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The Hidden Puppetmasters
Neg Entities Taking Control of the Wheel in Cases of Abuse

by Carissa Conti
© July 6, 2014

In several places around my website I mention the idea of negative stuff working and speaking through people, using them as their puppets. However I want to compile an article that focuses more on this. Mainly on the idea of unstable troublemakers and abusers, and recognizing situations where one of these types has been “taken over” and is no longer piloting their own wheel. Since unstable abusers is a common issue this subject will probably hit close to home for a lot of people.

What inspired me to put this together was a book I crossed paths with in early 2012 at Barnes and Noble, called “Understanding the Borderline Mother – Helping Her Children Transcend the Intense, Unpredictable and Volatile Relationship,” by Christine Lawson. I was scanning the shelf of books in the psychology section when I came across this one regarding Borderline Personality Disorder. For people who’ve read my book “Chasing Phantoms,” specifically the Appendix section, they’ll know exactly why my interest was piqued, since I delve a bit into my childhood background there, and my parents and their behavior. And it’s also exactly why I held off on putting this write up out there when I started trying to write it in mid-2012 – because I’m tired of talking about my dysfunctional “family.” (I term them biological relations at this point, since they’ve been out of the picture for decades, and didn’t function in the capacity of a true “family” even when they were in the picture.) I don’t want to come across like “oh, poor me, let’s wallow in my negative ‘family’ situation, waa waa waa!” However, my style of writing involves personal anecdotes in order to show how I’ve formulated my ideas, and my mother was one of the main ways for how I came to personally know a lot of what I now know about this topic. But how do I talk about what I know without getting into too much of the negative backstory? It’s a fine line.

But I will say there’s a good reason I don’t have a relationship with my mother, and that her issues are to the level of full on mental illness, and she was diagnosed by an actual psychiatrist when I was 17 as having a “personality disorder.” A bit generic, as no details were provided about which particular personality disorder she had, only that she clearly had one. Years later when researching the various personality disorders I realized that “Borderline” seemed to be the specific disorder that fit her best, based on the bullet point checklist of behavioral symptoms, though I didn’t give it too much thought as it wasn’t detailed enough to stand out for me.

Then I came across the above mentioned book at Barnes in early 2012 devoted to dissecting what it involves to have a mother who is Borderline, and the very specific, detailed way in which they behave, and the impact it has on their children’s childhoods and development. After flipping through it I actually caught my breath when I found myself reading not only descriptions of behavior and actions that matched her to a T, but also the verbatim, word for word things that she said to me and my brother, including the way the book so accurately described her hissy, venomous tone. It was like the author was a fly on the wall. I’d never encountered any write up or book anywhere that so accurately nailed the situation with my mother, with so many specific details, including not only the childhood background that created her, but the kind of men that women like that attract and marry. (Meaning….the author also nailed my dad’s general personality and issues, including the childhood that created him, which would have caused him to choose such a damaged female to pair up with. Being that his entire life had been nothing but “red flags” of abuse and toxic dysfunction means he couldn’t recognize red flag problems in others, and have that common sense realization that they’re not suitable to be his mature, emotionally healthy lifelong partner, let alone the mother of his children. He had no positive basis of comparison to draw upon in his own life. All he knew was toxic negativity.) As a result my book is completely highlighted up with lots of notes in the margins, due to the sheer number of content that spot on matches her. And my dad.

Coming across that book and its uncanny, word for word verbatim details that matched my own situation really got me thinking though, and it’s what kicked off the beginning of me starting to put this write up together two years ago. The author was able to compile such an extensive, detailed list of behaviors of Borderline mothers apparently due to her mix of research and clients that she’s counseled, I take it. She’d obviously heard and read enough stories to note the patterns in the chaos. But the fact that there are such patterns in behavior, down to word for word specifics and tone of voice, is what stood out for me. Is the human brain that predictable and programmable in terms of certain life traumas resulting in people becoming identical textbook clones of each other by the time they’re adults? To the point of even saying the most specific (and yet bizarre) things? The mainstream world, of which psychology falls under, would say yes, end of story.

However, I say not so fast.

Now, in many cases I believe that yes, people’s negative/dysfunctional but predictable and easily analyzed reactions and responses to life events are indeed brain-based, where basic human psychology is the correct explanation for what’s happening with them. We see this every day around us, so it’s an undeniable fact. In addition, people can and do say the same things as other people, and there is such a thing as “coincidence.” However, when completely different people in different states, and even countries, in different time periods are saying the exact same abusive things, word for word, with the same tones of voice, and even with the same strange look in their eyes, and ESPECIALLY when what they’re saying and how they’re behaving doesn’t even fit the situation or person they’re abusing, then at what point does their behavior cease to be “human psychology” and “just a coincidence” and become “something else”? Problems arise when people are either unaware of other possibilities, or are in denial about them, and make the mistake of lumping everything into these same limited explanations.

The expanded view

My personal experience with, and research into, metaphysical and paranormal issues means I’ve come to have a different view on this world and reality than the ordinary person probably has. The two core components of this “unusual” world view involve: 1) Reality doesn’t seem to be what we think it is, nor does it function the way we’ve been taught, and 2) There are other non-human forces at work in this world – non physical entities/life forms, thought forms, demons, Djinn, interdimensional beings, “aliens,” or however one prefers to define them. (There seems to be a variety, it’s not just one type.) They may reside in other realms or realities that exist at frequencies we can’t always see or access, and often have the ability to latch onto humans, displaying parasitical behavior – living vicariously through us, feeding off of our energy, influencing us in what are often detrimental ways, and sometimes outright taking people over, depending on how weak somebody is.

At the minimum you could say this reality is a live action interactive zoo of sorts, where life forms of all types coexist, including ones of an entirely different frequency (or “densities” as some sources like to refer to them) than the average physical being. Whether you refer to these beings as angels, demons, aliens, entities, the Djinn, etc. the thing they have in common is that they can straddle two worlds, and they have abilities that most humans don’t have, including the ability to manipulate physical life forms for good or bad, intervene in situations to affect outcomes, for good or bad, and in some cases to be outside of linear time. It’s stuff I discuss on my website and in my book, so for regular readers this will be nothing revelatory. However, rather than sidetracking onto trying to prove in depth to any new readers why and how I know what I know (this article goes on long enough as it is…!) I will instead include a list of links at the end if somebody is curious to get more information, including relevant articles that I’ve written that explain more of my background experiences, as well as other people’s recommended material.

So with this all in mind, it now opens more possibilities when looking at the idea of abusive behaviors from people that are often inexplicably word for word and verbatim textbook in nature. Things may not be what they seem in many cases. My theory is that often times people are being piloted/manipulated by these “negs”/”aliens”/entities/whatever they are, which extend their figurative tentacles out into the human population. And those who’ve experienced severe life traumas, and/or substance abuse issues (which often go hand in hand) are more susceptible to this manipulation than others, due to the way in which the traumas and drug/alcohol use has fractured and weakened them mentally/spiritually/etherically. It creates an opening for these “negs” to take control of their wheel. And anybody who is already empty or mostly empty to begin with would also be a prime candidate for having “stuff” jump into them or take control of their wheel, merely for the fact that there isn’t a strong core/higher spirit at the helm of the body. Their “character” is being played by “something else,” you could say.

So when it comes to abusive people we’re seeing several things being mixed up together in many cases – legitimate psychological response mechanisms that seem inherent in all humans, which in many cases can be directly traced to an abusive childhood source, and then external influences from “something else” that opportunistically works and speaks (intermittently) through the now severely fractured/weakened and vulnerable person. Someone with no awareness of this other aspect of reality isn’t even going to consider this possibility, and will unfortunately take certain situations at face value…and thus possibly succumb to the negative effects of it. And since the mainstream world as a whole typically doesn’t believe in nor acknowledge “something else” it fails to differentiate or recognize which is which. Realizing that something is most likely wearing an abuser like a puppet and speaking through them can alleviate a LOT of negative responses in the target, because now the target knows not to take their behavior personally. (Understanding the psychological brain-based reasons for this does as well, to be fair.)

For any of the standard personality disorders, including the aforementioned Borderline, the sufferers usually always have the abuse and childhood trauma factors in their background. I know my mother did, she’s a case of “all of the above, and then some,” with almost the entire brunt of her loss, abuse, emotional traumas, and substance abuse issues occurring between the ages of two to sixteen, which is why I consider her to be “textbook” now that I’ve read up on things. And several other people I’ve known personally who also exhibited signs of “not being all there” and being piloted at times by this “something else” all did too. Nasty physical abuse, molestation/rape, parental death and/or abandonment. And nearly all had issues with substance abuse at some point in their lives, usually both drugs and alcohol, and starting when they were kids. These issues created both predictable textbook psychological responses, as well as a vulnerability to manipulation by “Stuff.”

All I know is that “if I knew then what I know now” as a teen regarding the textbook nature of my mom’s behavior, down to the tone of voice and the word-for-word verbatim nonsense that she was always spewing, I would have had an easier time coping and getting past what was happening. (And I specify “teen,” rather than “child,” because even though there were always negative issues with her going back to when I was a baby things REALLY kicked in full force once I entered puberty and was becoming a young woman. That’s when the vicious verbal abuse became off the charts, along with the emotional/mental abuse, and even newfound physical abuse being added to the works. She never hit me as a child….but once I was a teen it was “game on.” I’ve since learned that this is textbook behavior of narcissistic mothers towards their daughters, and Narcissism is a huge component of Borderline, as Dr. Lawson even notes in her book.) It really would have helped to know that at times it was just “something else” taking her over, speaking through her, using the same unoriginal script it wields on everybody across the board. (We’ll get back to the whole business of unoriginal scripts in a short bit. It’s a very important piece of the puzzle.) And other times it’s just a case of “nobody’s home….mom’s left the building and the body shell is being operated by the default brain-based program.” That’s all, yawn, nothing to see here folks, move it along.

Years ago I was shown this very thing in a dream that was being delivered to me and narrated by some outside source, I don’t know who or what. But it was trying to help me out with some understanding about her, since I just wasn’t “getting it” and was still going in mental circles about it all these years later. In the dream I stood in the kitchen in our old house in Connecticut. That particular house being the go-to default setting for so many dreams I’ve had over the years, due to the trauma it represents in my subconscious. Meanwhile my mother stood before me. The narrator showed me as my mom apparently had her consciousness fully in her. She looked normal. Then…..after it withdrew. Then it was back to that stony face, big empty cold eyes look she would get when she was “in a mood” and on a rampage. Then her consciousness was back in her again, and she was normal. Then out again, and back to the mean bug eyed stone face. A case of, do you understand now? Her consciousness was coming and going from her body. She wasn’t always “there.” And this was was also relayed to me separately by a very intuitive acquaintance who tuned into the situation to see what was up. I didn’t tell her much of anything before she tuned in, but she gently put forth that my mom wasn’t always hateful and abusive, as she’d seen in her mind. Which was true (at least, when I was younger. That changed post-divorce. After the divorce there literally were no nice moments with her anymore.) So, that’s how I know she was legitimately seeing things. But she could definitely be hateful and abusive, as my intuitive acquaintance saw as well. Her assessment was that her consciousness would come and go, in and out of the body. Basically like a dying light bulb that flickers on and off.

Having a consciousness that’s coming and going wouldn’t be enough to result in crazy abusive behavior, in my opinion. It’s not like everybody would just automatically resort to that without the benefit of a higher spirit. So it’s that added component of negative “stuff” that takes advantage of the consciousness flickering on and off (or which is gone completely….) that causes that. So I would hope that for anybody reading this who may be going through a similar or same situation and who is new to these possibilities then a write up like this can help them realize earlier on what took me many years to figure out. And thus help save them a lot of grief. !!

This would be a good time to clarify that not all instances of hate and abuse targeted at people is coming directly from negative stuff puppeting them. So many people have had really bad lives in ugly circumstances that have torn them down, but it doesn’t mean something is necessarily talking or working through them at that moment. They may very well be in control of their own wheel, however they’ve allowed themselves to become by-products of their environment.

And it’s also important to note that it seems there are just as many instances of positive forces working through people (and animals, with domesticated pets in particular….) as there are negative. I’m sure everybody reading this can think of their own examples where they encountered people who seemed to be channeling a force that was uncharacteristically saying exactly what they needed to hear in order to pep them up and keep them motivated and hanging in there in life when they were going through a tough spot, almost like something good and angelic was speaking to them through the other person; or they could feel when such a force seemed to suddenly be operating through them, directed towards somebody else, and which left them wondering “wow…..where’d I just come up with that??” :D I know I’ve experienced that, and it’s important to mention this in order to provide that balance. Both forces are at work in this reality, and in fact I’ve seen several news stories in the media recently where to me it seemed to clearly illustrate positive forces that worked through people or pets, leading to other parties being rescued or helped who otherwise would have died or suffered grave injuries. However, the focus of this article is going to be on the unsavory forces, in order to provide those who find themselves on the receiving end of it a better understanding of things, only because those are the forces doing the harm.


Signs and Indicators

What would be some of the indicators that reveal one is possibly dealing with somebody who is being piloted by “something else,” where all is not what it seems to be, versus somebody who’s just been beaten down over time and acting like the unfortunate reactionary by-product of their accumulated negative life experiences? Some traits that I and others have noticed of “something else seeming to take over the wheel” include:

  • The obvious “turn,” as it’s even described in the “Borderline Mothers” book, where the eyes go dark and it’s like a thundercloud has descended out of nowhere, and the person’s demeanor changes within seconds. “The turn” can involve crazed irrational rampaging on the target (ranting and raving in a deranged way and usually about things that make no sense, chasing the target around while trying to attack them), and/or physical and verbal abuse, etc. In really extreme cases they may even be “blacked out” from the experience and truly not remember it afterwards. Some may remember, but because they’re not all there anyway it doesn’t bother them. They feel nothing about what they did when they “lost control.”
  • Intense, hate filled “unhuman” look in the eyes. There’s a story that I relay in my (free) eBook, “Miscellaneous Stories of the Weird and Unusual,” as well as in my article “Gangstalking vs. Hyperdimensional Matrix Attacks” entitled “The Man in the White Pickup Truck.” It concerned an older white haired guy that I encountered twice between 1992-93 in Mission Viejo, California (south Orange County) when I was 18. He was stealthily following behind me in a white pickup truck with a silent engine as I walked down Marguerite Parkway. As I walked along, hearing nothing, I suddenly had a really bad feeling and whirled my head around to find that a silent pick up truck had been following behind me for who knows how long. The “guy” behind the wheel is what I would later describe as an “it thing,” due to the look that was raging from his eyes and in his face for no explicable reason. My friend Shirley would also have an incident with this same “guy” chasing her around in his truck as she drove on the 5 freeway, with eyes that scared the shit out of her, like nothing either one of us had ever seen in another person. Even in my young naïve obliviousness I knew that what I was looking at was not human. The exterior facade was, but what was controlling him was not.
  • Another thing relating to eyes would be the glassy eyed glint when saying something really weird and pointed. This is a major indicator. It’s usually coupled with the weird smirk. The glint in the eye coupled with the smirk (and especially when something strange and pointed is being said to the target) combine together to give the impression of a predator, toying with its prey. After hearing from others (via email) describing encounters with people who’d get the “glint in the eye” when behaving badly or saying weird, pointed things to them I realized there is something to this, and it wasn’t just something I alone had experienced, or imagined.
  • The strange voice tones, be it the coy, slick voice, the “hissy” angry voice, and the totally “calm and smooth” emotionally cold voice, but while saying something really hideous out of nowhere. (More on the last one in a moment.) This is just my opinion, but I feel these strange voices/tones are indicative of stuff. I’ve now come across more people out there in the world describing their psycho moms who raged at them in the same “hissy” tone of voice, so that was interesting. Here I thought it was something unique to my mom and our situation……….but no, it turns out it wasn’t.

A particular anecdote that really illustrates some of the combined items involves a co-worker named Calla that I worked with back in Fort Lauderdale in 2003. I was 28-29 at the time, and had already been working at this particular job for a year and a half before Calla started. She seemed to be late 30s, married, with a couple of younger kids. Good looking, brunette, thin and stylish/professionally dressed, and seemingly normal based on exterior appearances. But for whatever reason since day 1 Calla singled me out like a shark to the prey to hone in on with weird haranguing. She had some odd behaviors that my coworkers noticed and commented on, like making cell phone calls while squatting down in the bushes outside despite wearing a skirt and pumps, and seeming to be on something at times based on her glazed over eyes and strange way of speaking, but she kept the really dark aspect hidden from everybody….except me. To everybody else she was normal enough and pleasant, but with me it was the constant haranguing and needling like a bully, complete with the predatorial smirks and glinty eyes, showing that she knew exactly what she was doing. And always when nobody else was around of course. Also proving that she knew what she was doing, and could turn it on and off like a switch. So nobody knew what to make of things when I would tell them what Calla was doing to me when they weren’t around.

Until one day I was at the employee mailboxes distributing some materials. And Calla whizzes by behind me, then pauses to my left, suddenly doing her usual honing in on me thing. With the slick smirk and dark glint she said something REALLY messed up and pointed with the creepy weird voice. I don’t even remember what she said by this point, but I do remember that whatever it was it was so bizarre that all I could do was just stand there stunned speechless, caught off guard. Then she flounced off back to her office down the hall, smirking and pleased with herself. What she didn’t know however was that my supervisor Suzanne was sitting nearby in a cubicle, obscured. ;) After Calla took off Suzanne slowly stood up and revealed herself from behind the cubicle wall, looking really weirded out.

“Did you hear that??” I whirled towards Suzanne. “Did you hear what she just said?!?” Suzanne continued to stare off down the hall towards where Calla had just run, with a >:/ look saying, “Yeah, I did. WHAT the FUCK was that??” She hadn’t even seen Calla’s glinty eyes or smirk, but just the voice alone and whatever it was she was saying was enough to creep Suzanne out. It was nice to finally have a witness to things. Having a witness corroborating things after so long caused me to just snap inside, and I tore off down the hall giving chase to Calla, cornering her in her office. As I confronted her on what she just did she proceeded to feign innocence, laughing nonchalantly, continually trying to brush things off in a fake sweet and patronizing tone, (“Oh Carissa….”) treating me as a young child, as these types tend to do. But once again it was nice to have Suzanne emerge behind me in the doorway, backing me up all the way in everything I was saying, so it was two against one. Calla’s true self had been revealed. (The PS to that story though isn’t a happy ending. Despite Suzanne being witness and going to her own boss who was above the both of us to report what had happened, having my back and defending me, not only was Calla not fired, she wasn’t even reprimanded in any way. In fact shortly after that incident she was actually promoted to a supervisor position, with the title and pay raise. And I was told I would be reporting to her. :/ Even though I’d been there a year and a half, knew tons more than her and had even helped train her. To which I flat out refused, telling the bosses either find another position for me in another department, or I’m leaving. So, they found me another position. The me now would of course just leave straight away. The difference between being in one’s 20s and being in one’s 40s. ;)

But this side note PS illustrates a whole other related subject about the dark forces running rampant in our world, operating through people, and how one of the biggest places we see it on display is in the work place. They come together and protect their own. The work place is a microcosm of the rest of the world.

So in this case we had the pointed nasty weirdo things being said in the creepy slick voice, the glint, the smirk, while showing that “it” knew what it was doing by trying its best to remain hidden and target me when nobody else was around, while later lying and denying and trying to turn everything back around onto me. Just the entire package all rolled into one.

Taken individually each of these items doesn’t necessarily indicate anything. However, they usually come as a package deal, which means when pooled together and then stepping back and looking at the entire picture, it seems to be pointing in a certain direction.

Now, for clarification’s sake there’s a difference between a real person who might approach you with a legitimate concern or issue, hurt feelings and whatnot, who’s looking for a clarification, apology, reassurance, resolution or what have you, and then these “other types” who are zeroing in for the sake of harassment, energy feeding, because the target is weak prey for them, and other negative agenda purposes. How does one tell the difference? Very easily. Shenanigan manipulators being piloted/manipulated by an external neg force may engage in the following behaviors/tactics:

  • Taunting/baiting negative comments or insults (said with the glinty eyes, that’s the key, as it shows that higher intelligence at work who knows exactly what it’s trying to accomplish, versus someone who’s just blindly insulting you on their own due to their own unchecked anger and immaturity). The latter sounds like it’s coming from the person themselves, the former sounds like it’s coming from something else talking through them, desperately trying to pull you into something, and knowing what your sore spots are in order to accomplish that. Closely related to this would be….
  • False accusations and distortions, possibly nasty unfair and untrue insults that may be really over the top and which don’t even apply to you. Just total nonsense that makes no sense, but which serves the purpose of getting the target totally riled up, due to the bizarre and untrue defamatory nature of the accusations. And nothing you can say or do will change their minds, because they refuse to listen. You are the monster that they desperately try to paint you as…..end of story. What’s weird is that here and there over the years I’ve come people spouting the same script about how, if anybody gets upset over supposedly untrue claims being made against them, versus just “brushing it off,” means they are obviously guilty. Because an innocent person would never get upset when accused of something false! :/ um hm. Makes absolutely NO fucking sense obviously, and if anything just reveals the true nature of the person saying such a thing…..who most likely is one of the bullies/abusers themselves. “I’m going to accuse you of all kinds of who knows what, and if you even so much as have any negative response to that you’re obviously guilty.” (insert glinty eyes and predatorial smirk.) But this sort of thing often lead to….
  • ….Round and round….and round, and round, and round, and round, and on and on and on and on…..sometimes for hours. Any time you try to pin them down and get them to focus on one subject and see it through to the end, prove them wrong in the lies, back them into that corner with logic and reason, they just….spin off. And spin off, and off, and off. Just round and round ad hominem attacks, red herrings and straw men, so no one topic ever truly gets resolved. They may throw so many balls at you at once that you can’t keep up. Accuse you of this, name call you with that, and keep jumping and skipping around, throwing so much at you that you’re not able to fully address/defend any one thing before another ball is whacked at your head…and another…and another…. So by the end you’re completely emotionally wound up and burned out exhausted on crying and yelling and trying to defend yourself in vain (which is the point…it partially serves as an energy feeding buffet for the neg feeders of this reality, among other purposes.)
  • Refusal to admit wrong doing or take responsibility for anything at any point. May sound exaggerated, but I truly do mean “at any point.” They may call you every name in the book, say every vile insult, accuse you of craziness you’re innocent of, but at no point will they even come close to admitting they could be wrong, skewed or off base about any of it, let alone apologize for their out of line behavior. It’s all completely on you, to the point of absurd, over the top obsessive focus.
  • On the flip side of the abusers who like to irrationally rampage are the ones whose demeanor may never once change from being flat, detached, stone cold and unfazed when picking a fight with a target and hurling their abuse, delivering shocking threats, and/or tossing out over the top accusations. (In fact you may see both sides demonstrated by the same person in the same one encounter as they flip flop around, rampaging at one point, then suddenly changing and becoming flat and stone cold.) No matter how much you may cry, scream, defend yourself or try to get them to stop, engaging with them is like talking to a computer, or a robot. They demonstrate that they feel absolutely nothing at any point. It’s extremely unnatural. With regard to the shocking threats, the contrast between the threat that comes from totally out in left field, and the calm, cold, detached way in which it’s being delivered (with the strange look in the eyes) is totally shocking and paralyzing. I have an anecdote about this that I’ll get into later that also overlaps with the phenomenon of “unoriginal scripts.” So even though the abuser picked the fight/argument in the first place, which can often imply that they’re looking to hash something out in order to get it resolved, like normal people may do, in truth they’re clearly not looking for a resolution, reassurance, or any normal human response. All the rest can be weakly explained away by many people, but the total lack of any heartfelt reaction at any point just can’t. A real, rational, normal person who’s looking to resolve an issue will connect with you on a human level at some point and show a response to any possible extreme emotions you may generate. So whether they’re “emotionally” rampaging or being robotically cold and unfazed, neither state of mind is genuine. “Stuff” seems to realize that psychotically rampaging on somebody, as well as remaining completely stone cold while instigating abuse and pushing a target’s buttons are equally as effective in terms of generating maximum energy and trauma.
  • Saying pointed and unusual things (key emphasis on unusual, not common sorts of things) that also happen to be word for word of what others have said, to where it goes beyond mere coincidence, and is just downright uncanny and maybe even creepy. This can happen in both abusive situations, as well as neutral types of every day exchanges. I’ve experienced both. The person delivering the uncanny comment will always look you straight in the eye with that knowing “look” going on, like a higher intelligence is poking through them in that moment, while saying whatever unbelievably bizarre “coincidental” comment.
  • Then there’s something I’ve witnessed a few times, involving the way I’m pushed to the edge, then after completely losing it and rising up and “claiming my power” the manipulated predator in question just…does a 180 switch from provocateur, to inexplicably dropping it and moving on, never mentioning anything again………like things never happened. Basically where I was stress tested you could say. We’ve all seen firsthand or heard of instances where bullies will push somebody around until the target learns how to fight back and stands up to them. But this is a little beyond that, because it often includes the glinty eyes, and amused, predatorial smirk, and then the way they just pretend afterwards that whatever it is never happened, lalala! when in fact it was huge, and not something you normally just sweep under the rug. A situation where they were supposedly just sooooo “upset” over whatever it was they were abusively tormenting you about before you rose up, then afterwards that upset is just miraculously….gone? Evaporated? With the glinty eyed sly smirk in its place? It’s like you can see the neg force working through them that is pleased with itself for having managed to drag you down to such a level and spark such an intense reaction within you. The pawn in question was never truly upset. That was just the force working through them trying to get their energetic food, and watch you get dragged down into the mud, and once they get both they’re satisfied.

In the case of my mom, one of the things that she loved to engage in was to accuse me of having all of her own various faults and flaws, or accuse me of doing the very things she was doing, stuff that was not true and had no basis in reality. The clinical psychological explanation for this behavior is called projection, as most reading this already know. When a person acting on their own accord (versus someone who’s being piloted by “something else”) engages in projection it’s usually a part of the whole “my shit doesn’t stink” mentality, born out of a massive ego that refuses to see its own shortcomings, or maybe guilt due to various shenanigans (like infidelity) that they’re involved in, so they start incorrectly seeing in others the very behavior they themselves are engaging in. As was noted in the “Borderline” book, one of the common projection accusations that Borderline mothers engage in is to accuse their target children of being “sick.”

“Borderline mothers may subtly imply or blatantly accuse their children of being crazy, with statements like “There is something wrong with your head,” or “You are out of your mind,” or “You’re crazy!” They project their own disorganized thinking onto their children.” – page 29

“Message to the No-Good Child: ‘You are sick’ ”

In the same way it was a revelation to hear that other people’s wacko moms also used the same hissy voice, it was a revelation to discover that holy cow…..countless other people out there also had mothers who’d said the exact same nonsense to them. The whole “you’re SICK!!!” script. O.o All those years what I thought was a unique experience that had only happened to me, in fact had happened to who knows how many others. If only I’d had a dollar for every time my mom would pick fights with me, then accuse me of being the one to initiate them, then accusing me in those fights of being “sick in the head!” “sick and twisted!” and other such comments about my supposed “sick” mental instability, when clearly she was the one who was bonkers in that equation. (As an aside, the phrase “No-Good Child” is another one of those spot-on references by the author of the book who noted that Borderline mothers will often single out one of their kids in particular to hurl the brunt of their over-the-top level abuse at. That child is the “no-good child.” They can do no right. Even when they do. Other mental health professionals who speak and write about Narcissism, which again is a major component of Borderline, also make mention of this phenomenon, usually referring to the targeted child as “The Scapegoat.”)

But to me, this is an important aspect of the phenomenon. What’s going on here when so many of these women across time and geographic locations are often honing in on one specific child, accusing them of things that aren’t true, calling them the same derogatory names that have no basis in reality, and in general are spewing out loads of nonsense? And often times doing so in the same obnoxious, hateful, “hissy” tone of voice? For me that was what was so infuriating about dealing with her, the fact that none of what she ever said about me made any sense. Is it merely “projection”? Psychologists and psychiatrists would say yes, looking at brain-based response mechanisms to explain away this coincidence occurring in countless people and hey, maybe that really is all that’s happening here. But I tend to think not. I think we need to be open to the idea that vulnerable people who are already weak, fractured and/or empty are being worn like puppets by other “stuff” speaking through them…..and which doesn’t even bother to modify the script. (Seriously, get some new material. O.o)

In Robert Bruce’s book, “Practical Psychic Self Defense,” which discusses neg entities, what they are and how they operate, he describes the ways in which neg entities are one dimensional in terms of behavior, and use the same scare and feeding tactics on everybody across the board. Versus tailoring their approaches to fit a unique individual or situation. Reading that got me thinking how the same concept seems to apply to the whole “scripted verbal abuse assaults” thing as well. To me it just seems like one giant extension of neg attacks. The following are the excerpts pertaining to this idea from “Practical Psychic Self Defense,” with bolded words my own emphasis:


“Negs follow fairly predictable patterns when carrying out psychic attacks. […] All things being equal, whether it involves direct psychic attack, symbiosis, or possession, all Negs use similar methods. I think the main reason for this is that these methods have always worked for Negs, possibly for many thousands of years, so why should they change their ways? I also think that, because many Negs are ancient, these methods may have become habitual. […] That their psychic attack campaigns are predictable is one of their greatest weaknesses.

“Negs are not good at adapting to changing circumstances. While often intelligent and always cunning, they are not original “thinkers.” When they do not get expected results from their actions, they are often bamboozled. If changes made by victims circumvent expected results, they may try another set procedure, but they will not experiment with new methods. Negs may influence people to stop doing whatever is causing the Neg problems, or they may switch from fear to sex or vice-versa, but they will not come up with a new approach. They will doggedly keep applying and reapplying the same procedures. Many of the countermeasures are based on taking advantage of Neg inflexibility.” – pages 101-102


So when multiple mentally unstable people are unleashing the same verbatim nonsense hate script that makes no sense on innocent targets, I think that’s one possibility for what we’re seeing. An abuser being worn like a puppet by the same one neg, operating in multiple forms around the world, who keeps using the same worn out, unoriginal verbal abuse script on everybody across the board to tear them down, hurt and traumatize them because they’ve seen over and over that it always works. After all, if the method isn’t broke…then don’t fix it.

A good example of experiencing/witnessing what turned out to be the same “hateful threat script” in two different people would be the following. Back when I was 17 there was an incident that happened with my mom that took place on a night when I was to babysit for my brother Joe, and her boyfriend Ray’s two kids, while Ray and my mom went on a date. When Ray was out of earshot, of course, because she was always sneaky about what she did (same exact thing that my sneaky coworker Calla would end up doing at my job in Fort Lauderdale, mentioned earlier), and with a calm and impassive face and a voice that was as cool as a cucumber, my mom informed me that if she found out that Joe had been allowed out of the house while they were gone then she would “punch me in the face.” I just stood there with a look of O.o and didn’t respond, too shocked and stunned to even say anything. It was said as if it was the most innocuous thing ever, like talking about the weather.

Flash forward to about six or so years later, when I was at the Irvine Spectrum (outdoor mall thing in Irvine, California) and was heading back to my car in the parking lot. On my way there I passed by this late 30’s to early 40’s woman who looked like your typical middle class Orange County white woman, and heard her tell her 12-13 year old son either to do, or not to do something, can’t remember what it even was, “or else I’ll punch you in the face as hard as I can.” I stopped dead in my tracks, eyes getting big, and slowly turned around to see if she’d really just said what I thought I’d heard. I saw them standing there, facing each other. Her face was calm, though the eyes looked cold and hard, same as my mom’s had been, and his face told me all I needed to know. He looked like he’d just seen a ghost, and was frozen in place, not speaking, looking scared. She looked cold, unfeeling and soulless as she stared him down. Some would probably wave this off as being a mere coincidence, but I say it’s more like “Stuff” strikes again. Same crazy script (with the exception of the add-on “as hard as I can”) said in the same way, working through yet another empty pawn. :/ (As this anecdote illustrates, a neg element isn’t always going to be something that is overtly “negative” or “psychopathic.” It can come disguised in a (coldly) smiling face and seemingly normal and well adjusted facade. To me, those types are even more scary than the ones who at least bother to look the part. The mother at the Irvine Spectrum looked like your typical normal, middle class Orange County suburban wife and mother. But the force piloting her was cold as ice. I’ve since encountered many more people in life who looked normal on the outside, but were also anything but and had stone cold demeanor happening internally. This particular sub-facet is something I could go on about for days. There’s a world full of “normal” people who are anything but.)

Interestingly enough Robert Bruce also gets into the idea that negs can work through multiple people at once:


“ […] a single Neg can influence and even possess many people simultaneously.” – page 32

“One explanation that I have been given by modern occultists is that a single powerful Neg sends out many lesser Negs, which it then directs. This is said to account for the behavioral similarities shown by multiple victims of mass influence or mass possession.” – page 32

“Demons are ubiquitous creatures that are capable of replicating themselves. A single powerful demon is able to possess hundreds of people simultaneously. But there is no replication of the essence body of the original demon. A demonic replication is therefore a weaker, pseudo-living copy of the original creature.” – page 33

“True demons have a high but dark level of consciousness. They are ubiquitous and can be in many places at the same time, according to Kabalistic and occult knowledge. Demons are capable of replicating themselves, and spreading out among susceptible people, like pathogens.” – page 33


So this possibly lends credence to the idea of negs wearing multiple people at once like gloves, speaking the same things through each one.

When one reads the above excerpted descriptions of the workings of negs, or hears the word “demons” it can sound so over the top and exaggerated that one may be inclined to dismiss the possibility that it could be happening in their own life, right under their nose. And that’s where one of the big problems lies in terms of awareness. There are those who just flat out don’t believe in the paranormal/supernatural, and then those who do, or who are at least open to the idea, but who mistakenly think it’s something big and exaggerated and takes the form of how Hollywood presents it, and which happens in far off places, to other people. They don’t realize it usually operates in a more subtle fashion, and it’s happening all over the world to everyday people (just as the positive force is as well…) and that it doesn’t need to be a black and white choice between “no negs” and “full on raging Hollywood-style possessed.” There can be a much subtler form quietly extending out into the everyday world in the form of semi/intermittent possession and opportunistic influencing.

For argument’s sake let’s say we’re dealing with ten neg entities total (though for all we know there is really only one….) who work through the population, and who then all connect back to the main neg source. They/it extends their tentacles out into the population, and maybe you can tell which one of the “ten” personalities you’re dealing with by how the affected person is behaving and what they’re saying. Because they’ll be behaving in a “textbook” way. Each saying and doing the same exact things, in the same exact tone of voice, with the same face expression and “glint in the eye” and the smirk of a predator, toying with its prey. Acting as mechanical feeding tubes, feeding on the negative energy/reactions they create. (Among several purposes they serve, of which also includes derailing people in life.) No different from the machines that are hooked up to cows’ teats to milk them. All the tubes are connected back up to the same one machine. And all the machines are manufactured by the same source.

All of which means, when we see things like the following statement, as I did in the “Borderline Mothers” book:

“The borderline Witch may feel, look, and act possessed.” – page 145

…it may be more true and accurate than the author even realizes. Because what if it’s not just some metaphor for their behavior, and really is actual possession? That’s what “the turn” – as the author terms it – is in my opinion. It’s when that something else takes over, and you watch as the eyes go dark, or glaze over/suddenly get empty, and the face changes. “Something else” just slipped into the driver’s seat, and it’s happening before your very eyes. (As another aside, “witch” is in reference to one of the four Borderline mother “types” or “aspects” that the author has come up with to categorize the most common behaviors you’ll usually witness of them – The [paranoid, distrustful] Hermit, the [weak, helpless, victimized] Waif, the [controlling, manipulative, empty and narcissistic] Queen, and the [vicious, hateful, raging] Witch. The Witch is the worst of the four, and exists as its own type/group, but is also an aspect that can intermittently emerge in the other three. My mother was the Queen and the Witch, and with minor aspects of the paranoid, irrational hermit.)

“Attacks by the Witch mother are like tornadoes: random, devastating, and unpredictable. Naturally, her children are on constant alert for changes in the atmosphere that might indicate when and where she will “Turn.” […] The Turn is a sudden attack, the abrupt withdrawal of love and affection, and razor-sharp words that can pierce the heart as painfully as an arrow.” page 133

“Like the game “she loves me, she loves me not,” the mother’s moods can suddenly change from affection to rage, creating an uncertain and insecure emotional environment.” – page 7


And now looking back on the bulleted list of possible indicators of people who could be under the influence of something else, including the toying predatorial smirk, the glassy, deadened or glinty eyes, the crazed out of control fits and rampages, and in many cases, the same angry hissing or cackling sarcastic voice that taunts, threatens and unleashes insults, I’ve noticed that they mirror the same behavior exhibited by the so-called demons during an exorcism as they speak through the host, according to reports. Rapid mood shifting from fake pleasant coy, to rage, and back again, screeching and hissing, cackling and taunting, rampaging with the cussing, screaming insults, knowing exactly what sore spots to touch on to get the maximum reaction, the physical attacks where they’re blindly grabbing and thrashing at the target and/or throwing objects, and all around psychotic temper tantrums. It’s classic demonic possession/exorcism behavior…..and it’s also behavior we see on display with many psycho unstable abusers. I’ve watched some Dr. Phil episodes on YouTube (yeah, I know, don’t laugh O.o but there’s something strangely fascinating about that show…) specifically seeking out the ones involving abusive wives and mothers, husbands and fathers, sometimes psychotic out of control children since this is a subject that greatly interests me, and in almost every case a family member or spouse eventually gets around to describing the behavior as being “like they’re possessed.”

There are probably a lot of people who are just acting on their own volition, spoiled immature types who learned early on to yell and scream and throw manipulative temper tantrums because it worked and got results as a small child, so they continue to do it even as a teen or full grown adult. The perpetual two year old in a grown up’s body, you could say. But spoiled-children-in-adults-bodies aside, in other cases it could very well be a situation involving the same neg force extending itself out into the population, wearing many people on its figurative tentacled appendages like puppets, and causing the same identical behaviors and speech.

To close off this particular section I’ll relay an even more complicated anecdotal example involving not only repeating scripts within people I’ve encountered, but where they had the same eyes and overall behavior, strongly suggesting the same energetic force at work in both. But it involved my brother Joe, and a guy I used to know years ago named James.

James had been a part time housemate at one point back when I was living with a group of people during the mid-90’s in SoCal. Eventually the roommate number stabilized to became four of us total, with James as the unofficial fifth. He was almost a year younger than me, born in ‘75, and dude had some issues. He could be nice and charming, which is why we were buddies for a period of time and hung out and did things together sometimes, though there was always an underlying “heavy” energy with him. Something off kilter. But he had been severely abused growing up as I later learned, and because of that he had psychological issues I would later figure out bit by bit.

James could never seem to get it together job-wise – same as Joe would later demonstrate after I brought him out to California to come live with me – having troubles finding work through the various staffing agencies that he was signed up with – same as Joe later on – even though he was intelligent and hardworking – same as Joe, when he applied himself. And James was notorious for having to live out of his van – same way Joe would later be living in his car. Then there was the matter of his temper. Things would set James off into a violent rage – same as Joe. The sorts of rages where he’d get physically violent and punch holes in walls and kick and throw things around. Same as Joe. They also were prone to criminal mayhem. James broke into his old job at an Edwards Cinema and stole the film reels for “Star Wars” in ’97 with the intent of selling it to a private collector in Coto de Caza…..blabbing about it to the wrong people and then paying the price by going to jail for several months when a guy he blabbed about it to ratted him out. Joe was also notorious for all his own petty criminal activity, jail time, and the way he could be very stupid about some of it. James and Joe were both prone to substance abuse as well. And they also had the same eyes. Both James’ eyes and Joe’s eyes were the same size and shape practically (even though Joe’s eyes were inherited from our dad) and both had that same kind of deadened look about them that would just stare at you. They also smiled/smirked in the same sly, predatorial coy way, and overall had many of the same mannerisms/expressions.

I eventually kicked James out of my life because of his unstable personality that would, and could, pop his top in a flash. Same as Joe would later end up doing. There was an incident in early ’97, when I was talking to James on the phone after he’d called the house, and at some point in the conversation I said something that rubbed him the wrong way. Don’t even remember what it was about. But he was furious on the other end of the line, with an over the top reaction that didn’t match at all what was happening, and an irrational response that spiraled out of control from 0 to psycho in about 10 seconds. He was basically like, That’s it, I’m coming after you. He hung up. I didn’t go anywhere to hide or get away because I didn’t have a car at that point in my life, and partly I didn’t entirely believe him anyway. Until his van pulled up outside. He had a key to the front door, due to previously being a part time housemate, which was how he got in, and the timing was such that not one of the other roommates happened to be around when he arrived. :/ Every one of them had taken off to go do other random things moments before James’ phone call. So I was home alone. Go figure. I locked my bedroom door since that was all I could do, and hid out.

From the moment James came through the front door he was ranting and raving at me, and continued it as he came down the hall, then tried to get into my room, but found the handle locked, which enraged him even more. He yelled and screamed in an annoyed, patronizing tone for me to open the door for him. (Yeah, I’ll get right on that. :/ ) When it became clear I wouldn’t, he proceeded to pound on the door in a psycho way using his key ring for added noise value, which happened to have this humongous bullet casing as part of the decorative key chain, cussing me out, ranting, raving, and threatening me. I hid out, frozen, afraid that if he kept pounding like that he would eventually break the door down. He went on and on and ON and ON…..for probably well over 20 minutes. Full of white hot rage that could not get a grip and simmer down, until eventually he decided to give it up and leave. Calling the police afterwards to report him didn’t cross my mind because we were supposed to be friends, and you don’t do that when you’re having a fight with a friend….you know?? Right???? :/

Later on afterwards James acted charming and sheepish and nonchalant about the incident, smoothing things over, and me being different back then to how I am now, kept him around. So we stayed friends. Until he popped his top at me again around November of ’97, while I was visiting him at his job working at a 24 Hour Fitness in Laguna Hills for the middle of the night shift. (At that point I now had a car.) He was no longer a part time roommate, and sometimes me and one of the housemates Todd would go visit with him and hang out with him to keep him company, play cards and shoot the breeze, since the place was usually dead. This time I was visiting by myself.

James was already wound up a little before I even got there, with a dark thundercloud going on over his head, behaving in a slightly agitated way. During the course of our conversation he broached the subject of his childhood abuse, describing some of what had gone on to him. So obviously this was something that was already on his mind, and explains his pre-existing agitation. I listened to what he said and just let him talk, since it was the first time I was hearing any of the actual details of it, which included the fact that on a regular basis he’d get beaten and then locked in a room with no food, water or access to a toilet for up to several days at a time.

But at some point that night I once again said “the wrong thing” about who knows what (though I know it didn’t relate to anything about his abuse stories that he’d been telling me, it was something else unrelated) that completely set him off, and he began to pop his top at me once again. Yelling, cussing, berating, and once again threatening me. I watched as he completely unraveled, losing control of himself, way out of proportion for the situation, with zero self awareness. Lucky for him nobody was around using the gym at that moment. :/

This time I wasn’t forced to remain trapped in my bedroom, scared and vulnerable. I told him I was done, goodbye, and got in my car and drove away. And I never spoke to him again. That was 1997. I cut him out of my life, because I won’t tolerate somebody who has demonstrated repeatedly that they’re an actual physical danger towards me. I understood why he was the way he was, with empathy for what he went through growing up. But it doesn’t mean I need to put myself in harm’s way and tolerate verbal abuse, and threats and attempts at physical abuse. And back then I was willing to give people a second chance, which is what I did for him after the first time…but not a third. At this point I don’t even do second chances. Large screw ups of that level show that a person is dangerous, with a lack of self control, and guaranteed, they WILL strike again. It’s never isolated. I’ve learned that the hard way. You get away as soon as possible, or else you may wind up six feet under all because somebody else lacks control of their wheel. Never be the victim caught in the crossfire of somebody else’s psychotic problems, no matter who they are. [and on a side note, my mother was also physically dangerous in a life threatening way – losing her mind and becoming deranged, trying to attack me while driving a car with both of us in it. Same deal. In her case, losing her mind because I refused to take whatever bait she was laying out there, remaining silent, staring out the car window. Which led to her snapping and going nuts, screaming, yelling, and grappling for my face with her right hand, then grabbing onto my hair and repeatedly slamming my head/right side of the face into the car window….while driving.] Have to put your safety first and get away from those types, because it’s only a matter of time.)

Flash forward two years later to 1999. I was still living in SoCal and was on the phone with Joe long distance from Connecticut. I listened as he ranted and raved about various issues that pissed him off, on and on with such hate and rage. And I realized as I listened that he was saying verbatim things that I’d heard James say a few years before. The ranting and raving and tone of voice and style and word choices were all identical to each other. Not similar, but identical. It was like, Woooowww……okay. O.o And as I listened to him, not liking his attitude one bit, I thought to myself that “the only reason I’m tolerating this is because he’s my brother.” Conversely, James was not my brother, hence why I kicked him to the curb.

And then flash forward to June of 2000, after I’d brought Joe to California and we were now roommates together in what I later called “The Vortex.” And there Joe is, going ape shit insane, throwing things around and yelling and cussing until his voice was hoarse and raspy. I was hiding out in my locked bedroom on the floor sandwiched between my bed and the wall, on the phone with my now ex Steve, whispering about whether he could let me borrow his truck so I could move out that coming weekend. Joe would leave the kitchen and come over to my door, pounding and kicking on it, threatening me, until going back into the kitchen where it was back to throwing more things around with more insane hoarse voiced screaming. I heard glass smashing and shattering as he took bottles and jars out of the refrigerator and threw them everywhere. It was James all over again. It was all because of some stupid who knows what I said about the refrigerator, so now Joe was tearing the fridge apart, with an over the top reaction that was completely out of proportion to the situation.

This episode went on for about 20 minutes, same as James’ original episode, with unrelenting white hot rage. The next day we received a letter on our door from the apartment complex managers letting us know that neighbors had reported us, and threatening that if there was ever a repeat then they would evict us.

The woo-woo aspect of this story is the way in which, after I’d made the decision to borrow Steve’s truck and move out that upcoming weekend into a motel, which Joe did not know about, Joe did a rapid 180. The next morning it was like he was a completely different Joe. Reprogrammed. Calm. Passive. Docile. Gone was the raging maniac from the past six months who was always losing his shit, and where I was always chasing around after him and trying to “talk him down” from his rampages (because he was threatening to go out and rob people and do other violent crimes to procure more money for himself). In its place was somebody who, if I’d wanted to I could have cussed out and insulted up and down and inside out and he would have just stood there and blankly taken it. Not that I did that, but I knew that I could have done it if I wanted to and that he would have done absolutely nothing and just passively let me.

And the kitchen meanwhile, which sounded like he’d destroyed, was completely clean and tidy like the incident had never happened. Like something had hit “reset” and undid everything. I noticed it even in my obliviousness of the time, but I just…accepted it and moved past it, in a daze. Like I myself was also programmed. I can say this – if the kitchen had been left in the state that it was the night before then it would have served as a strong reminder of the threat, so to speak, and what Joe was capable of, and thus ensured I remained alert and on guard and ready to bail out. “Yeah, THIS happened last night.” O.o But because it was “erased” means it helped me to just…..move on from the episode in a daze, and better accept whatever programming I had been given to stick around. “Nothing to see here folks, move it along…..” I have no recollection of the rest of that night after being on the phone with Steve. My memory just jumps from crouching on the floor between my bed and wall, on the phone……to the next morning, where the kitchen is suddenly cleaned up, no sign of anything, we have the apartment complex warning on the door, and Joe was a completely new Joe towards me. Considering my long and sordid experiences with abductions/MILABs means for me it’s obvious what happened here.

The change in Joe’s personality towards me lasted the entire rest of the time he was in my life, until 2002, when I finally did run for the hills. “Stuff” knew though….if they want to get at me through him, which was the plan, then they needed to change their tactics, pronto, because I was about to bail out and screw things up for them. And it worked. I changed my mind about borrowing Steve’s truck and moving out, and instead tentatively decided to stick things out with roommating with Joe and and trying to help him in life and “put Humpty Dumpty back together again.” All based on that overnight 180. A clueless lamb, living in a wolves den, with no idea.

In retrospect whatever was governing Joe seems to be the same force that was governing James. These were two completely unrelated guys of different ages from different parts of the country who, at first glance, don’t look alike. And yet they were channeling the exact same energy that could cause them to have the same eyes, same expressions, same word for word rants in the same exact voice, same behavior, same tendency towards rages and hostility, same everything. The same force, operating through multiple bodies, gravitating towards guys who’d experienced abuse and emotional traumas in life, as was the case with both Joe and James, with drug and alcohol use making it easier for this force to latch on and do its thing to and through them. That’s my theory, anyway.

It’s also interesting that on some level I was attracting in the same identical force through two completely different, yet extremely susceptible pawns. There’s obviously something to that as well, that can’t be ignored, and I put that out there as food for thought for readers who can relate to what I discuss in this piece, so they can keep that idea in mind when examining their own situations.

And just like the situation with Joe, it seemed “stuff” possibly tried to reveal the true nature of James with that “obligatory warning” that they are required to give. James revealed to me sometime in ‘96 when we were hanging out in the roommates house that he’d had several people mention to him over the years in a curious/befuddled way that he apparently has no aura. People around him will have one……but not him. He had a strange smirk as he said it too, in the same way Joe would also get the same strange “predatorial smirk” when revealing certain things to me a few years later, of which I should have taken heed, but didn’t. (I discuss this throughout my write up called “The Vortex.”) I didn’t get the gravity of that revelation though, probably because at the time I didn’t take the idea of auras seriously (since I can’t see them myself) nor did I know about the idea of “occult warnings.”

For those who aren’t familiar, before flagrantly breaching your reality in some freewill violating way, neg forces need to let you know who they are, whether point blank stating it outright, or giving you these hint-hint, read-between-the-line statements, and thus get permission from you to proceed. They know what this place is and what the rules are, and the way they look at is, it’s not their fault if you don’t. Not their problem if we haven’t taken a good look around, noticed things, questioned things, put any of the quite obvious pieces together, and/or have chosen to listen to the many “nothing to see here, move it along” “Gatekeepers” who do their best to ridicule any consideration of that aspect of reality. That’s on us. But they upheld their end of “abiding by the rules” and letting us know what the deal is with them. So if you choose to proceed anyway, and invite them in and allow the realm breach despite what they’ve point blank told you and revealed….then that’s you agreeing. Now they have more freedom to further breach your realm and violate you in ways they weren’t allowed to before. And the longer you allow them to stick around, the more and more they can do to you, and the more your personal reality/realm can be breached.

At this point in life, should somebody reveal to me that they apparently have no aura….with a strange predatorial smirk and look in the eyes? Buh bye. I can’t definitely claim to know what’s going on in a situation like that, but I imagine it can’t be good. O.o And I now recognize a statement like that for what it is: The whole “lettin’ you know what I really am to give you the chance to make that freewill choice” obligatory rule following thing. In retrospect it’s actually creepy that I did get that “occult warning” thing from James, because it means whatever was about to happen, whatever he could potentially do to me, was BIG. As in, potentially death. Which was the same situation with Joe, who almost got me directly killed on three separate occasions. Not surprising though, considering James’ two meltdowns towards me, showing the violent potential…..and possible inevitable outcome that was only a matter of time. :/ The more you show somebody you’re willing to tolerate their abusive/threatening meltdowns the more emboldened they get. I can easily imagine James fully unleashing himself at some point after the second incident, no holds barred anymore, which could have been the end for me.

During this same “I have no auras” revelation incident James and I also happened to be messing around with Tarot cards, and talking about palm readings. He took hold of my hands to look at them…then dropped them and jerked his hands back and said with frowny annoyance that I “burned” him, giving me a dirty look. Another major “hit you over the head but while also reading between the lines” thing. So whatever he was, it reacted as if being burned when touching me. I take that as a compliment. :)


Who’s vulnerable, and taking pre-emptive prevention so it doesn’t become you

Anybody can become vulnerable targets for neg energies to attach to and work through if the circumstances are correct. As already mentioned, drugs and alcohol are a known avenue in, as they weaken a person mentally, physically and etherically. Since drugs and alcohol are so common and rampant this means a huge chunk of the population is at risk and/or already “infected.” And childhood abuse often plays a factor due to the way it can fracture a person psychologically and spiritually, which thus weakens them and leads to vulnerability, as well as the way it establishes negative emotional/mental processes which attracts in more of that type of energy. Then there are those who are psychopathic, born without the capability for empathy, where regions of their brain that would show up as active on the scans of normal people are instead dark in a psychopath’s, something that science and psychology are only fully recognizing and exploring in recent decades. It’s in my opinion these types would be prime targets for “Stuff” to utilize as a pawn to work through.

I’ve wondered whether just because somebody is born without the capability to fully empathize and understand the emotions that other people feel, does it automatically equate to becoming a full on criminal or serial killer? Would it be possible to float through life not understanding how others feel, but yet not turning into a mass murderer, rapist, and somebody who gets off on torturing animals and people? If so, then what about the ones who do turn into that? What’s going on there? I’ve researched several famous serial killer cases, and in the several I’ve looked at, one of which included Ted Bundy, they’ve described a force that seems to take them over, and which compels them to do the things they’ve done. What they’re describing is very likely a negative entity/being that was able to manipulate a person with an inherent lack of empathy into doing heinous things. The Ted Bundy case in particular was interesting as he went on record just before his execution stressing to the interviewer and to the viewing audience not to blame his family, because he did not have an abusive childhood. So the “by-product of an abusive childhood” angle could be ruled out. He was just born the way he was, and then described how this force basically began taking him over and driving his violent and sadistic compulsions.

Nobody’s perfect, and so everybody’s at risk. You can “pick up” negs even by being in the proximity of others who have them, and by going into neg infested places. (Sensitive types will often have difficulty going into crowded public areas for this reason, as they often return from such places feeling drained and agitated. Tom and I have both noted times where we’ve returned from crowded public places feeling like we picked something up that wasn’t on us when we left, and which caused a change in our personalities. Part of that also involves picking up on the energy of all the other people in those crowds, which often times is not pleasant, but that’s a whole other side topic. I wish though that there was such a thing as a spiritual decontamination devise that you can keep in your residence’s doorway/entryway or something that you have to get into every time you return home from being outside, and which cleans off your etheric/energy body/soul/etc.etc. O.o )

In addition, negs can and will often utilize a person’s vulnerable sleep state to attach themselves, and I’ve described on my website those times when I’ve become aware that this was happening and took action against it. (My “Dreamtime vs. Waking Life” write up, as well as my article entitled “Interference”)

So in the same way the positive stuff is pervasive throughout our world, so is the negative. It’s a matter of which one you make an effort to gravitate to and pull in. And for those who make no conscious choice or who are ambivalent or unaware, the choice might be made for them if they allow themselves to become victims of their circumstances and/or unknowingly engage in behaviors or past times that make them vulnerable.

When it comes to neg’s abilities to manipulate the everyday population, somebody with a higher spirit as well as a strong individualized sense of self will be more apt to recognize that any neg induced behavior is wrong, and push back against it and change (even if they don’t know about or believe in the idea that it’s coming from external forces that are manipulating them) versus those who are empty, severely fractured/weakened, and/or flat out psychopathic, who can’t/won’t. Which is why the latter types never break out of the loop. They wind up as abusive sockpuppets operating on a permanently repeating script, unable to change and evolve. The idea of a higher spirit and being born with an inherent strong core that makes one “real” for lack of a better way to put it could also be the reason why not everybody who comes from an abusive background goes on to develop disorders that result in them all doing and saying the same things. The ones who “crawl through a river of shit and come out clean on the other side,” to quote The Shawshank Redemption, and which has a double, metaphorical meaning, do so in spite of what happened to them because they have that something else that so many others lack.

Since everybody’s at risk and can become a vulnerable target of influencing, then what do people need in order to make themselves less susceptible, so you don’t wind up becoming like the tormentors?

1. Awareness. You have to be aware that this is even possible and happening in the first place to be able to do anything about it. If you don’t know or believe it’s possible then you can’t take action to remove it, or pre-emptive action to prevent it. And I’m not referring to fearful paranoid awareness, but rather neutral, matter-of-fact awareness. On one end of the spectrum is total “bury your head in the sand” denial, on the other extreme end is “awareness of the woo-woo in a crazed fearful paranoid way,” which is a surefire way to guarantee this stuff will be haranguing a person at every turn. But what people should be aiming for is the middle ground – awareness of things, but in a calm, collected, matter-of-fact manner, in order to take necessary action to eliminate or prevent things from happening.

2. Strong individualized sense of self. The stronger a person is in terms of their individuality the more they’re able to push back against anything that would try to manipulate them, whether people, or negs. Being somebody who succumbs easily to “group think,” who enjoys being part of “the crowd,” i.e, hive, or who easily acquiesces to what other people expect of them or want them to be is going to be somebody who’s more easily manipulatable by anything, including negative entities, because they’re not their own individual.

3. Mindfulness. Just as important is the need for mindfulness. Being aware of everything you’re doing, saying and thinking. How many people do you see in the world around you that are truly consciously aware of half of what they’re doing and saying? How many just ramble to others without thinking or being conscious, and react without planning, and move around on autopilot, and then forget most of whatever they did in any given day? So this is something people can practice every day, creating exercises that help strengthen one’s awareness with everything they’re doing and thinking. It’s very difficult to achieve, but the more you practice the better you get, until eventually it becomes second nature. A mindful person is one who is less apt to be able to be manipulated by outside forces in detrimental ways, because they’re actually paying attention to their own thoughts and speech and action, and questioning everything.


Why this could be happening to some people

For those who’ve experienced multiple instances of people seeming to hone in on them over the years, targeting them in bizarre ways, they may be wondering how and why this keeps happening to them. (Which can, and often does, lead many to succumb to the victimized persecution mindset, unfortunately.) There could be several possibilities:

1. This stuff can be an actual knowing force of sorts that is a part of our reality, where one method of operation involves using people to work through.

a) It scavenges around for any random susceptible prey to zero in on. (The way in which it can tell who’s who and what’s what in terms of susceptibility and “blood” for the sharks remains to be seen, though one likely possibility involves one’s frequency/energy that these things can see/sense);

b) It already has a clear agenda/vendetta against specific people, so it’s not random by any means.


2. It’s something in a person’s frequency that repeatedly draws to them the same scenarios and people. The whole, “like attracts like” thing. This could tie back into point 1a, in terms of the non-human “heeby jeebies,” as well as regular petty tyrant predatorial people who are acting on their own bully-ish accord, being the by-products of their environment. People often times subconsciously select people to be in their lives who mimic negative situations and people that they experienced growing up, because it’s what they know best, and however negative it may be, it’s “comfortable” on some level for that reason. It’s familiar. It’s all they know, unfortunately. Also, those who come from abusive/bullied backgrounds in particular often project something that others don’t; they’ve been abused or terrorized into becoming meeker/weaker than other people, they’ve got that history swarming around in their field, and it may cause them to seek out those that mimic what they know and who are a match for that frequency, as well as drawing in negative people and “woo-woo forces” who respond to that and sense an easy energy feeding meal. Again, the “sharks to the blood” analogy. Related to this is that the energy in a person’s field, or imprinted on their soul if you will could tie in to past/other life happenings which are continually carrying over lifetime after lifetime. Same repeating core scenario, in a new body, in a new life. And until a person wises up to this and gets it worked out it may continue to keep happening, like a broken record.


For me, I think all these explanations are valid, depending on the situation, because I’ve seen evidence for all of them.

So if what we’re dealing with in some cases is a neg/demonic force that can operate through people like puppets, then we need to take a closer look at what exactly it is they’re saying when it comes to these “unoriginal scripts” of false character smears they’re fond of throwing at their targets. At a quick glance it does seem that it’s just a classic case of “psychological projection,” and that there’s nothing to see here, so move it along. But again, the fact that so many different and varied abusers across time periods and geographic regions are saying the same word for word things is something I can’t dismiss. I believe there is something more going on here.

My opinion? In many instances we’re looking at a negative force that chooses to lash out at somebody who is nice, and who may also have extreme potential for good/positive change in this world, wanting to smash them back down to its level and destroy what’s good about them. (Ties into point 1b.) A positively oriented person infused with higher spirit can be a huge target in a reality that has been overrun with negs, and especially if their life path has them making a positive dent in the world in some way. In fact, in a book that I recommend at the end of this piece, called “Remarkable Healings – A Psychiatrist Discovers Unsuspected Roots of Mental and Physical Illness” by Shakuntala Modi, M.D., which concerns demonic/neg entities possessing/attaching to people and the manipulation/abuse/interference they inflict on the host and those around them, she mentions this exact thing. She describes what she terms “Special Purpose Demons” whose goal is to disrupt a target off course in life from whatever positive life goals and missions they may have set for themselves before incarnating.

“If they [the special purpose demons] do not succeed by directly influencing and interfering with the individuals, then they try to stop them through the other people around them, including their loved ones. These special purpose demons are there for one, and only one, special purpose, and that is to stop individuals from fulfilling their God-given missions. – page 305


Though to be fair there are plenty of nice, good people who don’t attract in the negs. Why some do and others don’t, I can’t say for sure. But possibly the ones who don’t weren’t going to grow up to achieve anything threatening to the negs. Another possibility is also addressed in Dr. Modi’s book: “The demons also tell about some people who have special purposes and are thoroughly shielded, internally and externally, from outside and from themselves, so that they can carry on their work with very little or no influence.” (page 306.) We’ll touch on some other fringe-y possibilities in a moment.

And you can tell exactly what it is about you that bothers the neg elements by looking at the things they call you and accuse you of (ESPECIALLY when they can’t cite or provide a single bit of real evidence or proof to back up their claims and names), and turning them around 180 to the opposite. So, you’re this or that, according to them? And they have zero proof for any of it? (Even better….when questioned/cornered to provide proof they do their usual tactic of just spinning off onto something else, and throwing more and more balls at you to keep you distracted?) Then what’s the opposite of that? Okay, well there you go. Many of their assaults will be an attempt to vilify, falsely portray others as this monster. Their false “projections” and/or over-the-top bullying accusations and predatorial toyings aren’t accusations so much as what they want to turn the other person into. They want the target and everybody else to believe that’s what they truly are. Even though they’re not. You may be the light….but they desperately want to convince you that you’re the dark.

As noted in other articles I’ve written, and in various metaphysical sources, this reality is a giant free-for-all zoo, allowing for both positive and negative and everything in between to be incarnated here, at the same time. It means bad things are going to happen to good people sometimes, and it could be a flat out free will violation, or maybe a karmic lesson, or a non-karmic related experience that a soul decided it wanted to have, just because it wants to know. And it also means that not everybody here may be what we think they are. We’re told that everybody is obviously fully human, duh, and with a soul, more duh….but that simply may not be the case. And I don’t say that to instigate witch hunts, I say that in a neutral, matter-of-fact way, presenting possibilities to increase people’s awareness if they hadn’t already realized. But many among us seem to be these half empty pawns that are easily puppeted/piloted/manipulated by other forces, if not completely taken over, and therefore they’re not like regular people.

Meanwhile these empty pawns are just roaming around out there until that particular person crosses their path, then they perk up and hone in, sensing it. To me it’s like the TV show “The Walking Dead,” where the “walkers” (zombies) are shuffling around, growling, just cruising in neutral…..until they get wind of an alive person in their vicinity, then suddenly come to life and get into attack mode. The dinner bell rings, and suddenly it’s feeding time at the zoo. :/ To me that’s the perfect analogy to describe how this whole thing can be. These people are normally just….walkin’ around, living their useless background character zombie lives, the walking spiritless/dead, then spring to life anytime somebody with the right frequency or disposition crosses their path. It’s like a video game, and they’re the characters who’ve been inserted into the works to muck things up and create a challenge for the players. And not to minimize the damage they can do with flippant humor, because yes, it can be serious. But at the same time we’re obligated to realize what the deal is and see through it, and take that power away from them and get ourselves back on track. They do damage only when we don’t have awareness. Once we have it, it stops, and then it’s our job to reclaim the pieces they took.

So it could be a learning lesson for the hell of it, so a soul learns and grows, it could be a complicated karmic entanglement, it could also be part free will violation being that this is a free-for-all zoo, it could be one’s personal frequency drawing in all the spiritless “walker” feeders due to unresolved emotional issues floating around in their field dating back to childhood, or even other lives, that therefore makes them an easy “all you can eat negative energy buffet” target….or it could be a mix of all of the above. In my own life I think I’ve experienced all of these, and it just depended on the situation. What may have started out as a karmic entanglement, as well as negative past life frequency holdovers, mixed up with free will violation level targeting, resulted in frequency field imprinting that then drew in more and more of this stuff later on down the line. But now that I’ve become aware and made attempts to change my internal frequency and responses, as well as kicking all dysfunctional and dangerous people out of my life with a zero tolerance policy, I’ve managed to eliminate what used to happen on a regular basis. It’s nice.

There is another layer or angle to all of this though. It’s the idea of, there may be more to it than we realize for why neg stuff launches into years-long, focused targeting campaigns against people, but notably those for whom it begins as children. If it starts as an adult that’s one thing. But my interest and focus is when it clearly begins for a person as a young child, and to where it’s coming from them at all angles. At home, on the bus, at school, you name it. And it’s the idea of, what if in a past existence one was mixed up with negative stuff? Maybe even aligned ourselves with it, or made mistakes that got themselves inadvertently involved in it, who knows. You’d think “that was then, this is now,” and “things have changed, and I learned on a soul level and am no longer that way” but, it doesn’t work that way for neg stuff from what I gather. One of their signature traits is that they’re petty, vindictive, and they don’t let things go. Ever. Milleniums would be a drop in the bucket for them. And so maybe that can lead to chasing around after a person over multiple lifetimes. So you hit the ground running in this latest incarnation as a new person, with a fresh start, having gained wisdom and knowing what mistakes not to make again…..maybe even consciously (or unconsciously) aligned with positive, buuuuuuut…..stuff that you used to be involved with has other ideas. And it’s pissed that you changed teams, maybe reneged on a “contract,” or turned your back on them.

Or better yet….maybe you really burned them in another life because maybe you’ve always been aligned with good, and you did something to help “the positive stuff” at the serious expense of the negative. Who knows. But either way the end result is…. “Shit Is Pissed.” ;D And it’s coming after you whatever chance it can get. And hence, that’s why it starts so young. Can also tie into something touched on earlier, regarding seeing ahead down the road to who may wind up becoming somebody that could infuse some positive change in the world, and whose effect spills over onto many other people, and trying to pre-emptively destroy them and their influence on the timeline from the get-go, so both they and their potential are seriously hindered, or even worse, never even gets off the ground.

Since a lot of this stuff seems to happen to people because of what their inherent nature involves, it means it’s also the key to how to get it to stop. I say it around my website in various write ups, and I’ll say it again here – neg stuff can sniff out people with the prey/victim vibe a mile away, like sharks to the blood, as well as those who have fear. So you have to lose all of that and become somebody that they can’t latch onto. The change doesn’t usually happen overnight, and it takes effort and mindful self awareness. You have to be aware in the first place of what’s happening, and why, in order to even begin trying to implement change. An incident here where you manage to conjure up a different response than you would have before, an incident there where you see through a situation and realize what the deal is with the person who stands before you. One incident at a time, getting better and better at handling yourself, practicing different techniques and approaches, until slowly but surely your vibe changes, and you evolve, until eventually you’re no longer the same person you used to be with respect to being pushed around.

But as always, you have to make sure you don’t become the thing you’re defending yourself against. You become somebody who “stuff” can no longer get away with harassing and preying on, enough so that you don’t register on its radar anymore (i.e, no more “blood”) but maintaining that balance where you don’t go overboard.

In my own case I went from being the sort of person who would get completely flummoxed when dealing with a bully harasser (especially those in the workplace) and unable, and too nervous, to be able to even defend myself, thanks to what I went through for years growing up, to somebody who slams the hammer down swiftly on those who would push me around, no matter who I’m dealing with. So instead of thinking of a comeback ten minutes later, and shaking and pissed off and missing my chance, which is how it always used to go, I now have the ability for it to be immediate. To the point where I wouldn’t even have to think, no matter what may be coming at me. The response can just there, BOOM! smack down, whether male, female, it doesn’t matter.

But at the same time I’m also now extremely mindful. So there’s control over the reaction, which is another layer that’s been developed over time. (so much so that there are times I may choose instead to just stare at the person calmly, blankly, with zero outward reaction, thinking to myself “uh huh. yeah. THAT’S nice.” Which, when done with an aware but totally fearless mindset, can greatly unnerve the other person who’s trying to create a fight, as I’ve seen firsthand. It’s amusing to watch.) So we’re not talking mindless emotionally charged up knee jerk defensive reactions, which is important to note. It all depended on the situation I found myself in, and the person I was dealing with. Different scenarios require different reactions, and the key for all situations is mindfulness. “I’m aware of what’s happening here, and mindfully choosing my reaction accordingly.” Coupled with no longer feeling fearful or flummoxed means it’s a powerful combination.

So in the case of a potential bully harasser who thinks they would be pushing me around in a rude way, the situation is over before it even started, whether I choose to proceed with a verbal BOOM! push back that gets them to knock it off, or use a calm, fearless and hyper aware “THAT’S nice” blank stare.

But I also have a greatly diminished desire to be in fights with people, and aim for as much of an uncomplicated life as possible at this point, so that’s where the balance has been struck. I know how to defend myself verbally, and will, swift and fast at this point in life if necessary, depending on the particular situation, but yet simultaneously desire a peaceful existence, so therefore I’m not giving off combative vibes. That’s very different from the person who may also desire a peaceful existence but is carrying around a weak, prey/victim pushover vibe in their field and hasn’t learned how to stand up for themselves, or, who is amped up and hyper vigilant, expecting confrontation at every turn and overreacting in knee jerk, unaware ways when it does happen. You have to strike that balance, between being peaceful, but being truly capable of fearlessly defending yourself. Once you’ve figured out how to stand up for yourself and have more inner confidence, the lesson has been learned, and the old patterns begin to get cleared out of your field. That hopefully leads to no longer attracting these types of people, and negs, to yourself.


Final Notes

As with many of the articles I put out I had many trepidations about the downsides of this one, worrying that it may help fan the persecuted victim mentality in some readers, only because I’ve heard from many of them over the years via email who’ve displayed that. My intention isn’t to put this out there so screwed up people can use it to delude themselves that they’re completely innocent and everybody else is the one with the problem and are out to get them. If there is any part at all that people on the receiving end of this sort of treatment have played in fanning flames or instigating anything, either due to lower self motivations, naivete, or their own screwball behavior, then it’s important that they acknowledge that and take responsibility. Taking responsibility alleviates some of the unnecessary victim mentality.

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