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New Age Love and Light Fallacies

by Carissa Conti
© March 18, 2009

Updated 11/7/10. A new section added towards the beginning called “The fine line between life lessons and passive doormat victim.”

Updated 4/13/10. A new section added in the “Random Musings” section at the end called “New Age Stepford.” Bullet point #2 concerning “No Negativity” completely rewritten. #4, Male vs. Female energy rewritten. Another new link added to the “Recommended Reading” section, and other minor changes and revisions throughout.


This is a write up that I went back and forth about countless times. “Okay, I’m going to put it out there!” “Ah forget it.” “No really, I’m gonna put it out there!” “Forget it, I change my mind.” Why? Because on the surface it appears as if it’s just another person out in the world going “My way of viewing things is right, and yours is wrong!” The world has enough of that, right? That’s what wars ‘n stuff are founded on…?? And everybody has their own truth anyway, especially when it comes to something so subjective as metaphysical beliefs. So I initially concluded that people will either see what’s going on within much of the New Age Love and Light material, or they won’t. And if they don’t, then there’s nothing I can do about that, so, oh well. And let’s face it – anybody who would be heavily involved with the New Age love and light material would never read my write up in its entirety anyway (they’d read about one paragraph then probably close the screen, annoyed. ;D ) And the ones who do actually read it are doing so only because they already agree………..a case of “preaching to the choir.”

But after a lot of back and forth I decided that since I’d already compiled the bulk of this write up it would be a shame to let it go to waste. And instead of being just another case of “My view is right and yours is wrong!” which the world is already completely saturated with anyway, rather, I’d like to think of this write up as something that’s pointing out what I feel are certain dangerous concepts being promoted within New Age love and light beliefs, coming from a point of view of concern. It’s not a case of disagreeing with others’ point of view merely for the sake of disagreeing, or authoritatively declaring “how things are” and that I’m definitively right. It’s all just my own ideas, perspective and theories for consideration.

But what specifically is “the New Age movement”? And what is this “love and light” stuff? The umbrella of “New Age” is a hodge podge encompassing spirituality, metaphysics, consciousness, the afterlife, channeling, aliens/UFOs/abductions, crop circles, the paranormal and the occult, borrowing from such belief systems as Buddhism, Hinduism, shamanism, Wicca, Paganism, Gnosticism, the Toltecs, Christianity, Judaism, the occult and so on. If it’s not part of a traditional Christian denomination or traditional Judaism, then chances are it goes under the umbrella of “New Age.” Some belief systems categorized as New Age are well defined, while others are more of that loose, hodge podge blending that borrows from various sources. It’s a broad spectrum that slides from ethereal, angelic “love and light” on over to darker occult, and involves endless belief systems and practices, most designed to achieve something in particular. Be it self help, consciousness raising, healing/energy work, or honing one’s psychic/occult abilities…..which is why it’s become so popular and alluring. There are endless groups, beliefs and practices for the seeker to try out. So if one doesn’t work then there are 10,000 others to pick and choose from.

I personally don’t have a problem with the idea of New Age material, as nearly my entire life has been spent dabbling in it to some extent, going back to early childhood. I’m very thankful that I live in a time period where shops and libraries full of hundreds, or thousands of books on all the above mentioned subjects can be found in most every major city, along with the internet, giving me access to knowledge that was previously withheld from the general population – and women in particular. Or just not available due to lack of transportation and ways to get information out to the rest of the planet. So that’s pretty cool. I think many people tend to take it for granted, but it’s always good to reflect back on what life was like for people prior to the 1700s, where the Catholic church ruled everybody with fear, keeping people in line with the Inquisition and witch hunts, and most of the vulgar population couldn’t read, and societies tended to be cut off from each other, stuck in their limited bubble.

But while the New Age arena contains many valid and highly useful concepts that I incorporate into my everyday life, it also has a lot of trickster deception inserted into the works. Concepts that start out on the right path……..but then seem to veer off into left field while hoping that you’ll just keep nodding your head and go along with things. Beliefs that are 180 degrees opposite/inverted of what actually seems to be the case. As well as the age old problem of chaff mixed up amongst the wheat. In particular, I’ve noticed that my biggest brow furrowing moments tend to occur with the “love and light” material. Love is great, and I’m all for the light, but there’s something really off about so much of the material that’s floating around out there to the point where it strikes me as being a knowing diversion ploy, to steer people off track. Love and light material tends to be so focused on the light, fluffy and ethereal, with a reluctance to face anything negative for fear of attracting it in, that it may ironically serve the purpose of helping to keep people in the dark. Maybe the people writing this material truly have no experiences in life with negative stuff, so maybe they’re completely unaware of it. Although I find that hard to believe. But for people who have, and newbies looking for answers, that sort of material isn’t going to cut it.

And that’s where this write up comes in. I’d like to think of it more as “common sense New Age,” coming from personal experience and real life, hands-on knowledge and lessons. So I have my personal firsthand experience for why I disagree with certain concepts and teachings, and therefore always explain the why’s.

In order to pick apart the concepts that I do in this write up requires that I establish what I myself believe, and why. Because Atheists and skeptics reading this article will just sit back and laugh that I’m debating say, the finer points of how karma works in relation to incarnational life plans, when they don’t believe in any of it and think the entire thing is ridiculous. “The blind arguing with the blind! hahahahahaha!” So at the end of this piece (in order to not interrupt the flow of the article…) is an add-on Appendix section where I give the quick base foundation for what my personal proof is for the various New Age concepts discussed in this write up. Because again, how can you disagree with a particular teaching due to what one’s “Higher Self” has relayed for instance, without explaining why you even believe in the Higher Self to begin with?

As is the case with anything, the reader is always free to believe what they will – ‘cause they will anyway. But I’m just putting what I’ve noticed out there for consideration. For those looking for the fellow choir, this one is for you. For those who are invested in the New Age movement, have fun possibly being annoyed. For newbies, I hope I was able to give you an alternative perspective that you’re not hearing from your new age gurus. And for those who are reading it for amusement, then I hope this was able to help pass the day at your boring job. :D


1. Be passive

After compiling this entire write up, I began to realize there was a common thread amongst many New Age love and light belief systems – the idea of extreme passivity. From the unbalanced leaning towards passive feminine/Goddess energy, to the idea that everything is supposedly perfect as is and nothing needs to be changed, to sitting around apathetically waiting for the Big Ascension Shift and external rescue, suppressing the intellect while awake and the mind during meditation…..all of it has the common thread of getting the practitioner to become a passive doormat. Tom even relayed one particular love and light belief he came across which said that when it comes to predators, abusers, sociopaths, etc. we need to respect who they are, and that “we shouldn’t interfere because that’s just them expressing their free will.” !!! Translation – let them abuse you and prey on you, because to do otherwise is to be violating their freewill. Never mind about your freewill! Talk about distortion of concepts, and things becoming inverted.

Something that’s going to pop up throughout this write up is the idea of balance. The middle ground, the third choice, and avoiding false two choice dichotomies. Our society is quite fond of polarizing binary choices, and New Age belief structures are no exception. Being the prey is just as bad as being the predator. We should be aiming for balance. Where you know your own worth and stand up for yourself, not allowing yourself to be a passive doormat who gets preyed upon and taken advantage of. But who also doesn’t prey upon or take advantage of others. It’s very simple. And when you encounter somebody who is trying to prey upon you, you either put your foot down, or remove them from your life. To do so isn’t mean or judgmental. It’s removing yourself from the predator-prey circle. There’s nothing wrong with that…..and we should be questioning any belief structure that seems to be designed to serve the abusers, predators and sociopaths.

Be mindful of the direction any New Age belief system or practice is trying to steer people. So often passivity is the big inversion or twist, when things take that turn out into left field but they hope you don’t question things and just go with it. Passivity means the negs have free reign, because the people most likely to be able to empower themselves as well as making a positive difference in the world have been taken out of the picture, convinced of their need to be nothing, do nothing, turn off the mind, stop thinking, and just let the predators roam wild taking advantage of everything and everybody. Now, speaking of passive victims that leads to….

2. The fine line between “life lessons” and “passive doormat victim.”

This one was recently brought to my attention by a reader who was seeking a second opinion after receiving what they perceived as bad advise from a forum full of new agers. But in a nutshell, the emailer had a problematic landlord that basically seems to have it out for them, causing all sorts of issues. As they relayed to me:

“Now, I’m not for the whole ‘poor me’ thing as many know, yet at the same time there seems to be this thing with ‘passivity’ and that if one stands up and states that ‘I have been a victim of…’ or (in my current situation) ‘I’m a victim of unfortunate circumstances – I acknowledge this and want things to change and think of how they could change…) that it is seen as something ‘wrong’. I guess it is connected to the whole ‘extreme passivity’ theme. Like I feel that the more ‘enlightened’ way – the so-called ‘higher way’ would be to continue tolerating this nonsense that I deal with regarding my life because there may be some sort of ‘lesson’. But the best thing for me in my ‘unique’ situation would to just be to move out (survivor mentality).”

When they asked for advise on the new age forum one of the eye rolling responses was:

“You can’t get respect unless you give respect. You can’t get a better place unless you are grateful for what you have. (it might not be what you want but learn to appreciate it anyway) You will continue to attract negative experiences if you think negatively.I wish you all the best and may you have a great place to live with a landlord who you like.”

Not very useful, to say the least. Just a whole bunch of platitudes. Here was my take on the subject:

“Many new agers get everything backwards and upside down, including this. They think that so long as negative stuff is happening to a person then “it must be happening for a reason,” so, just sit there and suffer with it for as long as it goes on because the suffering itself must be “the lesson.” No, the lesson is to realize, “Hey, something in my personal frequency/field is pulling these sorts of awful people and situations into my reality. I need to look into that and figure out how this happened……so I can change things.” That’s the lesson.

“When somebody doesn’t realize what’s happening and doesn’t change it seems that the situation only gets worse…..and worse…..and worse….. Seems to be the universe’s way of trying to get one’s attention. When one finally realizes what’s happening and then takes action, then it stops. Because the lesson has been learned.

“On the other hand I do understand that many spiritual practices say that the higher way to be is to “learn how to tolerate things.” The Toltec path in particular promotes the idea of finding a Petty Tyrant that one can practice with. Find a bully tyrant, and have them push you around so you can see where your weak spots are, and I admit…….I agree with this too. To a degree, as I’ll explain. For instance, I have to interact extensively with the public, both over the phone and in person, due to the nature of my job and so me and my colleagues get our fair share of crazies and people yelling and being mad and taking things out on us. And I admit, it’s a great exercise to see where my vulnerabilities lie. My ultimate goal in life would be to be able to sit or stand there as somebody goes off, doing their petty tyrant thing, and to be completely unfazed no matter what they say, or what tricks they pull. But the only way to get there is to learn where my weak spots still lie. And so I use these people in that way. With every person who acts nuts, or says crazy things, I’m able to test myself and get stronger. I’ve learned things about myself, and have been able to make changes. I’m still not there yet, but I’ve made progress.”

It’s important to note that playing around with the random crazy person at a (transient) job where you’re in control and the whole thing is just a big game is entirely different from dealing with a permanent, abusive relationship or some sort of truly serious, toxic set up, and where you’re not in control and are “forgetting yourself.” In the case of the latter there is no New Agey passive doormat “life lesson” to learn other than what was stated above: “Hey, something in my personal frequency/field is pulling these sorts of awful people and situations into my reality. I need to look into that and figure out how this happened……so I can change things.” And of course, leave the situation.

And as I mentioned in closing in my email:

“On a related note, just want to mention that I also understand that there are those who would have empathy or sympathy for the troubled people of the world who behave in abusive ways. In fact that’s a component of higher spiritual practices……“understanding why things are the way they are.” But just because we understand why abusive/predator people are the way they are doesn’t mean we shouldn’t recognize if they’re dangerous and unable to change, and recognize that we need to get away from them.” I’ve been down that road in my own situation, having to cut people out of the picture that included two immediate family members when it became clear they were an actual physical (and emotional) danger to me and had made it clear they were were unable and unwilling to change. And in fact…were actually getting worse with every passing month.

So, all very important concepts that many times get majorly skewed by New Age circles.

And speaking of “negativity” that brings us to the next point…..

3. Must not acknowledge anything negative

Many New Agers are downright phobic about anything perceived as negative. To the point where they will not acknowledge anything of the sort, period. To me, it can be so overboard that it comes across like “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” or something. Just very……not right, fake and weird.

The New Age reason behind never acknowledging the negative has to do with the whole – misapplied – “Law of Attraction,” and the idea that whatever you put your mind on, you will draw to yourself. So therefore, don’t think about or acknowledge anything negative, don’t push back “against” anything because….well, you’ll draw it to yourself! Keep your mindset sunny and happy all the time, then this ensures your life will be free from all neg doings.


This mindset is a bit simplistic, to say the least. “Reality creation” does have validity, as I’ve proven to myself, and I’ve reiterated all around my website and throughout my book the importance of one’s personal frequency, and the effect it can have on what happens to you. But the New Ager’s take on it all is too one dimensional and doesn’t understand the finer points of the concept. New Agers feel that by thinking or discussing anything negative you only “give it power!” For starters, since when did not thinking about something ever cause it to go away in this reality? It’s all still out there, even if New Agers refuse to acknowledge it. And two, if you obsess on something and are full of fear or paranoia about it then sure, you’ll probably draw it in to yourself. But if you look at something neutrally, non-obsessively, without fear, then you’re just merely looking at it and analyzing it. It’s the emotion behind the thought….or lack thereof….that determines the outcome. That’s how reality creation works, which they don’t tell you in New Age circles. It’s all about the emotional intent driving the thought. Not the mere awareness of it. Common sense says we need awareness of the things in life that are negative, dangerous or threatening so that we can know the correct action to take to dodge it as well as the correct mindset to adopt in order to not be compatible with it, and/or prevent it from happening again. But do so without worry, fear or paranoia.

Here at in2worlds I’ve spent a lot of time “focusing on the negative” as many hardcore New Agers would probably think, talking about all sorts of unpleasant paranormal happenings and non-physical, non-human entities, abductions, mind control, and so on. And yet as I write this, my life is very calm and peaceful. And probably more so than many new agers who try so hard to ignore the negative and yet, have problematic lives full of personal family and friend problems, financial woes and illness, as I’ve seen and confirmed firsthand with different new agers I’ve known. (and I don’t say that in a gloating, “neener neener neener!” sort of way, I say it neutrally, because I’m about to make a point.) How can this be? If thinking and talking about the so-called negative only creates more of it, then why is that not the case in my own situation? Why has much of it stopped in fact, doing the exact opposite of what new agers claim?

Because the fallacy in their thinking again, lies with something called awareness. Awareness, coupled with a non-fearful, non-obsessive levelheaded mindset. Which is exactly what I, and others like me out there in Internet Land have done. We faced the negative head on, learned a whole bunch of things, gained tactical insights and metaphysical tools….and with that, eliminated most of the problem and proceeded to pass on our experiences and what we learned to others, to help them. And we did so with a levelheaded mentality, many times even humorous, treating some of it like a comedy routine. :D But we didn’t permanently put our heads in the sand and adopt the New Age denial approach because as I’ve witnessed of some New Agers I’ve known personally, it can actually really backfire. One New Age woman I crossed paths with back in 2006 who was a firm believer in “the law of attraction” and that you never think about anything negative or have any negative thoughts, and loved the phrase “What you resist, persists!!” soon found her life going down the toilet. Husband fell ill with cancer, he could no longer work, she had to take on two jobs at the age of 60, they lost money, etc. So what happened to the law of attraction then, and not thinking about anything negative, and how that guarantees a hassle free life?

Again, it’s because the concept as presented in most New Age circles leaves out the full story. Change who you are on the inside – which usually comes about through experience, life lessons and awareness – and your outer world reflects that. But the change has to be real, at the core. And in many New Agers cases, they’re repeating the law of attraction and “what you resist, persists!” mantras, but their inner frequencies are still problematic. That would be the case with the new age woman I mentioned above, who also wrote a book and proclaimed in that book that she’d reached “Master Level” in terms of her personal evolution O_o and had risen above it all. I won’t sidetrack onto the story about how she was as a person (other than to say that she had glassy, glazed over far away eyes and behaved in a delusional way…..) but in a nutshell the inner core did not match the outer proclamations.

On a closing note about discussing the “negative”: I’ve discovered that many people out there, including non-New Agers, seem to have an aversion to acknowledging negativity within people or society because it’s considered “divisive.” Sometimes even “judgmental.” While I understand the concept of “divide and conquer” and how it’s been used to destroy humanity over the eons, on the other hand it doesn’t mean there isn’t validity to the concept of negativity. Or that it shouldn’t be addressed. One can notice something about somebody in a way that doesn’t involve morally judging and condemning them. Noticing is not the same thing as judging. Noticing that a stove burner is hot and thus, recognizing not to touch it is not the same thing as morally judging it. The same way that noticing if somebody has a problematic personality and low frequency and thus, most likely will pose a serious problem by being a part of your life is not the same thing as condemning and judging them. You’re being smart and recognizing a potential problem/danger to yourself. So when I discuss so-called negative concepts, I don’t do so from a place of being divisive, “judgmental,” or instigating hate and discord. I do so from a place of trying to understand the world around us, so that we can better navigate our way through it.


4. Suppressing “negative” emotions

Goes hand in hand with the previous point. But the idea that anything other than blissed out happiness is negative and must be suppressed is not only fallacious, but damaging. It can actually set a person back farther than they were before they set out on their spiritual path.

On the one hand, we’re (rightfully, in my opinion) taught that emotions such as anger, fear, sadness, etc. are “loosh,” a term coined by Robert Monroe, meaning the human energy that interdimensional feeders consume. And in my opinion this is true, based on what evidence has shown me. (They also feed on sexual energy.) But problems arise if people mistakenly believe that they must squelch down these emotions – suppress and deny them – anytime they occur. Now, you don’t want to be a reactionary loosh machine, tossed about on the waves of every emotion that pops into your head. But you don’t want to swing yourself so far in the other direction that you’re equally unbalanced, attempting to be a cold, repressed robot. So what I’m proposing is the middle ground – acknowledging so-called negative emotions and then understanding their origin, dealing with that and processing them….so you can move beyond.

I’ve actually seen people who were metaphysically aware of “loosh”……wondering if it was okay to cry. So paranoid were they that they were “feeding” something by doing that. “Must-not-feel-sad! Must-squelch-it-down! Must-suppress-tears!” Of course it’s okay to feel sad and cry about something. Cry and get it all out there if you have to. Just take the time to understand it after, which naturally leads to realizations that can cause you to overcome the issues at hand. The idea that you can totally prevent some interdimensional feeder from ever feeding on your emotions while in 3rd density is not possible in my opinion, and a bit ridiculous. Your body is covered in microscopic parasitic feeders, there are interdimensional feeders on top of that, and that’s just what it is in this particular universe. You feed on stuff, stuff feeds on you. So at best you can just reduce their food supply through higher understanding, which eliminates habitual negative behaviors and reactions, the same way you in turn can also reduce your own gluttanous food intake and go on a diet for health and weight loss purposes. But as long as you are human you are going to feel a so-called “negative” emotion or sexual energy, feeding something, somewhere, and that’s just what it is. Maybe someday you and me and everybody else will evolve to a point of higher awarenss and understanding at all times, which naturally eliminates the reactions of sadness, fear, anger, etc. But until then, don’t beat yourself up when you have those reactions or despair about “feeding” stuff.

There’s so much to say about the nature of emotions and negative personal issues and how one can transcend them, so much so that bezillions of books have been devoted to it, and there’s an entire industry that revolves around it. (psychology and counseling.) So, nothing I could say here is going to be innovative, and it’s not my intention to delve into it all in a comprehensive way. But what I can suggest about negative emotions in this article since we’re on the subject ;) is first and foremost, acknowledge them. Examine them from all angles, stop and ponder them in-depth. Or maybe write it down somewhere. Whatever works for you. But analyze it. Don’t run from it. It’s there for a reason……so find that reason. I’ve met people who feel it’s best not to dredge things up because then they feel like they’re just going to wind themselves up even more, and be worse off. But that’s only because they don’t understand that it’s not about getting yourself all wound up emotionally, then leaving yourself hanging on the line. Again, it’s about processing them and moving beyond.

For me in my own case, anger and residual bitterness has been a HUGE issue in my life. Lot of things have happened in life to cause a lot of anger. Not facing those issues directly (because of not wanting to think about or deal with those things) caused anger to pop out at other things – redirected, displaced anger. (and no, I didn’t get this from a self help book. :D “Displaced” was the best word I could come up with to describe what’s gone on, getting mad at various things that aren’t worth getting mad at, because you’re really mad at other things, but you’re refusing to even think about those things…..) One thing in particular that I did at the beginning of consciously setting about trying to get to the bottom of my own anger issues was to sit down and pick a topic, any topic, that makes me angry. From a specific person past or present who (as I perceived) did stuff to ruin my day or a portion of my life, or a generalized type of ongoing situation that keeps coming up that really angers me in life. Just sit down with a pen and paper, and start writing. Everything the person did, or said, or what the situation involved, everything about it all that pissed me off to no end, on and on, mad mad mad, anger anger anger…….with the intention of reaching a “breakthrough” moment. A shift in perspective, a big “!!!” realization. Sometimes I wasn’t even sure I’d be able to do that. My skin would be flushed, blood boiling, I’d be all riled up, thinking, I don’t think this is gonna happen. Then I’d stop writing, close my eyes, and kind of reach out and wait for some sort of insight and higher understanding to pop into my mind. And lo and behold….it would. So by the end of my pages of writing, the skin flushing was gone, and I’d feel lighter, and the issue was resolved. Totally new perspective and understanding for me to keep in mind. And I’d keep those pages too, tucked away so that I could always review them if I ever needed the reminder. This particular exercise helped with regards to certain people that, like clockwork, would continually enter into my mind sending me off into repeating thought loops of anger and bitterness, distracting me from being “in the moment.” I was tired of these repeating, parasitic thought invaders, years after the person in question was long since out of my life. It was ridiculous. Enough is enough, let’s fully address this once and for all so I can move on and be done with it already!

But as you can see………..if I’d tried to deny these thoughts, squelched them down and pushed them away, thinking “Oh, it’s not good to be angry! That’s negative!” then nothing would have been fixed. The issue would just continue to fester. Growing worse with every passing year, becoming harder and harder to keep squelching until I just lost my mind completely or something. So, best to deal with it and analyze and confront it so you can arrive at higher understanding and new found perspectives, thus, clearing it out of your psyche.

Another BIG method to help one arrive at more balanced viewpoints and overcome anger, which needs to be mentioned, is to take responsibility for the role you yourself may have played. If applicable. Sometimes it truly seems to be a situation of being victimized, and one needs to find whatever understanding they can about that in order to move beyond, but, there are definitely times in life where we fanned the flames and played our part, either through naivete, or lower self sorts of motivations. So, be honest with yourself and acknowledge that too. Doesn’t mean you should beat yourself up over it…….just neutrally understand it and learn something from it all and make amends if applicable, so you can move on, a better, wiser person. That’s what life is, after all. So I did that too in my little written “anger ramblings.” I acknowledged my part in things, when it was applicable, and that led to breakthroughs.

5. Mixing up and misinterpreting concepts and events

The already mentioned tendency to not acknowledge anything negative within the New Age often times means that various phenomenon are viewed solely through a limited, one dimensional positive/fluffy lens. “Negative” theories or explanations are rarely considered for what something could mean. Negative does exist though, and is exerting its influence on people and the world as a whole, and refusing to be aware of it can be detrimental. It’s the equivalent of going to a doctor and receiving a medical misdiagnosis, where something is completely overlooked either due to sheer ignorance or ineptness on the part of the medical staff. All theories must be considered when trying to get to the bottom of what various phenomenon mean in order to determine the proper way to proceed. And in my own experience with the “woo woo” phenomenon, I’ve found that they are usually always a mix of both negative and positive. Never just one or the other, black/white polarized.

a. Ascension symptoms. How much of what the New Age believes are “symptoms of ascension” are actually that, and don’t have very 3rd density explanations behind them?

When you do the research into “symptoms of ascension” a few of the physical problems include vertigo, drained energy, nightmares, forgetfulness and short term memory loss, the misspelling of words and forgetting what words to use, emotional upheaval, hot flashes, cold spells, abdominal weight gain and bloating, and so on. While these very well may be some sort of side effect of ascension, I couldn’t help but notice when reading these symptoms that all of them matched symptoms associated with various other modern day problems. From poor diet and irritable bowel syndrome, to aspartame consumption, cell phone/electro magnetic wave pollution exposure, heavy metal toxicity, and so on. Our modern world is completely polluted. The air, water, the land, nothing in its natural state is totally pure and safe anymore. This has to be factored into the health equation.

Aspartame in particular, found in diet soft drinks, chewing gum and a host of other food/drink products, will lead to short term memory loss, forgetfulness and all around “fuzzy headedneess.” Bad diet – and most reading this, myself included, have engaged in some pretty bad eating habits ;) – will lead to a host of abdominal problems, from bloating, weight gain, blocked up colon, you name it. Heavy metal toxicity – Mercury and aluminum poisoning in particular will cause many of the symptoms attributed to “ascension!” And we have entire generations of people walking around in the world with mouths filled with mercury fillings, eating mercury soaked fish, raised on food that was heated in aluminum cookware, smearing aluminum antiperspirant into their armpits, and receiving toxic vaccinations containing heavy metals. That’s not even counting a related problem with Teflon cookware – Teflon fumes will kill pet birds in their cages if they’re too close to the kitchen/stove. And we’re supposed to eat food cooked in that??

And then we get to the cell phone wave pollution. Tom and I experienced something related to this back in Fort Lauderdale, which was covered in depth in Part I of my book under the wave beaming harassment section. But when Tom and I were living back in Florida, we were being bombarded with cell phone/microwaves. For most people it’ll probably be random wave pollution, but in our case it seemed to be a mix of both random pollution and actual beam harassment, which is its own topic I won’t sidetrack onto. But in particular I was experiencing headaches, lethargy, general “fuzzy headedness,” disturbed sleep and……nightmares. All mentioned on that ascension symptoms list. After testing our living area with a signal detector devise and determining that Yes indeed, we are being hit with cell phone/microwave pollution, we proceeded to cover our walls with electrically grounded sheets of Mylar “blankets” that can be found at any camping and sports store, and the problems ceased. Immediately our heads felt better, and gone were the lethargy, sleep disturbance and nightmares. The change was instant. But if I was naive, I could have chalked up what was happening to us as being “ascension symptoms!” It’s all on the ascension list! I’m just ascending, see! Nothing to see here folks, move it along! Instead, thanks to the knowledge and smarts of Tom, we realized that we were being inundated with cell phone/electro magnetic pollution, took steps to block it, and instantly returned to normal states of being. So we weren’t “ascending.” Our brains were being cooked.

Related to this is the New Age idea that more and more people will be dying during these times because they’re somehow not able to “integrate the new energies!” Their system overloads, or is incompatible, and they….die. Again, I’m open to the idea, but, I’m also looking around at our increasingly poisoned and toxic world and wondering if there aren’t some very real, 3rd density reasons behind the increase in deaths. At my various jobs over the years I’ve watched and listened as people ate the crappiest “food” imaginable, all day long, stuff that does not digest properly and is full of chemicals, additives, preservatives and artificial coloring. Cans of (usually diet, aspartame riddled…) soda cracking open from various cubicles and offices, people in the breakroom – microwaving – their leftovers or frozen insta-meals or carrying bags of McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Arby’s, etc. into their offices (“lunch on the run,” an epidemic side effect of the modern work lifestyle), boxes of Krispy Kremes laying out for people to grab and munch on, standing outside on break to smoke mainstream cigarettes which usually contain up to 100 additive chemicals, many times while standing under a chemtrail covered sky, feeding coins into the vending machines for bags of junk snacks made with unpronounceable ingredients, making personal calls on cell phones pressed up to their brains, going home after work to party and drink mass amounts of alcohol. Etc. Etc. And we wonder why cancer has become epidemic, and people are dying faster, and younger, than ever before. !!! Many people’s immune systems are severely weakened, and their bodies can’t keep up. All of which means, do consider other possibilities when hearing or reading about “ascension symptoms.” Not everything has a positive fluffy new age meaning behind it. Many of these so-called “ascension symptoms” and increasing deaths sound to me like they have very real, everyday 3rd density sorts of explanations behind them. To not research some of the alternate possibilities mentioned here is again, akin to receiving a medical misdiagnosis.


b. “Indigo”/“Crystal” children. Reading through a list of traits commonly attributed to the new breed of children is like reading a list of many mixed up concepts and symptoms. Characteristics such as hyperactivity/ADD/ADHD, defiant attitude, anti-social behavior, refusal to respond to guilt or authority, etc. which may very well stem from a poor diet, too much TV/media, bad parenting, being a sociopath, and/or our manic society in general are all attributed as symptoms of being “Indigo.” Oh no, the child doesn’t have an issue that needs to be addressed, they’re “indigo”! They’re special, chosen, the new breed of child that will usher us into a magical New Age……..with their defiant, antagonistic, antisocial personality! O.o (seems a bit contradictory.) Traits such as late development/late speech, extreme sensitivity to environmental stimulus, an intense stare, all of which sound to me like a candidate for Autism (or even Asperger’s Sydrome) are attributed to “Crystal Children.” With Crystals, New Age “authorities” even note that they are the ones born after 1995…..after the modern toxic vaccination program really took off. hmmm, what a coincidence. (Are some of these New Age advocates of Crystals and Indigos purposeful disinformation agents trying to divert attention away from other incriminating factors at play? I really wonder about that.)

I’m definitely open to the idea that there could be an influx of higher evolved souls coming in during these times (if these times are unusual in history, then it makes sense….) but on the other hand I take the reasonable approach, which is to consider the idea that very real, very 3rd density physical reasons could be behind some of what New Agers mistakenly think of as being traits of higher souls. Unfortunately, with many New Agers the so-called “negative” explanations are not even considered for a child’s problematic behavior and/or learning disabilities, and instead, magical new age philosophy is automatically assumed. Maybe because it sounds so much nicer and makes the child out to be a special chosen being, instead of the troubled 3rd density being that they are, in need of some help. Always keep the physical in mind, don’t just jump to ethereal/metaphysical conclusions. Again, as mentioned in the previous point it could be akin to a medical misdiagnosis. And if the physical can be definitively ruled out, then sure, maybe the source is something metaphysical.

(And on a side note, for the adults who label themselves as being “Indigo” it often times seems to be a way of making themselves feel special, different, a way to stand out from the crowd.)

Another thing worth pointing out is that in my time spent researching the Indigo/Crystal/Rainbow children subject online and in books, something I’ve come to notice is that…..gee, all these kids seem to be white. Amazing! (roll eyes.) Basically it’s a white people’s phenomena. And that has to make one pause and consider why that may be. I was reading through an Australian messageboard concerning these “new special children” back in 2006, where people were posting pics and/or describing their kids, and over and over again it was blond, blue eyed white babies and toddlers. I think if there truly was an influx of higher evolved souls coming in nowadays then there would be a more even distribution among the races. But since it’s only typically middle to upper class white people with money who are involved with persuing the love ‘n light New Age stuff, and the New Age arena is the source telling everybody about Indigos and Crystals and the like, then naturally there’s a disproportionate number of white babies and kids being flaunted as Indigo and Crystal. Which says to me that either the phenomena is a bit racist, or it’s probably just white people with too much time on their hands. The white/rich/middle to upper class demograph of the New Age is something I delve into more at the end of this piece though.


c. Ear tones, numbers and synchs. This one I actually addressed in my other write ups, because I’ve received a few emails over the years trying to push the New Age concepts that the ear tones, numbers and synchs that I write about are solely of an angelic source. Again, because of the New Age reluctance to think or discuss anything considered negative. Lucky for me though I documented my instances of tones and numbers over the years so that I could then step back and look at the bigger picture of it all. See what was actually happening, versus what various sources want it to be. The scientifically minded never consider anything woo-woo and would want to label these sorts of phenomenon as either statistical chance, reading too much into things, or having solely biological origins (in the case of the ear tones). And New Agers take the extreme opposite viewpoint, thinking everything has a positively-oriented, angelic, divine metaphysical origin. I in turn log my stuff and analyze the data from a neutral standpoint, and what I’ve concluded, based on what personal experiences have shown me, is that it can be all of the above. Not either/or, black/white polarized. It’s not going to just be one reason/source, all the time, and where one thing gets mixed up for another.

6. Polarized Either/Or choices:

Further expansion on some of the things mentioned in the first item on this list:

The intellect is bad

This one I only started to notice recently and found it to be frustrating and a little alarming. But there seems to be a mindset within many love and lighters that the intellect and mental analysis are a bad thing, and that life should be navigated by feelings and intuition alone. It’s the unbalanced black/white either/or choice between feelings or intellect, as if you can only have one or the other, when in fact merging both – creating the third choice – would be more beneficial.

As noted all throughout my book, something I’ve come to notice is that The Powers That Be, as well as alien/MILAB abductors want their targets to not think so much. Us thinking too much is a bad thing for them, as it means their gig would be up. When you think, it means you’re noticing things. When you notice things, it means you start to ask questions. When you start to ask questions, it means you may stumble upon some surprising truths as well as forcing certain people, groups and organizations to explain some things. When explanations are demanded it means people will realize that things aren’t adding up, and soon stuff will be exposed. And exposure usually always results in sheep waking up, and leaving their pen of control. So you can obviously see why “thinking is a bad thing”….for Them. Thinking is a slippery slope, which eventually results in lost targets/victims, aka, “farm animals.” Stop the problem at the top of the slope, obviously, before it progresses, right?

…..And so here comes the heavily feminine/Goddess-oriented New Age movement, impressing upon their followers the ideas of “Turn off your mind!” “Stop thinking so much!” “You can’t think your way through a problem!” “Being analytical is bad!” “Thinking is male! Be the feminine Goddess energy, and only feeeeeel!” etc. etc.

You can’t think your way through a problem? What genius came up with that gem? :/ If we shouldn’t think our way through a problem then none of us would be here, as our ancestors would have been seriously up the creek without a paddle. “We have a problem! But don’t think! Just “feeeeeeeel” your way through it……” (whoops, too late, now they’re dead, and now you don’t exist ten generations down the line.) Thinking = male, feelings = female? More false two choice polarization. Integrate both. Both are needed, and both have their place. It’s a gift that humans have the capability for both, as it more than doubles our possibilities.

For me, I have a very strong left brain, as evidenced by this website, full of writings and analysis, all nice and typed up. Analysis, writing/communicating, typing, that’s all left brain. My analytical thinking brain has served me very well in life………….and so has my intuition. I’d be lost without both. I use my intuition just as much as I use my analytical thought processes, to “read” people that I cross paths with, to be in tune with those closest to me (including my cat!) as well as sense what’s coming up in my life in the near future. I’ve analyzed and thought my way around various issues and subjects that have cropped up in life, to get to the bottom of what’s what. There’s no way I could have compiled any of the write ups on this site otherwise. But I’ve also intuited my way through life as well. I’ve used both equally. Not “either/or.”

Intellect is a necessary part of our existence. We have a brain for a reason, don’t be afraid to use it. But from what I’ve seen, many love and lighters seem to want to completely deny the fact that they have a physical body. They’re so caught up in trying to be an “ethereal ascended master of the 5th dimension Ashtar Command!” (whatever that means) that they forget…..“uh, you still have a body….you’re still here in 3rd density……” This denial of physicality-based intellect when one still resides within physicality is dangerous, in my opinion. Intellect, logic and analysis should ideally be closely intertwined around gut feelings and intuition. They should be working in cahoots.


“Negative aggressive” male energy or “soft, passive and intuitive” female

This is another polarized false two choice dichotomy, touched upon in the previous point. The New Age movement is heavily immersed in the idea of “Goddess energy,” and promoting the virtues of the feminine……to where it seems that they’re trying to eliminate all traces of male energy. They seem to only focus on the negative aspects of male energy – it’s blamed for all the world’s woes, such as warring/killing, violence, rape, etc., as if that’s the only thing male energy can be or do – while ignoring the positive aspects, and….ignoring any negative aspects of female energy. And yes, there are negative aspects of female energy. Just ask any bitter male whose action oriented, innate provider instinct energy has been played one too many times by manipulative, cunning females. He’ll tell you all about it. ;D Female energy is normally the passive receiver and nurturer, opposite of the overt aggressive do-er. But applied negatively that low-key passivity becomes sneaky covert manipulation, the “snake in the grass” that slinks around playing people like pawns and manipulating situations to their advantage, gossiping, inserting discord into the works to slowly – invisibly – bring people or situations down. Males just get their guns, swords or fists and get out there in the open and just start swinging and slashing. Straight forward, get it over with and go have a beer. ;D Each energy has its stereotypical pros and cons, it’s positives and its negatives, depending on who you’re talking to. Male energy positively channeled is what will spur you to action, so you can do what needs to be done, and is what drives men to protect and provide for their families and loved ones/tribe. (which is exactly why it’s seen as “negative” by the new age – a big part of the goddess-oriented love and light material is centered around the idea of inaction and passivity. Not “doing” or “being” anything. However there’s a bit of a “throw the baby out with the bathwater” association going on with male energy, where only the negative aspects are recognized so the whole thing is tossed out in one swoop.

It’s also in my opinion that a big part of the agenda of the new age love and light movement is to emasculate males and effeminize them, and thus……take them out of the equation as a threat. If the new age is being funded and hijacked by certain governmental groups this certainly makes sense. First you have all the estrogen enhancers in the water supply and food (and especially with all the plastic bottles and containers that leach their estrogen boosting poisons into the water and food they hold….) including the way in which soy, a major estrogen booster, was heavily pushed by the new age hippie vegan movement as an alternative to meat. Those are a few ways in which emasculation/testosterone reduction was accomplished physically on the population. Next you push belief systems that train the men to think and behave as women. That’s the mental component. If you were some NWO-aspiring petty tyrant would you want a nation full of strong, masculine manly males ready to push back and reclaim their freedom and protect their community and loved ones? Or would you prefer the skinny, wan, vegan/soy guzzling hippie dudes embroiled in new age belief systems that try to turn them into women? Rhetorical question.

Ideally, both male and female energy are needed to be in balance while you are here in this realm. Asian philosophy will be the first to tell you this, having the concept of yin – feminine, and yang – masculine. Especially traditional Chinese medicine, which revolves around keeping the yin and yang in balance. Not eliminating one over the other.

We don’t live in an ethereal realm of ascended androgynous angelic light beings…..we live in 3rd density physicality, where we have been split into male and female, and where polarized energy is at play. The yin and yang are a circle divided in half……forming two pieces that then fit together like a puzzle. It’s good to remember that.

7. “We’re all one!”

This concept seems to be misunderstood and misapplied within the New Age, leaving a lot of people confused or resistant whenever they encounter it, which is understandable. Here’s what I wrote about it all in my ‘Thoughts’ section, in the entry entitled ‘We’re all one!’ “….In a nutshell the main issue seems to be with the idea of having to “be one!” with people who have yucky vibes. Like, who wants to “be one” and be pals and hang with them?!? o_0 […]“we’re all one!” doesn’t mean you need to be pals with sociopaths and willingly entangle yourself in a predator’s dark energy web, and indiscriminately feel love towards everybody out there, ie, indirectly saying that you align yourself with them. It’s about recognizing that we all ultimately trace back to the same source, despite our different paths. Some are over here, some are over there, everybody’s all over the place trying on different roles, different experiences, this light is antagonistically poking that light just to see what happens, meanwhile those two lights over there are in love, but in the end, we all apparently come from the same place.

“Another way this concept is sort of skewed, or portrayed in a way that leaves it open for misunderstanding, is when people say stuff like, “When you fight with somebody you’re really fighting with yourself!” Um, well…..sort of. You’re fighting with an individualized form of energy, like the branches on a tree. So yes, you both trace back to the same Source origin. But you’re not “the same.” Each individualized energy has its own sentience and free will……and thus, the ability to go in a very different directions.”

I think a big part of the confusion with this subject is that many New Agers, as mentioned, don’t like acknowledging negative events or people. So when they say “We’re all one!” it’s more like a simplified whitewash that purposely avoids the finer points of the concept, because to address them would mean having to discuss negative people which they’ve been brainwashed to think is “divisive” and “judgmental.” Their avoidance of the finer points of the concept then naturally leads to confusion or outright resistance for some people who encounter the idea.

8. The slippery slope of conquering the ego turning into erasing all individuality

Facing the ego and the shadow side of the human psyche/spirit is a biggie within many spiritual circles. Overcoming self importance and hypersensitivity, becoming mindful of emotional reactions, and acknowledging one’s inner predator – all aspects of the ego – is useful and in my opinion, a total must-do if one is trying to improve themselves. But in a slippery slope worst case scenario, conquering one’s strong but distorted and disconnected self identity/ego can evolve into trying to erase one’s individuality altogether, and meld into some sort of unified nothingness. Trying to “be nothing.” I don’t agree with that. Quieting the mind -that’s good. Having inner peace – that’s good. Acknowledging and understanding negative ego-based traits and their origins so one can conquer them – that’s really good. Erasing who you are and being nothing – not good. If we were meant to be nothing then we wouldn’t be here, as something. !! So needless to say, I don’t agree with this concept.

A related concept is also found within certain meditation practices, whose goal is to go beyond the idea of merely quieting the mind to what seems to be a state of actually suppressing/losing yourself, and shutting off your mental processes altogether. This seems to me to be risky territory, allowing other “stuff” to get in and gain access while you’re suppressed and vulnerable in such ways. But that’s just my opinion. I’m not going to flat out state that such meditative practices were probably introduced and encouraged by negative stuff for insidious purposes, buuuuut, let’s just say that the thought has crossed my mind…..

9. Everything was planned ahead of time before we incarnated here and is completely micromanaged by our Higher Selves

Because negativity can be a bit scary, many will try to re-frame negative life events as all being completely arranged ahead of time by the Higher Self, as this gives back control to the target/victim. To the point where it seems that our Higher Selves are micromanaging every last little detail that goes on with us. Now, I’m all for taking responsibility for one’s self and don’t care for the victim mindset. I’ve found that it’s best to admit when you’re wrong, when you’ve screwed up, and to take responsibility for what you say and do and the choices you make. But, does this mean that every last little thing that happens to us is what was “supposed” to be and totally pre-planned ahead of time??

In my opinion, no. I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Some things were planned, many things probably weren’t. If you’re going to believe that there is some incarnational plan going on, then I think at best, the plan is relatively loose for most people, and most things are not set in stone. “No-no” mistakes can happen that weren’t necessarily on the game plan, things are always open for change, and stuff IS always changing. There is flexibility. And as much as I don’t agree with the victim mindset (in the sense of those who use it as a crutch in life for why they won’t achieve their fullest potential, wallowing and feeling sorry for themselves) I will say that I also believe that because this realm is a free will free-for-all zone it means that there are many different souls/beings here incarnating from all over, and each with their own agenda…….both positive and negative. And what this means is that freewill violations can happen that one’s Higher Self didn’t micromanage ahead of time, merely because that’s the nature of what this realm is. We have freewill to do what we want to do….but so don’t other beings as well, which may involve doing things to us. Or at least trying to, anyway. And that’s the risk we take when incarnating here. Several years ago I temporarily fell out of favor with an internet friend for stating this mindset in an email. This idea rubbed her so wrongly to such an extent that she dropped me like a hot potato. Her life has had some victimization in it you could say, and she was very new agey, coupled with a huge ego, and I think she wasn’t at a point where she was willing to hear or accept that no, not everything negative that’s gone on in your life was micromanaged and pre-planned. (or as she put it, “I just made you up [the abusers] to hurt myself,” implying a feel-good, I’m-still-the-one-in-control, dreamy perspective). Some of it may have just…….happened. Negative stuff could have been taking advantage, merely because it could. And that’s the risk we all take when coming here. (Which in itself actually puts the responsibility back on the soul who incarnated here, for those who are fans of the “micromanaged” theory.) So yes, I was dropped. :D She came back a year or so later, but said straight off the bat that she didn’t want to argue or discuss this concept with me, so let’s just move forward. The way I look at it is, if I truly was wrong, and if she was secure in her knowledge about how things are, then she wouldn’t have had any reason to completely drop me. Especially considering that her normal personality was to be “the teacher,” explaining her beliefs about how things work. So if I was truly wrong, then the self-professed new age teacher should have explained to the silly child why and how she was wrong. Instead, she turned tail and ran and never wanted to discuss the subject again. But it kind of makes sense, since I’ve seen firsthand how the subject of negative entities/aliens and the darker side of life in this realm really scares a lot of new agers.

So I think that saying that our Higher Selves pre-planned out everything that’s gone on in our lives, including the extreme negative, is giving our Higher Selves a little too much credit. It’s too far to one end of the spectrum. I have proof in my own life of “no-no” mistake events that apparently weren’t my Higher Self’s idea of a good time and something it didn’t want to happen, and so it either flat out undid them, or tried to intervene in some way to get me to change the outcome of events, which is how I can personally know this to be true. (I talk about some of these incidents in my free e-book, “Miscellaneous Stories of the Weird and Unusual.”) One involved a car crash at the end of 1996 that totaled my car and sent my life in a completely different direction, and which didn’t have to happen, if I’d only listened to the attempt at point blank intervention. And there have been many other various incidents and near-accidents also covered in that e-book, won’t get into it all here.

The opposite end of the spectrum to all of this is the mainstream world, who often times are just stumbling blindly along letting life toss them about on the waves of random chance. Like driving a car no handed on a winding road. Both extremes are out of balance. The truth of how things work in this reality is probably more in the middle. (The reader will probably get sick of me saying this so much throughout this write up ;) but so often what we’re presented in life are only two extreme opposite choices.)


10. Reality Creation/Manifestation/The Law of Attraction

Earlier I defined what the Law of Attraction involves, and I will say that there is much truth to be found with it all. In my “Miscellaneous Stories of the Weird and Unusual” (free) e-book I give several anecdotal stories of some of my own amazing, real life example of reality creation at work, back before I even knew of the concept. Because you don’t have to be aware of it to have it happen. But as with many New Age concepts, many times things veer off into a skewed direction or understanding, and the concept of “Reality Creation” is no exception. As mentioned in the “Negativity” section at the beginning, the Law of Attraction is often misapplied in the sense of telling practitioners that you shouldn’t think of or acknowledge anything negative, otherwise you’ll just “attract” it to yourself.

X! Wrong. As already mentioned, you need awareness of that which is negative in order to understand how to avoid it, and not be compatible with it.

And skeptics love to have a go at “Reality Creation” and “The Secret” movie because on the surface it seems to be implying that whatever you think about is supposed to just miraculously manifest before you. Bags of money falling from the sky. New cars appearing in your driveway. Chocolate cake out of thin air when you’re having a sugar and chocolate craving. Just all kinds of free and instant fun! Which is not how it works. They also love to point out people living in 3rd world conditions with very bad lives, and sarcastically quip that if only these poor 3rd world people with sucky lives would just think of good things, then see, their realities will just change. ;) You know, poking fun at how obviously wrong and off the idea of manifestation is. And I get why they’re misunderstanding the concept……because it’s not properly defined in “The Secret” movie. “The Secret” kind of leaves itself wide open in a few areas. You have a bunch of those rich, middle aged, Baby Boomer, mostly white New Agers (a demograph that I comment on at the end of this piece….) telling the camera about “the law of attraction” so naturally, it does leave skeptics frowning, thinking, “Uh, yeah, whatever, that’s easy for you to say. Try telling that to a poor African villager, or those living in some war torn nation.” But incarnational life plans and supposed karma aside (which might be what’s going on in the cases of poor villagers and those living in war torn nations…) the fact is, manifestation happens every day, even if people aren’t aware that they’re doing it. Your personality, thoughts, mindset, and beliefs about what it is or isn’t possible draw to you the life that surrounds you, from your family, friends, relationships, job, home, and all around life happenings, just everything, good or bad. Whether your life is coasting along smoothly and things just always seem to work out in your favor, or always seems to be full of bumpy obstacles and drama, sickness and accidents and interference, that’s all due to your thoughts, mindset and personal frequency. That’s where personal responsibility comes into play. We’re in a free will free-for-all zone, BUT, we do have a responsibility for our own mindsets, and the direction we’re heading. And I figured out, at least in my own case, what the mindset is to get manifestation to happen so that things work out smoothly, versus the bumpy obstacles and drama:

I’ll take this moment to do a slight sidetrack into the proper way to go about manifestation, based on what I’ve experienced for myself. What I realized was that during those times when I seemed to manifest exactly what I needed in life, I would have a focused, yet fleeting and almost unconscious thought about something I needed, be it the type of room I was looking to rent, to the type of car I was looking to buy, etc. It was a mental checklist or description of what I was looking for. Since I didn’t realize I was “reality creating,” there would therefore be no self-defeating thoughts or doubts getting in the way, putting out mixed signals and canceling things out. It was a pure, unimpeded thought intent. There would also be an emotional “nudge” going on behind it, fueling it, giving it life. Then the thought would get put aside, temporarily forgotten as I went back about my business. Or in other words, no anxious expectation, looking, waiting and anxiously expecting the outcome.

That’s it.

What would happen next was that the thought was now out there, fueled by that little nudge of emotional desire, giving it life, BUT, without anxious expectation or self doubt. And as I went about my life, reality was meanwhile rearranging itself, to make things come together and produce what I was looking for. And within a short period of time, boom, it would happen. I’d get what I thought about, down to the littlest detail. It would come my way, providing that it didn’t violate anybody’s freewill, that is. Including mine. And that’s important to note. But that’s it. It’s actually quite simple. Once you’ve seen evidence for this at work in your own life, then from that point on, just know that it works. Because if happened once, it’ll happen again. It’s not like there’s some limited reservoir that you can only tap into a few times before running out. Again, providing that what you’re seeking isn’t going to be some sort of freewill violation, then just know, reality will rearrange itself and provide what you need. There are people who apparently have gotten so good at it that their entire lives work on the principle of manifestation, with everything always coming together providing for their needs, so there’s no reason to live a life like the rest of the “normal” world has to. Well, so they say anyway. ;D Although I don’t doubt it’s possible. You just have to get into the right mindset groove – higher vibed, positive, optimistic, confident and open, with no anxiety or self defeating doubt.

11. Ascension/2012

This is a HUGE subject, but which I’ll try to condense. In summary, most New Age material makes mention that planet Earth is currently in the process of Shifting to a higher ascended realm of some sort due to a once-in-26,000 year galactic alignment, the end of the Mayan Calendar, the approach of some sort of energetic “Wave” coming our way, as well as what endless channeled entities have been reporting over the past 40 or so years. The oft repeated projected date for this exact moment of ascension is December 21, 2012, which is supposed to be when Earth will line up exactly with the galactic center. Whether this is true or not, nobody can definitively prove, least of all me. Nor is it my goal to, because I still haven’t even fully made up my own mind yet as to what’s happening. But I suspect that there is something to this idea of “Great Change,” for many various reasons. Circumstantial evidence I’ve witnessed, personal insights and intuitions. It’s almost as if everything that’s been going on in the last 500 years since the Renaissance has been winding up to some big peak climactic moment, with reality moving faster and faster every year, and change occurring exponentially. It’s still all very subjective though, and everybody has to make up their own minds about it all. Now, there are researchers out there who are saying that the galactic alignment is something that will span several decades, an era of sorts, versus one specific date. And I tend to agree with that. It makes sense to me. So if this time period is special then it’s probably more of a window of opportunity spanning several decades. (I think a lot of New Agers will be disappointed when the specific 12/21/12 date comes and goes without fanfare. There’s no doubt that the subject of 2012 has turned into a huge $$$ cash $$$ cow for many New Age authors and publishing companies capitalizing on the sensationalism, and their readers have really invested themselves into the idea….both emotionally and $$ financially. $$)

So while I can’t definitively say what the deal is, I can however discuss a more objective idea – time lines.

As mentioned in my ’2012 and the Shift/Ascension’ write up, I’ve noticed that many New Agers have the understanding that we’re all going to just shift/ascend one day instantly, overnight, into a magical new and ascended realm, where all of our cares and problems and worries will be gone, Earth will be cleaned up, and negative people and problems will no longer exist. Many believe this to the point of sometimes giving up on their lives in the present, feeling that none of it matters if they’re only going to just shift out of here instantly overnight in the future. You know, just sit around smoking weed and waiting for the Big Shift. ;D You don’t have to do anything, you don’t have to try, you don’t have to participate in life. But giving up on your life is not only not a good idea and a bit dangerous, in my opinion, but I also don’t think the instantaneous shift is how it works at all. The negative stuff existing alongside with us in this reality would love nothing more though than for people to just lay back and give up on everything. So the idea of “instantaneous shift” is a dangerous twist in the concept, in my opinion.

As mentioned in my “2012” article, it seems from what I’ve gathered and gleaned that “shifting” is a gradual process, determined everyday with everything you do or say or think, and involves the idea of aligning yourself with particular timelines. Everything you do or say or think determines the ultimate direction you’re going in life – ie, the timeline you’re on. With increasingly more choices made over the course of your life, based on the state of mind you’re in, you will continually be shifting/aligning with various probable futures. Versus the idea of some magical instant shift from this world into a completely new and foreign realm. You can also experience setbacks in this shifting/alignment it seems, and temporarily find yourself aligned with a not-so-optimal timeline were you to get lazy and slip back into negative mindsets and habits. All of which means, it’s a process that you have to stay on top of.

The idea of an instantaneous shift also instills hope about the idea of being rescued by external magical forces. All you have to do is lay around and not do anything, but it’s okay, because you’ll just be rescued by this magical shift! Um, no. We all need to take responsibility and do as much as we can do to save ourselves. Not sit around waiting to be rescued by galactic alignments, aliens, Jesus, Sananda, 2012, and who knows what else.

Another version of the whole Shift/Ascension process involves the idea that at one magical moment, all this light will shine down on the planet to shift it up, up and away, and that all the dark beings will be (forcibly….) converted into the Light and the world will be fixed. Sorry, but, as we learned earlier, this is apparently a free will, free-for-all zone, which means dark beings have the free will right to here, running amok, in the same way we have the right to be who we are. New Agers may not like hearing that, but, it’s apparently what it is. Besides, anything that’s truly of the light does not go around forcing their will upon those who aren’t. It’s always a freewill choice to be either of the light or of the dark. Truly positive forces respect that, and allow you to choose your own destiny. Even if they don’t agree, or are hoping you would choose differently, ultimately it is your choice to make. So I can’t say that I can imagine that this forcible conversion to the Light will be what happens either. Either it’s naive and misguided people who don’t understand certain concepts, or, it’s a knowing disinformation ploy designed to instill apathy and lead people to believe that everybody will just be “rescued,” as well as presenting false ideas about how things work.

Still another take on it all, which I actually tend to agree with and ties into the earlier point about time lines, involves the idea of our world “splitting in two.” Two Earths. Polarization. A new realm will form (or is apparently already forming…..) and those who are compatible with it will find themselves there. Those who are not, won’t. It also means that the shift is obviously not instantaneous, and will be a gradual splitting apart as people take sides, choices are made and lines are drawn in the sand. For this theory, it means that both sides will be able to continue to co-exist side by side for a period of time as the rift/split is forming, but as time wears on and the split becomes too large, it’s no longer possible to jump back and forth anymore. The rift/split becomes permanent. Wherever you are is where you stay. In the meantime before the figurative crevasse rift becomes too large, minor changes will still continue to happen. People, jobs and situations that are no longer compatible with who you are will just seem to……fall away. They’re all still out there in the world, but your realm and personal frequencies are no longer compatible, making it so your paths don’t cross anymore. More and more of these minor changes will occur, and taken together will form a group of large changes, that eventually leads to the ultimate split. And were you to try to force a square peg into a round hole, going against the grain to make things to remain as they are, ignoring the growing polarization, then all sorts of weird problems will erupt as a result as reality tries to accommodate two increasingly different realms.

I can nod my head and consider the plausibility of this idea only because I’ve seen personal evidence for it in my own existence. Otherwise I’d just shrug and say, “who knows.”

And finally, an email just came my way while I was finishing up this article, directing my attention to Project Camelot’s web page about “The Wingmakers,” specifically, a question and answer regarding the ascension process. I don’t endorse the Project Camelot material, but did find the “Wingmaker” information on so-called ascension to be interesting. When you click on this link, scroll down to Question #7. The woman who emailed me agreed with the answer given, and I have to say that I do too. Some highlights of the answer regarding the ascension process include (bolded words my own emphasis): “Look at it this way, if you are self-contained, if the Sovereign Integral is indeed within you at all times, then where exactly do you need to ascend? It is realization, not ascension. […] All of the energy, efforts, attention and learning that are placed on the ascension process are a diversion from your own realization of the Sovereign Integral. It is as if you have pursued a shadow in favor of the substance.”

Raising oneself up to a higher vibrational state is a great thing in my opinion…and rather than seeing it as a means to an end, a method for “going” someplace, maybe the process itself is the destination. Ascension is ultimately raising one’s vibes and becoming a better person. That involves removing the negative gunk that’s accumulated on us over a lifetime of being here. So then ascension is merely………getting back to the pure, uncorrupted core of who we are on the soul level, the all-is-one extension of the Source, and do so by scraping off the accumulated negative muck which drags us down. Which leads to…..

12. No need to change/fix yourself, you’re already perfect

I’ve seen this one here and there, the idea that we’re already perfect so we don’t need to “do” anything for self improvement, because we’re God sparks and thus, already “there.” This certainly sounds well and good, but the fact is, life here in this realm does cause some bit of negative gunk to be accumulated on many people as just mentioned. Gunk that would do well to be removed because it can really drag a person down spiritually. So this is another case of the “passive lump” thing mentioned at the beginning, where the little twist in the concept is to get the practitioner to do nothing. “You’re already perfect! You don’t need to do anything!” We may all be perfect at the core, but it doesn’t mean we don’t have some muck on the surface that probably could be washed off. No harm in doing that.

13. No negative aliens!

You won’t typically find mention of negative aliens in New Age love and light material that delves into the subject of non-human intelligences. And it seems to go beyond merely being scared of things that are negative and the misapplied “Law of Attraction” thing mentioned earlier. With some New Age-oriented people who do believe in aliens, they get a bit defensive at the mention of negative alien abductions, programming, and an insidious side to the hybrid breeding program. It’s like they don’t want to hear about it, don’t want to consider that this could be happening. But why? There are multiple possibilities. 1) They’ve been programmed to believe that aliens are positive, either so that they’ll continue to be compliant in their own abductions, and/or to help promote the pro-alien disinformation agenda out in the world. 2) They’re abductees and are scared of the idea that stuff is taking them and possibly doing bad things to them. It causes anxiety and a sense of powerlessness, understandably, so they go into denial. 3) A personality type that’s wired to need the guru/authority figure that’s above them, “better than them.” In this case, there’s a sense of reverence towards anything non-human, and the mistaken assumption that anything non-human is automatically better than us, and more positively advanced. 4) Bad logic, which says that if the aliens were negative, then they would have obviously already destroyed us…..right??? Not understanding that we could serve a purpose for them in the same way farm animals serve us. Not all farm animals are destroyed. Many live, but while still serving their owners with their milk, eggs, wool, and other products.

This isn’t to say that there aren’t positive aliens……..I believe that there are. There has to be. Within humanity itself we have both positive and negative, so logic dictates that other beings are also oriented in both ways. This is just to say that there are also negative aliens (or rather, “interdimensional intelligences”) out there, it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. This has to be taken into consideration, especially if disclosure takes place in the near future. More than ever we will need to be have all the facts. However, the idea that aliens/interdimensionals can only be positive isn’t just a mistake found within the New Age belief system; many Exoplitics authors/speakers and regular misinformed people are also out there promoting this idea. So a good article (also now available in book form) for anybody to read concerning the subject of aliens and the disinformation and faulty logic surrounding the subject would be Discerning Alien Disinformation by Montalk.

I want to conclude by getting back to point number 3 mentioned above, about reverence, and the belief that non-human intelligences are going to automatically be better and more advanced than us. A contributing factor to this mindset is the ongoing attempt to show how Mankind is destroying each other, the animals and the Earth as a whole, and how shitty we therefore are as a species. We apparently can’t take care of ourselves, or our planet, so it makes sense that aliens should therefore intervene and take over…..right? And those doing so would automatically be better than us and have everybody’s best interest in mind….right??!

No. Not necessarily. Something to always keep in mind is that there’s a good chance that not everybody walking among us – in particular, those “people” in charge who have made the decisions about the (destructive) ways in which this planet will operate that everybody else has to fall in line with – is actually fully human. It’s in my belief, based on my own personal research and life experiences, that we have non-humans mixed up amongst the real humans, but disguised to appear as the rest of us. Either that, or they’re shadowed/possessed by negative entities that are guiding their decisions. So the actions of these so-called “people” really may not be representative of true humans who have their empathy and higher centers developed. So keep this in mind, that things are not what they appear to be, the actions of a few don’t define the whole, most people, the real ones anyway, are good and mean well, and that if we were left to our own devises without all the neg interference, and had the predators not “given us their minds!” as don Juan de Matos relayed to Carlos Castaneda in “The Active Side of Infinity,” then we would see a very different world around us. So, aliens need to take over and lead the silly little children who can’t take care of themselves? Not necessarily. How about, remove the neg influences in all their forms and leave humanity to be free and uncorrupted. And any aliens who do try to intervene must have our best interests in mind? Maybe not. Consider the possibility that they have an investment in their livestock along with possible ulterior motives. A farmer with a herd of cattle being raised for meat wouldn’t leave their investment out in the pasture when a category 5 hurricane is approaching, would they? No. They round them up, put them onto livestock trucks and “rescue them” by moving them to a safe location until the storm passes. Doesn’t mean they care a thing about the cows personally. And the farmer whose farm and pastures did sustain damage from a severe storm wouldn’t NOT step in and clean and patch things for his/her chickens, geese, sheep and goats being raised for meat, milk, eggs, hides, down and wool, would they? No. They do so to protect their investment. Something to keep in mind.

14. Channeling is automatically respectable

Channeling is a large component of so much of the New Age material to be found out there, on websites, in books, and articles within New Age publications, and for that reason this point is also a biggie. It ties into the previous point concerning the mentality of reverence, and the mistaken assumption that any non-human intelligences have to automatically be better and more advanced than us, and therefore worth listening to and following. Trance channeling seems to be the most common form in use, whereas a person – the one channeling – allows their body to be taken over by an entity, be it human, alien or who knows what, and the entity speaks through them, conveying messages. Other forms include using a ouija board and various forms of divination.

Everybody has to do what’s right for them, so if somebody wants to channel then more power to them. My only issue is when people have the attitude that anything coming through a channeling line is somehow automatically more respectable just because it’s coming from a non-physical (sometimes non-human) entity, therefore making it more believable than anything we mere humans could learn on our own or through other means. So much of what is channeled out there is pure hokey malarky, but yet it gets followers – sometimes LOTS of followers – merely because it’s “channeling.” The novelty of it all, the idea of a non-physical entity supposedly communicating to us from another realm, it just lures people in, and I understand why that is. In a mundane life, of course that’s exciting. People figure, this entity is “up there” or “out there,” it has a bird’s eye view that we don’t! We should listen to what it’s saying! But sometimes these entities are just discarnate human spirits who are no wiser than you, or astral tricksters impersonating various characters, or in some cases, actual demonic negs. Just because a human is dead and wandering around, lost, then randomly hops into the body of some naive New Ager doesn’t mean they actually have a clue or that we should take them seriously. !!!

Even worse, as discussed in various sources, the government has been involved with infiltrating the New Age movement as well as using psychotronic warfare in order to fake “channeling” and insert disinformation into the works, for all sorts of various agendas. This was discussed in the book “The Stargate Conspiracy” by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince, among other sources. And that should always be kept in mind if reading or listening to channeled material. Don’t suspend your disbelief just because of the novelty of it, giving it more credit than it deserves, and always use discernment. Yes, there seems to be some high quality material out there – although no source is going to be 100% pure and correct about everything – and I even own a few books of channeled material and have learned many things from it all. So it’s not a black/white situation. But also keep in mind that you may just be listening to astral tricksters, random discarnate entities, demonic negs, or government psychotronic experimentation.


Random musings……

– The New Age as a money making industry

Something that was mentioned in my “When Everybody’s on a Different Page” write up was the economic/class differences happening in our society that help keep so many people down, so they never make it to the levels that many New Agers achieve. As noted in that article, I briefly filled in as a cashier at a local new age/metaphysical bookstore in our town back during 2007, as well as spending a lot of time there as a browsing customer, and it didn’t take long to notice the general demographic for the customers who shopped there – Caucasian, middle to upper class. These people were able to buy whatever it was they needed, from self help and New Age books, to audio tapes, meditation materials, crystals, candles, jewelry, oils, incense, knick knacks and personal readings with the visiting Intuitives. Money was not an issue for these people, as evidenced by the hundreds of dollars worth of purchases they’d make at a time, sometimes not even bothering to check the price tag. And spare time was apparently not an obstacle for them. Versus the poorer people in society who might be working, two, sometimes three jobs, always that hamster in a wheel, and never having enough money to spend on “frivolous” things, or the free time to engage in it.

At the risk of sounding like a “whining pansy socialist liberal commie pinko” or whatever labels some people like to automatically toss around when this subject comes up ;D because I’m not, there is a valid point to be made about class and economics when it comes to the world of New Age Spirituality. Again and again and again I see the same repeating demograph represented, whether it’s at the New Age shops, or at the gatherings: White women, in their late 30’s – 60s, followed by white men, early 40s – 60s. And definitely an emphasis on the age as Tom and I have learned, since we’ve received comments about our “young” ages in relation to the others around us at the shops, or at the gatherings. So basically we’re looking at… Caucasian middle to upper class Baby Boomers, and the generation that came after them born in the early to mid-1960s, who are in their 40’s now, whatever label pop culture calls them. That’s who’s predominantly represented in the New Age shops around America, as well as on the book jacket photos in the New Age/Spirituality section of your local bookstore, on the websites, and at Convention Symposiums, both in the audience and behind the podiums. And it’s not something that’s really being discussed, as far as I can tell.

So while it’s all well and good that the blonde, blue eyed, white woman in her 40s is grinning at you from her website homepage espousing the virtues of “The Ascension Process” and what it is to be in that magical new ascended realm where life is easy breezy and full of “joyful creativity” or trying to sell you books and cards and New Age classes about the Ashtar Command or Angel Guardians, the fact is, she’s able to achieve that place in reality a little easier precisely because she was born into a certain economic/racial demograph, and not another.

In that case, the mainstream New Age movement (versus true individual spirituality), with its slick books, oracle cards, symposiums, audio/video presentations and self help materials, do-dads and trinkets is actually designed for only certain people in this society. People with a lot of extra money floating around and a lot of free time to spare. And that’s typically going to be the middle to upper class sectors of modern Westernized nations, of which is typically dominated by white people. And being honest here, there are differences in culture and history among the various racial groups, making it a lot easier for white people in particular to adopt the “joyfully creative,” love and light, wispy and ethereal, not-a-care-in-the-world-mentality. They’re coming from an entirely different cultural and historical background, one that has enabled, and even encouraged, that.

It’s all just another industry in a sea of industries, targeting a very particular demograph. Of course there’s the more positive way of looking at it all, by saying that these commercialized New Agers’ souls chose to incarnate into the body of the middle to upper class (usually Caucasian) person in a modern Western nation precisely because it would give them the tools to be able to achieve spreading their positive message of love and light for this new age that we’re all supposedly ascending into. But then again, I just look at the exorbitant prices they’re often times charging – hardly anything is ever free with them, other than “teaser” bits to lure you into buying the full product – and their inflated egos, and insincere looks on their faces and behind their eyes and in their voices that I’m picking up with most of them, and it just leads me to have to conclude that the bulk of it is just a money making, get-rich-quick industry and ego wank. Not to take away from the good that they do, or the fact that many of them do in fact have some valuable knowledge to present (even if most times it’s just rehashing the same stuff everybody else is…..cough…..) because most things aren’t ever just purely bad or good. But there is no denying the money making industry aspect of it all either. So like most things it’s a mix of both good and questionable. I talk more about this subject though in my ‘Thoughts’ section, in the entry entitled “Trying to make a living, and sometimes scamming people, with spirituality.”

I’ll leave off this section with an interesting point that a reader brought to my attention in an email. And this ties into what I was saying earlier about the Indigo/Crytal/Rainbow children phenomenon. But the reader pointed out the glaring whiteness of these New Age space people characters that are presented to New Agers to worship. He humorously referred to them as “Commander Aryan Boy” and “Archangel Aryan Boy” and noted “The Great White People in the Stars & Sky wearing White Dresses and Metallic Spacesuits [TGWP for short and it includes those non-whites in the Ascended Master/Great White Brotherhood clique…No offense, but the gods/Masters are mainly white…].” Because I don’t partake in this aspect of New Age stuff I hadn’t paid much attention to the nature of the space gods and “commanders” but yes, they apparently are mostly white, now that I checked it out a little bit.

– Nonsensical, talking out your ass mumbo jumbo with no basis of support, overcomplicated material, jargon gibberish, etc.

Yes, I can be blunt, I know. :D But too often so much of what you see in the New Age arena is the author talking out of their ass. Whoever these authors and people are, they’ve “learned the new age lingo” and now have created websites or books that use all this accepted lingo, while stringing together a bunch of nonsensical claims and statements about how things are, but which makes absolutely no sense and have zero basis of support for any of what they’re saying. While I understand that so much of the metaphysical and paranormal phenomenon are subjective and not easy to prove, on the other hand, these authors don’t even try to provide any sort of basis for what they’re saying. They don’t even try to make sense half the time! There’s no personal anecdotes to explain how and why they arrived at their various conclusions, no evidence given of any personal research or analysis, no photographic or audio recording proof of any sort, just…..talking out of their asses, making wild claims, using all the right New Age verbiage to reel in naive New Agers who are looking for answers. Why? Because in my opinion, these sites and authors are purposeful noise that have been inserted into the works to divert people off track.

People who are waking up and looking for answers will hop online, doing searches on various phenomena, and unfortunately, those sorts of sites are what they’re going to pull up first. Part of my motivation for specifically writing about the subjects of “Number Sightings” and “Ear Tones” at in2worlds – complete with personal anecdotes and proof – was for this very reason. The only sites I’d ever seen on the ‘net addressing those subjects were…………crazy New Age sites, saying stuff about “ascended masters!” and “angel guides!” and “ascension tones!” and “activated gates!” (whatever the hell that is) speaking in absolutes, not even trying to theorize about other possibilities, with no sort of research or analysis. They just expected the reader to accept their limited take on things. And the worst part is…………I don’t think some of these authors actually understand what it is they’re even saying, or rather, parroting. And sometimes there’s no sense of a real person behind them. I picture some snickering government black ops dude munching on a donut and sipping a coffee in some base somewhere, while creating nonsense new age websites on their computer and laughing as they officially launch the sites into cyberspace, instigating diversion and derailment. ;D Or maybe sometimes the people in question are in fact, truly crazy, some random mentally off person using the free computer at their local library. Who knows.

There was a discussion I was involved in several years ago on the now defunct Noble Realms message board forum, which delves into this very same subject. An NR poster had apparently gone to some new age conference thing at a friend’s urging, only to realize that the people speaking at the conference weren’t making any sense. Just total gibberish. But see, there was apparently a built-in defense weapon for anybody who would dare notice this………the people speaking at the conference made sure to let everybody know that if you don’t understand them then it means “you aren’t evolved enough.” o_0 “Heeeeey, why is the emperor naked…..?!!”

This isn’t to be confused with material that maybe is high quality, but goes over your head for other reasons. My now boyfriend once mailed me a group of books back in early 2002, and out of the three, I think I only could read one. With the others (of which included “Return of the Warriors” by Theun Mares…) it was a case of “Right books…..wrong time.” The books made sense, they weren’t gibberish, it’s just that I didn’t have the proper foundation for the concepts discussed in the books just yet. But by late 2003, when I picked the unread books back up again it was like something just clicked, and I began devouring them. The timing was now right, I had the foundation in place. And that’s how you tell the difference.

Relating to gibberish jargon is material that inundates the reader with piles of useless data that’s not relevant to anything. Somebody once mailed Tom a book that I won’t name here, but it was written by a New Age woman and just had pages and pages of irrelevant alternative history information and nonsense and jargon. I couldn’t even read it, and neither did he, and nor would we want to. He tossed the book into a box in the closet, where it’s remained ever since. I’ve seen other materials that are presented like courses, or bibles of sorts, hundreds of pages of who knows what that seemed designed solely to put you into a mind numbing stupor. One of them, which is immensely famous but which I won’t name here, was written/“channeled” by a woman who, as it later turns out, was most likely the target of a government mind control experiment testing out psychotronic thought transfer/implantation. Hello.

Another related problem is padded writing. It’s like the authors in question were trained how to write for a newspaper or magazine column where there’s a minimum word requirement, and so they pad their writing with a bunch of pointless nothing in order to fill up space. Then they’re charging full price for the book on top of that. What a rip. So that’s something I always scrutinize when it comes to New Age material – how dense is the material? Is it packing in the meaningful, useful, coherent information? Or is just full of empty filler? Recently I was flipping through a book of compiled essays/write ups on the subject of 2012 and one of the first essays was from a very famous male new age author whose write up was nothing but padded filler. Very little substance. You can tell the authors were given a minimum word requirement and he was trying to puff things up. Words words words, saying nothing at all. And then at Barnes and Noble in their new age section I came across a book on numbers, synchs and symbols that was just published, and got my interest since I’ve obviously been writing about that here at in2worlds since 2006. I was totally willing to buy this book…..only to realize after really looking through it that most of it was useless filler. Very little true revelatory information or theories were being presented. I’d rather a book be small, but packing in the juicy insights with a lower price tag, then to be three times the size but full of useless information at three times the cost.


– Be a guru, no degree required. (And you don’t even necessarily have to know what you’re talking about!)

Tying in to the previous points is the way in which the New Age (like Christianity, to be fair) attracts in its fair share of people looking to lead others, and be a spiritual guru of some sort. To be in that position of go-to knowing authority. The worst thing I’ve seen is the way some prolific New Age authors/speakers (who shall remain nameless) have invented certification/licensing titles out of thin air to legitimize the services that they provide. Titles that are completely made up. Certification that’s not based on legitimate criteria other than that which they made up themselves. In some instances they’ve even copyrighted their titles and certification training names, in an effort to give it more credence. Whenever I’ve come across it I’ve thought “What in the…??” Society has been trained to look up to fancy titles and degrees, and certain New Age authors/speakers know this and use it to manipulate people. Package reading materials as a “course” of some sort, or present some personal service with guru practioners that have fancy copyrighted titles and so-called certification, and it helps ensure that you the reader/listener will part with your money for the pricey cost (and it usually always is pricey…) because it just looks that much more impressive and legit.


- “New Age Stepford”, or, Learn to Speak the Lingo

Something else I’ve noticed is that for many people who get involved in the New Age, they adopt a way of speaking that to me, is fake, flowery, and makes them sound like they’re the New Age version of a Stepford wife. There’s certain words and phrases that new agers incorporate into their way of talking, and they adopt an entire way of being around that manner of speech. They wind up coming across as if “the lights are on, but nobody’s home.” And who knows….maybe nobody is.

I’m too much of a realist to speak the way that so many new agers do. I don’t get it. It’s almost like some people believe that in order to understand or participate in spiritual/metaphysical concepts they have to completely change who they are and become somebody else. Somebody who talks and writes like a Stepford puppet. I can guarantee that prior to their new age involvement they didn’t write/speak in such a fake, flowery “lingo-y” way. It all boils down to the classic “all form, but no substance.” It’s like they’re overcompensating for something with their speech. They’re trying waaaaaay too hard.

Just because one speaks/writes in such a flowery, lingo-y way doesn’t mean one is actually incorporating the concepts into their life or truly living it. Form does not equate to true understanding and substance. I’ve been to one of those crystal bowl tuning sessions where the guy doing the bowls will give his pre-bowl new age pep talk of sorts and it’s all I can do to not laugh and break the silence, because it’s just so fake and flowery. I’ve gotten to know him well enough to tell that he’s playing a role, a character. The reason I’ve even participated at all is for the bowls, because they really do work, and I just try to skip past whatever he’s saying beforehand.

The only thing I can say is, it’s okay to be real.

– Finding your identity

Like any spiritual practice, the New Age arena attracts its fair share of people who are looking for a group to belong to, for an identity to define them, something they can wear as their “outer clothing” to make themselves sound good but which they’re not truly living on the inside. And the New Age can be fun for people because it involves a special wardrobe sometimes of Renaissance/Avalon-Camelot/goth/Wiccan inspired dresses, robes and jewelry, as well as the lingo, as mentioned in the previous point. This all ties together. Once again it’s a case of “all form, no substance.” Just because one dresses in a new way and adopts a new manner of speech/lingo and way of writing doesn’t mean there’s any real substance going on, or that they truly understand or are living it on the inside. In fact the more somebody talks in a flowery, lingo-y way, wearing the costume-y type clothes and such, it usually means the more they’re not grasping stuff. It’s an outer identity for them, a character role play. They’re trying a little too hard to make the world believe something about them. But if you’re truly living it and understand it you won’t need to do that. You’ll have nothing to prove, and no need for the show.


And to be fair it’s not just the New Age crowd looking for an identity, or where maybe the walk doesn’t match the talk. You’ll find this in most spiritual/religious practices. You have the Hollywood Kaballa crowd who wear their little red bracelets but whose lives don’t match what the bracelet is supposed to represent, and the very loud Christians who’ve got to let you know they’re Christian, but who turn around and gossip and judge and behave badly to others but all the while confidently declaring that they know THEY will be chosen for Rapture, oh yes they will! Or any religious-based cult that abuses its power, fleeces its followers out of money and gets caught up in abuse, sex, drug or pedo scandals. And on and on. Outer costumes, providing “identity” to people who would otherwise have none. Meglomaniacs who see leadership within various religious and spiritual groups as their ticket to power, intoxicated by the money and the control and sway they hold over their devoted and trusting flock of children-in-adult-bodies. The people looking for a leader to show them the way, tell them what to do, what to read, what to think, how to be.

That’s why I have never wanted to join a group that has a leader, or which has a small core group of leaders. People in positions of power are there usually because they want the control and the way in which it serves the ego, as well as access to the money and privileges that come with it. Instead, I enjoy the idea of a group of people getting together and brainstorming. Sharing with the group what they know and have experienced, everybody adding their two cents and input to the pile so that greater realizations can come about. Not some organized institution where either one, or very few people are supposed to be the one in charge of everybody else, having the only say in things, making all the decisions, determining what the truth is, telling you what you can think, read, who you can associate with, and what “lingo” to use. No one person knows enough to lead any group in that way. Ideally, everybody has their pieces of knowledge and their valuable contribution, and they should be pooled together.


Everybody will also have their own personal frequency, and therefore, everybody is going to have their own set of life experiences. Many New Agers apparently really have had experiences with the lighter stuff, the fairies, elves and other sorts of mystical beings, which is why those themes are dominant in the New Age and why those people would resonate with love and light material. I myself have not, and have had a completely different set of life experiences, which I’ve had to try to make heads or tails of the best I can and considering whatever theories come my way. But, as a kid I certainly wanted to experience those other sorts of worlds. :) Fairies, dragons, elves, mystical forests with unicorns……as a kid in the early to mid 80’s during the cold war with the threat of nuclear bombs and modern day tacky American culture of bad hair, clothes, TV, movies and music, that’s where I wanted to be, those were the stories I enjoyed reading and it’s what I was always drawing pictures of. And I’ve always enjoyed the mystical New Age artwork of cosmic worlds and all the imagery of dolphins and whales, and have surrounded myself with it over the years. I think it’s cool if anybody out there can claim that they’ve been able to experience that sort of thing, having cosmic voyages into mystical worlds and such….a foot in both worlds.

But I’m also puzzled over the New Age’s simplistic take on things, not allowing for the more complicated, and sometimes negative, aspects of what often times comprises reality. Is it just because they’ve never experienced it? Is it because they’re knowingly trying to steer people away from it? I mean, it’s real, it’s out there. And as I’ve learned, ignoring it doesn’t make it go away. And it’s not that I wanted there to be neg entities and harassment, timeline manipulation and the like….it’s just what my experiences have been. That’s what’s come my way in life, for various reasons. I didn’t go looking for these sorts of things to happen to me (but when they did… about “crash course”!) So that’s why I just find so much of the New Age culture to be very puzzling. It’s so overly simplistic, light, fluffy and feel-good that it’s a bit fake. Almost like a knowing diversion ploy to maybe lead people astray, as mentioned at the beginning. I don’t know. But you have to wonder. Especially considering the amount of channeling that comprises New Age material, and the way in which channeling can often times be astral tricksters, discarnate entities and government psy-ops. It means, how much of the various beliefs and meditation practices are actually in people’s best interest?



The foundation for the various beliefs discussed in this write up:

  • There is a soul. My own personal proof, from etherically detaching from my body, to past life glimpses, glimpsing death, and so on.
  • An afterlife/Reincarnation. Past life memories/glimpses and knowings since I was a baby; as well as things that have been independently corroborated by psychic people, who in turn also corroborated each other;
  • The existence of some sort of “Higher Self.” (See my Higher Self write up.)
  • So-called aliens, whatever they actually are; MILABS and abductions. (see book, Chasing Phantoms.)
  • Non-physical entities. Whether positive, negative or neutral. (See The Vortex, as well as Miscellaneous Stories of the Weird and Unusual.)
  • Hyperdimensional realms. Being that I have seen non-physical entities coming and going, then common sense dictates that when they “go” they must be going to another realm outside of this one.
  • FRV/personal frequency/vibes. See my Gangstalking… write up, along with “Chasing Phantoms.” In addition, personal experience with what happens to me or others around me in life depending on what our personal frequencies happens to be at the time. In particular see my article called ‘Interference’ and the section towards the end called “Conclusion, and a Word of Caution.” I have some good examples in that section about FRV and the role it plays in one’s life.
  • Chakras/energy points/auras, etc. 1) At least four very different people have reported either seeing or feeling mass amounts of energy pouring off the top of my head (elaborated on in “The Vortex” write up) as well as being able to describe my chakras to me, and all independently corroborating each other; and 2) Personal experimentation. Two metal coat hangers were taken apart and bent to form dowsing rods. Then me and Tom took turns lying down on the floor while one of us passed the two rods a couple of inches over the other’s body. I’d already learned way back in a high school psychology class that metal dowsers could detect the body’s energy, crossing over each other at particular energy points; now I wanted to experiment and see if certain thoughts would affect certain chakras, and then whether the dowsers in turn would detect that. I had to see for myself whether the so-called chakra/energy centers as we’re taught were truly valid. So without telling Tom what I was thinking, I’d lay there while he passed the metal rods over my body, starting above my head and moving slowly down towards my feet. When I had thoughts of love for my pet Kitty for instance, the dowsers would cross strongly over each other right over my heart. (heart chakra, love.) When I thought with pride about an article of mine that was featured on a very high profile conspiracy/alternative news website, the dowsers crossed strongly over each other over my throat. (throat chakra, communication.) etc. and so on. But I now had my proof!
    bq. There’s also been times where Kitty seemed to be staring at stuff above and around my head in a fascinated way, as well as how I’ve encountered a couple of babies/toddlers out in public who seemed to be seeing something around and above me and also had that fascinated look on their face. With one of the babies it was cute, because they were looking at whatever it was they could see around me, then looked at me and smiled, almost like thinking “cool!” :D
  • Psychic happenings/intuition. “Miscellaneous Stories……”
  • Non-linear time phenomenon and anomalies. My various write ups on Synchs, Numbers, Ear Tones, Deja Vus, and Glitches, as well as “Chasing Phantoms,” “The Vortex” and “Miscellaneous Stories…”

I also realize that these various phenomenon and happenings are merely just that, until one decides to try to explain and define them. And that’s where trouble starts. So sure, I can claim how I have my own personal proof for why the concept of FRV is valid, or why non-physical entities are real, why there even is a soul, and something called a “Higher Self.” But how do I know that my interpretation of various events is actually right, and therefore, is valid proof? Because if the interpretation is wrong, then that means one’s so-called proof is wrong. !!! Sometimes it’s a case of cross comparing different theories and seeing which one actually fits what has been experienced and observed. In that case, the theory has to match all phenomenon present. If some part of it doesn’t fit, then it’s not the adequate explanation. And sometimes it’s just an inherent knowing. Example: When I was about five years old I remember this incident where my dad was telling me about what he believes happens to us after we die. Keep in mind that this hadn’t really been discussed with me before, and I had received hardly any formal religious/spiritual education at all by that point other than having a fish that died when I was two, and then being taught bedtime prayers, and that there was something called “heaven” that you can go to when you die. So that was about as much knowledge of death, or the role that religious beliefs play in death, that I had. So we were in the kitchen on this sunny weekend morning, and my Dad stared off into the air as he envisioned the scenario as he’d been taught – All the bad things we do in life create “black marks” on our soul….and when we die, all those black marks are tallied up. And depending on how many we have, that determines where we go….heaven or hell. !!!

I now know as an adult that this is total Catholicism all the way, since my dad was raised Catholic and Catholics have this thing about “black marks on the soul.” (my dad was also a bit conflicted/split, as he had clear memories of several of his past lives and seemed to fully believe in that, yet, had experienced modern religious brainwashing growing up that denies the existence of reincarnation. Hence, his version of the afterlife to me when I was little, which grossly contradicted his vivid past life recall.)

At the time though, at age five or so, I listened to him relay this and just felt kind of amused like, “huh.” Just “knowing” with certainty on a deep level that this isn’t what happens….but it’s interesting that Daddy thinks that’s what happens! ;D Inside I was just thinking, No, that’s not how it is. (imagine bemused head shaking.) I also used to go around telling my parents when I was little about how “When I was a little boy, I used to do this…” and “When I was a little boy, I used to do that…” telling them all about it, comparing this childhood with how that one had been. I don’t remember doing this myself necessarily, I only know about it because they’ve told me, although it does sort of ring a vague bell. Like in some far corner of my mind I remember saying it. (and speaking of reincarnation memories, I also had a memory as a baby still in diapers of looking down at myself…in my former – adult male – body. From the vantage point of your own eyes looking down towards your feet. Comparing what was now there versus how things used to be. I was downright alarmed the first time I looked down and saw my own parts and realized “things were missing.” O.o My baby brain logic wondered “will it grow in later??!” :D This happened again at age 20. Spontaneous memory surfaced due to a specific song from the 50s triggering it, where I was in another body, walking through a house. Just an everyday memory, and I could see my body as I walked, looking down on myself. A male, dressed in male clothing. I was so startled to suddenly be in this other body, experiencing this triggered “memory” of a life that is not my current one that I pulled myself out of it. There’s more to this experience, but that’s the gist.)

I can show personal proof for why things really are what one is trying to define them as, but on the other hand…….I suppose you really can’t trust that anything really is what it seems to be. Which maybe kind of makes this entire write up futile. ;)