beans though to me, compared to what I’ve been through.

Then a few nights later my roommate Todd comes home at 2:30 am, and finds the front door wide fricking open. Even though I distinctly remember closing it earlier. And the door sticks too, so, when it’s closed, it sticks closed. No drifting open again. But it was wide open. Todd mentioned it to me the next night, when I looked into his room to say hi. His door was open, and he was watching t.v.

After he mentioned it, I said,

“You KNOW that we have a ghost here…don’t you? I mean, you KNOW that, right?”

He just stared at me, silently, from his lounge chair.

“We have something going on here. And I’ve noticed it from the very first day I moved in. I’ve already done a little something in my room to keep it from bothering me anymore, but, we’ll see how that goes.”

He kept staring at me. I figured he thought I was a NUT. I giggled a little.

“You’re kidding, right?” he said, dead pan.

“No. We have something in this house. I’m not exactly sure yet what it is, but there’s something here.”

“No, see, because I’ve never told anybody this, but I’ve had all kinds of weird shit happen to me in this place. No, you don’t understand, I’m serious, I’ve had some FREAKY-SHIT happen here. Some FREAKY-ASS-SHIT, okay?” Todd looked at me, serious and intense.

It’s amazing what happens when somebody has the balls to come forward and be the first to admit something. Then it’s like the floodgates open, and EVERYBODY starts crawling out from under their rock!

Todd told me his stories, about the noises he hears which scare him because he can’t tell where they’re coming from. He described hearing FOOTSTEPS…walking on the roof, and also of getting the feeling that somebody is outside his window, watching him. Which is the same story I later heard from Denise, that she was freaked out, so sure she could feel that somebody was outside her window, staring in. And he told me how whatever it is has done things to fuck around with him, like mess with his laundry…when nobody else is home, so he KNOWS it’s not one of the roommates doing it….

“Yup…and playing with the door, leaving it open, and turning out the outside light when I’m standing in the doorway, and kicking my bed, and standing at the foot of my bed, watching me, in the middle of the night…Uh huh, I know ALL about it…” I said, smiling knowingly. Sounding like Joe now. Now I was the Old Pro expert know it all. And Todd was the Newbie.

“So…what then, did somebody die in this house? Isn’t that how you get a ghost? Doesn’t somebody have to die?”

“No, not always. Presences can be brought in. They’re attracted to negative energy. And this house is crawling with it. Between Dominic, and Marilyn, and Denise, with all their problems, and the way all three of them sit around brooding about their life, and complaining, and all the other whack job roommates you guys have had that you were telling me about [included one girl that Todd said used meth] this place is prime for it. I don’t think anybody ever died here. I think it was drawn in to the negative energy. They feed off of it.”

“What??” he was confused. Never heard of such a thing. He’s new to this stuff. Isn’t aware of “windows” and “feeders” and things like crossing over from one plane of existence to another. He was spooked out and mystified. This was all brand new to him.

Then there was the candlestick incident not too long after that. I was on my way out the door, had my headphones in my ears, and was rummaging through my desk, looking for something before I left. And I heard a loud crashing noise, coming from in the room behind me. I could hear that OVER my music.

I hesitated, half turning around to look. Kitty was sitting on the floor next to me, startled from the crash bang whatever it was. I couldn’t tell what made the noise, and didn’t want to. I knew it was the “it”, whatever it was.

Then, I watched as the candle on my television flew off and landed on the floor in the middle of the room.

Okay, I’m ATTA here, I thought, as it hit the floor. I didn’t even try to pick it up, I just left it there and bailed. That was probably the most sensationalistic ghost/paranormal happening I’ve witnessed involving the manipulation of an object. Whatever this thing was, he was all about the manipulation of objects. Kicking the bed, throwing stuff around, turning lights off, opening doors, and even messing with Todd’s laundry apparently, if Todd wasn’t lying about that. He behaved as if he were a real physical human, only, invisible.

Then I actually saw him, it, whatever it is, for the first time. Todd and I were hanging out late at night in the kitchen, eating and talking. His bedroom door was open down the hall, and his t.v. was on, blaring, as usual. My cat was roaming around free, and at that moment she had been in Todd’s room…HAD been, until it looked like she was being chased out of his room. I looked up from the kitchen counter where I was leaning. I was facing in the direction of the hallway and bedroom doors, and something had just gotten my attention. It was Kitty scampering out of Todd’s room, except, she kept fearfully looking over her shoulder. Run a few steps, pause and look back, jerk forward again for a few steps, stop, look back over her shoulder, then jerk forward again. Like she was only reluctantly leaving his room, because she was being forced/scared into leaving his room.

And THEN…a black shadowy looking figure (the size of a human) appeared in the doorway- stood there, like it was looking down the hall to make sure my cat was leaving. Kind of like, “Yeah, that’s right, you better go.” I saw the head, and the whole right side of his body – shoulder, arm, torso and leg – as he stood there, watching my cat leave, not seeming amused, at all. And then he slowly turned and retreated back into Todd’s room. No wonder my cat was scared.

I watched this happening, my mouth opening a little. My end of the conversation halted. Eyes big.

Then I grinned. There’s really nothing else you can do in a situation like that. Just go with it. Have fun. It had all become one big joke by that point, a game. So enjoy it and go along for the ride.

“Wow,” I said.

“What?” Todd asked, looking up in mid bite.

“There’s something in your room right now.”

“NO there’s not,” he tried to blow it off. Put the spoonful of mac and cheese in his mouth and chewed.

“Uh, YEAH there is. I just watched whatever it is chase my cat out of your room.” And I described to him what I just saw. Only he wouldn’t listen. Tuned me out, kept changing the subject. Todd’s like that though. He totally hates this possible ghost stuff, and waivers back and forth from saying stuff like, “We have ghosts, don’t we?” being serious. To which I’ll go, “Yeah. Well, we’ve got SOMETHING, anyway.” To then going the other direction and saying, “NO we don’t…” “We don’t have GHOSTS…” “NOOOOO…” Then sometimes being in the middle, going, “Well, if we have a ghost, then what does it want? Is it a dead person??? What if it tries to hurt somebody??” Sounding like he’s genuinely nervous. It all depends on the mood he’s in. When he’s in a confident mood, like when he’s on his way out the door to work, well then shit like that doesn’t exist. But when he’s tired, beaten down, maybe bummed out or whatever, then it probably does exist…and it kind of makes him nervous.

But after that happened I did just think of something though…I wonder if the reason I saw the something in Todd’s room as a black shadowy fuzzy form is because it’s negative and bitter. See, because I could never see the female one in our old place, no matter how hard I tried. She was completely invisible to me. And- she wasn’t negative in any way. And the other one that I called Velcro Critter, which was like a happy puppy dog- it was invisible. And the other stuff that was blowing through our apartment on their way to bigger and better things? All of which never hurt us or did anything negative? Usually all bluish white. And the energy remnants that looked like sparkles? Bright orangey yellow, or glittery gold. And then the thing that attacked me…….it was pitch black. Could be something to the color thing. Black seems to be equated with something that has a bad vibe, or hostile intentions, obviously. Blue, white, blueish white, invisible, sparkly gold, all seem to be connected to neutral entities just off doing their own thing.

Later on after this incident, there was one more biggie that happened. It was the middle of the night and I was curled up in bed with my cat, under my trusty purple Christmas lights, when I became aware of the sound of something moving about my room. Picking things up on both of my desk tables, then putting them back down again. Just poking about, exploring, looking at my stuff. I could hear the objects and papers being quietly picked up and rummaged with.

My cat tensed up, flicking her tail wildly from underneath my sleeping bag. I laid there, a bit frozen…..but no longer full of the old paralyzing fear that I used to have. There was an incident identical to this that had happened to me as a kid, when I was about 9, where something was in my room rummaging through my stuff. And I failed miserably during that incident with my level of terrorized fear. My back had been faced toward my room during that incident, I couldn’t see anything, because I was paralyzed from fear, unable to turn around. But I listened as whatever it was moved about my room, poking through the things on my desk and my dresser, including this tin I had full of push pins, and the distinct noise that made when picked up and jiggled and put back down again. I’ll never forget that.

This time, I laid there, eyes open. Actually facing my room, where this was happening, although my sleeping bag was blocking my view of the room. My eyes were focused on my cat.

I heard it quietly moving across the room, then approach my bed.

There was an orange juice container next to my bed on the floor, and I heard the distinct sound of the cardboard juice container squeeze in….then out again… if being squeezed by a hand. And then I felt it, him, just standing there, over me, looking at me and Kitty.

That’s when Kitty completely froze. Her tail stopped in mid whip, and her eyes bugged out as she looked upwards at it. Paralyzed.

I was brave enough to hold my ground…but not brave enough to glance up and see if I could see it. :)

There was a few seconds of silence. I didn’t feel any hostility from him though at that moment. He just stood there. Finally I said “Hey…” acknowledging it. I felt like I should say hi at least. More silence. Then I heard it walk away and fade out.

I moved out shortly after that incident. In retrospect I look back and realize that whatever he was, his attitude towards me changed at the end, just before I moved out. Gone were the days of random crash bang noises all around my room, kicking the bed, throwing a candlestick and staring angrily over me as I lay in bed. Now he was calm. At least with me anyway. Maybe because I acknowledged him when nobody else would. The more he did to get the roommates’ attention, the more scared they got and the more they refused to acknowledge any of what was happening. I’m not saying he was a good manifestation – he was black in color and dude obviously had some issues ;) – but I can have some sympathy for whatever he was and whatever his situation was. He acted like the house was his and that we were the intruders, and he kept trying to get our attention and nobody would give that to him. Then I show up like, Yeah, we have a ghost here, didn’t you know? I’ve tried talking to him, yeah, you know, he throws stuff around and kicks the bed and stuff…hey look, there he is in your doorway Todd! Wow! haha! Hey ghost, you can hang around any place you want in the house, just don’t bother me and my cat, okay? ;D Must have been unusual after all that time of being ignored.

The one thing I can say, about our old apartment, and the place after, is that it’s not like the movies. It never goes the way it does in the movies. In the movies there’s always a plot, a beginning, a middle and a climatic end and resolution. In the movies, there’s a POINT to the mayhem. In real life, there isn’t. There are no answers. It’s all random, it’s all sporadic, and there is no point. In the movies the supernatural is very action oriented, and exaggerated, with the walking rotting dead, and the closet door that’s the fiery, windy entrance to the Otherworld, objects flying all around the room, the ghoulish faced demons, and the white apparition ghosts, and nasty scary shit in general.

In real life, it’s not like that. It’s all subtle. It’s mostly just silent, shapeless blobs of translucent cloudy energy, drifting about, slowly changing shape. Just passing through. Just living it’s existence. Leaving energy remnants that look like fire embers, or glittery sparkles. Even me and Joe’s attacks, from the all black thing, was very anti-climatic by Hollywood standards.

In the movies, I’ve never seen one reference to “energy drains.” But yet, that’s the first and foremost sign that something is amiss. Your lack of desire and motivation, feeling like the life is being sucked out of you. Feeling like you’re walking underwater. And in the movies, it’s all “cold spots.” Never hot spots. Yet our experiences were mainly hot spots, with the exception of that crazy entrance spot over my door. Tingly hot spots, hot spots that blew hot air, like an oven, that make you nauseas.

And in the movies, they don’t ever talk about “windows” being ripped open that look like static surrounded by a ring thing, and which the family pet thinks it can jump into. No, in the movies, the window thing is exaggerated, and becomes “THE FIERY EVIL GATE TO HELL!!! mmmmwaaaahahahaha!!!!!” And it’s like a gaping, flapping hole, with tattered shredded looking curtains blowing about in its wind tunnel, and some gnarly sounding demon growling and writhing about, fighting to come through. It’s not just some ho-hum spot over your door where an icy chill comes down in waves and where you sometimes see and feel stuff wandering down from. Eliciting strange reactions from Kitty And in movies, you never see a character like my brother, who’s a natural magnet for these things, starting from when he was a baby. Someone who you don’t WANT to let move in with you, because you know that he’s going to bring shit in, and pollute the place up. No, you never see any of that in the movies. Because real life doesn’t go the way it does in the movies.

Our experiences were fascinating and important enough to document, and turn into the mini-book that you’re reading now. But overall there were no answers. There was no point. It happened solely because it could happen, because the windows were ripped open, allowing for Grand Central Station to occur. Because some people have it, and others don’t. And that’s just the way it goes.